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why do i love little girls so much
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i wouldnt mind that but i dont think youre being serious


they call me the homelessblog


i would be if you managed to get a job down here because i really dont want to spend more than $1000 a month and so far its looking like my only garage options are apartments or renting a room which would be way too weird with strangers


wish to flip a sexy lady


they will call me that someday


hmm ask your local grocery stores if they need a super fast stocker with autism


used to have a friend with actual autism that worked in a grocery store so i find that comment offensive


die wk


what is it with blacks always asking for free coffee or tacobell or whatever




something about national reparations


not like it comes out of the employees pay



File: 1524094063550.jpg (127.6 KB, 1024x791, 1524035043486.jpg)


pnig doesnt even need to ask


love leaning on air


File: 1524094174820.jpg (139.94 KB, 1126x629, sdf.jpg)


onseki is that you you can come live with me the rent total is 450 per month


zack is just a minimum wage employee what did he do


i identify as an african american


zacks a flipping norm flip him


try sleeping on your left side instead


sleeping on my left side helped a lot with my constipation


i puke constantly and whenever i open my mouth a little vomit dribbles out


that seems serious




you need pills


whos zack


the wage slave being yelled at by riled up coons


tried to burp but i yelled instead


gonno fire up the skillet and make some pancakes


vacuumed the house cleaned the floors and bathroom hehe The Bosss going to be pleased when she gets home and give me lots of kisses


hope you like parties


dumb slave stop doing The Bosss job for her


find it weird how the black community picks events where they are clearly in the wrong to rally around as examples of injustice like those assholes getting kicked out of starbucks and micheal brown assaulting a cop


would anyone actually want to move in with me i think 225 each is easy to get


what city


ill move in with you if you marry me


michael brown didnt assault a cop




would it be gay marriage or are you himako


when did the gay filter get removed


nothing wrong with gay marriage


nice freak


boruto 54 is out lets watch it


im cool


did the 未来が眩しくて見えない filter get updated


hells yea hima got a dip in playin yakuza


gosh damnit onseki you had one job and it was to change the filter to 妹のパンツを見えたら、超エロいなものを見えた。


you got owned pednorm


File: 1524095749051.jpg (310.02 KB, 990x660, 27185.jpg)


the hell is that




a bat


thats what a peds true form looks like


a pokemon




was not aware imoutos could only be sexy ladies


me arse is bleeding


go wipe


remember when i hadnt wiped or washed my ass in over 7 years and it got so badly infected that i almost died


did you take any pics


that was one of my favorite hima arcs


theres a new drug that can improve sociability in autistic people


any drugs for my flapperness yet


yes theyre called nootropics


nootropics are a scam


File: 1524097238837-0.jpg (107.83 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Boruto - Naruto Next Generation….jpg)

File: 1524097238837-1.jpg (89.06 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Boruto - Naruto Next Generation….jpg)

wish himawari was my sis


didnt know those lines on narutos face were genetic i thought they were scars or scratches


they are whiskers


that cant be they dont stick out from the face


they grow right under the skin


anyone wanna go to japan with me


onseki when are you moving in


File: 1524097935945.png (428.86 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180418-172918.png)

nice event


phew hima that was a good pancake i am stuffed


think im gonno make some bacon sandwiches and then sushi bar


gonno ask The Boss how to make pancakes


was it a baked pancake


yeah i put the batter into the skillet and then stuck it into my charcoal lit brick oven to bake


its just flour egg sugar and baking powder you fool


cant find the pasta strainer


my dick is going to be straining your ass if you arent careful


laughs to self saw quite a succulent young lady today licks lips and squints eye s


how did she compare to my gf shes really cute



go to hell mygf


i like to post


post in hel


posting from the depths of hell


what circle are you in lets meet up




i cant leave gluttony


im glutton


depressed people go in 5th circle while those that commit suicide go in the 7th


where do flappers go


limbo with the aborted babies


all doggys go to heaven


flappers go to heaven


new thread

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