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you're gonno need oxygen
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simply grill one


when it comes to burgs you gotta put a bunch of caramelized onions in it


finally back home time to shower and watch two towers i wish i got the fullscreen version


love a good chutney


wish mom would have put caramelized onions on me


nice onionblog


File: 1522552483633.png (755.45 KB, 1175x1800, C6UP4fGU0AAbnvC.png)


watching the hima documentary


one nine hundred four nine oh FREAK


wiped out a colony of fire ants that had invaded my bricks hehe now its time to finish paving but im going to take a break first


did you kill them like this


monster those ants had souls


no i just sprayed them off with a hose their colony was inside a pile of bricks i was unstacking so all the eggs and food stores were exposed


love gyakusatsuing ants


File: 1522553154312.jpg (47.08 KB, 602x452, 1522552988130.jpg)


wish to use a sexy ladys kitty as a pillow


the puffier the better


listening to some drake




started at the bottom now we


never seen that before i just step on anthills and piss on em or pour gas on them and throw a match


maws watching some show where mates and girls rate each other the girl gave a good looking guy a 4 while the guy gave the 200lb girl a 7 and she pulled the nice mates finish last line wonder if turt is right about all of this stuff


used to watch next on mtv where they did that


nice flipping mom filter onseki really funny


its pretty funny


filter mom to mum


why does it feel so much better to piss outside


its natural


it doesnt you freak


are you ready to take the pill


going to write a book about my life with autism


how else are you supposed to mark your territory


autism makes you normal


i too enjoy pissing outside i do it sometimes just because i feel like it



未来が眩しくて見えない watch this


maws gone gonno jo into a tizzy tonight


yeaah mate




come to hima to escape bogan slang sigh


how can you do that with brett around




File: 1522555706603.jpg (64.2 KB, 300x300, 1522549947269.jpg)


shes such a pure maiden


File: 1522555834252.jpg (280.63 KB, 800x700, 842c2d5ea30391c40946bb5692b5f98f.jpg)


she sleeps with old men for money


nah she only likes excalibur


File: 1522555942387.jpg (57.04 KB, 438x445, 1472507444735.jpg)


sigh thought it was real then remembered what day it is


it is real its live right now noob


why didnt you delete this image from your computer yet


and why would i do that


its ugly and pointless




hate mindblowing guy for being a fraud who never played chicken-chans game


you are ugly and pointless


sigh miss my days in the nuthouse everyone day was so flipping weird


mindblowing guy loves chicken chan specially her bumocks


fetch me a coldie mate


he likes laura bs bumocks more


being in the nuthouse sounds terrible but i have heard stories of people finding solid gfs in there


nah its boring as flip the only girl that talked to me kept asking me to smuggle meth in


File: 1522556363012.jpg (576.75 KB, 1000x708, 68007798_p0.jpg)

this mate lookin like homo habilis


if youve never been youre not actually a himer


there was a cute autistic girl in there but she was a little too reflappered for me i liked the schizos they would spend all day talking to walls


no it means you arent a whiner


got to take my fumo during my stay in the nuthouse




dont you have a job to be doing


dont blame me blame filterseki


just did some math every choclate pretzel i eat is 27 calories




File: 1522556817753.jpg (453.11 KB, 1200x1677, 65540674_p0.jpg)

me in my dipey


hate when people measure things by units instead of by 100g


File: 1522556894730-0.jpg (319.01 KB, 859x1200, 65521666_p0_master1200.jpg)

File: 1522556894730-1.jpg (414.38 KB, 859x1200, 65521666_p1_master1200.jpg)


makes them say stuff like uhh 1 serve of this is 50kcal one of this is 100kcal one serve of meat looks like a pack of cards just get the flippin scales out damn useless norm


what if each unit is 70g


who cares about calories just eat


sigh but what if i get to 300 lbs i wont be human anymore


nice bloatmaxxer


really dont see why we use liters for volume but pounds for weight


what the flip is it true it looks like it is anyone playing it rn


you were never human to begin with


what if i get a redemption arc


have to be at church tomorrow morning the dread of an unavoidable obligation is growing fast


shoot up the church




i shant


varg told me over dm that theres going to be more than a few churches burning tomorrow and that i should participate


my local church is made of brick i cant burn that


keisatsu ni


wits the song varg ususally has in the background that sounds like a piano




File: 1522557600438-0.jpg (Spoiler Image, 649.63 KB, 1185x1200, 67884767_p50_master1200.jpg)



can you please refrain


can you please little busters ~refrain~




laugh in hel


use 2 ls please



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