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New thread, teens get in here.


ugh fine




too tired to anything just want to sleep forever heh


think i figured out how to time travel




when i was in the hospital they hooked me up to a machine that pumped water into my veins


went from being a lazy neet to working overtime hours probably going to burn out


gonno time travel to the past ill post if it works


hungry sigh


cook yourself up a haggis and natto omelet


am i the only hikkineet left on hima


maybe when i die


its time to grow up


took a shower


gonno make and enjoy an espresso while i dry out


no im still here


zelda oot


flipped up all my chances flipped up my life


stop whinging


stop flipping up going forward


cant see myself existing 5 years from now is that a bad sign


no reason to live past 29 tbh


flipping flipping boost im a himamateand im studying medicine ill be a doctor himamen are you prod of me


really wish i had an espresso right about now


same i love strong dark coffee with no sugar hehe no im not a bazingamate


spoiled myself on espresso now i cant drink normal coffee it tastes like swamp piss now


reflapper where do you get your espresso


its some no name south american bean


are you brazilian




brazil should be rangebanned from hima


ya china too


wish i had a permanent marker to sniff


sniff fentanyl instead


wish i had fentanyl to sniff




no need to range ban beazil there's only one brazioian and it's me hehe


its pretty sunny in the jungle here i like the sun it's pretty im brazilian btw


wish i could hike out into the jungle and get torn to shreds by a wild animal


you would get killed by monkeys here an animal that would shred you to pieces is the wild cat


hee hee


what about a hungry venezuelan


only in the amazonas dont go there you will be eaten alive by natives and crocodiles


what about piranhas


oh yeah that too, nothing like a feral pack of piranhas they will eat you until it's only left the chicken nuggets heh


no im one too


nice onseki filtering chicken nuggets




why are we using a pie eating contestant thread


because we all love pie on hima



dont mind staying here


want me to close this thread


im paralyzed now dont know where i should post


this thread is fine


need to pee


die pie eating contestant


you should accept other points of view


you are the pie eating contestant


might ask The Boss to make quiche this weekend with all this talk of pie


onseki is bro


pain is temporary



its weird i didnt really mind those posts but reading them all next to each other makes them seem much more obnoxious


im gay ota




File: 1523376840993.jpg (119.89 KB, 907x890, 1491097244170.jpg)


truth be said


did it worked


you have to check past posts to make sure


sigh hope hes not trapped


what genre is run escape




does it have underage outfits for my female character


File: 1523378033173.png (46.54 KB, 296x914, Shorts_(blue)_equipped.png)


baste flip pinch


phew feasted a ton im stuffed im gonno turn into a plumber like this


not going to post on this thread anymore
someone make a good one


hate when this happens which flipping thread do i post in i just want to post in peace


seki should pick a thread and lock the other two


this thread stays up it was made first

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