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pasta guy said he would make a spinoff


you never truly realize how much you care about something until you lose it


yes you did


lets get some gmm embeds and inexplicable bans going to help it feel like old hima


it bums me out a little to think that ill never see that sassy little sage posting proper prose tsundere admin posting again


himago ?


105 posts left


hmm thinking about going for a walk around the lake its so nice out


can we start getting 500 posts a day again ok


lol that's not going to happen hahah


not unless you start spammning other sites again


maybe i'll post more or something


i can legit get 500 a d ay cap


File: 1519257006548.png (48.57 KB, 183x183, 1431974422116.png)

cam inside hima & co. she was hot
and shit was so cash



onseki i hope you change the admin password and demod all of the wks you cant trust these people


wonder how angry koreans would be if they put in a sc patch



File: 1519259080368.png (3.05 KB, 245x74, turt.png)

cant believe onseki banned his bastebro turt


eat my ass


turt alone would merely be comical but with his worshiper hes quite a nuisance


nice neo-gnfos.com redirects to hima now






the future looks bright looking forward to see how sekisugi plays out


how does it look bright the power is already going to his head


high potential for the wks getting bh


onsekis gonno protect his discordbros instead of keeping himas integrity hima is finished


wish onseki hadnt banned me from the discord


do you need something relayed




ill tell them you said hey


let gnfossugi start on a fresh page out with the old threads in with the new


sean said hey back


File: 1519261632782.jpg (529.37 KB, 960x1280, 1509871449033.jpg)



tell sean hes a flippin norm and i hate him


i dont know all of the scv personalities is that "tin" or "toot"


gonno snooz


baste tin


i think toot is the one who drinks skol


die raiders


2.8–5% alc/vol so its probably piss



this is what came up when i googled it


heres your chance to prove yourself onseki
ban the scvnorms


only drink strong zero


die alconorms


i dont drink vodka because im not a commie sob my drink is AMERICAN whiskey



i only drink cheap bourbon


this is a blogweiser only board


hey what up boys just got the message


nice gsnapnorm


dont like alcohol because i feel out of control of myself


File: 1519262370465.png (80.29 KB, 647x177, Screenshot from 2018-02-21 20-19-02.png)

scvbros incomin


would be a lot more accepting of sekisugi if it was physically different in some way


just use the report feature and ill get to it


code red onseki do something NOW



what what


hes saying youre a nigger for drinking cheap bourbon


seki dont do shit hands off my man take a tip from the oatmeister


turt you seein this


i might be a nigger but at least im not a chump




ban the retarded spic


as long as normseki is the only one with access to the mod panel everything is gonno go alright
you other flippers had your chance and you killed the site


nb seki says youre not banned from the discord anymore


hope he deletes hima and replaces it with gnfos one night while everyone is snoozing for a laugh


need to shower badly


nowadays all i drink is blogweiser because im too scared to go to the store to buy liquor


tell onseki he can pinch my dick


File: 1519262847895.jpg (47.78 KB, 643x480, 1519262734030.jpg)


if anyone needs a link to the discord https://www.himasugi.org/cp/res/1.html
hijacked that thread because it seems like it would be a funny url to copy paste somewhere hehe


love that they can put any picture you want on a cake within 24 hours




File: 1519262990044.jpg (118.8 KB, 780x731, 1506884382001.jpg)

this is going to be you


do you think himako had an actual mental breakdown i cant think of another reason why after almost 3 years he would give the site over to onseki completely in 5 seconds


did he die or something


gonno snooze flip this



i am


File: 1519263071813.jpg (107.93 KB, 576x1024, 1516852904756.jpg)

this is gonno be me


stay up for 1 more hour theres something big coming


i think pnig was himako


think of how many other personalities browse this site that arent the owner of gnfos and the gnfos discord


no shit


i cant sorry


i want to flip hideri


onseki was in it for the long con


wasnt gonno crack open a blogweiser tonight but i changed my mind


i only took gnfos because i didnt want the people there to invest other boards and it kind of worked i guess
the discord was made by someone else prior to me owning gnfos
it was transferred to me by that person because i was the only one regularly online
not making excuses but my allegiance is to hima not gnfos or whatevers left of it


*buys gnfos and runs it for 2 years*
*takes control of the gnfos discord and posts in it daily*
uhh i love hima haha


and yet gnfos never even got 10000 posts so whats your definition of running it


next time put asparagus in with the nachos and then melt cheese over all of it


the esportnorms havent been posting did they go back to scv


File: 1519263558338.png (16.77 KB, 713x276, b.png)

seki whats going on here bud are you already getting drunk on power


they were posting earlier skipper


lmao just realized ill never see a bolemako post again
>It makes me nervous thonking about who now may be viewing the site at any time
your worries then vs your worries now thinking if youll get your asshole stretched tonight


is someone going to break into his apartment and stretch his asshole


>honestly I don't know why
imagine being this arrogant and detached

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