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hell yeah
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used to love whipping the boys in the locker room


one time the boys held me down and whipped my balls for 10 minutes straight i was screaming by the end of it


im sorry but i tard laughed jolly at that post im so sorry


its okay i made it up anyway


its still funny you are quite the comedian my friend





want to learn the art of the bull whip and keep one in my home for self defense


i dont think you can use it inside


not unless youre a bull whipping master


theyre back finally


i wish they werent


im quite good with the abyssal whip


sigh i remember when kyoani were posting new episode of haruhi chan and nyoron churuya every week on youtube that was the best i wish theyd do something like that again


File: 1515340284191.jpg (43.47 KB, 704x400, haruhichan20090425120029.jpg)



been up for 20 hours why cant i sleep


you must be on your second wind


File: 1515340517834.png (824.73 KB, 588x636, rhett.png)


hehe akari good at game and luna bad hehe funy


feel dumb as hell reading this admissions test for college from the 1800s https://graphics8.nytimes.com/packages/pdf/education/harvardexam.pdf




lunas low framerate makes it hard to watch her videos


stop spamming




no spam im simply giving the illusion that its more than just the three of us i call it simulated fast hours




theres 4


how do you know theres only 3


theres at least 5 posters which means over 15 lurkers


at least the math questions are really easy


how do you know theres at least 5




himako is taking her beauty rest


just got the haruhi banner coincidentally


himako must be 17 now


i forgot everything about trigonometry


she was 11 when she started the site


girls sure do love things like horoscopes and blood type personalities its really cute


theyre simple minded


its not cute at all


women are basically children thats why its better to go straight to the source and date lolis


if women are children lolis are babies


lolis are just lolis theyre an existence removed from humanity granted to us by a charitable god


that kaguya luna video made me feel bad for telling mom that i found a female friend of mine real easy to talk to i must have made her needlessly worry but its okay we spent the night together drawing playing ffvi and having sex


my chinese sign is the flipping goat


die momgf


you are the Greatest of All Time on hima after all goatposter


wish i had a goat


dont like goats their rectangle pupils are weird


fool youre supposed to want to be a goat not own one


goats are basted mom wanted to get one when we moved to the farm but i think she changed her mind about moving to one sigh


File: 1515342038222.jpg (81.2 KB, 1141x960, 8jwy3y0v93701.jpg)


baste flipping @neem_official


im still feeling sad hima cheer me up


File: 1515342259856.jpg (42.56 KB, 640x480, 1506361716951.jpg)


nice matsuoka-san cheered me up a little but its still not enough


File: 1515342367915.jpg (269.66 KB, 801x1039, kitty.jpg)


show her this


File: 1515342450221.gif (479.64 KB, 200x180, 205534.gif)


File: 1515342463241.jpg (27.07 KB, 575x470, 1413667240324.jpg)


im such a loathsome specimen agh im antagonizing myself over vicious memories


himako embed this on hima


nice ironic neoweeb memers gotta love em



memory leak nailed me had to use task manager to shut down the browser


File: 1515345566945.jpg (145.09 KB, 1569x1600, 073750.jpg)

going to miss mega man 8 roll but 11 roll is cute as well


switch to opera


never liked platformers theyre boring


use vivaldi


same except i liked abes oddysey


bkub anime looks nice but its trash


i like the antartica anime


you dont have what it takes


me too i think its cute


what about megaman 64 roll


roll is a dumb little slag


ya caskett is sooo cute


kitty has a real grumpy face but hes a sweetheart on the inside


just like turt


heh yeah kinda


mom was vacuuming my room and the kitty got super scared


ya if its three things kitties hate the MOST its vacuums cucumbers and water


accidentally flipped kitty once he doesnt come in my room anymore


surprised you can still get it up after being whipped in the nuts for so long


die bastard


File: 1515347670460.jpg (172.67 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Pop Team Epic - 01 [720p].mkv_s….jpg)

what the flip is this
should i watch this


of course
its baste bkub


what the heck are you talking about you already downloaded it and already got further than i did


no i downloaded that image somewhere else


oh hehe it was funny as hell and baste i liked the skyrim reference because thats as far as i got in that game before trashing it


whats wrong with skyrim


it pinches


norm game


i beat it its ok


uh oh hima i think citrus is going to be one of those anime i crave like kuzu no honkai


lazy sunday




i crave death


i crave neetblog


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