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its nice


i am in love with the sakurako


sigh hima gonno eat ice cream


why sigh


its unhealthy


File: 1522557930128.gif (138.45 KB, 348x501, 1446533991999.gif)

check this out


if the ice cream doesnt kill me something will


how is it unhealthy


gt dizzy



sakurako is so underage





if i ever see onseki im going to beat the flipping shit out of him




he banned me for posting smut


owned by baste degenseki


that was pnig


gonno have to reinstall poe since i cleaned my windows machine 未来が眩しくて見えない settle with some wako vids while its dling


that reminds me i need to do the gacha


gacha in hel


File: 1522558391406.png (236.1 KB, 765x478, 2018-04-01-01.png)



thanks hehe


File: 1522558435608.mp3 (13.03 MB, 11. 未使用曲1 (Little Busters! -Jumper Ver.-).mp3)


the new music in ぷよクエ is good


was going to play that game but remembered that i cant read jap and wouldnt know what to do


File: 1522558628860.mp3 (10.83 MB, Into Free -Dangan.mp3)


File: 1522558880380.png (649.42 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180331-215905.png)

there are wikis and stuff but i dont know how up to date they are theres an event going on for one day to get these three ill finally get a nice ringo card


File: 1522559001626.png (518.31 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180331-220213.png)

she flappered out too hard and got stuffed into her flapperout box apparently


the current number 1 game on the jap app store is a copy of that game but with shonen jump characters


sounds lame


how is it lame


all mobile games are lame


my rooms so dirty i cant walk anywhere without stepping on something sigh doushio


nice but you used up all your luck now




all done with yardwork for today phew had a nice shower gonno see if i can convince mom to take me to the liquor store later


go to the milk store instead stock up on some different flavors


ended up watching adult swim on april fools for the first time in eight years by coincidence and they were playing the new flcl so i shut that shite off

it was interesting to see subtitled anime playing on mateadcast tv though even the bumpers were in japanese they showed subbed nier automata cutscenes as well


why wouldnt you want to see the new flcl






just turn off every filter they are all expired


it would really steam the hone if his site no longer had filters but i dont think onseki is interested in that considering he made him a mod


wish i knew what the granny filter was


hell yeah steamed mate haha xD its ebin


lots of posts on the sb suggest onseki wants more filters you should get used to it


why would i want to if i like the original

if i had any interest in it i can see how it would have been cool to end up seeing the premiere in japanese completely by coincidence after not watching cable in years but i dont


the only filters should be english to japanese translations so we can go through with the plan



insert 日本語 into your 英語 posts so 私たち can initiate the 計画 its かんたん


ching chong ching chong


there was an ad for a show that looked like superjail a few hours ago and i felt like watching that more than flcl 2 even when flcl 2 suddenly started playing

think im growing up the only reason i was watching cable in the first place was because i was watching a baseball game


oh god every time you complete a maze you get TWO points and you need two HUNDRED for chicken nuggets to peaches what the literal hell


even filtering every second word to japanese wont save anyone time is ticking down until perfected machine translation rolls out everywhere


die リア充


hehe did it the other day it pinches


File: 1522560808511.jpg (55.26 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Darling in the FranXX - 12 [720….jpg)

isnt this frame almost exactly the same as that evangelion scene


did you do it for the diary or for gwd


yeah im a real man now i spend my saturdays watching baseball and when anime shows up i shut it off


do you take pleasure in keeping yourself as stupid as possible


watashi is like shinji because watashi wa likes nemurushojo


for the diary


would you stop setting up this argument with me every time you reflapper JESUS i know more japanese than anyone here except perhaps some ota pie eating contestant guy so shut the flip up my god


it already exists but its private tech
are you so stupid you think no one has figured that out perfectly by now the nsa is using this proprietary software to instantly translate foreign phone calls and texts


youre dumber than i thought wow


if i learn japanese then if i have a stroke then my brain will recover better


what do those things have to do with each other


>are you so stupid you think no one has figured that out perfectly by now
uh no


name the hima who can read approximately 10,000 words write approximately 5,000 and has memorized the entire tae kims grammar guide other than me go ahead im waiting

it's just some ota pie eating contestant who can do better who claims to be fluent but never shows it


minna-san おちついて



calm down mate


thats my name dont wear it out


freak did you have a nice easter


what did you mean have its still going on still 1.5 more days left of the long weekend


naze does it seem like freak doesnt oshigotochu anymore did he modorimasu into a neeto mouichido


no i still work and even got a raise


its a four day weekend


sugoi youre hanbun sarariman ima


stop doing that its annoying


well its a drag i know


oh okee watashi is gomen


mom didnt want to drive me but she gave me two bottles of wine to drink anyway


nice what kind




just look at


going to have to move into non-traditional work because the ol' 7-6 is for pinchers you dont even have time to do anything especially if you have to watch 25 episodes of anime at the end of the week


but i dont have any plan yet


just look at it dont drink it


sorry but im about to start drinking it


being able to do something without a machine is inherently better not even your main point but your entire argument boils down to why teach children how to sum if calculators have existed for centuries
imagine using some stupid device on your face or talking through a phone when holding a conversation with someone even perfect instant translators that can instantly learn new slangs and colloquialisms as they naturally appear in different regions and translate them in a meaningful way (literally impossible unless both languages share the same roots) will never replace actually knowing the language itself


oh boy here comes the cope


i hope you realize i still study japanese im just not a coper about it i doubt you even study every day


just witnessed the wits taters part of two towers


i learned japanese because its fun and i wanted to why would anyone need to argue about it is beyond me


freak you should just crack open a brewski and watch some major league baseball at the end of the day why bother watching 10 hours of anime a week


what team are you rooting for


might have to quit anime but then the guy who watches every episode of anime with me will feel betrayed


anime is flippin cool


File: 1522561962418.png (411.02 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180331-225223.png)

cant stop looking at the ringo card shes not very good but is the most pleasing to look at


the cubs


what about working out freak are you still going to the gym and is there a point in doing that


File: 1522562067878.jpg (70.84 KB, 698x673, 2490e4a1.jpg)

everyone grows up


havent worked out in about a month but im supposed to i dont actually want to quit that


none but i watched half of a brewers / padres game and half of a mets / cardinals game


mom just informed me she let the dog lick the pan before putting it back on the stove for me to use


if were choosing baseball teams i choose the rangers


owned big




sports are a bannable offense please dont talk about them witsoever


nice pnig


still cant believe warner tampered with the ball ill never watch cricket again


pretty sure that exoskeleton suits will make you feel really dumb for wasting your time at the gym


interest in motors exemplifies the norm male to me more than interest in sport does


nah sport is the most norm pastime ever invented


exoskeleton suits wont change human evolution i do it because i dont want to feel like and be viewed as a soyboy just because i happen to enjoy playing link and friends on the nintendo switch


no its nightclubs


testosterone injections and no exercise are more effective for improving your muscular structure than exercising


this is depressing come on brett youre going to be 27 stop caring about what other people think of you


im already 27


nice soyeye


cant wait to get home from work after voting yes for gay marriage then drink my soylent smoke a bowl and play some mario mates on my switch and later masturbate to blacked dot com


freak was on the right side of history


this post is so bad and unfunny im surprised i didnt make it


think im gonno morph


its not supposed to be funny


what is it supposed to be other than an eyesore


muscular atrophy is a status symbol among neets never forget that


its a true 1 to 1 account of freaks daily life
besides the weed part maybe


freak eats tuna and milk not soylent


i dont smoke weed never have nor do i masturbate to blacked.com and i dont own any mario games for the switch currently though i might if i had more time even though i dont particularly like the mario franchise

the ultimate trait of soyboys is that they have no physical strength because they abandon masculinity and follow a different mating strategy of pinching up to women and letting themselves be completely walked over but then sexually assault them when the time is right

you simply cant call a guy with good strength a soyboy all other traits are secondary to that


its just turt starting problems again


what a depressing chain of posts


absolutely no need for physical strength when you work a desk job come on freak you should know this




theres no need for physical strength in and of itself though it does come in marginally useful sometimes same with cardio when you have literally 3 minutes to get to the train station

already made it clear that the real reason for it because other people will just look down on you if you are a lanky weak or a flappy mess i just dont want to be that guy so i get to not hate myself as much and have other people treat me with more respect


wits yours
impressing the ladies with some flexing then bringing them home to show off your switch labo skills


i dont have one because i have no chance but i at least dont want to be viewed as weak


File: 1522563059545.jpg (104.13 KB, 715x953, 8bhks2dmgen01.jpg)

could go for some sushi soup


looks like a normal zucchini soup


lank ties in with atrophy


do your coworkers etc look up to you or at least see you as a normal person
just a yes or no will suffice


there is nothing normal about zucchini soup


its healthy


speaking of which mom made some cauliflower soup earlier


one of my coworkers always comes to me with his questions and my boss said my coding style is better than his was when he graduated and gave me a raise

they treat me normally but whether they actually view me as a normal person is something i cant be sure of they could always have hidden views

i think the marketing norms outside the tech team dont like me though i get that vibe from them


theyre mainly programmers and it mates right im sure youre fine who cares about the marketing norms


you said that already


marketing is more important for the success of a company than programming


File: 1522563466940.jpg (273.62 KB, 850x1200, jyvru9upx6p01.jpg)



that royale mode was utter shite


im utter shite


i would watch that but seriously the new art style for the real movie looks weird


it doesnt look weird in animation looks fine would much rather have it if theyre actually going to make the animation good


they are both important you can market a shitty product well but in the long term it will fail


File: 1522563884059.png (1.78 MB, 1678x1200, 9ebad34c273611cdb61846dd3134a1aa.png)


when i was at my matethers place the other day he was matewsing through normflix and i saw there was a live action fma movie wonder how they pulled that off


the english rose is a dying breed


im ed


i have ed


mindblowing that freak has put in ten times the effort into his life that turt has yet turt is still the popular norm who does acid with his mates every weekend


gonno take a night shower


by mates do you mean his discordmates


thats because turt has status


File: 1522564088374.mp4 (2.91 MB, 190f8d66229e0b958c6835b4b77bcba0.mp4)


that is vile


wits wrong with her


sooo underage


injected silicone in her vulva


nice i might try that


i dont actually want to do stuff with friends on the weekend in real life i just want to be left alone and do things on the internet really have so many things i want to work on certainly dont want to spend 6 hours just sitting around with some mates talking about the weather


even if i went and did stuff id rather do it alone like that girl from yurucamp


asami imai voices ringo im going to have to add her to my deck now


defiantly dont want to be a drugnorm either


maws getting another great dane tomorrow sigh


never made small talk about the weather for 6 hours back when i had mates that doesnt sound like a friend




its hyperbole it doesnt matter what we would be talking about id just be thinking about wanting to be by myself


is that what it was like when you hung out with trev and josh


the point still stands a mate is someone you can discuss anything with not some forced pained small talk


i hope we all make it mates


baste bushcrafteye


all the people ive ever been able to discuss everything with were on the internet and one of them stopped talking to me forever


File: 1522565185759.jpg (470.73 KB, 848x1200, 1517437024871.jpg)


all of the friends ive made are from imageboards and they all live far away


hima is my friends and i can talk to them everyday for years


something needs to be said


i have no friends


File: 1522565348769.png (606.74 KB, 958x635, 1522560308474.png)


did you see the vargpill on friends i threw at ota



i guess i will never be able to say it then


say what


i originally tuned to adult swim because i thought it would be funny to see jojo playing on tv but i turned it off because i realized it would be dubbed and they're playing it now subtitled for april fools what are the odds



toonami is baste like they always were


just say it


they've got tom speaking japanese too what a hoot ill stop posting about it i just think the coincidence is funny


its a meme he never says it


i made this thread thats what needed to be said



gonno watch a louis theroux doc with mom


love a good turt thread on ota it really amuses me


love seeing the sagewhiners get owned by turt


i permasage on ota


who are you downvoting


myself out of existence


always thought it was hunter ecks hunter but jap tom just called it hunta hunta


sigh i miss tv


its hunter versus hunter


hope youve never said that out loud and embarrassed yourself because its hunter hunter also inu boku ss and stuff like that


hunter times by hunter


it is hunter versus hunter thats a fact


thought the x meant and


happy easter hima


theres a cartoon private tracker that has digitzed vhs mateadcasts of old adult swim

the bumps and commercials are just wasted time when you think about it but they added soul and made you feel like you werent alone opening an mkv file by yourself at 2 am is a lot more depressing


happy easter


used to think inuyasha was the ultimate anime because it was on adult swim instead of toonami but in reality it was for girls


File: 1522567847375.jpg (349.06 KB, 997x1396, 004.jpg)

arisu is so nice and considerate


theres nothing wrong with watching anime for girls


shes not a sexy lady and her fans arent underagesexy ladycons look at her hips and chest she belongs in the tag of my own creation


i dont think ive even said the word anime out loud


ya there is the male characters shouldnt be made to appeal to girls they should have their own soul


no shes a sexy lady


if i was a robot i wouldnt have to deal with the problems of meatspace life



gonno escape this bio prison




made mom sad sigh




be nice to mom


told her im not going over for dinner guess she wanted to get the whole family together for easter


she understands


you were in the right shes trying to humiliate you


im the eldest son but also the biggest flapper


File: 1522570344509.png (472.83 KB, 938x1158, Cla_a11_default_1.png)

so youre like the krauss of the family


File: 1522570456522.jpg (Spoiler Image, 519.49 KB, 1200x1714, 54.jpg)

how about this one then


played the first episode of umineko in 2012 still havent finished the rest


how long did it take you


i dont remember i read it in one sitting i started the second but didnt finish it


when i read higurashi it took me 7 months to read the first 3 chapters and it hooked me so i read the other 5 in 3 weeks


wish i was rudolf


greased up my keyboard keys dont squeak anymore


gonno snooze


you snooze you lose



just had the best plum jam on toast of my entire lifetime gonno snooze now


went to go post the megamix in response to this


what the hell


first the pony the orangutan video now this youtube have gone mad with power


you wanna be a man imma treat you like a man


the empty beer bottles in my room are piling up at an alarming rate


just disposed of all of mine a couple of hours ago since its trash day tomorrow


i think the biggest factor for me is having to take several cartons worth not only outside but downstairs as well at least they dont attract bugs



since when is a spanking with a belt beating


flipped up today and ill flip up tomorrow


when you dont like the person who did it even if your own father did the same to you


the bible says he that spareth the rod hateth his son


preach it


cant believe they deleted the megamix those basflappers


File: 1522578801989.jpg (90.94 KB, 560x371, 1486635883442.jpg)


where are his piss bottles


in the cupboard to his right


whens the hima trip to berghain


uli should move to japan because then his floor-nice lifestyle would be normal


got rickrolled sigh




might make some of my world famous cheesy chili fries


everyone would laugh at me if i tried to dance


can you really say kyoani revolutionized modern anime character designs when nobody other than them actually use the k-on style


wish i was Sengoku senshu from Welcome to the Ballroom


guess ill just eat cauliflower soup instead


love neetdancing to anison its the best


mom put way too much lemon in this cauliflower soup goddamnit




think i have the most flipped up teeth on hima


did i ever tell you about my cauliflower soup recipe


no but id wish youd tell my mom about it because hers pinches


maws food is usually great but her lasagna absolutely pinches and i dont have the heart to tell her so i eat it anyway


maws a mediocre cook and defiantly worse than me but i wouldnt ever say that to her but she never seasons anything


no matter how much i struggle and strive ill never get out of this world alive


woke up from my 60 second nap


wish i could part of a hostage situation so i could volunteer to die first


dont say that


holy flip big freak aka the down unduh thunduh aka the one eyed king laying a metric tonne smackdown on that brainlet wanker


godfather time hehe


never watched godfather


its okay but its overrated


never had venison before


me neither sigh


think i read godfather but i destroyed my memory with alcohol


time to snooze


they call me pimpledick






sigh mom made fun of my himacut




weve been over this


look youre going to have to post the pic i dont write the rules i just enforce them


the day i post my pic on hima is the day i kill myself


ok thats fine


File: 1522591161159.mp4 (1.07 MB, s9jch.mp4)


gonno rewatch eureka seven


is it good i watched it on toonami way back but i dont think i actually ever saw it entirely from start to finish


chair is a complete goner im starting to get asspains



i miss being young but i dont miss watching adult swim every night


holy flip team peanut bumer really followed up




im off to church hima




two towers wasnt as cool as fellowship


File: 1522599697815.png (715.55 KB, 1920x1200, saber sando.png)

made a wallpaper out of this



what did you mates get in your easter haul


woke up hima


dark chocolate egg covered with nuts and a coke


i got nothing because easter is a stupid ass holiday for dumb christnorms


nice i got a bag of life savers and jellybeans


nice varg


im vargflapper so what


nice blizzard prank patch notes


blizzard patch notes are lame flip them


While players in all other specs are busy doing Professions or Holiday Events or Pet Battles, Subtlety Rogues are now required to study the blade.

theyre groaners alright





die pie eating contestantheal


while you were playing softball i studied the blade
while you were flipping your grannygf i was perfecting the art of the silent kill
while you were raising your son i was drawing up plans to kill thousands
do you feel big now norm


The Auction House Dance Party has been moved to just outside the Auction House.

All auctioneers have relocated to just outside the Auction House, so that they can participate in the Auction House Dance Party.

Due to concerns for the wellbeing of auctioneers, who are now standing outside and exposed to the elements, all Auction House structures have been shifted over to provide them with cover.

it would be cool if these were actually implemented like the poe thing




sigh wrist hurts gamed too hard


File: 1522600902780.webm (139.15 KB, 138x249, easter.webm)

they call me the easter bloggy


hate that costume


keep getting pranked sigh when will i learn


File: 1522601916551.jpg (148.21 KB, 1000x1000, 1521953953037.jpg)




back from church i read romans didnt really care for it pauls letters are almost as boring at the jewish law books like deuteronomy


im jewsh


romans is pastor andersons favorite


only part that intrigued me was that quote 'hath not the potter have power over the clay to make one vessel unto honor etc...' i originally thought that was about how people have the choice to make good or bad decisions but its really about how god makes most people destined to burn in hell because it will increase his glory among the saved


its the complete opposite thats why it was my duty to take part in it


what do the entities think of holidays


you mean what did the voices inside your head think of holidays


they are part of the collective and are as real as you and me


im not real you fool


varg said a new entity is born on every friday the 13th


what the hell is an entity and why does it care about the gregorian calendar


not gregorian


any other simpletons here


theyre beings who exist in higher dimensions


thinking about that coffee


bombed my calc exam its flipping over just got to accept the fact im reflappered




just boiled some eggs for easter dinner


back from the restaurant hima gonno eat some chocolate and have a nice black coffee hehe


sigh went out to eat with mom and dropped 36 bucks at least mom gave me like 14 bucks for her meal really need money in my account i cant afford this shit


stomach is growling but dont want to go to the bahn mi shop again


is this the mathseki


is this the mathseki


sigh sorry


its a doubleposter


wish i got to meet some entities during my trips it was a much more internal experience


you took a cia brainwashing chemical its not spiritual at all


its modding your brain to get some bonus content the dev left behind


File: 1522607397222.webm (47.37 KB, 399x239, 1488682944441.webm)

flip cia niggers


is that juicy j



because youre a norm


lame shite


beat eggs with mom my freyja egg beat both of her eggs


always liked the conservatory of life


always wanted to fry up an ostrich egg


remembered that chappelle cribs skit where he fries up a dinosaur egg


dont you know that its worth every treasure on earth to be young at heart


im flapper at heart


mom said the exorcist will be here at 8pm


mom called me on the groan phone


wait was the op pic changed


never knew my dad


wanna talk about it



die trickster


picked something out of my teeth and gave it a whiff hooo boy is that what my breath smells like


no its the same


brush and floss fool


never flossed in my life


i think it was changed im pretty sure it wasnt sakurako at first


never too late to start


why was the first post about sakurako then


because we were talking about sakurako in the last thread


how come theres tons of species of deadly big felines but no giant canines


cats are baste


dugs arent built for lunging and grabbing like cats are




everything out of africa is violent thats including cats


even outside of africa theres cougars and panthers which are all bigger than the biggest wild dugs


bergmanns rule


nice doggy


sigh even slothmate getting owned by roasts


hes lanket


amazing how sloths have survived for generations theyre such reflappered creatures



wish i couldve walked out of class and be praised for it


heard that its possible for a sloth to starve to death on a full stomach because their metabolism is so slow and they move so little that they grow algae on their bodies what a truly whimsical existence


they seem positively helpless


im a human sloth



gonno jo then pretend to be a sloth for 10 hours


where is everyone




i was hungry so i walked to a japanese place and got an order of gyoza and a korokke and ate and was happy and got a menu so i could look it over later and they said arigato and reflexively i said doitashimashite as i was leaving and now im worried i offended them what should i do i want to go back next week for gyudon


everyone make a vent profile right now


never go there again find a different place the fact is you exposed yourself by not pretending you arent familiar with japanese


im nervous


its easter youre supposed to have fish and chocolate


animorphed into a sloth 10 years ago but fell asleep and got stuck


they had a lot of stuff too like curry and katsu and various donburi and yakisoba and okonomiyaki


youre supposed to say otsukaresamadeshita idiot you said youre welcome


snoozed through the entirety of easter


its only 3:53pm


they didnt cover that at uni


groan uninig and ankieye hours gonno make a coffee




they thanked me and i thanked them in english it wasnt until right before i left that i made the fatal mistake wits done is done it feels so bad what once was happy now is sad


havent seen a single good april fools joke they are all huge groaners



finished off the bag of chocolate pretzels wont eat any more now to save my weight


freak you there do i have any hope


fatneet training


im a new man better than casanova at his very best


woke up hey hima


File: 1522618368112.jpg (23.26 KB, 640x480, hima.jpg)




File: 1522619326386.jpg (54.69 KB, 1331x656, 5g5ty5rvhqm01.jpg)


still more than an hour to dinner and im ready to snooze this pinches


File: 1522619447532.jpg (128.62 KB, 880x1200, DWCwla-VMAAr3Ck.jpg orig.jpg)



File: 1522619484278.jpg (184.76 KB, 800x1200, milk.jpg)

gotta have something to wash it down with





miss when there were girls like this pale skinned with long straight black hair and a humble shy demeanor now girls only come in roast and dark roast


havent talked to girls in years


3 girls have been confirmed to post on hima


confirmed when and by who


its himako the sexy lady and the birl


birls arent girls idiot


neither is himako


dont say that or else someone will call your employer and fire you


neetblog doesnt have a phone though


afpie eating contest ive become a target of gangstalking since hima was put on the feds radar


gonno have some coffee


File: 1522620993992.jpg (Spoiler Image, 654.9 KB, 1984x2448, 1520200228467.jpg)


traitor to men


why is he wearing a bra he doesnt have boobs


who farted






im underage


i had an experience that im pretty sure was gang stalking


maybe the grade was a joke right april fools right


how flapper can you possibly be dormgranny


feeling quite chipper today


on monday of last week i was looking at the car and paid the guy and got the title and as we were getting ready to drive up to my place some black bitch in a sonata was speeding swiped my bumper and traded paint with me and she called her boyfriend and no shit the guy showed up in like two minutes from behind us and started intimidating me into accepting responsibility
how did he get there so fast theres no blacks in the neighborhood and theres no businesses or anything there is almost no way he could have got there unless it was planned


maybe itll be easier if i just take it online next time


had me coffee gonno go shite


self defense situation


he called me on friday afternoon and said he was quoted for 300 so if i could split it with him wed be square but considering i didnt have insurance or a full license and was breaking almost every single rule
im just going to be a chump and pay up and forget about it but if something like this happens again im going to give a fake phone number and a fake name


what are you having problems with is it like regular derivatives and integrals


bad luck sometimes theres nothing you can do to get out of a scam like that


i remember being a twiglet when people would try to intimidate me
now releasing just 50% of my aura is enough to bring even the most aggressive of norms to their knees


nah tell him to flip off if he tries to escalate it kill them


varg is bh


time to eat some trail mix


mednigs btfo


File: 1522623498029.png (271.49 KB, 800x450, 28ea3dbfac3a362b6fcd9c3a1cb83032.png)

me when the norms get feisty


thats a guy right


File: 1522623547993.jpg (487.82 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Dagashi Kashi S2 - 12 [720p].mk….jpg)


no its a robot


File: 1522624006403.gif (2 MB, 400x225, 272a4f932dc03e5f7e49b7afa758d180e8f4eb8c_hq.gif)


no...this cant be happening


im not having problems this is my 3rd time taking it i know it all im just prone to making mistakes dont think i was destined for math


simply accept youre a brainlet give up and move on to something youre good at always play to your strengths


but i like math its a form of escapism for me


die chink


saw tons of nice today


simply pay more attention


File: 1522625081801.jpg (647.3 KB, 1600x1464, __neferpitou_hunter_x_hunter_drawn_by_akira_co….jpg)


underage pitou



coffee time now


File: 1522625467744.png (175.56 KB, 1254x783, 1254px-Sun_and_VY_Canis_Majoris.svg.png)


wits hunter cross hunter about anyway looks weird


i knew a girl who named her dog vy canis majoris but everyone called it vic




vy canis majoris is way to long to call it every time


no you dont understand


wish my parents didnt give me such a stupid name


your name is baste


no its casey


dagashi ending was cute very nice season


File: 1522626363881.jpg (94.56 KB, 1140x700, casey-neistat-we-can.jpg)


wits wrong with his face


what the flip is the winter season ending already


more like what isnt wrong with it
the guy needs some serious work done


hes a clinton supporter


weird this isnt funny at all sounds like it was written by a female


yeah the references to social media gives it away


File: 1522627609383.png (927.86 KB, 1278x719, 87aa8d6e845d2256bb8e9dc110aa88f5.png)



violet 12 was nice not sure wits going to happen next week


does he drink soylent


dont know what the flip im going to watch this season now everything is ending


was it actually written by him i know he posted it but they pump these out every year i think they collaborate


sigh hima think im sic i keep poukingh elp me


File: 1522628082768.png (1.87 MB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Uma Musume - Pretty Derby - 01 ….png)

omg i forgot about this defiantly watching this


ask mom for help


the last time i did that she flapperlaughed hard because i slipped on my puke and hit my head flip that bitch


btfo by baste mom


In addition to working with our new site contributors, we are equally stoked to be working with longtime friend-of-the-site Kenneth to bring his extensive background music documentation here to Kanzenshuu. We are starting small with the original Dragon Ball TV series — check out the first episode’s entry for an in-progress sneak peek — and will eventually make our way through the entire franchise. Kenneth’s work epitomizes dedication and love for Dragon Ball, and we are so appreciative to be able to incorporate it here.


nice dbnig


balls-san getting the recognition he deserves


matead genetic influence on the five dimensions of Neuroticism, Extraversion, Openness, Agreeableness, and Conscientiousness was estimated at 41%, 53%, 61%, 41%, and 44%, respectively.


nice filterseki making my post incomprehensible even though it would otherwise grant great insight into the human condition


love how when the girls in citrus are yelling in public the scene pans out and shows people staring at them


citrus makes it seem like Ayana Taketatsu is a really bad Seiyū even though shes not


that anime is for girls


love how the underage little silver grannybaby views yuzu as her destined parter after literally just looking at her what a shallow bitch nothing like koma-chan


oops meant mei


gonno watch bnha kirato prichan and i guess thats it




komachan is a dumb bitch


quit cumming


what about bouei-bu


groovin magic


File: 1522630647388-0.jpg (649.87 KB, 2000x1000, ewf.jpg)

File: 1522630647388-1.mp3 (7.35 MB, Fantasy.mp3)

sigh maurice


File: 1522630656570.jpg (155.84 KB, 1080x1349, cd557fafa11b537cf3b4d5cfe9c65bbb.jpg)


i feel no particular feeling for megumin after the anime ended


wish freak would slurp me


i feel a very particularly feeling


wits wrong with her face


shes an abe supporter


where can i buy a megumin staff


first she glued her eyelids back to be european then she was photoshopped


from megumin


starting to feel symphathy for people i hated


wish i had a sexy ladygf or a japgf or just any gf


File: 1522631212919.png (136.03 KB, 684x702, Untitled(8).png)


is he flapper


feel very sad for clarence i hope he finds happiness


he died
shot himself last year




gonno start growing garlic you can use store bought garlic to grow them simply by separating the cloves and planting them


gonno make two tuna melts hima hehe with cream cheese and mozzarella and some hot sauce


wits the upper age limit for adoption im getting sick of boring mom


wish a sexy lady would adopt me



lil sis won a contest


File: 1522632519693.png (1.41 MB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Uma Musume - Pretty Derby - 01 ….png)

its the red eye thing again


was it a pie eating contest


does anyone else call orange fanta the akari special


wasnt fanta made for nazis


maws home lets eat


i couldnt eat a single pie


never had pie in my life




no she had to come up with a phrase on some social media i dont know what its about but she won two 2 pound handmade chocolate easter eggs


phew these tuna melts were great


gonno fry up some fish and chips





watched that this morning hehe


who even watches shite like beatless and killing bites


i do




File: 1522636033123.png (15.69 KB, 493x494, c1c4721626ff94ee7c33365eeb923d25.png)

mates its sakuras birthday say something nice




wits wrong


she has nice feet


dead hours gonno


i love her ass


found a french fry from last week under my bed and ate it


same but it was a dustbunny




asami imais voice doesnt really match ringo but i love them both


dont have a bed just a mattress on the floor


those are not for eating


think i might get a futon


File: 1522637806163.jpg (98.66 KB, 2000x2000, 70af8cf8-f835-4df9-a3dc-f3667120e7e4.jpg._CB34….jpg)

theres nothing under my bed


you might as well sleep on the floor





thats not a bed thats a block of wood


dont mind turt


i have a mattress


never realized 4granny had so many grannys before that april fools shit today


ignore him thats a beautiful mattress foundation might build one out of wood myself in the future they also say the lower you sleep the less arrogant you are


what was it


my bed is really big and i prop it up further with bricks


need i tell you the story of humpty dumpty


is granny norm


oh wait its granny


wish i still had a gran mine was nice


File: 1522638568297.jpg (161.37 KB, 820x611, futon.jpg)


they call me the grannyblob


how do you get blood stains out of your bed


is it gay to like minami touma




File: 1522638916343.png (400.23 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180401-201430.png)

nice おたま girl


no she has a female body simply watch those episodes


her matether flips her


which one


time to brush my teeth and floss


dont fall for the chinktist lies you dont need to floss


flossing is essential


done hehe also brushed my tongue and finished it up with colgate mouthwash phew feels good


File: 1522639918814.png (460.71 KB, 706x662, ok.png)


now scsnap your tongue with a tongue scsnapr


what a perfect little creampuff I would love to wake up with her buck naked right on top me every day!!!


sick freak


gonno stop whinging for once


i dont have a tongue scsnapr so i just scsnapped it with my toothbrush


4granny is flipping reflappered


ok enjoy your unscsnapped tongue


the back of my toothbrush has a tongue snapper


wish a underage lady would snap my tongue


wish momgf was here


gonno drink some wine maybe read a book


read anti tech revolution why and how by ted kaczynski


read return of the king and ill watch the movie


he's right here >>757046


thats not him


wish to violate the mouth of a underage sexy lady with my scsnapped tongue


no such thing as a granny sexy lady


read some light novels instead


File: 1522640606772.jpg (270 KB, 1280x720, 1509851828184.jpg)


what is that


my next jo victims


insane that my thights should be little twigs when theyre currenly treetunks bigger than a head


wish a musclewoman would crush my head like a melon between her thighs thats how i want to go out


i made this thread


i made this post


this is the worst thread in hima history


april fools


no it isnt


how long has it been since i hung up the mantle of the blograger


which posts made it the worst


no this one is great




File: 1522641662813.png (243.86 KB, 512x724, Rhymeaf.png)


File: 1522641792985.jpg (342.19 KB, 1360x1024, Inside_a_wild-type_banana.jpg)

poor bananas dont have lots of seeds like this anymore


pretty mindblowing that you could walk into a crowd on the street with a concealed knife and then just repeatedly stab a girl you come across before anyone even realizes wits going on


that really is mindblowing if youre a leftist


thinking about changing my puyoquest profile to something extra flapper any suggestions


wish more games had an examine option thats one of the big selling points of scape for me




scape really does have everything its the ultimate game




idontk now jap sorry


sigh maws got a new term for me she called me a non and then said im nonworking nonhelpful nonresponsible nonfunctioning it went on and on


forgive english i am russia


bring out the big guns and call her an old hag


non or non




i hate 4norm so flipping much


same wish it was deleted


out of sight out of mind



File: 1522643818209.jpeg (93.3 KB, 478x720, 9010b8473e751a734c162a109fc1c2be.jpeg)


really skeptical of videos uploaded today even if they looked interesting



File: 1522643939733.jpg (1.14 MB, 1920x1600, pwla2ivm24p01.jpg)

this is me


this sexy lady keeps going up and down the block on a beach cruiser bike either shes too small for it or the bike is too big for her either way its nice




I bet Laurab would act all prideful and look down on her classmates because of her mythological-like mindblowing beauty, only to be humiliated by the fact that she's nothing but a lewd sexy lady girl that likes when older males take pictures of her unbelievably round and firm bum cheeks.


the mindblower...


almost cried watching ryuuou no oshigoto 11
gonno snooze now




dumb ped show


love shaved ice too bad there isnt a water store nearby


always laugh when i see random japanese words inserted into posts was having a flapperlaugh attack last night


it reminds me of gaia or some pregranny forum for


File: 1522644813122.png (608.48 KB, 723x1023, DXbdX1LVMAANWsa.png orig.png)


got myself a glass of tap water




mom started buying expensive water and its annoying because they have the thick caps that take a lot of turns to unscrew


time is passing faster seems like just a few weeks ago the dagashi kashi s2 trailer came out now the show is already over were already a quarter of the way through 2018 i hope youre all using your time effectively to find a way out of the shiterealm before its too late


should i watch normashi kashi s1 and 2


you should be used to fast time by now


no its just a candy advertisement


no its a celebration of candy history


yes hotaru is just too underage to pass up


yeah even for her dad


libflapper mom just said i should be glad i wasnt born black without a hint of irony hehe


shes right blacks look weird and the only perks are jewish created social memes and being good at basketball if you dont build on those youre doomed


File: 1522646203996.jpg (Spoiler Image, 437.45 KB, 850x1161, 148050323932.jpg)


im reading isekai novels and hoping it happens to me is that an effective use


File: 1522646292829.jpg (114.27 KB, 1920x918, [Elysium]Suzumiya.Haruhi.no.Yuuutsu.EP03(BD.72….jpg)

used to think id be living in a place like nagatos at this age


not really


but i dont know what else t o do


most isekai events occur after a seemingly fatal injury just saying


yes im hoping thats what happens when i die after a long life of having fun




my matethers apartment is kind of like that but not as nice as nagatos


youll be old and gross by then though


miss 2017 hima cant believe im saying this miss pripara streams and everything


maybe ill turn into a sexy lady or a sword or something when it happens


those made me rage


we havent had a good stream in a while im hoping someone will stream ffx


File: 1522646613291.png (Spoiler Image, 263.11 KB, 966x1400, 012.png)

whore btfo


i hope they let her go home peacefully after that


is that from the mai chans daily life guy


jod to this


2017 hima was really good all the norms were banned and there was an easygoing atmosphere to hima


ya it was almost perfect besides rh and ol


himas almost 3 years old time flies sigh


how do i stream android games ill try to stream puyoquest but my internet isnt very good


not sure


feel like ive been on hima since i was born but that its a new board at the same time its weird my memories of the w have been slowly fading too


met one of runeheals guildmates in scape earlier actually


nobody wants to watch game streams only anime streams
onseki could stream anime but he would have to blacklist nbs ip for the duration of the stream


a decent amount of people watched the ff9 stream


i didnt


should i stream jak and daxter


some guy pmed me on scape yesterday but forgot his name it was not a bot


cant you just play it in an android emulator


play love live


simply use an android emulator


nice uli


i only watch games


same flip anime


i wouldnt report it


android streaming seems like a mess


why would you want to play on a tiny phone screen


stream it


nb is a kind soul


my computer isnt powerful enough to emulate android and stream but maybe the phone is


bored should i jo


flip a flapper


i fun


how do i become an acrobat


you have to be a twig


sigh katagiri yuuhi....


i wish i was smeagol


everyone would see you as a freak and youd be alone


frodo seems mostly useless


frodo is less useless in the book


the books arent canon


the movie canon is lamer than the book canon


the exorcist left


its less gay though



that animation style is gross but appealing its weird


looks like rotoscoping


thats because it is


yeah im saying it is just in a less assertive way because im japanese


love how they kept the original lines in that one instead of casualizing it for the norms



love those lines reminds me of the kjv


wonder if walt disney was ped


not easter anymore time to jo


of course he was


i dont believe it


sigh the mangadex ads were just for april fools didnt even realize



File: 1522652896878.jpg (650.7 KB, 1920x1080, 67962408.jpg)

wish i could casually show my kitty to girls


me on the left


wow i just saw that exact image on gelbooru literally five minutes ago what the flip strange that you would post that right now


think having kitty hair means theyre whores


it means the opposite


File: 1522653365994.jpg (177.75 KB, 850x1019, sample_9702bac0d407b245bab9ac46971c669f.jpg)


who dat






what about my anime romance if i accept this then the chances of that happening will be destroyed


hate when norms letterbox 60% of my screen



matewn girl started texting onseki after he got with deli girl


wits her mental illness


im spineless pathetic pmb


File: 1522655318496.png (1 MB, 1019x806, p8skt7l7sdi01.png)

need one of these




File: 1522655955539.jpg (312.29 KB, 1377x1550, 17072903.jpg)

at first this made me upset
then it gave me hope maybe theres still time


baste jap


sigh its raining again


wish i could sit outside in the rain and read a book


the book would get wet you idiot


so bored what do i even do all day


same thing you always do


remember sitting in the rain while wearing my long black coat outside the school when i was in the peak of chuuni mode


same except it was a normal jacket and i wasnt a chuuni


just had an apocalypse dream


are you fully awake now




were the only ones awake


so it seems


where did i go wrong


you ended up with me that means youre a winner


im here too i was just talking to mom


its 7 am you shouldnt be letting her stay up that late


woke up gonno shower


feel like theres no love in my heart


ass bleeds every time i shit these days think im dying


have some fiber


not too much though or youll end up with monkey bread


too flapper to know what that is sorry


check the bristol stool chart


jews love to laugh almost as much as they love gold


im jew but without the money


never had my bah mitzvah so im forever a child


not a jew but i only eat kosher


just had a real nice type 4 poop


was that the ball poops ive been having those recently


no its the snake


just woke up what did i miss


interminable dead hours


hima i flipped up hard at work oh god


are you getting fired


hope not oh flip


are you waiting for someone to ask you what happened


was playing puyoquest what happened


i thought he would just tell us and not leave the thread in suspense


holy flip lmaoo


about to make a pooter


sakuracon ikimasu


watashi doesnt ever want to go to a convention zettai


isnt this the manga version of an actual crime


File: 1522690964333.jpg (30.88 KB, 455x455, 29594845_1635810646466942_7253493596740082747_….jpg)


holy mackerel


wear a helmet idiot


yeah wear a helmet on your huge vagina
wear a helmet to cover up your tremendous labia


wanted to call you a basflapper and say she had an average sized vagina but the seki foiled my plan i miss basflapper


So someone mentioned this forum and that some fans of mine here had questions...but seeing the degenerate pornography posted here I think I may have been pranked...


wish that was the real varg and not someone pranking us


april fools was yesterday why would it be a prank


its some dormnorm from illinois


dead hours




bored as hell have a strange feeling the cops are going to knock on the door the paranoid thoughts are controlling me


weighed myself at 279 seems like stopping fast food and sweet tea worked
ill go back to normal once im at 265 that sounds like a nice weight


im a measly 220lb twig


walked past an australian guy that looked super sharp with a yellow tie you dont really see that often


im 160 pounds


lucky twiggers


File: 1522700349522.png (376.53 KB, 820x1020, 1522521442726.png)



im 140


not a raider but this alex jones documentary is good


none of the churches in my area preach hard enough sigh


File: 1522702277098.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 482.26 KB, 860x1556, 1522696966745.jpeg)

ill show you whos boss


somebody put a dick and pair of balls on that girl


thats a boy


sick of mates looking like girls femininity is taking over


its a natural birl you fools


molto bene


why do you like looking at mates so much


literally every time i try to go to alex jones channel on youtube it crashes the site i used to get 400 errors and now im getting 500 errors


hi hima ended up somewhat solving the problem i had at work turns out the chinks flipped it up and only sent us one network switch instead of two


i feel a deep sense of betrayal when i see males being feminine theyre saying our gender isnt good enough


how do you crash youtube are you a hacker


flip you now im hungry


could go for some gyudon but the closest place is that one where i made a fool of myself


why it looks gross






im nice im nice im nice


i wish i was nice


mom made me vomit the evil spirits out again


might start maining the katawa shoujo general


nice granny


dead hours


stop not posting


used to get molested in school


i dont believe that


a boy touched my dick in 2nd grade


and i was homeschooled


mom is giving me the ynaj


make that bitch cry


no mom abuse


wits the correct way to respond to ynaj


just nod along and wait for her to leave




listening to in flames


wish mom would win the lottery already


use the law of attraction to win the lotto


is that the 50/50 thing


i dont know what that is


woke up hey hima




dead hours



mom got a pasta maker


wouldnt making pasta from scratch be a pain in the ass and mostly pointless


holy flip this ham that mom bought smells like a mix of rancid meat literal shite and death threw it all away and took the garbage out almost puked


you fool


wish to eat a himamates homemade meal



yeah but it might be fun and taste good


nice sodom


coffee time


id rather make something else from scratch where it has a bigger impact on the taste like italian sausage


gonno watch the haunted island haruhi ep tonight


dislike that episode






what good is the scheming the planning and dreaming that comes with each new love affair


File: 1522720455915.png (1.33 MB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Uma Musume - Pretty Derby - 02 ….png)

wish that was me


dont watch that brain numbing crap


cant resist a good horse kitty


i like the american version more





guns dont kill people roasts kill people


saw that one yesterday people are hard to understand


gonno have some more of that plum jam on toast




when should i go back to the book store


id take a bullet for nb


no you wouldnt


File: 1522721119962.jpg (Spoiler Image, 102.22 KB, 637x900, KXAOGgu.jpg)

high test phew




godaime-sama noo


It is I


any updates from the discord how is turts gay dating scheme going


what gay dating scheme


going to give my balls a good sunbathing tomorrow


turt got his neg hole pozzed


he was tired of being a virgin so he made a profile on a gay dating app


Im going to get A lil ho preg she thank it Int nothing but it lil satan




onseki bows to the mutt



hima seee unusually dead did someone actually die


no sure way of knowing




come face to come with the reality that i am incompatible with life among humans but its too late to run with the wolves


run with the w-olves at the hima mansion instead i will howl at the full moon with you


regret watching the liveleak link


thats why guns need to be banned


why would you not want norms purging themselves


every human life is sacred


wrong the human market cap is too high now nobody matters anymore







waiting for ryuuou no oshigoto s2


File: 1522725028535.jpg (336.63 KB, 960x1280, 1393802687327.jpg)


she looks mean


mom says i look angry all the time but its just my normal face


thats because youre permabh


how do i create cookies


im a big smiley boy had to learn to grimace in middle school since i got bullied for it


i often forget to turn the scowl off when someone smiles at me


im a flappersmiler


File: 1522726567634.jpeg (516.08 KB, 881x1246, 91a452b7609a8f91bf45446ff0fe9121.jpeg)

nice mirei snap


is it true myfarog is the greatest board game in the world



im constantly smiling its uncontrollable and i think it makes people have a better perception of me



that cant be right i got bulled in middle school for smiling


if i catch you grinning at me like a goofball ill have to wipe that smug smirk off your face flipper


its impossible


File: 1522727148090.png (581.96 KB, 473x558, x1u3vfdftuvz.png)


in the future getting vaccines will be seen the same way we see things like blood letting and over the counter radioactive medicines today


lets watch this



lets not and say we did


should i watch the horse girls anime





why couldnt i be born a horse girl why did it have to be this way


its not that great


almost anything is better than this


norm hours gonno snooze



why do people listen to this guy


traditional knowledge its hard to find in the see of modern knowledge


meant sea sigh


father figure


File: 1522731519714.jpg (314.74 KB, 734x729, 1522676424623.jpg)


File: 1522731580809.jpg (71.41 KB, 542x767, 1522458698451.jpg)



smutspam gonno snooze


dont get how anime viewers can identify with male harem leads


File: 1522731838536.jpg (913.1 KB, 1269x1484, 1522635688680.jpg)



File: 1522731900732.jpg (163.11 KB, 706x1000, 1517816371635.jpg)

got anything you can cool me down with


they dont identify with them they just like looking at the underage girls


the sexnorm is booging out


File: 1522731958163.jpg (157.89 KB, 794x1000, 1521878115018.jpg)


its a spam


File: 1522732003424.jpg (Spoiler Image, 75.63 KB, 1228x1150, 1522442881116.jpg)

>its a spam


you can put multiple images in one post you know


something must be said


is it creepy to walk around shopping malls alone with no intention of buying anything


nothin creepy about going for a walk


you arent supposed to go to stores anymore dont betray amazon


did that a few times while trying to kill time and one time a couple of girls noticed it was like the 3rd time i passed by them and one said something to the other about it


File: 1522732471075.png (734.19 KB, 1024x768, 2f4f4c612b88fdb826f3cb29a51e0028.png)

let me show you the d sharp


wish i was her


wonder what my friend herkz is doing


i think the bhole is too far away


mateke my nojo


gonno jo to every single one of these images


hate condoms




ya might have a gf in about 15 months once i beef up the bookstore girl wont know what to do with herself


you're supposed to want to be the guy


if you want to talk about brigs or my eventual bookstore gf we can work something out but if this smutspam continues ill have to get the sb involved


nb said he likes the smut though


weird perspective


it is imposing


*cracks knuckles*
you want to take it out back smutnorm?


girls dont care about your body its all about face


File: 1522733411269.jpg (2.55 MB, 2340x4160, 1522592103484.jpg)

good thing ive got both


File: 1522733447803.png (69.93 KB, 645x729, gmrww8q64syz.png)

>special board


time to fire up return of the king


File: 1522733617395.jpg (811.56 KB, 2000x3000, d162f9466ddc4b8d8c46f472596d8175.jpg)

hop aboard ye scallywag


want to see a trick i figured out a way to hack hima


File: 1522733659357.png (541.08 KB, 800x600, 1522731373782.png)

ever get that look mates


File: 1522733700419.jpg (186.48 KB, 715x1000, 1522235493172.jpg)



wish a cop would break my leg or something so i could win a million dollar lawsuit


hell yeah


File: 1522733729440.png (1007.48 KB, 992x1402, 1521431739195.png)


File: 1522733748410.png (3.37 KB, 438x75, ss.png)

What was this


File: 1522733754594.jpg (199.68 KB, 778x900, 1520840333590.jpg)



does she have 4 breasts


File: 1522733802450.png (531.38 KB, 676x1000, 1520839981941.png)

my favorite kind of dagashi


File: 1522733856601.png (823.29 KB, 864x1080, 1446370434498.png)


File: 1522733901802.jpg (841.61 KB, 2000x1500, 1522408157335.jpg)

wheres daddy mates


File: 1522733995059.jpg (658.61 KB, 1200x1823, eb26b1931aeb020f398763e7fd2cf9ae.jpg)



ban this flipper


hey hima just woke up


go back to bed


File: 1522734047803.jpg (106.22 KB, 720x960, 1518014365477.jpg)


dont know why onseki doesnt rangeban 172.58.x.x


File: 1522734081158.jpeg (6.75 KB, 189x266, download (2).jpeg)


gonno drink some wine


its poison


File: 1522734121231.jpg (391.48 KB, 1280x960, 20180403_004028.jpg)


wish i was pippin


had another baseball dream i was in left field and they kept hitting balls towards me and my throws would be wildly off target it was not pleasant


wish i was an elf so i could live forever


File: 1522734221089.jpg (165.62 KB, 850x1269, e6a8da4cc18a4a9fd489f61098f3c019.jpg)



File: 1522734275287.mp4 (110.32 MB, 2yxa_ru_Gazing_at_the_Summer_Stars_A_Premarita….mp4)


nice 100 mb upload


i'm on nofap none of these images will work on me


nice maki


File: 1522734397057.png (1.32 MB, 1280x720, 86f2510fb0699c5eb0e78fe62b89b0b8.png)


flapperlaughing at the vibrator part


File: 1522734422288.png (4.06 MB, 4606x6282, 69993cf67ed7e2b880fa62ce5828b56f.png)


File: 1522734436262.jpg (140.75 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Drago….jpg)


is this some sort of sex ed tutorial


not a fan of flapperlaughing prefer squealing


good morning angel


enough for 3 gachas but they all pinch


what is your rolling placebo


i was born to post on hima


cleaned my room completely and thoroughly it took about two hours cleaned my cupboards out extensively too through away a mountain of crap and cleaned the stains out of my carpet and the cobwebs and stuff phew nice feeling im exhausted though


my room is uncleanable




who should i jo to


if you try hard enough you can do it


i was born to be an iredeemable reflappered piece of shite no one likes


go to sadpanda and find some english stuff


dont the images arent encrypted


yeah im thinking you can give the go-ahead to unload a 357 with hollowpoints to my flipping belly


what if i unload a big hug into it instead


hug some plastic explosives onto my back and click the detonator


nah just kill me i deserved to have it happen when i was a kid so things wouldnt get this bad


you are a victim you did nothing wrong


wonder if someone joed to me before


just cummed


gonno clean the kitchen then do some yardwork



same gonno plant my olives


wish i had just gotten run over or something when i was six so people could say i was unfairly taken and my limitless potential was never realized instead of me growing up to be a braindead failure flipup i wouldnt be surprised if in ten years i still wasnt able to get over all the dumb things ive done


File: 1522737512224.webm (24.23 MB, 848x480, a.webm)


god had a use for you


File: 1522737538234-0.jpg (413.2 KB, 1280x1808, 003.jpg)

File: 1522737538234-1.jpg (457.39 KB, 1280x1808, 004.jpg)

File: 1522737538234-2.jpg (496.8 KB, 1280x1808, 005.jpg)

does this really happen


this is gonno be intense the chinks will never let this one go if he loses


why does ppd look like a redneck now


cant jo to higurashi doujins


its nice


the use was to be a flipping reflappered court jester for His amusement even if i killed myself my problems wouldnt go away i would just get reincarnated into someone worse


just gods form of laugh and entertainment


bill gates dropped out of school you could be the next him


gonno open a pasta shop


i dont care about success or fame or anything like that i just want to not be a pathetic embarrassing reflapper but its too late


when youre under the age of 25 the world is your oyster


neetblog blocked me on grommr


https://twitter.com/binbin137138 need a chink friend like this


nah i already spent 22 of them as a god damned imbecile unless i can go back in time and stop myself from making every single poor decision theres no point im just going to hate myself until i accidentally fall off the golden gate bridge


chinks dont have souls


had to look up what that was they have a better privacy policy than 99% of sites


delete this now


underage satoko waving her ass at me


mindblowing how if i could go back and stop myself from doing about 12 things total i wouldnt hate myself nearly as much




optic are doing it this is so exciting


thats kyles nemesis


i reserve my right to baw you would too if you were as flipping stupid as i was am and will be


die esportsnorms




eating frozen yogurt while staring at hima


is it "chocolate"


so are you cheering for him


no strawberry


i guess id rather have optic win than ig




you have a better outlook on life and have made better decisions than i have you dont know what its like


never made a decision in my life




what does everyone think of optics performance think they can 2-0 them


bh wk


why are whiners


i think the chinese teams look totally lost in this patch


it was over before it started mates if i die nothing gets better and if i live it only gets worse i need the its a wonderful life treatment


do us all a favor and take that trip off tge bridge


try smoking weed it worked wonders for the sourseki


maybe i will rudenorm


my name is rudy


mines kelly


just end it mates if you werent raised without electricity in the wilderness earlier than 1985 it was over for you before it started


thinkign about thos blogweisers


considering joing


think ill crack open a blogweiser


File: 1522742607618-0.jpg (1.36 MB, 1500x1500, cover.jpg)

File: 1522742607618-1.mp3 (15.49 MB, Disposable Heroes.mp3)


no no no what is optic doing


theyre crumbling under pressure


how do i get into esports




any good aoe esport streams on


as a start i hope youre watching this game


im not


when will tides of blood have its day



nice optic


pa is so dreamy


i sometimes wish i'd never been born at alllllllllllll


having a few good buds to crack brewskis and watch sports with could probably solve some of my issues


every chinese team got 0-2d today


wonder what xi jinping is up to


raging at dota


arrogant chinks bh


power went out for nearly 2 hours some norm crashed his car into an electricity pole


hope hes ok


how do i control my anger


direct it at those who have wronged you


File: 1522746381512.jpg (143.97 KB, 932x932, UX9RArv.jpg)


new tony gih


who's tony



enjoyed the tony hawk games


so here i am doing everything i can


is this unedited


hi where are the posts


is anybody out there


sigh hima is a figment of my imagination all the posters were me all along


hi woke up


sigh mom is making chicken feet for dinner again


secret btfod


might watch some dota and snooze im beat


never found out wits in hotdugs


why the flip is that a filter


the sbers think word filters are hysterical


thats nihilistsekis wicked sense of humor


i dont like the word filters that are too easy to be in different words like gsnap is fairly uncommon but reflapper basflapper need to be reviewed carefully


File: 1522759492692.jpg (215.57 KB, 850x1063, __original_drawn_by_0k0j0__sample-467d4493b482….jpg)

need a slimy angel to give my chicken nugget a kissjob stat


you sick freak


nothing freakish


finns seem like happy people


dont they use more antidepressants than anyone else


im just basing this on their memes really


my crafting level is now 5


die noob






jeff bezos can pinch my balls


wish i could scape


had a good theme for wordfilters come to me at work
ill probably start doing monthly themes if i can keep it up


die filterseki


wits the theme for this month


been wanting to post what in flapperation for a while but the filter wont let me


my crafting level is now 15
ive reached a total level of 725


what man did invent hair style cuts ?


my crafting level is now 25


last year when i was 11 i used to think that reflapperation was the same as radiation and that people with down syndrome would give me cancer


feels like hima is deadhours all day recently


sorry im gaming hard


should i bathe then eat or eat then bathe


die gamer


games are the only reason im still alive


still 279 lbs sigh i ate fast food yesterday for nothing my bodys so arrogant


i would say get active but i dont like giving advice that i wouldnt take myself


you dont need to get active simply stop stuffing your face and drink only water


i meant i didnt eat fast food for nothing


you can still eat junk food just stop eating as soon as you stop being hungry


just got banned from ebaumsworld


my crafting level is now 35


nice botter


im not a botter




Lmao you mates are such try hards




thinking about playing league of legends dota2 isnt flapper friendly


how about overwatch


dislike fps


neetclogged the toilet so i busted out the trusty plumber pass and flushed a couple more times after and it worked no momrage in the morning hehe rewarded myself by stealing sis chocolate rabbit from the fridge


never understood how a plunger works


something to do with suction and vaccuums i didnt use one i just jod to underage plumber babies and tried flushing again after




just remembered mom got me a chocolate bunny too i think its time to chow down


won a chocolate bunny in the 3rd grade out of a random draw that was the last time i was ever lucky


wish i was finnish


give me about ten minutes


Overwatch is way too expensive just watch boobie streamers play it


my total level is now 758



lubed up


bored gonno burn a church


die varg


withdraw my savingsd at 6pm yesterday just wasnt feeling too good was getting kidney pain at sign my thirty year morthgage :(


what anime should i watch



visited sissys high school i wonder if i blended in with the students they certainly dressed more maturely


my hunger never ceases


cant believe the titanic is at the bottom of the ocean did that thing seriously sink or is it like the moon landing


theres hundreds of cruise liners sailing today that are way more impressive than the titanic


File: 1522784944107.jpg (43 KB, 600x400, whyxse0.jpg)

imagine if one of those babies sunk


it would have to be something pretty cataclysmic to rival the titanic safety protocols and regulations have come a long way since then


favorite word has to be condominiumgagging


what the flip is this filter


no idea what word he was trying to say


l oli




nice seki


he who controls the filters controls the discourse


https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MS_Symphony_of_the_Seas woah this ship is going on its maiden voyage soon so exciting


only cost 1.35 billion to build bezos could afford an entire fleet


forget the mansion we need to build the hima cruise ship


a mansion would be much cheaper and we can just get a big yacht for a cool 4 million later


File: 1522785849547.jpg (553.54 KB, 1041x702, 8tm6dgcgzcl01.jpg)

that would be good for himas party spirit


will there be underage angelic condominiums attending




hungryg sigh no amtter how much i eat im still hungry


should i take this job i feel i must take it upon myself to write diablo 4



what makes you think youll get it


didnt think of that


when are we actually going to get another serious mass shooter like the vegas guy
all these weekly shooters are just random chumps why are they even getting news attention 20 years ago a liquor store shooting would get 30 seconds on local news tops but now every shooting has a secret motive and ties to globalist overlords doesnt it make more sense that people are getting fed up with unjust and perverse thing we call life




the vegas guy was especially fishy the level of sophistication for his shooting was basically unparalleled for spree shooters


File: 1522788188277.mp4 (5.72 MB, 5ac0503ab85ff.mp4)

no...this cant be happening


no no no you simply dont understand all humans are good people and if someone is selfish or greedy or violent its because they have been brainwashed by the new world order to commit atrocities its impossible to consider such acts just results of the human condition


everyone born after 1945 has been a willing cog in the nwo


think im gonno start being a conspiracy theorist




good thing i checked before posting a link this is nuts


hell to the yes


whats nuts about it


cant drink soda anymore after i stopped its like drinking battery acid


same but im still addicted to sweet tea and juice



why do they remind me of 56


why didnt they mcveigh the youtube hq


this show was weird it was about japanese idols but they spun it so no one would realize it had anything to do with japanese idols


phew finally back home stopped by a deli on my way back and bought some ricotta pâté time to make my household famous doppio espresso and relax for a bit


i thought it was weird that they developed this whole back story and advertised for some japanese singer duo nobody motores about no idea what motortoon netsign my thirty year morthgage :( was thinking


it was baste


who is this freak


okay these filters are getting dumb hehe


love all this machinery that has been engineered to automate manufacturing like this


same wish my job was making those things


the industrial revolution and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race


why dont you get a job then


any suggestions for what mom should be filtered to


The Boss







nice hapa sexy lady


i thought linus was a flaming homo


he is


my strength level is now 60


i have reflapper strength


wish i had reflapper strength


hehe sexy ladies are so dumb and cute


im just dumb


hate how soyboys talk to their kids i would be much more like an old codger myself and never talk to them except in emergencies


whats linus thinking still wearing those flapper earrings he looks like a 17 year old chav from the early 90s


love hapas they are the best of both worlds


gonno go to the store and get some food for tomorrow


im gonno make an army of hapas


gonno use the glass i tore apart from my old printer as my clear whiteboard just need to buy markers


this wont work because people say my The Boss or your The Boss or his The Boss

my the boss
your the boss
his the boss


if (firstWord == "The Boss")
firstWord = "The Boss";


flip you


im boss


can basflapper be filtered to bas flapper instead of basflappper


men need to stop having daughters so we can accelerate incel hell for everyone but these flippers wont stop raising them


im flapper



need to get this cumreek off me before i have dinner with The Boss





just filter The Boss to boss


filters are gaslighting me take them all out they pinch


The Boss


dont like when a new word gets filtered because i manually filter myself to save server costs


flip my wisdom teeth


sigh underage sevens


computer was making a weird grinding noise but stopped when i turned it off and on was that the fan


Maybe youve been going on grindr


die capitalnorm


no your hard drive please use seatools to diagnose it


Someone posted a song it reminds me of how lame my taste is im mad now


die capsnorm




File: 1522799690296.jpg (628.78 KB, 810x1080, 1462335778469.jpg)

sigh i was born to be a warrior i have an intense urge to murder as many people as possible with matethers on my left and right in any era or any place i would be part of the warrior class


does it make sense to make trail mix instead of buying premade bags
feel like it would get boring eating the same mix for a few days or weeks since i usually eat a bag a day just matewsing hima


wish i didnt choose deprived as my starting class


they passed the basic tests


feel like i got through the tutorial in life and when they finally let me out to world map i just did easy sidequests


never found a group to get the attunement quest completed guess i will just level magic slowly by grinding boars in my room


uh okay die wownorm no one was talking about that make sushi


its a metaphor idiot


oh youre right mate my bad


Cognitive dissonance


my The Boss isnt home yet


someone shot up youtube hell yah


die mutant


flip me arse



Thats nt a good thing


one more capital letter and i swear to gosh youre next


which song was it


hare hare yukai


woke up hey hima hows it going


hey cutie where are you from?




hehe self deprecating state


iowa is baste


where my michimates at


File: 1522803989821-0.jpg (516.41 KB, 1417x1417, cover.jpg)

File: 1522803989821-1.mp3 (6.92 MB, Take No Prisoners.mp3)



havent listened to that song in a while


tornado of souls is my favorite track


mine too


wish i could listen to mp3s


my ears can only hear flac


die flacnorm


gonno make some of my world famous chili fries


snacking on a mix of nuts and blueberries


making fried rice


die chink


pinching a huge dick




ive got a micropenis


need a underage lady in my life


actually gonno have some tuna on toast


are cats the most aryan of all animals


put some mayo on that toast


cant stand mayo get that shit out of my face


hehe i did




die high fructose norm syrup


should i tell The Boss about uma musume she loves horse racing


wish The Boss would take me to bet on horse races


i want it thaaat way


im attracted to aubery plaza


simply die


feelio when no pale black haired intp lgf


got a ton of yardwork to do sigh


simply do it


i will but not for another hour


almost time for jeopardy


do you like her body or her personality


any other istp persons here


b the beginning is really good its basically psycho pass but not as cool


everything about her


im enfp


File: 1522807189401.jpg (33.53 KB, 261x320, 47529211da026078e432b7e02ff9b785.jpg)

do u liek mudkipz eenf eenf


estj lazy sociopath here


no one extroverted should be on hima


you have a poor understanding of humanity


did :re sensei forget about takizawa


i was joking im intp


why would an introvert use a message board




File: 1522807886298.jpg (873.11 KB, 4032x3016, n6ss25rrbrp01.jpg)


File: 1522807938011.jpg (380.06 KB, 600x900, 0d7c52841202640ba4f70d407141c29d.jpg)



lets open a cafe that also serves pasta


feasting on some wheat thins


probably better that he doesnt come back and get ruined


its autism awareness month


what the fuck


kaneki even gave him that amulet back or whatever and he never came back


phew its raining wont have to do any yardwork after all


File: 1522808561996.jpeg (655.03 KB, 800x1009, 101eff54e761faacd7c6c885e9eebb2e.jpeg)

non no




i wish


oh boost


wish to be a barista at the himacafe


love some rain


not neetblog neetblog its the filter


File: 1522808737934.jpg (327.2 KB, 1894x1256, 7c872ebfe1872adc5f705f4cc523b2a5.jpg)





the filter for what


File: 1522808827708.jpg (57.77 KB, 435x600, japanese maid costumes1.jpg)






erika is NOT that fat


nice im a filter




im a boosting flapperreflapper




flip you onseki



nice メガネ子


its a good strategy to slowly totally replace the english language with filters then no one could ever understand what were really saying but we would know


she has a sexy lady tummy just like sachiko and dorothy


what happened to the nihongo filters


メガネyuuka is so pretty its like the UR version hehe


未来が眩しくて見えない is the last one left i think


it was lame


getting yew logs too fast


i must reveal something important


nice lumberblog


okay go ahead and reveal it


no i mean replacing eigo with nihongo


simply redeem that flipping bond and go to the woodcutting guild theres a deposit box right next to yew trees there its so much better and you get a +7 woodcutting bonus when inside and you will be able to use a dragon axe


still got some leftover plum jam but im out of toast whats the point


gonno watch some boruto i guess


used to be confused by meganekko and meganeko



nah flip you membernorm


i am ~Aphexx~


youre the mate from aphex twin?(die ?norm)


i flipping warned you yet you go ahead and use a question mark you should start running now if you get a head start you might survive an extra couple of days


how do i stop being reflappered


sunbathe for 15 minutes every day


die cancerskin


start taking krill oil every day


krillin oil


File: 1522810144349.jpg (31.72 KB, 511x288, DU3eqdSVAAAmWO8.jpg)


someone post something


File: 1522810302080.jpg (42.2 KB, 634x634, 1521604476754.jpg)