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die emulatornorm



whos byuu


hes an emulatornorm


sorry i forgot


got stuck in the last thread flip you guys


higan is a piece of shit anyway


wish i had buns to make some


File: 1518772686168.jpg (152.06 KB, 1280x720, [Elysium]Lucky.Star.EP21(BD.720p.AAC.DA)[CC376….jpg)


hima woke up made me a nice cup o coffee gonno read


File: 1518773175977.png (59.61 KB, 300x100, chrome_2018-02-16_04-22-59.png)

sweet banner


baste byuu i knew that luke had to be overhyping the thing


is herkz cooler


hope you didnt drink four bottles of wine tonight


thats still too much fool sigh


mom bought me a nice perfume yesterday it smells good


nothin cool


gonno take a shower now


4 jos is enough for today


phew nice refreshing shower gonno have a second mug of coffee now


drinking a cup of tea


feel bad for settled he puts a lot of effort in his uim


phew sexy satoko with glasses banner


IN 1 MIN!! Ultra Simple Soup Using Meat Buns [Normal & With Cheese]


too late


sigh good night


File: 1518786871296.png (292.38 KB, 423x535, tumblr_p3uyhu2E1p1uvyegho6_500.png)

this saber face looks really familiar to a certain manga saber face




baste floopy doopin' throatpuncher was the good guy all along as was suspected by many

1% gran didnt deserve this






ugh mom banging pots in the kitchen at 6am
disturbed my neetsleep


west coast norm btfo by baste mom


if pnig cant go home then where is he


nb why do you still post here its literally just worshiper central and that doesnt seem like your style


dont it always seem to go

that you dont know what youve got until you get arrested for a category 4 felony


never knew pnigs name was unironically kenneth thought that was a meme


his name is kenneth george boles and he is the administrator of himasugi.org


guess ill go make some eggs now that im up


phew ate a nice kitkat


hate when you finish the yumyums but still want more


bet kens gran knows that feel


baste kenbol btfo that old bitch


he probably agreed to be her legal carer in exchange for those sweet 1%bux but didnt realize it came with real responsibility that could have real consequences if not upheld


always thought honemako was a little cold but i guess when you consider that he couldnt even spare a crumb from his vast horde of japanese snacks to feed his sickly grandmother his behavior here makes a lot more sense


malnourished doesnt mean underfed it probably just means she didnt eat enough fruits youd know if you werent a skipper


baste wk comin to the rescue


nice wk defending skippers


File: 1518793668235.jpg (226.87 KB, 1024x907, 1518487798180.jpg)


id be careful badmouthing pnig if i were you he has all your ips and if you dont show loyalty to him why would he to you

just wait until turt is in jail thanks to a plea bargain


read something along these lines once in an old moral and ethical philosophy book i think it was kritik der spider man #1 by stan gottlieb lee


that was already posted


hima has duplicate image posting turned on which means himako wanted it posted twice


he must have not realized he had legal obligations to actually take care of her and just saw it as a little job to get neetbux


remember when cwc had to wipe the bedsores on his moms buttocks good times


no i dont remember that


hey guys just woke up
im really sick i was blowing yellow slime out of my face all night got the chills several times and broke out in cold sweats
think i might die hopefully


phew sexy slime girl


you have been snapped by a slimy alien loli


In a tweet to Cole from June 29, 2013, Chris tells him that "[he] ought to be over here putting bandages on [their] Mom's holey buttocks".


whos the next hima the throatpuncher counteroffensive will bring down


its too early fool


drinkin some coke zero




fool thats twice as bad for you and twice as fattening as normal coke




how is that possible its called zero for a reason


i feel so bad for laughing at this


weird that they still make diet caffeine free coke even though zero is the same thing
always liked diet caffeine free its the only reason i buy coke over pepsi


cant believe a single 12oz can of redbull is the equivalent to two shots of espresso and i got two cans right here
dare i take the plunge maybe i can pop out four drawings today


kittys fur feel sooo good on my foot


dont drink energy drinks


dont watch porn or do anything other than work marry and have children


energy drinks take a week off your life expectancy


are you serious


its zero sugar


well it should balance out right since a pack of natto adds about two weeks to your life expectancy


dont step on the kitty


you can stab people 23 times in self defense too thats healthy but defiantly no porn especially not anime porn


where do i get natto momgf


you should look at your local asian foods market if you have one theyre usually located in the freezer isle if not simply order some online my brother


yeah but they pump it with stuff like corn syrup and malitol to compensate so it ends up worse


did you know that natto is one of the best sources of vitamin k2 mk4 the only other good source is goose liver


can clearly tell the difference between coke zero diet coke and coke sugarfree and regular coke the hardest is telling caffeine free and diet apart also i take 20mg adderall daily


isnt natto used as a food coloring
or is annatto something different i keep seeing it on packages


my favorite is vanilla coke too bad theres no vanilla coke zero


there is ive had it its not as good as normal vanilla coke which is odd because i prefer zero to regular coke


poor pnig his gran was eating gyudon the night before everything happened do the police know about the pills his aunt brought because thats a felony


File: 1518797103926-0.png (1.09 MB, 1773x1300, 02-03.png)

File: 1518797103926-1.png (159.29 KB, 764x1200, 036.png)

File: 1518797103926-2.png (158.92 KB, 848x1200, v06_p041.png)

wowzers my brothers kyoko chan tsugumomo dagashi and dr stone all updated within the last three days big treat

thats right isnt natto simply amazing i really want to incorporate more super foods into my diet

thats annatto you silly cub


sigh im tard i thought it was natto just because it has natto in the name


cant read dr stone dont like the korean style


strange freak claims to study japanese when his writing looks like a 3 year olds and is btfod by momgfs


i dont like that art style either just on that page alone i see at least ten things wrong


wish koon aguero agnis would flip me


his proficiency is that of a japanese sage he just doesnt practice writing much


i love how dagashis kotoyama sensei draws folds in his clothing hes really especially good with that


i like how doujin artists draw their impression of how he draws saya


you can totally tell hes a real saya fan too


he claims stupider things than that like being the best in classes of hundreds of students and having a perfect gpa
its an inside joke to play along and pretend hes a genius


was fun reading manga going to play a bit of secret of mana before i start drawing


has pnig posted yet


if you were pnig would you post


i would to put my bros at ease


File: 1518798657165.jpg (119.54 KB, 1024x698, 27993019_904148969758854_710505588827191787_o.jpg)


id say flip my bros theyre laughing at my expense anyway


not into the nazi meme but i want a nice tailored wool jacket like that


sigh hxh now is nothing but huge walls of text about the incredibly contrived setting of some princes that togashi sensei failed to make me care about what the hell is he doing


love reading 6 novels about lizardmen before getting back to the main protagonist


File: 1518798845020.webm (8.78 MB, 640x360, tnbzfx.webm)

its not a meme


nanatsu no taizai introduced powerlevels looks like its downhill from here


the lizardmen are baste


mindblowing that world war 2 was 73 years ago but nazis are still the epitome of evil


mindblowing that rome fell 1500 years ago but is still the epitome of empires


for those outside of the us the us is now the epitome of evil


dont even know how anyone could think the nazis were the bad guys


easy when the eternal enemy controls education and media


getting angry now


kind of weird how the left really wants to destroy whites from every angle when you think about it like what makes thousands of buzzfeed soyboys simultaneously do that


its the soy


sigh hima we simply must rise against the juden that vid always gets my blood pumping


nah jews are baste they made stan lee




they made me too, the jewblog


im the goyblog and i support israel


rothschildseki here leave the jews alone


wish turt and freakeye didnt water down mindblowing guys meme with their r9k stuff it ruins the legacy


wonder if baste bolgran has any jewish blood


gas the kikes


to jo or not to jo that is the question



love pickles


good goy


yes just under the guise of a mysterious new moderator who got an email from him but doesnt want to post it


pnig would be a fool to continue posting because turt could oust him as a pedophile at any time


yeah i was a bit surprised at how good it was for mickey ds


we must get rid of the turt


turt just pretends to be a bad guy but he has a pure heart trust me hes like garou from one punch man
the only truly evil and heartless here is spicsuz but its not really his fault its his mystery meat spic genes


dont make it about race please


ok but it is


its too risky would you really post when your face and name are known and your arch-nemesis is on speed dial
all someone needs to do is get bored or upset with pnig and expose all his pedotalk about his cousins


yeah it defiantly is also explains why pnig is so irresponsible that hed leave his feeble diabetic grandmother to die of malnourishment while he stuffs his face really cant trust a half-breed


sigh dont tell me hes next on the block for himagate


whats himagate


grandma was fat she could live off her body for several weeks


yeah but we have known turts full name and address for well over an year and that never stopped him from posting even once so i think that pnig should just ignore all that


thats not how diabetes works


thats not how diabetes works little one


she shouldnt have gotten diabetes in the first place


freakeye will run a script to send everything to throatpuncher when he makes his weekly visit


but he was giving her the medicine for that aside from when his aunt stole it thats different from the food


we should just dispose of the old once they become a liability


freak is pnigs bro


dont ever say that again


the old should be made into food for the living in this time of overpopulation


thats not how diabetes works little one




befuddling how hundreds of artists draw explicit comics of literal children getting flipped in every hole and gather together at events wide in the open where thousands attend to peruse and buy them


sigh pnig was the mom of the house and grandma was the neet


now this is what you call mindblowing




ken has lost his inheritance and will no longer be able to find work its over for him might as well take that bike and floor it off a cliff at least thatd be a pretty epic farewell


he could just move in with me i dont mind


nice richneet


think itd be pretty creepy to move in with someone who worships you only a matter of time before your presence is not enough and they cut you open and try to get inside of you


ruined his life by calling the police on himself


nah they would realize he behaves completely differently in real life and not like it and begin to regard him as an npc


he literally didnt do anything wrong though its all a misunderstanding


thats pnigs side of the story the facts of the case are another


didnt buy gran enough fruits now hes going to jail


hehe havent heard the onion meme in a while


uhhhh what do you mean people with diabetes cant just eat gyoza for every meal haha


dont you dare bring unc mugen into this


dont make a fool of yourself please


i dont see pnig going to jail he cant look after himself it wasnt his fault
you cant assign a retard as a carer for another retard and then blame the retard when something goes wrong


he should let throatpuncher convince everyone that hes worthless because that would help his case


never expect the man to side with a neet


mindblowing that there are 365 episodes of teletubbies


want to jo but cant


want to not jo but cant without joing


File: 1518803546820.webm (2.83 MB, 640x640, AthleticEveryCanine.webm)



adorable that shes probably ignorant of her attractive big boobs


uh shes lived with them every day for maybe 10 years



whats the exact formula for predicting whether a show will have lots of art that when applied has a 100% success rate


this new google image pinches


truly hate google and wish to see them crawling on the ground


hate how every day theyre culturally appropriating something with their cool little cartoon for their own publicity but its always some woman or black guys 138th anniversary


sexy girls



caffeine always make me so hyper i just want to yell on hima sometimes


not having sleep makes me hyper


hug me hima!!!!!!!!!


never had caffeine


ban the sc2 himako!!!!!!!!!


stop looking for affection


still havent got that big kiss


mya mya myancology


gomu gomu nooooooooooooo


gomu gomu no big bone burst


no no mr peter he no home


File: 1518805057198.jpg (56.25 KB, 960x640, tumblr_ngjrc2h5CH1sn75h6o1_1280.jpg)



no no mr himako he no home


sure love fishing in rpgs i will be wrestling sharks with my bare hands in no time


File: 1518805603194.png (108.88 KB, 814x610, miguru.png)


need to shave but i dont want to clog the sink


simply put a towel over the sink


used to watch drawn together waiting for something to jo to


phew merched 4m in one day


what the fug


4m phew thats a doozy just rimmed 2m of col myself


the princess and foxy were sexy




File: 1518806239037.png (107.43 KB, 811x612, lustystar.png)


stop drawing


getting real tired of momgf slownorming lucky star


what is slownorming


love konata


dont mind momgfs lucky star pictures at all in fact theyre my second favourite type of momgf post since they usually dont have italics


File: 1518807525695.png (90.15 KB, 812x608, patty.png)


what is your favorite type


is that misao


its patricia


whats sugiku


the tard yelling ones


isnt patricia fluent in japanese just with a bad accent




whats ikkemen


wish i had a gf sigh


its pretty great


you could get one if you tried my brother


fishing level is now 50




whats there to doubt theres plenty of fish in the sea


thing is i refuse to date someone that i dont genuinely like and i dont think that a girl id enjoy spending time with exists


60% of fishermen come home with nothing or their sons do


File: 1518808234963.jpg (119.91 KB, 780x552, s.jpg)


baste turt


File: 1518808328103.jpg (61.46 KB, 550x800, d08762611b0f4be3d1fe31a9b01781be.jpg)



i meant the sketches tardyelling but thats okay


nobody is perfect relationships are a lot about compromise and the things you love about a person should outweigh and outnumber the things you dont



patricia was one of the weakest of the kouhai characters but at least she isnt the tall one



ya she didnt have much screentime but despite that i did enjoy the scenes she did have


at this point i would kill a woman before asking her out


killing people is wrong


if you kill one you are obliged to ask her out and if she becomes a ghost you must apologise gain her forgiveness then marry her


dont marry


married a ghost by accident having trouble searching for a phantom lawyer


lawyers dont have souls idiot


holy flip boys mueller just brought 16 indictments and trumpians are already in damage control


cant wait for the alt right to get btfo


hey hima woke up and read the thread had an exciting dream that planes were crashing into some apartments near my place


now im waiting for the big col series in 2 hours


the butcher is so fun to play once you get to 300 stacks the enemies fear me


pushed a few too many col stacks so im skipping the series but make sure to bring me back a few cc


moms husband listens to rage against the machine a lot


File: 1518812395331.jpg (100.72 KB, 997x815, 27982908_1536328636435548_1355497760528147753_….jpg)


ya so does my wifes son


mom almost caught me


caught you what


my wifes son doesnt seem to like it even though i play it a lot he doesnt get into it


dont feel like watching anime or gaming or anything



hate to fall for the chinese calendar meme but my year is the dog and year of the dog ive lived through has been my year


you should practice a skill


just bought a shirt on ebay
havent bought anything in a while but turt got me thinking about online shopping


hungry gonno eat a burg


send me over some buns


sure i have plenty


cried to violet evergarden


you should buy on amazon not ebay you cant trust ebay sellers


col is about to face off with their long time rivals in the qualifier finals




nah flip you wownorm




baste flipping complexity gaming


time to watch my boy artour win some dotes




gift him diablo 3




sigh why bother drawing bayos sexy body when its gonno be covered by all that hair


i have nowhere else to go


he doesnt play m rated games


no no no eg...


hell yeah col kyle really shut artour up


col vs liquid when


what are your plans for tonight nb


hehe mom just left and wont be back till monday


what a bitch she better have left premade meals for you


these ryu themed redbull cans give the power of shoryuken


i dont have any


die chinkgf


she left some ground beef for me so im gonno make burgs


should i get kfc or wendys




those are both terrible choices get some takeout


wendy shes sexy


dont know if its a good idea to give money baste on how sexy their avatar is


thats the most important


mom got some turkey yesterday so im gonno morph my grilled cheeses into turkey melts for tonight


ya its great


love some turkey with brown gravy


never had alcohol in my life


im not mom doesnt let me drink


do they sell turkey in australia


nb loves it




neetblog is a pasta and breadstick guy


im starting to feel the onset of a caffeine crash brothers oh nooo


i like turkey
im not really a big fan of pasta


drink some water and lay down


cant remember the last time i had caffeine


i dont know


sigh kyle feel like kyle picked them into a loss


col should make a hots team


i musnt i must finish this picture


bayonetta has cute face


shes a vile angel




thats a melt


played against chu once


ameagari was a crier


my body aches i shouldnt have drank those two cans of redbull


luckily bayo is still cute


told you


got kfc




a chicken little potato wedges corn mashed potatoes mac n cheese and some bbq chicken with a biscuit


theyre a bit thick but ya theyre good




they call me the thiccblog




low iq unless the odds are in your favor


File: 1518826759506.png (210.36 KB, 400x400, 1518824597319.png)


this is where you make the money


moms starting to use himames in real life


told mom i was going to make coffee and she said nice coffee maker


scared to post sexy children now because the law is hovering over the admins shoulder


spent a while drawing bayos hair but turned out nice


File: 1518827614312.jpg (182.17 KB, 1280x1280, c104fa230fbc86df320c12c7fd0b541a.jpg)


i dont live in michigan


i do


they are icy


im icy


you cant apply every adjective to yourself


nice mistubishi colors


cmon col lets go its comeback time


they cannot defeat eg


File: 1518829129772.webm (668.7 KB, 908x1080, 0dab4affddca5bfdedbe74d84d9d8f85.webm)




hell yeah


sigh pnig..........


this col game is a knock down drag out fight hb


just flippin kill me


cool drinking


hate the sun love the moon


lop it off


you sexnorms are the sick ones


all i think is sex every day its all thats on my mind


always wake up with a bone


same but i dont jo it


File: 1518831284501.jpg (272.04 KB, 1452x1941, 811452890769c4013edf755be28cc2bd.jpg)


nice col


sex isnt that great dunno why norms think about it so much haha


i think its the feeling of conquest or something i dont know im virg




sexnorm hours


unga loli muflipa


File: 1518831999243.jpg (37.74 KB, 640x480, b7aa4c5e14e3b747f8fef26bb8a6470a.jpg)


flip that fakeneet bitch


got a job but i neet it up on the weekends


quit my employment on friday as well


whys she a fakeneet


really need to brush my teeth


she posted here


isnt it against regulations to employ lolis


File: 1518833190009.webm (Spoiler Image, 57.84 MB, 1342x1000, e0318ebe80307bbbb88abbb89458a271.webm)

gonno jo


File: 1518833283026.jpg (147.56 KB, 800x800, 319ba45980d8b33b6bd4b0a6e226c91f.jpg)


ive already tried it brother and it was good



File: 1518833465044.png (33.84 KB, 640x480, 1488585861823.png)


File: 1518833499053.jpg (140.65 KB, 900x1271, tumblr_p3juz8jbEe1rp8y35o1_1280.jpg)



im going to rage hard if you norms dont stop posting


love gordon ramsay hehe


cols making her horny


looks like link from oot accompanied by his fairy and hes on fire


and now you do what they told ya


never played jak 1 2 or 3


flip you i wont do what ya tell me


kind of sounds like a playstation game never owned a non nintendo console


jak 3 was baste


what the flip you cant start with 2


nice soyboy


why not diablo did


i rented philosopher's legacy from the video store and got bored of it immediately i was always a crash man


diablo was baste hellfire pinched


video games pinch




read a history of western philosophy and bertrand russell was kind of funny but he got btfo by gödel


diablo 2 was peak video game


playstation always seemed like a gaudy knockoff nintendo to me as a kid so i never got into it and it just continued like that


they should teach philosophy differently because right now people who only study it for one class only get taught thoroughly btfo philosophies from greece and 1600


im talking about high school too
how many guys out there do you think only know philosophy from one high school class and get the wrong impression and wrong ideas


die philosonorms


uh what do you mean anyone like that anyone who happened to take philosophy in high school


isnt that where you take a bunch of hallucinogenic drugs and talk about things that have no basis on reality


no subject taught in a public high school that isnt completely objective is worthless anyway who gives a shit if norms know nothing


sigh my most shameful google search is about to be ``bayonetta cup size''






hell yeah col


hoo boy what a comeback great series for col


col col col


if sumail was kicked then eg wouldve 3-0d em


if i filter my browser history sidebar by google and scroll through theres not one page im comfortable showing


why doesnt yours its useful statistical info




whenever i google something i think of when the google ceo or something said we want google to be able to tell you what to do next
makes me not want to google


i wish google would tell me what to do


google here you should scape


scape pinches


damn was hoping theyd be able to get an interview with one of the col players after the win


File: 1518835361143.png (34.18 KB, 640x480, 1491042673931.png)


it does every day with its new doodle it tells you that next you are going to learn about marianne buttersforge and her 149th birthday


already scaping im fishing like a madman


brett is living the high life you cant touch him


who actually pays attention to the doodles


brett is the next dox target


tried to stop paying attention and then they made loud music play on their doodle which scared me


wonder if brett is actually his real name just like kenneth


he is untouchable



my real name is cameron


thank you for mowing my lawn


nice benjie


my real name is jay


you cant tardlaugh if youre not a tard


youre not a tard if you understand mobas


if col wants to win ti they need to kick zfreek permanently hes just piggybacking off his bro


i do love col but its actually the year of the dog dont let your col habit take over everything


flip you chink


my goal for 2023 is to feel a girls boobs


baste as flip


accidentally touched a boob once in school


i accidentally elbowed a girl in the boob once


in seventh grade a girl that liked me would let me fondle her chest as much as i wanted


nice norm



remember wanted to snap katie when i was 10 but she hated me



me bone me snap


accidentally hit me balls this is agonizing


phew coming down off a dopamine rush from the col win


fool youre addicting your brain to col wins


File: 1518837167687.png (403.43 KB, 620x527, mjHP5Ha.png)




accidentally voted for trump because i saw a post saying hillary was a satan


if a girl ever showed interest in me i probably wouldnt have ended up a ped oh well


Would never want my mom commenting about me on the internet


i voted for trump because hes baste as hell


it got confirmed that russia wanted trump to win and also wanted bernie to win if not trump
that means that hillary was really the correct choice


but russia is baste


i didnt vote for either because i am american badass watch me kick you can roll with rock or you can sradio edit


nice undertaker


chocolate starfish


gonno flip a girl


you arent


im not a politicsnorm but i unironically agree if you want to win just look at what your enemy doesnt want you to do


russia isnt an enemy though thats the whole point
they have nukes and thats it
they dont trade anything useful their gdp is shit and their geographic location is bad and their military is small


you dont know me


nah theyre an enemy they even meddled in the election


america is already done for russia is just helping it along the best course of action now is to learn mandarin and move to shenzhen or shanghai or something


whats does meddled mean


they manipulated social media and made false grassroots movements in order to up trump and bernies chances


china is done for india is the next big thing


File: 1518838803293.jpg (110.62 KB, 1280x720, [Elysium]Lucky.Star.EP13(BD.720p.AAC.DA)[1FD3C….jpg)


baste upscale with corroded dithering


they dont make slice of life like lucky star these days
just look at slow start youre not going to remember those girls


ya the same guys who were saying china was going to overtake the us are saying its india now


indians are the biggest freaks on the planet but at least they are nonviolent


its the opposite people always predicted china to collapse any moment but its only a few years away from being the biggest economy in the world


its already the biggest


whats the biggest sol since k-on im not sure of the top of my head
maybe gochuumon


non non biyori flipping idiot


oh ya good point its probably non non


us is still the biggest economy in the world by a fair margin china is only bigger in ppp gdp


nnb isnt a sol


what about the biggest one since non non


no whats the biggest one since k-on besides non non


is euphonium even sol


gochiusa wasnt that big it was just due to the fanart euphonium was just kyoani worshippers and yuri


nah lucky star was huge so was k-on




lucky star was bigger than gochiusa ever was and didnt need to be forced by pixiv artists and k-on had nowhere near the yuri bait levels of euphonium


take a breather hot head


theres much more advertisement and social media coordination these days its foolish to compare


ill freak out with you buddy you dont have to feel alone


weak bodied fool


maybe you are right


nobody is saying non non isnt big people are saying gochuisa and euphonium isnt
euphonium is tiny what a joke it is


getting in the mood for short hair again


euphonium is big but who knows if it will last like k-on


only watched the first season of non non


its tiny what are you talking about who cares about euphonium i dropped it after 4 episodes


israel wanted hillary to win baste putin saved america


i immediately forget everything i watch


it doesnt have to be good to be popular


i dont post on the mal forums


tell us all about the japanese context with your high school esl class level knowledge of japanese


hes being rude and saying you should


uh no




i am paul "otaking" johnson so show some flipping respect


File: 1518841118977.jpg (11.51 KB, 342x342, 1eJ1q0V.jpg)



sigh ota hours


hibike only has 1835 images on gelbooru what a joke


im big in japan


its telling that you use a booru as an example you really only know western sources dont you


nice turt


never seen another anime make a reference to hibike yeah its big alright


spermed to taimanin


give me some metrics about how big hibike is because im not seeing one


ban incompetentmin


you know ota is raiding when someone who actually has a clue about otaku culture posts


still not seeing a metric



hibike is the new madoka the overhyped yuribait 'artsy' anime that has mass appeal to norms who can tolerate anime and otaku its unlikely to survive the test of time like k-on but we will see


ok so you dont have a metric


uh successful and popular doesnt make you lucky star


is this freaknorm


yeah thats what the guy doesnt understand were not saying hibike isnt successful its just not cut from the same cloth is all


never saw hibike as anything but another mediocre and skippable post-decline kyoani anime like that one about the theme park


well i win the argument then because the definition of big in japan isnt being as big as lucky star


why not they both have forgettable girls and are only good for the (low amount of) art produced


never been to japan whats it like


define popular because it looks like this whole argument is two sides getting smug over different bars for popularity


was chunibyou s2 good i havent gotten to it yet


popular means it wasnt a commercial flop


we were talking about memorable sol not successful sol it just so happens that memorable sol tend to be somewhat successful


heard chuunibyou was nothing like the source material


sol is a dumb vague term anyway it is a youth drama


if its a youth drama then it defiantly isnt sol


yeah haruhi wasnt sol or wed have said it


neetblog do something they wont stop talking about their obscure anime euphonia or something


baste blog here what should i do


nb what level is your fishing


how should i know youre the one whose supposed to know thats why youre baste


show me the metrics that show euphonium being as big as lucky star or k-on


hate yuri its boring as flip you cant truly outrage a girls modesty if youre another girl


girls flip other girls all the time its natural


only watch yuri now


you set the goalposts about 1m from the start line when nobody cares or wants to argue about about goalposts set there


groan goalnorm posting hours


ok hibike is popular because popular means it secured a modest amount of success with a small fanbase and didnt leave kyoani bankrupt
so i win the argument and you embarrassed yourself next one please



non non was not popular


what the flip amegarai is baste cant you appreciate sexy tachibana wanting to be flipped by an ojisan


you didnt define popular


gochiusa was bigger


you are both wrong and misunderstand the point hibike is popular in japan and is big but will be forgotten in a couple of years which was what we were talking about


sol since k-on must really pinch then if hibike is the biggest one god damn


its defiantly not notable a textbook on sol history can go without mentioning it


i think you got posts confused one guy said it wasnt notable and is fueled by yuribait and kyoani worshippers and the other guy said it wasnt popular and was wrong


define popular


me in high school


you are ignorant


sora no woto in footnotes perhaps


lets establish popular to mean at a third as popular as lucky star
now its undeniably popular so shut the flip up


these niggas still talking about euphonium lol


how popular is it nobody mentioned any metrics at all at any point


theres no way its a third as popular as lucky star


maybe not in japan


you shouldnt have gotten in an argument with moogy now its time for the smackdown


you dont live in japan


hima is moving too fast


yes i do


hibiki is about a fourth as popular as lucky star according to the metrics
you deliberately chose a third just to say it wasnt popular when a fourth is still a lot


cry more


gonno snooze


sorry you took my hyperbole seriously but im not impressed by a series a fourth as popular as lucky star
popular lmao


gonno start wylin out in a minute


the exact metric for what constitutes popularity isnt objective fool
thats why you have to set a metric and prove it meets or doesnt meet it


does this really happen


uh lets say everything after k-on has a popularity of 1 while k-on has a popularity of 10
that would make a popularity of 2 popular in your mind when really it pinches nice logic tard


maybe i dont make enough noises


exactly speaking hibike is more than 1/4 but less than 1/3 as big as lucky star
im not even joking thats about what it is by the figures


then it isnt popular since the threshold was set at 1/3


File: 1518843319768.png (515.05 KB, 2600x1900, bayo.png)


so you dont dispute that calling hibike popular compared to lucky star is a joke and got smug over nothing
tiny flash in the pan not even 1/3 LMAO


where the flip are you guys getting this 1/3 or 1/4 bullshit hibike is at least half as popular as lucky star

lucky star wasnt even that big


why dont you use something people still care about as a comparison instead of lucky star like hidamari sketch


if i was lucky star and a tiny manlet came up to me who wasnt even 1/3 my size id call him tiny


theres a flaw in your logic however at some point you have to recognize when something is massively overpopular for example using your logic lucky star isnt popular at all because its not 1/3 of doraemon


yeah because sol isnt popular but were talking about the realm of sol


i live in the realm of sol third third territory


uh lets say everything after k-on has a popularity of 1 while k-on has a popularity of 10
that would make a popularity of 2 popular in your mind when really it pinches nice logic tard


those are about right check the figures yourself


okay time to snooze


my eyes have glazed over the last 50 posts


kanamemo is popular just because euphonium is far more popular that doesnt meant its not your idiots for thinking its not



lmaoing at a less than 1/3 my height manlet calling himself tall


nobody here can read japanese


ota raider can


love how himasugi retards can identify raiders by them not being complete drooling eops


basteblog here submit your proposals to me and i will make the final decision


im not taking sides here but i think the first claim was that sol pinches these days
if the biggest thing is euphonium and thats about a quarter like people is saying i dont think that wrong


sigh gonno snooze now hope the raiders are gone in the morning


the first claim wasnt that sol pinches it was someone asking in response to that what the biggest or most notable thing is


love how i can identify manlets by whether theyre at least 1/3 my size or not


there are plenty better than lucky star airing right now


this was the first post



File: 1518844018119.jpg (187.14 KB, 1200x847, 1500294789692-0.jpg)


if not every year why not every two years
instead ten years and this is what we get



1/4 manlet thinks hes not tiny lmao


just pretend he said tiny in comparison instead of just tiny and this whole arguments over


the /a/norms that hate everything are raiding


dragon crisis pinched gosick was better


those two anime are not even remotely comparable what the flip


both of those pinch dropped them instantly


wish i lived with a neetgirl in a mansion so i could kiss her feet


mitsuboshi is mashimaro season 3


they aired in the same season which makes them ripe for comparison
you would know if you werent eop



dragon crisis made me uncomfortable because the girl is basically an infant in a 9 year olds body but youre supposed to find her sexy


whats eop


wasnt replying to you i was replying to the other guy


jp has sunk so low that not only is a spinoff full to the brim of eops but they dont even know what eops are


gosick was good at first but then i didnt know what was going on something about a war


thats momgf


never even heard of a jp


do any recent kyoanis show their panties off


did haruhi even show her panties off dont think she did


she did to me


asahina did


no clue what an eop is


you dont need to know continue your ignorant bliss little eop


remember when the tennessee storm hawkers beat the jersey black pants


bikini is basically panties we just pretend theyre not so girls will wear and feel sexy instead of embarrassed and you get to watch its a devious tactic



its not much of a devious tactic when it turns me on less


were you really serious


holy shit this guy was actually serious

a /jp/ spinoff in 2018 doesn't know what an eop is


too late now i know


nice eruption of kitties


even neetblog knew what that meant


baste 8chan scapegoat guy


legend of mana


probably havent even thought about 8chan in a year until this thread mentioned it




i would watch no game of yours


File: 1518844938516.jpg (1.63 MB, 1046x1900, 685cc719a89e72b76d17537cccf08c795cc239c67fdf35….jpg)


hate nuasuka


oh no her boobs got dirty


love comparing anime characters to ones from two decades ago makes me feel learned


uh oh we cant have a dirty dress take that off now pretty little angel


was it wide


dirty little miya


her horns dont do it for me they are too small and weird like theyre not attached to her


remember that guy who had the hidamari stuff and his mom knew it and he posted on the forum site with the other guys


yeah member that


nobody mention we dont have a mod anymore while ota raiders are here


chaos reigns for 1000 years


yeah, it would really pinch if someone here actually knew what they were talking about


8chan hibike hater thinks everyone who disagrees with him is a raider


its coming out that all of trumps grassroots support was russians this is big


nice 8chan redditcel


what does grassroots even mean in the modern age anyway i dont even know what my neighbors look like community doesnt exist


this is literally nothing what the flip
they are trying to paint it as like stuffing ballot boxes or something




i hate that people think voting matters


did you know that states that give licenses to illegal immigrants also registers them to vote when they get their license


File: 1518846165446.jpg (76.15 KB, 541x800, DWMzToGU0AEqy8k.jpg)

sigh i couldnt publicly like this from my feed so ill post it here


they cant know that side of me


dad worked for the kennedy campaign in texas and he said they literally bused people in from mexico and paid them with sandwiches and water


your dad sounds like an important man


makes you wonder how they came up with this technique


heres a rule of thumb if everyone agrees on something except you maybe youre the one whose wrong


he was the bus driver


did he train you in the family trade


File: 1518846416347.jpg (53.69 KB, 848x860, 1518845925441.jpg)


tarded into it like how we started cooking by when a money ate a nice grilled deer that got charred in a forest fire


where can i buy a cheese wheel in america


little italy


god i want a giant cheese


wish i was a cheese wheel and a nice lady would just consume me whole fully after purchasing me from the deli just completely eat me all up in her stomach


all of my dreams are of posting on hima half of the funny posts i remember laughing about arent even real



wish i could read dreamblogs posts


woke up and for a few seconds i thought pnig getting arrested was a dream i saw on my dreamhima


there are never any raiders in my dream


the government in chile had dogs that were specifically trained to snap people as a torture method


that wasnt a dream


woke up and for a few seconds i not only thought pnig getting arrested was a dream on dreamhima but i reflected on how weird it is that a dream always seems realistic when youre dreaming but then doesnt make sense when you wake up


because it is reality while you are dreaming


i find it kind of funny i find it kind of sad that the dreams in which im blogging are the best ive ever had


sometimes i dream that im sleeping in my bed and i get up and go to the toilet and look in the fridge and the fridge is filled with delicious food but im not hungry but i plan to eat the food the next day then i go back to bed and then i wake up and half the time i cant tell that it was a dream because it was so mundane and uninteresting but when i check the fridge and theres nothing in there i realised i just owned myself hard


its because while youre dreaming your intellectual capacity goes down so your perception of what makes sense is like an 80 iq tard


simply order food


how do i make this world my dream and the dreamworld reality


food doesnt grow on trees you ingrate


i will rewrite this twisted world with the fibers of my dreams


File: 1518847181991.png (1.91 MB, 1543x2179, c0a0ca652ab34ca9a3f909d42cba63c3.png)

phew nice kona




mindblowing the majority of people have never jod to a cartoon


rather it stay that way



norms are too busy getting their negholes pozzed @ da club to jo to a cartoon high schooler


sigh koma-chama




its me the biblical basteblog


i hate you


i love you


yeah its a shame hima will end soon because it will have to shut down for a year or longer since pnig wont have money


can we donate bit coin to pnig to save hima
it works for 162 that guys loaded now


kenneth george boles was robbing that old bitch for ten years he probably paid for a decade of hima server time in advance


it was reparations





he had one blogweiser too many


pnig isnt the admin


give it a rest wk we're all crying it out rn this is a bros only moment


hes in wakanda now




sincerely considering making a youtube channel


if you do i wont be your friend anymore


dont once your audience finds out your hima past youll lose it all


why not youre still friends with link and rhett


he could be like that chink who just spent hours rambling


checked 162 after that guy mentioned it turt is like a celebrity over there


gotta respect his kinglike charisma


whats 162


the name of the secret board


baste newbro



sexy baby elephant


File: 1518850029265.jpg (1.54 MB, 1200x1600, e060e11f4a8a46d141d1274aed17c8c1.jpg)

she just literally cannot refuse


not going to post on hima the rest of the day because of that post


sorry ill delete the recording


i already uploaded it to the cloud


my computer didnt come with the cloud


my fishing is level 58


dont mention it unless its in increments of 5


58 is more important than 55


only bring it up if the level is a prime number


58 is the prime of a fishers life when a fisherboy becomes a fisherman


never caught a fish before fishing seems boring


its just hunting but less skill baste however you dont feel as bad for killing the animal because its much more tard


deers are some of the stupidest animals on earth


yet fish have brains 15 times smaller in comparison


what about octopi and dolphins


those arent fish you dont fish those unless youre jap and octopi that get caught are the tard ones the smart ones are in aquariums rigging the world cup


lmao mueller got trip to admit that russia interfered with the election


who cares


bet dolphin is delicious


File: 1518852928914.png (1.93 MB, 1300x1823, 1518675022633.png)


dolphins are very intelligent creatures they develop close relationships and mourn the loss of friends and have giant brains and have weaponized some of their adaptations and sort of use tools and theyre one of the few animals along with humans that really enjoys snapping other species theres gotta be some link between snapping and being smart its like if the smart guys realised they could skip to the front of the line while the dumb ones waited their turn


yeah and they take sexy little babies to their underwater snap caves


napped for a few hours and had to read over 350 posts

sorry i was asleep


sexy little babies LOVE dolphins so its not snap they get flipped instead hehe thinking about the flipper thread



wish i had a court jew


im jew


i desire amusement bring forth the court blog


File: 1518854138557.jpg (85.08 KB, 512x768, 512px-15_Hofjude_Lämmle_Seeligmann.JPG)


another night without gaming after i planned for it all day sigh im going to rest now


same i will do it tomorrow


die gamers


hey nb what music did you listen to as a kid i was really into shitty pop rock like blink 182 and my chemical romance


i dont remember


nb listened to pantera


yeah pantera is baste



really big bone


ill deal with it in the morning


hey hima hows it going


hey hima just woke up you there


gonno scape all day today hehe


miss my bro bikenig


just woke up hima


still dont know what eop is


hope that the guy that keeps posting about politics and saying lol and lmao got perma banned


read all the posts from last night hehe they were good ones


wish i had some parmesan rn


dealt with it early


nice one himago


nice whwat



File: 1518881234757.png (213.5 KB, 972x1400, Takagi_c74_01.png)

new takagi is out my brothers




only read adult takagi


sigh why must you subject yourself to such kuso


phew takagi was really sexual today


File: 1518882348326.png (26.61 KB, 158x157, saber.png)

restocking up on ''natto' today

i also found the face this pic reminded me of


have you got any tardyelling sketches


money checks in my mailbox boys cant get it cuz that theres a stash spot and thats not all i got other cash lots
banks my crib my pockets in fat knots


spit that fire rapseki


its out



saw a cute as heck blond loli outside with denim shorts and a pink top



nice what tags did you use on danbooru


first off theres nothing more shameful than being a dannorm second dont talk to me


hate gelbooru ads


love how they put granny porn ads on a site where everyone goes for loli


File: 1518888330610.png (89.49 KB, 808x612, yrcamp.png)

no but i watched the first episode of yuru camp today


you could simply use the ublock gelbooru filter


reeled in several thousand fish
but a seafood dinner was not my wish
rather than throwing them back tp the sea
they lie rotting on the riverbank with me


baste doggo


File: 1518890488159.png (74.6 KB, 806x604, pospill.png)


explain whats around her neck is it a zipper


ya its a big big zipper


stay up for just one more hour ok


is it a ykk zipper


you need to show the last few unzipped teeth of her jacket thats a very important detail


of course only japans finest zipper

ive never considered doing that it sounds cute i might from now on thank you


always feel wrong when a lewdish idea involving your oc comes to mind sigh


its important to make it look like clothes instead of a spacesuit1


mindblowing that every character is someones oc


what about historical ones


theyre gods ocs


ya jesus christ was the original mary sue


File: 1518892244780.gif (101.23 KB, 1200x353, 1981-01-15.gif)

this one made me smile


File: 1518893081291.jpg (236.42 KB, 1024x782, 1518891885768.jpg)


sigh well never hear pnigs tard stories in the justice system


strangely relaxing to listen to while drawing


what the heck
while listening to it i think i just heard moms older brother call in


praying for the day when momgf gets hit by a bus


waiting for the dayiI can take a niggas life
and when i do i promise ill think twice


kitty kind of looks like garfield


garfield is nice


no they werent aninorm


it cant be helped


getting drowsy


afraid of seeing a psych he might label me a narcissist or something


im a narcissist




oh god pnig where are you theyve just literally revealed goku BLANCO


pnig will never get to watch super again


why wouldnt he


they dont show anime in the big house


hes going to die of stress in prison like an old man


wonder if jails have their own barbers or if they contract that work out


he isnt going to go to prison and even if he does hell only be there for a year


hell be jumped into a gang on his moms instruction and made to shank on order his sentence will be extended thusly in perpetuity


only a year this past week has probably felt longer for him than the past decade
in prison hell be forced to do different things every day and itll be like 20 years for him before he kills himself


sean said i have an intellectual presence on the jp spinoffs hehe


hell trade his asshole for a normphone so he can watch anime and post on hima


you get used to it quick its like getting a job its unthinkable when youre a neet but after you get used to it its not that bad


your soul is different from his


but sean is insane so


turt will turn face and bust pnig out of jail




cam ``skorzeny'' cassady


all this will set up a turtnig alliance while bitterseki goes heel and teams up the otagang


i dont have the charisma to manipulate imageboard posters


drawing my oc hehe shes sooo cute


can anyone honestly say theyve been envious of me even once


who are you


its me the scumblimp


no its me onseki


my uncle has an iphone he uses to browse facebook and hes been in prison for years so its possible though he was also a gang member for years as well


im envious of you onseki


die impersonator


same i wish i had a deligirl to flip


i dont care about flipping i just wish i was a norm like onseki


speaking of deligirl how are you two doing seki


its not that great


its a temporary fling


he mindbroke deligirl and now hes pimping her out to support his weed addiction


how is being a norm not great


its not that great its just more stress than i need
the only thing that calms me down is posting on hima and listening to music


you know why youre stressed all that marijuana youre smoking son you need to cut that crap out


degirl is a hag


she wont ever be the same once seki has her in his vice


listening to some vipper


watch as my new miata crawl


i need to do this


stop watching that homos videos


golden one is baste


nah hes a faguette




hes a queer sodomite bum bandit


how do i summon an elf


i only know the succubus ritual


wonder if the genes himabros have would give their daughters big or small boobs


mom is a flatgirl


File: 1518900596254.png (1.03 MB, 1920x1080, 13131213.png)

>Lobby: 100% QA
>PW: 1% fun

Valentine's event out.

Poor nocoiners can listen to the new voices in the stream:


im emo


just realized that sam hyde is just a t ripoff


hehe finished drawing my first daughter now to draw my second


dont draw daughters


mom ynajed me


howd you respond


i raised a mighty hell


moms still trying to get me that finance assistant job


i said im trying im bored of doing nothing and i want money
none of that is true though


im bored of doing nothing


boys you must find a skill that you enjoy and hone it to a point where you can make money off of it carpentering for example


you dont have to been good at carpentering just not bad


die normchink


i really like the girl i draw to represent myself most of the time because shes cute and half shark but i also like my other mascot character because shes an android


dont you flipping dare use a female avatar


gettin hella drowsy


used to think this video was so cool


had a cry


die crier



last time i cried was years ago when i crashed hard after 2 straight days of ritalin induced euphoria


nice drugbro


that episode isnt typical for me




teenbros love to use their drugs but more than that they love to tell about it to others online


gonno snooze


File: 1518907123145.png (702.57 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Slow Start - 07 [720p].mkv_snap….png)



File: 1518907211593.png (33.52 KB, 296x97, snooze.png)




moms whining about her coworkers again





why not


its swedish masaokis he has the gasmask and everything


File: 1518909395452.jpg (Spoiler Image, 998.03 KB, 960x1280, image.jpg)



moms going to grill up some burgers for dinner


File: 1518911127665.jpg (530.6 KB, 1280x1808, 23.jpg)


phew nice



File: 1518911470488.jpg (615.17 KB, 1280x1808, 21.jpg)

dont bully meg


anyone want to play age of mythology


wish i knew how to play dota


im too dumb


got some burger king


how do i learn how to play dota


watch this


you shouldnt hate him just because he voted for bernie he wanted what was best



bernie was a russian plant too


its going to be a great underdog story for eg i cant wait until ti
hopefully they kick sumail


they wont win a thing unless zfreek is kicked


it was her turn


is this 10 hour video really going to help learn how to play dota


no its just patch notes dont watch it


i only watched the first 9 minutes


is pastaguy here


pastaguy is playing dota




it wouldnt be so bad if he didnt always talk like he was some dota authority his whole persona is suppose to be like the dota encyclopedia but his analysis is usually dumb as hell


I wanted to log into and play my rs account but you can't do it on the website anymore why did they do that




did it work


no i cant even do it with internet explorer...


saw lots of cute lolis today


oog lolis


chrome is using 100% of my cpu what do i do


i had to abandon pale moon because i had too many tabs


they call me the beefblog


hell yeah zfreek


is turt unbanned yet


yeah wassup


File: 1518917868809.gif (475.74 KB, 480x270, 1518914413975.gif)


love aoi so much


dead hours gonno snooze soon


love you guys so much


love that feel when you draw a female body and just go phew


the fast hours are going to start soon


love that feel when you stomp a pumpkinhead and just go phew


weve got a jaina game this is going to be exciting


shite normgame


is voice chat always on in that game




mine does


blimp blogzkit


my name is bloooooooooog



watching kill la kill vids


i gotta find out who killed my dad


nice lifequest



klk has a good ost


love dumb sawano songs they get me pumped


hate sawano hiroyuki stupid hipster shit


dumb hipster


i flippin love swords


The katana strike
The flashing blade


wish i was swiss



uli is baste as hell


tlo roll call


We dine peasant style brother


dont eat nachos get some kale and boil it


try deez nuts


get some meat to boil instead


boil my ass


reinstalling dota


Arena nexus is better than dota




that was a good post




think ill snooze later hima bye bye


does girlsnap happen as much as it does in anime


how does it happen at all unless one of the girls has a penis


are you still awake


any pnig updates




sigh good luck




stay up for 1.5 more hours


die decimalnorm



File: 1518929863421.png (390.49 KB, 1500x2200, newyear2.png)

my babies


confused if those are shorts are 2 pairs of socks


accidentally saved that


havent jod in literal minutes


cant remember the last time i jod


why did that guy tell me to stay up


hes lonely


watch the news 1.5 hours after I posted that
its gonno be big


dont overdo it with the beer mate


what news


all of them
youll see


ill be watching al jazeera then




should i open a bottle of gsnap piss




get some homemade mead instead


when im typing up a quality post on hima i dont imagine myself saying the words they just kind of flow from my fingers
its more like instinctive or primal no thinking involved






i reckon they call me the lone blimp


wish people didnt hate me so much sigh


you cant talk to neetblog like that even if youre talking to yourself show some respect


i laugh at my own posts sometimes im even howling at them


you ever done improv comedy dude
if youre the same guy who usually comes up with spontaneous stuff consider me inpressed


i do this


that wasnt me


you got a talent theres guys making 50k a year making memes with witty text bud


che kechi


its vile


whers her boobs


did pnig ever give an update


he is not using his one phone call on hima


hes not in jail


why wouldnt he its fine no one cares about ole bolnig anymore


girls might as well be a whole different species truly mindblowing that we are expected to share things and do things together when we are so vastly different


nice incel


ted was right


those bastards



cleaned my ears


love me da


File: 1518935323532.png (4.89 KB, 205x67, bad man.png)




why is gran calling tp a bad man when shes posing with him in her avatar


heroes are often misunderstood


wish hed drop by and give us the 411


well hima is one of the few things i have in this life so yeah i probably would


used to think he was joking about his name being kenneth thats real cute


what did you say to throatpuncher



thats sad


thinking about making a facebook account so i can give tp a piece of my mind


next july ill smash his air conditioner



未来が眩しくて見えない take a shave


not a fan of chos


dont you flipping dare remove a syllable


nachos are a snack not a meal


you are simply not eating enough nachos if you think that


hi hima making some turkey melts hows it goin




die fatneet



nah that rabbit got owned


phew im gonno watch the new super now hehe


youre just dumb


flipping vlc refuses to work im mad




my fishing level is now 65


my fishing level is now 59


pick wd hes baste


File: 1518943588596.jpg (486.62 KB, 1060x1500, 1412978234372-0.jpg)

sigh moms can be so cruel sometimes brothers


sigh neo hima


love mom ntr



watching wan pieす


what should i do


hes my favorite hero too tied with techies


because mom flippers are sick in the head


what about yokkora


why not




coffee time


can someone flip a coin for me heads i jo tails i dont jo


File: 1518949384089.png (24.38 KB, 660x390, Capture.PNG)


e coin flips do not work since they are not influenced by things like weight


flipped a quarter and got tails


File: 1518950442436.png (101.97 KB, 1912x958, 23234242.png)




baste trev


so wheres the mansion gonno be


stop drinking wine


nice thanks


File: 1518955682004.jpg (130.44 KB, 790x1200, DWQ6sT_VMAAlo_o.jpg)



File: 1518958302402.jpg (61.41 KB, 600x800, DWR5M5OVoAEqsqI.jpg)


i flipped that cup she has been flipped






File: 1518963004060.jpg (236.01 KB, 1200x1200, DV4kCobVwAAcZ0e.jpg)


its written mostly by women themselves and they focus on things different from what males like


girls write lolisnap not momflip


you couldnt be more wrong


had a weird dream where ikebukuro was in denver


File: 1518970380071.png (1.11 MB, 1334x878, 28.png)


they write stories about lolis getting flipped not snapped
its not snap when they always say please snap my loli kitty with your big adult bone
though sometimes the lolis snap a shota


he can touch whatever he wans


fool most girls draw snap and abuse


stop talking about lolis you stupid incel flips you will NEVER flip a loli


girls draw 90 percent of ntr


File: 1518973652061.png (117.21 KB, 529x311, ybCOkDI.png)

turt you should have done this bud


baste virgs




im loli


is pasta guy here




the default subtitle font and font size in mpv is ghastly


File: 1518978459037.jpg (415.35 KB, 1280x1880, 15.jpg)

blizzard gave me 7 free days of wow, think i might level a character




cant find how to change the font


Can't decide what realm to pick

Are you on windows or linux? Change your conf file

sub-font='Comic Sans MS'

see the https://mpv.io/manual/master/
"--sub-" options


any updates


gonno have a cry


emerald dream


after hima goes down where will we go


why? i picked dalaran because i liked that city in wotlk


you should only be playing on illidan or sargeras


i lay on moonguard because i like to jo to draenei ass


its a rp pvp realm with a balanced horde and alliance ratio and theres no cross realm sharding on rp realms
if you dont care about sharding then choose one of the huge realms like illidan for horde or stormrage for alliance because theres no upside to low pop realms these days


we who
you me and the vg and sc2 raiders i dont know


i dont know what sharding means but you seem informed. i only got to level 2 so ill just restart


im going to prove them wrong every last one of them who doubted me


shut up retatd


and then theres this >>730423 absolute faguette that can post here now simply by refusing to leave and now helps to destroy hima by interacting with raiders from god knows where this time not that it matters since he proved that the only thing you have to do is refuse to leave and wait for sensory accommodation kicks in


sis sent me this i wonder if she knows about jp


why dont you leave if you think hima is done

is this another one of your episodes




is pastaguy here


why dont you kill yourself you narcissistic sociopath


got brain freeze


drawing really calms me down


morning ken


its afternoon


File: 1518987468573.webm (340.01 KB, 628x866, 1515095259536.webm)


any updates


stuck on the index but still no new posts sigh


cant stop pissing in sinks


saw a heely loli hehe


simply get a piss cactus


think ill make a burg


hey hima postin from work
lolis are outside the store selling cookies i bought some thin mints
of of the lolis dads just died the other day but her and mom and her are outside selling cookies isn't that sad


thats very disrespectful


mom raged at me for pissing on the house tree when i was young


fool you should have bought samoas


i only eat the tagalongs


gonno havea ragesnooze


i eat tagalongs you eat shit


thin mints are the only acceptable cookie


wonder if i should accept that posituon and finally get a job



how does it feel to be a wage slave


wish i was a wage slave


then get a job like uli


i cant im mute


are you worthless


simply sell scape gold


hate when im scaping and people ask me if im a bot


they call me the botblog the greatest green dragon slayer this world has seen


dragon aspects were always the worst part of warcraft


File: 1518992377854.webm (2.98 MB, 1280x720, alex.webm)

theyre the best part of hots




looks like someone was too lazy to make new animations for that mount


ya its the horse one


made $300 selling my poebux


hope you sold it for bitcoin


it pinches but its better than being neet where every pleasure in life is at the whim of someone who makes money


so it just plain pinches with no real redeeming qualities okay


wish i had stuff to spend money on


spend money on me


okay what do you want me to buy you


i dont know


simply do some solo raids


die scapenorms


nothin norm


tardlaughing remembering looks maxing


thinking of going to the dollar store


balls are stinging hima this is it i think its time to die


File: 1518994158256.jpg (41.02 KB, 585x687, looksmaxed.jpg)


feelin pretty shite


mindblowing how looks maxing is a rral thing


turt looksmaxed and look at him now


thats what you get for being a jonorm


maxed looks cant make up for having a personality like turt


thats why i dont bother looksmaxing


File: 1518994895237.jpg (164.32 KB, 892x477, urTB3Y1.jpg)

me before and after looks maxing


insane how his hair went from brown to blond


he is suffering


hes happy building houses with dad


i am suffering




flip you all



dont post varg


The things I need to survive, I already have.
What I truly need however - what I yearn for - was destroyed 70 years ago. 


who is this on the left again


yeah haha i just forgot who is that again just help me remember haha


are you frustrated


someone told me before but i dont remember isnt it pastaguy or something


File: 1518996775526.jpg (60.63 KB, 950x480, wbros.jpg)


dont know who that is either i forget everything about personanorms the instant i read the next post


still cant recognize pnig posts but apparently its easy i just dont get it


the new face of hima
its not a board for a certain group of people that were left without a home after the w its for people that post things that the admin personally likes and to hell with anyone that has a problem with that


frying up some eggs


sorry i dont have an answer either and i dont think you will get one by asking them


if its a group like sc2 just ban them


its an individual who misguidedly confused complacency with acceptance now he refuses to leave


raiders are hima heritage you cant ban them


its the age of kenbol now no one cares about those old busted personas


love when hima oldfags get bh when they realize not everyone obsesses about dumb old meme shit because they realize that theyre obsessively held onto something that no one cares about except them


oh god so embarrassing


i side with the raider


same i cringed hard reading >>730527


its easily preventable even now theres still hope


pass me that mod pw just for a night while you make those nachos


ok its sexybabygonno69flipthatlittlebaby*blaze420+69695564239

good luck finding the username


is strong zero even good


thought that the password couldnt be more than 30 characters long


thank you for your empty reply
now for my rebuttal



File: 1518999024916.png (21.11 KB, 369x205, bastetube.png)


luna likes it which means it must be good


invite some randoms from /wowg/ to make the board even better


dont do that


i would take 20 wowg posts over 1 about calling your gf mom or selling and buying cars


culling people like you is how you maintain a community
hima is a board thats simply used as a medium of communication between a certain group of friends that should be able to post about whatever they want and either comment about it and start a conversation or not and just let the subject die
hima is not a free for all board for anyone to post about certain topics like a 4chan or 8ch board and if you want that you should go to one of them

i dont want to post about certain things i want to post with certain people those people being my himabros that ive been posting with for over five years


I've been thinking of stepping down from admin for a while. Maybe now would be a good time. Compared to before, things just aren't as fun as they used to be. Realistically, would anyone want to take over for everything? The site as is now costs $6 per month, plus the additional cost of SSL and domain cost each year, which is less than $20 if I remember correctly. I've already given someone else the admin account because I'd like to be able to post as just another user instead of worrying about the site, but I still find myself worrying. If you're interested please let me know by posting here. The admin email gets so much spam that I won't check it. You would have to make an account with a host and somehow transfer the site to the host of your choosing.


yeah but you only want to post about cars and moms with the himanorms


i dont know anything about cars and i dont have or plan on ever having a gf but nice strawman
i look for what i believe is right not what helps me


baste bolmako getting ready for his stay in the big house


i can afford it but i dont think that i should be the admin or a mod for that matter


a power tripper or doxer is going to take over this aint good


All that stuff seems like it's also been bad for the site. Turt has probably told everyone on Facebook about Hima, and honestly I don't know why. It makes me nervous thonking about who now may be viewing the site at any time. I've posted about not wanting to stay on as the admin before and was told to do what I wanted and relax, but it's just not even remotely fun anymore. I don't want to be questioned for something I have no connection with. I don't think anyone would.


All that stuff seems like it's also been bad for the site. Turt has probably told everyone on Facebook about Hima, and honestly I don't know why. It makes me nervous thonking about who now may be viewing the site at any time. I've posted about not wanting to stay on as the admin before and was told to do what I wanted and relax, but it's just not even remotely fun anymore. I don't want to be questioned for something I have no connection with. I don't think anyone would.


ill take over himako ill put a really descriptive title in the email because im not posting my email for you


not turt im 99 percent sure that it was haysuz




hope this is pastaguy hes the only one id trust with my ip


nah im onseki


Already can't remember the new admin password so I can't delete the double post. Can't remember where the numbers went or even what the words were. I guess I'll try checking through the host later.


isnt it full of qa or whatever now


As it is now, there is maybe one month left before hosting service will be stopped, although I will retain ownership of the domain for at least another eight months.


shouldve gotten pnigs battletag flip


onseki will ban me from hima like he banned me from the discord


I should probably ask, does anyone even want the site to continue? Warosu is back, Ota is there. Is there a need for Himasugi?


i dont ban anyone that was the mod i had before


I'm going to go for a walk and try to get warm and cheer up a bit. I laughed for the first time in weeks today, but it seems it was just a fluke.


sigh wish i could go out for a drink with old himako she needs one


File: 1519001484632.jpg (2.36 MB, 3000x4604, 1386918217677.jpg)

the last traces of those dreamlike days.....


everyones already given up knowing id be the own controlling it
maybe someone else should take it




a real bad man


wonder how trev would react if we aped his site for blog threads


kinda attached to hima at this point but its up to you guys


gonno snooze now dont do anything rash while im snoozing


i disagree i think hima is an essential part of most of the posters lives here warosu has captchas and pinches anyway


feelin bad for the seki now too


do you know who i am or youre just guessing




File: 1519002609277.png (154.33 KB, 954x423, turt.png)


hes just larping


excited for navi already its just ten months away




no links but they said that its coming in 2018 and knowing amd that means december 2018


its gonno be a homerun this time just like ryzen without raja to sabotage it trust me


baste otascaper


ok im gonno snooze for real now sorry


are you still awake




stay up a little more


guess ill race


feeling nervous that i might have appendicitis


why do people assume pnig is himako


yeah i wonder why


used to like turt before he started acting like this same with freak but at least freak posts normally now


sorry im already snoozin


lmao that spam is probably my fault i use your email to post on some places temporarily sorry about that dude




"impartial" like banning everything you dont like




still waiting for that email bolemako


running a site like hima is bound to destroy the admin emotionally and mentally


not really all you have to do is add banners and clean up spam and thats it
it only destroyed pnig because he let it


pnigs ass is being destroyed in jail right now


the name implies endless free time i hope no norm takes up the mantle


please no


hes not in jail right now


why hasnt he given any updates


he doesnt want to incriminate himself any further


i wont hypothesize anything until he gets back to my email but i dont think he wants to give up the domain or admin control he just wants someone else to cover the server costs and do moderation


he said he already gave someone else the admin account which doesnt really do anything important
not sure if hes saying hell keep the domain for eight months because thats when it expires or if theres a meaningful reason for eight months


this video inspired me to taper off my time on the 4 it was kind of stupid of me to make hima just another timesink hope you bros can one day just go out there and be happy


nice normvid


sigh something bad is going to happen


flip off skipper


its coolsuz


if the admin account does nothing then what the fuck is used to do admin stuff


anyone else ever watch vids with the sound off and vividly hear what theyre saying


the admin account controls almost nothing vichan is mostly fiddled with through the server itself


dont reply to me cur


duegimin should be the new admin


you mean neetblog


im too dumb to set up an imageboard


i volunteer nopersona as the new admin


snooze time
gotta wake up at 430


i think you meant 420 blazeseki


i dont report posts because it takes me back to the index page


i dont report awful posts and spam because i value every post


simply love lolis


this is depressing


havent seen a loli in years


recalibrated my monitor settings and everything looks so much nicer hard to think i was looking at everything through a yellow tint this entire time.


thats better for your eyes


we can just go back to warosu


ya but as an original picture creator its important that my colors are true to hue


Walked around and I just got cold, which makes things feel worse. I'm going to go to bed and check emails tomorrow. Times like this make me wish I had a warm soft cat to help warm me up. I hope I'm not getting sick.


i hope whatever happens in a few months people will be laughing and having fun again


himago dont go we need you


accidentally made an optical illusion


post it


okay im brushing my tooth and snoozing


ill post it when its finished


any update


ill miss you so much hima even if yoyre dispersed in the same places


we need to stick together


get aids and die you freak


love the banner of the kancolle girls looking down at the camera with disgusted faces


do you have a penis


yes and its huge


why would someone with a huge penis want to look like a sissy


it doesnt make sense for someone with a small penis to look like a girl either were men for flips sake


im not a man im a manbaby


you are a proud man


wish i was a proud loli instead


wouldnt it be better to be a man with a lgf


being the lgf would be ideal




File: 1519013887908.jpg (1.39 MB, 1638x1953, __eila_ilmatar_juutilainen_miyafuji_yoshika_an….jpg)


vile little angels




what would you do if you were


why arent you cute


you can change all of those things except the neet part though


im not that person but my hairy genes cannot be stopped even by waxing


permanent laser hair removal is pretty cheap


oh its kind of painful though


girls can sperm


turts ideal male body is like zyzz bit with a small penis


just get hrt


if you were a girl you wouldnt have any bros since everyone would want to flip you


i would pretend to be a boy on hima its fine


File: 1519016751723.png (1.43 MB, 2600x2000, imgbrdvrsn.png)

if you look at her arms one appears to look darker than the other when in reality they are both the same shade


girls already want to flip me


File: 1519016992185.jpg (473.07 KB, 1250x1120, 663e48119608d319704647e3278456b384aab66e284c3d….jpg)


wish i knew what feet smelled like


y yamero


sigh woke up and read some worrying stuff


like what


scroll up


im too retarded to worry




sounds like an iosys song


no im pretty sure a few wbros have died already


the next phase of the simulation is beginning


im not ready i havent finished all the achievements in this one yet


just get them on the new game+


this time i wont press random in character creation



File: 1519020958043.jpg (589.21 KB, 850x1400, __ibuki_suika_touhou_drawn_by_nishiuri__9b85ad….jpg)

nice hips


dont those hips mean that shes been eating a bit too much


no its just bone structure idiot


cant get myself to watch this video


love suika




hell yeah


schizo brother tards out when he knows the internet is on but when the whole family is out and cant hotspot him he resets the router to default settings and sets it up again very interesting


love a good snow monkey


File: 1519028760659.jpg (526.22 KB, 1060x1500, 1412977723196-2.jpg)

mommy stop


hey hima woke up hows it going


simply get a nice kitty to snooze on your lap all day


but then youd have to flip pedneets instead of lolis


ya thats what i do its great


being a loli blows trust me


makin coffee





phew hima nothing like the smell of coffee right after waking up its enough to put a big dumb smile on my face


10 Limited McD's Chicken Tatsuta & Tartar!! With Nuggets & 5 Choco Pies!



File: 1519035100775.jpg (71.13 KB, 1280x720, Homeland.S07E02.720p.WEB.H264-DEFLATE.mkv_snap….jpg)

almost spit out me drink


hima going to the airport in three hours im anxious its scary


its the fate of every board thats theme baste instead of community baste


you are going to get pulled aside and searched


being sent to the headquarters by myself for training


thanks sigh


bad luck


File: 1519038657390.jpg (32.22 KB, 480x360, 1519022719099.jpg)


mom used to sing that book to me might cry if i think about it too much


File: 1519046611854.swf (7 MB, Madotsuki 01.swf)


File: 1519047550895.gif (1.9 MB, 841x522, 8.gif)



sachiko is by far the worst cinderella girl


thinking about biting the bullet and throwing some neo geo games onto the snes classic they both have the same amount of buttons on the controller itd be perfect


goodness theres sooo many fighting games


contemplating on hiding that my nephew is in the room but its also nice


hey guys im still at work but i caught up and read the posts i missed and theyre great when i get home ill quote some good ones


just remembered i own a gaming laptop with an intel 4770 and a gtx 750m
why the flip am i gaming on my desktop that doesnt even have a gpu


turns out the free 7 day wow membership didn't work. i dont know why they even emailed me about it


to trick you into paying for it


ban this guy already holy shit


File: 1519064680204.png (1.76 MB, 1440x810, lupinpato1.png)

theres a black guy who speaks fluent japanese in the super sentai


File: 1519064735548.png (1.91 MB, 1440x810, lupinpato2.png)

the mascot character this season is cute too


kill yourself


lmao idubbbzbis epic as flip




File: 1519065330101.jpg (102.34 KB, 1280x720, 1478218816252.jpg)




File: 1519065791354-0.png (2.31 MB, 1440x810, lupinpato3.png)

File: 1519065791354-1.png (2.3 MB, 1440x810, lupinpato4.png)

theres also two sets of rangers in this series

i love gundam san


File: 1519066269519.png (327.76 KB, 800x713, 1519062171642.png)


dont reply to me



arent you a little tsuntsun girl


dead hours


desperately need a wank


resisted joing thus far today satan mustnt tempt me further


File: 1519069281687.jpg (341.06 KB, 656x900, 1458821764597.jpg)


i had a jo today it was my last chance for the next week


sigh the col game is scheduled for 6am dont think im gonno be awake


well they failed


phew hima finally able to post what a weird day hows it goin


less than 40 posts in the last 10 hours whats up with that sigh


making rice for some ketchup eggs and rice


no ketchup


himako is depressed and pnig is gone


yes ketchup


himako never emailed me


Can the guy with the admin password please email me the password? I'm checking stuff now. The admin email is fine.


File: 1519076917684.jpg (23.26 KB, 640x480, hima (2).jpg)