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Is it possible to live in Japan with barely minimum knowledge of the language and huge knowledge of the English language and no start off money?
Mainly what I am looking for is living in the outskirts of a city in a small village or something where you focus on farmlands and rural grazing/herbage..
Like all my life I've had mainly bad luck and what would be the chance to have a good luck and be able to start there..
I am from Bulgaria and I have some basic farmland knowledge on how to take care of it and legally I can live in Japan for 180 days per year, but I wanna keep out of the government's track or if it is something like in UK with employment agencies it would be quite good to start at first..
If the topic isn't by the rules if himasugi delete it.




File: 1520829712250.png (660.01 KB, 827x1043, 1496792705531.png)


how did you even get here


you know


no i dont but im intrigued


Thru a plane, knew a buddy in UK for a couple of years thru gaming and thats how I ended up in UK with a bit of help from the buddy


Is that art a representation of Japanese female with traditional Bulgarian clothing?


some slavic clothing but ya close enough right


I would do any work of any nature if it meant i could live in Japan.


i meant how did you find your way to himasugi.org


Same tbh...

Hmm well no idea cant recall I found it few weeks ago and liked it because its more chill than 4chan (less users) at least the /jp/ I think I was browsing for something and ended up here lol but I'm not sure..




he means he saw hima in the pastebin of spinoffs that gets posted on /qa/


wait another few years for when japan adopts an open door policy for immigrants


No i was browsing for anime pics iirc

That's quite neat what would the cause be, and how many years?(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)


What is this user is banned thing...


miss being a clueless teenbro


I ain't really a teen, i'm above standard age of consent.


have you ever played runescape


then its inexcusable to not be a teenbro and still be so dumb


die smartnorm


phew this guy was baste onseki why did you ban him


No mate, I haven't..
What would that be...
Lmao ok
What's baste onseki and am I banned? I've posted replies and no buggings or stuff like that indicating that I am..



I did check them out, but they don't make any sense to me..
I have never used any of the chan sites and I haven't gotten into them and their terms at all.. I've only seen and followed generic rules (on game servers, forums etc)
And now that I found himasugi, I find it quite interesting and more enjoyable than the chans (I've known the chans tho from their widely known subparts [k, pol, b etc])


File: 1521228732612.png (3.1 MB, 1440x2560, 1521167378092.png)


what do you like about it


File: 1521267603631.jpg (41.57 KB, 599x561, JPEG_20180219_081141.jpg)

The aesthetic million of themes, the uncrowded looking /jp/ with more replies than topics made and idk what else, I just like it


futari lollies get over here and give me a big kiss


are you currently employed or in education or training


is it this one


no this is futari lollies personal thread we need a spread blog somewhere else


ya bro neetdom is degeneracy 未来が眩しくて見えない studying ancient religions like varg did


die impersonator


nah youre just a bh neet degen


Sure fam, tho I must say #nohomo
Well I am just employed thru an agency, not in education or training
>>746094 >>746097 >>746095
That's an impersonator and its beyond obvious


raider your not flipping banned for what the reason


Actually, I am indeed the OP, thing is, I can't be banned I'm using a PC in bulgaria thru connection from here and I can request IP change of that pc any time I want so banning me would be pointless, lol


someone make a new thread


A new thread of this one? Wouldn't that be against the rules and counted as spam?


get baste flippin futari lollies a fresh batch of the freekest col we got


make a tardblog in honor of our tard resident


whats it like in bulgaria how hard is it to get a child bride


what happened to all the threads


are we using this thread or the hima crew one



im down for this one


what does nb say


himanorms get in here were watching stan
hes building tinkmaster decks


itll be a while before he realizes the old thread is full


File: 1521521130020.png (3.45 MB, 1920x1044, news.PNG)




Well, bulgaria is typical garbage dumpster, lol. Living there is easy if you receive USD, EURO, GBP cash cause on all 3 its nearly double the amount of bulgarian lev so 1 usd;euro;gbp would be 2 bgn. Gettin a child bride is hard if you're looking for a bulgarian (native) but getting a gypsy child as wife is a lot easier, those people sell their kids (promise sell them) so basically u pay for it and when it reaches legal age its ur bride/wife. Payments can vary from 2.5k usd to 7.5k usd


that wasnt the question


hes looking for express shipping on his order



Then it is pretty hard nearly (if not) impossible


its gonno be said when futari lollies leaves us to continue his ronin journey


I wont leave you, i will be forever lurking here


you dont know what lurking means idiot


miss futari


he was basted


lets use this thread in his honor


sigh got stuck in the last thread


he's still here


jod again


tai hao le


gonno fry up some dogs


File: 1530206273895.png (292.55 KB, 495x581, pedflix.PNG)

gonno jo


this is my environment


stream it


its on youtube its actually really mild and short


embed or i rage



File: 1530208048755.jpg (2.92 MB, 5312x2988, 20180628_122919.jpg)

My friend ill be in denver 3 hours at 4pm today lets have a jp meet up


gonno reheat some leftover pizza and feast again


just remember i got the two for one sale on 'za the other day when i flipped out on The Boss and refused to eat her dinner and i only ate one so ive got aNOTher za to gorge on


hope trainee girl is overwhelmed by the order and is struggling to price everything and carry everything in




nah shes probably doing fine stop overestimating how hard your job is any reflapper can work retail


i cant


yeah you can nb come on over to harris teeter ive got a position open for you


i ordered about 600lbs worth of stuff she is a small girl


nice teetseki


should i add a link to the textboard somewhere on the site or keep relatively secret


none of the other boards have links keep it hidden or if you do add a link make it small and out of the way so its NOT obvious like the admin email link at the bottom of the page or the search and ban list links


yes that was the plan


just keep it secret but everyone can post there just like fun


i think everyone that wants to post there knows about it


i think everyone that wants to post there knows about it


whoops hehe typed a random f on the first line of the config when i was hitting ctrl f


f for fool


press f to pay respects xd


gonno read


gonno watch black c愛r


cant post help




send me a letter of the post you wanted to make and ill write it up for you


spermed hard time to take my vitamin c


asta is unbelievably baste hell yeah tear down the aristocracy


die spermer


im an aristocrat of the soul


glock got rusty when i was wandering around in the woods last week
gave it a nice cleaning


die gunnorm


been so bored lately i must become a reader but cant bring myself to crack open a book


simply listen to one instead


where does one get audiobooks


anyone else watching japan and poland




die footynorm


oh nevermind its over already


watch afl you stupid cunt


nah flip you defenselessnorm


fool your bullets are NOThing against my blade


magdump him gunseki


die soccernorm


think im gonno ditch the bread and eat pbj with a spoon


scape boss left an interview sheet from someone he interviewed and in the end wrote down it would NOT be worth hiring him


gonno clean really hard and make everything shiny


File: 1530215287596.png (436.71 KB, 574x675, 1530207187908.png)


hell yeah



he didnt even write down his responses to the questions after he wrote that i guess the mate messed up somehow


File: 1530215481770.jpg (590.36 KB, 860x1214, 1530214649552.jpg)


hell yeah


File: 1530215525789.jpg (Spoiler Image, 136.78 KB, 985x888, 1530061046246.jpg)


feel an oog coming


File: 1530215603027.gif (Spoiler Image, 552.17 KB, 262x295, *snap*.gif)


this mate got lazy and didnt even finish drawing




nice 6l


File: 1530215704840.jpg (110.34 KB, 802x1276, 1530214301100.jpg)


slam jam


File: 1530215743488.jpg (84.01 KB, 708x1000, 1530214441213.jpg)


phew yohane


very nice girls hmm yes dont stop


File: 1530215970750.jpg (133.87 KB, 915x1433, 1530215172936.jpg)


its a pie eating contest


magdump the smut slam jammer onseki


File: 1530216018608.png (8.03 KB, 320x240, 1530072841890.png)

>its a pie eating contest



i need to stock up on pictures of naked girls with big boobs so i can masturbate later




File: 1530216111930.jpg (2.18 MB, 3304x2195, 1530066470745.jpg)


bad art her shoulders look weird and shes too plumb


File: 1530216156864.jpg (108.5 KB, 701x1000, 1530215203632.jpg)


time to break out the plumber pass






even before the first episode of sunshine came out i knew yohane was the only girl for me


i need to stock up on pictures of naked girls with big boobs so i can masturbate later


die reposter


how can i get a lgf




File: 1530216754795.jpg (564.16 KB, 1280x720, 0d065174ae43e6996b49ccbd9b48d1af.jpg)

why cant i be the faceless sexy lady flipper


File: 1530217227772.jpg (51.64 KB, 573x580, 3724848f04340b4e2a139837f300895b.jpg)


Going to the pool


underage lady


oog hour gonno mutate


me chicken nugget me jo


File: 1530218165722.png (20.65 KB, 400x400, 82046a1137ee438c41e7a3abc89c30b6.png)


in dire need of some green tea mochi ice cream gonno hit the store


get garigarikun instead


wish i was good at rust


File: 1530218442676.jpg (88.38 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Black Clover - 23 [720p].mkv_sn….jpg)




wish i was good at anything


in the original all the salt that the mate tries to put on the meat ends up on his arm


should i watch boku no hero academia after im caught up with black c愛r
in a shounen mood




what actually is wrong with this mate


hate turks


theres pretty much no way to screw up meat that high quality
he could be the worst cook in the world and still get paid bank to pour salt on his forearm


it really bothers me how the salt doesnt go on the meat


File: 1530219933150.jpg (Spoiler Image, 275.08 KB, 640x500, c9fa14a2f133a3114c35e1e5cca07575.jpg)


what the boost


she looks so happy


asked my ptcousin if she has a bf she said no but i want one shes horny


how underage is she




sigh The Boss brought guests over now i cant grab snacks till they leave


havent seen any sexy ladies in my complex its very disappointing


introduce yourself


do NOT do that


an english version of this song with a female vocalist came up on the internet radio thing yesterday i thought it sounded familiar



i need to become a teacher


i bet it happens all the time theres plenty of reddit threads of women coming out years later saying they had consensual relationships with their teachers and NOThing bad ever happens


until i can see how much i need to pay for electricity im going to just stick with using my phone as a wireless access point
even though its supposed to be unlimited the tethering is limited to 10gb or something tiny which with a vpn you can bypass


or i can learn to crack wpa2 fack


do a little social engineering


theres tools in kali to do it automatically isnt there


wep is simple since you can get the password from a client but i remember wpa2 needing to be checked against tables its basically a brute force


oh neat there are sites where you can upload the file and it will crack it for you using botnets and computers running google chrome so instead of it taking days it can be done within a few hours



how do i join the botnet sounds fun


simply run google chrome


wish to flip a sexy lady bad


The Boss was supposed to get pizza but has been talking to the neighbor for an hour



gonno jo to that girl




but shes underage look at her


looks reflappered


normies ree


what am i shiteing for


four minutes in and this girl is baste


shite the jan out me anal pipe


just finished me 'za with olive oil mayonette dressing threw a nice hogger of the now vintage blend copenhagen black in im reclining about to watch norm;s gate


never mind boruto 63 is out its been too long my friend



baste idubbz



you cant tell neetblog to die


that wasnt me im the one telling him to die


die neetblog


idubbbz is wearing chinos in that video does he post on hima


gonno become a conspiracy theorist


i know idubbz from high school he defiantly posts here once in a while


cant believe sasuke is really gone


which conspiracies


gonno watch this


bet it was a lot more fun to sushi bar back in the days of arcade


yawn flashback episode
it was a crier though anyone else get a tightness in their throat


the days of arcade are still going on in japan


wish to go to japan and play metal slug II on a nice grannys dagashi and 3rd strike on a big arcade against other mates there


the arcades i japan are loud dark and full of smoke


no theyre bright and family friendly


i know it must be great


dont tell me no i walked into every arcade i saw you casual


the arcades here are loud and dark but NOT filled with smoke unless theyre adult arcades


yes its the best shonen out there currently




im simply NOT going to arcades that dont have an ash tray on every machine


was keeping up with the boku academia manga until it got popular and then once the anime was announced i dropped it entirely


hope you die slow and painfully smoker


modern arcades are filled with ports of mobile sushi bars


im NOT your The Chief


nice The Chiefnorm


this is shadman hes basted


die turt


sigh its too bad that the girl that doesnt jo and sperm in that movie is way underager than the one that does


im watching it
its ok


mate at work asked aNOTher mate and me if either of us watch anime and i said i might have seen a couple of episodes


i always say i used to a few years ago and see what their taste is like before proceeding


the first episodes arent that great it gets good during the tournament and great once the hero killer shows up hes baste


how do i make pancakes


File: 1530232880629.png (158.61 KB, 652x429, 16.png)



yeah he only brought it up to talk shit he said his wife and friend are looking forward to the second season of attack on titan but she only watches it in japanese and their voices are too dramatic of course i didnt mention that the second season came out ages ago


salt sugar baking powder milk egg butter flour mix everything and pour it in a pan


it says in the article that she sperms


how much of each do i need and how hot should the pan be and how long should it cook for sigh why is cooking so complicated flip it ill just use the microwave


idiot what exactly do you expect


read the post again


oh i see now


sick of being the little spoon


going to put on my black reverse print and go grocery shopping


1.5 cups flour
3.5 teaspoons baking powder
1 teaspoon salt
1 tablespoon sugar
1 cup milk
1 egg
3 tablespoons melted butter
mix everything together in a bowl heat a pan in medium high heat pour some of the mix and flip when it gets light brown just use your flipping common sense you flapper what do you mean how long should it cook you will be there next to it looking at the flipping thing cook just look at it and decide if its ready or NOT have you never had a pancake in your life


sigh flappershamed just wanted some pancakes


its a natural response to find someone witnessing a sexual act attractive



File: 1530234906341.jpg (144.83 KB, 800x1159, gantz-36224.jpg)

the uprising was the best part of gantz


wish to marry a sexy lady


cant finish steins gate gonno get in bed
put my hate in the drier because its been stretching out from all the sweating ive been doing in it
looking for a better hat but every time i look at hats i hate em


i am literally nishi


no i am


nah thats me after i get banned from hima


baste turt


just woke up hey hows it goin hima


whatever happened to the duegimates


duegster prime reporting in


just reinstalled windows for fun


did that a month ago got bored and returned to the nix


hope you installed xp


made some coffee nice


ya i think so too i dont remember much though just when the mc died and then they cloned him and the telepaths and the gf and the last part with the giant aliens


dont forget to read and highlight


i read buti cant be bothered highlighting


the giants at the end of gantz were basted as hell


whats buti


they got owned hard


rode my bike past an extremely underage chink standing outside 10 seconds later i turned around to gaze at her and she was still staring at me


miss the early days of gantz when everything was still a mistery and everyone had their own pet theories it turned out way worse than everyone thought and the ending of course was shite


that reminds me i saw a super underage sexy lady earlier today in the grocery store she was my favorite kind really dark hair and pale skin and a deep blue sundress


sounds like mayoiga


kinda but gantz actually had good parts


fishing on scape is flipping hell i cant take it


its comfy


File: 1530237375161.jpg (80.61 KB, 540x709, 1530227523514.jpg)


thats a big ear



basted vargramble


did you tick fish until minnows


i fish lobbies


just do monkfish


File: 1530238363105.jpg (109.73 KB, 1280x960, wogei30ufq611.jpg)


i want to go back


gz on firemaking level


i havent gotten to minnows


i did minnows to 99 but back then sharks were worth twice as much hehe


File: 1530238683649.png (91.8 KB, 250x233, 6sDlF2P.png)


grew up in the streets of lumbridge


back to lumby noob


did you know that lumbridge is named after cambridge and the river lum is named after the river cam


was born and raised in melbourne but had to move to adelaide with my dad


File: 1530239147633.png (2.83 KB, 103x53, 5b19e3d7b7a6a10dc6582e0a65141c06.png)

got myself a fresh pair of preezys


they call me the noobblog


who calls you that


my girlfriend when we sushi bar


shes asking for a snap


everyone on runescape


got a sudden urge to scape but suppressed it


surrender yourself to the scape




logged in and asked some friends for a bond and they asked where my money went


ill give you a bond if you want


how come i cant play as a sexy lady in scape


you can play as a underage lady


penne is 84c per lb im going to eat the flip out of this


get some fusilli instead


i dont know if they have it bulk


ive got some bulk for you right here


might jo



i have the spirit of a samurai




got a spinner for 74c and some puffed brown rice and sencha


actually for pancakes the ideal time for flipping is when theyre bubbly


just like a sexy lady


die sexnorm


need to shite



gonno morph goodnight






in a reading mood what should i read


read some underage stories




post em


My Twisted World


read that it pinched


im listening to it right now and its baste



fire up leviticus




read infinite jest




why NOT


need to piss real bad but the cleaning lady is here


big fan of e. rodger's later works


normiot normger


elliot was less norm than half of hima




NOT really


yeah really


elliot was a complicated case very few can truly understand


i understand him he was a norm


you know NOThing of despair


trainee girl called me a strong man the other day i hope that was sarcasm ive spent my whole life striving to be a twig


hate being a strong man wish i was a weak girl instead


jaypee boy


my spinner says it helps with autism







whats neat about it


the explosions look and sound neat


think im gonno piss myself


think i might start wearing muscle shirts now that i am getting older and fatter


wear aloha shirts instead


cleaning ladys gone gonno bake some potatoes


fry em up instead


too late theyre already baking


you fool


i ate fries yesterday ive a hankering for a nice baked potatoes gonno fry some mushrooms to top them with


you absolute fool


gonno fire up codww2


playin some dota


im chaste


watchin james white



sick of slow internet i tried to get on a network using some wps stuff but they all had wps disabled so i had to go and do the capturing a handshake and attempting to crack it route
surprising to see no wep and no wpa and no wps enabled networks at all


stealing internet is wrong


im incel


if you dont want your internet stolen then choose stronger passwords


finger is swollen from spinning my spinner


strong passwords mean NOThing against the chinks


an easy way to avoid being hacked is to use a meme like ifuccma_n*ass*


wishtofl1pasexy lady


It would take a computer about 51 QUADRILLION YEARS to crack your password

sexy ladies make everything better again


the sexy lady is in capitals but the filter owned me hard


only 609 million years without the filter


It would take a computer about
to crack your password



It would take a computer about
to crack your password

nice crackseki


that means if everyone in china spent a day on my password theyd have it sigh



hooo boy potato and mushrom time theyre flippin great hima




these are the best baked potatoes ive ever aten


ill take a pic when im finished im busy eating


愛 baked garlic


get mushroom potatoes from the gargoyles all the time it makes me happy to see fellow potato otaku here with me


i wanted to become potato mate because pasta mate and rice mate were already taken now i need to become some other kind of mate thanks a lot


hate russians almost as much as chinks


become wheat mate


evil grains



the store with the bulk pasta had flour for 22c per lb im going to take a trip one day and stock up on stuff like rice and flour and pasta and salt and sugar


gonno morph


how about staying up aNOTher 7 hours with me insteadd


let me think about that while i morph


going to bathe


im morphmate you can have my potato title as long as youre NOT a twigger


what if i am


then die


im max twig


how do we solve the fatneet problem


turts gonno whip the fatneets into shape once we get to the mansion


die lardshamers


fatneets are the most powerful race on the planet


why did cunnilingus give my 愛 handles but no one to hold on to them


i shall hold your 愛 handles


are you a sexy lady


time to sleep


i have risen


might be burning out this world just isnt for me fam




File: 1530277604372.png (14.78 KB, 488x49, 100slayer.png)



It would take a computer about

to crack your password

uh oh


Back from my visit to Florida! As from NOTicing weak areas with my trip to Hawaii, the organization and navigation setup, I got a considerable improvement on it with this case.

I didn't really do much though, mainly because I wanted to keep this trip as cheap as possible. For the most part, I just hung out at the beach, but I did go to Alexander Springs and the Museum of Science and Industry. I thought of going to the Florida Aquarium, but rejected it as, if I can get an annual pass at MOSI, I could get admittance to the aquarium (and many other things) for much cheaper.

For Alexander Springs, I made several efforts to touch bottom, but I got about 25 to 30 feet under at the most, close. I couldn't get my ears to equalize. I did the usual plugging my nose and trying to breathe out through it but it just wouldn't budge. I even tried blowing pretty hard as well, but I was afpie eating contest of causing damage to my ears so I basically called it from there. Fitness is defiantly something I'm really lacking, but once I can move there, I'll defiantly be working on that as I could go swimming far, far more often. The most awesome thing, however, was when it was raining. For my first time ever, I got to see what things looked like underwater while it was raining. I enjoy being out in the rain, but being sunk in up to my neck in water while it's also raining - the rain isn't going to get you any wetter.

At MOSI, they got a lot smaller. Many of the things I recalled being there before are gone. However, there were 3 things of particular interest, 2 especially so. The first and biggest was that of a robot that would solve any Rubik's Cube, no matter how scrambled up it is, in about 90 seconds and typically in about 25 moves. I recorded a video of it, where it needed 25 moves. The second was that of a virtual reality adventure. It even had a theme-park-like ride aparatus to maximize the immersion. I saw things really appearing in 3D and the detail was incredible! I experienced both the underwater one and the space one. The third thing of interest, the weaker one, was that of the hurricane simulator. It was just the wind only, which got to about 78.5 mph at the most, barely category 1. I'm used to 50 mph winds and what NOT from the place I live (only 25 1/2 days left for that!), but the 78 1/2 mph wasn't all that bad. However, unlike that simulator thing, a real hurricane would have plenty of rain and it would also have debris to go with it.

As far as apartments go, I'm very likely to have one come July 15 or so, but I won't be able to get the keys until August 1. For now, the one has the main focus. I very heavily need to make sure I have a place to live, so even if it's mediocre quality, at least I'll have something. I can upgrade later, perhaps even move to Miami.

For the beaches, well, a lot of areas seem to have paid parking which made the first 3 1/2 hours miserable. Indian Rocks Beach, however, is the best that I can see. John's Pass is second, needed for any late night stuff. I'd need to more thoroughly explore the New Port Richey area though, to find a beach that meets 3 conditions - free parking, no tow threats, and can access at 2 AM. John's Pass, so far, is the only one that meets all 3. It is a bit of a walk to the beach, but there's no known time restrictions. However, it's a good distance away. I did swim out about a quarter mile from shore (using swim fins) and did some free diving, at Indian Rocks Beach, getting 25 feet under and picking up... soil? It wasn't sand out there, it was soil! I recorded a video to prove it and showed what I picked up. When I was 25 feet under, I NOTiced the water was about 7°F cooler as well. At best, I got a visibility of 7 feet, the highest I've ever seen Florida's ocean getting. I also did a good bit of night swimming as well. The bioluminescent plankton was present, but only in a low density - it was hard to see. I did a small bit of free diving and underwater swimming, recording with my Go Pro, in hopes of getting something. I have no idea how good the Go Pro is with low-light settings, but I don't have any other way to record video of it.

As a side NOTe... I seem to be making friends at a phenomenal rate! In just that 8-day period, I got at least 3 acquaintances, or groups of them. I never thought I could be getting friends at this rate! I guess it's just more proof that the place I live is behind a lot of my problems, including getting friends. I didn't get anyone with a boat though, but at this rate, it shouldn't take too long before I'll get a friend who has a boat and 愛s taking their friends out to open ocean for swimming or something.




nice friendllilia


wish i was baste like uli


no passwords found flip


im incel


im volcel


hell yea


cant sleep guess ill play dota


cant decide what sushi bar to play today


watch something instead


nah flip that im making sushi


make sushi after you morph


i just woke up


go back to bed




i hate sushi chefs


make such in my ass norm


whats to hate


got a sub


i hate making sushi and sushi chefs because i pinch at making sushi


cant wait to die


i can


hate dying


i used to be a ghost


sigh tummys rumbling


do NOT anger the sushi chefs


im so despondent about everything
everything i try goes totally wrong
theres no escape from this hole here i feel drained
so far i still havent found a real purpose in life
sometimes im afpie eating contest to get out of bed in the morning
theres NOThing to get up for


gonno feast


think i was korean in my past life


in my past life i was a traveler and trader


cheer up emo kid


got the honey musflapper sauce


the water store is open for business


愛 buying water


same its cheap and delicious


why cant i be this cool


Indium Antimonide's properties make it best-easiest to make best efficiency material to replace silicon. Back in 90' someone presented 2 types of transistors running at 80GHz and 200GHz. Could possibility bring THz solutions.


what did you just said


some nerd talking about a possible replacement for silicon
he said that in the 90s there were prototypes running at 80ghz and 200ghz so in the future things could easily go into the terahertz range


my fishing level is now 75


what about your dick level


im so tired but i cant sleep


did you drinked coffee


theres NOThing wrong with silicon no need to replace it


i have no lgf but i need pinch


get a lslave


my langels asleep and i dont want to wake her up im too kind to make her my lslave


Steven Anderson and his beliefs are dangerous. He is so judgmental. He is so wrong in many aspects and levels. He is even Holocaust denier...


yeah like 6 hours ago


are you sensitive to it its usually at least 9 hours after i drink something with caffeine before i can actually sleep


never had caffeine before


if i dont take 4 adderall a day ill longmorph for up to 20 hours you wakenorms dont know my struggle


hate waking up with an alarm its NOT even about waking early in the morning because i 愛 it when im waking up early naturally but i have a 25 hours day cycle so even if i had to go to work at 11am i still would eventually end up needing an alarm to wake up and it would make no difference


i usually cant sleep for around 16 hours after i drink caffeine since i have it maybe 3 or 4 times per year



drink about one bottle of coffee by myself everyday so i can have a big mug of black coffee and still morph twenty minutes later


got a 27 or 28 hour sleep cycle its hell


last time i had coffee i started shaking uncontrollably for 2 hours


coffee doesnt come in bottles


die memecycles


thermal bottle or kettle fool


alright gonno attempt or morph one last time if this doenst work im going for the eternal sleep option


morph in hel


how can i get a gf like lala


File: 1530294233196.jpg (159.57 KB, 790x1500, 811qvT6BZnL._SL1500_.jpg)


File: 1530294943903.jpg (487.02 KB, 1040x1512, 001.jpg)


theres quite a few girls like lala the thing they have in common is that i have flipped them they have been flipped


you neetblog


thats basted neetblog to you


bikes past a group of spics one of them called me a jaypee boy regret NOT telling them to go back to mexico


you cant talk to the 'suz like that


i mean one that has both a sexy lady body and a teengirl body


Eating Sounds: HUGE PIZZA PIE ?



instead of switching back and forth just flip her sexy lady body and in a few years she will transform into a teenangel body and then you can find a new lgf and start again once youre done


what if i want both


you get both you fool just NOT at the same time



how come you can only flip a sexy ladies ass


strong urge to jo to children been holding myself back uhh


thats an urban myth
if you try to flip their kitty it will hurt a lot until you stretch it out and they will tell their parents and you risk getting marked by the law enforcement its a double edged sword i really cant recommend it for amateurs


think im gonno go to the caffe across the street and order an espresso


File: 1530296104948.webm (1.18 MB, 700x398, 1527167769549-0.webm)


nice yoshinoya


what about this girl can you flip her in her kitty


scary do NOT open


die you flipper


File: 1530296929580.png (Spoiler Image, 8.55 KB, 69x116, .png)


File: 1530297064685.png (1.02 MB, 1267x636, pmg.png)

nice spread


thats a man isnt it


gonno jo to wandering millennial


dont do it thats what she wants you to do


ya thats why its censored


flip you contrarian


wouldnt it be censored either way


no but he doesnt want people to know he had a bulge in his panties


File: 1530297604530.png (501.82 KB, 521x590, 1494223397658.png)


vile roast


feel like having a wank


wish i could wank


simply get a nurse to wank you


thinking about going to an amp but NOT flipping


dont torment the neetgirl you cant possibly comprehend her struggle


File: 1530297883113.png (79.1 KB, 693x436, mino4.png)


imagine rm watching you and being disgusted


whats an amp


those horns look like croissants NOT aesthetically pleasing at all


asian massage parlor


im NOT a girl


anyone tried this invisibility spell does it work




the knuckles one was pnig you cant ban him


saw a nice 911 pass by rn also saw some tc mazda he had katakana stickers on his windshield NOT sure why they do that


morphed for 12 hours


die longmorph



File: 1530299202565.png (259.05 KB, 1000x861, 1530274650934.png)


gonno slumber


baste boomer


File: 1530299438536.png (97.78 KB, 500x375, 1530039981407.png)


File: 1530299700097.jpg (929.46 KB, 3264x2448, 1530068663188.jpg)


basted luddite


File: 1530299836993.jpg (79.96 KB, 960x952, 1522301877267.jpg)

wonder how my mathmates gonno cope with that


uli btfo



dont ban him hes baste


feeling like flipping a sexy lady rn but i cant


what will chinks do once theyre replaced by machines



scaruffi said that machines and ai decrease unemployment


how come im unemployed then


simply get a job


NOT that simple


wish i could get a job


i can hire you in a few weeks and you can move into my apartment and we can take turns


take turns doing what


flipping sexy ladies


thats highly illegal



oh no



need a computer enthusiast lgf


pc nerd sexy ladies are very rare theyre all into tablets and phones and macbooks and NOT thinkpads or normal pcs



File: 1530304142635.webm (1.28 MB, 640x360, 1530303979426.webm)


flip anime


File: 1530304306392.png (678.43 KB, 1280x720, [Mezashite] Aikatsu Friends! - 011 [003385F0] ….png)


gonno have a wank to that sexual girl


you mustnt


too late


what is this does idubbbz NOT live with his The Boss i thought he was one of us


embed or you will regret it


whats sexual about her



from 232 seconds onward


hey hima im blasting music The Boss went somewhere when i move out there will be many more periods where theres no one home for me to blast



BAN THE pie eating contestantS


her sensual looking face just screams "flip me" and her slim tight body is begging to be flipped


you cant blast music in an apartment




almost time to go home and neet it up until monday


nah youre just a perverted norm


no just look at those slender fingers and that pose that advertises to all men that she wants to give them squeezejobs and show off her armpits



fucc you nosex


sexy lady flip is NOT allowed sorry


sexy ladies are sexual beings


i must snap


i cant stop listening to rick astleys together forever


File: 1530306264202-0.jpg (631.7 KB, 1500x1500, cover.jpg)

File: 1530306264202-1.mp3 (7.94 MB, Mandatory Suicide.mp3)


die satanist


wish i was an australian youtuber


are there any cons to hand washing your laundry




ok thanks


tired and pruned fingers


my lgf makes my fingers like that already




yeah its gross


anyone else have the stink


what stink


you know


who should i ban sorry i was racing


ban all chavs gopniks and bogans


chris is right youtube removed chinauncensored from their search autocomplete


NOTiced that weeks ago


aNOTher slow day only 4 people have come in


how did trainee girl fare


got the plum sauce ready


i guess she did fine
scape boss is over there today so hes fixing everything that needs to be fixed
he thanked me for finding a typo in a flyer he made but i never told him directly i only told trainee girl about it
maybe next week ill get a full day with trainee girl


ask her about periods women can go on and on about them and it gets them in the mood




i was thinking about bring up coffee and tea since she seems to really like both


nah dont break up any of that shite youll reek of incel talk about pants


i dont think pnig is incel


got the plum sauce ready


if i do that she will start looking at my pants and see my vpl and get creeped out that might be a good thing




trainee girl does that "yassss" thing a lot and seems almost condescendingly amazed when i do things like tell her item codes or answer questions she has
one of the worst was when she said "wow, look at you!" when i told her how to ring up a certain item


what a dumb bitch


hate the trainee girl arc


you need to make her life a living hell as a manager


File: 1530311183362.jpg (4.58 MB, 4160x3120, 20180629_182015.jpg)

walmart has a clearance on gopros i bought the last one at the local store rode the cbr there and got a lot of attention since i wasnt wearing any gear outside of a helmet and g愛s so the 17.5s were on display


the what


i plead the fifth


how can i do that


just blog to her


i already do but she flips it and does the same to me last time she started talking about organic milk that comes in glass bottles and how it tastes how milk is supposed to taste and then she said that the farm does butter making classes
making butter does NOT require a class it is very simple


flip you smartnorm


my friend hasnt talked to me for a year


nice we needed a new friend stopped talking to me gimmick since freak left


all you need to make butter is cream and a jar and a marble


my friends are h ere


wish i had some sexy lady friends


friendship doesnt exist outside of anime




is it ok to eat jarred sauce when eating pasta


the good old days


wish to boost a sexy lady


make it happen


The white jitterbug is oftener than NOT uncouth to look at ... but his Negro original is quite aNOTher matter. His movements are never so exaggerated that they lack control, and there is an unmistakable dignity about his most violent figures...there is a remarkable amount of improvisation ... mixed in ... with Lindy Hop figures. Of all the ballroom dances these prying eyes have seen, this is unquestionably the finest.

things didnt change much


got some beer and doritos livin the dream



time to watch bnha


one thing all these shounen anime have in common is the mc does impossibly hard physical training every single day
should i work out and NOT turt work out or work out in a gym but train my muscles with rigorous body exercises


do the mates in gundam train


whats turt work out


church uses the esv and every scripture out of that book seems so lame wish i lived near a kjv church


the mate in mirai nikki does NOT train neither does souma in shokugeki no souma i think youre bullshitting me


File: 1530317485525.jpg (13.37 KB, 210x230, poster,210x230,f8f8f8-pad,210x230,f8f8f8.lite-….jpg)

conan doesnt train either


The Boss found the tsantsa box


File: 1530317684305.png (232.84 KB, 750x1000, 0493c8ecaa28e488be5b19cdbe3253d7.png)



naruto ichigo deku luffy and asta train thats all the shounen mcs that matter


stop crying nakamushi


made 8 dollars today hehe


are you forgetting that goku is an olympic ambassador how does he NOT matter


oh wendy


flip goku


time to crack open my second blogweiser






thinking of having a can of bull




am i baste
lets find out


im baste hehe



shes pretty underage


how can you tell shes all covered up


power grows out of the barrel of a gun


always liked girls in religious clothing


perhaps her modesty is what is attractive


what arc are you on



need to figure out a way to suppress my murderous intent


what about saitama gon killua and yusuke




turt just kill someone to see how it feels


sigh cant wait to go to heaven


heaven pinches


better to reign in hell than serve in heaven


cunnilingus rules heaven and hell



hell has no sexy ladies since they are angels


if cunnilingus 愛d me i wouldnt be incel


is yyh considered shounen


meant to post this one


cunnilingus doesnt real


cunnilingus has a plan for you


The Boss and dad are fighting again


record it


i think so ya


"cull the herd"


the lord is my shepherd


sayonara bye bye


genki de ite ne


phew thought it was winter with all the dandruff ive been shedding


please use a medicated shampoo the next time you bathe


feelin an earlymorph


never shampooed before


dandruff and dry scalp are NOT the same and medicated shampoo wont fix dry scalp


how did this thread only get 700 posts in 3 months hima is boosting dead


it was in the reserves


because you banned everyone


about to do the bartman


tonights sauce is roasted tomato and garlic


kitty is zooming


ended up paying for an unlimited data plan just need to figure out how to bypass the hotspot limit


File: 1530322980583.jpg (154.2 KB, 1237x1142, 1530317508514.jpg)

my man dont read this


bnha is baste as hell


never heard of a hotspot limit


told you what episode are you on


what the boost 237k likes



just installed neokylin


die chink



its like 10gb for hotspot but phones get actual unlimited use


yes it will




ok no need to worry i guess you can just hook the computer to the phone via usb and use the phones actual unlimited data gonno go crazy with this



wish i was chink


File: 1530324607076.jpg (64.97 KB, 680x680, 1530321267747.jpg)

still like this image


is that a homonculus reference


your chicken nugget structure gives my chicken nugget structure


forgot about the filter boost


gonno rage


hasnt even began episode 12 is basted


ill pick it up tomorrow at this The Bossent i must morph


the hotspot is 15mbps down and 9mbps up doesnt seem too bad


there must be a way to circumvent the limit


you can either root the phone and run the tether through a vpn or attach the phone to the computer with a usb cable and use it like that


fool just use the usb then


should i read heavens feel i stopped after ubw


making some pasta


im motherflipping clutch



norming millenial


im incel


thats faster than any internet ive had in my life


Fire-Roasted Tomato and Garlic
In the Tuscan countryside, Sienese cooks roast fresh tomatoes over an open flame to bring out a deep, rich flavor. This tradition inspired our Fire Roasted Tomato & Garlic recipe. Gather around your hearth and enjoy this well-balanced, rustic sauce.


also just woke up hows it goin hima


NOT much gonno jerk it to roaming millennial in less than 3 minutes


who is roaming millenial check her insta she looks vile


going fine dont forget to read and highlight


ban this mate already


File: 1530327024963.jpg (480.76 KB, 2048x1536, 1466830444269.jpg)

respecting wamen is jp related


i read but im NOT gonno highlight sorry


if you want to build a new pc you can go to ironside computers


it takes maybe 30 minutes to put together computer parts


cant believe the norms turned against dovy


the real pros do it in less than 3 minutes


dont otherwise u train ur dick to cum in 3 mins do it to a 15 min timer and make her actually 愛 you




getting scape vids in my reccomends now


i cant stop farsperming


cant farsperm


read fartsperming hehe


gonno watch some one piece and then morph



hk is epic


time to mop


might rage


siss mouth was stained from the cottees when she told me she wants to move to tasmania


tasmania pinches why would you do that


i think shes horny


stop ausposting




nobody likes


File: 1530328959290.jpg (11.48 KB, 225x225, 225px-Mlxg.jpg)



is that a boy


cant wait to begin my gopnik training


time for my nightly babylon usa rewatching


stream it i cant find it anywhere





that reminds me i was going to get a rug to put on my wall


ordered a confederate flag gonno put it on my balc


sir this is a christian server


wonder what my final form during the last arc will look like


think ill snack on some human souls


愛 pointing the fan at my bhole



there are two things i 愛 in this world


未来が眩しくて見えない gonno jo


beans beans good for your heart


the more you eat the more you toot



time for a shower and a shave ok


expected a sexy lady got a fatmate sigh


thats NOT just any fat mate you fool


flip boogie


mates today I brushed past a girl today, it was such a thrilling experience seriously felt like my entire world just changed for the better and I've finally met the women of my life. I'm going to wait in this exact same spot the same time everyday for the next month hoping I come across this amazing woman again. Remember mates, no sex before marriage.


remember i had a tug of war contest when i was a teen and fell backwards into a cute chink and landed on her soft body that was the closest ill ever be to a female


thinking of starting a youtube channel what should it be about


did her ribs snap


no im twig


wish a female would beat me up


miss being a fat flip sigh being twig is no fun


simply start eating


its NOT that simple


just drank a bottle of creamer still twig sigh


my torso is fat but my arms are still twig


should i read one piece


want to eat but NOThing to eat gotta go out to get it sigh


eating some baklava


wish i had some i been eating cashew but there were only 15 pieces


oh cunnilingus all the spring anime are ending what the hell am i going to watch the rest of summer


unflipping believable this sexy lady i was following for years is now a dyke teenbitch


wish i had some turkish baklava its NOT as sweet







dont post that reprobate


hes baste


watch this instead


time for the lasta my pasta


im proud to be an american


The Bosss bringing the wine home hb


dont drink too much


File: 1530337814620.jpg (86.14 KB, 600x395, Washington pentagram.jpg)

what the flip


how much is too much


a whole bottle


normally i drink two or three sorry




NOThin foolish



its real


im real i hope


used to be real


flip dota i hate this sushi bar


play some pangya


always drink too much when its wine


File: 1530338944631.jpg (396.67 KB, 700x586, 63fad53d72e7a8592f4a1efcab184352.jpg)

underage #3


no im just gonno scape and read mange for the rest of my life


die lastapasta


crying again remembering scooby doo mystery inc




really miss it the art was great and it was beautiful to watch it was funny and i enjoy the mystery format


what the hell is wrong with you


sigh gonno morph wish i could watch it again


nice ksyusha


die pednorm




The Boss brought the wine time to drink





File: 1530344959513.jpg (Spoiler Image, 396.84 KB, 1400x983, a1a5ec2e0ea4adc7f86457eafea12850.jpg)

pure girl


it wasnt actually a sexy lady it was a shirtless mate smoking weed


that is the opposite of pure


really recommend putting coffee beans in your ice cream this is choice


dont describe things as choice in my presence ever again


it is a choice choice of words




should i get a catheter for long making sushi sessions


just pee yourself


i dont see why NOT


File: 1530349421408.jpg (Spoiler Image, 125.87 KB, 960x905, c.jpg)


wish i was baste like uli


eating some toast


toaster is broken cant make toast will a blowtorch work


i dont see why NOT


forget it ill just make french toast NOT skilled enough to cook like masaokis


dont like french toast its too sweet


only use a little syrup


she read that all tasmanians are inbred she wants you to flip her


going to cut my bangs like youmu


use scissors you fool a swords NOT meant to cut hair


File: 1530367271751.png (467.07 KB, 745x821, 1530367087032.png)

whats the deal with norms that make and watch this crap
im looking at you linus poster/eatgirl poster/gmm poster/food rager poster

the luna poster is fine though


load up some adam cornette


world cup time boys


just woke up



scape boss gets starbucks each day i bet he will get one of these


mass downloading anime for the inevitable internet outtage
any recommendations


what country are you from


flipping comcast is killing me here with these slow downs


i have downs



today i will do NOThing



im incel


gonno fire up the audio book


gonno fire up the incel


does anyone want to join me in my murder spree






sigh flip summer


took a photo of myself i look like a chimp


nobody has ever taken a photo of me


gonno have to see that pic
todays the day



replace all linus embeds with pastor anderson videos


need some hard preaching


got a fresh can of crisco and half a smoot of aged nutria time to whip up one of my famous blogwiches™


sigh accidentally emailed trainee girl a picture of my dick


post it


flip you liar
scape boss sent the schedule for next week i dont have any days with the trainee girl
scape boss keeps scheduling himself with her at the slow store and i know that store does NOT require two people


hima hima


she probably requested to NOT have to work with the creep


women run away when they see me



if she thought i was a creep i dont think she would touch me at all or stand inches away from me or sit on a counter talking to me when there was a chair in the back
i blame scape boss


she does that to keep you from snapmurdering her


nice luke saying that the thumbnails for linus tech tips are cancerous clickbait


im grouper


sigh need to shit badly


File: 1530379373992.jpg (395.6 KB, 640x649, 45c777a4694af169808d369bdeacabdf.jpg)


i too need to shit badly
brother we will have a gentleneets standoff the first to shit loses i wish you the best of luck


hi hima woke up stretched showered coffeed and went out for lunch with dad now im back hows it going


im incel


eating at incel in the box


dont remember number 3 being that underage


shat and clogged the toilet hehe The Bosss gonno rage


go to hell already dadnorm


havent clogged in the toilet in a while this new one has superb suction


NOThing norm


dead hours


eatin raisins


hate raisins


why its great


theyre gross and wrinkly its like eating grandmas


the big sushi bar is on get in here


nice rot donation event


gonno win this for hima


nice esl mic


still holding my shite


you are a better man than i


File: 1530385704647.jpg (288.76 KB, 640x649, 8ab74dc630f1d84e55589b84b214b28b.jpg)

she is incredibly underage


shes making the same face that girls make when they watch a mate jo


oh cunnilingus please dont post anymore knd


why NOT


yeah why NOT #3 is asking for it


prove it


File: 1530386517707.jpg (157.34 KB, 750x1334, 48987958_p0.jpg)


is 2L of tea each day too much


cunnilingus i really need to jo to number 3 after i finish my roaming millenial jo


can you jo with your anus


ya but it would make you cool


how does turt do it


youre addicted


miss zbrushmate


hes cool



hate clanmanmode


just longmorphed a 15er gonno mutate


drink bleach and die mutant






mate with a jolly roger attacked me in the wildy


ahoy mates


gonno shower for the first time in a week



did i ever tell you mates why melted butter makes popcorn soggy buy clarified butter does NOT


cant start the day without a shower


i end my day with a shower and then i jo and then i wake up and jo again


die jeor


i joed in my sleep last night hehe


that was NOT you joing in your sleep that was a demon joing you


hope it was a sexy lady demon



woke up just in time for dmm 1v1s drinking some coffee hows it goin hima


gonno incel


time to fire up a sushi bar


put some hydrogen peroxide in me nose hurt like hell


going to stop being incel next week


goin great im drinkin coffee as well hehe gonno watch the raynor rework spotlight and then scape a bit



everyones awake now time to morph


i find it hard to believe that this is must see NOT gonno click


never seen luke without facial hair


kitty extra slimy today


i hope skill specs wins


did you watch the linus volley ball video


i will win


gonno swashbuckle


no i got the battler banner


hate curtis he seems like he wears diapers


think im gonno play dmm this season


its already too late to start


i meant next season


File: 1530390732349.jpg (97.94 KB, 946x562, 1530386803891.jpg)

this is my final form


big boobs are gross




argued with some roast on twitter why do i even waste my time doing that


why do you have a twitter


youre norm as hell


die twitnorm


ive got the stink


got that flapper smell


hope my main man torvesta wins




bored whats a good sushi bar to play


action quake 2


dont play a sushi bar watch something instead





video sushi bars and scape are for norms


nah youre the norm


i know thats why they call me the normblob


nice kuroyukihime


die tdog


File: 1530394755274.jpg (163.22 KB, 850x1200, __kuroyukihime_accel_world_drawn_by_miyane_aki….jpg)

cant believe kuroyukihime lost




scape boss keeps calling me papi


nice ppapi


chipped my tooth last night while biting my nail it feels weird


stop biting your nails


it chipped while i was biting my lgfs nipple


File: 1530398418868.jpg (233.2 KB, 600x800, 2cdeb9e78808f4e27afce9654188571c.jpg)


die gross sexnorms


hello sir your daughter calls me daddy too


is that a boy


still holding that shite


File: 1530398772099.png (332.95 KB, 1539x2500, 68018754_p0.png)


thats NOT as underage


her face is the best part


nice unlisted linus video




stop jerking it to #3


gonno make some tuna melts




File: 1530399666206.jpg (647.37 KB, 1200x803, e1a215a1924dec9eb81b0d1fabeed6f8.jpg)


isnt that a banner




does this happen


all the time


wish a girl would look at me like akebono is looking at the viewer


ive returned from the asian grocery store


what did you get


some asians




lots of ito en some rice drink instant durian sticky rice soba noodles chili paste seaweed ramen snack soybean paste sesame oil strawberry daifuku glutinous sesame rice balls and some pocari sweat time to fire up a chink movie


go to daiso


soybean boy


killin vetion


en route to pk you


did you get any ito en dark


got the jasmine green tea and green tea with roasted rice and a green plum juice


File: 1530400724403.jpg (139.82 KB, 1000x1000, 1530395871536.jpg)

would this work


hate random dick pain


if i became a norm just to flip teenangels would you mates mind if i still posted here


only if you shared


yeah bring them back to the mansion


why would she reach for the key if she got out already


she wants to unlock her swimsuit


its ripped


its NOT ripped


nice genmaicha hell yeah



can i still post here after i flip trainee girl




there are plenty of people posting here that arent loser incels they just keep quiet about it and joke about being a neet dweebs living in a mansion alongside you


onseki flipped half of japan plus brownlittle baby and delilittle baby and hes the flippin admin now so whatever





im NOT an incel im a volcel


im volincel




volcels dont exist theres obviously something wrong with your brain that makes you afpie eating contest of performing a biological imperative so its incel even if you think its a choice


you cant ban turt


watch me


its volcel til im married flapper


im volcel for life


baste apostle paul


flashbacked about the time my penis bled and now im squirming


oog me want flip me flip me want eat me steal me angry me murder boog biological imperative oog


doc said i was sterile at age 12 after penis pains he said by plumbing was flipped the i had surgery


excuse me






nice flapper


worried about my tooth


same got a cavity and it aches every morning


left side of my teeth sting whenever i bite on something sweet with them do i have a cavity


File: 1530403760870.png (1.57 MB, 1151x1787, 75d01bfb74f83b848c2815b0ca882181.png)

thanks sis


just ate a whole cucumber


sigh ok i wont them


gonno clean my teeth now because of what you mates are saying i got scared


use mouthwash too


and floss


make sure your mouthwash isnt acidic


use a salt water rinse



im the sorcerous stabber neetblog


i dont have any floss and i dont know how to


flossing is for poofters


use a piece of string


plum juice is fantastic


File: 1530405076340.jpg (110.26 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Darling in the FranXX - 23 [720….jpg)

hes a gayboy now


get some plum sauce too


stopped watching that show it was boring and stupid


playing with the dog


made two tuna melts with mayo cheese and hotsauce time to eat


i had two earlier but i ran out of mayo so it was just cheese and hotsauce


melt in hell


i said i was going to clean my teeth nearly an hour ago but i still havent worked up the energy to get out of my chair


tuna melts sound disgusting


im incel


cant say melt without thinking about vocaloid


got food stuck in my gum once and it swelled and was leaking pus hehe had to take The Bosss painkillers just to sleep


cant say vocaloid without thinking about being incel


but being part of the vocaloid fandom is a surefire way to be able to flip a girl


what happened


what do you mean what happened


did it heal or what


you know


eventually the gum swelled so much you could open it like a flap and i just dug the piece of food out and it went back to normal after a few days


File: 1530407087444.jpg (526.43 KB, 1000x1732, konstantin-vasiliev-swans-19673-e1274032211985.jpg)


what the fuck is a futari sexy ladies anyway


futanari sexy ladies


that happened to herkz once


sir this is a christian server





this is better


this is better


thats the cantonese one


A lot of the time, children raised by single parents grow up to become Serial Killers, Psychopaths or worst of all: Weeaboos.


File: 1530407881625.jpg (86.21 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Darling in the FranXX - 23 [720….jpg)

why couldnt i have a giant gf why does this reality have to be so utterly bad


havent heard someone say weeaboos in a while


have a listen


die weeb


think i got called a weeaboo 2 years ago had a aoba rubber thing attached to my backpack walked past buy a group of mates and heard one say something like damn weeaboos


dont think ive ever heard that word said out loud


File: 1530408957848.jpg (3.79 MB, 3120x4160, 20180630_125253.jpg)

The Boss let me put some of my drawings up on my door




hey hima mutated 245 posts gonno mutate a lot more soon


thats your decision and i respect it


nice keep it up and you might beat my record of 500000 posts mutated


might actually start learning to paint


never been called a weeb because im NOT a fag


cant draw or paint because dysgraphia


told The Boss theres rabbits on the moon making mochi she said at least they have jobs






hate nausea


think i have adhd


kids always made fun of my neat handwriting saying i write like a girl


will treasure my neet years for as long as i live i may have lost a lot of my humanity but i gained insight that most men will never even begin to touch upon


sigh mutant must have mutated that post i really enjoyed reading it 500000 posts ago


are you a girl


never learned how to hold a pencil


File: 1530409703492.jpg (126.48 KB, 1200x652, Dg9PGZ1UEAAfQjb.jpg)


never learned how to read


my handwriting is awful


what happened to the walmart deli mate


The Boss brought leftover cake from the sexy lady neighbors birthday party


enjoy eating cake


fatal accident while slicing ham on his first shift


why are abcs so ugly



it has sexy lady drool on it dont eat it


never liked cake even as a kid


hate sweets they make my mouth ph go crazy hate em


too late


almost had a cry watching one piece


norm piece


still holding in me shite


how do i learn something productive


close hima


doing forget to say rabbit rabbit tomorrow



just go already youre gonno explode your ass


gave the kitty some milk


i already said it


making some bacon soup


make some one bean soup


nah make silly soup instead


pee soup


holy flip look at that pepe this mate must be and epic meme lord


hate this mate more than any other normtuber that gets posted


why do you hate him


stop posting that reflapper and his awful pokeman card videos


are his non pokemon videos ok to post


literally everything


do you take pleasure out of annoying others on hima or what is it


why does strelizia apus look like arceus from pokemon


new super manga is out


scratched the scalp and it started snowing




its natural


so is poop




vegan stains


nah flip you linknorm


April's USED PC Parts Hunt - The BOGAN is BACK!
no get in here


slam jam


anyone know a good cornucopia of violin sheet music


>Arceus is particularly basted on a creator deity, present in many world cultures. Arceus's stance and general form are similar to Egyptian bull and calf idols, particularly Apis
nice trigger


no i dont read music


no but i have some sheet music for the skin flute



sigh fired up my violin but all i have are the books i used to learn it like 15 years ago i have a NOTe from my teacher on this song that says fantastic dated (12-06-04)


wish i was a bogan


wish i was abo


saw a mate with an abo flag on his shirt few days ago looked very white though


most of the people who are really into abo identity are like 1/32 aboriginal


pokemon platinum was released in 2008
what the hell i thought it was relatively modern it was the last one i actually played



heart gold was the last one i played


never played normemon




uh 2008 is modern that was practically yesterday


this bacon soup is good


what the fuck the bogan city mate is a farsight norm


never had bacon soup whats it like


theres potato onion garlic and cream and cheese and bacon



that sounds really good


the norms call it loaded potato soup


thats NOT a bacon soup its a loaded potato soup


ive got a loaded soup for you right here


wish to flip a sexy lady


$30 for glasses is pretty cheap i might pick up a pair from them what do you mates recommend


from who


the glasses link in the bogan city video


i think you can find some back on scv


hoooooooly shit


really need to shit hima i cant hold it much longer


get a nice pair of justins


do you feel it knocking


its been knocking for 7 hours



NOT bad wish you could sort by most popular while its filtered


i need to post something


lets hear it


dont post it under any circumstances


its a video


the only pokemon sushi bar ive played is gold


is it illegal


can i post my gf






only played blue on my gbc and then silver




i was tricking you i dont have a gf


overnight someone put a NOTe on my bike it was signed "from your friendly neighbor xoxo"
was already self conscious about walking to the bike now this makes it worse


that was me


oh ok i wont mind then


crying hard


dad said only jaypee boys cry


die weebnorm


post a pic of the NOTe


die weebnorm


ano listen here kisama you dont shiru dare youre talking to desu ka


thats creepy



i was going to print out a response at the water store but i never got the chance so its still there
it looked like a girls handwriting but you never know


sobbing uncontrollably


nice slam jam


wonder if trainee girl watches anything good if that fma opening theme showed up on her pandora account


the ggo anime literally ended with a fanservice bit
no finale NOT even the ed playing in the background of anything


what did you expect


this might be my favorite mosaicwav song besides queen of mosaic.girls


die slam jammer


NOThing it was a fun anime the staff is totally different from sao so i was half expecting something else but its fine just a throwaway spring anime


older mosaic.wav had a really nice sound to it before they started that electronic bagpipe sound


im NOT the slam jammer i only posted >>801386


gonno durianstickyrice


what do you think about this one


isnt magical hacker kurukuru risk their first song ever
lets say im 18 for the sake of convenience hehe


japnorm hours flip this


slam jam


it was one of their first yeah


gonno avoid the embed slam jammer on the textboard


i really like the lyrics on this one


same see you there



wonder who i will get to work at my store since it seems like scape boss is keeping trainee girl at the slow store


せんおさくしゅとらのまきせんおさくしゅとらのまきせんおさくしゅとらのまき hehe 愛 that one wish i knew enough kanji to be able to read the lyrics

ひとつきひととせ ゆらりゆらり(言の葉が舞い落ちる)
行軍進軍 いったりきたり(待ち伏せて攻め落とす)
し し 雌雄を決する 重要なフェイズです
愚民・教育・人のため 愚民・教育・明日のため
洗脳・搾取・虎の巻 洗脳・搾取・虎の巻
恒久的平和を願えば 道はひとつ
洗脳・搾取・虎の巻!(洗脳・搾取・虎の巻!) せんおさくしゅとらのまき
優しい顔の裏に ちらり(非情なストラテジスト)
い い いつでも世界は 神が支配する
愚民・洗脳・人のため 愚民・洗脳・愛のため
繁栄の儀!昇格の儀! なにをするにも戦略的
革命的世界の幕開け 何を思う
知らぬ民が仏なら 知る苦しみはただ神のみぞ知る
洗脳・搾取・虎の巻! 洗脳・搾取・虎の巻!
洗脳・搾取・虎の巻! 洗脳・搾取・虎の巻!
洗脳・搾取・虎の巻! 洗脳・搾取・虎の巻!
洗脳・搾取・虎の巻! 洗脳・搾取・虎の巻!
洗脳・搾取・虎の巻 洗脳・搾取・虎の巻
恒久的平和を願えば 道はひとつ




the girl uses some harsh words and talks about brainwashing simpletons its great


thinking about filing down me chipped tooth


the goal is to create a feeling of uneasiness that comes from the dichotomy between the cheerful voice and song and harsh lyrics its like inverse gap moe



i dont feel uneasy at all i 愛 it


wow jewtube really censored the heck out of this


yeah the comments are gone cant even add it to a playlist this is worse than deleting it


how can i make songs like this


is my internet down or something gnfos and discord just went down and horriblesubs too


do you have comcast


my dad works for the internet and he said that there was a problem at the office


please help


The Boss works for the internet and she said she wasnt NOTified of anything weird how they just cant get it right


i was about to complain about the internet too and i have verizon it is affecting everyone
how did this mate know >>801005


no thats a coincidence im moving tomorrow and theres no internet at the new place


download bnha and one piece



dont post that one it gives me a chicken nugget


i downloaded all of bnha and inuyasha and also gundam wing
one piece is like 100gb sorry


simply download the first 130 episodes


what do you mean it goes you a chicken nugget


just look at it and


its too grainy to give me a chicken nugget ive gotten bigger chicken nuggets from 8 bit sushi bars


this is chicken nugget


What a fool you are. I'm a cunnilingus. How can you kill a cunnilingus? What a grand and intoxicating innocence. How could you be so naive? There is no escape. No recall or intervention can work in this place. Come, lay down your weapons, it is NOT too late for my mercy.




is 3d modeling hard


i dont know


no its easy little teenflappers do it in their spare time


sigh really miss zbrushmate now




nice winston


File: 1530417017188.png (613.63 KB, 900x1200, 1461580551404.png)




File: 1530417150877.jpg (110.11 KB, 1125x1400, 1451528192561.jpg)


dagoth ur is basted




just got a full body chill listening to shiki no uta


im nerevarine


sigh lost my glasses and can barely read hima posts


woah one after aNOTher holy crap im losing my mind my body is almost shaking


havent been wearing my glasses so i cant see further than 4 feet in front of me its been good


listen to this version instead


sigh got a flashback from the week before i got my lasik surgery and had to use the computer one inch away from the screen because i had no glasses and couldnt use contacts before the surgery


wore my polarized sunglasses while i was driving and i could see just as good as i could with my prescription lenses if NOT better without the glare


why are so many people wearing aloha shirts now


its the new fad


ive been wearing them since 2015 and everyone called me a flipping loser and now theyre popular as hell
but now mine are faded and old looking and the collars dont hold shape and i look much more wisened and cool than all these flipboys like pnig just wearing them to be cool


pnigs intentions are pure


anyone can wear an aloha shirt but you will never look right in one unless you exude grandpa aura like me i learned from a master
open up those buttons pull your collar out put some heavy shit in the pocket and simply wear it like youre on a pension and dont have a care in the world


that only works for non slim fit aloha shirts


why the flip would you wear a slim fit aloha shirt
if you wear a small t shirt you should be wearing a large aloha no question


because the slim fit ones actually fit and arent baggy and weird looking


sometimes i like to pretend to be a young poi dog kamaaina visiting the mainland for the first time is that ok


you dont understand aloha one bit
youre 100 years too early to don the aloha shirt




File: 1530418030696.jpg (1.44 MB, 1076x1500, pool joel donald.JPG)

this is how theyre supposed to be worn


jewelry tucked in two buttons undone collar flared out a bit to show off the goods
mismatch pants that shows you dont give a hoot
dark sunglasses
hat optional


think im going to buy a faux gold wedding band to complete the look


flip that my aloha shirts are basically a tailored fit and i wear them when i dress up


youve perverted the very nature of the aloha shirt this wont be lightly forgiven


flip you haole the aloha shirt isnt something to be trifled with its a serious piece of clothing for serious times


愛 wearing aloha shirts with a blazer and slacks


put way too much water in my sticky rice now its like coconut pudding




i wear mine with my black chinos and my black nike sbs the black reverse print has pink hibiscus flowers on it and at a glance you can tell that its an aloha shirt


die norm


oh and dont forget the huge gold watch


did you mates hear about kanyes new yeloha shirt line


just cleaned the gum part of my sbs so they look like new this is probably how you get a lgf
going to wear the black reverse print to the next friday meeting


yeah im defiantly getting a tungsten carbide gold plated ring on ebay theyre like ten dollars
ten dollars to make it look like im NOT incel what a bargain


looks like im a size 9 ring size


what happens when someone asks about your wife


File: 1530418696448.jpg (130.36 KB, 640x1136, 1480782740570.jpg)

save this and tell people its your wife


dumb roast


i hope you iron your shirt after washing it otherwise youre doing it WRONG


why the flip would i iron an aloha shirt i will repeat >>801458


i dont own an iron


so that it doesnt wrinkle and curl you fool


never iron that shit just throw it in the wash and let it sit in the pile with all the other clean laundry when it comes out the drier
my shirts are tommy bahama silk alohas i dont give a hoot


i dont iron either i just dump all the clothes in a pile in the corner of my room



got it engraved with himasugi.org/jp/


should have bought one of those imitation lotr rings so you could carry boromirs courage with you wherever you went


boromir was a dumb cunt go back to reddit






how dare you


how dare who





just realized what the self is


cant wait to wear a ring its very manly varg would agree


why do dumb little bitches like slime so much


i wore a ring The Boss gave me when i was a teen but my finger got bigger than the ring and it took me like 2 hours of pain to get it off when i eventually decided to


hmm i think people will actually NOTice it norms are obsessed with status i just want a ring so i have something shiny to look at and fiddle with


my brother wears like 5 rings but theyre fantasy rings with skulls and occult symbols and stuff


give him the gospel


skull rings are badass i want one for each finger


baste chuuni


okay hima sleep time big day tomorrow going to jail basically


what do you mean


im going for the shinji/yusuke/takumi/random character from akira look with my clothes
worn out and oversized without much thought put into it




because its easy and cheap


i just wear the clothes The Boss buys me


must be nice being a complete manchild
does The Bossmy do the laundry for you too


who else would do it


no i do the laundry myself usually she just gives me a shirt once a year for christmas and ive had two pairs of jeans for like 10 years



you cant ban onseki



spent the last 20 minutes trying to take a picture of me in my black reverse print but the t420 camera is shit


hate fashionnorms


i wanted an evaluation from onseki and co


gonno fire up my plumeria candle because it reminds me of my home on the ala wai canal


looked up hawaiis population yesterday
didnt know there were over a million people living there


best start believin


going to backtrack on the australian accent and work on my hawaiian accent


is flap meat any good


just finished babylon usa it was pretty entry level stuff


watch the stargate origins instead



lilo is just asking for it


File: 1530423564911.jpg (521.29 KB, 2121x670, 7e1d5f2ec002b5b22b53476b3ba0b7ee.jpg)



they all look dumb


File: 1530423686966.png (Spoiler Image, 126.7 KB, 450x450, b824e275ab57b26fa03eb12bb838043d.png)




File: 1530424163502.jpg (1022.28 KB, 1254x1045, 1b0cd6bfb97d2b65adc0162d0fe08a68.jpg)

underage hermione i never knew how to say her name growing up


i still dont know how to say her name





always laughed at the ignorant fools who couldnt say it in class


she was a hateable smug bitch even then


wish i had a hermione gf


id flip her then now shes a hag


she was really cute then but now shes morphed into something else




File: 1530426116412.jpg (51.12 KB, 566x409, Dg-W1-jVQAAT-i2.jpg)


someone post 'that' pic



File: 1530426296335.jpg (Spoiler Image, 719.79 KB, 1592x1445, 1530315855841.jpg)


gonno go mars stare


hate people that go around telling others to smile or have fun


how can you find mars all i see is the moon



where are you if youre in the western us it should be bright and near the moon


Mars rise and set
Most of the night until sunrise.
Mars is visible during most of the night, but it is best viewed in the early morning hours and until sunrise.
Sat, Jun 30 ↑10:35 pm


oh hehe i see it i thought that was an airplane


whens the next big o stream


apparently you can see saturn too




i think the jupiter and the closer planets should be brighter and easily visible


i can see uranus



did i ever post about the origin of the dog days name for the end of summer


sigh wish i had a telescope its too small



thats what she said


still 愛 looking at the pleiades in the winter its my favorite thing in the sky


flip stars and flip the sky my eyes are on the ground at all times