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start again with a new spread
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people flip small dogs ive seent videos




gonno study newton interpolation a bit


keep listening to my way but the gypsy kings version


hate gypsys


moving back to jungle


would anyone care if i edited cyberpunk to suit my tastes


found something cool



why NOT add aNOTher theme with your own changes


because flip you


nah boost you


want a new toothbrush but dont feel like having to get all primped up for the walmart


no thats NOT a bad idea ill call it cyberia or something


actual boosting idiot


dont worry you wont be the only disgusting white trash slob there


i put on my dress shirt slacks and tie to go shopping


i put on my best aloha shirt to read manga in the book store


File: 1538690108228.jpg (163.14 KB, 800x660, sigh.jpg)

gonno cry


File: 1538690473688.jpg (14.95 KB, 135x192, Pathetic.jpg)


the last time i was at walmart it was like 10pm and there was a mormon woman there i thought they go to bed at sundown


room smells like shit


never once stepped foot in walmart since i have some dignity


i have no dignity left


sis took a huge dump in my bathroom and now my room smells like shite gonno vom


*jos furiously*
*rolls around in his neetfilth all day and night*
*pisses in sink*


nice projection


i dont want to hear the words dignity or honor ever come out of a sexnorms mouth


File: 1538690945927.gif (943.54 KB, 500x281, giphy.gif)

member this show


its inktober gonno draw


time for a big ol bowl of pasta


heck yea is it yesterdays pasta


looks like you broke your own rule


you better believe it



id slap you irl for disrespecting me like that


you become an npc once you lose your virginity


why does her hand disappear behind that girl


it really is the best pasta ive ever made hima hope i can make it this good again


wont be able to give trainee girl her birthday present in person this is NOT good hima


whats the craic lads


dont forget my birthday


i dont know when your birthday is so i will forget sorry


if you were a girl he would remember


wish i was a girl


wish a woman would bear my children


animator dropped coffee over that layer so they just shipped it


when is trainee girls birthday




just realized something


thats the 7th right same as me




i got her some cookies that i spermed in while making you can have some too if you want since its your birthday


ill pass


impersonator i got her a $1 bag of gummies
i brought in a bag last week and she ate all of them except for one and then gave me $5 back because she felt bad for eating them


so youre giving her a single gummy as a present


File: 1538691965133.jpg (134.14 KB, 1500x1500, 71xDYoGWf4L._SL1500_.jpg)

she said they were the best she ever had so i pointed to the bag and made her aware that albanese knows theyre the best


buy her some sugar free ones next time


thought about that but then the bathroom here would be destroyed
weird how she doesnt drink sugary drinks but eats gummies


hes trying to plump her up


should i renew my plumber pass


nice plumpee girl


shes the plumber in this instance pnig would be the plumpee


crying hard


she asked what whole foods is like and i told her the old ck joke about whole paycheck then she said if theres no food in her house she will just sit there and NOT eat flapperlaughing thinking about that


fired up a year long plumber pass yesterday


hate precure


i hope you die in a car crash and burn to death


im NOT a drivenorm so jokes on you




new retail archaeology


flip that trespasser


he doesnt trespass fool


Has anyone seen the unbiased poster i need to show him something


Got left behind sigh


told you so


cant wait to get home and eat some more cheese sticks and tamales and drink gsnap pop


keyboards are such a meme any $10 keyb thats good enough to type on is good enough for everything



get some coke coffee plus on your way back



any cold ones tonight hima


what the fuck is coke coffee plus


File: 1538692947565.jpg (53 KB, 800x533, uwhkdeeu5l9xawbocpal.jpg)

this its great might go out for aNOTher one tonight hb


and heres a gmm taste test vid


File: 1538693039488.png (317.88 KB, 808x747, 2c6683ae415486bc3ffe832e7bb1fa47.png)


File: 1538693125274.jpg (111.46 KB, 700x630, 4c575048b2e09676117e6fb66481411a.jpg)

wouldnt mind a gf like jusimatus gf


powerful episode


File: 1538693183389.jpg (487.41 KB, 1052x744, a06d28f6feca9c8c213eadb813864f18.jpg)

powerful sperming


turned on frankie valli radio but theyre playing the cordettes and the FLIPPING crewcuts


wonder what actually happened on october 4th 1986


neetblog was born


File: 1538693547812.jpg (166.77 KB, 1400x980, 35f5970b3616813e8fb58c432f67eb12.jpg)



rachel oliver was crowned the 19th miss black america


i hate doctor pepper


underage lil lady


File: 1538693778641.webm (Spoiler Image, 19.38 MB, 1800x1080, 9dce5d8ae2ec6269e13a181ef7d61910.webm)


just found a danbooru tag turt might like




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