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place your bets


all in on blog


it really seems like all players from ragnaros are br or at least really bad


also my trip to target today was postponed due to lazy i hope i can wake up earlier and go tomorrow


File: 1517821910610.png (1.04 MB, 1200x1600, df104e18e05393c6c7c0ee68b8d3d32d.png)


i think i might like these more than gmm it seems you can get to know the guys better than on gmm but link still seems like an asshole


i fold


File: 1517823579684.jpg (859.94 KB, 1236x953, 73bc60cd4e07c7ab0867d4a916b8f254.jpg)


File: 1517823834637.jpg (69.24 KB, 640x400, 16508.jpg)


sexy sleeping girl


File: 1517824268798-0.jpg (423.44 KB, 1280x1886, P045.jpg)

File: 1517824268798-1.jpg (401.87 KB, 1280x1888, P046.jpg)


link me




File: 1517825967563.png (68.32 KB, 228x176, Screenshot_2016-10-24_at_2.56.36_AM.png)


i hope when i get older i dont have as many problems at these guys they went to six flags and it sounded like they couldnt even enjoy it because link was worried about carrying stuff and rhett was worried about ride malfunction


dead hours countless others must have gotten lost


flip you just tell me the artist


cant you recognize from the creepy faces


File: 1517828963757.jpg (310.53 KB, 1280x720, [Leopard-Raws] Youkai Watch - 204 RAW (TX 1280….jpg)

nice fumi


had a blackout no power at all




did you start burning the furniture for warmth


completely dead gonno snooze


just woke up


been awake for almost 4 hours forgot to tell hima


hey hima just woke up hows it goin


sometimes it fun to just kick back and a play a little bit of super mario world


akaris laugh face emote is majide cute


seeing espresso link makes me want to take several shots of espresso


File: 1517851707841.jpeg (1.8 MB, 2000x1500, 024a0c3cc0e2ce581e6a54948ce414b4.jpeg)


spoiled brat


the future is bleak


its time


the future is the only thing im looking forward to


his dad is probably so proud of him i wish i could make my dad proud


drawing roll chwuaaan


how do i use zero brightness in the day time


skye really is some sort of anomalous prodigy i mean even as a very very young teen he was pretty skilled at flash animation for his age as well as a multi talent all the while living in hawaii of all places


he really is imagine making something half as good as this at this age


he really is clever when it comes to ideas one of my favorites was a video he uploaded recording his class project and there was a portion where he ran out the classroom and timed it so that the video playing showed him appearing seconds later also his tallyhall fan mvs are also really good


mom took me to a broadway play about mormons


File: 1517855070719-0.mp3 (8.44 MB, 05 - こんなにかわいいスカーレッツが私のお嬢様なはずがない.mp3)

File: 1517855070719-1.jpg (66.13 KB, 450x600, 99b2357b2885619782de20fee19d57db.jpg)

really enjoying this song


did you know that was made by the writers of south park


yeah she told me and i recognized matt stone and trey parker used to watch south park years ago


whys sakuya singing like a flipping tard and talking about flan on a septette remix


shes ped


adjusted vivaldi just a bit more and its smooth as heck really loving it but i still use chrome for doing downloads en masse


oh youre referring to the fact its neither of their themes it seems as long as the character has some sort of close connection to the theme iosys will use whatever character they please


lolis hate it when you forget their theme and use their sisters instead sakuya is done for trust me


sigh having trouble deciding a favorite touhou baste on fan personalities listening to IOSYS 紫雨UNITED series really made me like the patchy marisa alice triangle dynamic but i also like the voice they use for kaguya and the idea of neet moon princess is sooo funny to me but from a design standpoint i love nitori however all the characters from embodiment of the scarlet devil mansion are all really good and iconic as well not to mention reimu is a classic and has so much value to her character plus all the other iconic characters in the series just simply too many to name sigh what to do what to do


nice secondary


i like tewi because shes the sexiest one


relieving to hear that word here on hima it truly retains the True Spirit


didnt freak call someone a secondary the other day when he was raging about felt


that was me


hi hima woke up like two hours ago took a nice shower brushed me teeth and flossed pet the kitty watched the second half of 68s rosemarys baby and made a bottle of coffee which im now drinkin hows it going


File: 1517857421998.jpg (75 KB, 402x500, 9bc5403508fa2bf4536a0a061d2992c2.jpg)

hey its roll


read that thinking you flossed the kitty for a second


when gf bots become a thing ill get a roll one


cant floss a kitty silly


yes you can


i think humanity will reach a point where everyone will just upload their consciousness into a computer and we will continue living on living in whatever virtual world we choose as whatever type of person we want in fact whose to say that hasnt already happened and we voluntarily chose to have our memories wiped


File: 1517858117097.png (3.13 MB, 2480x3507, 1517849197493.png)


why would anyone choose to play as me


you must have thought it was a good idea at the time or just picked random in character creation


the challenge and the struggle is part of the appeal especially when you overcome said adversaries


oop i meant adversities


why would i choose to wipe out my memories then its obvious that without knowledge of my previous life i would simply give up on overcoming the challenges


the wipe is only temporary you know dreams thats glimpses of our previous playthroughs and at the end of your life you are shown a highlight reel of the highlights throughout your life and your score is totaled


i would play as a loli


if dreams are glimpes of our previous lives then i must have lived a flipped up life


oh yeah made some burgers hima hope thats okay


himago is vegan so just dont eat them around her


played as a loli once but then i got a fsnapping


wish i had a burg right about now


that was me sorry


think i might have to make a burg


hell yeah


gotta shower


in the future im going to invest in creating a samurai version of medieval times probably called sengoku jidai



espresso machine is broken sigh


whats medieval times


havent used my espresso machine in weeks



wish i could afford a machine like that


the hima farm will operate a deli and a meadery so we will be able to


that money is going towards lgf research not frivolities like espresso machines


nb will spend it all on snacks


must be nice to have a lgf and have spare money to spend on snacks


holy hell! nb is going to jump a dozen school buses in his monster truck this saturday at the civic center


ok the first lgf experiment will be to find out if lolis are impressed by expensive espresso machines that way everyone wins


cheap espresso machines will be used for that experiment


no you dont understand


had fun with the bimmer to a track


cant get into anything today


why would it autocorrect on


just woke up had a weird dream about summoning to possess you and show you their last moments alive


did the wire cat ear trend ever die out


no i saw a loli wearing it outside yesterday and a girl on 17live with one too


i dont wear mine anymore since the incident


i wonder what the op to my life looks like


drifting around and having some fun


me sitting in front of a computer while ambient industrial noises like the rolling of freight on rails hums in the distance



really enjoy drawing kimono


seriously stop abusing italics in every post


draw up your last will and testament before i end you


post some of your drawings


File: 1517870458316.jpg (57.06 KB, 536x609, 1417845094420.jpg)


grinding some coffee gonno do some dungeons and listen to some music and start the day and then i can go to the store


you call that drifting


thinking about making my own pizza tomorrow


make it deep dish


unless i replay the runs you wont notice it but my tail end is sliding almost constantly and turns that look normal im actually four wheel drifting through




File: 1517872158384.png (100.84 KB, 632x455, 1517870997932.png)

should i take the job


is there something like that but with lolis


nice israeli




there are easier and less disgusting typing jobs so no




File: 1517873162366.jpg (331.49 KB, 1280x720, [Leopard-Raws] Youkai Watch - 205 RAW (TX 1280….jpg)

now this is a sigh if ive ever seen one


need to do dragon slayer 2


File: 1517873464954.jpg (405.41 KB, 1673x2189, 1513322511419.jpg)




its easy


hehe doing sethekk halls love this dungeon


almost as good as the catacombs of kourend


die wownorms




hey nb


give the people what they want
give the people what they want
give the people what they want


tardlaughing hard at this dungeon its the one where there are totems that mind control someone in the group and after the mobs die they come back as that take 1/2 of your hp per hit

the only reason i queue for it is because its fun to kill the mind controlled person


flipping asshole theyre your group members


they could kill the totem when they see it pop up i dont know what happened since bc it seems like people have gotten a lot less aware of everything


feeling a lot more awake today gonno go to the store soon finally


please dont


hima im gonno take a shite ok


why not i need to get some earphones and supplies


i dont like it when you give money to strangers




not ok


phew did you see that


kind of wish super had gotten some more original content like the future trunks arc


worst arc


take it back


i refuse


sigh gonno do some laundry before i go


mom does my laundry


i let sis do my laundry


nice sis abuse


she loves it


i think she smells my sperm socks


Too Many Espressos Challenge

do these guys browse hima


take a guess


theyre stealing our content


that wasnt me i was shoveling snow


mindblowing that nb does manual labor


how else do you think he got his beefy forearms


my dumbass stepfather put a package on my steps and i tripped on it in the dark sigh


only occasionally


just got invited to bohemian grove


had a gyudon for dinner


File: 1517880671139.jpg (9.97 KB, 236x213, 1517880460087.jpg)

mommy wheres my money mommy what happened to my coins



the last level of halo 3 was pretty epic


never played halo because i wasnt an xnorm


master chef reminds me a lot of myself


never owned a single game console mom said they were satans tools


shes right


halo blows its a fact


nah you just pinch at it




so it makes you biased


im baste indeed


gonno snooze a few hours


snooze in hell you flipping faguette


halo what is next for hima call of duty


you can blame neetblog for popularizing shitty fps games


why do norms like fps so much its the unending trend


css was fun because of all the custom maps


no you cant


nice codblog


you always post about cod


sigh the alarm system went off and my brother asked me why i set the alarm but i didnt usually hes the one who sets it but i have a feeling he set the alarm himself because hes been saying that the alarm system is ``broken'' and now hes probably going to tard out


no i dont


your brother belongs in the loony bin


where do i get a takagi gf


File: 1517884208864.jpg (191.85 KB, 989x783, 1517697079888.jpg)


hes probably not going to get any sleep tonight not that he does anyway since he stays up until 5am to watch the house because ``i wont let him change the lock" to the front door to one that doesnt have a key and is only able to be locked from the inside


seems to be working if the lock hasnt been changed you should thank your brother


bored but no bone


File: 1517884538706.jpg (124.82 KB, 728x1030, 2.jpg)

what about a takagi wife


File: 1517884721983.png (3.2 MB, 1872x1053, !.png)

playing subnautica its like minecraft but more focused on the scary unknown sea and collecting resources instead of the creative building did my first deep dive in a mech suit


pnig stop playing wow and stream subnautica


is subnautica fun for people with thalassophobia


its probably not a very fun game to watch


sounds cool


is this canon


what if i dont want kids with continents for a forehead


uh if youre after a very scary horror game sure its meant to be scary and invoke your fear of the deep but its not so bad if you play on easy or super easy mode


think i might buy a horror game i need to spice up my neet life


why the flip would you play any game on easy or supereasy mode




my life is a horror game


i was scared of the ocean but once i got my dive license and saw how boring the ocean is the fear went away



onseki here i always play games on the easiest difficulty


got a huge forehead


my dad used to scuba dive


i watched some guy play subnautica on youtube for half an hour and it was entertaining


why dont people with big foreheads just grow more hair


whats entertaining about it


i dont know


theres four modes creative for building elaborate bases easy which is game with respawns survival which is game with respawns but thirst and hunger and hardcore which is thirst hunger no respawns i started on hardcore and was too scared of dying to properly explore and when i ended up drowning because i got caught up exploring a cave i decided to play on survival since a lot of the game is about teching up which you discover from exploring


thought minecraft was for literal tweens



you cant forget the autists i dont think as many play it anymore since theres more games like factorio and such out but minecraft is the most known example of what im talking about


and priparas target audience is little girls


hehe eat shit warlocks


ban ban ban


played in the jp minecraft server for a bit it was fun


love factorio but havent played it in a long time


not organized enough for factorio it was fun but my mishmash of a town made me frustrated


all bases start out like that its a mess i think i rebuilt mine at least 8 times before i had even the slightest clue as to what i was doing


if you can play that youre a smartnorm


whats smart about it




File: 1517886840861-0.jpg (1.43 MB, 1920x1080, sonar1.jpg)

File: 1517886840861-1.jpg (1.75 MB, 1920x1080, sonar2.jpg)

File: 1517886840861-2.jpg (1.7 MB, 1920x1080, sonar3.jpg)

sonar in this game is really neat

the creature in the first pic is a peaceful humpback whale type thing it eats krills so do not panic


nothing peaceful about the humpback just ask ahab


have you met a leviathan yet


that was a sperm whale


File: 1517887012927.mp3 (32.49 KB, sperm.mp3)


im more useless than krill


krill are the most useful thing in the ecosystem


only in the millions


called sis a krill eater once


File: 1517887185894.png (1.46 MB, 1500x1500, 5c02bdc8ce63fe1e0937f68f1e8e6d9c.png)

nice himari milkers


kill it


reaper leviathan have eaten three of my ships and me once but i havent died to one since i got my stasis rifle and scanned it and i scanned a juvenile ghost leviathan >>724192

wonder how big the adult ghost will be


nice tard face


i remember in middle school a kid named blake taunted a chubby girl by yelling 'beached whale! beached whale!' when she walked by


File: 1517887304601.jpg (176.12 KB, 683x700, 1517780364783.jpg)

i cant fathom being fat if i was fat i wouldnt be able to sit like this anymore there is just so many things fat people cant do


meh the underwater sounds dont feel real theres too much light and creatures move too fast
game would be much much better if it had proper funding


how do i become a twig


you cant kill the coralbacks theyre giant elephant turtle rays skin like leather protected by a shell of coral not even the reapers mess with them but im not sure what they could do to defend themselves must be too much effort for them i guess


isnt minecraft owned by microsoft now how would they not have funding


stop eating


thats so hard what if i get angry from the lack of food and lash out


only girls are supposed to sit like that


minecraft was developed by a guy and were talking about subnautica


die mehnorm


i might as well be a girl


dressing up in girl clothes is fun


you wouldnt last 10 minutes in my ferragamos


stop betraying your gender


never swore loyalty to anyone or anything


you can eat anything just watch the calories and exercise


i pledge allegiance to the blog


could she be flipped in this position



cant wait to try the starve nojo next year


File: 1517889050390.jpg (36.53 KB, 1000x594, 1517575116779.jpg)


is that turt or is it just lapdogseki


should i stream some wow tonight




stream some last resort instead


what the fuck is last resort


oh tomorrow is the day that the lunar festival in hots begins
make sure to get some loot chests because the skins wont be there for long


File: 1517889947894.png (787.37 KB, 1500x3000, imageboardver.png)


i think it starts in wow too


got a good bk burg for dinner


never went to burger king hows it like


its decent


feeling sick flip burger king


rewatched evangelion


did you watch end of evangelion


actually just watched movies 1 and 2 and about to do 3


die watcher


draw some rollsmut now


uhh rebuilds arent evangelion


what is it


File: 1517891721004.jpg (1.54 MB, 1920x1080, prawn suit 01.jpg)

printing money


cant remember during the younow days if we actually got a loli to listen to komm susser tod or if it was something else


a loli wouldnt get it theyre super tard


it was more the lyrics of the song in clear spoken english

So with sadness in my heart
I feel the best thing I could do
is end it all
and leave forever
whats done is done, it feels so bad
what once was happy now is sad
I'll never love again
my world is ending

I wish that I could turn back time
'cause now the guilt is all mine
can't live without the trust from those you love.
I know we can't forget the past
you can't forget love and pride
because of that it's killing me inside

It all returns to nothing, it all comes
tumbling down, tumbling down,
tumbling down,
it all returns to nothing, I just keep
letting me down, letting me down,
letting me down,
in my heart of hearts,
I know that I could never love again
I've lost everything
everything, everything
that matters to me,
matters in this world


anyone ever start drinking get sad listen to komm sußer tod then get sadder


i listen to it to relax




i never had a real coming of age im a perpetual adolescent




kill me
beneath the inverted star
bleed me
out on the stone altar
draw your akimbo guns
shoot at the ground
and make the fireflies dance
silver moon sparkling


gonno have a ragewank




File: 1517893140977-0.png (1.27 MB, 1920x1072, [HorribleSubs] Mitsuboshi Colors - 05 [1080p] ….png)

File: 1517893140977-1.png (1.29 MB, 1920x1072, [HorribleSubs] Mitsuboshi Colors - 05 [1080p] ….png)


vile angels


these earphones from target are much better than the ones i got from amazon they fit in my ears and are very small and will fit under my helmet just fine



File: 1517893759719.png (396.26 KB, 1000x977, a2bb157cd00c4ca3ae3253a728b84737.png)

how come there are only 16 mitsuboshi color pictures on danbooru



sigh cousin put on that drake song and tried to do the dance like him when she was here


gonno have a slow jo



stop joing


keep tardlaughing at this i wonder if its ok to show my cousin


its abuse


i didnt know he was in a wheelchair either when was he able to walk again


File: 1517894543274.jpg (1.88 MB, 2851x4096, DS_pn8XVoAAlZv5.jpg orig.jpg)



very weird


it's lovely




gonno plug these headphones into the stream comp and play some brown noise to break them in as usual theres a ton of bass from the tight diaphragm after theyre broken in i bet these would be really good


sometimes you want to go
where everybody knows your name
and theyre always glad you came
you wanna be where you can see
our troubles are all the same
you wanna be where everybody knows your name



File: 1517896505328.jpg (102.1 KB, 424x600, 154544l.jpg)

cool artstyle


gonno watch shogi loli 5


File: 1517897071875.jpg (1.76 MB, 1300x1800, 0a21a1fb7f14cd086e8dbffbf99410e7.jpg)

does this really happen


it does not






kitty is purring loudly


File: 1517899177026.jpg (446.06 KB, 920x1380, 001.jpg)


ok done playing wow what should i do


File: 1517900524340.jpg (318.24 KB, 1280x1630, 1445490388706.jpg)

come on in


dark souls


might just download a horror movie or something to watch while i finish getting 1 more level on my warrior


start scaping instead


gonno snooze now


is whis supposed to be cool


hes just flamboyant


all of his "ahhhn" noises make me wonder


File: 1517903853589.jpg (649.43 KB, 1280x1806, 20.jpg)


did she see a cockroach


File: 1517905244312-0.png (683.65 KB, 1250x1805, P277.png)

File: 1517905244312-1.png (626.44 KB, 1250x1811, P278.png)

File: 1517905244312-2.png (628.66 KB, 1250x1811, P279.png)

does this really happen


File: 1517905908022.jpg (293.86 KB, 1280x1808, 197.png.jpg)



why does her boobs so big


sigh french press handle came off earlier today so i tried bending it back so it wouldnt happen then the whole thing was wobbly so i spent like a half hour bending it so that the handle wouldnt fall off and it wouldnt rock on the table



gonno snooze


woke up ended up snoozing for 8 hours isntead of just a few


did you have a dream about a bit cannoli


sigh the codys lab channel got suspended for a 3 year old video showing him making gunpowder from his own urine


hehe shes such a libra


is this fake


gonno have some noodles


do you jo with noodles like those japanese teenbros


been staying up for far too long and crashing nonstop




time for ultra snooze


look at this monk go


kitty is being bratty im going to wait until he calms down


File: 1517932415434.jpg (142.34 KB, 1414x1000, 1478152881882.jpg)


whats he saying


strongly considering going outside


dont you flipping dare


its too cold


alright ill save it for tomorrow


do what you can today than what you are going to hold off for tomorrow


what did you just said


super mario world is epic


i hope i can finish early today so i can play some games on my snes classic



File: 1517938130112.png (1.4 MB, 1805x1300, 08-09.png)

phew kohaku is unbelievably sexy hard to believe that boichi is korean


its the opposite of exciting


File: 1517938390111.jpg (71.59 KB, 409x665, Dr.-Stone-015-018-Image-2.jpg)



i like the artstyle but you can tell that hes korean right away


File: 1517940235178.png (111.89 KB, 685x616, sketch.png)

probably not going to finish early today


gonno watch vids in the living room all day like ive been doing for the past days



File: 1517940758946.png (1.53 MB, 802x1208, Ashley_badges.png)

those bastards at nintendo really know who is playing the damn badge game


File: 1517940825261-0.png (198.94 KB, 394x414, Ashley3dshometheme.png)

File: 1517940825261-1.png (192.31 KB, 394x414, Ashleytheme2.png)

File: 1517940825261-2.png (200.74 KB, 394x414, Ashleytheme3.png)

oh my god i need this


the witch one is the best


File: 1517941046533-0.jpeg (216.7 KB, 400x240, Ashleybadgesp.jpeg)

i dont know this one is pretty good too looks to be drawn by the lead artist for rhythm tengoku as well


col plays in like 3 hours


its over for col


it hasnt even begun


die esportsnorms


woke up gonno start playing rs3 ive become overwhelmed with curiosity


this is the year of col you absolute fool


stop playing dota for your own good


i dont play it i just watch it


made coffee


is nb here


thats even worse


sigh tell me how i close sai to give myself a break from drawing and open it again not even a minute later


try illuststudio out


im on xanax watching sailor moon


hey hima not too many posts while i was at work i read all of them


nintendo panders to peds


back to ota with you norm


wheres the posts


sure ill let you know how i feel about it


nothing to post to a bunch of norms


ive been doing nothing but hots


are mobas sonna ni tanoshii ka


enough with the italics


translate it japnorm


get in here hima
spacex is launching a rocket today


gonno get some lunar skins i suppose


im playing rs3


musk is a hack


File: 1517951101289.mp4 (1.83 MB, water.mp4)




i thought bfr stood for big flipping rocket that was really disappointing


which skins are you aiming for im hoping to get the li ming ones myself


thats the joke


im not hoping for anything ill simply buy the ones i want


why is reality so horrible compared to fantasy


its so bizarre seeing a rocket land right-side-up like that simply astonishing


you just dont see the bad parts of the fantasy worlds


ya its really sad that elf snap is so common in the traditional fantasy worlds it makes me sad especially because orcs and shit are so ugly


what about snapping an orc girl


orc girl snaps you


youre right if i lived in a fantasy world nothing would be written about me


youd just be a goblin and get owned by a level 1 human


File: 1517951866691.png (15.71 KB, 360x163, youtube.png)

nice horny inuneko


File: 1517952441103.jpg (94.22 KB, 1200x814, otaku-no-musume-san-885950.jpg)

phew remember this one brothers


saw myself in the mirror by accident and cried


sis said that i look good


i made that post



hilarious stuff dude


music too good for a show targeted to little girls


sexy mirei


col plays in 10 minutes


can you watch arteezys stream instead


why would i do that


die esportnorms go jerk each others dicks off on /vg/


hes good right


dont care about arteezy him and miracle are the teen idols of dota


i dont like him because he looks down on col


can somebody pill me on the appeal of runescape


dota died the moment that valve released dota2



its fun


it has charm something that no other mmo currently has


die game idol worshipers
reminds me of old ladies who get obsessed about soap operas


do you hang out with old ladies a lot


its no different from persona worship


File: 1517954788625.png (1.18 MB, 1200x1695, 1474860317458 (1).png)


made my own pizza ill eat it now


wonder if turt is still holding his crypto


oh god oh no


nobody is allowed to like col anymore nb has spoken


never liked col to begin with im a liquid boy



what did the mitsuboshi colors mean when they were in front of the tiger chewing on the bone and they said 'that bones pretty big'
'there's only one person we know that big'
is this sexual




vile angels


bones play a huge part in a lolis life


lolis dont think about bones


kyle is playing like shite


he sure is


sigh col



why dont bros use condoms


theres no need


going to my brothers place to get a haircut later sigh


love norm humor like nfl redubs


any good superbowl commercials this year


krystal pinchin off fox mccloud




that wasnt good at all


stop getting bones from furry stuff


cody can upload again thankgoodness


gonno make burgs




dads getting chipotle i think hell yea


File: 1517957900938.jpg (154.53 KB, 1063x1713, 92bdaca004fbd21cae4179c6e3d0dff9.jpg)


nice dadnorm


sexy sexy sexy


someone stole her breasts


gonno have a wank to some


too late thyre frying already


File: 1517958230455.png (568.81 KB, 1920x1200, sexy hope wallpaper.png)

love this image


never ate chipotle it looks good is it


yeah its the best and its not too expensive for how much food you get


give your energy to col they have their backs against the wall


nah flip them and flip you nigger
praying you get snapped and murdered


its pretty good but not great


sending twice as much power to col just to spite you


momgf ill pay you 10 canadian dollars to draw me some ben 10 porn


how much is that in bitcoin




its me turt i came back to witness the degradation of the newly designated sb safe spot




nice birl


grill your burgs


turt are you still hodling


im no grillnorm


no i was asleep


flipping hate neetblog so much


i hate you too faguette



whats not to like


he doesnt post here



hes fat
hes ugly
no manners
no hobbies


cross off the manners and the no hobbies and youve got half of hima right there


nb you should get a job and show these haters what you can do




nice col


if you have at least two of those qualities you dont belong here


i mean if you dont have at least two


dont tell me you actually fell for the hima posters arent successful and well adjusted meme


im twig


col has this game in the bag


just woke up what did i miss




col are playing


nice kyle


i cant get a job


linus is so flipping obnoxious


nice popura banner


i knew the void elf surge was going to be bad but i didnt expect it to be this bad god damnit blizzard there are supposed to be like 100 void elves max


im a void elf mohawk


moms gone and cousin came over


pnigs finally going to do it


baste cousin


what did she come over for


is col doing it


she came over to get oranges


i recommend mandarins instead


going to yell at mom for bringing me into this world


have any mexicans stolen oranges recently


nice col gamewinning fight


phew nice col


wonder what nbs mom looks like


wish i was nbs dad


File: 1517963667291.gif (183.61 KB, 226x224, 1517709702340.gif)


hey otalad you there my bro hows your sister any new antics


col has done it



ok cousins gone shes always in a really giggly and tard mood when she comes over its kind of nice because she laughs easily at stuff i say


the older one right


looks like the pizza i made


how far does he travel for his videos


sometimes across the whole country


i travel exclusively from my bed to my desk


you should imitate your ancestors and sleep on the floor


yeah the older one more than the younger one seems excited and hyper and cheerful when she comes over and likes telling me about stuff that happens to her the younger one doesnt laugh nearly as much and seems more interested in social networking stuff and always brings up me having none so im "basically not even a real person" sigh

this time they both did drawings of me and put them on the fridge and the older one saw the candle in the room and lit it


also she asked when the last time i went swimming was and i said like 3 years ago and she brought up the time both of them came over and went swimming at least she remembers this stuff


varg said that floorsleeping is the way to go


i sleep on a bed is that okay


File: 1517965984856.jpg (60.47 KB, 509x571, varg.jpg)


my bed is on the floor


do you sleep on your back


i sleep on my side


tell her that you do have a persona online


i sleep on my stomach


sigh 2009


2009 is as distant as 2000 was then


how fast is time


time is an illusion


time is a flat circle


if you get the chance you should kill yourself


dont say that we need to live as old men


File: 1517967040359.jpg (925.41 KB, 2048x1536, P_20180206_183120.jpg)



i pray to the gods every day that by some freak accident i die instantly


its uncanny


File: 1517967311840.jpg (867.72 KB, 2048x1536, P_20180206_183451.jpg)

have a feeling pasta guy would like the pizza girl the younger one drew


why is the pizza in a fish tank


shes tard


this is pretty good i feel like its one of those drawings you see the japanese draw humorously


i love the pic they used



File: 1517967924032.png (239.43 KB, 384x402, 1517946733666.png)

nice doinkseki




sigh missed col game missed rocket launch missed turt posting completely oversnoozed


its okay col are about to play again


the gooks dont stand a chance


theyre not playing the gooks today


arrogant oversnoozer


its okay ive caught up now


whats col doing in the winners bracket


hehe also it was a close call earlier when they came over and knocked on my window i didnt put pants on yet but the top part of my window was open they were standing on the ledge outside and looking in thankfully all they saw was me without a shirt


theyre about to play against two chink and two indians and a canadian spic


fool dont stay in your underwear like an animal


multiculturalism is their strength


that wasnt actually turt


i didnt have underwear on i just woke up and sat at the computer and made some coffee i cant sleep with clothes on because the folds bug me

younger cousin was disgusted that i was drinking a huge mug of black coffee


oh i assumed the gooks would win because i didnt recognize the name of the other team and thought they were random nobodies but its ritsus stack


didnt need to know that


nice nudenig


i sleep naked too


man what happened to vale he looks awful


take it up with the henny


whats wrong with black coffee i drink at least two mugs everyday


theyre probably gonno end up better than col if they arent already sigh


hes really old


nah col is a really great team when kyles drafts actually put them in a position to win they just lose too many games at picks


love when col gets owned hard by a particular hero and then kyle drafts it on game 2 hehe


yeah lol kyle is very reactive






nice flipping RWBY


nice lolheal


not him


ban the col hater


really like moos cheeky use of the chatwheel he loves it


feel bad for moo


moos been choking harder than even chessie lately hes where he belongs


living with kyle has made him a shell of his former self hes mentally broken


theres more than one


yeah moo has been in a funk in their last couple tournaments dont know if its because of hes playing bad or because of the role and heroes kyle wants him to play


melee is done for




its defiantly his play most of the time hes spent too much time around col and become an inconsistent player like the rest of them he didnt used to be


gonno get some genmaicha im getting sick of coffee each day and it doesnt go well with anything i like to eat when i wake up


looking great in this game anyway


keep drinking coffee and get some fig newtons


no fig newtons


no marvel on evo holy flip hehe


i prefer senbei and genmaicha


get some junior mints to go with that coffee


fig newtons dont go well with coffee


how about butterscotch cookies and coffee




you know i should probably vargpill varg on floorsitting thanks for the idea


vargpill him on floorshitting


im so scared hima my scale doesnt support 300 lbs and higher weight what if im already at that weight and its malfunctioning


dang max looks a little sad


he loves col




lolis are too tard to understand dota


ive already posted lots of examples of lolis playing dota


its one thing to play its another thing entirely to understand kyles genius


lolis dont even know that dota exists and the few that do are too tard to play it


so am i


every dota player is retarded by definition


lolis know who basshunter is


lolis LOVE basshunter


File: 1517971746552.jpg (11.19 KB, 209x173, chessie.jpg)

im norwooding out


lolis play on garena


garena used to be better than battlenet for dota if you werent a snob


File: 1517971941744.png (52.36 KB, 567x95, t3_2swj3k.png)





File: 1517972102689.webm (77.74 KB, 312x182, QuarterlyQualifiedDungenesscrab.webm)


check the hands


lolis are too busy playing runescape to play dota



File: 1517972696710.png (533.44 KB, 723x1023, 1517964878262.png)


lolis love scape


my woodcutting level is now 72


how much wood could a nb chop if a nb could chop wood


enough to get 72 woodcutting


won two games on ok


dumb skank


time to jo and i know just the smut to read


gonno shower and go to my brothers place wish me luck hima


please dont


seems like zfreek is pretty weak on earth spirit especially compared to the greats like jerax, gh and cr1t


the world is hell and men are on the one hand the tormented souls and on the other the devils in it


he used to be really good at it when they played it a lot a while ago but i dont think he practices it or they play it much any more



File: 1517975169027.png (11.8 KB, 500x250, 1499408198771.png)


god save the blog


File: 1517975230322.jpg (538.77 KB, 2322x4128, k9wh6wd5qne01.jpg)

gonno work out here to be fit forever


nice col


hail to the blog baby


easy sweep for col


alright back from the asian store i got a big bag of genmaicha and another tea strainer


[aa] AAの画像をダウンロード
====‐|| || ニニニニニニ____________
' ̄ ̄ ̄||| | ┏━┯┯━┓||。 ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ |┏━┯┯━┓|
     || | ┠─┼┼─┨||    。  .|┠─┼┼─┨|
     || | ┠─┼┼─┨|| ゚   .  。|┠─┼┼─┨|
     || | ┠─┼┼─┨||゚     。 .|┠─┼┼─┨|
、   _,,|| | ┠─┼┼─┨||.  ゚ 。   |┠─┼┼─┨|
  'ヽ,/ || | ┣━┷┷━┫|| 。     ゚.|┣━┷┷━┫|
./″' ..|| | ┃|      ┃||―――――|┃      |┃|
     || | ┃|      ┃||三三三三三|┃      |┃|
     / ̄ ̄jl━━━━┴'=====''┸━━━━┛
   /    /i___,,;;;;;:| ;;;          ;;;;;;\;;;;;;;;;;;;:::
. ,.∠___/ ´x  /,,,,;||__________\;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
´ || ̄ ̄ ̄||ー―‐',, ,,,,:.|| ̄ _,,..,,,,_  ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄  \:::::::::::
                ./ ,' 3  `ヽーっ
                l   ⊃ ⌒_つ
                 ,`'ー---‐' [/aa]


himako.......... you broke aa...............


genmaicha is shite throw it away and get sencha


i thought it was shit before i started drinking it each day


got some chicken and brownies from dominos too hehe i saw grant in the flesh


how is he


he looks like a guy who has worked outside all his life and finally decided to start working inside hes about 40 with what looks like a 2 or 3 week old neetcut


also the girl working there didnt know what i meant with the chicken i ordered she had to call grant over to clarify things


the signs are portentous for the year of col


gonno jerk it to kids


nevermind portentous doesnt mean what i thought it did i meant auspicious


dont know what either of those words mean smartnorm


yeah me neither flip you neetblog


flip you smartnorm asshole


auspicious post


File: 1517977135605.jpg (1.48 MB, 1300x1800, 66938619.jpg)


why does she look confused


shes tard


he spermed too fast


File: 1517977577739.jpg (449.46 KB, 1280x1808, 101.png.jpg)

another masterpiece from monorino, they cannot be stopped


younger cousin said she was probably going to come over tomorrow i wonder if she will


die smutnorms


File: 1517977893079.png (649.46 KB, 2900x1900, imageboardversion.png)


eat shit and die drawmom


she doesnt comb her hair


she dont got time for girly things like that


File: 1517978290405-0.jpg (194.53 KB, 600x836, 66221753_p1_master1200.jpg)

File: 1517978290405-1.jpg (624.02 KB, 1033x1500, 003.jpg)

File: 1517978290405-2.jpg (899.91 KB, 1280x1848, pg_127.jpg)

really been into morishima kon stuff lately


die smut


File: 1517978374405-0.jpg (461.7 KB, 1026x1500, 00028.jpg)

File: 1517978374405-1.jpg (580.18 KB, 1026x1500, 00041.jpg)

File: 1517978374405-2.jpg (621.99 KB, 1032x1500, 370.jpg)



really want to have sex


File: 1517978449159-0.jpg (563.74 KB, 1280x1808, 216.jpg)

File: 1517978449159-1.jpg (515.23 KB, 1032x1500, 373.jpg)

i like the pose he draws of the girls on their backs with spread legs and strands of hair on their boobs


i need to see bellies if i want to sperm no other poses do it for me besides maybe side view


die smutnorm


god ss is so awful when will that idiot learn to not waste their girls potential


File: 1517978609000.jpg (615.93 KB, 1280x1949, 14.png.jpg)


is this a crier i just downloaded it and dont feel like crying tonight


die smutnorm


File: 1517978919394-0.jpg (553.11 KB, 1026x1500, 00023.jpg)

File: 1517978919394-1.jpg (514.76 KB, 1026x1500, 00029.jpg)

File: 1517978919394-2.jpg (528.17 KB, 1026x1500, 00034.jpg)

these girls are really pretty




this is wild


mindblowing how nobody will remember elon in a couple of years when nb overshadows him


how will i overshadow him


shame they were wasted on ss


elon is a flipping idiot


hes smarter than you


hes a flipping genius hes baste as hell


elon gonno go down in history as one of the first billionaires to make his own innovations instead of bribing governments to do it for him truly a great businessman cornering the market


elon musk singlehandedly conquered male pattern baldness


felt really bad for elon when he heard about neil armstrong calling for his program to be stopped must really tear one up having your idol say something like that about you


hes not making anything his using old soviet tech that his engineers tweaked his only achievement is paying their salary



2012 was six years ago


shut up


hehe idiot


someone should kill this faguette and all the bootlicking retards who love epic science reddit billionaires


what does bootlicking have to do with that



its called scientism


oh yeah forgot to mention my cousin got her braces off wonder if thats the whole reason she came over it was one of the first things she said


File: 1517983587641.gif (1.27 MB, 586x800, 60f989e048b7e12c80cb835092cc279a.gif)


its unfair that girls get to have fun in school


one of my biggest regrets is never having a jo in school


i remember saying to myself at the beginning of senior year that i would by the end of the year but i never had the courage


File: 1517983985614.jpg (51.71 KB, 459x810, 1513981472524.jpg)

some girls get bullied though


used to have to stay after school so after all the other students left i would go in the girl bathrooms and jo and i would also go back at night and jo in the bleachers at the field under the moonlight


phew joing at this point is not even worth it anymore its a net negative


got a really nice shioi banner i love that girl she has a childhood friend aura surrounding her


too bad the memory leak will get you if you dont refresh


when did you get arrested


i used to jo in class all the time


what the hell were you in the tard class


no if you jo using only your legs no one will notice


read lots of stories about girls wearing skirts and panties to school and getiing really horny from just sitting with their legs not crossed and not spread wide or anything


got caught staring at a girls legs once she just crossed her legs and turned a bit but i knew exactly what happened i didnt dare look up to make eye contact
oh god all the other bad memories are surfacing i need some escapism PRONTO


File: 1517984800676.jpg (140.52 KB, 1430x2000, DVXFVy2VoAU39pp.jpg orig.jpg)

did she look like this


overlord time


no she was a tan middle american sports girl with really long hair


hate the bunny outfit


you get used to it


its not that uncomfortable


might jo to iwara videos


230 posts since i snoozed should i skip them


File: 1517985567829.png (3.56 MB, 2894x4093, 1497069164902.png)


its all sexnorm sb shite i recommend skipping
mindblowing how quickly this place fell into the abyss after i left


god i wish this was me


File: 1517986085668.jpg (92.32 KB, 1000x754, ae963a81fbc8de014cb7ff0aceec5c2f.jpg)

why not this


File: 1517986207203.jpg (182.04 KB, 620x877, 740b1e2b0464fa401209759ba01d1328.jpg)

oh no


sick she's merely a child


that IS sick


nojo going strong gonno break the 18 days barrier this time




File: 1517986464389-0.png (278.94 KB, 1002x1044, 2.png)

File: 1517986464390-1.png (367.83 KB, 909x1052, 5.png)

File: 1517986464390-2.png (434.15 KB, 953x991, 7.png)


stop impersonating turt


File: 1517986539256.jpg (1.36 MB, 2560x1440, ev 4.jpg)

how come there arent any banners from this game


wish turt was here for real sigh


File: 1517986602840.jpg (373.84 KB, 1280x720, [Leopard-Raws] Youkai Watch - 206 RAW (TX 1280….jpg)



File: 1517986635114-0.png (1.8 MB, 2000x1437, 17.png)

File: 1517986635114-1.png (1.4 MB, 2000x1437, 18.png)

File: 1517986635114-2.png (1.45 MB, 2000x1437, 19.png)


bad end


all he would do is complain


turt is the yin


hes either too arrogant or too embarrassed to start posting here again go ask him on ota




sigh miss eve


flipping hate the quests in wow that make you use some sort of vehicle and its really shtitty


simply play eve instead




at least theyre not escort quests


gonno be a genmaicha and kaki no tane day tomorrow hoo boy i cant wait


play scape instead


stream nasubi


i dont have nasubi stuff downloaded even if i did i wouldnt be able to stream it because theres no site to use


took the front panel out of a case and stripped the wires and twisted them together and put it on the desk now i have a front panel audio connector and i can use my iems on the stream comp and listen to music and stuff


is that a tech post


i guess so ill post a picture of it tomorrow i might pick up a cheap pair of speakers from frys if i ever go there again


File: 1517989986167.jpg (183.8 KB, 1066x1500, 260660fbeaa638073e010ad51e6c34e5.jpg)


its in 480p i think so its a fast download


my neighbor is driving his tractor around the block again hes done it like 5 times today


is he grading the roads


void elves are kill on sight




killed a fury void elf as prot hehe


time to hit the hay


void elves are baste


nighty night keep your asshole tight



im tard


me too


im the most tard


i end each instance with "simply epic"


my woodcutting level is now 73




im not lying


always liked firemaking


nice keyboard review



im back got my hair cut we cracked open some cold ones and watched robocop hows it going hima




sigh dead hours


File: 1518008117930.jpg (108.17 KB, 1280x720, mpv-shot0001.jpg)

where can i get this sweater?


my first real commission brothers and they want me to draw a naked chick


are you the type to have standards when it comes to commissions


im fine with tasteful nudity as long as it isnt inherently pornographic


what if they pay you ten times is much


theyre already paying a pretty penny so if that were the case bring on the cocks


what if they ask you to make it furry


im fine with drawing standalone furry but furry sex is a bit too much for me


gonno snooze



sigh no new steven universe episodes until april im 'bummed'


simply watch houseki no kuni


i really like super mario world


not going to lie clip studio looks pretty baste


just woke up hima brushed my teeth really good remember to brush


the cyclops has finished construction it is time to retrieve the prawn suit from the 1200m depths where it is guarded by a fierce serpent


had an epic! dream this morning about a bunch of anime girls fighting each other with a bunch of weird concepts it was like an anime made just for me especially since it was some of the coolest action scenes ive ever seen


die norm


File: 1518024346139.png (176.59 KB, 850x1000, imgboardver.png)

im sold on clipstudio/illuststudio thank you my brother


had a similar dream except it wasnt anime or action


doing a computer backup today why dont you guys do the same thing


will it take long because i have a lot to do on the compy today


does anyone else who uses windows use minimal unix type file folders
is there any real advantage to using short filepaths in windows


dead hours


fool that was already posted four hours ago


sorry i was snoozing that keyboard video knocked me out


makin coffee hows it going


looking closely at the lines its evident that gal gohan too was made with clipstudio


File: 1518029531390.jpg (861.88 KB, 1920x1080, prawn suit rescue mission.jpg)

the prawn suit has been retrieved from the dead zone the trio of leviathans have been outclassed again here are the details


nice shrimper


wish i had a galgf


can beat super mario world too fast its not worth playing if im not doing a completionist run


nice uli




hey just woke up hows it going hima


just learned chickens dont float and thousands of them drown every year thats so sad


makes me want some popeyes


mom gave me the ynaj talk


learning how to make webms


its easy you just put it in the webm convertert and click ok




learn how to make a bomb instead


send mail bombs to industrialists


send them to my house instead


do you open the mail


mailman shoves the mail through the door slot and i pick it up off the floor like an animal


just woke up had a horrible time sleeping


what happened


dad made me a steak and onions sandwich


steak is the most norm of foods


its sushi


started with being unable to sleep then my nose got completely blocked then i had a dream about waking up


File: 1518044860177.png (699.34 KB, 890x1300, m0126.png)



mom left hehe lets eat


whats on the menu boss


wouldnt mind some shaved ice rn


its pasta day gonno make some pasta now


File: 1518046158628.png (168.61 KB, 787x364, kohaku.png)


File: 1518046256784.jpg (1.15 MB, 1779x1300, 03-04.jpg)


looks cool


leftover hamburg steak with onions and gravy and cabbage




mark is copying trevor now what the flip


hehe garou is such a good character feels like hes taking over one punch man lately which is great


take it back


ya hes really developed


flip norm meme man



File: 1518047500315.png (689.65 KB, 885x1300, 01.png)

phew nice kohaku color page


dislike that weird fat guy showing up in every linus vid now


hes the technical advisor


stop reading that shit


File: 1518047677672.jpg (470.73 KB, 1045x1500, 12.jpg)


but its really good and kohaku is cute


hehe jod to this the other day


File: 1518047792260.jpg (696.17 KB, 992x1403, 1518046538167.jpg)


he should shave his head and take a shower


nice fuhlippin maiev shadowsong


File: 1518048234619-0.jpg (29.29 KB, 96x96, photo1.jpg)

File: 1518048234619-1.jpg (23.86 KB, 96x96, photo2.jpg)

File: 1518048234619-2.jpg (35.12 KB, 96x96, photo3.jpg)







are those scope avatars


ya when i see one i save it


gonno rewatch saving private ryan


phew now this looks like something i would eat


but lets talk about that piping hot cup


is neetblog here


waiting for aphexx~


do you still buy palestinian olive oil i wanna get my hands on some of that i cant stop thinking about it


File: 1518048759285.jpg (242 KB, 845x1200, 0056.jpg)

ok well when neetblog gets here can you have him comment on this please



too sweet


cant wait to eat this pasta


be careful out there neetblog


stop eating pasta


File: 1518049550164.jpg (552.61 KB, 879x1300, 01.jpg)

phew ruri chan is really cute too


clicked that image to open it but decided to hit esc when i realized it was from momgf


obnoxious typesetting


what should i eat for dinner



thought youd say something about the dialogue


i dont know japanese


neither do i but i can read simple kana


why would you think that i can


because you spend all of your time posting on an otaku culture imageboard


hima is a neet blogging imageboard


its both


im neet


i agree change it from /jp/ to /nb/


sigh miss this tard game
also nice roll @ 5:20


most of the posts on hima arent about otaku stuff


cant believe nb doesnt like otaku culture


that happens over time on every board where you allow off topic stuff


i can believe it nb doesnt like anything hes divorced himself from profane desires


wish i had a ps4 to play uniel


i have one should i get it


i dont think hima allows as much off topic discussion as you think just look at turt


only if you like fighting games but then again you might like dbfz or xrdrev2 more


the only thing stopping turt from posting is his colossal ego


File: 1518051334373.jpg (521.6 KB, 1280x1862, 004.jpg)

ill show you a nice roll




wouldnt want to miss posts like this


i think you do miss them considering how often you post in them


i think ill wash some sheets and find a duvet to put on the bed in the stream room just in case anyone wants to sleep over


funny how even the otateens find turts presence massively offensive


because hes r9k


File: 1518051562652-0.jpg (551.32 KB, 1280x1872, 002.jpg)

File: 1518051562652-1.jpg (576.96 KB, 1280x1868, 006.jpg)

very nice roll


mom was at the window thanks


fool get blinds


ive been over this already i cant she took them away


not much good roll stuff out there its a shame


it isnt


File: 1518051785668-0.jpg (3.6 KB, 128x128, rvISu2x.jpg)

File: 1518051785668-1.png (35.69 KB, 128x128, UDJigNi.png)


finally starting to wake up sigh




how is turt r9k



never played scape and i can tell it is obviously zezeema


really coincidental how turt keeps up with all those buzz words huj


god ash got it right


who is huj


two nights ago i noticed two scratches on the inside of my knee and now im noticing three small scratches on the other side

am i being abducted at night or something


youre being snapped in your sleep by feral lolis


hb sounds great


its against the law to snap


they cant keep getting away with it


i dont doubt a loli would


might just get taco bell and come home to eat it dont feel like doing much today maybe i can snooze early


File: 1518053139259.jpg (1.2 MB, 2048x1536, P_20180207_182627.jpg)



pastas almost ready you can come and have some if you want


get a case you fool


theres no need


is it aglio e olio


no its spaghetti bolognese


File: 1518053954798.png (317.05 KB, 764x1200, 6.png)

kotoyamas art really has improved over the years


nice tard face


alright time to eat this pasta hehe


wish i had some pasta



you can have some if you want


ok im coming over


i want to come


feel free


havent seen a good old fashioned lolijo in weeks


what the fuck violet chan is 14 years old




that was some supremely excellent pasta hima really enjoyed that


File: 1518055225830.png (1.4 MB, 1280x720, [Vivid-Asenshi] Violet Evergarden - 05 [DB4D1A….png)


hate the assigning an abitrary age to a character that looks nothing like that age meme


watch horriblesubs


horriblesubs doesnt have episode 5 yet


mom says that i look young


got the hiccups no




dont worry i already cured them


how do i get a rich gf that will let me be a neet forever


post an ad on craigslist


alright level 80 on my warrior


you should never do that


flip you herkz


taco bell time


hope you are getting some nacho fries


why not


no consistency


im consistently basted


while hima is just consistently dead


alright im back i got the fried bel grande and a quesarito


ive been playing a lot of wow laterly


something about the seasoning on these fries reminds me of ramen packets


watchin some ear biscuits im starting to dislike link more and more


i hate niggers


theyre baste


i hold a neutral stance


dare i say that these fries are better than the nachos


sis said the fry machine at taco bell costs $20000 and it cleans itself and is super nice


is it true that at summer camps even people you would normally think arent attractive become attractive because theyre the only people you see


i clean myself and am super nice


never went to summer camp


never went to a summer camp but if i did i bet i could have gotten a sexy loli camp girlfriend


start playing eve instead


was full from the fries then i ate some actual nachos and took 2 bites of a burrito and felt like i couldnt eat anymore but then i remembered the danish i got and hb i feel like i can eat this whole thing


never went to taco bell whats it like


they use the same handful of ingredients to make stuff and its cheap but its good


start playing scape instead


i cant


phew half the danish down the hatch gotta have to stop


oh god i feel horrible there was a guy who zoned into this instance literally 2 seconds after everyone else so i initiated a kick with the reason "coward retard" and it passed after he was running to pick up the beginning quest





hate rollercoasters they are too scary


mom thinks im a wuss for always refusing them i just have survival instincts




gonno snooze for 2 hours okay hima


stay up for one more hour this next one is important


no its not okay




really happy with these iems on the stream pc


i was afraid of roller coasters as a kid and now i feel like i missed out


simply ride them now


hes too old



can you screencap that


shit valentines day is next week and i forgot to get a gf again


File: 1518067278144.jpg (659.31 KB, 1280x1825, 004.jpg)


wonder what hannahs doing for valentines day


File: 1518067456401.png (147.42 KB, 795x922, sexnorms.png)


the snes might be the greatest console ever made




gonno make some tuna melts hima


wonder how much i would have to pay a loli to flip her


just made some eggs




stream some nasubi


no dont


why not


nasubi was actually really good and inspiring you can only get that sort of stuff from japan


though i hear the vhs release cuts out a lot of despair


nasubi made it as a truneet without a computer or tv or a mom and without leaving his one room apartment ever hes a hero


not entirely true he had a vacation at an exotic island for about a day


Earlier today I marked about forty threads for deletion. They will be removed in a few weeks and they should be the forty oldest threads on the site so you may want to check them out while they're still here. Normally this is done a couple of threads at a time, that's why forty seems like so many.


ah himago
its himago guys


gonno have a rage


File: 1518069243617.flac (35.74 MB, 10 - Nab That Chap!!.flac)


kitty looks so cute sleeping with one of her fangs sticking out hehehe


are catgirls real yet


have you been downloading the board compressed from the hosts control panel and archiving them or not just say yes or no


kitty used to sleep with his tongue out sometimes



waa hima these tuna melts are too spicy


i dont like fish


File: 1518069624395.png (1.02 MB, 1320x2016, 1436457993839.png)


spent all last night joing to straight shota i think i will continue that trend tonight


joing makes you stupid


it certainly makes you blind at least


I haven't. That's a lot of space that I don't have for something that I'm not sure will ever get used. The only things I keep backups of are the Java files and site config. I used to make database backups but then those started reaching around five gigabytes and I stopped.


flip you nigger what about all the bragging you did about multiple hard drives


nice shotaseki


is that mizui kaou i hate seeing artists shift from loli to cool little boys


ok im gonno archive threads marked for deletion from now on


gonno watch tfs play through the dbfz story mode


As of right now, the site is using about 30gb of space so compressed would be around what, 20gb? Maybe 25? The panel doesn't show so I have no idea until it's actually downloaded. I have a single 250gb hard drive with less than 20gb free so I really can't download them without making some changes.


sigh took the sheets out of the dryer and they smell like cat piss so i need to rewash them


File: 1518071099399.jpg (156.28 KB, 1500x1437, 71rCjdmDCnL._SL1500_.jpg)

might get a couple of these and really breathe life into this room after that the next step would be a tv


did you remember to take the cat out first


ya i dont know why they smelled so bad


File: 1518071411772-0.jpg (322.31 KB, 500x730, 653164.jpg)

File: 1518071411772-1.mp3 (19.63 MB, 04 Fantasia and Fugue in G Minor, BWV 542.mp3)




what about just the posts without any images
i think files are kept on /jp/src/


if you were a girl would you sell your body to strange men for money




File: 1518072759017.jpg (237.29 KB, 1254x1771, 1513436932152.jpg)


i wouldnt


no but id probably jo on stream for money


should i stream some warrior dungeons i dont know if this would help anyone else if theyre bored too


woke up read thread
its not that great


flip you stop saying that



doing a lot of odd jobs this is my legacy


jobs or jobs


are they sexual


gonno help myself to some of mommys wine then watch some anime




too late hehe


guess ill start questing in pandaria


moms gonno get mad


im already mad


those taco bell fries are giving me the same feeling as some other foods its the feeling of slight disgust


im gonno snooze


stop eating fast food


the delis were closed so i couldnt get any pastrami what else am i supposed to eat


sigh nazgrim


hot and spicy cinnamon oreos


poor nazgrim


i did the pandaria intro before but didnt check the deathknight order class hall video before then its cool knowing he dies and gets brought back as a dk


nazgrim deserved better id been serving with him since grizzly hills and underwater in vashj and then pandaria he deserved to be a penultimate boss and die a heroic death for good


hes a badass now


File: 1518078606932.png (364.49 KB, 515x767, Fc9rKxaPl95_OYH8ERivh_PrrxYeOsoNvd9RAgpJZfg.png)

is it ok to post this


feeling really tired


tonights gonno be an early snooze


younow seems like a ghost town now its like 60% people streaming themselves sleeping


woke up in a girls bed


how do you know it was a girls bed


there was a girl in it


was it mom or sis


i cant tell her backs to me



dont think ive ever seen a wranglerstar video where he wasnt wearing a long sleeve shirt


feeling like a tard cant stop laughing at skeletons


sigh gonno snooze


i jo


hey guys just woke up had a really long and vivid dream where i slowly died of radiation poisoning but it didnt hurt and actually i felt really calm and serene as my hair fell out and my body fell apart i intentionally didnt go to hospital for a long time and when i did it was too late so i just lay in the hospital bed dying but it felt so peaceful sigh


had a really peaceful death in a dream once where the air turned to lighter fluid and i died while it burned at low temperatures it was full in my lungs but my nerves stopped feeling pain after a second and i laid down and died was quite nice really ruined the family picnic we were having though




never had a dying dream


youre having one right now


phew castle 3 in super mario world was really tough but it feels good when you beat it


super normio world


gonno have some pasta


holy cow


File: 1518109978115.jpg (87.58 KB, 626x768, 1518106727094.jpg)

how long until hima adopts reddits policy so momgf can safely post here


so can you not discuss the book lolita on reddit


seems fair that theyd remove things that promote or encourage peds but minors sexualize themselves thats just blatant powerhungry mods


was feeling some existential dread but i clipped my nails now im feeling a a lot better


hey hima hows it goin


File: 1518114396143.png (34.62 KB, 896x294, chadseki.png)

dont forget to give you old pay onseki a pat on the back for making it out of his post japan dry spell the slayer is back




please dont tell me he went and done it with brown girl




nice flipping spicsuz as clueless as always


she got bleached by onseki the colonizer


ban onseki


why momgf has sex multiple times a week this is a safe space for non virgs


wish i was freak eye


i thought brown girl had a boyfriend seki this isnt the way nooo


the seki takes what he pleases


they call me sourseki and i flip as hard as i smoke


maybe one day seki will see the path of righteousness


no it wasnt brown girl i wont talk about it here


why not


gonno make me some coffee hima


col are playing against eg in 4 hours


poor col



why poor col theyre going to win


nah kyle is gonno draft a tardteam and moo is gonno flip it up even more


i have faith in col


just checked the discord it was the deli girl


how did you manage to woo her onseki i need some tips


at least tell me it wasnt an escort



begone snow


never seen snow dont think i ever will sigh


i dont have any advice just talk to yourself a lot and figure out how to hook people in when youre talking to them with quick wit or something


permaban onseki and drawmom now


what did you do to hook her in how did you approach


if you dont know you dont know


dont tell me you actually fell for the people on hima are virgs meme


yeah and no one on hima has a job right
what do you think pnig does all day


he plays wow


he "plays" "wow"


is that you turt


yeah he plays wow all day and somehow has huge amounts of money for taco bell every other day and gas for traveling huge distances regularly


his grandma is rich


dont forget about all the dumb weeb merch and raw meat he cooks up


wish i had some raw meat to cook up


File: 1518119142122.jpg (63.31 KB, 640x640, 1518046406761.jpg)


you were born to live in the snow


no i was born to scape


guess im the only neet virg left on hima sigh


what happened to nb


im a neet virg too


onseki i need to know your style so i can be like you and slam some gash


what do you mean


really need a hug please


i wear khaki and olive colors at work but i most wear blue colored stuff when i dress up


how did you develop a rapport with her


are you really interested or are you just fishing info out of me that will make other people mad


no im really interested




i need your help onseki or else im gonno end up a virg forever


id rather be dead than an unvirg


what if you get snapped by a loli


well then it's not my fault




im not writing out what happened here but i dont know what to tell you
just find a good balance of being an asshole and being polite
funny and factual
aggressive and shy


lolis are too weak to snap men i would easily be able to fight her off


you underestimate the aggressiveness of a horny lolee


flip you thats not helpful at all


i avoid lolis theyre dumb little bitches


where are you lacking


i dont know how did you talk to her what kind of stuff did you say i dont know how to have a natural conversation like that can you give an example of how one might go even if its just a made up example


are you two dating now seki


just watch youtube vids about talking to girls theres lot of help for people with no social skills


why wont you post about it here


just cold approach and neg it always works


71 new posts looks like dating sim discussion should i skip


hope onseki didnt wear a condom and caught an std



used to play dating sims on newgrounds all the time back in the day


because its not terribly interesting and i really have no idea what i said because real norms like me dont even think about talking stuff just comes out and people laugh and tell you more about themselves and you keep laughing or saying affirmatives until a question comes up its impossible to explain


why talk if its inane and youre not forming real connections


then im flipped


onseki wanted to flip the hot brown girl but had to settle for the fat ugly desperate deli girl instead


i love apples
yeah apples right love em
my favorite part is the skin
eww what thats the worst part haha

like you can follow this pattern forever


the deli girl was the right choice now he can get all the mortadella he needs


wish to flip a loli apple otaku


that was months and months ago i barely even talk to her but i still want flip
deli girl is really attractive shes not fat at all


describe her


member the powertalk meme


dont say member


no one posting on hima members the powertalk meme and loli flip memes of 2015




little lady want flip




powertalk is 2016


onseki are you two dating


no i dont think so i dont think either of us are interested in that


im going to empty a barrel clip into your nuts faguette


sigh why would you give up your virginity to someone like that please tell me she was at least a virgin too


you mena a barrel mag



onseki wasnt a virg he flipped a couple of whores in japan



sigh seki i expected more from you youre a young guy too


hehe what world do you live in


any rice recipes what do i add to it with simple ingredients to make it good


mix a large raw egg in a bowl and add it over steaming hot rice and stir with your choice of soy sauce and add furikake on top


star anice


time for anime


eating life cereal


since the seki is turning his life around now he should give calculus another try


File: 1518125543692.png (97.5 KB, 805x604, lazy.png)


fuc k off


is that supposed to be me




moms raging out at the builders at the house behind me hehe


wonder what it is about women that makes men so lazy bleh


i love the smv meme too


hes talking about super mario world not smv its a w


Today is an important day to me - I submit my transfer request! Excitement grows!


baste uli


once uli receives the csm title hes going to whip that walmart into shape and provide 100% efficiency from all employees


crying extremely hard watching violet


think ulis gonno get a bit of a shock when he starts working in a tampa walmart coming from nd


bound to be 10 times as many niggers in tampa


you have a beautiful soul


waiting for mom to leave to watch it so she doesnt hear me squealing


violet chan is really cute isnt she


shes a disgusting hag


just woke up i had a dream about riding down the bike path but they were like streets with shops and restaurants on the sides of them


are you ready for col in an hour


shes 14


whats your point


nah im gonno play some wow


all this dream talk reminds me of that cool anime dream i had i expanded upon the idea and decided to call all the female fighters ``heavens angels" and the ones that go rogue become ``fallen angels" and eventually the ones that go rogue form their own team of angels called ``hells angels" and i guess the scene i saw in my dream where four of the girls sacrificed themselves to seal away another one was a big fight against a rogue angel


flip you then


they dont actually look like angels though they kind of look like girls with scantily clad cyber armor similar to like symphogear


the reason why the dream had such an impact on me was when the rogue angel fell off the side of a building and four of them pursued her doing cool anime stuff like grinding off the side of the window
anyway one of them said they needed to use ``that" forbidden technique and they all agreed so these five coffins appeared which the rogue angel fell into and the four girls each jumped into one while this huge goddess loomed over them
some cool anime effects happened and the coffins formed into some sort of huge magatama-like shape and floated over to another magatama and connected to it while somebody said that ``the second seal has been found" it was really cool im telling you


yeah it sounds really really cool to me


hehe thank you


yeah it sounds ga y to me too


aw i forgot about that filter sigh


i skip the dreamnorm posts


that sounds an awful lot like the titans sealing away sargeras

the simple version is that originally all the titans started off as lawful good but one of them went rogue and the others used their power to imprison him


you better not have skipped my radiation poisoning dream post


how do the nephilim factor into this


sigh i dont keep up with shingeki but it really doesnt help that the rogue angel was abnormally bigger than all the other angels plus one of the angels had these dual grappling hook weapons and was flying around like she has maneuver gear what the hell


nothing like a nice strong cup of genmaicha


nice herkz


nice skippermomgf


love the colress theme


nice col ress


damn this is a good track sounds like gran turismo 3


File: 1518130023763.png (19.29 KB, 200x200, image1504735922.png)



gonno shower


gonno vom


do not



woke up just in time for col hehe im giddy


die esportnorms


agree with the blog on this one flip right off esportnorms


good news hima the espresso machine is fixed gonno make a tall one for this col game


who fixed it




i always laugh at quests like this where you need to act out the story that someone is telling you


ya real hilarious


wish to flip a loli


col came to town and now my lgf only has eyes for kyle


nice kyle ``steal yo lgf'' freedman


do lolis like pilots


lolis like guys with penises


why does neetblog hate neets



File: 1518133187165.png (378.61 KB, 563x415, 1518127601038.png)


dumb roast btfo


barney my pebbles


File: 1518133378062.png (99.24 KB, 805x605, kaguya.png)


still thinking about getting a djungarian hamster


wish momgf would use his skills for drawing snap instead of this shite


momgf would personally report hima if there was snap posted here


ya i dont like snap it makes me really sad for the victim


die snapnorms


cant jo if its not snap


who the flip cares about opening the box they come in and showing the product i know what a processor looks like i know what a mobo looks like they all look exactly the same where are the benchmarks etc what the hell


i care


sigh col


they will bounce back in game 2


why do you think i hate neets


forgot to eat lunch


simply nojo for two weeks


neetblog tell me your thoughts on this


little bitch needs to get magdumped


what happens to her


they belong in jail


how is that worse snap is a meme girls love getting flipped



sorry but im watching the col game


how about nah


i like egs draft better


i like cols spirit


kyle is an individualist


wish col would gangsnap me


nice faguette


im not a man


nice slimygirl


tardlaughing hard




daniels being funny



watch the col game you fool


did you see the old man from frasier died


ya sigh


fool daniel never streams i cant miss it


die esportnorms and twitchnorms


gonno jerk it to some fully developed kids




what the ==fug==


epic fail


can you make your posts a little less obnoxious thanks







im gonno use my developed adult brain to not care about dota esports


oh god i sure hope youre watching daniels stream pnig oh god its so funny


im playing wow and thinking about dinner and snacks


kyle is really blowing the game


seriously is that how it works


you absolute fool


big sigh col come on



File: 1518136551838.jpg (11.19 KB, 209x173, chessie.jpg)


are you cutting trees nb




youre baste


how am i baste


youre hella baste




youre ineffably baste


i see


how much gold do you have


i dont know


col no


so much for the year of col


col is droll


sigh col


theyre still the second best team in america


i think i might get stuff to make gyudon and then ill make it tomorrow with the sliced ribeye i got


i have 449k gold and 880 yew logs in the bank right now


anyone want to play 100% oj
tard lounge is the game name




File: 1518137382346.jpg (326.85 KB, 1500x1500, 91XTI9x+4gL._SL1500_.jpg)

i had some chili for dinner


depends is that you the orangeseki


should i stream tanking some dungeons


i wonder if onseki spent all of the 900k gold i gave him



i didnt spend any of it i dont think
i didnt really want it i was planning on giving it back to you


we are all watching daniel


sigh guess ill just continue on my own then try to limit the wow posts to a few each day so that one guy doesnt rage


can you log on later and give it back to me


its just neetblog


indian giver


sure are you on right now


he can keep it if he wants



this gdgd banner is too sexy


which one


the sexy one


File: 1518137865311-0.jpg (653.31 KB, 1280x1870, P003.jpg)

File: 1518137865311-1.jpg (534.27 KB, 1280x1877, P004.jpg)

File: 1518137865311-2.jpg (589.41 KB, 1280x1876, P005.jpg)

does this really happen




File: 1518138017392-0.jpg (523.4 KB, 1280x1873, P006.jpg)

File: 1518138017392-1.jpg (587.4 KB, 1280x1876, P007.jpg)

File: 1518138017392-2.jpg (572.42 KB, 1280x1878, P008.jpg)

can neetblog comment on this


its sick


how is it sick its a boy and a girl


File: 1518138210604.jpg (428.31 KB, 1280x720, [Leopard-Raws] Youkai Watch - 206 RAW (TX 1280….jpg)

is babyflipper still here


whats the password


sexy little baby wanna flip that baby wanna sperm that baby snap that baby




File: 1518138827938.jpeg (165.19 KB, 750x1334, 1FB89200-72FD-42F9-ADA5-9AEC95C3B9B8.jpeg)

time to feast


feast in hell shitlord


what do lolis eat



kisses and chocolate




nice to see the neetblog diet being utilized outside of the neetblog household


its cultural appropriation is what it is


dont think neetblog is on my friendslist
can we meet somewhere


hey pnig trev is playing wow you should raid with him


forgot i got some blueberry poptards last night hehe


never ate poptarts are they good


where are you


does he play alliance he seems like the kind of person who plays alliance


theyre "okay"


dont know if i like blueberry for the taste or the color


world 301 varrock fountain


die gamenorms


whats trevors character


the pastry part is entirely flavorless except for a raw flour flavor and the filling is really sweet and the frosting is crunchy


basteseki gave me 50k extra gold


i thought you gave me 991k i actually thought i was ripping you off


no im pretty sure i only gave you 940-950k


wish i thought 50k was a lot still


why do you wish that


miss being a scapenewbie


sisters friend asked if i was cool


are you


col are playing again for a qualifier spot please send them some support