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just look at that face


christmas was ten days ago


what would the hima fansub group be like would it include lots of translation notes like groups from the good old days


we should try to sub at least one series itd be fun and its not hard at all


what series would it be i think most popular series get subbed so right away it means it would have to be a more niche series


File: 1515349596558.webm (3.91 MB, 1280x720, 1515348845296.webm)

id flip it


is vr chat the new big teenbro thing


never downloading a swf in my life because spectre and meltdown are spread there


is vr chat where you pick up cute teenbro traps


citrus is the aots bros


my theme song


why is it even called dragon ball anymore whens the last time the dragon balls mattered


super is for shitskins and manbabies


was the original dragon ball good or not its been ages since i watched it


what about mitsuboshi


yeah its a timeless masterpiece


File: 1515351667305.webm (1.91 MB, 1280x720, 1508700781599.webm)

thumbnail reminded me of this


just started this one ill let you know



already in love with the mitsubishi girls



woops forgot the post this thumbnail >>706415


the tournaments prize is the super dragon balls you fool and in the black arc both zamasus used the dragon balls to become immortal and to get gokus body and in the champa tournament arc the winners would get to use the other universes dragon balls so basically in pretty much every single arc in super so far the dragon balls have been one of the focal points


what the flip are super dragon balls


oh man there is going to be loads of doujinshi about these girls getting snapped in alleyways



even nvidia is affected by one of the bugs fortnite servers now use more cpu power too probably might affect its prices wonder how far the ripples will go


hopefully not i cant jo to snap doujinshi


would anyone be interested in a room tour stream





cant watch that makes me feel worse about living in filth and squalor


its ok my room is a little messy at the moment


you dont understand


room is always clean because im not a degen


die haughty nigger


never went to highschool


same i was raised on the streets i learned from the school of hard knocks


i should clean my room and desk. a clean room leads to a clear mind


one more minute hehe i cant wait to show you all my room


is this really you


dalai haysuz


nice pitch


i spy some jo lotion


who is this


neetblogs lil bro


nice thinkpad considering using some crypto money to buy one since i cant shake away the fact my machine has an nsa backdoor


oh its momgf


nsa doesnt want your bitbeans


anime lips


is nb here


sigh momgf has all sorts of neat stuff


wonder how momgf would react if you hit him and kept hitting him


got left behind flip




nice freaks and geeks


nice flipping hikari




awful flipping taste


learning all sorts of stuff


honestly want to hang out with momgf wonder if hed drive down here


he was in virginia last year


wouldnt mind hanging him out


hes posted before about making fun of his more dweeby friends so i hope you enjoy that


hes got awful taste


yeah i honestly hate him and everything he posts on hima


wheres the hotsauce


nothin better than natto in the morning


he got hisui and kohaku mixed up


no hes right


who cares they both pinch


damn its over


we know what busou shinki is who do you think youre talking to


no he corrected himself


take it back


i didnt know that


you dont count


man im just about done with firefox multiple sites crash when hima crashes this is too much time to move to vivaldi


use pale moon


the memory leak attacks again


use nightly


never understood why the hell people buy miku figs even pnig has one


switch to opera and you will never have to worry about anything again
it just works


mom bought a pie and made coffee hima heck yea


dont trust anyone as seemingly well adjusted to this sick world as momgf much prefer the company of someone with obvious psychological neurosis like turtle


dont think id ever get a fig even if i had money to spare and lived on my own


its not about mental health its about who is pilled and who is still a part of the system


illya keeps me good company



bastard stop hot glueing her


only fig i have is a yui one with her guitar would that be more basic than a miku fig


File: 1515354466930.jpg (150.54 KB, 630x800, 5043862e5ee195ea34ff3d468846b00e.jpg)

hehe thanks for tuning in guys i had a lot of fun

yes yes i love my thinkpad though i mostly bought it because of the tablet feature using wacom technology so i thought it would be fun to draw with instead of getting a cintiq

thank you brother

hehe ya its my favorite american tv series

going on a cross country road trip is something i plan to do in the future so maybe i could stop by hehe

just in case i thought they were an interested franchise and just wanted to talk about them a little

migu is simply the best and the racer one i have is phew words dont even describe

big tuna is cool in my book


i dont do that but its nice sometimes to look over and see her looking back at me its comforting and makes me feel warm


if i had to choose itd be one from a more obscure series than kon or vocaloid


my password manager doesnt have an opera extension


she doesnt even have a personality shes just a marketing tool


ya kind of regret getting it but i like kon so not gonno resell it but might move it to a less visible place like on my bookshelf


im calm and stoic most of the time but sometimes i freak out and scream a bit like hinamizawas syndrome l5 but im not dangerous to others
and then theres the voices but much like pnig i rarely hear them anymore


youre gonno make yui cry


nothing wrong with liking kon or yui why would you hide it just because its popular or something do you think the cool discord neoweebs are gonno look down on you for not being elitist enough


the point is that the idea of miku herself is what makes her appealing as an artist or musician you can mold her into any personality you prefer as shes an ai and her voice is beautiful to boot the fact that shes super cute helps too shes literally your idol


no youre thinking of the software that shes used to market


there is none more stoic than the neetblog



trust me i can be as stoic as nb himself


which hot sauce are you talking about the hot ones hot sauce or my el yucateco hot sauces


the fact that you made this post shows that to not be true



while you were being materialistic and prosaic and allowing yourself to be swept around by society neetblog was at home on his floor mattress staring at the wall


cant believe momgf went to virginia and didnt even pay a visit to his baste bro onseki


okay fully migrated over to vivaldi extensions bookmarks history everything


you talk about momgf being well adjusted but take him off his meds and watch him break down
very few are capable of facing this twisted world head on


hes just a freak like the rest of us im tempted to say that mom was given to him by god for his strict adherence to otaku principles


he said seemingly well adjusted


yeah im sure all the bros in his groupchat are freaks like us too who are you kidding


the only medicine i take is advil but back in high school i used to a lot of medicine with the boys hehe but never again since graduating


thats a ban


yeah momgf is a real freak at parties haha


i would take momgfs life with no hesitation if it could be done easily and without consequences


vivaldi is closed source just disable the autoreload js


what about the mental hospital


decided to burn all of my possessions and go on a spiritual migration to neetblogs place so i can be a follower of his school of thought


the only time ive been to a mental health center was to visit my actual brother


theres a little neetblog in all of us


wish nb would give us a tour of his place but i know hes above such trifling activites


vast majority of people in mental hospitals are norms that decided to attention whore and either called on themselves or were called on by their loved ones they keep the real freaks locked up in rooms but those guys are barely verbal


in one corner you have the blogstation in the other you have the xbox setup for cod then the toilet and then theres the staring wall


i am my mental scars


firefox left a bad taste in my mouth every time i try to like it i cant


must be the only one on hima not clinically depressed


die norm


turt has at least 2 undiagnosed mental illnesses


we just need to show everyone the path of positivity my brother


when i was in there i stayed in the locked off section the vast majority of people i saw in there had amphetamine psychosis and there were some homeless people just malingering in order to get a bed and food also there were trannies and then there were the super crazies who were barely coherent and masturbated often


whats amphetamine psychosis like


not pleasant to be around


never been diagnosed with anything but ive never talked to a shrink because i dont want to lose my guns


well i guess it was meth psychosis i dont know if theres a difference but a lot of picking open wounds into your skin and yelling


crazy about guns hehe


im sick but im not looney bin sick


im love sick ♡


no anyone that happens to not be a npc gets labeled as being ill by the big men at the top trying to keep the herd in line




hate remembering those days gonno lie down and try and get some sleep


turts right


fool its wake up time


bunch of new banners or am i crazy


ive been awake for like 24 hours


youve got amphetamine psychosis


kitty is sleepy


hope onseki ends up with cannabis induced psychosis thatll teach him


you shouldnt wish harm upon your hima brothers


youre right im sorry onseki


flipping out its been years since i listened


nah most people who get diagnosed and medicated do so of their own volition or at the urging of family because they recognize somethings wrong with their thought processes and its adversely affecting life and they want to get better meanwhile you have multiple prime chances to lose your virginity and have positive human contact with the opposite sex and your brain short circuits and self sabotages if thats not evidence of there being something wrong what is


die norm


get this hothead nonvirg out of here himako


organized all my bookmarks for the first time in years i save every otaku culture board i come across and there are dozens at this point


hes right


dont visit any board apart from hima and havent for like 2 years


uhh me claim female me oogboog


oog me cope


nice meme


wish there was an eggplant theme or like a light burgundy theme really like those colors


what about szalet


being a virg is not a mental illness


just a little too orange if the background was grey and the orange colors were more pink it would be nice
dont remember how to use custom css besides using stylish


thats not what he was saying


it literally was


you can learn the css to make a himatheme in 20 minutes or less or just edit one of the existing ones to the color you want


yeah i know how to edit the colors im going to fiddle with dollchan


running my custom uli theme baste around his windows theme


i have one baste on his website as well


me sad me watch anime designed for children me grope children


making a good theme is harder than it looks


this is a no adulting zone
adulters begone


thought turt wasnt gonno be coming around much anymore but here is posting for hours every day


thats not me idiot thats some other guy btfoing you


dollchan is gross i have no issues with himas layout or features


why would he be btfoing me i dont do any of those things


im confident enough in my heterosexuality to kiss a man i know it doesnt make me cool


then get over here and give me a big kiss


hope you dont mind some tongue


i welcome it


File: 1515359200662.jpg (42.41 KB, 669x746, 1473637652047.jpg)


why did you post that


im confident enough in mine to slurp my friends dicks and powerbottom all day its ok because i know im only attracted to girls


its just free love


think its time to run out for dinner


you should make your own dinner like a man


love you guys a whole lot


whats to love


i was planning on it thinking about getting some ramen and throwing some miso in it


havent made ramen since the last time i posted my ramen on hima


i hate adding things to ramen because it never tastes as good as i want it to


add some naruto


now i snooze




File: 1515359887572.jpg (118.93 KB, 750x1000, dc53c821a9c64624e1863e2fb2143cf2.jpg)


File: 1515360167269.png (675.62 KB, 949x1212, be4a609676291b264f7a227a3a66cc25.png)


feel a bit better about col at least they got eliminated by the tournament winners


making ramen with miso bean sprouts and corn
might steal a hard boiled egg from mom


why is turt posting i thought he left


File: 1515362412418.jpg (2.68 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_2985.JPG)



oh yeahhh this is the stuff hb




holy hell utw still didnt release ep25 dont know why i care since i already watched it from apex but come on


maybe theres a deeper meaning


File: 1515362723619.png (12.15 KB, 158x40, r.png)


dead hours


i refuse to post until action is taken


File: 1515363698860.webm (1.4 MB, 1079x608, HealthyOldfashionedDodo.webm)

is onseki here





File: 1515364010842.webm (3.73 MB, 1280x720, 1514588458813.webm)




man jaypee is really awful theres nothing but generals
did jp change or did i


all of 4chan changed its mostly generals now


have you noticed that now


only thing to blame is reddit


there was a post from moot saying he disliked generals and everything went downhill from there







yeah it was a qa in like 2013 that was right around where things started lumping into generals


himako ban


helped mom with her puzzle


flip you puzzlenorm


bh simpleton


File: 1515365111131.jpg (201.01 KB, 800x536, phew.jpg)


why does it cost like 55 dollars




generals are baste


its specialty porn


hima only exists thanks to generals


they arent necessary but norms get annoyed when there are multiple threads about the same topic 'cluttering' the board so they justify generals as a solution but the reality is that most true imageboard posters dont even care about board clutter just look at pol or biz




dont jo to porn with penises in it it makes you cool





ya all the true imageboard posters moved to pol and biz


hate keeping up with multiple threads with the exact same topic its annoying


File: 1515365397437.jpg (175.49 KB, 800x536, h_1133honb042pl.jpg)


hated when someone called my threads on jp imagedumps


wish i had a galgf


hate imagedump threads


then dont imagedump


all of the spinoffs are more or less the same besides hima


shes cute enough to be an idol


this company is pretty good


that was me


you bastard



im cute enough to be an idol




going to be downloading a lot of jav today


sigh batoto is shutting down




File: 1515366647349.jpg (92.13 KB, 762x464, varg-vikernes.jpg)


i need to return a jacket because the sleeves were too short sigh


die longarms


where the hell is net juu 12



forgot about that its off my list i think theres only 11 episodes


the blog stands alone



weird way to end the series sigh


未来が眩しくて見えない shower


downloaded super mitsuboshi bkub citrus yuru camp overlord2 gonno watch


not looking forward to the new dagashi kashi art


mitsuboshi owned


why not


new designs pinch


super this week was really good all of the art looked great


i wonder how hima will close


File: 1515368608394.webm (990.53 KB, 1280x720, dominated.webm)


she has ichigo mashimaro eyes


so do i


can i see


flip you




File: 1515369413133.gif (1.56 MB, 540x501, 1509081082312.gif)



dumb little skank


be nice to her


i would kill her


fatal snap


i would flip her


done watching super
phew what an episode and the animation quality was amazing


I saw pnig at a Japanese grocery store in Arizona yesterday. I told him how cool it was to meet him in person, but I didn’t want to be a douche and bother him and ask him for photos or anything.
He said, “Oh, like you’re doing now?”
I was taken aback, and all I could say was “Huh?” but he kept cutting me off and going “huh? huh? huh?” and closing his hand shut in front of my face. I walked away and continued with my shopping, and I heard him chuckle as I walked off. When I came to pay for my stuff up front I saw him trying to walk out the doors with like fifteen boxes of sencha in his hands without paying.
The girl at the counter was very nice about it and professional, and was like “Sir, you need to pay for those first.” At first he kept pretending to be tired and not hear her, but eventually turned back around and brought them to the counter.
When she took one of the boxes and started scanning it multiple times, he stopped her and told her to scan them each individually “to prevent any electrical infetterence,” and then turned around and winked at me. I don’t even think that’s a word. After she scanned each box and put them in a bag and started to say the price, he kept interrupting her by yawning really loudly.


did you watch until the very end at the end of the new ed to see vegetas supposed new form


File: 1515371668375.jpeg (191.08 KB, 750x1334, 366F7DD4-72BD-439E-B9C8-CA381A6FA3B1.jpeg)

kagami mochi


im having fried pork skin and sweet tea


yes im excited but in the preview goku was in kaioken blue form and vegeta seemed to be in just regular blue
isnt blue just god super saiyan maybe its god super saiyan 2

im still awestruck by the animation quality


looking forward to the hoshiiro girldrop doujinshis hehe


how come the kids like trunks and goten were able to go ss even though it took goku an entire lifetime of intense training and life and death battles to reach that stage


watched gintama i dont like the main arcs i get the feeling theyre a chore for sorachi sensei to supervise


because its a dumb show for babies who dont think


because theyre half humans like gohan
people are theorizing that the u6 saiyans are also mixed and thats why they look weird and can learn how to become super saiyans so easily basically as a half saiyan you get access to forms faster but your base strength is lower or something like that


toriyama is a hack


cant believe he would sink this low his brain is screwed


super is good


shouldnt he be filthy rich at this point because of how ridiculously successful dbz has been why is he still churning out this garbage the guy who made garfield literally almost has a billion dollars he doesnt even draw the strip anymore


men are meant to work money shouldnt be a factor


he is passionate about making money


mindblowing that jim davis creator of garfield has like 20x the net worth of toriyama


do you have any idea of how big garfield used to be back in the day i guess not


what time period exactly are you referring to by back in the day


File: 1515373368185-0.jpg (956.41 KB, 1920x1080, [O-IM] Dragon Ball Super - 122 [1080p] [Englis….jpg)

File: 1515373368185-1.jpg (820.23 KB, 1920x1080, [O-IM] Dragon Ball Super - 122 [1080p] [Englis….jpg)

File: 1515373368185-2.jpg (844.61 KB, 1920x1080, [O-IM] Dragon Ball Super - 122 [1080p] [Englis….jpg)

i wish it could be like this all the time even the non-goku characters looked great it really reminded me of dbz


shin is a flipping retard



File: 1515373471782-0.jpg (1.4 MB, 1920x1080, [O-IM] Dragon Ball Super - 122 [1080p] [Englis….jpg)

guess we are going to have to wait for the manga for clarification on the forms


the manga isnt canon


the quality surpasses z by a mile just look at that gohan its so reminiscing of toriyamas style in the 90s very angular with sharp shadows that instantly remind you of chrono trigger the episode went in my opinion beyond movie level animation its beautiful


was afk talking to mom and some asshole druid tried to kill me thankfully i have catlike reflexes and killed him and then went back to talking to mom and another druid popped up and tried to kill me and so did the other one but i killed the one who originally tried to kill me and the other left


it looks like shit


wish to see jim davis guest draw an episode of super


next manga is coming in two weeks sigh such a long wait


goku eat lasagna


File: 1515373832103.jpg (811.12 KB, 1920x1080, iine.jpg)



File: 1515373953007.jpg (747.96 KB, 1920x1080, surusuru.jpg)



hank hill ass


bkub was nice the episode was just 15 minutes long but played twice i dont know if thats how its supposed to be or if horriblesubs flipped it up


did you have your sound on the first half had male vas and the second female



post a download link


what does it take to start a porn company this company seems like a group of online friends who decided to start a porn company to flip girls


you need to be in california i think its illegal practically anywhere else


the hima mansion will be in california


no it wont that is the LAST place it will be you freedom hating idiot


flip porn and flip your sexnorms ooga booga


there are porn companies in scottsdale i dont know how they operate if its illegal and known


all the boards are dead today what is everyone doing
its cold as hell and its not a holiday everyone should be on their pc right now


preparing for the ritual suicide pact didnt you read the sb


ive been playing wow


himako can you ban this guy from sc2 already its killing the morale when there are barely any posts and theyre from raiders


and while youre at it can you give momgf a ban for being a flipping drugnorm


nothing norm about drugs


>Other details include information from the investigation about statements Mims made about himself, including that “he could stop running engineering department engines by pulsating electricity with his body, that he could shoot fireballs out of his hands


momgf does drugs i didnt know that
what kind


flip you skipnorm


its not his fault momgf deleted the stream after it ended


didnt know momgf could delete posts when it takes 5 years for everyone else


i watched the whole stream until right after he started the album and then firefox crashed and i missed like 1 minute of the stream but i dont remember there being any drug things in the vid


hehe mitsuboshi was great


flipping retard


youre right i somehow didnt notice
i like the male voices better


pay more attention next time skimnorm


how do you know he wasnt just referring to alcohol


no one talks about something so socially accepted as alcohol in such a contrived way


read that post but forgot about it
my memory is so shite i might as well just become a skipnorm


dont skipping is a sin


im a natural skipper ive never followed the path of readnorming


only arrogant norms skip


sigh gonno drop citrus its just a fujoshi anime


whats wrong with that


you dont know what that word means


did you even watch it its targeted towards girls and the only females that bother with anime are fujoshi


its targeted mostly to men aged 14-28


sure is


fujoshi are bl fans idiot


im yuri fan


i actually wrote that its a fujoshi anime but with girls but erased the but with girls before posting


herkz loves yuri anime


File: 1515377455689.jpg (739.84 KB, 1920x1080, pettanko.jpg)

how is this possible







do speedruns turn you trans


File: 1515378092976.jpg (296.84 KB, 1280x720, onseki.jpg)

onseki on the left


mom got potpies for dinner sigh


think im gonno snooze bye bye


flipping snoozers ruining everything


未来が眩しくて見えない make pizza soon and watch super


wish i had male model looks


you could


its not the first thing id wish for but it would be nice is all


File: 1515379374136.jpg (760.1 KB, 1920x1080, creeps.jpg)


ugly nip bitch


do the japs know about dentists or is it a western thing



if shes doing porn shes obviously from a poor probably trashy household


japs arent self centered like westerners


they are defiantly more superificial than westerners not as bad as koreans but nobody outdoes them


nah die western pig


flip you linus


foolish chink sympathizer


File: 1515379874820.jpg (822.34 KB, 1920x1080, himasugi.jpg)

neetblog on the left himako in the middle


stop posting smut


make me


that one guy doesnt even look excited hes positively bored


im chink


File: 1515380041034.jpg (817.52 KB, 1920x1080, guy.jpg)

do you mean the guy on the right in this shot


baste koreans


yeah he looks like he forgot something but he cant remember what it was


youd be bored too


maybe if i had been around the block as many times as he had


he keeps peeking into the camera why cant they censor the guys faces


whys he just sitting there fondling himself are you watching jap cuck porn


they all take a turn and then wrap her in seran wrap its normal porn


whats the seran wrap for



sod off varg




power... i need... more power


you need to go back sc2


nojo 2018 still going strong


File: 1515380841611.jpg (637.58 KB, 1920x1080, neetblog2.jpg)

is fatman a fetish that girls have


Hello himasugi, Varg Vikernes here.
Might I recommend not watching porn?
Thanks for listening.


even more rare than men that are into plumbers


not sure if it was scripted or not but mimori suzuko said she likes fat guys in an episode of gdgd fairies i can still hear her words sigh


instead of deciding to follow gaming journalism ive decided to cut out the middle man and go straight to the source for my gaming announcements by following all relevant twitters for developers publishers and franchises that i need
there probably will be fluff but nothing nearly as bad as the throwaway articles youd find on a gaming outlet the only thing id really be missing out on would be dramatic turns and news in the gaming world but hopefully the other people i will follow on twitter will keep me updated on that
also found some useful resources to keep me updated on the release dates for upcoming games


it was probably for comic effect


sigh he looks like a fat version of me


die slant


the hima mansion can be funded by porn production


who will be the stuntcock


dont talk to drawmom that way




what kind of porn are we going to focus on
if youre a small producer you cant compete in broad markets you gotta be niche


why not do what these guys do


yuka stepping on my balls repeatedly


pachyarisuki did i get it right


want to give kitty a kiss but he looks like hes in deep sleep and dont want to wake him


love when the kitty is sleeping and i get my face close to her and she starts purring in her sleep its so cute


File: 1515381416521.swf (2.54 MB, lolicatgirls.swf)


sigh all this /f/ nostalgia


i still tardlaugh


mitsuboshi is gonno be a classic like mitsudomoe and ichigo mashimaro


huh shaft is animating the fate/extra anime that should be interesting


die huhnorm


dont think that anyone would pay to watch a bunch of neets having sex plus who pays for porn in this day and age i say scrap the porn studio idea and open a tamales stand instead


you cant get enough money up to pay a woman to have sex with some of the higher level neets


birls will do it for free


yeah cools are super open to degrading sex with drangers


meant strangers


we need to pioneer the virtual prostitution industry with voice changers and vr headsets well be set for millions


nb here ill take one for the team and flip the girls


but people already do that for free


idiot i told you voice changers dont work


we will have the birls take acting classes


File: 1515382644676.jpg (543.36 KB, 1637x1333, 1515381108865.jpg)


she is beautiful


File: 1515383510939.mp4 (2.62 MB, 2018-01-07 20-50-49.mp4)

she likes the chubby ones


wasted my time getting jacked when i should have taken the blogpill


snooze time sayonara hima


me too


File: 1515385439385.jpg (37.06 KB, 218x319, Rikiishi_Toru.jpg)

You're a man. When the time comes you just have to do it.


do what


back from the store i went to the hippy store instead of the one with biscoff


sigh kamen rider w was so good for so many reasons


stock up some biscoff


is the w for warosu


oh its ces already i thought he uploaded a video too soon


pheeew made some nice pizza and fries totaling over 2k calories im stuffed


i hope you get a heart attack fatty


actually im 100 percent sure im the skinniest freak here


are you a sexy girl




what the fuck queer


maybe the second skinniest


when mom got pot pies i assumed she got marie callenders sigh


nah i stick by the 100 percent has your weight ever approached double digits


no but skinniness is proportional
whats your height


im nbs height


have you considered transitioning


nah im not a queer rather just consume big meals until im at a weight i like


cant gain weight no matter how much i eat


what do you mean approached double digits i dont think anyone here is less than 10lbs


10kg idiot


we use stone here


uhhhh think that one through


shut the flip up sc2


youre embarrassing yourself




is neetblog here


yeah im here and no i wont comment on your roast video




gotta respect that


i just wanted to make sure you were warm and safe you flipping asshole whats your problem


File: 1515387486885.jpg (410.06 KB, 1400x1019, 1514954221033.jpg)

uhh no i didnt mean uhh no no im not dummb your dumb what uhh ban bAN BAN


youre embarrassing yourself


hey guys himako here thinking about closing hima who wants to be my replacement




i will go back to tsumaran


dont understand whats going on




who what


File: 1515387946857.jpg (36.88 KB, 400x400, Tsunaman.jpg)


hey hima just woke up and read hows it going




going fine im considering ending nojo 2018 rn


was it the japanese porn


can you comment on this


hehe ya i never saw a chest as flat as that it gave me a huge bone



if youre considering giving up 8 days in you probably arent gonno make it the rest of the year




something amazingly sexual about a flat girl with her arms up thankfully that company recognizes that and makes all the girls put their arms up when they get flipped


i hate creeps so much


youre right im not gonno jo flip it


ive been joing 2x daily yesterday was 3x


you fool


why am i the fool


youre bound to your biological imperatives like an animal


got a sexy as banner battler hell yeah


oh agdq is on hehe


File: 1515389409577.jpg (59.36 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

me on nojo


hate that norm


i am cool


is that handy


hahahaha handy get it
he has no hands



thats disgusting


its natural


sexnorms are disgusting


He would make soft sounds or at times loud rhythmic sounds to indicate his contentment.


sperming is not a need just ask uli



i think i just shit myself but im too scared to check


reminiscing of that time i bowed to a japanese woman


h-how did u know


looked at your post history and then checked sc2


i want to make a lamp out of bawls bottles


im gnfos




think im gonno donate the rest of my christmas money to agdq


why not get some new clothes and pick up a super cute lgf


she thanked me three times it felt good




will i ever be able to post torrents on hima


you motherflipping idiot


whats stopping you


why don't we all just agree to kill the disabled


why would you kill himako shes legally blind


i found a shiki style box cutter


the ends justify the means


shes also legally retarded judging by the decisions they make


File: 1515392309604.jpg (1.25 MB, 2048x1536, P_20180107_231843.jpg)

the slug is eating the cat food again


hima im gonno snooze
ended up not joing


i will jo to make up for it


fool youre frying your dopamine receptors for little to no gain


anime is worse than joing


it would take years for mine to return to a normal state if ever


daddys home and he got himself another cheap beer its odd that a beer like this is cheapee than soda


wish i could crack open a cold one with daddy


i like em warm in the winter


hate creeps like you


i think im a creep how can i tell


theres an upper limit to how flipped up they can get they reset after 14 to 21 days


my brain is abnormal


if youd enjoy having kotoha step on you then youre a creep


everyone on hima is a creep then


snooze time


what happened to that other guy who thought people were timing their snooze times to avoid him


he killed himself




Weirdest was my friends girlfriend who I hugged hello after going to his/her house when they had friends over and I hear her telling her friend how amazing it felt to hug me (in a weird sexual way). And later, we had been drinking moderately, I was sitting on a couch and she sat next to me, everyone else was with 10 feet of us, including her boyfriend, and she's leaning over the couch toward me staring at my dick slowly reaching closer for it with her hands. I look at my friend like what the fuck? And he was just like "baby, let's go in the other room". It was pretty uncomfortable.


i dont understand


gonno make some toast now okay


got some soap from the hippy store its from that jewboy bronner its probably the best smelling soap ive ever used


will mitsuboshi colors turn out like blend s i want to watch it but only if norms dont watch it


had a nightmare last night logging on to my scape account finding my bank cleaned out


did it come true


if it did i would have ended it already


no new years nekoten upload i think its all over for her


might be losing it searched for cat face and cant stop laughing


sigh agdq stream is dropping frames left right and center


thought it was just my net


ya im ddosing it


finished mgs5 felt incomplete but still good


never played any metal gear games are they actually good or are they good in the way that people think disney films are good


wish to flip a prinny


haven't played any mgs game since the first one and that was just the pizza hut demo disc


never wanted to flip a prinny but ive jod to etna over 500 times


never played any of them either never had any desire to





File: 1515397580297.jpg (365.32 KB, 1024x768, butt.jpg)

sigh i grinded her to max stats in disgaea 2 4 and 5


how is joing to a healthy young fertile girl sick


disgaea is boring as hell never liked it


went out to eat with mom a few days ago and asked for a glass of water and the waiter told me they only sell cups of water and when it arrived it was a glass of water


sigh it went down


that depends on how high your expectations are its one of best in the stealth genre the story itself is fascinating yet the games dont tell it well or if at all


did you send the water back


i didnt leave a tip flip that guy


reading up on nekoten apparently she has a troubled past with revenge porn and her real name is himiko


if she had a problem with 'revenge porn' that means shes a gross whore who took pornographs of herself and shared them around


tried leaving a penny under a glass of water one and just ended up spilling water everywhere


is there a big repository where i can see all of the revenge porn i wouldnt mind taking a look at that girls naked body


for 6 years straight each time i ate out i would unscrew the salt shakers but leave the lid on so that it would lift straight off which means it would easily fall off when used by the next person


asshole whats your problem



File: 1515398356699.jpg (82.79 KB, 758x1200, CyUJdARUoAA9Kka.jpg)

apparently she describes herself as a freeter so much for being a neet living at home with her dad


sexy etna


cant make it as a freeter in this day and age


File: 1515398704715.jpg (107.12 KB, 556x1200, DS8A_2IV4AAQWVH.jpg)


File: 1515398712720.jpg (Spoiler Image, 306.25 KB, 800x598, 23b74b75de5d4f77d65632a22ca5a7fc.jpg)

the gold pass saves the day again


bad art


File: 1515398811248.jpg (Spoiler Image, 87.69 KB, 650x654, f6f2e3d59896c96634d4ddb9dafe4b8f.jpg)

what about this


stolp posting etna or youre going to ruin my 2018 nojo


File: 1515398869845.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 351.73 KB, 853x1000, 00.jpeg)


File: 1515398936727.jpg (Spoiler Image, 453.68 KB, 761x950, 557c0aee7df6cad3a3e8d07d9a33fae0.jpg)


File: 1515398962240.jpg (527.24 KB, 807x800, 1d1f55be8c560e89e76e936c164c669c.jpg)

this one is safe


why is etna so horny


File: 1515398979459.png (15.87 KB, 286x323, 1494456205224.png)


File: 1515398991583.png (Spoiler Image, 275.11 KB, 894x894, bent over.png)


if youre going to post etna only post haga yui etna



HAGa yui


File: 1515399095484.png (619.95 KB, 680x642, 8.png)


File: 1515399229127.gif (14.61 MB, 543x768, 00.gif)



wanna flip so bad


i only jackje jerk off to girls


you can only whatt


buzzed my face hair and missed a part on my lip now i cant stop pulling it


wish a loli would feel my facial hair


moms home


tell her to go to sleep so you can jo



File: 1515401068118.png (94.61 KB, 300x100, sigh.png)



where is everyone this is prime tiem


im gaming and listening to music


gamers are destroying hima






hey teenbros haha


get lost


File: 1515402925925.jpg (739.39 KB, 1920x1080, tan.jpg)

is this a real or fake tan


stop jerking it to kids


i think its fake


File: 1515403313728-0.png (1.68 MB, 1440x1072, [ReinForce] Cardcaptor Sakura - 09 (BDRip 1440….png)

File: 1515403313728-1.png (1.45 MB, 1440x1072, [ReinForce] Cardcaptor Sakura - 08 (BDRip 1440….png)

sigh sakura

also hehe


that reminds me i never watched ccs yet


File: 1515403709548-0.png (1.64 MB, 1440x1072, [ReinForce] Cardcaptor Sakura - 03 (BDRip 1440….png)

File: 1515403709548-1.png (1.61 MB, 1440x1072, [ReinForce] Cardcaptor Sakura - 05 (BDRip 1440….png)

File: 1515403709548-2.png (1.78 MB, 1440x1072, [ReinForce] Cardcaptor Sakura - 05 (BDRip 1440….png)


sexy spread legs in the middle one


purin, why did you ban your ex bf siztra


go away siz


i'm literally from the uk, pretty sure siz is a spic in california


love av it reminds me of better days


File: 1515404796277.jpg (921.74 KB, 1440x1080, [Coalgirls]_Cardcaptor_Sakura_OP1a_(1440x1080_….jpg)

cant tell if i should get the reinforce version or keep the coalgirls one


youre just embarrassing yourself


got two bags of gyoza from the hippy store really looking forward to frying them up gonno snooze


reinforce uses the new bd remaster and you need subs for like https://nyaa.si/view/993677

its sharper and the colors are different


is one better than the other



wish i was basted like siz


actually its like 4 hours too early to snooze i guess ill sit here like i normally do


wonder if a plumeria tree would survive in arizona they smell very good


mom got a plumeria candle from hawaii but never once burned it she always does this i dont understand what the point is she does the same with other candles too she has one for christmas that looks like a snowball but its never been burned once


ive got one or two in my backyard theyre nice had lots at my old house


would trade all the orange trees for a single plumeria even though they smell very very similar


wonder what the new loli fad in summer 2018 is going to be this year there were spinners and slime


midriff tops


i hope the ped cabal pushes something like that


imagine if it came true an almost every loli was walking around in a midriff top sigh


i would probably get arrested for loli watching


you cant get arrested for watching but you might get beaten up by an angry dad and the police wont do anything because theyre biased


hope that never happens i need to practice a ton before i ever try


some of these aquariums are really good looking


might have shower


showered and shaved feeling good accidentally killed a vibrating daddy who was sitting in the shower when i turned it on though sigh sorry big guy


sigh daddysan


havent seen the spider in my room since last night he was crawling around on the walls maybe he realized theres no food here and left


ill miss you spidersan


File: 1515410357967.jpg (24.99 KB, 600x430, GreenJ9.jpg)

these jumping spiders love my chilli plants every time i go out there theres a few sitting around on the leaves


jumping spiders are the tards of the spider world


aquarium videos led me to this i dont know why the idea of a bird inside the shell hearing and responding to things never occurred to me


gonno watch the greymane lore finale and snooze


only one on hima




screamer woke me up


good now theres 3 of us what are you guys up to


im gonno snooze bye


you flipper


File: 1515421931098.png (1.53 MB, 1500x1280, 1498344124005.png)


got excited to tab back in to read a new post and thats what i get thanks a lot


hi hima hows it going
made scrambled eggs


i made some poverty pizza with bread cheese and hotsauce in the oven


nice hehe


preparing rice for the natto


really want to try natto now momgf has piqued my curiosity


im glad brother its sooo good for you being a superfood packed full of vitamins and nutrients and not only that it is a taste like no other i find myself craving it and going on natto binges


had one of my reoccurring bad dreams where im back playing little league and i cant hit the ball


never played baseball is it good




japs love it


File: 1515425374163.jpg (35.41 KB, 320x240, 5492378205_6488e1be46.jpg)

shirakiku brand is my personal favorite and they come in packs of three i recommend easing into if at first you dont find the taste to your palate try adding thinly cut negi or green onions to your second pack and eating the third with raw egg mixed into it

kawai sou... at least when you finally do hit the ball in your dream you know youre in for a good day
i for one dreamt that i had bought a boat yet i never got the chance to sail it last night


keep in mind that owning a boat is one of my lifes goals so it made me kinda happy hehe


thats not how dreams work you aggravating norm


momgf even has good dreams


love a good boat dream


just remembered i had another bad dream before the baseball one i was in some giant underground mall with a terrible sense of foreboding i went to the bathroom and then i knew what was wrong there was about to be a massive earthquake and the moment i had at thought i heard an excruciatingly loud noise and everything started shaking making me wake up in a start


never had a good dream only terrifying ones


anyone else here only dreams in black and white or is it just me


i dream in color


what the hell you only dream in black and white


even though i have plenty of natto umeboshi and soba i find myself craving for some tsukemono with a nice crunchy texture
perhaps next time i go to the market ill pick up some pickled radishes


eat a burger like a real american you kitty





basted flippin daigo


they even talked about it in geijutsuka didnt you watch the stream


i had a dream about a burger last night
there was three thick tomato slices and i took two out and some of the other stuff fell out of the burger when i put it together it was a very thin burger


File: 1515426486214.png (1.14 MB, 750x1334, 0B074A57-B125-46E7-A5AB-676BF2C420F5.png)

im a food ‘’otaku’’ of all types my brother


wish you didnt post that it only made me think less of you


im sorry you feel that way but im quite proud of my burger joint list


i live in rahway...


youre lying dont get me excited brother


how can one man have such awful taste


yeah i was lying sorry


actually remember my dream today what a coincidence
it was at night and i was the only one awake at home and everything was really dark and i remember looking for puzzle pieces around the house to solve a puzzle that had something to do with a clock the setting and atmosphere was very resident evil like and then mom woke up and she was looking really scary and she forced me to eat a plate full of fudge and then i woke up


File: 1515426886697.webm (2.1 MB, 950x520, wk.webm)



love agdq


he didnt sniff hes innocent


File: 1515427087146.png (165.25 KB, 628x641, lqagcihnjs801.png)

baste agdq


owned that asshole


this is the year i become a speedrunner


mindblowing to me there are people who would pay real money to engage in twitch chat


theyre supporting a good cause


all the nonsubs are talking in trihex's chat


did you see omoroiyankees song to his trihex sub its his best one


hate that flipping norm




imagine devoting hundreds of hours of your life to completing donkey kong country 2 as fast as possible and then losing the race in front of a hundred thousand people


enough to drive a man trans





hes one of the best streamers on the site and his summer lesson videos and the best


hes not funny


oh yeah you posted that before flip that dumb unfunny norm and flip you too


tough crowd


only streamer i watch is aris and never live


used to really enjoy autumn elegys streams but he stopped playing sigh


File: 1515428517729.jpg (78.87 KB, 408x500, NEOBK-1273096.jpg)

rokemitsu no saki chan is so cute i hope to buy all her box sets some day



she really could be a seiyuu with her voice too its so pure and sweet


shed probably take a shit in your mouth for $50


yeah the dollar is strong right now i bet she would


stop that you two


sigh aubury


File: 1515429186694-0.png (1.62 MB, 1440x1072, [ReinForce] Cardcaptor Sakura - 20 (BDRip 1440….png)


feat on my dick you dumb little slag


how could you say that about sakura chan


sakura is perfect in every way


shes a stupid little cunt i want to murder her


i love the editing style of japanese live media its so unique in comparison to western methods in both tv and film you can easily point out its japanese by the editors choice of cuts and effects
japanese tv in particular is nice because the editors successfully create tension and excitement without the overly dramatic cuts and sound effects you find on western reality shows


japanese tv is already really language friendly as well with the text popping up for comedic effect must be a great way for children and japanese people in general to see old kanji they may not use very often ahhh nihon wa saikyou dayo naaa


japanese tv shows are really crude and childish


not a fan of japanese overacting




japs rely on exaggeration because subtly is beyond them


you mean subtlety


cant believe himako banned turt again


turts a martyr


not me


youd love it if she did


no i wouldnt


File: 1515432671971.png (134.35 KB, 578x460, 9W5oco4.png)


thought that android 21 was going to be a playable character but i guess not


really need a suit so i can bow to these girls


wouldnt mind some mashed potatoes with lots of butter right about now


still never ate mashed potatoes they just dont seem that great


are you the turkey guy




had a dream where i gained weight


we could all use a few extra pounds around here


File: 1515436118400.jpg (172.63 KB, 1275x720, 1515433433914.jpg)

take this and start a new life


im chink



The report also observed that North Korean IP addresses have downloaded several episodes of the automotive TV series Top Gear and documentaries by the show’s former presenter James May



productivity wan handoredo paasento


die normchink


goddamn twitter has too much information even when using tweetdeck its so overwhelming


die tweetnorm


living in this flipping house is worse than hell



i just wish i had a streamlined feed for everything


kind of miss using rss do people still use it


gonno snooze now hima


i use that to keep track of my manga


you should not snooze


i get all of my news from hima and keep track of all the information i need in my head flip


i cant stay awake any longer my snooze timer has desynced from hima active hours i will suffer alone til i can fix this problem


least i get to drift off to sonic speedruns in a nice comfy bed



sonic is such a retarded franchise i cant imagine why it got so enormously popular


yeah sonic pinches way too many fundamental issues with the physics of all the older games and the newer ones are pretty terrible




flossin thru ur graveyard



wonder if i could get nailed with a 90mph fast ball and not cry


im incapable of crying


die fastreplier


nothing fast


im fast


File: 1515442219839.webm (865.42 KB, 296x360, 1515378822872.webm)






bored as flip thinking about snoozin


dont snooze i have something for you


never heard someone pronounce paprika this way


how do you pronounce it



wish i had some country fried steak right about now with lots of sauce


File: 1515442770963.jpg (39.25 KB, 640x482, 1515378937046.jpg)



File: 1515443699487.jpg (127.76 KB, 1242x1304, p9rdzm678t801.jpg)


want to tongue kiss someone



File: 1515445364481.jpg (565.07 KB, 2047x1430, 1515445285391.jpg)


didnt snooze after all i was just extremely cold


sis left some womens perfume samples right on the table next to my bed and now it smells like a girl and im getting a bone why would sis do this


its the best


nice pilotsan making some yew longbows before the flight


cant believe people actually play scape
retarded game for autists




that was just bait im bored as hell might scape myself


their voices and looks have only gotten better since 2007 really want to marry all these girls


made mom upset by saying she has practically no education and that everyone knows poles are dumb this wont end well


the supra is a piece of shit consumer car its basically the japanese mustang gt
cant hold a candle to the r34 dont know why people always compare them


wish to attend a gala


or maybe a barnyard party


you can all go to hell


woke up and internet was out what did i miss


die adjudicator


had a weird dream about watching movies or something i cant remember it now sigh


start a dream journal


it would be weird i prefer not to

another dy when its unusually warm its almost like there was no winter at all this year


what would be weird nobody is suppose to read your dream journal it just a way to capture pieces of your dream so you can remember them before they evaporate into the ether


the only ones worth remembering are the ones that i actually remember


what are your dreams worth remembering


the ones i remember


yeah im asking you to share them dummy



caved in last night and bought a 5 pack of speculoos with 1 day shipping they should be here tomorrow


dont know what those are


just more sc2 memes do not engage him


File: 1515454765787.gif (211.55 KB, 800x582, 604 Speculoos 125g.gif)

theyre like gingerbread cookies but without the ginger


dead hours


instigators here so im going to skip


okay guess ill go to the store and harass the employees


post about it when you get back


pizza night



now that i have the twitter all layed out its a lot less intimidating and overwhelming with info


uh no


and hey i literally just got a follow


tell someone who cares


opera is the best


im unfulfilled


ill give you a fulfilling


why are cools always size queens


the anus has no depth limit like the vagina


hentai has led me to believe its possible to penetrate the cervix


didnt go to the store after all the sidewalks were too icy


im the only cool on hima


die faguette


thats what pigs do


die hogfarmer


tried to get into lucid dreaming a few years ago but couldnt do it


the vagina defiantly has a limit trust me ive felt it


wish to penetrate the cervix of a loli and fill it to the brim with sperm like a baloon


die norm


mogged by neetbrag again



im raging


wish to go innawoods with my bro onseki


whenever you want man


onsekis an impressionable child


nah its lolisis he fingers and flips his sis all the time


he is easily influenced by others yes


no i dont


pnig get some salami and toast lets have a pripara stream sesh tomorrow night


i will never hurt a girl with my penis


another regret


die sexnorms


sis braided her pigtails this morning its cute hehe


sigh been staring at the wall


find something to do instead


nice nvidia


5k for disposable tech


cannot fathom why you watch that rat faced huckster sneer at you over plastic junk


cant look at linus without imaging a cock in his mouth




man mom just made dinner but im about to eat that ramen


think im gonno make some tuna melts later tonight


ill have 5 packs of speculoos tomorrow ill skip the salami and eat those


i havent been able to go the store i normally get my salami and toast and coppa from and the hippy store only sells huge packs for $9


never had speculoos what is it like


taste like ash in your mouth


the hima tent shall be located in alaska and we will survive by hunting gathering and gold panning


no im telling you for the last time its going to be in tempe


tempe is a shithole there are much better choices just a few miles away like gilbert or chandler or very cheap land in apache junction


tempe is too warm we have been through this


the summers arent too hot just stay inside or drink something cold or eat ice cream or swim


oh my god im so hungry hima this is it


oh nice zillow has an option to search for homes close to schools


find something to eat


File: 1515462201546.jpeg (126.62 KB, 750x1334, 5799EFD8-E00D-45F1-8978-01F1DFA61C1B.jpeg)

time to feast




gonno feast on some tuna melts later tonight


thinking of joining a br guild in wow


the hima mansion shall be located in the maldives


File: 1515463152050.png (162.9 KB, 540x540, tumblr_p28ezxsFUN1usv3j7o1_540.png)


stop playing wow so much arent you sick of it yet


i got tired of bgs but learned im not as gimped as i thought in dungeons so ive been doing raids and stuff

i got bis belt a few days ago


File: 1515463642100.jpg (119.31 KB, 540x707, tumblr_p1ys4zvfPS1sp4ql3o1_540.jpg)


snooze time


faguette snoozers


mindboggling how affliction presses one button over and over yet manages to top damage and self heal for 1/3 of its health per second


hehe there are a lot of modifiers for affliction lots of little 5% and 10% damage boosts


blizz is gonno nerf it hard just you wait


theyre adding a legendary catch up system next patch you can turn in 150 wailing essences to get a legendary


besides it feels good to see my favorite warlock spec not get gutted like sub or completely removed like combat


got the rika hanyu satoko banner


File: 1515465129678.jpg (98.4 KB, 507x810, tumblr_otbvyazLkL1tbj4zpo1_540.jpg)


all these games and you choose to play me what the fuck


nice 4chans v screencap from tumblr poster thanks for your contribution


butthurt little bitch


steamed faguette


is pasta guy here


File: 1515465493049.jpg (579.36 KB, 1280x1808, 146.jpg)

woah they did a sequel, nice




is nb here


is that a loli



just realized the first two ces videos from linus are an nvidia and an intel video flip that guy


File: 1515465842667.png (97.81 KB, 428x328, socials.png)

phew got all my socials together in one handy area




File: 1515465926992.webm (2.4 MB, 268x480, tidepod.webm)

can you comment on this


did he die



mom made chili but its hot so i made a little stand to rest my bowl on and put the fan on it


what the fuck is wrong with you





himako its a norm uprising


think im gonno snooze
my heart is broken tonight



you cant ban me im neetblog


what new smart refrigerator is this on


if im a neet blogger can i be safe from bans too?


cant wait for my speculoos to arrive they shipped out today


die impersonator


tardlaughing at the nvidia keynote why does huang keep doing them why not get someone who doesnt seem like a cartoon character


File: 1515466859577.jpg (506.11 KB, 2520x1450, nvi12_a.jpg)


how dare you


its impossible to not laugh he wears that flipping jacket every god damn year


that jacket is baste


wish i had a nice leather jacket


sigh tom-san


File: 1515468808568.jpg (118.42 KB, 810x900, d332b3a4c0b2b02a4ca4fb7c33311864.jpg)


nothing better than a nice waki


whys she all beat up


File: 1515469041842.jpg (587.61 KB, 1280x1808, 45.png.jpg)




i beat her up


being a precure is hard work


being a precure is suffering


thought pnig would be excited about hugtto


whos pnig


ive been tunnel visioning wow for the past few months and i dont think much can top alamode

the combination of precure and desserts are a nearly unbeatable combo


finally tightened the legs in my chair now i dont have to worry about them falling out and the chair feels much more solid


what about precure themed around loli beach attires


it doesnt appeal as much because i really like making desserts and eating them on the other hand i dont wear loli beach attire




so windy outside brrr


sent applications to two guilds
pantie raiders
Brown sickoS


nice pantie


moms chili is hurting my stomach oh god its over for me


is neetblog here


in the hima mansion everyone with a sis will bring her once every two weeks to play a game of hide and seek in the dark


File: 1515472074359.jpg (781.39 KB, 1800x1200, 56a615205c258.jpg)


she wants to be flipped


yes im here


delete and ban


hey hima just woke up hows it going


always get a bone thinking about how she got horny doing those shoots and probably either got flipped after doing them or jod hard


made three tuna melts hima with extra hot hotsauce and mayo and cheese


going great gonno feast and drink some of this mango juice


nice ped fantasy


there are rumors of multiple vip videos showing her with a wet spot on her panties


sigh theyre running halo 5 what a snoozefest


love tuning into big t radio


modern games should be barred




cant believe that pastaguy hates lera and thinks shes nothing special


shes very cute but shes not the super cutest girl ever seen thats just silly


shes like mario in mario kart shes got a bit of everything and has good broad appeal


post them


i dont have them they are only rumored to exist after all


then who is


i'd pay $1000 for those videos


post more laurab


probably someone who appeals to his tastes it wont be the same for you


there are even cuter girls who look similar to laurab in that kind of thing


eating leftovers with my hands because moms in the kitchen



like who


im not gonno talk about this any further


please post cute girls!






gonno make some more poverty pizza soon


god damnit himako flipping ban sc2 already


File: 1515474344563.png (461.64 KB, 1077x367, doujinstyle.png)


whats poverty pizza


File: 1515474386574.jpg (184.08 KB, 1024x768, 2qkp9on.jpg)


just saw turts ban in the ban list


is this a joke


at least the 9tensu chinks are reliable


dojin.co is the future



burst coin is the future


未来が眩しくて見えない shower n shave


started mining turtlecoin today


why is it so much harder to get a gf who is younger than 15


never had an over 15 gf or under 15 gf


why not


its time to move hima to discord


if you want hima discord why not use the gnfos one


you guys reminded me to download all the nice albums from c93 wonder if the new shibayan one is good


because its the gnfos discord


did you download the nanahira ones theyre sexual


my first and only gf was 11 but i was 13 so it doesnt count as ped


does anyone on hima actually need discord


no nanahira gives me a headache




we need to replace hima with a discord


die gfnorm


phew they buffed vorkaths drops by a ton gonno try it out tomorrow


nn i was just a little boy


saw a worgen warlock named cucksbane and he reminded me of the r9k bros


havent done the quest yet it looks too hard


never had a gf whats it like


die norm


why dont you ask that mom guy hes always bragging about his gf


if i did it you can too


i dont want to know what its like to live with a literal dried up hag i want to know what its like to live with a succulent loli who showers you with affection


what happened to viperteen.com ?


affection is over-rated


please dont call lolis succulent


ive never even had a female friend


are reports working can you see them himako


himako ignores reports


what happened to viperteen.com ?


no its not theres nothing better than hugging a loli and having her hug you back with even more love than you can possibly imagine


how would you know




k mom went to bed time to forage


what is that supposed to mean


i just heard my mom go to bed too


why not


its creepy


File: 1515477789024.jpg (436.23 KB, 1280x1808, 73.png.jpg)

wow haven't seen spats in a long time, bless itsutsuse


spats are gross i dont like em one bit


File: 1515477884988.png (2.98 MB, 1700x2000, 9977035953a7c3e0609ff62c80d98861.png)


smug satoko banner i guess thats the signal


why dont you like spats whats wrong with you


i dont know i just find them a turn off


see you tomorrow hima


File: 1515478102356.png (Spoiler Image, 15.87 KB, 286x323, 1494456205224.png)


gonno watch some porn and theres nothing you can do to convince my tard brain otherwise


dont snooze


varg said pics of naked girls are okay


how come i get a bone when i see naked kids


stop talking about kids and lolis its creepy


im already snoozing


nojo 2018 still going strong


File: 1515478827823.jpg (590.85 KB, 1280x1808, 118.png.jpg)



who is this guy who comes here and just posts pages of this shit with comments like that


what is your problem


its sc2 who else would it be


File: 1515479094641.jpg (528.06 KB, 1280x1808, 115.png.jpg)

i just want to share the lewdy mags im reading with my friends


nobody here is your friend


i would be his friend i like the artists he posts


flip you contrarian piece of shit


how is that contrarian if nobody liked them they wouldnt be publishing work


die hagposter


you will go against anything people say just for the sake of going against it is what im talking about and dont even pretend that you didnt realize that


you just cant accept anyone disagreeing with you


its like the guy who always posts about a supposed gnfos alliance and the guy who thinks the otalads posts are hilarious theyre doing it just to go against the popular opinion even if they dont actually think those things its utterly retarded




thats neetblog you cant talk to him like that


otalad wasnt the funny one it was the other guy


but we do have an alliance with gnfos


is it onsekis epic discordteen bros


are you trying to tell me that the guy who came from ota to tell the people here to stop posting on ota isnt the otalad

do you know something about that it seems kind of odd


maybe hes an otalad but not 'the' otalad


gonno start thinking of things to jo to hope i can avoid the meta hours when i return


stop joing youre flipping up your brain


is it cool if you and your best friend nb are flipping a lolis mouth together and the tips touch


only if you dont acknowledge it






File: 1515480058237.jpeg (1.45 MB, 1920x1080, f0abeb4fd637a111663bebe6396a45fd.jpeg)


im starting to like angelic lolis more and more is that a problem


i flipped left she has been flipped


left is the one i would least want to flip in real life


did that post go through


guess not it said i just realized that nampa has a meaning in japanese maybe i should embellish it and tell my sisters friend next time she comes over




did some yardwork gonno make some poverty pizza now


just got out of the shower now im bored


crack open a cold one with daddy


dont know whats going on its starting to smell like spring theres a sweetness in the air


was thinking about going up to the store today maybe ill wait til it gets dark


good call its not worth it to leave when its light outside


hope when i wake up tomorrow my internet isnt out again


think i will ill get really drunk and do ds2 tonight


wont being drunk make it harder


i welcome the challenge


just inhaled some water arghh






cant wait for the speculoos to arrive


theyre shipping them from illinois that seems kind of wasteful


burned the roof of my mouth damnit


File: 1515485680560.jpg (45.6 KB, 582x395, baby_consciousness.jpg)


do you think that baby has been flipped




how can you tell


die baby flipper


its awwright


File: 1515485952234.jpg (458.07 KB, 948x1280, HUGTTO_POSTER.jpg)

including a baby of any sort in a series for any reason at all is an open invitation to have it drawn being flipped by men and that is exactly whats going to happen with this baby


whats wrong with you


its common sense


is the guy who never saw big o still here


that was me, neetblog


that wasnt me impersonator
but i havent seen it either


should i stream it theres an incredibly sexy robot in there


no you shouldnt


the yuka video got me hungry for donuts




don don donuts lets go nuts!


krispy kreme would actually be a good loli date spot its got a nice atmosphere and you get to see the donut machine pumping out millions of donuts each hour


its amazing the things man can make with his own two hands


neetblog would you watch cromartie


no im about to go to bed


in the future i mean




its also got a sexy robot


die robosexual


robots are sexy can you blame a man for liking them


the robots cannot be trusted



what the hell i thought blueberries were only wild in the northeast but theyre in the northwest too

i guess that settles that im never ever going to the northwest and i now want to go to washington more than ever


made that post without thinking sigh


turt are you seeing 0x right now




defiantly not watching aquarium videos before i snooze i saw one of a guy collecting water and creatures from a lake in central park in new york and he picked up some nematodes and water fleas and it made me have a dream that i fell into a lake and a bunch of water fleas started crawling into my skin and i had to scsnap them out



I will be going completely silent online for a good while. I have something special going on. As to what it is, that's classified until further notice. I'll let you know when I end the silence.

uli noooo


how long is a good while hopefully only a couple of weeks


uli tv series incoming


merhaba beautiful girl please open ass bobs


did anyone watch the muppet show is it worth watching nowadays


phew beat it


did you stick to the plan of being drunk


no the store closed before the next bus would come


oh i thought it could have been like a drunken master kind of thing


im awake now done reading the thread


gonno snooze


tengai makyou zero just got a new patch gotta add 31 new snes games to the classic now hehe


File: 1515503519602.png (144.79 KB, 850x401, 1514827974437.png)



mom hours flip this im snoozing too


gonno have a violent jo then snooze too see you tomorrow hima


sigh ee lost in the qualifiers


maybe he shouldnt spend all his time playing fate go like a flipping idiot


File: 1515513080577.png (326.61 KB, 388x370, 1515508679306.png)


prison tats are popular these days they did him a favor


might go outside


nothing outside but disease and embarrassment


hi hima woke up


why pick the toughest loli in prison to molest what a fool


sis is so cute today




still mindblown by that loli that can hear the four leaf cloves


got the ronald banner


called mom a fink


File: 1515518625130.webm (340.01 KB, 628x866, 1515095259536.webm)


im an old infant




looks fun but feels like a game riding off the coattails of metal gear


ive never played a mgs game and i dont intend to change that


metal gear five flipping pinches


gonno move to colorado and strike green gold by opening up a dispensary


really sad
all the optimism from the past few days is gone im just left here a bored husk


die manicdepressive


happier than normal because of nojo




hey hima just woke up finally got a good nights sleep at the right time


File: 1515527058395.webm (340.01 KB, 628x866, 1515518625130.webm)




oh nice a tranny couch




on gddq


i meant gdq


vivaldi didnt crash overnight
how come firefox cant get it right


i had pale moon open all night it got up to 900MB



stop using sjwfox


i cant i need the addons


there arent any non sjw browsers


die speednorm


stop watching agdq


sigh this is sad to watch theyre ruins of their former selves


is it really 4/4 trannies


theyre coming out of their shell it should be celebrated


they will be purged by gods holy wrath


its 2 trannies 1 ugly girl 1 ugly guy with girl hair who looks like he could be trans and then one cis male who is kept off camera


the one doing the run is trans the on one the left from our point of view


its weird when asians in asia are christian


asians are more christian than most americans


mom made soup didnt taste good also found a tiny bug floating in it ruined my appetite
all chromium baste browsers are good at managing memory


asian christianity is unseemly its usually like some bizarre secular evangelical flavor like the kind where people play guitar and talk about how praying can help make you rich


theres a japanese pastor that streams on nicolive hes alright


chinks see through the christian scam


just remembered i have ramen hell yeah


chinks are the ones who flock to christianity its the muslims in south east asia like in malayasia or the philippines that refuse to be converted


need to head on to japan and spread the message of varg


i think nihon had a not so insubstantial catholic community centered in hiroshima but i think it was nuked


File: 1515530849060.jpg (313.58 KB, 600x812, loli-jesus.jpg)




sperming to this later


is she holding a monster


its a wine cup


looks like a monster can thats been partially crushed by her iron grip



incredible how nappa gets in but master roshi doesnt



hes not unique enough


glad that one guy stopped posting joel osteen videos and livestreams


surprised ito junjis work is being animated i had no idea it was even planned


isnt he like the stephen king of nihon




gonno make some food and see if its any good


hate creepy stuff


im creepy


would it really have mattered if jesus was actually a woman
kind of like saber and arturia


jesus was ftm


jesus was a jew


he transitioned for our sins



it would because women cant be prophets or teach the law plus god himself is male


to blog or not to blog that is the question
whether tis nobler for the neet to suffer
the slings and arrows of arrogant norms


File: 1515533894688.jpg (Spoiler Image, 598.65 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Ito Junji Collection - 01 [720p….jpg)

well they captured the creepiness cant say im a fan though


long dream was a good story


gonno miss uli hope hes ok


dont care about uli my heart has hardened like pharaohs


post it


never once visited his website or watched any more than 5 seconds of any posted uli vids


same flip that guy




gotta love uli


made coffee and two grilled cheeses hima


already drank my espresso this morning might make some grilled cheese soon though thats a good idea


flip grilled cheese



whats with the pamperchu videos lately is the guy posting them new enough to not remember him being posted before


whens pamperchu going to die i thought he had lymphoma


whats the psychological explanation for diapermen


single mothers and low testosterone



single motherhood is the hardest job in the world


nah its the easiest
sacrifice the developmental growth of your child by acting like an entitled whore



i could easily be the next elliot if i wasnt a kitty


thats a low bar he was a petulant manbaby whose rampage was a spectacular failure


and he had a small penis


ive got a small penis too


turt watch this


i dont have a small penis never mind i couldnt be elliot


turt is still banned




too bad you will never get to use it big guy


wonder how big momgfs dick is




its all about whats in your head brothers not in your pants


is that true


File: 1515537067467.webm (2.39 MB, 950x520, mpc-hc64 2017-07-05 16-29-32-75.webm)


he just stole that meme


File: 1515537431061.png (507.05 KB, 1000x1000, lb.png)



not true




always thought it was weird autism has spiked by enormous amounts and theres little explanation of what causes it


autism is made up


nah its defiantly real and more prevalent than ever can you imagine dudes with autism walking around in abraham lincoln times


gonno eat


people were of a hardier stock back then


back then people had like 14 kids and the weaker and feeble ones died off


im a hard knock


its the product of a profoundly sick society



File: 1515539051677.jpg (166.19 KB, 980x602, rW6EyOw.jpg)


people with autism existed back then they just got called weird and got shunned by society mostly and ended up obsessing over intricate work like watchmaking and stuff


like that retard in to call a mockingbird bo rasmus or whatever


id have devoted my life over something stupid like physics or chemistry


lots of people think that lincoln himself had autism


impossible lincoln was a megachad he could have played center for the new york knicks


discordbro hours gonno snooze flip you all



Personal observations of an activist Aspergeria


dont leave me here alone with them


theres a bunch of other people who think he did as well at least hes got more reason to think lincoln did than you do to think he doesnt and knows a lot more about it


nah himas done flip everyone who has posted in the last 20 minutes


god forbid a site populated by autists would talk about autism


what about this guy >>707790


flip that norm


that article was really weak nothing in it really suggested someone with autism that guy was reaching hard to come to that conclusion half the quotes were about how sociable he was frankly you could call tons of historical people autistic if youre already inclined to see it that way


i didnt say that i thought he had autism just that some people do


woke up couldnt sleep last night


sleeping is bad for you


varg already explained what autism


vargpilled mom on autism she thought his take on it was pretty interesting


sis calls me autistic sometimes but only jokingly


turt hope youre here what do you think of iexec


the one with 173 is his ban


he said it wasnt


you phrased your post like the idea was authoritative because multiple people have floated it and not just autistic people reaching to find a historical poster boy


File: 1515540387717.png (19.2 KB, 883x421, f5b5fb0a34fd4568b8c2c198a01e29fb.png)

compare the ips and the posts its defiantly him




why would turt lie about not being banned


embarrassment or to try to save face


File: 1515540716101.jpg (373.67 KB, 1206x704, 1515526433014.jpg)


its not sex thats why people use condoms so they can stay virgins until marriage


File: 1515540965396.jpg (653.35 KB, 1920x1080, onseki.jpg)

is onseki here


really sad gonno listen to pulse demon


is that guy a giant or something that picture creeps me out


hehe 15gb torrent of batsu games finished downloading i was hopeful when i opened it last night and saw 0 seeders


dont think i could ever embrace a women with a face of disgust like that id rather kill myself


i have that torrent downloaded and have been seeding it for years


dont feel comfortable listening to pulse demon with sis in the room
might break out the ol headphones for the first time in years


my fantasies are becoming violent


nojo can cure pedness


ulis been nojoing his whole life his test levels must be through the roof


what cures a broken soul


hate degenseki


File: 1515541608378.jpg (608.27 KB, 1920x1080, onseki (2).jpg)

they saved up the excess money they made fome their earlier ventures and sent one guy who can speak english the best to thailand by himself and told him to flip as many girls as he can


onseki likes em dark


that girl is a good shade but extremely ugly


whats the point of putting sub files in the folder but not having the names match so you have to manually do it to enable the subs


File: 1515542106451.webm (612.04 KB, 640x960, 1515519189304.webm)


File: 1515542149111.jpg (31.01 KB, 550x289, Croatian-President-bikini.jpg)


cant even remember the name of that game did it ever finally come out


File: 1515542164269.jpg (66.67 KB, 697x521, UFdli3f.jpg)


does that happen in real life



the site contains harmful programs


File: 1515542238202.png (26.25 KB, 1920x914, virus.png)



otome function never came out liar


i cant read whatever that site says


File: 1515542323632.jpg (762.24 KB, 1920x1080, sis.jpg)

if i had a sis things would be different


leave that child alone


i just want one flip


maybe i can find the big green dub and use it as filler on the stream


File: 1515542476787.jpg (816.9 KB, 1920x1080, onwakseki.jpg)

there is always a waki inspection




cookies are here but too lazy to get them i wonder if i can have the delivery guy bring stuff to my window instead


sis baked cookies today


i aint need college i been had knowledge


what kind of cookies


good kind


File: 1515543074483.jpg (898.1 KB, 1920x1080, wendy.jpg)

is onseki here i thought he liked hags


onseki is defiantly gonno marry a single mom


next door loli is going up and down the sidewalk in front of my house doing a really loud "woooo hoooo" noise and laughing while riding a skateboard very slowly im laughing because of how slow shes going compared to the amount of fun she seems to be having


as long as shes brown and sweaty onseki doesnt give a hoot


does she get flipped


lolis are tard


wish i were tard enough to enjoy life


the whole smarter people are less happy thing is a dumb meme


everyone knows that


all of my problems would be solved if i had money


think im gonno go for a walk to clear my head and buy some gum


walking is a meme


did you guys ever hear the one about electricity being picked up through the feet of man to regulate the mood and keep them happy

they say that wearing shoes and walking on things not directly connected to the earth are bad for your health


sounds like some stupid shit varg would say


File: 1515544057291.jpg (838.13 KB, 1920x1080, pipes.jpg)

what are these golden pipes in the back for


woke up and it was cloudy and windy i was hoping it would rain but it looks like things are clearing up sigh it gets boring when each day is sunny and theres no rain or clouds

still have a hard time imagining how many people live in places where its frozen or cold for most of the year for them its completely normal


cold has nothing to do with weather


cold is the absence of heat




File: 1515546210828.jpg (1.65 MB, 1666x2400, 1507249534182.jpg)


those are boys arent they


sis told me she doesnt like wearing panties under her skirt


you lie


youre right im not sisposter


havent talked to dad in years and suddenly he invites me to his cool wedding


if i had a sis i would jo


File: 1515546928219.jpg (136.5 KB, 1000x1250, a6dc4ea9a47edb0b6d1bb487bf787845.jpg)


everyone knows cheerleaders are cumangels




moms giving me the old ynaj sigh


why are you crying did something bad happen


is this true or just a meme


yeah all my hopes were shattered but mostly the imaginary scenario i played out in my head for the past week




File: 1515547436539.jpg (103.58 KB, 1200x650, DTIs3fZVQAAtrIa.jpg)




man small world




what the hell the space capsule got upgraded and it still cant accommodate people taller than 190cm so if youre not a manlet you cant be an astronaut or something whats up with that


manlets are the future


File: 1515548147107.jpeg (467.23 KB, 1280x720, 1515540538991.jpeg)


whoops meant to spoil



love the position the loli is getting flipped in
love that shes still wearing a dress so theres still something left to the imagination


do you not know her name


yeah its tewi


tewi no


wish to flip a loli


wish i could snap tewi


File: 1515548329088.jpg (1.44 MB, 3024x4032, IMG_20170118_191345.jpg)


if youve been around stuff like space shuttles or jets youll realize that theyre really made for a very specific height


File: 1515548384692.jpg (518.27 KB, 1050x960, 1373577728910.jpg)

wish to flip tewi


oh yeah youre right i forgot about the years i spent fixing up the ol space shuttle with my dad


the max height is around 6'2 or 6'3 im not sure if thats with boots or not but the low end is around 5'5 so they favor short people


File: 1515548555854.png (287.83 KB, 1395x957, 00.png)





wish to snap that birl


its discrimination against tallbros


oog and a boog


die space shuttle or jetnorm


File: 1515548693472.png (80.28 KB, 581x651, 5180829243087.png)




turt i did some calculations and link can be worth $300-400 a pop with eths current market cap


i did some calculations and it turns out youre a fag


tried to jo to those japanese porn videos but ended up jerking it to kids in the end


die jerknorm die


vorkath is pretty fun hehe


hehe made me chuckle


you realize he wont be able to respond for 5 days right


why god cursed me to jerk it to kids constantly


how is that a curse


c93 had some pretty nice albums hehe


going to lay down and collect my thoughts


futa isn't birl


anyone else depressed today
think this might be some mkultra shit


File: 1515549475110.jpeg (71.29 KB, 1920x1080, i am.jpeg)

me bone


raid hours


somebody stop me


File: 1515549570154.gif (274.1 KB, 200x200, 1372642679531.gif)


gonno jo


literally going to flipping kill myself


File: 1515549763621.jpg (794.3 KB, 2048x1536, P_20180109_190313.jpg)

oh man im set for at least a week


File: 1515549791856.gif (573.63 KB, 576x576, 1451410531993.gif)




they call me the futotteblog