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the greatest blogstasy of all time
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nice healangel


has himako been adding more rika and satoko banners ive been getting them all the time lately


shes slowly removing everything except satoko banners at my request


im dumb as hell


File: 1516001642016.png (50.93 KB, 503x478, nfakmfwlg6a01.png)



satokos looking specially tard in the one with hanyuu


fixed the subs for some batsu games going to start it up



envy has gone too far


shouldnt ohaiyo just get a cut since he helped them qualify


yeah he will but its not about that



getting ready to jerk it to some kids today


pasta guy...


thats not me im getting ready to go to the store


die sinners


80 posts left


cant watch its lagging


sigh the rains making the internet run like shite its really flipping pouring down


and here its windy as heck


alright im off to the store now wish me luck


good luck




File: 1516005723682.jpg (611.91 KB, 979x1236, 1516002964468.jpg)


when will i be able to fondle a pair of nice boobs


i have some for you


shut up neetblog


im back got some onion and mustard chips


gonno rage





speaking of which saw a tard as hell skateboard loli wearing kneepads and elbowpads and constantly messing up and having to stop riding


gonno snooze now


that loli was trying her hardest to have fun and be safe


got the stream on my tv and gaming on the other boiling up some water for some mugicha for some late night snacking


snooze too instead


its too soon to snooze


actually none of them are mine as far as i can see



hey freak hows it going


stopped gaming guess ill just do some stuff before i snooze


what kind of stuff


watching and snacking and checking conspiracy sites



told mom i was going to get stuff for stew tomorrow im going to make one with my own recipe


did you get everything you wanted for christmas


dont forget to get chuck beef its very important


its a mutton stew


of course i wont get any other cut of beef


didnt get anything for christmas

oh wait yes i did for the work kris kringle and the family kris kringle but i wasnt in the same state as the family one so i dont know what it is yet


what did you get for it also what did you buy as your present for it


got chocolate bought chocolate


is that some sort of foundation for underprivileged children or something


hes talking about secret santa


no its this https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Secret_Santa

i did get a lot of christmas presents from foundations for underprivileged children growing up though


oh i never heard it called that before


me neither but i was able to use context clues


arrogant fool


i looked it up and checked that i was correct before posting that


File: 1516010249684.jpg (10.43 KB, 200x200, kris-kringle.jpg)

i get reminded of this guy when i see those words


if americans dont know what kris kringle is then how come they named santa that in miracle on 34th street


kris kringle is just another name for santa its called secret santa in other australian states as well nsw is just retarded


only ever heard or it from that movie


im not from nsw and i knew both terms


sent in an online support ticket to cancel my foxtel so i never had to call the loyalty team to do it hehe


i need to brush up on my christmas lore theres kris kringle and then theres saint nicholas i dont know how theyre related


freak what are your picks for the season


its a hobo not santa


santa was called kris kringle more than a hundred years before that movie was made


freak is an enthusiast so i bet hes gonno watch like three good series and twelve shite ones just because


not freak but this season is pretty good im watching 12 in total


skipped the mugicha and made a mug of lavender tea instead it reminds me of the jinrui stream sigh


gonno get drunk as hell and watch anime all night


youre killing yourself


we all are in our own way


remember skipping the jinrui stream very clearly


File: 1516010930767.png (48.79 KB, 892x472, an.png)

keep in mind this is only the stuff that aired so far

basically correct except usually more than 12 and i wouldnt call them shit because what classifies as shit for me is really shit


ramen daisuki kaizumi san was excellent again this may be my aots


each time my uncle visited from chicago he would hide beers in the fridge and tell me where he hid them for me he would always ask if i wanted a beer too hes dead now


why not mitsuboshi colors


overlord is going to be aots


it or ryuuou no oshigoto will probably end up being it but i really liked the first two episodes


read the novels


i dont know japanese


ryuuou no oshigoto gets owned by march waltzes in like a lion'


im only watching colors and oshigoto


it absolutely does not


overlord seems shit too many characters


good choices but colors blows


youre in luck its been translated


everyone is being a snob and dissing bkub but i really liked episode two



didnt even give bkub a chance i hate memes


wonder if there are going to be any EPIC!!! anime this season


how can you do that to turt


basilisk is epic


whats bkub


only watched the ple ple pleiades ova should i watch the regular specials too or not




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