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just look at that face
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col are playing


col is annihilating the chinks


how am i supposed to kill 14 hours until I have to go back to work


varg isnt neopagan idiot


moms ordering food gonno game


why isnt your mom cooking


i talked her out of it


just woke up had a dream that i took a bus into the city and got a 6 foot long castella but when i got home i saw that it was two 3 foot long castellas pressed together that was a weird dream


never ate castella is it good


its like a pound cake but lighter its pretty good


hella bored


never ate pound cake neither




then whats all his babbling about evropa and odin about


gonno crack open the speculoos


die specunorm




thinking about speculums now




any tards


im tard


im a tard with a hard


a hard what




"Don't flush," I'd said, "I want to look."


ive got a bone


having a really out of body feeling now god why am i like this


nice disassociationbro


hate being a degen i crave productivity


ban me to the nether regions


phew nice col


who is col playing


the gooks


nice 2-0


why are these announcers so down on col they are the best team on na bar none


what happened to eg


they kicked universe and now their roster is a mess


reading one punch man again i gotta be honest its pretty good


eg keeps getting direct invites on their name alone if they played in the qualifiers i think col would beat them more often than not


why did they have to make violet autistic this show is going to be lame


im autistic


stop judging non humans by your standards


she isnt nonhuman idiot


File: 1515711347771.mp4 (185 B, 912beede18dd5e5c69dfa8a770059ebf.mp4)




File: 1515711397958.mp4 (749.68 KB, 912beede18dd5e5c69dfa8a770059ebf.mp4)

what the flip


got into an antorus group as a healer hope its not another 4 hour thing


groan wow hours


50 posts left


i should learn to draw not like momgf though his style is lame


its too hard


i have literally nothing better to do


File: 1515712815400.jpg (68.41 KB, 450x572, 1515694855767.jpg)

me bone


might become a drawer too


have fun


become a bushcrafter instead


good hotaru you look kind of cool


learn to whittle


next door loli is having a blast skateboarding again


what anime is this


wish i werent too smart to know the true horrors of the world that pinch the simple pleasures out of my life



violet evergarden


wish a loli would pinch the pleasure out of me


huff aerosol until you reach momgfs level


hey guys uhh loli *gets promoted to mod on hima*


thats what happened to me





i havent watched it yet but i thought she was a doll


no she is autistic and lost her arms in the war


would rather lose my legs i dont use them much anyway


come on just tell me


maybe dinosaurs were smarter than we though


love dinosaurs


they were have you never played chrono trigger


raged out of the raid now i remember why i hate healing


as a kid i was engrossed by dinosaurs i read every book in the library about them and used to love saying the full names my parents should have gotten my checked for autism then and there


i always thought that it was really odd how dinosaurs lived on earth for like 150 million years but were supposedly not intelligent

thats 10x as long as humans have existed and look how far humans have come in that short time


you dont need to be intelligent to live


i know it just seems odd and makes me think of how disappointint it would be if in the future one day we finally discover a planet filled with creatures but theyre all giant sloths or horses or something


the earth is 4000 years old


the reptillians were superintelligent reptiles who lived on earth millions of years ago and made their way off planet before the extinction event by now some of them have come back to reclaim their lost homeland


what do you have against horses


nb is a giant sloth


im scared of horses


theyre clumsy and dumb and smell and rank low on the tier list


flip you ungulate hater


nah theyre baste


gonno play a run of slay the spire


do horses jo like donkeys


that was a weak load


no im not


no they just smack their dicks against their belly


thats how i do it


File: 1515715023654.jpeg (134.5 KB, 724x1024, 993797b9e452bc0e40f0c0d0fb104e4c.jpeg)


horsey going to flip that loli


let that child alone


last post


last post

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