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Birls only


die birlnorm


File: 1514620953302.webm (227.47 KB, 1280x720, 1488070066953.webm)




love degreasing


is this how were going to start the year
with the birlblog


cannot think of a better way to ring in the new year


turts just trying to be the stern father figure you never had he only bullies other to make them stronger


turt calling others mean is comedy gold lmao holy flip


they call me the birlblog


youre proving him right


gonno go eat dinner i made a glazed ham brussel sprouts and scalloped potatoes


theyre just words
nothing makes a word inherently bad


its the intent that makes them bad and youve got evil intent to make people feel bad because of their race


nah new year is coming up and hes just sad and low t


i love thinking about and talking about turtletron so damn much i do it for hours every day


normalizing slurs is anti racist since it robs them of their power


nice idubbbz


normalizing beatings is anti violent since it robs them of their power


that is not comparable unless you are using kotodama




youre killing yourself


how is it not comparable its the same logic


t. otalad


ok gonno snooze now hima bye bye see ya


might start getting into visual kei


dont it pinches balls


i pinch balls all day


got the sauce cooking its thickened with a slurry


throw in some lard




moms at the window why cant she just flip off


flip her the bird


that would be my end


if they feel bad from something as innocent as a word then thats their fault


its just usoda


right but its still rich coming from someone who was complaining about people being mean


crying hard


i dont have cruel intentions
meanwhile its pretty obvious the wks and norms want me dead




persecution complex


goshujin i love you now i need to jo thanks for nothing flipper


never realized are all new years eve nights full moons


my kitty smells like rotting garbage today


idiot clean it


i cant be bothered


why did that guy have to cry


hes bh


he had a vision of whats to come in 2018


i watched the last inuyashiki episode


full moon is on tuesday night


cousin made sure to tell me throatpuncher wasnt going to be at their house tonight i just cant go to any sort of new years eve thing for as long as i can remember ive spent them alone mom used to rage hard that i wouldnt go to my aunts as a kid eventually it began changing into a night of reflection and i like it


File: 1514777682797.jpg (113.27 KB, 726x662, 1514777489740.jpg)


she was telling you because she wanted you to go and you flipped it up trying to be edgy


oh well things were planned since last night now i can have buffalo wings and watch ave videos and listen to music and do all sorts of other things

are people really looking forward to the stream because it might be a while like 2 or 3 hours




die degen


turn up


gonno open the caffeine free pepsi


still got two thirds of a bottle of wine left gonno wait for the stream to start before i crack it open


whats the point of caffeine free soda tea and coffee


the taste


im in love with lolis


its so i can sleep but i guess if youre really sensitive then you might be able to taste it because caffeine is bitter
i think its also sold for religious people mormons cant have caffeine


cant trust a man who doesnt indulge


i had a 1.25L bottle of mountain dew with dinner last night and wasnt able to sleep until 8am i dont want that to happen again


File: 1514778688759.png (507.83 KB, 742x953, 1514775883710.png)

hes got that ped look in his eyes


mountain dew is for hicks


soeunds like the dew did you hehehe


vaya con dios


i dont think thats really him


未来が眩しくて見えない drink a bottle of kraken rum




wish i had friends


File: 1514779012142.jpg (434.73 KB, 1054x1142, loli detected.jpg)


File: 1514779099370-0.jpg (2.65 MB, 3264x2448, P_20171231_204500.jpg)

File: 1514779099371-1.jpg (2.89 MB, 3264x2448, P_20171231_205854.jpg)

wing time


thats too much chikcen




anyone else holding 40k+ lumens


someone check scv for lumens spam


is neetblog here


yes i am here


no im not impersonator


made an fa thread



dont be so rude


link it



what the flip that thread is full of girls


me bone me jo me rip the skin sigh


turt can you teach me how to give myself a brainjob


dont be fooled a large amount are croissants and trannies


im a croissant


wouldnt mind a croissant right now


wonder if the nsa considers me important enough to actively conduct surveillance on me


do psychedelics


wish a loli would surveil me


nothing to do


im an nsa agent


im a cia nigger


phew done with the wings the sauce worked nicely i hope that one day i can make hot wings for a loli slumber party


pnig get over here and give me a big kiss


you should become an activist who wants to reinstate slavery you could do things like that for lolis all day long


File: 1514780339176.png (15.58 KB, 235x161, 1488782667594.png)


i can hear the next door loli shrieking and setting off fireworks

gonno hop on steam and see if my cousin is doing anything


check if mr nasty is on


what if shes shrieking because someones snapping her and the snapper is using the fireworks to cover it up


File: 1514780644734.jpg (157.91 KB, 1440x810, 1514777482882.jpg)

make it count


not feeling too good hima someone give me a hug


hey hima sorry i havent been posting ive been busy for the last eight hours building that r34 model ill post a pic in a second


post a pic of that cute butt i know youre hiding


post a pic of sis instead fool


File: 1514780918035-0.jpg (1.58 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_2977.JPG)

File: 1514780918035-1.jpg (1.41 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_2978.JPG)

File: 1514780918035-2.jpg (1.69 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_2979.JPG)


flip you


that was my first time doing an automobile scale model i learned a lot theyre a lot more picky than tanks and fantasy models
next time id like to get some more paints and do some serious detail on the interior i just slipped by with some bad edge highlighting but its such a cool model im happy with it


models are for nergins


himako if youre here can you play a fireworks sound every hour that way you can make up for oatman putting music on ota


File: 1514781197213.png (2.45 MB, 1624x909, like what.png)


thats the stupidest idea ive ever heard


its a great idea


ive got a great idea how about you get over here and give me a big ol kiss instead


himako cant compete with the shear levels of baste the otamin exudes


how about a firework sound everytime someone posts im sure freakeye can come up with some code


im in love with himako


File: 1514781362680.png (2.71 MB, 1637x918, 0246e20ec81b0d9d125e78cbe7e95e1a.png)


hey guys whats your favorite pizza


*stabs plate with fork* whatsa matta wit you


glad i skipped for a few hours hima is really bad


whatsa matta with you you dont love your fatha no more wont even give your own fatha a hug anymore


File: 1514781500242.png (3.04 MB, 1625x911, 9d2cd22cc70d334183e471f1309f9fd6.png)


File: 1514781527465.jpg (368.86 KB, 1920x1080, rg.jpg)


phew lumen is still going


time to unleash my seed


no one cares about me sigh


you are loved


I'm going to make a sound file to play each time posts the code, it should be ready as soon as I find a good sound file.


got a bad feeling about this



sigh nobuaki


made fried rice but dropped some of the meat


i dont belong on hima


does anyone here want to jo each other off with me




need to charge the jo crystal for 2018


sometimes getting a little freaky can feel great


thinking about joining a swingers club


those dont exist anymore now its just peer to peer hook ups on craigslist


now that its completely socially acceptable to be an angel there is no longer a need for exclusive secretive clubs like that everyone just flips who they want whenever


happy new year hima


shit i wasnt paying attention im not prepared for this


its still 2017 for another hour east coast norm


sister and her friend are getting tired but im just finally waking up


File: 1514782943921.webm (4 MB, 1024x576, yurinewyear.webm)


hope youre prepared for the stream


she is a really cute girl



why is she the only freak with pink hair


dont call her a freak you flipper


she got it from her father


nice akarin


tuned in to the new years stream and they are just showing people kissing flip this


pinch my flipping dick timenorm


get over here and well show em we can do it just as good


eat shit notime


get owned failed norm


its already been new years for 15 hours get with the times fools


die pastafreak


i want to stop coming to hima but i dont have anywhere else to go


go outside


its below zero outside


get a hobby like tossing a ball around




what about high speed rubix cubin




File: 1514783466672.png (8.39 KB, 147x251, chilly.png)


gonno open the window


high speed rubix cubin would impress the lolis you should do that


File: 1514783546723.jpg (690.15 KB, 2560x1440, 1514781014243.jpg)

sigh epictetus-sensai


im not interested in lolis pedcreep


stop looking for excuses to avoid training and exercising your reason


translate it smartnorm


did you see the teen finish a rubics cube in 5 seconds


that was me


File: 1514783782424.jpg (3.84 KB, 152x91, Untitled.jpg)

lucky you


flip you warmnorm


even the sahara is cooler than that are you on mercury


im in indonesia


impersonator but yes i am in indonesia


ban the seamonkey


hate people who live in warm climates


no one gets to choose where they live bigot


richnorms do


we all live in the warm embrace of god




scared the flip out of me


remove that




i think its broken it just keeps playing over and over again




baste tardmako


die himako






remove it NOW


help that woke up my iguana


laughing hard


im having a panic attack


gth iguana freak


panic in hell


kitty did NOT like it


nice himako


they are beautiful


oh its over


Don't know what's going on, anyway there are three, "new year party horn", "new year song", and "new year fireworks" which should all play if you remove the spaces. I'm sure the auto playing nonstop looping problem will fix itself.



mindblowing that the first day of the year is coincidentally moonday


why does it keep repeating whats happening


my ears are being snapped




this is the best day of my life


its not sorting itself out help please help


hey himako can you permaban me


tardlaughning hard


the guy spamming HAPPY NEW YEAR is making me laugh


File: 1514784588143.webm (392.63 KB, 480x480, 1482343659533.webm)


gonno smoke everythings quiet the folks went to bed


everything is not quiet


first sperm of 2018 here we go


youre going to fail nojo


Okay I guess I'll just make a custom mp3 to capture the true essence of the last ten minutes and have that play once instead of having tons of files playing at once and lagging everything. Please wait.


i cant wait


got stood up by a norm add another reason to the list


dont think ill even make it 2 hours into nojo


im going to nojo for the rest of my life


what do you mean you got stood up


his grindr date stood him up


i dont want to talk about it


just remember youre onseki and youre baste


its turt


so thats why hes down


oh man that feels good hima hoo boy


just remember youre the legendary turtletron and youre baste


why did you bring it up then


almost 2018


It's not working how it's meant to be working, but it's still working, so I'll keep it like this for now. Happy New Year!


flip time


gonno have a quick wank


die wanknorm


fixing for a wank meself


die sinners


excellent work youve outdone yourself


holy flip turt are you seeing this


File: 1514786474864.jpg (124.61 KB, 853x480, [WinD]_Higurashi_no_Naku_Koro_ni_Kai_02_[DVD][….jpg)

i guess i forgot almost everything about higurashi its only after skimming through that im reminded of certain things


come on turt tell the story im dying to know


that guy wasnt me


it really feels like new years now thanks himako


bad news gang ive just been informed that neetblog has been apprehended and air lifted to a cia black site where they plan to use enhanced interrogation techniques to figure out why hes so baste


sister and her friend dont look like theyre having fun anymore theyre slouched on the couch like zombies meanwhile im tarding it up hard and just getting started


how is that bad news were finally going to uncover the secret of his basteness


throw the stream on for them


what stream



feel like ending it


the stream that pnig is about to fire up


eat shit and die


I'm going to turn on the dancing girl for the night too. Now things are perfect.


happy new year hima


dont forget to turn on the neetblog ban


flip years


i agree


norms getting excited over a flipping number


those norms are IDIOTs


couldnt even finish a single shot of that rum mom did though im a flipping pmb


getting as drunk as possible


wheres the dancing loli


alcohol is the one good thing about the norm year festivities


reload the page


you can drink alcohol at any time though


gonno make peppermint tea and mix in the stuff i didnt finish


i can only drink it when my parents get some for me and they got plenty for tonight


why cant you just ask them to get it for you when you feel like it


because im a pmb


gonno jo bye


id oprobably end it all if there was no alchohol


going to start in a few minutes


what about nojo
you should strive to rise above your sexnorm desires


its 900kb using the faster preset should i try lowering the bitrate or was it fine last night


fuck you streamnigger


File: 1514787249591.jpg (68.27 KB, 640x900, 1469419754299.jpg)




it was perfect last night


teeth are really weird


youre weird


ok starting it


jungle to ring it in


its been forever since i heard this theme oh god it brings me back


higurashi pinches but ill watch it anyway


actually never mind fate apocrypha is really good id rather watch that




why are there 21 people watching


that is half of hima


everyones online


fate apocrypha flipin blows


the number keeps climbing wasnt last nights highest like 9 people


ready to snap
ready to click
ready to peel a cap quick


there arent 26 people on hima theyre probably bots or something


hima gets a decent amount of visitors


i have it on good authority theres only 6 posters here


as long as it isnt over 60


yeah but they arent actually hima users


if they use the site they are users


yeah 6 girls maybe


thats just semantics you know what i mean


hope the guy who doesnt understand hinamizawa syndrome is paying attention


see they were bots or something the viewership went to its actual count


thought that akasaka sounded really familiar and its daisuke ono it would have been perfect for the other channel


i left because it was boring


youre boring


love my boy daisuke


File: 1514788165474.png (15.53 KB, 506x288, stats.png)


wonder if you can sort ips by how many times they visited


can i watch the stream


only if you ask nicely


is turt here


turt found another date on grindr


there are 10x as many lurkers as posters


stop calling him cool youre just reminding me of what never can happen


There are lots of ways that the information gets sorted, and being sorted by IP is one of them.


see how many people have 30 monthly visits and then count out the bots and you might have a rough idea


sigh guess turt really is out celebrating the new year with his bros


pnig banned me from the stream


him and molester man are playing halo





File: 1514788602057.png (17.56 KB, 513x437, stats2.png)

This one includes bots, the other one is supposed to be non-bot traffic. I guess there are 10x as many bots visiting as there are people?


didnt watch the stream last night so i have no idea whats going on


set up a robots.txt




they call me the neetbot


you should already know what happens


flip you happy norm year


nah im not an aninorm


sexy satoko pov cameltoe kitty panties shot coming up get ready


i coined that term


gonno play some mgs and sip on some of this rum peppermint tea happy new years you freaks


you should havep layed the vn you colossal fool




ill kill you




im not an otaknorm
im the mother flippin NEETBLOB


but its true >>701739


no its not you bastard


yeah it is just watch


guys i urge you to close the stream until i tell you its safe to tune back in


was season 2 by deen too


i remember rikas chest being a lot bigger in this scene last time i saw it


why didnt you assholes close the stream




dark souls 2 would probably be my favorite in the series if it was on the same engine as the others


please wipe it from your memory


absolutely mindboggling that there are people on hima whove never read higurashi


ok yeah this is deen quality


File: 1514789264416.mp4 (408.24 KB, TB40cq6.mp4)


kids need sex.txt


chie is sexy as hell


quite the opposite


die streamnorms


File: 1514789519382.png (243.3 KB, 1139x1024, 261c6692a07022ee0435e5d7b7fbfd51.png)


wish to play onigokko with satoko id let her catch me hehe


i went to a black familys cookout before


sexy satoko


i dont think thats satoko


thats why they call me the mindboggleblob


apart from neetblog obviously


these lolis are sexy


yeah theyre hella sexy


who else hasnt im pretty sure im the only one




not sure if anyone else saw onsekis rare higurashi stream it was the stuff of legends


turt hasnt


did you guys see the end of juuni taisen it was a crier


turt was busy studying chemistry and biology to back up his race realism stance


dont you remember turt doesnt watch videos or streams because hes not a sheep


im the baste mother flippin neetblob and i dont share a single interest or hobby with anyone on hima yet himako still lets me post here for some reason


wish satoko would tickle me to death


always liked when my cousin tickled me


eating is a hobby


food is a hobby eating isnt


shion is so much better than mion


another perfect example of sexnorm urges making you weak


who are you even talking to retard


im talking to keiichi


dont know why you called him that



wish i was irie


id rather be satoshi




glad i wore gloves while eating those chicken wings i dont have to worry about getting hot sauce in my eye or anywhere else


File: 1514790075587.png (180.89 KB, 285x401, 1514784525757.png)


i like taking the risk of a surprise chillidick it spices things up


at any time i have dozens of open cuts on my hands its not worth it




vigorous physical activity


love hanging out with my himabros relaxing and having a good time hope these days can last forever


neetblog will try his hardest to cut them short


do you think if i donated 100 dollars to a streamer theyd be my friend




no i wont


love seeing b0aty receive thousands of dollars in donations every week and barely care


if you buy me an r6 ill probably be your friend


im assuming thats a car


no its a computer case


File: 1514790283382.jpg (300.09 KB, 800x500, yamaha-r6-wheelie-motorbikes-wheelie-yamaha-r6….jpg)


its a motorbike


vile skipper


its just turt pushing his unfunny memes on everyone dont mind him


>not skipping technorm posts


i dont read technorm posts because i want to i read them because its the right thing to do


too drunk to read can only blog hope you understand


if i ever got a bike id get a ducati monster because it has a badass name and my dad used to ride one


classic g meme


oh no i just heard the next door loli yell i hope shes okay


its a snapping


shes being fatally snapped


sorry ill make sure to keep her quiet now


mom kept telling me how pretty she was too and that shes 10 years old but ive never seen her up close so i cant comfirm that




sigh miss how fansubs used to be


what do you mean


what do you mean what do i mean


you mean innacurate


they had character


he means he misses when they used to be shitty and inaccurate


you could feel that passion of the translators


File: 1514790652692.jpg (382.41 KB, 1280x720, 1217552821601.jpg)

miss translation notes


code normass


what the fuck are those bitches problem


sigh satoko


pitcherbro is basted as hell


im a flipping retarded blob of shit just obliterate me


would mion or shion be better



for flipping


i have it on good authority that shion flips like a wildcat in heat




File: 1514790951214.png (19.2 KB, 883x421, f5b5fb0a34fd4568b8c2c198a01e29fb.png)

why is this humorless wk in a constant state of terminal bh


yeah that was some masterful humor from you


turt what do you think about the ducati monster


that was quite the high quality post


it was pretty funny


everyone ive known of to own one got bored and sold it after a while


yeah but its got a badass name`


turt doesnt know shit about bikes


i thought this scene took place in the bathroom


wish i could be that guy


wish i was cool like K


through the dark lord amen


god look at satokos ass


no dont look


did you ever get the vfr fixed


no its still on the tender by the time i wake up its already too cold to ride so im not in a rush


better get the mining pet soon or im gonno rage


turt did you see what i told you last night about learning mandarin


he doesnt care


ni hao ma


remember practicing my mandarin with a goldseller back in vanilla we talked for like 2 hours sounded like he had a really sad life


yeah well you better start taking it seriously shits going down before 2025 you want to be out of the states by then




i had one gold farmer send me everything he had along with a poorly written goodbye letter before he quit


i refuse




enough japnorm spam


bh nojap


you cant talk to turt like that


actually i can


die bitch


love this song


btfo hard


they really are pushing the cute rika thing


die streamnorms


its storming hard


why didnt you have any problem last night with the stream posts


bh nostream


wish i could smell satoko even just once


gonno jo to sweaty rika


leave her alone


i did but i didnt say anything


sigh rika im crying too


viva la neetblog


livin la vida neetblog


wish rika would leak on me


File: 1514792438277.jpg (117.01 KB, 870x1261, lsundome_v07_c62_080.jpg)



gonno do a keystone with the stream in the other windows


in english doc


kind of want to fire up some of my world famous chilli fries for this stream


iin fact im going to make them now im hungry as hell


wish i was hungry


gonno make a tauren named lolistretcher


happy new year hima


thats sick


i say again flip years


still an hour to go here


hey hima just wanted to wish you all a happy new years


wish this


i got a retarded group this is horrible nobody is doing anything the healer doesnt heal or move the tank is slow and doesnt say anything


quit tryharding


i bet theyre south american


youve been owned


the other dps left then the tank says "new years lol we are all tipsy" then said he was sorry and everyone left

flip this


crack open a brew with them


never trust a man who doesnt drink


have you guys heard of the salt pit in afghanistan its where the cia throws neets who dont behave


is there a pit they can throw me into where lolis snap me


sigh hanyuu


forgot about the senses linked this but now that i do i remember that one doujinshi


File: 1514795402935-0.jpg (402.89 KB, 1132x1600, 005.jpg)

File: 1514795402935-1.jpg (391.28 KB, 1132x1600, 006.jpg)

File: 1514795402935-2.jpg (364.71 KB, 1132x1600, 007.jpg)


stop remembering it




love a good haa haa sweating horny girl


no you dont


the best panels are the ones where the girls say はぁ...はぁ...


no they arent


what are they then


the ones where the girls scream and say no


what the fuck creep


well sorry for being creepy


got some kaki no tane for tomorrow its gonno be a good day


get some brewskis to go with that kaki


fries time




hotdamn those were good


hi himaaaa woke up


what the flip is this noise


cant hear it anymore i went deaf hours ago


nice higurashi kai


nice unc


theres nothing nice about him


i think rika gave me a bone for sundresses



being rika is suffering


nice shion


what happened to satoshi


hes in a coma in the irie clinic i think


sexy little hanyu


wait but keiichi didnt actually kill the unc that time right


he did but takano covered it up


wish i could be in a coma so all the nurse lolis would get curious about my penis


ooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ok but didnt satoko tell them that the unc had come back
and everyone said that they saw him at the festival


satoko was hallucinating and his friends were covering for him


i really like that bass noise


skip the ed


read the vn dingus


if you write a script to skip the ed ill put it on that computer


no dont


no japraging or teenbroism tonight things are nice


looks like thats what happens when turt gets banned weird



was that turt why didnt he edit out his ip


i dont know i just assumed who else would make a post like that


must be awkward for molesterman seeing his old buddy like this


File: 1514799517146.png (275.04 KB, 562x624, sigh.png)




sister and her friend fell asleep just as soon as i started actually waking up they werent able to see me at my best




should have watched the stream with them


File: 1514799882336.webm (5.36 MB, 272x480, 1512296065182.webm)


hate birds


how come furries always seem to like the same things like either wolves or foxes and muscular with a big dick


File: 1514800224138.jpg (694.72 KB, 1280x1821, 19.jpg)

cleaned off my desktop going to post this and then delete it




couldnt jo to those stories the loli in that story is too sweet and cute and funny


coukldnt jo it was too consensual


baste true voice rika


nojo 2018 going ok so far


File: 1514800617030-0.jpg (601.49 KB, 1280x1819, 09.jpg)

File: 1514800617030-1.jpg (672.56 KB, 1280x1822, 10.jpg)

File: 1514800617030-2.jpg (656.66 KB, 1280x1823, 11.jpg)

plus there are times when the brother is shown making these faces it kept cracking me up

if this artist does non eromanga its probably enjoyable


we call that lightface in the biz


when did rikas hair color change i like this color better


baste self policing japs


still drinking


youre killing yourself


File: 1514801309388.jpg (23.82 KB, 348x500, 41FklsSF2EL.jpg)

drank those two bawls then started to feel tard the color of blue on the bottle is great too


sis loves my cum


what the fuck asshole




wish i could casually flip a loli


you're sick


is it really sick to want to flip a loli a few times a week and not have it be a huge deal


i need a shirt like that uncle


hoo boy finished that book i posted about last night the in the shadows of the american century one it doesnt look good americas delicate position as world leader is slipping away and the fall is gonno happen fast


must have skipped that post


pnig where are you going to slouch off to when arizona becomes an uninhabitable wasteland due to climate change in like 10 years


really disappointed frys didnt have speculoos


its not global warming anymore right hehe its climate change now


probably washington or oregon they always seemed really nice

or hawaii


come to maine


wish to visit maine one day for the blueberries

my dad has been talking about moving to connecticut or some new england state when he gets out of jail but i dont think i would ever want to live in a place like that




he wants to go there because its easier to get away with crime


can it really be easier than in the southwest


got in touch with my cousin again tonight


which one


whats cousbro up to


i think hima is lagging


its a guy


i missed him though


yuka spending $180 on sushi...


should i just order speculoos on amazon im really starting to dislike going to walmart since its so far


stop saying speculoos


should i call them speculaas


if i were you id go outside as infrequently as possible


makes me think of speculums which in turn makes me think of lolis


baste hanyu


how the hell does a speculum make you think of a loli




why wouldnt it


will i be arrested for searching for child speculums on google im curious if they even have them


they do




so drunk


pretty mindblowing stuff huh


how big are they


loli sized


theres another store that sells them in the opposite direction this might not be that bad its farther but it can reached by following mostly roads in the neighborhoods and it passes an elementary school and a middle school
going to walmart is all public roads so there are tons of cars driving on it


what the hell kind of store sells loli speculums


the ones worth going to


it looks so perfect that it looks fake


dad said that about my kitty once


no he didnt


just ordered some shoes


hope theyre jordans


theyre ccpro converse


never heard of that


satoko needs some of those enchroma glasses




they dont work


put that frozen lasagna in the oven hima


love a good lasagna


yes they do




have you tried them




glad to see that russian kids still play with legos


wonder what george bush is doing right now


hes watching the stream




love arms_up


lolis cannot stop themselves apparently its a horrible pandemic


poor miyo


so flipping drunk


stop drinking


its healthy


didnt jo today either because i didnt like the prospects on sad panda


nojo 2018


not even going to pretend like thats in the realm of feasibility for me


the first step is to believe in it or else youre never going to break free from that fate


think im gonno make pasta tomorrow hima


ive been joing more or less daily for the last decade


same but defiantly more


hell yea pastaday


impending jury duty tomorrow morning looms large in my mind


my bone looms large in my pants




lasagna is ready


wish i was a southern boy


doesnt lasagna take like 2 hours to cook


always wished to flip loli miyo


leave her alone


shes cute but i cant forgive her for what she did later in life


oh no


you must understand her situation


could go for some fried okra right now



gonno feast nd watch higurashi


if she was an ugly man you wouldnt care about understanding her situation


i think mom has a frozen lasagna i might make that tomorrow its always a good feast


yes i would


her situation is that shes a colossal bitch


if you were someone like ricegum or logan paul would you use you fame for good or evil


id use it to make friends with lots of lolis


browsing 4chan is really depressing


whats depressing about it


pnig have you ever been to cheba hut




also is that you dave


no its me neetblog


never felt compelled to stop dont even know if theres more than one
the one i see is by a hawaiian place and the hawaiian place is amazing sigh its the thing i ate the same night my vfr broke down i had loco moco and was thinking that i had to go back for more soon and that was months ago




phew the lasagna was great hima


go to cheba hut tomorrow and report back wirh the results


its way too far and i probably wont ever stop there if im around that area


im begging you


hehe gotta love true rika and hanyu


skip the op


the op and ed are essential they sent the tone for a series


why the hell would you want to skip this op its excellent


wish to vivisect satoko


i would stop you


used to have a release of haruhi that had the op and ed stripped from each episode and instead each was its own file and in the folder were some playlist files to play the series chronologically with or without the ops and eds or in airing order with or without the ops

not sure where they went i think they were overwritten with dokis release when they did a full batch of the series


people just use ordered chapters for that now


is this meme over yet


what meme


oh sorry


i dont even understand it


oh god hima internet stopped working out of nowhere phone and cable tv too what the HELLL i was having so much fun taking it easy watching higurashi why am not allowed to take it easy whyyy why now what the flip am i supposed to do


my uncle just sent me this


then how did you make that post


maybe he ran to mcdonalds or something i did that once when my internet went down


a bunch of fansubbers tried to push this for awhile but then it failed

i bet it was daiz


did i ever tell you guys i used to know daiz


because it reduced filesize releases all use ordered chapters now though which is functionally the exact same thing


bedtime hima


called my isp they couldnt do shote and want to send a technician that would of course only be coming tomorrow its flipping january first why do i have to suffer like this its like things couldnt get worse my perfect january first that i was enjoying so much got completely crushed in but a moment


the problem with that is what if the anime had a cold opening the opsong acts as a transition to the episode and might be jarring if you dont do it right


the problem with that is what if the anime had a cold opening the opsong acts as a transition to the episode and might be jarring if you dont do it right


what are you talking about the ops still automatically play the main reason they did it was to reduce filesize giving you the option of a playlist without the ops was just done because it took two seconds to do and there was no reason not to the exact same thing is done now except everything having ordered chapter support means its not as immediately visible


can hear mom gossiping about my condition in the other room


File: 1514821437663.jpg (3.65 MB, 2100x1534, 2363863-snes_hagane.jpg)



what condition


you know what i always say brother girls love gossip


get some actraiser on your classic


how do we stop them from appropriating our tamamo in these videos

already done brother both one and two


File: 1514822291729-0.jpg (140.01 KB, 550x780, 08e297e48f2e25104b522a2876a85f22.jpg)

File: 1514822291729-1.jpg (161.16 KB, 600x800, 8f67732c7eb8cfa688f0a3cda4107165.jpg)

File: 1514822291729-2.jpg (155.94 KB, 650x700, 960fc6acc93b8c2c58758d4849476708.jpg)



gth normchink you already have a real gf so leave some anime gfs for the rest of us


hima the cable tv is back so im watching discovery to pass the time
god damnit my perfect day got taken away from me its ruined


File: 1514825732609.jpeg (163.57 KB, 750x1334, ACF3B11F-2666-4627-BCB1-1BED5702E980.jpeg)

time to feast




hey hima whats happening


thinking about streaming some gt3


die impersonator


File: 1514832129583.jpg (152.79 KB, 850x929, 1505573773207.jpg)


selfless onseki making his gameplay experience worse so he can provide us with a stream


File: 1514832524169.jpg (61.74 KB, 832x579, 1490661212331.jpg)

favorite posts from last year >>697449 >>642559
couldnt think of anymore gonno shower now



they call me the scumslob


hehe glad you enjoyed the post brother


i just blog


hope youre enjoying those lumen gains turt my man



hima they said they are going to send someone tomorrow morning im so flipping bored i think im gonno snooze soon but if i do ill wake up too early and have to wait hours until the guy shows up
i dont even have anything to watch because i delete anime right after watching it one episode at a time


turned traction and stability control on at 30 percent i really hate using aids but im just understeering too much


nice aidseki


dead hours


im cryptoing



File: 1514840715463.jpg (102.51 KB, 1280x853, 11.jpg)




gonno be rich in 5 years and sell the 50 dollar investment into ripple for millions




hima im gonno snooxe now goddamnit all i wanted was to take it easy and watch the stream all day my internet went down nine hours ago its been hell i can post kinda using the old phone that mom gave me six year ago but its awful


may i post a nice frogger


i posted a couple of froggers the other night and himako didnt ban me so i guess its okay now


flip you neetblog


File: 1514844723028.jpg (Spoiler Image, 72.65 KB, 750x740, 1514844158953.jpg)

its actually a nice one


what did i do


who else would post that shit this is why nobody likes you


its a falseflag nb is innocent


himako likes me




then why am i not banned


you whine too hard if you are


its neetblog not turt


the last time i got banned i couldnt even access hima for days


what did you do in the meantime


i dont remember


sigh that was my first ban


bored as hell no idea whats going on for dinner


nb are you watching the football game


File: 1514846729625.jpg (55.38 KB, 640x640, 1514762611252.jpg)



ban both of those posters


brb i gotta go take a shit


die shitnorm


File: 1514847412277.jpg (268.85 KB, 1037x1519, 5.jpg)



nice the big ronald banner is back




glad the holiday banners are gone they were pissing me off


foreskin reconstruction


File: 1514847844162.mp4 (3.87 MB, WEB DEL SANDINISMO Public Group Facebook.mp4)


horsey lol


when i was watching fate last night i imagined what it would feel like to have a large sword stabbed through my body
i could almost feel the cold blade jammed into my chest full of warm pumping blood and every organ in my chest slowly failing my consciousness fading out from the pain and the grinding sound as the blade rubs against the shattered remains of my ribcage and spine


uh huh


that would be an extremely painful death even dismemberment wouldnt be as bad as long as your limbs were sliced off below the arteries


what about being flayed


reminds me of the video of some mexicans sticking a garden hose up a girls butt until the water came out of her mouth and she drowned to death


is my main man turt here i need his opinion on something


getting stabbed is no big deal i could take it


right here buddy what can i do you for



what is the optimal penis size for joing





back? no thanks


at least 6.5
not too big because then your arm will get tired moving up and down farther


mine is bigger than that what can i do to stop the fatigue


have someone else jo you off


woke up mom said she found a motorcycle i can ride for a few months

not sure where she found it or what kind it is i wonder if my dad had anything to do with it


my parents have never given me anything or any money i am entirely alone


probably an offering from one of the town subjects


do away with those otiose distractions and focus your attention on studying


why the flip would i study


just woke up i feel like trash


to better yourself


i always feel like trash because thats what i am


man im hungry as hell hima what is mom doing


banging her boyfriend


if i was holind btc id dip now but im not



I was friends with a group of boys in HS and we'd hang out all the time. They were cool guys. They were your typical frustrated virgin nerds, not too ugly but not great looking either. After a while they started hinting that they wanted to flip me. I finally gave in eventually but then there was a big argument over who would get me first and when it would happen and who would get me next. I felt bad because they got REALLY angry with each other and I think it kind of destroyed they're relationship with each other. Long story short I ended up giving them each a lay but stopped hanging out with them afterwards because I felt like I was creating too much tension.


going to stop the stream hidamari and fate stay night 2006 are both ready to be streamed


what was being streamed


higurashi season 2



disgusting homewrecking roast
physically angry right now


they were at fault for not resisting temptation that threatened their brotherhood


cool or "cool"


wait did a guy write that i just assumed it was a girl baste on the typos


it was defiantly a girl its still their own fault though


it was an irresistible birl


i would betray hima for a birl




me too




File: 1514851812364.jpg (177.29 KB, 750x1000, 1514803837475.jpg)



was it successful


back to ota


cant look at women without imagining them bent over begging for nigger cock


thats unfortunate


bad news hima ms 13 has kidnapped neetblog and are threatening to go full liveleak on him unless he reveals why hes so baste



should i stream some mythic+ dungeons


what is that


File: 1514852481212.png (736.54 KB, 1030x793, 1514784638672.png)

i flipped this girl


nice ota repost


i know thats a lie because i already flipped her myself


File: 1514852577503.mp4 (10.77 MB, DomRon cock is sooo good he can fuck with a li….mp4)

see video
i'm the one who posted it/did it


i think there was a similar system in poe with maps

each week players get a keystone that will scale the dungeon past mythic difficulty and at higher levels the keystones apply different effects to the mobs in the dungeon the higher the keystone the more effects get applied up to 3



die crossies


poe pinches


really want some biscoff sigh


whats biscoff


pretty sure ive only ever had that once on a shitty airline or is that something else



look at that guys face id arrest him too


am i supposed to side with the guy that has a neck tattoo he is probably in a spic gang


gonno make some pasta soon


what do you think a gang is


sigh i really like the dynamic between shinji first rei and asuka its too bad all those silly pictures of them goofing off and having fun and fanart are all noncanon i guess the closest thing i have to canon is the alternate universe in episode 26


is hima a gang


a brand of speculoos cookies



hate cops




nah go to hell boot licker


hate neetblog


without cops lolis could come into your home and merciless snap you whenever they wanted


the cops would be too scared of getting snapped themselves to bother saving you


why are lolis so horny to begin with


same hes a piece of shit


if everyone could see behind the curtain they would see his true nature


sigh makes me a little sad that my nephew didnt sem that interested when we played final fight 2 on the snes together but can play just dance 2018 for hours


that should be completely understandable why would he want to play some shitty game from 25 years ago without any kind of nostalgia or experience playing old games



the bike mom found was an 82 silverwing


its the gameplay i thought beat em ups aged well but i guess with the new generation it just didnt age well


he seemed really excited to see the snes classic too


he must be channeling himas enthusiasm for the snes classic


File: 1514855668234.jpeg (6.48 KB, 306x165, images (1).jpeg)


pasta cookin hima oh yeah



my nephew was too interested in playing some ea sport trash on his phone to even bother checking out my game collection


do you think of some old goober tried showing you pong when you were playing warcraft 3 custom maps in 2004 youd be interested


pong is a more advanced game than phone credit card skinner boxes


no its not


tell that to momgf


all games are skinner boxes


nb my family is having wings tonight i just wanted to let you know


thats unfortunate


the good ones dont require a direct connection to your bank account though


keep it to yourself next time


get your nephew into shadowverse


having a hard time with the new sverse meta


all you need is a metadeck and above average luck and unlimited time and you can be rank 1


i am a contrarian so i hate using popular decks


you also need to not be a retard like me


did my main man turt ever come back or is he bh about being sat in timeout


File: 1514857265686.jpg (16.66 KB, 480x360, hqdefault (1).jpg)

It was fun spending new years with you hima


when are you talking about he was posting after that last night


he deserved to be sat out after that abomination of a post i think even he knows that


I could be well moved if I were as you.
If I could pray to move, prayers would move me.
But I am constant as the northern star,
Of whose true-fixed and resting quality
There is no fellow in the firmament.


cant wait for this pasta got a great feeling about it


i didnt see any incelspam today where has he been


hes out on the touge




been browsing /a/ for the first time in years its not as bad as i thought it would be


baste newbro


is herkz there



File: 1514858187921.jpg (77.38 KB, 720x960, 1514846484483.jpg)


gonno main /a/ next season


is neetblog here




can you comment on this


no i cant
go back to scv


dont say that i love you neetblog youre baste


just tasted the sauce hima oh my god its flippin good


gonno watch a movie


what are you gonno watch


sis asked how i pick if i make sperm or semen when i have an orgasm


did you tell her


mom made oven baked ribs and scalloped potatoes holy hoo boy


mom made shortbread cookies with strawberry jam in them





linus shill tips


ruler is incredibly sexy


these ribs were so soft that i could just pull the bones out cleanly and eat them with a fork an knife


ruler is the worst character in the show after the mc


shes got huge boobs


i like huge boobs can you post her picture


File: 1514860121418.jpg (153.39 KB, 850x1202, __jeanne_d_arc_and_jeanne_d_arc_fate_apocrypha….jpg)

here she is


those arent that big


really want some pizza wonder if mom would flip if i ordered one to the house


theyre a lot smaller than that in the official art also



i have been lied to for the last time by hima you will all regret this


pasta time


did you deep fry that pasta


shut up asshole


its superb hima


stream a mukbang sesh


this may just be my finest pasta yet


you say that about everything stop it


but its true


its only natural that the more he makes food the better he gets at it


wish i could share this with you guys


if you cooked food for a loli would you sperm in it


it wouldnt be worth the risk


what risk


of going straight to federal prison


that was a good dinner 2/3 a box of scalloped potatoes and 8 ribs with a few liters of cola


thats too much cola


you need to remain hydrated


cola dehydrates you


theres no caffeine in this cola its hydrating


die decafnorm


no one would know but you idiot


then i dont know id have to be in that situation to decide but probably not im a coward


File: 1514860994488.jpg (309.4 KB, 1280x997, 1280px-Honda_cx500_1981_blue_rhs.jpg)

somehow completely forgot about the silverwings motor and shaft drive and now im extra excited to get it and start riding

usually with v motors they set on the bike so that one cylinder is in front and ones in the back but the silverwing had them sideways so that theres a left and right cylinder


get a ducati monster it has a cool name


the sv650 was always called the japanese monster much like the vfr is called the japanese panigale


an inquiry into the principles of the good imageboard by n. blog


i think im just going to go to the hippy food store to see if they have any biscoff i know they sell the spread maybe they have the cookies too



first blank post of the year


dont forget to stop by cheba hut on your way home


i dont have time to worry about stepping on some numales toes and having his bipolar flare up all the time so ill probably go the freakeye route this year and invest more time into being more productive

you should do the same this place is getting as bad as 4/jp/ was before everyone left


i did it first


dont follow freak he is a shell of a man


sorry it was an accident i meant to click on the comment part of the quick reply box and accidentally hit new reply instead


numales btfo


File: 1514861567945.webm (1.71 MB, 400x400, turt.webm)


me and the bros


this guy had no choice but to turn cool once the norwood came in


imbecile dont exponse jeanne san like this


this one has huge boobs


fool she has a name address her properly


does she need an exorcism


whats her name i cant read japanese


she sounds like akari


her name is yua


like an italian new yorker accent
yua gotsa hugea boobsa


File: 1514862796955.jpg (218.71 KB, 650x400, video-game-high-scool.jpg)


sigh no biscoff

i was in a hurry and two girls were blocking the cookie aisle so i said 'excuse me' and she flinched and yelped then turned around and reached out and touched my arm and said 'oh my god you scared me'

i got some shortbread cookies instead


nice yelper


nothing of value will be lost now hima can start being fun again


hate skittish people


were her hands clammy


File: 1514863011454.png (19.2 KB, 883x421, 1514790951214.png)

i dont know i was wearing a sweater



when was hima ever fun


dont forget this is the whole reason hes leaving is what i was going to post with that




i miss turt


gonno have a violent jo


mind if i join you


solo jo you damn creep


nothin wrong joing with a bro


out of the shower gonno do some mythic+ dungeons


gonno do some yardwork




nothin foolish about a well maintained yard


not according to the lawn episode of penn and teller bullshit


gonno light a liberty torch


phew its -4 outside rn told mom that cold temperatures stimulate facial hair follicles so i tried to stay outside for as long as i can in my tshirt and sweatpants


why do you want your hair stimulated


ten degrees when i go to work tomorrow sigh maybe ill just lay down and freeze to death


wish i was hairless


File: 1514865943178.png (19.01 KB, 626x456, heh.png)

take a trip out to az


people who live in warm climates are weird


hell yeah


and pedophilic


already 14 hours into final fantasy 6 i am just in love with this game


really need to sleep otherwise id be gaming in bed


File: 1514866161880.jpeg (200.49 KB, 670x1000, b79aa9425d198b2d76e93bc76c6446c6.jpeg)

tina chan


can you sperm her face


i officially acknowledge that feminine hands give me a huge bone


so how did the first day of nojo2018 go for you boys


no shes pure



can you post a picture


File: 1514866328838.jpg (222.55 KB, 870x1252, p003wcy.jpg)

not sure if like the teacher or swimmer tomboy more


nice style


File: 1514866384183.jpg (612.7 KB, 1280x720, 1510885803896.jpg)

like this


such a shame


those are man hands


maybe you just have girl hands


whats going on with ota


what it looks normal


die crossie


is it any coincidence the 3 biggest peds on the site live in arizona australia and indonesia respectively i think youre on to something


back to gnfos


okay i finished my yardwork hima im sweaty as all get out im completely soaked in sweat gotta take a shower i guess


File: 1514866651253-0.jpg (76.29 KB, 608x469, b496bbc30f02c794fe19e090325101a51315768234_ful….jpg)


really like happoubi jin


that was like ten minutes ago


mom started a vlog


since i already installed pretty much all the snes and superfami games onto my classic debating if i should make my next and final ``expansion pack'' be a gameboy expansion pack and installing the gameboy emulator onto it or if i should preserve the essence that it is strictly a snes machine
playing my favorite fire emblem sacred stones would be nice and id also like to put mother onto it hmmm


my strategy is go hard and fast as hell and wear yourself about but get it done quick i gathered a hundred or so palm fronds and then snapped them into three pieces and put them in a big bag then i weed whackered the edges of the front yard where i missed last time i mowed


File: 1514867752658.jpg (4.53 MB, 3500x5102, 044d140be8183dbdd6c1b6054f418abf.jpg)

nice kitty


used to jo to zange daily




File: 1514868561537.jpg (633.83 KB, 1750x1408, 1223153803180.jpg)






please dont yell at me


i flipping hate the blizzard launcher


you know i think i may actually seriously pursue nojo2018 just to see




jury duty in 9 hours hima my sleeping schedule is flipped dunno if im gonno be able to actually sleep beforehand or if im jsut gonno be staying up all night


just stay up its always worth it


just saw a comment of herkz btfoing some guy on nyaa hes still got it


thats what you get for procrastinating


my sleeping schedule has been flipped all week


sisters friend is staying the night again


simply take a bunch of diphenhydramine and wash it down with a blogbudweiser that will knock you out stone cold




does sis friend ever sleep in your bed


hehe yeah she crawls in sometimes




i wish i was you


gonno watch the emiya cooking show


flip im itchy


no they both sleep in the tv room


File: 1514869597722.png (11.73 KB, 605x145, Screenshot_2018-01-01_22-45-55.png)

hehe and i just saw this a few minutes ago


scratched my itchy neck so much it started bleeding earlier


I got all these bumps on my shoulder for no reason


herkzfriend needs to bite the bullet and get him on hima already hes just what we need to spice things up now that turts gone


turt will be back this is another cry for attention


hope nb brings him back


i hate turt


sigh illya is looking very cute in this one


why youre both so baste


there can only be one


feeling kind of hungry i might crack open these cookies tonight


no cookies


File: 1514871238107.webm (12.42 MB, 1280x720, __kannagi_yuuri_bishoujo_mangekyou_drawn_by_h….webm)



nice smutnorm


why is that guy see through is he a ghost


mom started spraying me with the hose straight through the window when she saw that shes gone insane


guys you gotta watch the new fate cooking show its fantastic


i did


did you like it


it is getting another episode next month


gonno do some solo sw raiding


gonno do some solo horny bone raiding




gonno raid some lbrs


invite your mom to hima


that would be my end



no its true but it was only for a few seconds shes still screaming though


whats her problem


you got off easy mine threw boiling water on me when she saw me on here


she doesnt like smut


i jo to smut


smut is dark sided


i make the money
i roll the nickles
im the neet of the blogworld guy


is it bad that i jo to girls


why would that be bad


cant use the home computer after the incident


dont really know how im suppose to play along with the window mom story youve been weaving


what do you mean


ok enough raiding for the night now im bored


this girls been at it for months


really hungry f it im going to eat


you mustnt


russian cats look so wise


wish pastaguy didnt hate me


as a white male am i allowed to use sweet baby rays


nothing less attractive than an emotionally needy man i learned that from turtletron


sweet baby rays is made specifically for white people


i dont know what sweet baby rays are


its bbq sauce thats 95% corn sytup




love a good corn syrup


support our farmers


File: 1514874817422.jpg (40.41 KB, 276x679, 71tn1vfuQtL._SY679_.jpg)

if youre white you arent allowed to use stubbs


gots to get me some of that


never ate american bbq is it good




Water, Tomato Paste, Cane Sugar, Distilled Vinegar, Molasses, Tapioca Dextrin, Salt, Brown Sugar, Spices, Corn Starch, Contains Less Than 0.5% of: Onion, Paprika, Garlic, Chile Powder, Natural Smoke Flavor, Guar Gum, Xanthan Gum, Corn Syrup, Tamarind.

vs sweet baby rays
High Fructose Corn Syrup, Distilled Vinegar, Tomato Paste, Modified Food Starch, Contains less than 2% of: Salt, Pineapple Juice, Natural Smoke Flavor, Spices, Caramel, Color, Sodium Benzoate as a Preservative, Molasses, Corn Syrup, Dried Garlic, Sugar, Tamarind Natural Flavor.


ya its really good


the bbq guys are always tards


whats the difference


the ingridents are listed in order of their content by volume i.e. the second one has more corn syrup than literally anything else in it


so what


its not the real deal


how can you have a bbq without corn


you dont need corn you need only meat


none of these guys have intimidating accents


how can i become a pit lord like them


pledge yourself to the legion


kind of grossed out by him mopping the ribs


ive watched these videos before and it looks fantastic but ill never to get to eat it goddamnit


simply take a tour of the us and eat some bbq


i cant afford that


dont trust the mongrel hipster pit master he doesnt have bbq in his blood


the bbq place around here lets you eat for free on your birthday its great because theres an outside area and there are always lolis doing gymnastics in the grass


i trust the wisconsin guy the most he seems like he knows what hes doing


hate his voice


its because he smokes 3 packs a day


yeah flip that guy he starts the day with an espresso hes cool


i start the day with an espresso


if i get the money ill buy you a ticket and you can have an old fashioned bbq feast


File: 1514876127550.jpg (99.11 KB, 1024x577, xBKdNqFRTtjdxBsUndrp88DBRBzaCUR2RKZh2hQeFfo.jpg)

oh no


wish i was keemstar


same hes got a sexy loli daughter


whats the artist that drew his daughter hes turkish or dutch or something






shads become a meme its almost incredible how much notoriety he has


File: 1514876877473.jpg (101.09 KB, 418x480, I_m_18_-_Shirt_large.jpg)

he has a shop


hes basted


i dont want to watch any videos of him because i dont want to hear his voice or see his face


he doesnt show his face


i just realized something




thats not how i imagined his voice to be i always imagined it to be super low even voice modulated basically like the guy in the first 10 seconds of this video


everything is a 50/50 chance it either happens or it doesnt




people used to think i used a voice changer in vent when everyone used it


i thought he would do that too i would if i was him


does he get death threats or something


he probably did after the keemstar thing


cant imagine taking death threats seriously for drawing cartoon porn


people get really irrational when it comes to anything involving lolis


cant imagine really taking death threats seriously at all unless i was a serious public figure with powerful enemies


maybe it was because his art pinches


wish to flip a loli


peds get irrational when it comes to liking lolis and norms get irrational when it comes to protecting just what is it about lolis that drives everybody crazy


what is the rational stance towards lolis in your mind


i dont know they make me irrational too


why oh why do lolis evoke such strong and unstoppable feelings


can i put baileys in tea


sure but it wont taste very good



those guys look like scumbags


so do i


im just a teenage dirtblob bay bee


gonno jerk it to kids ill be back in a bit guys


normally when im jerkin it i keep hima open and if i see theres a new post i tab back in and read it and sometimes reply then tab back out to whati m lookin at but i never stop jerkin the whole time


that is incredibly creepy


its natural


got in a heroic tomb of sargeras raid the guys were all talking and waiting for me and a priest then the lead said 'just pull now' and i got kicked sigh

told him i just zoned in and got an auto reply saying he was fighting the boss and then 2 minutes later got a whisper from his mod telling me they wiped at 54% looks like i dodged a bullet


never played wow that post is meaningless babble to me


isnt that the previous raid tier the pugs are probably going to be awful if theyre doing that




finally found a nice designer wool jacket


why didnt they just summon you


post it


yeah its the previous tier but theres a bad luck system in place so each time you kill a boss or open a crate and dont get a legendary you get an increased chance until you get one


just do it on normal then it should be failproof


i already did it on normal the raids reset weekly in a few hours


fire up the mythic raiding guild application


balcony door and window arent well insulated sigh always freezing in my room especially in the now and the morning


daddy got himself a 20oz tallboy its a session pale ale and was only $1.59


i do this but when others message me and sometimes when mom calls


wish alcohol was that cheap here


who else is messaging you


george bush


it was unusually cheap the store may be not carrying it in the future and priced it cheap to move what they had left


i have 3 friends on skype


my only friends are on hima


when i jo i put in earplugs and turn the fan on high and open a new tab group so i wont feel the urge to check hima when i see a new reply


you should migrate to a free and open source alternative such as mumble


would there be any use for a hima vent server


fire up tox


hima is basically an irc


blow it out your ass


apparently this is considered an ipa i hope turt wont make fun me of for drinking it


no spoilers please


theres also the warforging and titanforging stuff too

they really increased the need to go back and do older content even if it wouldnt normally give you an upgrade


turts gone we can finally blog peacefully


i do that anyways i blog with only me on my mind


corn dogs


i blog for all my himabros to enjoy


imagine living on your own dealing with rats


my cats will control the rats


ive got blogs of steel


cant wait for the next smash tournament


i can


but its genesis


never got to play smash never had an n64 or a gamecube


i missed the hima wii u smash games sigh


for a long time when someone said smashing i didnt realize they were talking about playing smash i thought they were using it as an exclamation like old british people do


you utter buffoon




cant wait to flip a loli


youre gonno have to


not sure how much money i have on my gift card the website wont tell me


call them and ask


go to the store and ask them


think ill just spend until i cant


do they have an online ticket system you can probably check that way


File: 1514881001086.jpg (248.84 KB, 640x482, 1432072532164.jpg)


whats going to happen when you go there and get something and you cant pay


i just love food


oh flip oh god on man oh god oh man



i do all my shopping online




if you dont know how much is left you cant order the most optimal number of goods though and might end up with like 1.65 left or some weird number that cant buy anything when you might have bought something slightly more expensive or two slightly cheaper things before if you had known the exact amount be careful


more of a quality over quantity guy


im done jerking it to kids what did i miss


that was one long jerk


sis says it takes her 2 minutes at most and says theres something wrong with me


they call me the two pump chump


bad news boys jake pauls going downhill


this is bad news indeed


uploaded almost a month ago and only 5000 views how is this possible


saw on 4chan hes catching flack because he vlogged next to a fresh corpse in the japanese suicide forest


sometimes you gotta vlog it


when i get the silverwing should i do some desert vlogs


ricegum assassinated him


that guy linked some retarded reupload the main one has more than a million


more than 10 million i meant


hoo boy supposed alien base being constructed here in the tonto forest upstream from roosevelt lake i know where both of those are maybe i can find the base and get a scoop


the mongollon monster will defend arizona from the aliens


Jay Z Caught Shapeshifting On United Airlines Flight To LAX


instantly tardlaughed


jay z san no


that also reminds me should i start downloading b movies for the stream


i refuse to watch them




just continue to stream bad anime instead


i do have lots of old shitty anime from fansub groups that arent around anymore


its raining hima


clear skies


File: 1514884870198-0.jpg (155.76 KB, 704x396, [LuPerry]_Sumomomo_Momomo_-_01_(704x396_xvid).….jpg)

File: 1514884870198-1.jpg (138.22 KB, 640x480, (AC) Rizelmine Ep 01 [DVD].avi - 00001.jpg)

what about rizelmine or sumomomomomomo theyre both pretty shitty and are about lolis trying to get flipped by guys


hell yeah


why do you have those already


um sumomomomo was not shit


why would i not have them you fool


rizelmine got a 7.2 from tv.com it cant be bad


i delete everything after i watch it or if i havent watched it yet after a few months i like to keep it clean


return to the hunters dream


wish the big gov would force me to marry a 12 year old girl


might have some more pasta soon


where are my bastebros at


right here


File: 1514885579940-0.jpg (135.27 KB, 704x396, [mahou]_Tsukuyomi_Moon_Phase_-_01_[51B8446A].a….jpg)

File: 1514885579940-1.jpg (171.48 KB, 640x480, [WF] School Rumble - 01 [0C9A290E].avi.mkv - 0….jpg)

ill add those two
theres some older stuff in here that might be worth rewatching or streaming ill just rattle some of them off as i scroll through the folder
what about tsukuyomi or school rumble


hows it going


its okay


what should i watch on my second monitor its too quiet


fire up some hardcore porn


twitch girl streams


mad men


i was thinking something i wouldnt have to focus on while i game



throw on some forensic files


File: 1514886476574-0.jpg (173.87 KB, 640x480, [Kiss-Kyuu]_Muteki_Kanban_Musume_-_01[CDAD8DAC….jpg)

File: 1514886476574-1.jpg (218.51 KB, 853x480, PaniPoni Dash! - 01 DVD [gg-KAA](FCE1210E).mkv….jpg)

File: 1514886476574-2.jpg (164.07 KB, 640x480, [A-E]_Midori_no_Hibi_-_Days_01.avi - 00000.jpg)

going to limit this to non hd stuff to make it easier
pani poni dash seems like its been seen by everyone


gonno eat some pasta now


File: 1514886549384-0.jpg (167.32 KB, 640x480, [A-E]_Midori_no_Hibi_-_Days_01.avi - 00001.jpg)

midori no hibi is pretty tard now that i think about it


i havent seen it


that you nb


File: 1514886884764-0.jpg (145.72 KB, 704x396, PaniPoni Dash! - 04 [Oyasumi](F5448138).avi - ….jpg)

File: 1514886884764-1.jpg (177.83 KB, 704x396, PaniPoni Dash! - 04 [Oyasumi](F5448138).avi - ….jpg)

theres lots of stuff because of shaft
basically its a gag anime with a genius loli teacher and a bunch of tard students but the tardness is what makes it great

plus its got translation notes
as a matter of fact theres a pdfs of notes for episodes 11-24


how have you not seen it



ill add pani poni dash and rizelmine and sumomomomomomo to the list


nb watch it with us i think even you could appreciate it


i doubt it


you dont know until you try


File: 1514887145193-0.jpg (205.7 KB, 640x480, [polished] Manabi Straight 01 [DVD][A1D4B613].….jpg)

File: 1514887145193-1.jpg (160.09 KB, 704x396, [a.f.k.] Lucky Star - 01.avi - 00000.jpg)

what about manabi straight
neetblog youd probably like lucky star


manabi straight is incredibly bone inducing


lucky star is like the hima of anime its just the girls blogging to eachother except instead of posting about it theyre talking about it


nah lucky star pinches


wish i was konatas dad


File: 1514887353359-0.jpg (165.97 KB, 1024x576, [Triad]_Kaiji_-_01.mkv - 00000.jpg)

kaiji should get an automatic addition i think


give it a chance this will be you in a few weeks i guarantee it


i already gave it a chance


did you watch past the first few episodes i think the director was fired very early because of how badly he flipped things up


hima i woke up still no internet im waiting for the guy thats gonno fix it to come may take a while im suffering hima


unironically think neetblog would enjoy kaiji i even recommended it to my brother


sigh i hope he can fix it when he gets there and wont have to return on another day with additional supplies


i dont remember


give it a second chance


havent considered that possibility flip


phew that pasta was just as good as i remembered


File: 1514887563418-0.jpg (158.54 KB, 711x400, [Starlight] Hitohira - 01 [D707B9BA] [h264].mk….jpg)

hitohiras about a very shy girl who joins the drama club i dont remember much about a lot of these because i only watched them once when i downloaded them


tried watching hitohira once but the main character annoyed me too much


stream tamayura


imagine how she would feel if she knew that


if i met her shed know it right away because i would snap the shyness out of her


File: 1514887758322-0.jpg (172.04 KB, 640x352, 01 He is My Master - 01 [AAD2505B].avi - 00000.jpg)

he is my master should get a free pass i think too its about a rich teenbro who lives alone and forces three middle school girls to work for him as maids
it seems like a special interest plot


sexnorm garbage


i watch it for the storyline and character interactions but avert my eyes at any sexual stuff


File: 1514888043775-0.jpg (201.3 KB, 853x480, [polished] GA Geijutsuka Art Design Class 01 [….jpg)

File: 1514888043775-1.jpg (263.91 KB, 853x480, [polished] GA Geijutsuka Art Design Class 01 [….jpg)

if im posting too many just tell me

geijutsuka is basically about an art school its one of my favorites i think someone was posting about it a while back


stream sketchbook


File: 1514888165359-0.jpg (268.17 KB, 853x480, [SHiN-gx] Fight Ippatsu! Juuden-chan!! - 01 [D….jpg)

File: 1514888165359-1.jpg (217.7 KB, 853x480, [SHiN-gx] Fight Ippatsu! Juuden-chan!! - 01 [D….jpg)

File: 1514888165359-2.jpg (203.92 KB, 853x480, [SHiN-gx] Fight Ippatsu! Juuden-chan!! - 01 [D….jpg)

ippatsu juudenchan is about a group of office ladies who search for people who are feeling down and charge them up

its almost like a fever dream but the main guy has a sis and if you like girls who constantly piss themselves then i guess youll like this one


youre posting too many



i dont have strong feelings but neetb told me he likes girls that constantly piss themselves so throw it on for him



no its true


no its not


yes it is he told me hismelf


no i didnt


impersonator yes i did


die impersonator


cant believe nb just threw me under the bus to cover up his piss fetish


i dont have a piss fetish you disgusting sexnorm


liar you told me you cant help but think about girls that constantly piss themselves just the other day


where did i tell you that


on tox


File: 1514888533656-0.jpg (104.9 KB, 640x480, [Triad]_Dokuro-chan_-_01-02.avi - 00000.jpg)

File: 1514888533656-1.jpg (150.42 KB, 640x480, [Triad]_Dokuro-chan_-_01-02.avi - 00001.jpg)

dokuro is small enough that theres really no reason to not stream it

its about an angel voiced by saeko chiba who tries to prevent a guy from inventing a way to stop girls from aging before puberty its only 4 episodes


i dont even know what that is


nice angel


its a supposed classic


File: 1514888800152-0.jpg (130.16 KB, 640x480, Azumanga_Daioh_01.DVD(H264.AAC)[KAA][E7DEFD5E]….jpg)



isnt that the second season of dokuro-chan


cant believe nb would do this to me


File: 1514888956544-0.jpg (148.54 KB, 640x480, [Triad]_Dokuro-chan_-_01-02.avi - 00002.jpg)

File: 1514888956544-1.jpg (152.34 KB, 640x480, [Triad]_Dokuro-chan_-_01-02.avi - 00003.jpg)

i never saw the second im pretty sure its the plot for the first season


File: 1514889047193.gif (1.19 MB, 220x125, 1182374364429.gif)


those were simpler times


File: 1514889208059-0.jpg (151.04 KB, 640x480, [Toki-DATS] Akiba-chan - 01v2 [h264][814C5A16]….jpg)

i dont think anyone would want to watch this its a slice of life using dolls or puppets instead of drawings


i didnt do anything to you liar


looks more interesting than anything else youve posted


ok so ill add these

pani poni dash
manabi straight

should i add any of the others


the first season has more than 4 episodes


add the piss one thanks i know my pal nb will appreciate it even if hes shy


each file is 2 episodes but each file is 26 minutes


oh okay i misunderstood what you said


what do you mean supposed its a 100% classic


flip you pissnorm


dont make me post the logs nb theres worse things in that chat than just your sick piss fetishism


go ahead and post them


its an empty threat sorry i respect you too much to ever do that


its an empty threat because there arent any logs


now youre just playing with fire pissblog


File: 1514889688316-0.jpg (148.41 KB, 704x400, [Ureshii]Denno_Coil_01[5ABE6254].avi - 00000.jpg)

File: 1514889688316-1.jpg (499.21 KB, 1280x720, [asaadas][Coalgirls]_Dennou_Coil_01_(1280x720_….jpg)

some of the stuff i thought were classics are only classics to me

defiantly want to get around to dennou coil too it was one of the first ones i redownloaded in hd after my hard drive upgrade


thought dennou coil was going to be sexy because it had lolis in it but the first episode grossed me out because of her teeth


flip you lolinorm


you should see her beard


all things aside please stream the pissgirl show


the two main girls are sexy


that may be so but i couldnt get past it the dog was annoying me too so i gave up


its poppin on hima


so thats a no for tsukuyomi right


you can stream anything you want throw it on


MUKBANG】 [High Calorie] That's Plenty OF Cheese!! Simple Jumbo "Takoyaki"!! [4000kcal] [Use CC]

always thought it was weird how yuka tells people to use the cc but doesnt actually write them herself and assumes that one asshole is going to do them


it seems like a classic to me so i will


always thought it was weird how you watch this inane roasts pointless videos


whats not to like


im the inaneblog


why dont cats ever open their eyes


for cats not looking at you or closing their eyes is a sign that they trust you and you should do the same to them


but theres nobody there so why not open eyes


to conserve energy


gotta add ga too the soundtrack is great sorry


cats deserve nothing


why are you sorry its a good show


cause im forcing it on people


wish to force it on a loli




just finished the new chapelle special it wasn’t that great


nothing creepy about forcing a loli to eat your freshly baked pizza


what did you think i was talkign about


cousin is asking me about my cs friend suggesting we all go and get dinner some time


can i come


i didnt agree to anything but i know one day hes going to just show up


i will stand guard


File: 1514891041140.png (383.67 KB, 1604x776, fools.png)

who the flip would buy this


i still have fate stay night and hidamari sketch on the router should i skip hidamari sketch


i have two set up in my room


why do you need two


skip fate stay night


so you can watch over your home like babysitters or cleaning ladies or your loli daughters and their friends or if you ask someone to be a dogsitter so you know they arent stealing


just stream whatever you feel like streaming


but its a cloud cam so all that footage is going somewhere where you arent really sure what happens to it


unless youre filming yourself doing something bad why would that matter


id film myself joing at them and then laugh about amazon employees watching it


its going onto an amazon server


nothing to hide nothing to fear


i would trust jeff bezos with my life


hooked one up to my toilet so i can show amazon just what i think of them


im going to become a dubstep artist wish me luck im going to steal my inspiration from hima my debut album will be called neetblogstep


love dubstep


is that guy who was creeped out by kais face still here


i thought it was the voice that creeped him out


maybe it was both


its the combination of being asian with a purely english accent


wish i was english they seem like they have fun


stream geordie shore


grandad always said theres only a 10 days difference between a good haircut and a bad one


wish i had a grandad


if i had biscoffs i would be eating them right now


if i had lolis i would be flipping them right now


do dads really flip their own lolis




saw a cop talking a while back about he responded to a noise complaint and when he got there he found a dad violently flipping his 9 year old daughter and the noise complaint was her screaming it stuck with me


even ave has access to a japanese dollar store in the middle of nowhere in canada


were they screams of joy


is it daiso theres one here too but ive never gone inside


yeah thats the exact one he said


i dont think so but he didnt say


i thought about going in once but didnt want to look like a creep since it was mostly groups of people inside i wonder if they have anything good maybe the snacks would be nice


seems like they have a decent selection i looked up some videos and they have a lot of stuff in those stores i really wish there was one nearby




dollar stores are usually really good places to get different sorts of snacks a japanese dollar store would probably have really interesting snacks


i added some sugar to my reg cheerio+honey nut cheerios just now to make them more interesting... sick of these cheerios...


what a coincidence scv is posting about hima the same time that post shows up


its clearly an sc2 post even if you didnt check


a COINcidence...


i guess youre right


dont know if i can withstand watching linus videos much longer theyre getting further and further away from the types of content i liked and having so many sponsor spots in a single episode makes it even worse


whats the appeal of the just dance games do people specifically lolis really like to dance that much




they know theres a sexy nsa agent watching them dance through the camera and it makes them horny


lolis would never voluntarily dance in front of a camera to give older men sexual pleasure


youre mistaken


no im pretty sure about this


its the main reason they do it


you better not be making such a claim without proof to back it up


lolis drive me nutso






gonno snooze hope that guys internet gets restored


sleep well


year of the dog




went through a weird period in my neetism of watching disney sitcoms before i went to bed i stopped before dog with a blog aired


why would you ever do that


im not sure i didnt particularly enjoy them but i didnt dislike them and the girls were cute


fair enough


disney sitcoms are funny