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hell yeah


wonder what gaap is doing rn


there needs to be a way to make sure people go to a new thread i fear people will be left behind for hours at this rate


stop asking me questions


you will be the hateblog forever


i knew it someone got left behind its just me and neetblog


Luxury Sweet Cheese!! Fromage & Brulée!!


i dont actually hate anything


nb is just indifferent to all things


yukas vid just reminded me that i have a ton of gorgonzola phew gonno eat some


is gorgonzola the cheese that you can make sweets with


im too flippin dumb to function
just kill me


no but it goes well with sweet fruits like pears and gsnaps


what do you mean


whats the cheese that you can mix with sugar and cocoa and eggs and stuff for a pie


still never had gorgonzola whats it like


theres no reason for me to continue living


stop being a creep


gotta love nb


whats is there to love about me


youre a lovable ball of blubber


whats lovable about me


is it ok if i watch pewdiepie videos




these girls keep doing the same thing and keep getting banned and they keep making new accounts its been going on for like 3 days

scope need to seriously have a look at how they ban people and how new accounts are created


File: 1515065020233.png (1.27 MB, 1241x692, 1424398198819.png)


they wont stop until they get flipped


wish someone would ban me from life



this thread was just uploaded to redchanit


seems like the performance loss will only affect intel after all


wonder if any of the tech guys will make any mention of it

i can probably count on steve to do at least some kind of testing it seems like something theyd love to check out


isnt it kind of weird that they have blood donation buses go to schools and the kids can choose if they want to give blood or not it seems like something a parent would need to sign off on


yeah seems relevant to hima


probably a jewish plot to get as much young blood as possible


isnt there a company in new york that sells young blood to people


the company is called ambrosia plasma i dont know if it really does anything havent looked into it because im not a vampire


whats a good game







knew a guy in middle school who played diablo 2 but he only played on open servers where the character files are saved on the computer so everyone playing the open servers edited the files to make their characters retardedly overpowered


i only dream in black and white


boaty is so retarded holy shit how is this guy so successful


all my dreams are in color the colors play a big part in my dreams


scape pinches


whos boaty


if i were a youtuber i could flip girls all the time


you dont know how fun scape can be because you never trained runecrafting


i was stranded in the old thread


i didnt start watching blend s yet and i think ill skip it now




it pinches dont watch it


its the ironic neo weeb pick of the season you cant skip it


i was kind of looking forward to it too because of the screencaps with the birl made me laugh but i cant watch it now


call me the cancerblob


the only bad parts are the ones with the manager when hes not on screen its great


ok ill skip it and reach into my backlog


why do they call you that


i have its boring


lscaper did you finish it yet


i think its time


whats wrong with cheese


really hate when i find a good artist but they focus on weird niche fetishes or pairings like atage ever only drawing lolis with either old men or black men or old black men


thought you were actually gonno talk about art for a second there


noda chan is too sexy


its a tie between her and the weird accent girl


18 people watching its creeping me out


those are bots


i have the personality of a bot


elan sleazebaggano at your service


maybe people just really like noda


File: 1515069101002.jpg (Spoiler Image, 248.66 KB, 761x1045, 61800704_p0_master1200.jpg)


gross why isnt he snapping her


new asanagi was good


hes being snapped


the allied race intros are on the ptr i guess the nightborne joining the horde is because of the night elves arrogance


if jeff gerstmann can get married you can too


File: 1515069553770.mp4 (2.17 MB, お姫ちんbot-948463953914589184.mp4)

sigh takane


hate that bitch


shes an alien


turns out big kotatsu sets can get quite expensive


a la modo change hehe



gonno snooze


flipping snoozers


dont snooze col are playing in 3 hours


more reason to snooze


dont get too excited but i think i just invented the greatest guitar riff ever heard


die musician


post it


really want to jo to lala and non and aroma and mikan but im doing nojo 2018 so i cant


dont snooze until around 4 pm


noda want flip


think ill go see blade runner tomorrow at the cheap mall theater


why not wait like 2 weeks until theres a good bluray rip


used to be like tomokane back when i was having art classes id only use hb and 2b and control shading mostly by pressure hehe


for the theater experience


never took art classes maybe thats why i cant draw


a lot of artists are self taught anyone can learn to draw with enough practice its a skill just like playing an instrument


art classes were mandatory here





you did not invent that riff


prove it


guess he couldnt prove it


gonno get some coffee in preparation of col


forget col theyre fated to always be a b team


i stand with them through thick and thin


same hehe


its the year of col idiot


hope molester mans okay


Well, that hasn't happened in a long while - I slept 12 hours! I was really exhausted after going swimming at the YMCA pool for about 6 hours! It became the first time I experienced the deep end of that pool and I also experienced lap swim for my first time. I saw someone who was incredibly fast, doing a full lap (out and back again) in about 35 to 40 seconds. I was needing about 127 seconds early on, but that became 140 nearer the end. I must've been exhausted after all that which may explain why I slept for 12 hours.

I attempted to invite some coworkers to join me. I made like 20 attempts. A good number of them were working that day or had something going on, leaving about 6 left. Out of those 6, no one ever showed up during that 6-hour period.

sigh uli


hate these flipping dota personality clowns theyre all annoying twats


yeah theyre faguettes i hate them all especially slacks


i dont mind merlini hes alright


File: 1515082092973.png (4.15 MB, 1134x1897, i.png)


im altifa


sigh col isnt for another 30 minutes


took them forever to start these first games




crying over that uli post


uli is too pure for this world


gonno have some pasta



i remember in 5th grade there was a girl in the class that was taller than me and it was humiliating i wonder if this how turt feels everyday


whats humiliating about that who cares


being looked down on by a woman is emasculating


i bet that girl felt humiliated by being taller than the boys


she reveled in the power


puppey is raging


hes a known cheater


hear that turt synderen just called you a cryptard


im a dumpass


weird how puppey was losing hard then they paused now theyre winning


is this the power of the puppey pause




the main event has begun


i stand with puppey




File: 1515087629212.png (827.4 KB, 908x834, 1337125556478.png)

someone send zfreek this




File: 1515087846974.png (18.69 KB, 362x567, snes.png)

here it is the final 25 games to be added to my snes classic hopefully they fit i do think the snes roms are smaller than gba ones


col are flippin doing it


what a game


thought it was over for them


nice col the best in na


eg got manhandled


think im gonno do dragon slayer two


youre gonno miss col vs og



hope if col wins the group they choose eg as their opponent hehe




it disgusts me that there are literally people born in the 2000s who are legal adults




nice sameseki


og with the comeback


sigh col i think the pango was a losing pick


moo just played really really badly


surprised they didnt pick timber for moo it was in the pool and it was one of his signature heroes




its over for col


no it isnt theyre gonno get second seed probably


alright snooze time hima


im doing nosnooze 2018


nice varg dropping some phat beats


hey hima just got back from work read the rest of the last thread and this whole thread very impressed


File: 1515095259536.webm (340.01 KB, 628x866, mornin.webm)


im gonno snooze


watch this first


hima im thinking about going to israel
i must see the circumstances there with my own eyes i will not be fooled by the media


only christnorms care about israel


gonno study to become a babydick pinchler rabbi


ive been to israel


File: 1515097552289.png (1.72 MB, 933x2000, Linkle_(Hyrule_Warriors).png)



File: 1515097639746.jpg (108.82 KB, 607x600, cover_l.jpg)

now thats a cover


post a track





never found a snes emulator that didnt have quirks so i have played almost no games on that console and probably never will


lovely lady


get the snes classic


die emulatornorm


hate the emulatornorm meme


nah emulators pinch you mustnt butcher classic games any longer



varg would probably like the snes classic too huh


varg only plays rpgs


File: 1515100056038.gif (118.55 KB, 250x300, mai-kof13-win-animation2.gif)

sigh mai chan


No Porn 2018. The Golden Edict.


ill try again next year


you flipping idiot


bh snes fanboy


File: 1515101649983.jpg (119.84 KB, 759x1200, 1513766005960.jpg)


snes is the best


glad i sold lumens when it hit 91cents these corrections are predictable with a little psychological pricing analyses


gotta pinch em out


think my brother has resorted to negative attention in desperation for human contact


File: 1515102704584.png (38.37 KB, 156x190, 1333930245025.png)


just discovered something great hima
if i watch 3d porn and its not exciting enough to throw me over the edge i mentally block out the faces and replace it with a generic gyaru face and imagine the skin one shade darker


stop watching porn galseki


youre an absolute genius


File: 1515103430599.png (86.86 KB, 352x266, c.png)



i drool


wonder when gal gohan is going to get an anime adap


just woke up


File: 1515104657909.webm (340.01 KB, 628x866, mornin.webm)


File: 1515104814067-0.jpg (655.55 KB, 1280x1885, P209.jpg)

File: 1515104814067-1.jpg (672.1 KB, 1280x1885, P211.jpg)

File: 1515104814067-2.jpg (738.69 KB, 1280x1885, P212.jpg)


File: 1515104857131.jpg (842.08 KB, 1032x1457, 23e5e011a1936598f31aef79580938ef.jpg)


whats wrong with their boobs




does this really happen


i have never witnessed it


if i zone out i can even imagine them as little ladies or whatever it doesnt have to be gyaru the vid i was watching had a tan girl in it



whats the fate series with the red saber is that extra






wonder what saber would think about britain being invaded by pajeets chinks and mudslimes


she would want to be invaded by them


i swear if it gets an adaptation before takagi san


got stuck on the index again


miss /1ugrst7igh7tgr/




420 time to blaze onseki and turt are you ready


why is there an embargo for the cpu stuff thats happening now


i smoked earlier


whats happening


vulnerabilities found in cpus


nojo18 is going to be hard if i keep browsing those amazing loli artists on pixiv nostop


post em


hima is a sfw board


uh wheres the rules page haha


im flipping screaming


why is hima sfw
when nobody has a job


picked at my scalp now im bleeding


its not just look at the op for proof


nice jo sesh spermed all over my neck and shoulders and back of the chair


nojo is pointless if you look at porn



i am strengthening my spirit


File: 1515110126436.jpg (95.16 KB, 569x813, 7effabd124831644cfa1f5a8b9a3de49.jpg)

hitotsu hitotsu hitotsu hitotsu


still got dandruff even though im nopoo why is fate so cruel


thats snow


noda chaaaaaaaaan........


porn weakens your spirit


if you stop looking at porn youll start respecting women its simply not worth the tradeoff


is that true


nah if stop looking at porn then you realize how truly worthless women are


i respect women


if you want a thorough explanation


there will be no thorough explanation until the embargo which is why its bullshit


File: 1515110779808.jpg (226.21 KB, 750x1000, 61140708.jpg)


now you just know that this has to happen in real life


the embargo has already expired


got an email from comcast saying they are raising our speed

should i thank ajit for this


oh it expired early


the jews hate ajit


ajit is baste as hell
pajeets are baste


File: 1515111046685.jpg (58.26 KB, 875x700, arisu hair bow.jpg)



my isp shifted tiers everyone a year or two ago and didnt increase prices i like them


when will i be able to flip a loli


still stuck with 25 down and 5 up



i swear to gd if i ever see a loli by herself outside wearing angelic clothes at night im gonno snap her


i think mines 30 down 15 up but i dont really get those speeds but i get enough that its not a problem


what kind of clothes are considered angelic


intel inside more like inside trading right



god i love lolis so much


theyre little bitches


they crave attention of men but only a small percentage of men actually give them that attention



i have 17 down .8 up


cant imagine having gimped upload i would share with you guys if i could


whats your upload rate




got that email in november


File: 1515111870671.jpg (316.46 KB, 560x871, 60105190.jpg)



File: 1515111879434.png (23.03 KB, 405x86, speed.png)

i guess 11mbps


nice divideby8


File: 1515112030373.png (9.13 KB, 448x107, test.png)

nice speedtest padding the download results but upload is still the same


tardlaughing at every japanese artist putting ``seeking employment'' on their pixiv profile


is that their way of saying they accept commissions


no they want a job doing illustrations for something


whats the best password manager




paper and a pencil




these trader joes snicker doodles are extra thick now


the password for the streaming computer is creepysperm69


File: 1515112292865.jpg (564.15 KB, 1200x623, 57624727.jpg)


should i stream healing the 3rd wing of antorus on my priest in lfr


drank the tea without any kaki no tane now im getting jitters from caffeine overload


hacked himas mainframe thanks to the spectre bug


think im going to try lastpass


damnit himako youre supposed to use an amd cpu


i hope omar knows about it and patched it i hope hes not swamped with updating all the servers poor guy


isnt keepass the only good one



wonder what os himako uses saw that its under /home/ so its a linux os


» Dual Octa Core Intel Xeon CPUs
» At least 128GB of ECC Registered RAM
» Gigabit uplink to multiple Internet backbones
» Server grade solid state drives (SSDs) configured in a redundant, high speed RAID array



its cinnamon mint


nice bloat os


die archnorm


i ditched arch months ago


will the hima mansion allow intel chips


hima supports intel and nvidia



amd only


bubukka is a huge laura b fan of course hes going to like stuff with her in it


both intel and amd are compromised by the cia niggers


not amd its a small company its a true david and goliath situation


why arent there japanese or european chip manufacturers


probably because everything started in the us i dont think it could have happened anywhere else


making cpus is done with magic non mages cant make them


gonno become a via supporter


ahmed the clock kid made a cpu it is probably easy


got a megumin banner am i a mage now



its all thanks to ibm and intel


gonno try dashlane


always thought it would have been cool to grow up in california or the us southwest in the 70s


gonno make a company called macrohard


you watch too many movies written by jews


i dont watch movies


reading a blog thread on the w and tardlaughing


link it so i can skip it


uhh tardlaugh


File: 1515113561276.png (9.9 KB, 519x107, MPMadER.png)


File: 1515113617800.flac (31.84 MB, 01 é╚é╚é╨éτ - âTâNâëâCâì.âOâbâéü[âjâô.flac)



how is that funny


made a few posts on the w fa


File: 1515113695527.jpg (943.76 KB, 2560x1440, ev 14.jpg)

does this really happen


obviously not



seen a few lolis with very visible lips through their panties its not just a small crease either theres a noticeable gap between them


mini lovely ladies


can you post a picture im having a hard time imagining this


nah dont wanna to be bannned


who is going to ban you


you only get banned if youre incel


gonno have a good wank


the fbi


die wanknorm


everyone post your browser extensions im looking to improve my internet experience




dunno maybe organize things a bit differently id like to multitask and browse more intuitively


File: 1515114850325.png (11.57 KB, 235x132, 2018-01-04-1913.png)


File: 1515114936941.png (100.34 KB, 1752x814, addons.png)


File: 1515114975829.png (204.27 KB, 1920x1053, Screenshot_2018-01-04_19-14-59.png)


shimizumotsu kare


do you guys really use abp over ublock are you retarded or something


why it works fine


whats the difference


ublock stopped working for me when they released the new version for quantum
it would reset to the default settings every time i restarted my browser


dont see the point in using ublock on desktop with more ram and cpu power available



so youre fine with an addon that uses more memory and cpu power with the exact same functionality




that is exactly what im saying if it upsets your autism them it cant be helped


ya purposefully gimping yourself you sure showed me




2006 called they want their extensions back


uh i have plenty of memory and cpu to spare its not that big of a deal


the only ones i use are ghostery ublock origin https everywhere and coincidence detector


nice lack of efficiency


abp barely uses more memory than ublock


himas memory leak is a far bigger issue


nice antisemite


hima im going to bed now ok gonno have a nice snooz bye bye


https everywhere is bloated use smart https


ghostery is pointless if you have the privacy filters in ublock enabled


go to hell efficientnorms




snoozer dont leave me with the efficiencyrager


not compatible with quantum


owned quantum norm


youre literally retarded there is nothing bad about quantum at all


you got owned pack it in




i like the tab tree addon can i just remove the top tabs entirely now


you cant if you use anything above version 56 or you have to mess with the css or something


big fan of the idea of sidebar tabs but whenever i actually try it i end up switching back




have you been snoozing all day


hima you simply must use ashita its a very nice theme


took a while for me to get used to it but i like the extra space especially when the side tabs autohide


i only use yotsuba b the rest pinch


i dont use any themes made by niggers


yotsuba b was made by moots nigger friend


actually ashita pinches its too dark can we have a dark grey theme thats lighter than ashita and claura theyre both too dark


it is grey


just switched to halloween


File: 1515117714071.mp3 (10.01 MB, 01 é╚é╚é╨éτ - òKŃüIÄäé╠é¿ù┐ù¥âîâVâs.mp3)






take it back


found a very small hole near a quest im gonno camp it and kill people so they dont know where im at






File: 1515119060463.jpg (381.55 KB, 1920x1080, WoWScrnShot_010418_192324.jpg)

as soon as they run past they get dots on and slowed


nice griefer


was wondering why firefox wasnt saving the default page zoom forgot i had it set to not save any history


tardlaughing killed the same guy twice second time he didnt release so i walked out of the hole and mounted and rode away


mom got a kitten


really need to get rid of these tabs its killing me


what tabs


i just keep opening new windows whenever a new one gets too many tabs


use tab groups


never mind i figured it out i had to create a userchrome.css file because there wasnt one i was looking all over for it


love the right right click reload and back buttons on firefox what a cheap gimmick




is this the efficiencynorm


File: 1515120614987.png (241.81 KB, 1920x1200, firefox look.png)




no i was looking at crypto is the finn guy here


die sc2




man i wasted a lot of time on firefox tonight i just have to stick with it and get used to it i just get lazy and go back to chrome but im sick of it


never used chrome whats it like


the ultimate computing experience


cant use chrome because i dont have 32gb of ram


mine is only using 2.5 right now


niceseki trying to become a power user


chrome is a botnet


i only use chrome for scope


ya chrome is a botnet i need to move away from it



what should i stream tonight what about kaiji or moon phase or pani poni


stream a jo


change it up a bit and stream kaiji


you still use windows and facebook whats the point you either go all the way or dont


its a start put your tinfoil hat back on


i dont even have a password on my computer why would i bother


says the guy talking about botnets


will neetblog like kaiji


neetblog died


no i didnt


using windows is worse than using chrome


i use xp how is that bad


it blows


xp is terrible


you dont know what youre talking about


gonno shower but im not washing my hair


stick through the nopoo friend it should be worth it


ive done that before its a meme


xp has an nsa backdoor



i love windows flip you


wrong version imbecile


isnt nopoo for women brothers i distinctly remember mom telling me that she used to do it before we dated


i was listening to that one but figured id post the original


die norm


forgot to watch this on the 10th year anniversary


wish i could take a big poo on normchinks face


cant wait to jo all over a lolis face


girls actually dont like having sperm on their face


they love it
all women are vile angels


i do it tastes good


kys freak


birls dont count


how did hima win out against other spinoffs i dont understand


because pnig spammed them with cp


others are still up but theyre just dead compared to hima and there isnt even anything special about this place


hima is the last place that truly holds the /jp/ essence


hair feels great after a vinegar wash


you must be joking


nope it has everything /jp/ stood for


gnfos: trevor shutting it down 4 times a month killed it
ota: incelspam ruined it
merorin: died when onseki started owning gnfos



how is that spam


how is it related to ota or jp or the 2d/random idea


it is random


it needs to be 2d random not just random that means random posts pertaining to anime and vns since theyre 2d


hima is a warosu spinoff not a jp spinoff


no it doesnt i dont think you have ever browsed may in your life


like i give a flip about some futaba SHIT


gnfos was fine up until the final shutdown because people were messaging trevs brother and he had a freakout merorin was born dead


just woke up hima gonno watch the final col game i missed


sigh mom didnt get any dinner


gonno spoil it for you


not looking at the hima tab again til im done then


god damnit you flipping asshole


gonno eat the fudge i got for christmas


File: 1515123978065.jpg (Spoiler Image, 73.77 KB, 701x701, 1515122679385.jpg)


why the long face


there was a girl with horseface at my middle school everyone would always ask her that


File: 1515124057671.jpg (Spoiler Image, 47.67 KB, 480x640, mature-gentleman.jpg)


a random monk destroyed me sigh


this pasteurized proces cheese spread with natural smoke flavor is pretty gross


File: 1515124423952.png (2.9 MB, 1920x1080, emiya1.png)

the fate cooking anime is absolutely charming i especially love the tezukkuri style it lovely and fits perfectly with the subject matter of the show thanks to the brother who shared it on here if you have yet to watch it i suggest you do even if you arent a fan of type moon media


thats not emiya


maybe they got married


she takes his name after marriage


nah youve been caught in a trap norm


its emiya referring to the name of the show Emiya-san Chi no Kyou no Gohan


illya was looking really sexy in that show


please post her ass i desperately need a quick wank before i venture into the public


stop that shes pure


she was pure before i jod to her


File: 1515124718851.jpg (663.64 KB, 2896x4096, __mordred_and_saber_of_red_fate_series_drawn_b….jpg)


File: 1515124741689.jpg (Spoiler Image, 125.21 KB, 648x665, 1508605499929.jpg)

its so weird attaching a face to a post sometimes


File: 1515124757020.jpg (66.78 KB, 600x600, Mission-Rolly.jpg)

im going to order a bunch of these so i dont need to leave the house to brush my teeth


one of those posts is mine whose post is the other one




why would you need to leave the house to brush your teeth


oop i meant to link the post below it >>704501 still doesnt make it any better shudder


had a dream i found a loli to slurp away my stress


new bogantech video


what does the intel fanboy have to say about this


not 2d or random


daddy saved a tall one for the stream i can tell its going to be good


damnit col


mom made chicken wing dip gonno eat it all


why not eat it with chicken wings


jo time


File: 1515126258155.jpg (1.32 MB, 1920x1080, 1515123915474.jpg)



whos the sexy one with green eyes


thats me


i like your hair


i vote to be magdumped first


thank u


downloading a norm game




might finish mgs today its an okay game


ave said a good way to tell if its chinese or corean or japanese is to look for the sideways e


korean is full of round alien squiggles it looks nothing like the other two


i always thought it was easy to tell the difference maybe its something people have trouble with


nice akari


its really easy to tell the difference i could instantly tell even as a child just look at them


im not even a weeb and i can tell the difference between japanese and chinese


is that another virtual youtuber does anyone have a list of all of them specifically the loli or imouto ones


neetblog cant tell the difference



theres a scene in joshiraku showing the girls speaking entirely in kanji


File: 1515128216259.mp4 (4.06 MB, way_out.mp4)


thats stupid its not hard at all korean has ellipticals chinese has more chicken scratches japanese is just right


neetblog would defiantly enjoy kaiji if he gave it a chance


i think he would identify with andou


File: 1515128287630.jpg (59.85 KB, 500x361, 0k8LN.jpg)

heres how i tell the difference





he would probably would enjoy a lot of things if he allowed himself to
hell he probably does and says he doesnt to stir up drama


that is basted as hell


how do i allow myself to enjoy things


File: 1515128426415.png (94.33 KB, 316x347, facepalmbear-5804f2af3df78cbc28913ff7.PNG)



nice japnorm



well who else would make an image like that


thats what you end up with when you learn vocab before grammar


explain the joke you weebs


File: 1515128678584.jpg (4.38 KB, 208x206, 5bcd02d709811acb7356be78bbd7474acf39cc15.jpg)

stop speaking japanese


learn jap and you can get the satisfaction of spotting the mistake yourself


sigh i cant sleep and i want to play final fantasy but kitty is sleeping between my legs



neetblog youd defiantly get a kick out of that katakana


keep your stick clean to entice


turt would be raging right now if he were here



they made a game about my visit to the east last year

hes talking about crypto


when are you gonno go on another trip turt that was exciting


made an espresso


i dont know things are changing a lot right now it may be a while


turt coincidentally decided after he was banned that hes too smart to post on hima


everyone can see turts actions and form their own conclusions why dont you give it a rest


yamakan is making a crypto coin should i invest


未来が眩しくて見えない jo


invest in blogcoin instead


where do i sign


joined a raid and everyone kept dying on a very predictable HUGE laser that forces you to move


and there was always the one guy really far away in a corner and id pull him to me so he would be in the aoe heals and he would run away and die

flip this


stop pugging and join a progression guild if you want to enjoy raiding


i thought id just heal it quick before i took a shower i guess lfr really is the lowest of the low


wiping on lfr is not a good look


the people who knew how to do the boss lived but couldnt kill him in time so we had to wipe it twice because there wasnt enough dps

gonno shower then start kaiji


gonno dod some yardwork quick hope i dont miss the stream start


mirai wa bokura no te no nakaaaaa


loving the yardwork meme


fire up the lawn roomba


wasnt the kaiji composer imprisoned for weed smoking


always disliked doing yardwork because i dont like people seeing me in front of my house and i defiantly will not start now because the nextdoor loli is outside a lot and she would see me cutting the grass or trimming the orange trees or something

theres a dozen or so rose plants on the side of the house next to hers i wonder if she takes any of the flowers


the lawn roomba will be the invention that funds the hima mansion


shed get horny


lazy coon


not sure if this sausage i am eating is cooked or not


i really hate doing it too especially if its in the front yard and people can see me but it has to be done


eat my sausage


is it pork or beef


its manmeat


always wanted to try some long pig


i gota long pig for you


ill take the cream of sum yung gai


will that be for here or to go


ill take it right here



thought that cymbal was a black mans elbow for a second there


ok 15 minutes until the stream


thats enough for a quick wank


stop wanking so much


they call me the wankblog


its nowank 2018


ive been joing much more frequently since 2018 started



triad subs its a blast from the past


i hope neetblog enjoys this


still waiting for triad to finish season 2


never watched season 2


the main arc is not as good


theres a spider in the corner again i think he came in because its nice and warm in my room


are you seeing this neetblog




i can lower my room temperature with only my body


thats not possible


you cant say that hes the endothermicblob


humans are exothermic


File: 1515138005753.mp3 (6.94 MB, 02) Marisa Stole the Precious Thing.mp3)


its a shamanistic practice


so is joing


never thought id see turt use lol hes really misjudged


baste funai


what are you talking about


hes just an innocent guy who takes his persona too far


where is his post let alone a post with lol


furuhata is like neetblog


kaiji is just like me basically


andoublog has appeared


same but more confident and intelligent


just sc2 posting to themselves expecting everyone to know what theyre talking about


its pasta time hima


sir the pasta special for today is blogghetti and neetballs


sigh still havent made bolognese sauce


why not


my lazy stops me from doing many things


it was on discord arent you tired of the sc2 boogeyman


same group of people


i know im sure as hell tired of the discordnorms


File: 1515139691741.webm (2.78 MB, 640x360, kukuri sexy.webm)


gonno write a bot that takes every thing said in discord and posts it on hima


imagine needing a second place to post about hima outside of hima except this place is inferior in every way due to needing a program to access and a username


File: 1515139748175.png (797.88 KB, 996x868, 1450041103052.png)


this is what the average discordnorm posts in addition to greentext memes just let that sink in for a moment


i believe its known as the gnfos discord for a reason retard


that was my just my parting gift goodnight


remember when that face was spammed here and every post with it was banned for months what happened to that


you dont need a program


only made 3 or 4 posts on discord onseki can verify i go there to read turts posts once in a blue moon


someone start up a tox group instead


feel like joing but no lolis around


use your imagination


hima has always liked goldface


nah instigator got banned for it all the time


i lack a minds eye


dead hours i hope neetblog is at least watching kaiji


the number of viewers hasnt changed since he said he was watching it


im disconsolate



are you enjoying it so far


its okay


shining praise coming from one such as yourself


need to shit but moms been sitting in the loungeroom for 6 hours now


wow kaiji is in trouble now i wonder what he does to get out this jam


kaiji btfo


File: 1515145476597.png (4.23 MB, 2893x4092, satsuki.png)



stupid cunt


solo raiding sw again


kaiji has the mind of a hustler hes like 50 cent


50 cent would never be so naive


moms taking a shower finally i can release this burden


are all jap men hairless


i am


sigh blogdou


he cant resist temptation


baste andou


youre right 50 cent would have seen this coming


he sounds like a snapr


whats 10 million yen in real money




damn thats like turt money


i like this song


nanahira is telling senpai to touch her and feel her i dont think i like this song


just imagine youre the senpai


i cant


what song


File: 1515148178566.mp3 (11.03 MB, _senpai, notice me!.mp3)

from the c93 album its at 2:42 it starts with hug me senpai then touch me senpai then feel me senpai

i guess she saw a chance with the senpai meme sigh


its an especially annoying song too i think its for the best if i just remove it from the playlist and forget about it


nice kaiji what a noble soul


hes just like me thats what id do too


id chill in the naked dudes room


File: 1515148485469.mp3 (8.71 MB, ニーナへ。.mp3)

this one makes me feel weird


why dont they just move away or something


wish i had debts seems cool


its the age of information you cant hide anywhere


i could


rare kaiji girl


not while living a normal life meaning a steady job and a mortgage


i heard that when you work at minimum wage places with teengirls you can easily flip them is that true




nice what about the lolis


kaiji seems like a norm


the norms have pushed him too far


he is separate from the masses


just like me


hes me irl



if i had an extra 1k i dont think i would just go and sit at a bar if you know what i mean


why not


i dont get what youre driving at


hed go straight to the soapland and blow it all on hookers i think is what hes implying


wish dave wasnt just neetblog sigh it would have been at least interesting to post with someone who lived in vaguely the same area as me who also liked lolis but instead it was all just a cruel prank


baste nb owning the pednorms


sahara is tard


you could tell he wasnt a ped the second he made a post about being one no ped would ever use the language he did i called it there and then


that wasnt me


im real lets go to cheba hut tomorrow and talk it over


this part of kaiji is really goofy the twist at the top of the building is so ridiculous it makes me laugh




he seemed like one of those peds who actively looks for chances to snap but at least it was someone sigh i remember him posting about barros too


nah it was way to tryhardy ive talked to people pretending to be peds before trhey were like that you can just sense it


he spoke like that guy on that forum i used to post on who got caught with his niece and wasnt allowed to ever see her again


guess nothing was gained and nothing was lost in the end gonno watch some kaiji and scope


nice 88 heil hitler shirt


cant imagine loliwatching with some who talks about "prime flipmeat" wouldnt be all that pleasant


kaiji is alt right


i wouldnt have loli watched with him but it would have been at least enjoyable to post about lolis seen


pnig pretending he cares about lolis beyond wanting to flip them


it was probably just hayzus if i had to guess seemed like him to me anyway


i wonder if theyre alright at home you can always tell the ones that are happy but its hard to see the ones that arent


neetblog pick up the fiddle lets learn to play this song


gonno stop watching here


sometimes you see them i remember seeing a sad looking loli catching the bus by herself she had eyebags like a fully grown neet and i thought maybe she was being abused but maybe shes the kind that stays up all night reading books


he took one drag off that cigarette and threw it away


i had sleep problems at loli age




mom used to smoke virginia slim 120s in the blue heard that line enough times for it to be eternally burned into my mind


hi hima hows it going
moon sama is looking great today


oh kaiji is nb watching too hehe


isnt it waning


yeah he loves it


im young havenot


same but not young


is this the twist you laugh at


not him but i think hes talking about something else


if i were rich i wouldnt waste it on stuff like this


i would


flipping sahara i hope he feels like an idiot


they are all crypto millionaires


this is a premier event i bet the emperor is among the esteemed guests


if i were rich i would spend it towards something different


what could be better than this


babe harem


nah this is better


going on a food tour or a loli tour or a trip to somewhere with a beach and nice warm sand to lay in and nice clear water to swim in


this is way better than all of those things you fool


i value taste food very much you dont understand


this world is push or be pushed


those guys down there had food its probably pretty good stuff considering the nature of the event


what do you mean by loli tour


i bet jiro is catering with his world famous sushi


you know


wish to eat jiros sushi


like a loli watching tour i guess just find some place that seems like it would have lolis and go there with the intention of watching but also have other things lined up in case there are none


i wouldnt push my himabros


this is an incredibly creepy idea


theres lolis everywhere


skip the ed


the unstoppable turt vs the immovable neetblog


pnig would push you if the prize was a lgf


pnig would get a big horny bone and fall off if that happened


nah there are millions of lolis out there


yeah but none of them are my gf




dont do it kaiji


the real pill comes later in the show


getting a lgf might be hard but its probably much easier to have other sorts of interactions with them


not unless you work with them or have family members that are lolis its almost impossible outside of that


i would be able to do this easily


baste kaiji he wont be a willing pawn for the rich assholes


whats sahara even doing is he enjoying this


only the guys that wouldnt push will be allowed in the hima mansion




love a good toy yoda gag


i watched the first ten episodes


cast iron pans are supposed to be good for making deep dish pizzas in maybe i should look into that and make a pizza


glad to be a neet


love deep dick pizzas


theres a line in a futuristic sex robotz song about deep dick pizza


yeah thats what i was thinking of hehe


tardlaughing at all of these characters its like the artist can draw a few distinct head shapes and a few distinct features and all the characters are just combinations of them


love the guy with just a tuft of hair on the top of his head


he read loomis


hes like an ogre


saikyou densetsu neetblog


the bucktooth guys are the best


i think sahara has what it takes


hes a teenbro


hes got a fire inside of him


sigh looking at the dates on these files 2008 was a good year


no it wasnt


it was for me


oh ok


why does that guy have a hairband


why not theyre cool


used to see hairband lolis a lot but i havent seen one in years i guess its not popular anymore


sometimes use an alice band when my hair is too long


its all about hair dying now


its all about wire cat ears now


still havent seen any of those in real life


i bet the rothschilds attend stuff like this


turt will be there one day


how does that way of deciding work ive seen it a lot but never understood it


only posh lolis wear those


turt doesnt have noble blood


he has the blood of the last great chieftan flowing through his veins thats enough


osama bin laden had books royal bloodlines in his compound he was pilled about the council of 13


thinking about making a mushroom pizza




turt will reunite the tribes and throw the settlers from their once great land and rule the new continent with an iron fist


wonder what kind of person still posts on 7chan


i do


they call me the 7chlad


nice ota




oh i get it




cant trust hapas after elliot


gonno make that pizza now i cant help myself


sigh theyre just proving tokogawa right by trying to quit


File: 1515154371805.png (64.65 KB, 2330x570, 69e7n7rdgx701.png)

baste hapas


nice r9k


im spiritually weak


im a spiritually strong pmb


thats why they call him turtletron


gotta love たいぷはてな先生


okay pizzas in the oven


not even death can get rid of otalad


read somewhere about a girl that fell from the 29th floor and only lost her left leg


you just have to land right


yeah its possible to survive a terminal velocity fall its just not very likely


yeah just roll as you hit the ground


no you do a double jump right before landing


ill probably die falling over in the shower or something


simply dash right before landing and you will take zero damage


this is the most bullshit thing in all of kaiji


this isnt a video game fools otherwise youd die every time you went into blue water


chance of death by fall during your lifetime is one in 269 wet floors are dangerous specially in the bathroom


im not worried about that im stressed about sudden cataclysmic disaster


refuse to touch any water thats not white water


those happen much less often


i dont care about the stats sudden cataclysm looms larger in my mind


i hope a cataclysm happens and wipes out everyone except me and girls between the ages of 6 and 11




nothing ped it would be nice to raise them in a platonic way


always daydream about scenarios like that


yellowstone mega eruption its happening


same can spend hours just imagining it while im lying in bed


nice magic invisible stairs


i probably wouldnt have seen the stairs in that situation either


the whole thing is an asspull the whole concept is just silly


kaiji wins in a retarded asspull every time its fine


like the guy with the rings worth 20 million yen why would he even be there to begin with


yeah but usually its because he finds some clever stunt the invisible stairs are extra ridiculous its the most silly thing in all of kaiji


sigh kaiji


wonder if they just leave the glass stairs on the hotel


kaiji is a rare breed


old man turt...


gonno snooze


fool dont snooze


it was already determined


dont tell her what to do


pizza time


its just like in that dr pierce infographic


im a lemming


who would ever choose the eye




no i wouldnt


the eardrum can heal anyway


so can the eyeball


i forgot what the trick was to this game something with the device


oh nvm now i remember


File: 1515158147370.png (222.3 KB, 648x232, -2016-08-17-上午11.44.22.png)

had both of my eyes cut for the lasik surgery like this


why get lasik just wear glasses


weird how bad eyesight can be fixed by just burning off stuff


been using glasses since i was 10 and then i started only using contact lenses when i was 18 and the surgery was worth it


why would you swap to contact lenses they sound horrible


whats wrong with contact lenses


they just seem like a lot of work and unpleasant to have in and expensive to buy new ones all the time




its great you just have to be responsible and take good care of them



dont see the advantage over glasses though theyre much more convenient for the reasons above


no glasses are a burden they limit your field of view keep getting in the way all the time


the only field of view i need is the computer screen and they dont get in the way for me


glasses make me feel safe


idiots i wore glasses for eight years and contacts for five i know what im talking about from experience


glasses blow if you wear them with headphones


i hate compliments


dont leave the house enough to warrant getting or wearing glasses i can navigate things just fine


its the same as if youre not wearing glasses for me it doesnt make a difference


i couldnt read posts from my chair without contacts or glasses


are you retarded why would no one else have that much experience


posts are only slightly blurry for me if i have trouble i can zoom or look closer i guess its the perfect distance


do you


contacts flipping blow unless youre a norm who cares about your appearance





how retarded do you have to be to think that youre the only one whos worn glasses or contacts for 13 years


the only contacts i wear are limbal ring contacts but they dont do much because my eyes are black


why are you fuming steamedbro




literally shaking havent felt this way since january 20th


why what happened


imagine still wearing glasses in 2018


why are you still talking about that are you steamed or something


ya call me the steambro


i have glasses and contacts


should have washed my hands after eating that pizza now my dick is burning


never had chilidick whats it like


not good


cat got outside its like 20 degrees hope it doesnt freeze to death


go and help it


nvm its back


die nvmorm


cant remember the end to this arc other than something with tissues


i remember it


he has the scheme with the tissue box but i never saw how it ended


he obviously needed the contacts in order to play airsoft the glasses get in the way of the goggles


ive got prescription goggles for that


poor guy doesnt even have a name after all that


kaiji is like raskolnikov from crime and punishment


hes just like me


need a username


this is the natural conclusion to jap corporate culture




thought this thread was full since people started posting in the other one


i dont pay attention enough to notice things like that


who even checks the frontpage unless the thread is full


gonno snooze now hima good night


mom has been really into corean culture lately even listening to basic corean asmr damn it brothers i was so close it all started when i was telling her about mukbang i should have told her about kobayashi takeru san instead


whats the next arc of kaiji ive never got this far



chinchirorin was one of the best arcs


is gambling addiction prevalent in japan are casinos even legal there


gambling is outlawed i believe and thus there are no casinos in japan
though pachinko parlors have discovered a loophole where attendees can trade in their pachinko balls for ``prizes'' in which they exchange to a nearby store for cash
i also believe underground mahjong gambling is popular as well


bet the yakuza dabble in illegal gambling


sigh hope youre not getting burnt too hard turt i managed to time the markets perfectly these last few days


col plays in the last series of the day they know to save the best for last


col plays last because they know its hopeless


col are the chink slayers this series is theirs


File: 1515176277093.jpg (297.36 KB, 1200x900, 1491459202659.jpg)




never had a real friendship like this in school


that feelerino when you were the papika out of all your friends sigh




its just momgf


File: 1515177445739.png (64.5 KB, 201x319, v.png)

wish i had a gyaru gf


they flip each other


wish i had flip friends in school


gonno use ashita for a while


twas not to be


sigh miku chan


friendship in modern times only exists in anime


File: 1515180620497.png (308.92 KB, 1439x749, yZ3UEEp.png)

wish i could get a pure jap gf but now all i can get is a jap single mother that will make me take care of onsekis children if that its not flipping fair


nice /b/ro


File: 1515181385997.jpg (163.61 KB, 500x711, Soyboy-original-tofu_ravioli.jpg)

dinners ready


nongmo verified now thats how you know youve got a quality product


hey hima just got back from work boring day glad to be back with everyone here


nice workseki


File: 1515183519680.webm (2.79 MB, 1280x720, 1515181321261.webm)




the green one makes me the least uncomfortable


wish to yiff sourseki


why do you call me sourseki what does that even mean


weed is called sour when its dank


never called it that i dont use funny meme words anymore although i do say 'get faded'


thought you listened to rap music


gth degen


have you ever gotten crossfaded seki



think im over memphis rap its starting to all sound kind of samey


seki download this and put it on your phone or ipod or something and go outside next you smoke thank me later


File: 1515184321914.webm (2.02 MB, 1280x720, 1515181845623.webm)


also make sure you indulge occasionally like once or twice a week is fine just dont make it a bad habit and do it every day its bad for you


thats whats great about it
its like eurobeat


a little too slow


this song also defines many late nights back in high school in my friends attic its my last recommendation to you and hope itll bring you as much nostalgia as it does for me
stay safe and stay smart seki youre only young once so go ahead and have fun but be careful


File: 1515184740487.png (135.51 KB, 544x465, 1515175319647.png)



sigh hate when people appropriate chanxcos art for stuff like this


hate reading momgf posts


baste kaiji glad someone decided to stream this or i would have never encountered this unappreciated gem


horribly done transparecny i will not let this offense pass ill fix it




kitty is taking a nap while im actually doing something somewhat productive!!!


File: 1515185898624.png (132.52 KB, 544x465, smug crypto girl.png)

much better if not perfect if i say so myself


still dont like the appropriation of chanxcos work hmph


reads like teenage girl post good job


really bored thinking about a bunch of stuff


time to pick up my epic! japanese pokemon parcel from the post office






gah cant get used to ashita


its better than claura at least although i still like murasaki and mushroom


claura is the edgy darklurker theme


simply use yotsuba b


hate the move out meme is it even possible to rent an apartment on minimum wage


simply sarah


is that you freak


what theme is sarah


murasaki is too bright ashitas grays dont match the rest of the theme yotsuba b makes me feel like im on flipping 4chan and is inferior to 2channeru mushroom is ok if you like that color scheme
claura is simply superior it just is


holy flip today is actually friday huh


been using gentoochan lately


too bright but otherwise cute crazy how much simple diagonal lines can impact a styles presentation


nah flip you


cant use gentoochan i think of /what/ even though ive only visited there once
honestly if himako could use the diagonal lines on ashita and add a little flair color to the names id like it way more


himako you listening to this lets create a theme everyone can agree is perfect not too bright not too dark


simply a darker yotsuba b problem solved


dont like the green names pink post highlight combo three colors is too many


STILL no flipping utw apocrypha 25


thought col played today apparently their match is tomorrow


die colnorm


thanks considered it replaced


just woke up had a weird dream that mom bought somekind of house on a few acres of land and i was waiting for my stuff to arrive and had to sleep in a sleeping bag and a bobcat kept breaking into the house and crawing into my sleeping bag


File: 1515189308715.webm (340.01 KB, 628x866, mornin.webm)


sigh call of avalon got delayed another 6 months except in japan



so not delayed at all


been listening to sakuranbo for hours


friend hated playing sakuranbo on osu sigh cant help but think of how they disapprove when i listen to it




its a good song


i hope youre listening to the correct version


ケーキやさんにも アイドルにも


gonno rage


im too dumb to play osu


osu blows



osu is cool as hell dont bother with that shite
the mode pnig and i played was okay but the regular mode pinches


are you referring to the taiko drum machine mode



the beatmania mode


yeah the beatmania mode


File: 1515190279264.png (21.32 KB, 282x390, brio.png)

sigh she may not have changed but net idols these days sure have


File: 1515190326802.jpg (27.1 KB, 260x343, 1484197196564.jpg)

did you happen to read any of these from the series to help you out in programming or whatever


went out with mom today and ended up getting some ice cream and thought about pnig for some reason


what da fug


why are japs so bad with presentation their websites are always like web 1.0 shite and their profiles in western sites are always word salads


i think of all my himabros almost hourly


time to play some wwii


not of me i dont have a cool quirky and lovable persona like everyone else and if i had a heart attack and died right now you would never even know


when im at work i remember old posts that i liked a lot and laugh


nice creepylaughseki


sigh dont make me self conscious about it


jap sites are riddled with javascript hate it


embrace your creepyness


someone said yesterday that theres no point in using ghostery with ublock so i disabled ghostery and added a bunch of third party filters to ublock


to be fair many young people on social media are really bad with putting pointless stuff on their bios here in the west too thankfully moms like me and has a single line for her bio


and then what
was it better
im using both of those at the same time and its fine i have plenty of power


its not efficient


unused resources are wasted resources


not if its electricity


got another legendary but its not the one i wanted sigh


which one was it
all pokemon deserve to be loved


File: 1515191289723-0.jpg (278.91 KB, 700x700, 2d22badd1bbd43e46fb66cec38b2daca.jpg)

File: 1515191289723-1.jpg (74.27 KB, 779x1100, fd809ab155d4db2e62cf30fd18df51bb.jpg)

File: 1515191289723-2.jpg (145.86 KB, 1150x1200, a48ab87bb2f439498cb7dd0ea2f680f0.jpg)

chicken chan.....


idiot a wow legendary


what about the loli ghost


no loli here


loli creep me out



die wownorm


cute vania chan


it boggles my mind how much money nintendo would make if they made figures of the pokegirls yet they just dont do it


yeah girls my siss age would love those and so would gross peds


nintendo doesnt want to cater to sexnorms
maybe gamefreaks could license them to some manufacturer but thats it


nice otalad


not that fag


they would end up like the figures you get from crane games theres no way they would pick a good manufacturer


they would if the fans showed interest


i would buy a chicken chan one but thats it


stop calling her that




gotta love a good 種付けプレス


one word to prove you wrong and thats zerosuitsamus


File: 1515192349142.jpg (285.13 KB, 900x1120, SCN_0024.jpg)

what does that mean
this came up on google phew


File: 1515192415662.jpg (2.46 MB, 3984x2988, based.jpg)

hell yeah baste as trillfleek


oh i mean duckduckgo
i swear these results are far better than google much more relevant especially japanese stuff


mating press googleseki



wonder why those touch pens never caught on in the us i remember literally every jap playing their ds using one of those


phew took it long enough nice haul brother



also what my friend played with me was osumania mode


some games require the stylus like the surgery ones


looks like パール is out of frame oops




no i mean the extremely large ones that were more like a pen than a stylus as shown on the box


this is it im moving in with freak hope his apartment has two bedrooms although i dont mind sleeping on the couch


japs all carry their gameboys in dedicated waist pouches if you dont have a pokemon carrying case its not a complete collection


dont have a couch


sigh actually thinking through i wouldnt be able to play any of those since theyre in japanese


File: 1515192854496.jpg (77.92 KB, 600x750, 714d0246d3215abbe8afab99df35786e--kamihime-pro….jpg)


just learn japanese bro its easy


maybe 2018 will be the year i learn japanese


dont say that


File: 1515192995473.png (1.1 MB, 1000x1000, 53da2f2c5c3dc842a6744691cfa37a48.png)

just a reminder that this look isnt canon anymore this is what she really looks like


thats fine but does she still wear the shorts


File: 1515193152830.png (36.28 KB, 164x149, PikachuArtworkRG.png)



he looks tard


File: 1515193250144.jpg (431.47 KB, 1000x1682, 7ba377f7eb708e2e5e60300487734925.jpg)


got stuck on the index again


very sexy and cute!


hm want to add a custom splash screen to the snes classic


File: 1515193338925.png (506.87 KB, 800x600, 1483023283727.png)

use this


i do like that artist but im probably going to make one myself


what the flip that was just a random image out of a hundred thousand and you knew the artist


ya theyre notorious for drawing big heads


its not a retcon its an alternate universe


File: 1515193535757.jpg (109.46 KB, 945x531, Cxx1rtnUUAAX_--.jpg)

use this instead


ugly bitch


i know the artist too only i dont like them

if you dont recognize lots of artists on sight then you dont jo enough


the emerald has a save file with some level 40 pocket monsters




wish pocketo monstas existed in real life


i jo plenty i just dont read their names it totally irrelevant just like the dialog hehe


File: 1515193795868-0.jpg (83.26 KB, 850x531, __drawn_by_ooyari_ashito__sample-4657842479563….jpg)

File: 1515193795868-1.jpg (474.78 KB, 784x1128, __mona_lisa_drawn_by_ooyari_ashito__fa7051b070….jpg)

File: 1515193795868-2.png (620.66 KB, 800x600, __rosetta_shoujo_mahou_gaku_littlewitch_romane….png)



theyve actually beaten the elite four on this file


am i missing something where is the artist name mentioned


sorry i meant the four heavenly kings


nice birl


wish i had a birlf




File: 1515194139036.jpg (1.24 MB, 2988x3984, trill.jpg)

oops didnt read this before playing


hes a popular artist who does eggheads




got a big nasubi head


freak what do you think of the notion that people only learn japanese past simple phrases to mog people on imageboards and that all the best stuff gets translated so learning japanese is pointless


cant go one hour without meta


says "before you play Pokemon EMERARUDO"


im curious on a rational persons view on things


can barely read kana and dont have any vocab and dont know even one kanji


forgot that his name is rationaleye


his name is freddy freaker


you arent having the true experience until you play in japanese just compare some of the japanese trainer names to the english ones

or really your experience is just different if you want the experience as it was originally crafted then read it in japanese

and the best stuff doesnt always get translated because there are extremely popular japanese games that have no translation and among the ones you do i hope you enjoy getting mememogged by translators who felt that western audiences with no understanding of japanese culture would prefer their complete rewriting that changes everything to capture the original "feel"


this sapphire file has shitennou too and its a female trainer named aya phew


that guy is not talking about pokemon at all its just that he had a big argument with turt about it like a flipping week ago and he got so steamed that hes still thinking about it


wonder if the person that played in that save file is actually a girl


not to mention the self-important translators who write essays like https://pastebin.com/7ieHykVh and then don't deliver the final episode for about 4 months if they don't feel appreciated enough or release it but torrent it at 5kbps for about 10 minutes before killing it so nobody gets it



she already posts here


check this post out freak >>703763


File: 1515194885046.jpg (Spoiler Image, 143.85 KB, 1224x1011, 1413651949783.jpg)


why is her face dirty


guuu seems like the only way to add a custom splash screen is to install the usb mod which i dont need


die frecklerager


checked it


stop wasting so much time modding your snes and actually play the games instead


seems unlikely since the emerald file from the same auction is male and the ruby gives no clues since its only a 0 minute file probably used to test that it works

but maybe it was his imouto or maybe it has passed hands many times because its an old game you just dont know


im 20 hours into ffvi brother its something for me to do that isnt work or final fantasy and i still find fun


girls play with male characters just like guys play with female characters
the only way to know is to check their boxes and team if its unoptimized and lacks good type coverage its a girl


gonno have a wank to some kids dont mind me continue posting


die pedwanker die


himago please filter kids to something more couth


merino wool gloves came in theyre perfect


their sceptile that they use seems to be higher level than anything else and actually it looks like they havent done the pokemon league despite having 8 badges

their boxes are all named after types and have pokemon of the same type in them hehe used to that when i was a kid


File: 1515195401389.png (36.66 KB, 528x225, norm.png)

filter norm instead


wonder how long itd take for me to relearn kana some basic kanji and enough vocab to play poke in jap


how do you forget kana


that tard is still posting on ota huh


youre gonno need to brush up on your grammar too if youve forgotten kana


i forgot the hard ones


unironically better at writing kanji than kana always write ru weirdly and im never satisfied with it


you wouldnt have forgotten if you learned from nama sensei


how do you write そ


oh no i have never practiced writing any of them


maybe thats why i used heisigs remembering the kana instead


his hand writing is sooo bad though


being on /jp/ and simply glossing over the things posted here should be enough to have kana refreshed in your brain


it could just be a dumb male like me


File: 1515195744167.jpg (14.93 KB, 121x232, mig.jpg)

was taught to write them the bottom way but it never looked good so i switched to the top i dont actually know what the difference is


ya the top one if better since its just フて


ive come to realize that money makes me happy i could probably be content as a millionaire living in a box


you dont understand girls just do things in a weird way theyre inefficient by nature


just did a quiz and only got 76 percent of hiragana correctly


thats sexist bro


im inefficient by nature


nice pygmako


learned kana young and i see enough japanese to think that i wont ever forget them but i have forgotten how to write most of them


sheri is the manager at a local dominos and she is incredibly inefficient two hours for brownies is unacceptable


File: 1515196050464.jpg (1.73 MB, 2988x3984, fleek.jpg)

heres my most recent writing practice keep in mind it was done at work during break so i was nervous someone might ask me what i was doing and im writing to see if i remember how baste on its romaji not writing for form

i write so the same way


i even forget how to write the alphabet sometimes because i basically never have to write by hand


i go so long without speaking i forget how to talk


baste on the naming by types which i did when i was young and my niece does too i cant conclude anything about gender but it was probably a young player so aya isnt a cute 16 year old idol gf


saw a russian loli draw the vertical like for the k and the top diagonal line in the same stroke i might copy that


petition to bring grant back


hate the kanji that have about 4 horizontal strokes in a row



я девушка лоли


During the keynote he'll be giving some damage control regarding the security vulnerability and then a heckler from the audience will yell that his CPUs are shit and insecure. Brian Krzanich will then be like "Who the flip just said that, stand up and say it to my face u little kitty hole bitch".

Jim Keller then stands up and asks him if he wants some and Brian Kranzich quickly calls security but the reply on his earpiece is that due to a meltdown there is no security left. He then panics and attempts to run away but a SWAT team directed by Raja captures him and takes him away. Jim Keller then sits back down and the person seated next to him slaps a cheque for $1m into his hand, that person is then revealed to be Lisa Su.


whats wrong with them asking you what youre doing its a quirky and interesting thing to talk about when youre studying a language
also my old nihongo sensei would not give this a passing grade


are there any on dormnorm japanese speakers here


maybe you bought hashimoto kannas old games




bleh couldnt get the splash screen to work by simply replacing the splash.gz file and i dont want to needlessly install a usbmod so i guess ill hold off for now


i meant non dormnorm


'By not speaking, I was not going to say anything stupid,'


ive never had it checked by a japanese person sigh

and i would tell them but it means im still not comfortable dont like to go down the route of talking about learning it because i can only give stupid seeming reasons without admitting that im into those things


if youre worried simply dont do it


my chinese friend didnt think it was bad though maybe he was lying



you just need to pace around and talk to yourself for hours while gesturing with your hands


i have no choice but to do it now in the downtime created by the break or else it eats into the hours i have outside work which isnt many with a 50 hour commute either way


would anyone watch a zetsubou sensei stream ive always wanted to stream it and the talk of losing your voice from not talking is relevant to one of the gags in the episodes


can write it on my phone while on the train but im not satisfied with that and i use that time to review non-writing cards


if they see it and start talking to youa bout it theyre defiantly ask why youre studying japanese and what made you start learning 絶対に


actually do this often
sometimes mom sees me walking back and forth and asks if im trying to make a hole on the floor


do what i do and tell them you enjoy jerking it to drawn pictures of 9 year olds geting flipped


i usually say i just learned in high school and wanted to continue and used to do it to be able to play untranslated games but then it became its own hobby and i dont have enough time for games now

sounds good enough without ever talking about anime or anything it would be unusual for a young male to do


but that would make you a liar


i lie all the time when people ask me about myself


just be honest and in your field of work as a programmer youre probably surrounded by a bunch of nerds anyway


why do you lie


ugh that guy still plays video games
what a creep
yeah stay away from him


this implies that playing videogames is something that you grow out of


its not even that much of a lie i barely play games now and did want to play untranslated games and did study it in high school theres just a lot missing from the story like a cnn article


how about a nasubi stream


i dont have it


any new gamergate news



you can never tell who is into geeky stuff like the woman in this video i would never have guessed shes into street fighter and old jrpgs even mom and i geek out over hatsune migu sometimes and i would never had known that unless we talked about our interests


i dont follow it and havent for like a year or more it started in august 2014 cant believe people still post on kia


dont ever use the term geek out again on my website you piece of shit


i just gleeked


sorry im like totally geeking out over here im kinda a real sports geek hehe


cant talk to girls at all i just freeze instantly


what about lolis


us nerds xD



that happens to me but with everyone except my parents


ooh thanks for sharing i actually like that actor with the afro he was a character in kamen rider not too long ago


im as dumb as a female


doesnt the beta for this start soon i keep forgetting about it


ya january 13


wheres the one with the girl whose hobby is eat food


is that also the popsicle girl


didnt know about that is it actually nasubi


just had a genius idea but it pinches after all
basically use some vr face editing software and a voice changer and pretend to be a loli on stream


sounds perfect


fool other lolis into meeting up with you


uh dont do that


lolis would instantly recognize that youre not one of them
theyre like the borg


firered save but the trainer name is blue




even with a higher voice the way that younger people speak is completely different from how adults speak it even varies between guys and girls


did you know in firered and leafgreen you cant evolve golbat until you get the national pokedex they literally force you to only use the kantodex


cant find my firered leafgreen and ruby only found emerald and sapphire no idea what happened to the others


onseki you might enjoy this


why the flip would you even want a golbat


thats weird


crobat is good


sugoi you learn something new every day


hate the fast hours


baste kazukun on leafgreen


no you dont you love them


flip kazu kun


i should pull out my ryzen system again and see how well pubg 1.0 runs with updated drivers and with a new bios maybe i can run my ram faster


no i dont
and theyre especially worse today because theyre also the freak smartmog hours


isnt it already running at 3333


whats to hate nb


himas all i have and im constantly reminded i dont belong here


yeah its at 3333 with 16 18 18 36 but it is a 3600mhz kit in the end


the leafgreen without a box has keiichi with a level 57 オニドリル in his party and nothing else

hes traded 31 times and link battled 6 times this is a pretty active save


what a tard




pretty sure most of hima speaks at a 5th grade level its fine


its not just the word choice its the timing and small noises and ways that the words are pronounced


youre a thousand years too early to call chihaya a tard


god i just love how good the idolm@ster models have improved over the years


god damn


can only ever ear luffy when i hear krillin now i dont know how that happened


this game has 7 badges and yet 60 hours play time i find that depressing wonder why hitoshi stopped playing


File: 1515197917713.jpg (192.81 KB, 549x960, 1334504955213.jpg)

watch the vid shes a tard through and through


see this just goes to show you can make a fighter that looks and plays good while remaining extremely fanservice-y


she appreciates music on a level completely different from yours you motherflipper


it looks flipping amazing what a game what a vid im officially hyped


where have you been for the past months i think everyone knew this about fighterz already


only two female saves so far and theyre both sapphire thats interesting this one is called nami


cant play fighters id just tardmash



its just a passing thought seeing the trailer reminded me of jojo all star battle and how it could have been a good game


wish i could play it but fighting games are too hard


nothing wrong with having some casual fun tardmashing


can you summarize that i dont want to fire up my quarantine vm


nobody knows if fighterz is a good game yet


i do not


did daigo and nuki say anything about it


every box in namis save has an exclamation point in the name

theyre also all named after types


one box name is called はがね?ミズ!


judging by hyper dimension traditional dragon ball fighting games can be pretty deep and maximillion seems to enjoy it


baste hyper dimension


daigo only plays sf


heart started beating really fast out of nowhere


defiantly a girl


sorry my bad ill stop


he played it at the tokyo game show


only dragonball games i played on the snes were hyper dimension and that card one


didnt expect nearly every game to have a played save i was just going to test if each one works



have you seen this freak producer san was actually flipping his idol since she was sixteen crazy to think that thats real life and not just the plot of an anime


phew nice


weird that they would both announce that and not have him step down


16 year olds get flipped all the time its not crazy at all its completely normal


its legal in australia


wish i was flipping kanna hashimoto since she was 16


girls start feeling the urge around 13 just look at 14 and 15 year old girls


but it was an actual idol and her p-san


girls in the entertainment business get flipped a lot


ya by harvey weinstein


File: 1515198911031.jpg (23.21 KB, 400x282, 75.jpg)


baste pnig


you mena around 7


this pearl save has a level 75 ムクホーク and yet hasnt cleared the pokemon league what the flip its just saved in front of the area in victory road that you cant get inside until youre champion

i wonder if he didnt realize thats not the way to go and just levelled that high


only a girl would be that foolish


that sounds like something i would do




flip you smartnorms


all these pokemon are from different trainers in different years weird save


im tard




think my fighterz team is gonno be tien yamcha and frieza


how nostalgic i would own pnig daily back then


this guy wrote his name in kanji on his trainer card hehe


he has a level 100 ムクホーク


and arceus rayquaza and a shiny mewtwo and mew and shiny lugia wonder if hes cheating


whats with that guy and flying pokes


he has 5 level 41 mewtwos all in master balls i guess its guaranteed hes cheating


no its a legit save file


and they were supposedly caught on route 222


can someone post some sexy kids for me to wank it to


File: 1515199732748.png (Spoiler Image, 34.18 KB, 640x480, 1491042673931.png)




die gnorm


no-you is all crypto talk even more of a reason to not post about it here


nice noyoubro


File: 1515199817946.jpg (Spoiler Image, 487.98 KB, 1334x2000, 93c8120a5820d0679303a078ed3d243d30b6917ea6b980….jpg)


thats not a kid


himako should delete it just to be safe


shes 18 still a kid by all standards


i am a child expert its not a child


File: 1515199904431.png (155.25 KB, 329x407, freakeye.png)

freak is the most handsome poster on hima


File: 1515199961142.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 90.07 KB, 620x877, fe21e26cf5f44c2a82221c25ea4826a0.jpeg)


nice braphog


File: 1515200030377.png (553 KB, 485x562, eksMCdi.png)




cant wait until the fast hours are over so i can play some more wwii


soulsilver and heartgold both dont have saves oh well


eating fried rice rn hope freakeye answers my question about the manga guides


gonno see if i can get in an antorus raid bye


already said no


love how white in japanese is literally hwhite


nice wownig nice codblog


hey freak do you have any ideas on how we can get rid of neetblog


sorry i didnt see your post


talk about otaku things all day long



the japanese BW boxes are a little more interesting than the english ones


paul mccartney and michael jackson fought over a girl once


who do you main


i shall protect nbs safety on hima with my life if need be



File: 1515200473370-0.png (Spoiler Image, 99.92 KB, 250x224, 250px-Black_EN_boxart[1].png)

File: 1515200473370-1.jpg (Spoiler Image, 22.2 KB, 300x237, s-l300[1].jpg)




never used a DSLL before i like the feel of it


i wouldnt do the same for you


its almost the same
whats up with the gears


i dont care


tehyre nots gears theyre hexagons the c-gear in the game had those


what the flip is a cgear


its the bottom screen thing


pokedex thing idk



phew took a while to get white to get black recognized thought it wasnt working



yuuya last saved in 2017 thats pretty recent


it would be cool if someone were to able to rip the voice track from all the idolmaster games like some people did with rockband songs


this damn kawaii




its luke and that one guy


baste ルーカス and his 357匹 pocket monsters i think this is the biggest save out of all of them hes even saved in the poketransfer area so he must have imported a lot


you must not erase it


i spoke to soon he must have transferred them off to gen 6 because all hes got left are some legendaries perhaps because they couldnt be transferred due to not being legitimate


played for 455:59 thats almost as much as my white 2 save but all the pokemon are gone sigh poor trainer he accomplished so much only to have it all taken away


mindblowing that we only have on average 650000 hours to live but we still waste thousands of hours on games


traded 1043 times battled 767 holy flip


i tried turts advice and am slowly pilling mom into accepting that im not moving out we touched on millenials and cash for clunkers and other things


theres nothing better to spend it on


he was migrating his pokemon off the game dude


i doubt it he probably just imported them to bank for gen 6

you dont just sit there and trade them all to another 5th gen game only to sell your 5th gen game whats the point of that

it was a well loved save but he moved on to the next generation and is probably still playing usum as we speak


sigh i remember i migrated my swampert from 2003 over to pokemon platinum i have that game in my safe


did the elite four 14 times


i thought the hooen league badge, kanto badge and sinnoh badge all on the same pokemon was really cool but i suppose if you owned all those games and had saves up to the elite four you could just constantly beat the elite four and give them badges and trade them through game generations


usually when i play poke i never catch any and beat the whole think with just the starter and then keep beating the elite four over and over until its level 100


i used to do that but all the starters are pretty cookie cutter at least up to gen four because thats the last one i played seriously
you have to have at least three decent pokemon one hm mule one weak pokemon with exp share and then a wildcard thats kind of weak that you throw out for experience


do a hima nuzlocke run


File: 1515202086879.jpg (833.82 KB, 858x1200, 66437198.jpg)


always use 6 pokemon that i keep the same level if i use another one for hms then i need to box it in and out but in gen 7 you dont have hms anymore

when i was a kid though i would just treat my battle pokemon the hms


we are exact opposites huh


do we like maths here?




been joing to satou kuuki stuff a lot lately


File: 1515202892826.jpg (92.13 KB, 762x464, varg-vikernes.jpg)

stop joing


stop joing


gonno jo hard tonight i can feel it


still on nojo 2018 and going strong


maths isnt a word


me too brother im getting antsy


think i need to lay off coffee until my heart palpitations stop


coffee gives me the shits


should i stream this raid its normal


File: 1515203851285.jpg (30.49 KB, 248x360, 1515181472978.jpg)


stupid little bitch


same i hate her


File: 1515204174497-0.png (435.67 KB, 720x480, snapshot_[2018.01.06_13.02.34].png)

finally got the wii working with my av capture time to test the gamecube games


gonno sperm


play some doshin the giant


Janitor applications are now being accepted for the next ~48 hours.


i usually apply for no reason but im not feeling it this year


nothing like being a literal jan


wish freak would give shenzhen.io a try


sigh keep wiping on high command was hoping to be at least half way done by now gonno quit and eat dinner then do something


the family is finally gone time to jo


flipping creep


hey hima woke up and read hows it hangin a nice read this morning


ya hima was good today


i applied


how can i apply if i have no id


started out life in the valley of trials now we stack gold in big ass piles


File: 1515206098235.jpg (Spoiler Image, 229.54 KB, 801x800, 66516399.jpg)


phew mom took the dog to the beach for the day got the house to myself


does this happen in real life


ya all the time


getting horny


why did god invent laws like going to prison if you flip a loli when its clearly what they want


man created those laws out of envy


why did god invent the concept of laws


gonno have some frozen pasta for dinner


File: 1515206892910.png (48.19 KB, 848x852, lady.png)

phew still able draw girls that arent loli


going to watch yuru camp


jesus said were supposed to kill child flippers


that would be loli according to our basted taggers over at gelbooru and exhentai


he didnt


thats why youre supposed to use donmai



should i stream pani poni tonight or rizelmine or


pani poni dasshu



pnig really let himself go