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The phone call that saved hima
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just had a mate mulligan down to 0 then concede hehe


die hacker


What's the discord




that was me luckynorm


time to make sushi


lasagna is in the oven hima


firing up a hungry man for dinner


throw that soy shite away idiot


i cant cook and i live by myself this is what i deserve


balls hurt when i jo


learn to cook its fun rewarding and good for you


im thirsty


to much of a incel tard to learn how to


enjoy having cooking talks with my gf


havent taken out the garbage in over 2 months what should i do now


take it out


Hey cheer up buddy just because you a abused your elderly grandmother doesn't mean you deserve to be miserable just follow the word of our savior everything will be alright


gonna rage


pastedsuz btfoing the wrong person



bnig can cook


havent watched any anime since 2008 what should i watch


i mean 2009


doragon boru supa




fire up some zombie land saga its really good


richard garfield worked on artifact by himself for two years before approaching valve thats great news


richard normfield


sacks are juiced for the pasted manny machado oh boy


normard normnrom







phew aNOTher 7 wins


die prosushi chef




just a bald flippin incel fat weeb freak that cant cook


alright took the trash out cleaned everything my place is ready for a visit from my gf


nice work


should i stream making some spp its simple




im already eating



this lasagna is delicious




your gf is NOT visiting


remember posting sonic on the w back in the day


she can come over and we can cook steaks and watch movies like she said


got really lucky with packs so far and got a bunch of golgari mythics and rares just made a reanimator deck its fun


wish i could still blog like in the good old days on warosu


whats stopping you


she is going to comment on how you have no furniture its so creepy like something out of a horror movie


id get banned


my packs have all been shite


where will i flip her then


got a gamerache


the only cure is more gaming


this lasagna is really REALLY good


phew alright that was a whole 2lb lasagna down the hatch gonna sip some berry blue pop and watch the tng generation


wish i had some lasgna


i have aNOTher frozen one if you wanna to swing by and sample it


ok im on my way


gonno go for a walk


its too late for walking dont do it


only 8pm


would be extremely distressed if i were to flip someone because id be too scared of flipping it up its too stressful


havent left the house in months hehe


god i wish i had some lasagna rn


want to go outside for a walk but im to scared to be seen leaving my house


simply find a nice virgin girl


walks suck hard simply open a window if you want to enjoy the outdoors


dont think flipping my gf would be stressful theres something about her that lets me talk and talk without feeling self conscious or weird and i guess flipping would be the same


but what if i spermed in the first twenty seconds


ban the gfnorm now


why is worfs brothers actor clearly more black looking than worf


thought the fgo event was today but its tomorrow my week is ruined


File: 1540354457690.mp4 (588.08 KB, 2 jaeger bombs bro - - @OldRowOfficial.mp4)

turt did you see this


realistically your anxiety will probably keep you from sperming at all


saw an interesting satoko doujinshi cover on exhentai today but i didnt click it out of respect


thank you


the jp event is today


fgo codes


fgo is the best thing to happen to me in 5 years


gonna jo to it thanks


my scale came today turt whats a good aniracetam dose you never answered me before


heck ya aris is on



File: 1540354880228.jpg (384.25 KB, 1280x1827, 03.jpg)

jerk it to some fountains square instead


none of that shite works just take the moderate dose and go up from there before giving up


too late spermed hard to pg 17




gonna huff some gasoline


huff this dick you fucking retarded faggot


sis made some dipped pretzels can i post them she made them to get mom to stop smoking


dont be rama rama


File: 1540355073552.jpg (106.66 KB, 720x960, 5xmhaqsl6ht11.jpg)

ok cool thanks


looks like cigarettes


thats disgusting


gonna tell her she will never make anything ever again and i will never get to eat her warm sweet tight apple pie

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