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its nice
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nacho time


was eating chippy and a piece of either chip or salt flew into my eye when i turned the bag topside into my face
cool how tears slowly disintegrate stuff


start eating an ancestral diet






im gluten free paleo


♫nacho nacho man i want to be a nacho man♫


die norm


i only eat kosher


you cant talk to me like that im neetblog


same but i make exceptions for pork and shellfish


whats crackin hima


guess ill watch the new ghoul




baste redmachined


File: 1522969912365.jpg (99.79 KB, 960x960, 1522920541941.jpg)



what frames does that baby get


the human eye can only see about 20


gonno morph for three hours see you then hima


the human eye doesnt see in frames per second idiot


a thin sheet of steel thats 10 x 14 costs 20 and the shipping is 22 thats a rip off


who said anything about humans


nb why are you pie eating contesting ota


simply go to the sheet of steel store yourself




no you arent im the one who told you to die


im not


hes not nice hes an a-hole


File: 1522973000786.png (315.05 KB, 800x800, 114d96e23be2c0b0e376b5c8bbc1b65316f2e5f1.png)

>Lobby: 100% QA
>PW: 1% fun

Literally could care less if anyone joins.

Add me if you want a copy of the sushi bar:

Poor nocoiners can listen to the voice packs in the stream:


die younow


File: 1522973897478.jpg (12.58 KB, 472x357, 1520123087889.jpg)


i blog therefore i am


wake up aniki


the angel couldnt stop me
none of you can


hell yeah ill be there in a second


finally finished kemono friends very good series overall id give it a 9/10


that show is for little kids




youre a grown flippin man you shouldnt be watching it


die norm


uh huh


does anime rot your brain


everything rots your brain


anime is stimulating and grows brain cells


anime is just like weed


File: 1522976996936.gif (622.88 KB, 360x263, kriechendes_kaos.gif)


wonder if its my high test that prevents me from being depressed


high test causes depression


high test causes balding and zits


that explains why exercise which is a temporary test booster helps depression right


thats endorphins


went to the doc to get my test checked in 2013 but he never got back to me with results


he did you a favor


it was terminal



wish i had never been pilled on the truth of the vaginal orgasm


whats the truth


flip negros


spam whitey


sigh my weight wont go below 279 maybe this is my natural weight


not possible nice cope though fattie


die twigger


but im doing everything in my power to lose weight it just wont budge


need to jo


no you dont


whats with the crotch bulge


you know


youre right
forgot i cant sperm anyway


why cant you sperm


no idea just not feeling it


are you on ssri


dont take ssris


varg told me ssris are good for you


doesnt seem in line with his traditional lifestyle


wish i had got those ssri pills the doctor prescribed to me back in 2013


hima not being able to phonepost is frustrating


underage faec


do crabs think that we walk sideways


how is that reflappered looking face underage


die phonenorm


still havent watched the last episode of kemono friend


just got my plumber pass in the mail


File: 1522980807849.jpg (58.41 KB, 450x526, 1522978276142.jpg)

how is this reflappered


mates amazon is making a lotr tv series with a 1 bil budget thats like a tbow but in dollars


never watch the last episode of anime that way they never end


listening to this


i do that too


its just a dumb looking face



paul was the most basted apostle


that would be judas


dont have anything in particular i want to listen to right now


silence is better than negro babble


whats baste about paul


what about james and andrew


havent gone to daiso in weeks ive just been watching lord of the rings and playing ぷよクエ


paul put the underage ladies in their place


i do the same

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