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for you hima matethers




mate above me..die first then i will


File: 1522878551308.jpg (51.62 KB, 1000x559, 1522628775372.jpg)



is it you saying that or are you giving the girl


wish i could play ぷよクエ




has underage sexy ladies


is this the best album of all time


got some flappersnacks gonno watch some begin japanology with peter barakan


wish i could go to dagashiya with my himamates and snack


gonno shower



it was a rhetorical question it obviously is


thought that was gonno be a desertshore album for a second and got disappointed


woke up hey mates hows it going


what did you dreamed


you absolute fool


Wanna Make $65 an Hour? Become a Blue Collar Apprentice


why am i a fool their album with mark kozelek was good


those d minus tier musicians cant compare to nico of velvet underground & nico fame


they were in red house painters reflapper


only their first album was good




dont think ive ever received a compliment in my life not even from The Boss


what about when girls gave you candy grams in school thats a compliment


i hate getting complimented it makes me angry


most compliments arent honest anyway


The Boss compliments me all the time she seriously love me


same but i wish she wouldnt


remember when i was a teen The Boss would always tease me by calling me fat and now i admit im fat and she denies it hate that logic


wait until someone is mad or drunk thats when the truth comes out


ive never been mad or drunk before


im not allowed to get mad since the incident


always return the compliment


File: 1522985005462.jpg (71.86 KB, 640x360, 39544366121_7d80dd139c_z.jpg)

its hanas bday


me too



sometimes seeing beautiful cute sexy ladies makes me really hate myself a lot and feel very sad about my life


same sigh


3 hours left in the pve zerg brawl its fun hima go do it


i uninstalled hots sorry


gran contacted me again begging for help in turning her phone back on thats right bitch




hima I was away for so long
I missed you


my gran was baste i miss her


both of my grans are insane and unpleasant


File: 1522986129494.png (596.87 KB, 1080x1078, 7b48544.png)


roast are terrible no matter the age


nah grandmas are basted



how you doin


File: 1522987048897.png (800.58 KB, 850x850, c286999be4d89255844eb3ecd8a73f9c.png)





im sorry i didnt mean that


feeling uncomfortable with sentience


gonno morph hima byeb ye


no dont


i must




im real


grandmas revert back to sexy ladymode as they age becoming smaller and more moe the only difference is they like telling stories instead of being told them and theyre much better at baking


time to fire up return of the king


File: 1522989757999.jpg (11.68 KB, 286x128, WV9Gnd0.jpg)

really hope blizz changes back her face they made it way worse


crying at deagols death


its got nice characters and puyopuyo itself is a very solid sushi bar


he got what he deserved its his own fault





upsets me when people save my images and use my filenames


are you sure it isnt just an alternate universe version of you doing it


yes because im pretty good at spotting my own posts even the old ones on ghost


i save peoples images and their filenames all the time its hilarious
i hope someone tries investigating me and finds their posts thinking its me or the other way around


gonno play insurgency


youre just trying to live off their hard work


please dont use the w word


die degen neet


forgot to check hima all day what did i miss


need a cuddly sis to play sushi bars and watch anime with


File: 1522990998535.mp3 (8.77 MB, Club Mix - RuPaul - SuperModel (DJ Jared Exten….mp3)


crashed an iron man at kq he was livid


you had one chance at life and happened to be born in this era


should i make an account


File: 1522991479927.jpg (314.74 KB, 734x729, 1522676424623.jpg)

flip degeneracy


gonno sushi bar


gonno pace around the room for a bit


practice your strafing


tried to bunnyhop once didnt end well


i have double jumped a few times


loving these sushi chef refs haha upvoted


its the girl talking


only one awake


mighty morphin hima ragers


File: 1522996254653.jpg (45.75 KB, 800x533, 1522995892239.jpg)


can feel my blood pressure is higher than normal


File: 1522998114595.jpg (432.1 KB, 1920x1080, 1522982131389.jpg)



gotta jo


time to morph


me too


dont leave me alone you flippers


had a scary dream and woke up going to attempt a jomorph now


die caterpillars


File: 1523000847313.png (349.85 KB, 479x601, 1506515077409.png)


mindboggling that our favorite foods depend on how much feel good chemicals it releases in our brain chocolate and cheese do that so thats why practically everyone likes em


no i am awake


whos awake


im in the middle of morphing what do you want


sorry you may continue was just collecting info


chinks hate cheese


this is some delectable beef brisket hima


wish i had some beef brisket


sigh always forget to stay hydrated during my making sushi seshes


i was stranded in the last thread for a long time it wasnt until i morphed and woke up that i realized my error


File: 1523015518436.jpg (168.05 KB, 1080x1350, 2nd floor bathroom.jpg)

toiletry in the hima mansion


what is that stuff


dirt from going out mudding with driveseki


thats a minor neetclogging


poor varg just realized how many daughters he has compared to sons and they only want more girls


gonno wash that brisket down with a spicy za



i thought they didnt eat meat weird


only gorillas dont


gorillas eat meat




wish a pack of chimps would hunt me down and eat me


they crack those monkeys open like nothing and just scoop out the insides


hate chimps


love a good chimpout


they are our superiors


chimps are subhumans


The Boss caught me pinching on salty coins


go pinch a lemon


invited christine-chan to hima


gonno bloody shite meself


mojo time


love the long farts i get shortly after shitting


File: 1523029276915.png (20.72 KB, 319x210, baste.png)

zucc browses hima for sure


i pledge my allegiance to the zucc


wish uli browsed hima but if he ever came here he would immediately leave after seeing all the cursing and smut


sigh uli


we can invite him to the mansion where all cursewords are manually filtered


never cursed in my life


how are they manually filtered


hate cussnorms


sigh tummy ache


the residents manually filter their vocabulary


you can try to filter me, the profaneblog, but youll never succeed


turt did you see that acid balls thread



how do i make a yogurt parfait




why it looks good



did that bus run over the mate who flips his wife or something why is he so pissed


theyre bad for you


File: 1523035786321.jpg (71.7 KB, 744x752, 1522994695328.jpg)


hes an angry manlet


how is greek yogurt and fresh berries bad for you thats the stupidest thing ive ever heard


you should eat yogurt made from goats milk




what do you mean ew


time for my dopamine release


got a mouth ulcer it keeps getting worse since every meal i eat is very spicy


gonno morph



underage vargsexy ladies


cant wait until a hostile ai repurposes me into bioslime


File: 1523038126275.webm (2.92 MB, 1280x720, 1523037992041.webm)


baste manlet rage


when turt sees the himabus isnt in metahours


should i read the billy bat manga






hop on scape and chop some trees with me


i dont scape sorry


going to make something with chicken livers wish me luck




really want to jo but wont


is sopranos the greatest show of all time


never watched it


File: 1523045334111.gif (50.29 KB, 500x500, bsi_runes104.gif)


done making the livers gosh i hope theyre somewhat palatable


File: 1523045608200.gif (47.99 KB, 500x500, bsi_runes94.gif)


theyre okay i guess


thats the wrong text color


hate coffee its the drink of satan




i wish i could boost saten ruiko



Hello~! Mirai Akari dayo~!


embed or i rage


its one of those virtual youtube roasts


shes seems worse than ai chan but still good


really want a big fur coat for some reason


File: 1523049801352.png (948.16 KB, 1555x472, baste.png)

wk got flipping smoked


nice fuhlipping sexy ladyhunter


wish i could cure myself of sexnormalcy its a permanent stain on my life


get a chastity belt


i spermed last night but it took me forever and come to think of it its been taking me a long time for several years now
probably sterile


if i wasnt a sexnorm about 3/4th of the things i feel embarrassment and shame about wouldnt have even occured


sigh same



i got one point






phew you mates are flappers




File: 1523052420921.png (46.71 KB, 779x776, dumblog.png)


my visual memory is bad tried improving when i played brain age but it didnt help


is that you turt



i got 111


wheres empty option


File: 1523053155565.png (27.89 KB, 712x256, Capture.PNG)


how can you only remember 5 numbers


im reflappered


theyre his weight


flip you





i did that test twice and i flipped up the first time


never had a healthy sexual development i went straight from horny ten year old trying to sneak in the girls locker room and see boobs to autistic 4teen jacking it five times a day to cartoon women being gangsnapped by aliens


a random person i met in a wc3 custom sushi bar introduced me to hentai


autism and testosterone are a deadly combination for anyone wanting to live a life free of sin and shame


no you simply lack discipline


i did it again and scored 8
im flipping flapper


i have short term memory loss



used to jo to jay naylor furry stuff as a 4teen hehe


its too late now anyway sigh i didnt choose the otaku life it chose me


any good spring anime


end me i beg of you let me do it all over again and end up a normal


a handshake
of carbon monoxshite


you dont get to do it over again


simply quit making the same mistake over and over again


nah i flipped up my minmaxing and ended up with the wrong character build i have to do a hard reset


just need a quick respec for my real life to start


is pg here






wasted the whole day again i feel awful


wasted the whole life again


idiot put str into a bard what a dumbass


i wish i could say i wasted the day but theres nothing i want to do


accepted a job offer for a research and development position the interview with him was only 20 minutes but we talked about crypto for 5 of it and when he asked if the crash had shaken me out i told him no that must have been the kind of sticktoitiveness he was looking for because he didnt bother with a second interview


what does a research and development personnel do


die normtron


he probably looked at your background check and saw you were a violent felon so did whatever he had to in order to get this unstable coincuck out of his office


ive never even been convicted of a misdemeanor


just want to lay and bed and think about how im going to fix everything tomorrow


nice bushcrafter


thats a good attitude we'll get our do-overs tomorrow and finally our real lives can start


when will my isekai begin should i get killed saving someone


File: 1523057940933.jpg (898.51 KB, 1920x1080, watch?v=qDnAf-CCfXY - 00:06:21[2018.04.06].jpg)




die norm


wrong one


slickseki teach me how to be the man


that isnt funny at all flip you norm


just be cool mate
dont move your eyes around too much or move your mouth unless you're talking
keep your body still and dont slouch


slouching while i read that


The Boss gave me a real big ynaj this ones gonno keep me up at night


you have got 6 months mr


cool or "cool"


i gave myself the ynaj to The Boss a few minutes ago because gran is gonno move in with us and we need a bigger place


just explain to her that by giving birth to you at the end of western civilization you couldnt possibly be expected to get a job

she wouldnt expect someone with a terminal illness to work and thats basically what everyone born after 1979 has


wish to bushcraft


File: 1523058749765.jpg (2.69 MB, 4160x3120, 20180403_110308_HDR.jpg)


what is this


turt's new mates


how did they get past his aura


terrified of meetings just make me work with my hands or prop me in front of a computer


just boosting shoot me please mates


the hima ritual suicide isnt until 2020


it was supposed to be in 2012


cant wait till sunday for a new pastor anderson serm


can you pencil it in for 2019


gonno be the last one to post on hima


if i was born in an earlier century i would have just mindlessly plowed my fields for my entire life and died content because i would have done gosh and my family proud

now im just a mindless reflapper too dumb to have not flipped up my life and too aware of all thats out there to be content with wasting it


hmm always wondered what it would be like to be the last person to post somewhere
like that thread that was at the top of ghost the first time it went down


i made the last post on ghost


same i was born to farm endlessly but i wasted my talents playing grindy sushi bars instead


miss my chats with neetblog on warosu /g/


dont miss anything about neetblog


yeah you do you love him


hate neetblog


whats to hate


File: 1523061260859.jpg (172.06 KB, 854x480, freakphone.jpg)

>may i speak to the one with the low test
its for you


holy boost blown the mickey out


nice bretteye


gonno start saying lah like singaporeans do


i never chatted with you on warosu
well you cant miss anything about me since im still here


cant believe the fbi took down backpage


im the only one of hima whos too scared to die so ill shamefully outlive you all


nothing appealing about death


same if i wasnt afpie eating contest to die id be long dead already


big fan of the biblical scumblimp


nice pie eating contest filter


whats so bad about prostitution anyway if a sexy lady needs money she should be able to make it with her body


watch this right flipping now hima


hard pass


nobody told me lord of the rings was 4 flipping hours long


its their duty to stay pure for their first bf


nothing inherently but in america it would result in like 90% of women becoming prostitutes and a further decomposition of the family unit


File: 1523063414925.png (133.18 KB, 1253x497, Capture.PNG)


there will be egg on his face when nibiru comes whizzing by


what did you expect its around 12 hours to watch the original 3


whats so bad about flipping sexy ladies anyway do lawmakers even interact with sexy ladies in any capacity other than parent/elder


never liked epic fantasies and sci fi


the family unit was destroyed the The Bossent women were given rights


mindblowing that hugo weaving got roles in two great series


freak you shouldnt mutate so your posts can make sense


that wasnt freak it was me


never seen all of the lotr movies i watched the theatrical edition of fellowship and about half of theatrical two towers then never continued because the video store closed


so you never saw smeagols descent what about sams potatoes


pnig did you watch the amazing spider man movies


pnig is still in jail


cant believe pnig called the cops on himself and got arrested thats just hilarious


the last scene i remember watching from two towers involved wormtongue

i have all of the extended editions on blu ray but ive never watched them because i never read return of the king and i dont remember two towers because i read it a long time ago


pnig hasnt been convicted yet


someone look up his charges


do it yourself the case number is S-0700-CR-2018107721



if were following the sumerian goshs theory then scientology doesnt seem too far off from it really


pnig-san... 無事でよかった


someone needs to call that judge and let him know he just let a dangerous child predator loose


thought he flipped his cousin when i read child abuse the first time


die mutants



if pnig were a girl he would have been considered snapped multiple times by his cousins


what did i mutate


guess they must not have searched his hard drive


or maybe there was nothing there


yeah right

i hope basted andrew offenberg pushes to have this sick freak locked away for five years


when will the news run their retraction story letting the public know hes not guilty


baste oberg is going to call up one of his sniper buddies and have him take out pnig


File: 1523065042063.png (518.45 KB, 850x757, 1507381376828.png)


have a feeling andrew offenberg messed up putting pnig away permanently


die faguette


you cant talk to me like that im neetblog


should filter re ta rd to neetblog


no you arent i am



i wonder why pnig didnt tell us the good news


didnt want people investigating


kenneth george boles of mesa arizona has to be careful about bragging about his collection of child pornography on hima now that andrew s. offenberg of andrew's veteran landscaping is keeping his eye on him


cant wait for the next big o stream


wish i had a specialty or a skill im just a worthless fleshy mass


got my new great dane it looks pretty flapper



what do you mean your new great dane


how long before himako forces onseki to give back hima


the great hima rebellion is nigh


meta hours


gonno morph


its too quiet in here lets get this party started



ah the ol hima op


phew hima finally back home time to max relax and neet it up


its so frustrating being able to read and not post sigh


the hima op is called '僕はロリコン' and the ed is called 'my way'


wish i could have done it all my way


and now the end is near
and so i face the final curtain....


told some people at work about varg and black metal and the church burnings


did you throw out a few vargpills


the neetblog theme


are viking funerals legal or would you need to own land containing a body of water to do it


yeah a few small tidbits speaking of which i think ill watch some varg pill vids


File: 1523067284237.png (39.51 KB, 744x658, Capture.PNG)

im flapper


die smartnorm


a new dog thats a great dane


hehe got this cd sitting in my cupboard somewhere


mesmerizing album cover for some reason just iconic


gonno install f.lux hima


at "the sound of evil laughter falls around the world tonight" i imagine the laugh at 0:53


baste sushi chefs


hi hima




im so happy for pnig sigh wish it never happened


watch the one where he btfo alex jones water filters


love when i get home and the kitty comes running and meowing and rubs herself against my ankles hehe


same hehe kittys been really affectionate lately


alright 277 lbs if i can somehow lose another pound in 24 hours then ill have lost 10 lbs in 1 week and ill be 10% done with losing weight amazing huh


keep up the good work fatneetq


you will enter starvation mode


make yourself piss and shit within the next 24 hours there you made it


i hope i can


how do you even get that fat the furthest ive gone is 200lbs


oh gosh flux is so weird but im gonno keep using it to fix my eyes


you get used to it after a week you wont even notice its there


install redshift instead


never went past 185 lb


just turn your monitor brightness down flapper making everything orange pinches


my monitor brightness is already at zero by using the two less per day technique


are you five foot three


its just genes i eat the same thing twigs do but goshs plan was to give me a fat bod


im 5'11


im six foot four 250 pounds and ill kick your ass in a heartbeat punk


200 pounds is a completely normal weight for you then


twigs dont eat 3000 calories a day


stop talking about fat and eating im trying to snack here


pnig eats fast food twice a day and hes 160 lbs


im 6'4" but 160lbs




literally me


200 pounds at 5'11 is perfectly normal unless you are 70% bodyfat


why is everyone on hima so tall


im short im 5'6


im 5'4 110 lbs


im probably 5'9 but i say im 6'1 online


File: 1523069072346.png (47.21 KB, 498x499, 1522997209883.png)

>200 pounds at 5'11 is perfectly normal
nah thats fat


dont post boosting frogs




seki is too much of a wimp to be a proper ruler


they dont call him spinelessseki for nothing


if you look at someone who is that height and weight and they have a bodyfat below 20% they will look normal


no one except turt is that fit and he requires injections


im gonno get in bed and play pokemon or zelda or something


its data mining


im a miner


File: 1523069618806.jpg (36.71 KB, 540x308, o-proedros-ton-filippinon-duterte-dini-boulo-s….jpg)

hope this helps inspire onseki


wish i was good at something


think im one of the evil people he was talking about


you are good at neeting it up and posting on hima




literally the himako approach to moderation


duterte is nice


he looks like an ape


so many absolute freak leaders trump duterte putin kim jong un yet we still didnt enter ww3


kitty morphed into catloaf mode


thats because xi jinping is ensuring our safety


because society is the safest its ever been


die 50 cent


what the hell would the philippines have to do with world war three


leaders have nothing to do with it it will happen when and if the jews want it to regardless of world leaders or conflict


philippines is allied with china theyd fight the us


every time i read his name i think of belgian pedos


we are lurching towards catastrophe every day


theyd just get slaughtered by japanese again


dutroux and duterte arent similar at all




can i get an answer please


dont know who would i root for if ww3 happened you got the chinks and russians on one side and the united states of israel on the other


my grandpa slaughtered japs in the philippines during ww2


he brings dishonor to your family im sorry


root for global extinction


my grandpa got kicked out of the coastguard for losing his rifle


being a flipup runs in the family huh


nothing fool the antiped laws were all without exception implemented by feminists




he fought honorably


no he was a bad mate


why would you be happy "Dismissed Due To Grand Jury Indictment" means hes going on trial soon


did he even get a UAV killlstreak?




die lawnorm


its my duty to uphold the law


to rebel is to say no


no it doesnt read further it was dismissed the next day by the prosecution


the justice system has failed


it was dismissed on the 30th it says right there


hehe youre right im flapper


hows his granny even doing? nobody thinks of her


west wing is pretty good after all thanks whoever said i should watch it


norm wing


hopefully theyll lock up his aunt for drugging her


we need a 12 hours lotr stream


aunt should be in jail for abuse and tp for hate speech and assault


tp is a veteran he deserves respect


he fought and bled for the holy state of israel and its chosen people


im a torah observant christian


no you arent i am


die impersonator


i only respect airstrike kill streaks or higher


kind of mindblowing there are mates using state of the art technology to remotely blow up desert people with video sushi bar controllers


granpa was in the navy


daiso run was a disaster i forgot it was friday


where do i sign up


how about we dont kill each other for israel


not big on the sushi filter


hima stands with israel


want to get an ancestry dna test but scared to find out that im 20% ashkenazi


im too flapper to be jew


you should feel proud about being one of goshs chosen people i wish i was a flipping kike that had connections to every major industry im just a mongrel


gonno jo to that precure doujinshi


deracinated "white" males on the image boards


which one there are thousands


the one with mirai and riko


hope coby still reads the threads even if it doesnt post


File: 1523071501417.jpg (129.74 KB, 781x960, 1522959973629.jpg)


miss himako


neetgirls all have to grow up eventually sigh


anyone seen marching to zion




File: 1523071658151.webm (352.4 KB, 720x404, 1523064865509.webm)

himako in hs


chicken nugget


this may look like a low quality frogpost but its actually valuable advice


File: 1523071787546.png (16.3 KB, 665x223, 1510117127497.png)

wish i could turn back time


if you are dumb enough to think that shitecoins have any value no advice on earth will be good enough


cant believe Kenneth Boles of Mesa, Arizona was asking underage girls to send him nude pictures


turts so unoriginal copying ota




im not turt


he didnt specify girls


why cant you believe it i can


ive been given over to a reprobate mind



simply love the swr soundtrack


File: 1523073313605.mp3 (9.35 MB, SiM - EXiSTENCE.mp3)



im never racing you typemoggers again after you made fun of me


lets sushi bar


sigh i flipped up on the beginning


lonely at the top sigh


114 wpm how am i suppose to beat that


opened an ice cold can of cola drank one sip and now i dont want anymore


good you shouldnt be drinking cola to begin with


should i open a cold one


only tryhards get over 80wpm


im the slowest typer on hima


no i am




taco time hima im making tacos now


wish i had a big cheesy taco rbn


im killing minotaurs


had to kill some the other day


phew theyre flippin fantastic


gonno eat some tangerine jam on toast


File: 1523075580822.jpg (70.45 KB, 700x394, puyo-puyo-tetris.jpg)

when is the puyopuyo tetris stream there can be an epic 1v1 of himako vs pnig


hot damn do i love tacos


whats so great about tacos


nothing he's just memeing


they taste good


im not good at puyo


it didnt go anywhere


time to fire up are you afpie eating contest of the dark


its shite now


scope was sad how a woman could try hard for viewers and get nothing but a sexy lady just sitting there would get 2k


its the same as its always been


same as it ever was


feel bad for hags they used to be sexy ladies isnt that mindblowing


hope rubmaps get seized too


dont post this shit


why not


for the best service you gotta the best amps yourself and find that nice special secret place and not share it with the mongers on rubmaps


just dont and use your brain




wish to go buy some ice cream for a movie but its lightning outside


whered the underage lady go


i thought about getting into football but all of the rules and offseason scheduling seem too annoying to keep up with


baseball is more fun theres sushi bars every day and all night long since you can watch jap sushi bars


the baseball rules are really complicated and hard to understand


sports are boring


so is my life


if you go all the way around its a run and if they tag you you are out not too hard


theres other stuff i dont understand whats the difference between ball and strike and theres places you cant hit the ball and some you can im too flapper to figure it out


just found out ive got multiple sclerosis


strike is a pitch that is good and ball is bad and you can only hit it where the players are inside the lines


just got a horrible memory of being the batter in gym baseball sigh


wait but how do you know if its good or bad and then if they get three balls or something the person gets a run i dont get it


just watch cricket instead its cooler than baseball some pro player got hit in the head with the ball and died last year


the mate standing behind them decides if its close enough to be a strike and if they get 4 balls he can go to first base or 3 strikes and batters out


what if that mate is biased and decides its a ball when its a strike how does he tell


then dad yells and throws the remote at the tv




t ball is better


only norms get below 100wpn


File: 1523077614336.jpg (510.28 KB, 1022x768, Strike_zone_en.JPG)

if the pitch goes through this its a strike

if it goes outside of that as long as the batter doesnt swing its a ball




its a dumb sushi bar its too dangerous you could get hit by that ball and hurt yourself


what happens if you throw the ball at the player intentionally and injure them and then pretend its an accurate ive seen that plot in tv shows before


i meant accident


nah die typenorm


batter runs at you and punches you then the rest of the team comes out and punches eachother its pretty cool adds some drama


nice maybe its worth watching after all


File: 1523077786593.jpg (713.9 KB, 1920x1080, [Elysium]To.Aru.Kagaku.no.Railgun.EP19(BD.1080….jpg)

love this look


simply watch rugby instead


wish to snap uiharu


enjoy a good brawl


brawls are the only good part of sports its a fact


baseball is one of those sports you can only play as a kid if you dont play in high school you probably will never get another chance to play again unless you can round up a few dozen mates


you can always play in a softball beer league but its not the same


arent there lots of amateur adult clubs


probably but those are all for old boosts who want to relive their high school glory days in their 40s not young neets


i wish to relive my little league glory days


when we had to choose a sport in high school i picked lawn bowls thats the only sport ive ever played but its pretty fun


wish my parents got me to play sports


forced to join little league in 2nd grade and i was in a team full of 5th graders sigh


played chess during pe flip you sportsnorms


i was too small to play sports


no goshly woman has short hair thats why i would rather marry saten then uiharu


die sportsnorms
die chessnorm


nn about bowls


doesnt matter if a woman is goshly or not theyre all angels


is that you bowlsblog


bowls is baste but for old people


being a woman is nice because its so much more relaxed than the cutthroat world of male competition


saten is a flipping throatangel the only marriable girl is index


no i dont even know what that is




youre better off i wasnt mature enough to appreciate playing a team sport so i just complained a lot and went out of my way to avoid playing any sport the rest of my school years and now i feel like a pmb for wasting the opportunity


index is a roast in the body of a underage lady


how was it an opportunity unless your a huge norm team sports are horrible


love index shes underage


an opportunity to make the best of the situation and not be such a cynical lazy little prick


gonno show up at the table tennis center and find a underage chinese wife


table tennis is nice i got pretty good at it in the psych ward since it was all they had but i havent played it since


i could be a rich pro athlete right now if my parents got me to play a sport


become a prosushi chef instead


i pinch at video sushi bars


simply love watching yangyang


i could have been the next babe ruth but instead im just a blog without a cause


maybe one of these years ill look for an 18+ league just to do something different



the only decent chance to be exceptional in this world is to have good parents that force you into something from a very early age be it ice skating or kart racing or scorching ping pong it requires a lot of money and a lot of effort on your parents part but frankly parents are usually self absorbed and think of their kids more like weird pets


parents who do that with their kids are usually just living through them vicariously and it gets really weird and the kid ends up a freak


gotta get married soon so i can pop out 9 kids like pastor anderson and make them all play table tennis until theyre really good at it


sigh vp



who did they lose to


wish i could have a kid for the sole purpose of making him better than i ever was but no women agree with my redpilled ideologies


got no sympathy for vp after they beat my pinoy mates


they end up better off than anyone on hima and most people around here were brought up by single mothers that let their kids play video sushi bars all day rather than pay attention to them




theyre going to get 50 lashes each when they get back to the motherland for this embarrassment


if i got into a relationship with an attractive semi-intelligent girl i could probably manipulate her into doing what i say but it would take some effort


norm hours


ive got chills and im tired i think im dying please help


sounds like you need a cigarette


my master plan is to find a wife who cant speak english but acts like she can then when i explain my ideas in complicated english shell agree to it without knowing what shes agreeing to


wrong you need good genes and the parents who do this to their children have good genes


nice dwarf fortress autism creators


so you want a sexy lady


anyone ever gets some sharp pain in their chest and just think oh flip this is it


gosh tarn is baste as hell i hope my kids can play the completed version of df


hell die before its completed sigh


no turt says theyre norms


norm fortress


nah all of the kids i knew who did those kinds of things were obnoxious little faguettes and their parents were usually trashy and low iq but had money


why did tarn shave his beard off


i dont even play dwarf fortress i just play adventure mode and object testing


how do i get a


youre missing out


wish a underage was filtered into an underage onseki do something


does it really matter



is df even good


word filters are one of the most important aspects of hima


tarn is the real dev who does all of the programming and has a phd in mathematics threetoe just writes stories and piggybacks off his genius freak brothers success


grasping for straws


very good if you arent a boostflapper


how could you possibly remove the flipflapper filter combination gonno rage


tarn is less norm and smarter than anyone here threetoe is just his nerdy brother along for the ride hes barely a 'dev'


flap my flip


who wants to learn a language with me


File: 1523080152754.jpg (Spoiler Image, 454.68 KB, 740x1035, mmm water.jpg)


is it jap


im a boostflapper


what language




no its portuguese but im also open to learning esperanto






dont wanna learn portuguese it seems dirty lets learn korean


brs have so much fun online im envious


simply learn latin


they have fun by ruining everyone elses




nice jewbr


how can you day portuguese sounds dirty but not korean


korean is very clean


the virgin sadpolite vs the chad funruiner


ya i was about to say korean is a filthy sounding language every time i hear it its like someones taking a shite in my ear




korean pinches so does spanish how about greek


greek people disgust me lets learn italian


mates why one men did invent all those languages ?


why does there need to be a billion latin languages when theyre all so similar


gonno learn bulgarian so i can communicate better with my baste matefutari lollies


because of geography


because in the old days things werent so globalized


nah fortress mode is still too confusing for me even though ive been playing the sushi bar since 2012




its not confusing


gosh made all the languages because of the tower of babel blame the babelonians


i blame neetblog


what happened to futari


captured by gypsies


just figured out neetblog is the wandering jew it all fits together


maybe confusing isnt the right word i just dont find it that enjoyable compared to the other two


File: 1523080487688.jpg (28.57 KB, 854x470, life_isnotfair.jpg)


surprised the dark wanderer was leorics son


wanderer no wandseki


File: 1523080575483.gif (8.66 KB, 292x220, polish-common-words1.gif)

we should learn polish


would never have a single wordfilter were this my board


were this my board i would flip it


why bother learning the tongue of the kingdom of the potato




polands nice too bad theyre catholics


catholics are the closest thing to a video sushi bar religion whats wrong with them


tfw no catholic schoolgirl gf


finnish is the only one worth learning


catholic sexy ladies are very nice


i figured it out lets all learn gaelic


File: 1523080753960.png (471.21 KB, 701x520, finnishboy.png)


love finns sincerely wish i were finnish


europe is hecka old it happens naturally like kansai and hokkaido dialects


or shall i say very dobry


gambled and lost goshdamnit i thought i was past this


int hours gonno sushi bar


finns are not white


invest in diapers



i refuse to sink to that level i can beat this thing


why dont they have reverse diapers that go on your mouth


wouldnt mind some kilju right around now might call The Boss and ask her to get me some wine



slavs had a very prominent role in early jp culture


she said she will nice


wonder what aorfs up to


what does that mean


learning greek hehe


yo mama


just finns


whens the hima aom sushi bar taking place


ano learn whatever language antatachi want watashi is going to stay with nihongo


proto germanic


used to be good at aom


learning japanese takes like a year give me something i can really sink my teeth into




hate how hima gets fast on the weekend


gosh aften hima


glad i have my hima tab muted so i dont have to hear 'my way'



havr it your way




nice microphone


linus vinus rinus


what im not hearing anything


downloaded 翼をください to listen to with my way


is my way really supposed to be playing


go back to your country


i dont know what hes talking about either


its playing hidden under the post box


youre going crazy


guess one of my extensions is blocking it


crazy for lovin you baby


redirector addon would automatically play youtube embeds maybe you have something similar


tricky onseki making the turbo box play it


technology is evil and must be destroyed ted was right it's eating us all alive


wish a sexy lady would try to swallow me aliv


File: 1523081507585.png (651.44 KB, 767x839, Amon_Holding_Maris_Stella.png)

its amons birthday


youll take my tech from my cold dead hands norm


youve lost your mind my mate


id have it no other way


patiently waiting for jojo part 5 to get animated


i read his manifesto over the course of a few days mostly on my phone on the shuttle


im gonno morph


gosh flipping dammit why onseki have to filter everythign to mate


hate when people say mate in real life but for some reason i find it charming here


what the flip


onseki // the current filters and add the updated one i sent you


wish a sexy lady would try to swallow me aliv


you already posted that


itll never happen its a fantasy


theres no escaping it we were all born into this dystopian hellhole and our conciousnesses will be resurrected in 100 years to become the personality of ass-cleaning robots


i need a hug please mates


wish mates was only filtered by br0 and not g u y too


File: 1523081671690.jpg (219.27 KB, 637x900, 1371879522400.jpg)


File: 1523081685651.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1480x2071, dc29185322dd2a4fa3cb872e6508c93d.jpeg)


get a hug from a girl instead its better


to help hima reach a wider audience im proposing b r o plays the everyday b r o soundclip


d ude also filters to mate



listening to 風と雲と私




listening to LOVE MEN HOLIC




who am i


once i start getting decent income im going to begin taking a thesnaputic hgh dosage so when im 65 ill still have the body of a 25 year old


cool story brah




i will probably have a nightmare tonight about the possibility of living to get that old


what are you looking at in particular


never seen the ban page before hehe


saturn on wednesday


wish to stargaze and flower view with a underage wife


it is literally mindblowing how awful things are right now and how much worse they will surely get over time with no way out


things are gonno get better bro


how much free time did our ancestors have to realize all stars except one moved across the sky and how much free time did they have to realize earth wobbles


what the hell i thought that would filter to mate damnit seki now my post looks norm


filterseki strikes again


matemate mate


nigga like me with cialis


look at the world we live in then read your post


i can only watch one episode of afpie eating contest of the dark this pinches


it didnt stand the test of time sigh


File: 1523082429732.png (1.18 MB, 1280x720, karen looking at embarrassed aya looking at yo….png)


flap flap


die pie eating contestant


still miss lky sigh


we are all so boosting screwed and the sushi bar has been rigged from the start


i made my first pie at 22 it was a cream pie not the human kind just a normal cream pie


then you either never post are boles or are a complete conformist vanilla norm take your pick


rip sky


you either never post are boles or are a complete




can i get a amen


nah thats turt


its the wrong shade of blue to be turt


how spam can one man be


hey mates im leaving now so feel free to talk about me please do


the chills are getting worse this is it for me




nah die mobanorm


two teams of chinks no thanks


complete boles


freaks apartment should be a creampie factory


i hate cyberpunk fetishists we are already living in that kind of world its just a lot more mundane and boring visually than people thought


alright gonno sushi bar for a bit see you later hima


gonno morph initiate the dead hour protocol and activate the bots


no wait you mates are gonno stay up for another 8 hours and get drunk with me right The Bosss bringing the wine


time to morph


o my pasta nen


ill stay up with you while i scape


nice knew i could count on my mate nb


im so excited to see lgd redeem themselves against mineski


let me wake up in a germanic wheat field circa 1928 having dozed off in the sun and dreamt up a horrible nightmare world



just noticed they added that trend of red eye shade to hotaru too


gonno jo




each and every night i pray to any gosh listening to let north korea launch multiple nuclear devices into space effectively destroying all technology on earth overnight





File: 1523083595149.gif (Spoiler Image, 2.01 MB, 540x303, brrrrap.gif)


maybe tonight will be the night i wake up and see the sky ablaze signalling the start of a new dark ages


cant wait for all technology to be destroyed but ill miss hima


hope my lilith uterus gets here soon


fool you should have gotten the virgin age ~admission~


die sexnorm


File: 1523083990803.jpg (76.04 KB, 600x600, degenerate.jpg)


gettin a chicken nugget just thinking about boosting that warm wet pink hole


die sexnorm


thousands of years of ancestral struggle and here you are humping a toy vagina


kill me yourself big mate


i thank them for the struggle that allowed me to do so


get over here and well have a fight to the death


wish i lived in the twin cities sigh


alright time to sushi bar now


goin' blimp


raining again


gonno get some ice cream


nows not the time for making sushi we have to watch lgd defeat mineski


aisu tabeiyo


whatchu know about that... prolly tons


tiny coming in


mushi got owned


feeling a hard cry coming on


boromir again huh yeah me too


File: 1523088246831.png (135.6 KB, 936x1501, Untitled.png)

once in a lifetime does a man have the chance to witness the greatest minds of our time engage in discourse, and gentlemen, that The Bossent is now


baste ejaj


no lgd...


cant feel even the slightest amount of emotion for any of the chink teams except the pinoys theyre just aliens to me i cant watch them play or i get bored


5000 gil to draw the ultimate spell? Sure, why not. It's dirt cheap now, even disregarding SeeD's puny 30K. As a side note, I found a fairly dependable place to get cursed spikes at a decent speed which may mean I can focus some on maxing luck once that time comes.



sigh dead hours just when my fun times are about to start guess ill just sushi bar


ive been sitting here for hours and you didnt say shit




im not a dancing chimp to post for your amusement but if you want to intelligently discuss a topic of your choosing im open to it


sorry i didnt mean it like that


im just breaking your balls friend


the average meal in the hima mansion


told my friend that i rarely cry over my depression that was a huge mistake their nether regions were probably droughred and cracking at that point because men should never cry especially not because they have something womanly and gay like a case of the feels


your friend was a man


if you said you rarely cry why would that be bad


i cry at least 3 times a week


what about


HRT everywhere


usually if i watch a sad episode of anime or i get too drunk


cant imagine being passionate enough to feel that much emotion that frequently im a flipping husk


wish 4chan required a pass to post it would improve the quality


if someone who spent every day posting on 4chan suddenly needed to cough up 10bux to post they would and then immediately post a frog it would do nothing


if youre crying that often especially if youre drunk it means you need to change your life and you dont want to admit it


nothing abnormal about getting blackout drunk every night and sobbing


holy flip marching to zion was epic


all of the day bro


getting drunk as flip probably gonno cry tonight


jesus weeps when you drink


because rarely was an existential quantifier on the crying



typical warosu poster everyone


im pretty sure he was making a joke


i wasnt


hes not the only one


alcohol has been around a lot longer than jesus he shouldnt let it bother him so much


the first use of alcohol was by noah and he did homo stuff with canaan while he was drunk its of the devil


nah alcohol is humanitys greatest ally


being more epical than everyone else makes imageboards boring because instead of experiencing epic first hand you have to live vicariously through the emotions expressed in reactions to your posts


youre probably not as epic as you think


i thought noah just got wasted and fell asleep naked


what did you just said


im imanitys greatest ally


never read the bible but ive meant to for a while


el padre de grande...


ham looked upon noahs nakedness and told that to canaan and so noah cursed him there was nothing gay and alcohol wasnt blamed at all


was he just mad about his dick being seen why would he curse someone just for that


File: 1523096689815.jpg (568.1 KB, 1280x1056, Ham_Mocking_Noah.jpg)

me in the middle norms on the right


he drank from the vine and became naked and cursed canaan what do you think happaned


if someone laughed at my dick and then told everyone about it id curse his descendants too


either way whether any gayness happened is still hotly debated and regardless alcohol isnt to blame ham is


joseph smith said black people cant become priests because of what ham did baste mormons


id tell my followers its ok if i have sex with my 10th wife who is 6 years of age


everyone would know you had a small dick if you cursed someone over it if you just laughed it off they would think you had a big one


they better not unless they want a cursin


its too late everyone already saw my tiny dick when i passed out naked the problem was ham laughed about it and told everyone and my other sons just ignored it and pretended like my dick was big thats why i would curse him


wonder how scientology will be viewed in 1000 years


its a lose lose scenario but if you have the power to curse maybe you would also have the power to make your dick bigger


scientology wont even be remembered in 1000 years


i like my small dick though but if anyone gossiped about it you better believe id curse the hell out of their son


starting to suspect noah posts on hima


love miscavige hes unironically baste as hell


nah he hits the col way too hard to have enough sober hours to waste on hima


uh wasnt it noahs son that saw him
he basically cursed his entire bloodline over his dick size


yeah id curse their son even if they were my son


the curse was probably to give canaan a microdick too


noah cursed his grandson over his sons dickmogging he didnt curse his son


i wouldnt but i would if it was homo stuff


canaans descendants are the blacks theyre cursed with big dicks


wonder how much of a small dick gosh must have to approve of such a harsh punishment for moggery


goshs dick is infinite


is this the same as people saying the moors were niggers i dont think there were any blacks in that area


sigh too much leche de coco on this sticky rice puddin im not feelin it


actually its moops


gonno morph


if anything they would be phoenician


no but people say it the curse of canaan was used to justify slavery by jews for a long time and mormons wouldnt originally let blacks be priests for that reason


you cant even measure goshs dick my conventional methods so it must be pretty gosh darn small


someone stream eyes wide shut


canaanites could arguably be seen as moving south into north africa and below and becoming blacks i think thats why


mormons are weird reflappers boost em


dont blame me blame joseph smith


never been to church is it good


depends on the church need a hard preacher for it to be fun



still cant believe pnig never went to fwbc


go to one of those nigger churches where they all jump and dance and swing from vines


flip this gook shit


south park made fun of mormons so i guess theyre wrong and jospeh smith wasnt a prophet but was dumdumdumdumdum unlike me im smart


unironically think that sc2 is a lot funnier than hima and that onseki has a small penis


i dont need to watch south park to know that mormonism is weirdo shit for idiots who think theyre too good for tried and true catholicism


my face when catholics claim they worahip only one gosh


cant imagine following any religion besides one i made myself imagine being catholic and having to deal with the reality that the pope is pinching cocks in his bedroom nightly and saying hell doesnt exist


File: 1523098480490.jpg (196.21 KB, 1200x863, 1523098158505.jpg)


love it when a thousand dollar safe opens if you simply bounce it a few times while pulling the handle


what do they have that hima doesnt





File: 1523099140928.jpg (350.54 KB, 1280x960, 1280px-Dol.jpg)



literally hima


im short man


another day another dollar


gosh hate life


time for my yearly playthrough of ffv



why isnt anyone on hima blasting past their old self


gosh what a boosting loser elephant


phew won the battlecup nice


play ffx and stream it instead


nah flip you


rain drips from the sakura tree
he hates life
he hates self


beautiful haiku


that wasnt a haiku


i think i know better than you


morph time


think you better count the syllables again


write me a haiku


i am the neetblog
filth my life contains it does
i am fat and nice




dreamed of hima


i dreamed of that stupid globagolabalab meme creature





shoebills are baste as flip


File: 1523110371228.jpg (57.79 KB, 706x1000, C48LOFiVcAA2zyL.jpg)

nice shoebill nice kemono nice friend


wonder what percentage of wild animals are just born flapper and unable to feed themselves



you mean la creatura


yeah theres no seasonal reference or juxtaposition but dont be pedantic thanks


dont know what juxtaposition means


sure only if nobody is pedantic about syllables


thought the number of syllables is what makes a haiku a haiku and not just a poem


i see 5 7 5 in both of those what are you talking about


haikus pinch die litnorms


el idiota de los reflapperos...


you do know that in modern japan haiku are accepted even without those things but still require the syllable count right


modern japan is not the authority on haikus


who is


ya im t ard so what


yeah by fools who like to consider themselves artistic geniuses on their gayblogs despite their lack of skill because they learned to count and place \n

you have been playing in the palm of my hand though i anticipated this entire conversation in response to my post because im legit* a genius
*considered a real word that is both adjective and adverb in modern western society


the other mate is right >>759974 is wrong


dislike posts like that too hard to read


how do i get mature taste buds


i cant eat spicy food


die blandnorm


go to hell spicer


give things several tries despite your initial distaste for them instead of spitting them out then bragging that youre so good at it you can do so subconsciously and not even realize it was in your mouth to begin with before scrolling back up


>Modern Japanese haiku (現代俳句 gendai-haiku) are increasingly unlikely to follow the tradition of 17 on or to take nature as their subject,§but the use of juxtaposition continues to be honored in both traditional and modern haiku. There is a common, although relatively recent, perception that the images juxtaposed must be directly observed everyday objects or occurrences.
lammo sounds like they dont give a boost about not only nature but syllables too despite that being the part genelet gaijin latch onto
what really captures the haiku tamashii is juxtaposition


wonder if anyone from veekyforums posts here


what the hell is that


the place basically all 4norm memes are stolen from


wonder if aliens are real


they exist on a higher dimension


i must be alien because theres no way i could be human


hey hima just woke up and showered made the decision that im going to clean up my soul and stop joing and smoking


nothing wrong with either of those things


spinelessseki wont last a week


love the clean your room meme id rathet just sit here doing nothing instead of bowing to reflappered freudian


hes jungian


la creatura... el monstruo.. la angustia de los americano...


File: 1523115947884-0.jpg (131.81 KB, 709x1001, __adeleine_bronto_burt_dark_matter_ice_dragonk….jpg)

File: 1523115947884-1.mp3 (4.06 MB, ウルルンスター.mp3)


stream it


itd be a pain in the ass


it would be the greatest stream in hima history


sigh one post till 760k


no i dont want it to happen


i wanted nb to take it


File: 1523118715231.gif (970.68 KB, 500x490, patrick-bateman.gif)


flapperlaughed hard at the end


china toowwwwwn china china towwwwwnn






hi hima woke up and made some pizza




File: 1523122989289.webm (980.14 KB, 960x540, 1523121344498.webm)


vile little demon


jit with the bleed


die norm


gonno have a glass of 7up


gonno watch a baseball sushi bar


die sportnorm


dont they take like four hours


File: 1523124641810.jpg (648.86 KB, 900x1200, 1523122814527.jpg)

feel when to intelligent for a bf


im homosexual weeaboo furry


boys are dumb


File: 1523125319994.jpg (27.04 KB, 300x100, banner.jpg)




File: 1523126450248.jpg (121.49 KB, 700x933, 1523126165475.jpg)

what do you call this mode


my boosting gosh kill yourself onseki you incompetent piece of shit might as well delete this boosting board and get done with it why even waste your time here


dear gosh please take all the pain away



未来が眩しくて見えない do this once i have my own property like varg


havin my coffee


watching some ltt i see


File: 1523130098219.jpg (55.71 KB, 720x480, Yabai!_Fukushuu_yami_site_episode_02_[BC5D8274….jpg)

dumb bitch btfo


whats it like being a literal teen


you were one once don't you remember?




>waaaah ban ban!




did you run out of frog pics


teens should have our support being an emotionally stunted hormonal reflapper will probably ruin his life soon if it hasnt already but you dont need to make it worse


File: 1523132473890.jpg (213.11 KB, 1920x1280, DW4hV2NU8AANol_.jpg orig.jpg)



if your The Boss fed you formula instead of breast milk its over


too weak to leave bed today help


File: 1523132778991.jpg (417.5 KB, 3840x2160, 19darjeeling02[cmpfans] .mp4_snapshot_26.12_[2….jpg)


is she a virgin


if you are aware hima exists its already over



stop posting this ugly roast


can i princess carry you


File: 1523133306737.jpg (601.76 KB, 3840x2160, 19darjeeling01[cmpfans] .mp4_snapshot_00.33_[2….jpg)


i never meant to cause you any sorrow
i never meant to cause you any painnnnnnn


dont think you can im fatneet
i think ill break the diet tonight i need the energy


simply ride a bike drink water and eat fruit


fruit makes you fat


thats not true i eat fruit and im a twig


File: 1523133513939.jpg (Spoiler Image, 290.35 KB, 1736x1224, 1507472738464.jpg)


i only want to see you blogging in the purple rain


File: 1523133736798-0.jpg (426.11 KB, 3840x2160, 19darjeeling01[cmpfans] .mp4_snapshot_00.22_[2….jpg)

File: 1523133736798-1.jpg (570.17 KB, 3840x2160, 19darjeeling01[cmpfans] .mp4_snapshot_00.00_[2….jpg)


there's a hair on her shoe


why dont girls let me worship their legs its a good deal for them


what do you mean worship their legs


let me touch them


whats to gain out of that


i was a bareknuckle boxer in my past life



saw one of those small rally cars with a car sticker that said keep calm and brap brap why even waste time putting that shite on your car


hate all car stickers and decals


baste brapper


hate cars



woke up got a hangover


wonder if it would be fun to put decals and stickers on other peoples parked cars


yeah but theyre legally allowed to hit you with their car afterwards if they catch you


File: 1523136444715.jpg (51.89 KB, 440x567, 1523108927371.jpg)



gonno have some coffee


File: 1523136728934.jpg (903.74 KB, 1925x1082, 1514088310559.jpg)


make a nice cup o coffee with me


already made one hehe




anyone watching anime this season or did we grow out of it


going to watch
amanchu advance
uma musume
darling in the franxx

everything else looks lame


nothing appeals to me this season


File: 1523137398369.jpg (384.36 KB, 1280x720, thumb_8cb23577-2661-4e32-81f0-935a6951b177.jpg)

only gonno watch kiratto pri chan


what about amanchu s2


i dont have the energy to keep up with an airing shows schedule id rather just watch something thats already finished at whatever pace i want


didnt watch s1


freak says youre not allowed to do that


oh im gonno watch boku no hero academia too this arc is good


i only watched things week to week regularly when i still went to /a/


if everyone picked one show to watch week to week and talk about i would watch it but im not putting in all that effort when i could just watch 18 episodes a day of some robot anime from 40 years ago


i cant watch more than two or three anime episodes per day


how do you spend the other 15 hours of the day


eating and staring at the wall


waiting for posts on hima and joing


i sleep for 10 years a day


working and studying




havin another coffee hehe


pastor jimenez is baste but he seems like a wannabe anderson


gas gas gas


File: 1523139327847.jpg (35.02 KB, 500x403, yikes.jpg)

mate we rent our parking space to opened a door for me and made this face when he said hey what did he mean by it


anderson is jimenezs sensei actually


wonder if i could get anderson to teach me wanna hard preach


maybe you stink


https://www.oneangrysushi chef.net/2018/04/anime-fan-warns-community-potential-animegate-anime-goes-mainstream/55720/
what are we going to do mates


anyone want to kill me and make it look like an accident?




this season blows HARD absolutely nothing to watch


watch amanchu


hold on let me spend 15 years learning japanese real quick to bypass the sjw filters


summer season is going to be amazing though


whens the next index


not this year


what sjw filters


The Bosss making me some scrambled eggs cant remember the last time she made me breakfast but it has to have been at least 10 years


should probably stop eating these strombolis lest i join the ranks of the fatneet


you will need the extra fat for the ice age


The Bosss making salad and grilled chicken


theyre full of cheese and meat and when you pick it up grease drips all over the box its disgusting


my The Boss is out at the beauty salon


the inevitable law that makes fansubs illegal so you can only watch anime through buzzfeed approved subtitles and video edits


dont know what stromboli is


shes trying to get dolled up for chad


shes hoping to attract a beta provider at this age


fansubs already are illegal if theyre on crunchy or netflix


going to stick to the diet for the rest of the day ill decide when i check my weight tomorrow


nopoo is making my hair look great but it feels disgusting on my head


you stupid fagguete having a clean hair is one thousand times more important than having shampoo ad hair are you insane


whos even looking at it besides you in the mirror nobody


slippery slope


so long as nobody touches it they wont know im a greaseball they think i get my hair styled by a professional every morning


took my hair about 2 months to recover from jewish chemicals feels great and i can wash it with tea and it smells nice


i get red dots on my face when i dont use shampoo and my hair looks like trash dry and tangled not sure how it works for you


simply use an organic vegan shampoo they smell amazing and actually have soap in them to remove oils and dirty


oils are friendly stop removing them


theyre the enemy


its the age of oil


wish i was a teen with internet steam friends


become one


miss my irc friends gave up the sushi bars but didnt replace it with anything


nah i am just a creep


i dont use shampoo and i will without a doubt be norwoodin hard by the end of the decade


nah just keep your hormones balanced and youll be fine


dont think my hormones are balanced


gonno start doing 2 iu of hgh eot




do a gram of fentanyl instead


could pass as a girl if my shoulders werent so huge and i wasnt so tall


i could pass as a girl if i wasnt a man



could become a birl if i werent tall with broad shoulders big hands and feet and strong jaw


could pass as a girl if i wasnt 6'11 270lb with a 40in vertical and a 4.4 40


why did gosh make me so manly


File: 1523143414514.png (1.55 MB, 1920x1742, 1523141121007.png)


what is wrong with this idiot consenting to have his electronics searched


they beat him until he consented


my right hand is the perpetrator and my left hand is the victim


a combination of big men with badges barking orders telling him how bad its going to be if he doesnt cooperate fully and a weak understanding of constitutional rights


ken would have never consented


pedophiles are low iq


its kind of like how every practically every tcap mope would confess to hansen thinking it would be better for them if they tried to come clean


whoops didnt proofread


File: 1523143696300.jpg (42.46 KB, 599x189, 50b080ef5ef6d8c69debfbd754beb440a3b48731dd0108….jpg)


underage ladies are just 1s and 0s so they are informationm


they are hags once they reach 10 fool




wish to read sicp with a sexy lady


File: 1523144507655.jpg (162.38 KB, 1324x2048, 05902036edf2c7e965e549a67e4354eb.jpg)




dont post that norm shite


did a bunch of himamates die recently


yeah but im still posting as a ghost


used to be a ghost


i only ask because it seems like deadhours last almost all day now



fool you cant order off the kids menu


just try and stop me


classic corndogs with french fries and bottomless raspberry lemonade


grilled chicken and 2% milk


all the tastiest stuff is on there


hima was really active last night


the pizza in the kids eat free ad looks really bad


never ate ruby tuesdays is it good




whats it like


pasta and lemonade is my pick


sigh wish i was american


do you want to get shot


mini pizza is ready hima heck yea


wish i had a mini pizza sigh


File: 1523147032255.png (297.61 KB, 1235x650, 1522878255229.png)


where at least i know im free


File: 1523147193631.jpg (198.87 KB, 700x788, 1523134328936.jpg)

any of you mates know this feel big sigh


what feel is that suppose to be ive never been in a fight in my life am i suppose to resonate with a lone drifter who bashes people with a baseball bat


the hima mansion will operate under the might makes right principle


on behalf of the wks i veto that proposal outright


phew that mini pizza was superb The Boss ate half though hehe


what a bitch she owes you now


out of ramen out of money guess im eating ice cream for dinner again


made fried rice and shared some with The Boss


got steak and chicken fajitas and then The Bosss bf gave me his meal because hes scared The Boss will get mad if he eats without her and when she gets back she will probably demand to be taken out if i play my cards right this has the makings of being a feast tonight


why does your The Boss have a bf is she a widow or an adulterrer


ask her to bring a bottle of wine


shes a flipping skank but so long as im getting fed im willing to overlook a lot of things


flip you abuserseki


The Bosss exist to be exploited by neets thats the yingyang of life


no they dont you asshole form a symbiotic relationship


im parasitical


how do you form a symbiotic relationship you think raking the leaves in the front yard makes up for being a giant dependent baby


The Boss tells me how glad she is im here and how much easier i make her life constantly


neets are cheap to maintain you just need some food and they can be highly beneficial when trained


do you like the word obese


all fats going to hell


were just like you



make sure satan slices some lines in the fatneetbelly or theyll develop bubbles when cooked and no sexy lady will want to eat them


File: 1523149057909.png (920.13 KB, 763x758, 1522811048568.png)



File: 1523149087399.jpg (591.67 KB, 1346x1346, 1523145802966.jpg)

this is what happens


what happened to her leg


it will grow back dont worry


File: 1523149577142-0.jpg (1.06 MB, 1200x1756, 0001.jpg)

File: 1523149577143-1.jpg (1.04 MB, 1200x1757, 0002.jpg)

sexy ladies wouldnt eat a fatneet they care too much for them


File: 1523149661761.png (15.69 KB, 493x494, 1522636033123.png)


dads making crayfish


miss going out mudding with dad on the atvs


mindboggling how much ped content exists on deviantart


whats mindboggling about that


File: 1523151614536.png (395.96 KB, 774x483, vile.png)


varg is right more sushi bars need to be overtly pro white its fine when blacks get a sushi bar like san andreas but if you even suggest white supremacy wow racist much


was that kingdom come sushi bar any good i was gonno download it




need to check df today after i finish my assignment


i weep alone


thought riff was hilarious in 2012


think im gonno morph for a bit hima im tired


can you wait 2 more hours


no sorry but ill be back up in a few to get drunk




rewatching this


phew 24 hour making sushi sesh im gonno have an aneurysm


youre gonno get an assclot


could have spent that time learning something


i would have spent that time browsing hima


File: 1523154718884-0.jpg (523.95 KB, 1280x1853, P005.jpg)

File: 1523154718884-1.jpg (556.25 KB, 1280x1859, P006.jpg)

if i get too horny in the mansion i might do this to an unsuspecting matesorry


do it to me


uh arent you gonno resist




my farming level is now 5




do it on me


this just made me want to see the good stuff
raw childsnap porn even more


youre sick


thinking about becoming a darklurker


im darklurker


degenseki on suicide watch


only adds to his bad boy gaijin persona that ovulating females find irresistible


im ovulating female


laughing really hard before the video even started


onseki is mentally unstable


File: 1523156176520.jpg (982.35 KB, 1920x1080, watch?v=QW6ujcuIbvg - 00:04:16[2018.04.07].jpg)


The Boss told sis to clean her room so sis locked her door and has been hiding all day


already watched almost every fwbc serm need to find some more pastors


drug use has crippled me



i made a hima thread on ota


File: 1523156329181.jpg (471.29 KB, 1784x1200, 1505680634810.jpg)


those japs described a high better than i could im too stupid to explain ephemeral feelings like not being in pain


tinnitus is getting worse this is hell


whats your favorite one


tomorrow morning were getting a new osteen vid im excited


what have the sermons taught you


osteen loves satan


so many good ones hard to choose but im gonno go with the mgtow serm or anything agains tthe sodomites or perhaps that women should wear skirts and dresses only like they do in anime


favorite part of andersons serms is that he says being a virgin is good gives me a since of superiority over the sexnorms


80% hosidius favor
time to chop some trees


i dont have the attention span for his videos does he have a vine account


thats not what he means idiot
if you are incel you might as well be human garbage not saintly


pastor anderson said its okay to not get married and be a virg for life


hes got a lot of short 3 minute segments


dont forget to use the axes special attack


a pastor shouldn't be pro mgtow


hes not he had a serm against mgtow thought it was baste


dishes are piling up gonno have to make a stealth trip to the kitchen


thats a known feel


hate when i take the dishes down The Boss always acts smug


dick cock penis


pie eating contest


pie eating contestant


die idiot use fipping /test/


really liking the boss filter hehe


remove the filters


i take my dishes up as soon as im done with them


remove yourself norm


die bitch


im not a norm


chop chop!




filter filter to filler


holy flip


filter and to or and or to and


how about i filter you out of existence


im just kidding i dont want more filters


i do


holy flip im never gonno drop this flipping vorkath head


its guaranteed drop at 50 kills


im still at 20




scapenorms yawn


i looked for that anti mgtow sermon but couldn't find it...


File: 1523158640173.gif (138.11 KB, 244x249, Lumber_Up.gif)




File: 1523158690223.webm (Spoiler Image, 1008.49 KB, 1280x720, get down mother flipper.webm)


right here bud




absolutely btfo betatows


downvoted that varg video he doesnt get it


varg bows to the kitty


honestly felt personally offended like when a stranger starts yelling at you in public and kind of scared


im sorry



File: 1523159933709.png (25.13 KB, 1012x222, baste murdernorm.PNG)


varg got obliterated holy boost


literally die individualist norm


vargs thing is the same as everyone elses uhhh there are good girls still out there you just gotta luck haha
the problem is there really isnt they were in short supply from the start now theyre fresh out and the last one just died shooting up youtube hq


there are millions of them out there but thats way beyond the point since even if there werent it wouldnt make any difference as none of them would want anything to do with you


nah theres not i looked


do my best to avoid women


pastor anderson brought 19 different girls to church in the span of 2 years when he was looking for his wife you just gotta go to kjv independent fundementalist baptist churches in your area and talk to the ladies


File: 1523161091626.jpg (69.72 KB, 460x442, 1522979051127.jpg)

we r not losers we r men here me roar


best recent filters
the boss
flapper loses one rank due to bastar d not being usable

good recent filters
pie eating

okay filters
chicken nugget

bad filters

suggestion mock boosters for not manually flipping

new words suggestion "filter" and "simply"


undecided on mate


pretty much none of those are recent gth pie eating contestant


4 minutes in and hes only insulting him when does he bring out the counterargument


there isnt any the mate is some beatup degen living by himself from paycheck to paycheck snorting xanax


the last two months is recent you idiot


go to hell and die pie eating contestant


I am an incomparable homo


I am a incomparable otateen




varg btbo


hes got a point varg spent most of his life in prison and he was kind of a kitty you should pick a better father figure to idolize


it was self defense


if i was a judge id let mates get away with stuff if they were short or ugly but really throw the book at chads and women i feel like there is so much imbalance in this world but im not in a position to help bring balance to it


the boost thing was because i knew that most people typed out flip anyway so anyone new enough to say boost would be shamed


boost you onseki




glad The Boss gave me the nutrition necessary to not become a manlet


die mogger


my favorite thing in the world is when some average bland npc refers to himself as an alpha male or as having a type A personality




really mindboggling how many npc couples there are out there
honestly get angry thinking about some dumb flip npcs looking down on me when i have more of a soul in my elbow than both of their bodies


oh i should have said more soul in my feet


they arent npcs a lot of them are fans of sushi bar of thrones


im a npc


yeah and 50 million women have read fifty shades of grey so what


baste duke of mgtown


everyone is an unique individual in their own way


nah once you really look at them you realize some people truly are glazed over nothingbrains


flip you somethingbrain


would you call him a nothingbrain when he gets so excited


pnig when he sees a new episode of super


the patented bugman gape


unban bogposter


flip this im heading for the grand line



wish i was european it must be magical


only benefit to being european is the welfare


what about eurovision


the girls are a bonus too since theyre virgins until marriage


woke up from my nap hima hey The Boss made vietnamese spring rolls and pakoras hehe woke up and feasted and read now im gonno get sloshed how are you mates going


the concert appearance that saved hima


:re opening is stuck in my head


hello anyone up


i am






wish to flipping die in my sleep tonight gosh DAMN i wasted this life


how did you waste it


i flipped it up and did too many things wrong

earlier in history i would be able to atone by having a son and keeping him from making the same mistakes but my smv is too low to reproduce


youre like 22 the faster you get over it and start working the less likely youll have a mental breakdown when youre some years older



im josnoozin


i cant go back and not do all the reflappered shit i agonize over so what the flip im just going to rot for the rest of my life im an embarrassment to my bloodline and i cant fix it


its not a waste if you have fun watching anime and playing sushi bars


i hope you are able to free yourself from that pmb mindset but at the same time i hope you dont just so you can remain happy and ignorant


i hope i dont i like having fun instead of feeling bad all the time



sorry was watching robocop 2 or i would have replied


File: 1523171639945.jpg (37.15 KB, 450x338, 1522561045205.jpg)



good board


gonno fire up are you afpie eating contest of the dark again


simply filter neetblog to neetblog in the config before the flapper filter


File: 1523172568274.jpg (69.65 KB, 696x1024, 1024x1024.jpg)


what did you want to do with your life


i never got to find out


wonder if turt will ever realize that no one else is here because of smv but because we are all actual flappers and that hes the only failed norm posting here and that /o/norms ever going to jp and subsequently warosu was a mistake that should have never happened


who cares


im a failed norm


ya me too


this gayass failed norm thing is as cope as the uhhh i dont find real women and or real children attractive meme



im not that other mate upset about wasting his life

and the /o/ norms that happened to follow me are undeniably less norm than many of the norms youd find on the spinoffs and /jp/


josh is baste everyone else can go to hell


gonno sushi bar


im 20 but im like a complete loser can i hang with you sempaitachis


i was kidding


ya me too


so are you telling me that if you had the choice you would NOT prefer to be a more intelligent, more respected, less of a degen retar*d, and more content with life than you are now because thats all a norm is


die fartgambler you disgust me


i just wish i had something that made me happy


generally mutate posts that have very few words when mutating because they are unlikely to have any substance


norms sacrifice most of their consciousness in return for contentment and belonging


if i was just an eccentric genius it would be fine but im not that smart or unique i might as well have just been a mindless npc but im in too deep


should have never awoken my third eye and revealed the truth of this world


you should ne required to have an iq of at least two standard deviations above average to consider others npcs


you dont need to have an iq of 145 to realize most people are just shaved apes running on autopilot without ever looking into the abyss


intelligence is just a stat


i dumped all my xp into heat


thats why i said two not three


i thought a standard deviation was 15




just proved my iq with that post sigh ill see myself out back into the flapperpit


flappers in the hima mansion will be forced to toil in the fields from dawn till dusk


underage underage machi machi


what the hell did i ever do to you


hima mansion will have a ball pit inside a soundproofed room for when you really need to flap out



befoul the board on which i post


ill befoul your ass with my dick if you arent careful



you cant talk to fg like that


woke up and its 5 degrees outside


owned heatnorm


cold is my strength


gonno eat some tacos


wish i had a taco