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Birls only
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File: 1515048457927.jpg (Spoiler Image, 188.38 KB, 850x915, a66e493c69f240e11b4a215201b93b4d.jpg)

this is not what i meant by give me head


why is her head like a balloon


my head is shaped kind of round should i be concerned


cant tell for certain without a pic


File: 1515048679349.jpg (237.29 KB, 1254x1771, 1513436932152.jpg)

feeling like


File: 1515048751212.jpg (32.69 KB, 678x542, 015_575px.jpg)

its shaped kind of like this guys head


File: 1515048890727.png (581.62 KB, 1246x862, __oomuro_sakurako_and_toshinou_kyouko_yuru_yur….png)


sakurako is the kind of girl who would be thrilled to have anyone molest her




nice otabro


wish i could flip a girl like sakurako


lactation is gross as hell


its natural how is it gross


really wish i had some instant yakisoba




starting geijutsuka in 5 minutes


it might be time for daddy to crack it open


hope snapguy doesnt talk about snapping kisaragi


die freak


want to break her glasses


why shes such a nice girl


these girls are all sexy


nb should set up a hotline like this


flip NB


you cant say that hes the basteblob


need to flip the jacket girl the small one


been playing wow all day sigh


still never had one of those japanese cakes


File: 1515057728452.png (628.99 KB, 658x582, nigger.png)

tardlaughed when i saw this poor hamada


nice minstrelnip


hb this batsu torrent is blazing 18mbps down


why the hell do these people care what japan does its got nothing to do with them and theyll literally never see it


its a culture of outrage as for me i instantly laughed because its simply funny


agdq is almost here


you mean the tranny meet and speedrunning expo


what is that


baste werster


basted trihex too it used to be so good


sorry im going to mute the stream and skim the batsu game


its still good


i meant the stream tab


been warm all day today it really doesnt feel like winter at all


File: 1515059537549.jpg (794.31 KB, 1280x720, [EggPain-Raws] No-Laughing Prison New Years Sp….jpg)

they always use the same creepy picture of hosei


aasan must be flipped hard theres no other way to fix her accent


sorry i was sleeping


tune on it theres a girl perfect for you theres no sexnorm shit in this anime


nah ive already missed two hours


its yonkoma theres not much deepness to anything youll pick it up right away


just realized tomokane and her brother are both voiced by the same person


sorry im watching something else


okay im watching it


i hate girls


there are boys in here for you


i hate boys



File: 1515060868404.jpg (775.87 KB, 1280x720, [EggPain-Raws] No-Laughing Prison New Years Sp….jpg)


whats it like to be able to draw


40 posts left


probably feels the same as having any other talent


sexnorm shit


its not sexnorm shit you flipper


there was an unnecessary boob jiggle shot


its a running gag its not supposed to be sexual


hope you guys are ready for dragon slayer 2


i got a dragon for you to slay


is it vorkath


just found out im pigeon toed


whats that is it where your feet point inward i have the opposite


my toes do yeah




feel like calling mom a bitch but i know she’s not one so ill refrain


i feel no urge whatsoever to flip the glasses girl is that normal on the other hand the donut haired girl must be flipped hard


okay im done watching this boring shit




they must all be fatally snapped


leave the glasses and horie yui girl alone the rest are good to go


love these girls


i hate them


why dont you like anything


everyone else likes things


that doesnt make sense


it does to me


hima im having my coffee
the hdmi output on moms laptop is getting flipped up sometimes it stops working and i gotta fiddle with it for a bit for it to work browsing hima and watching vids in the living room is becoming a pain in the butt


is it hdmi 1.2 or 4.1


once i get that bike im going to get some more genmaicha and more importantly some coffee its gotta be whole beans since i got that grinder and french press something about making coffee like that is really relaxing


he didnt wet the filter that son of a bitch


you mena 1.4


forget to wet the filter sometimes


the filter soaks up the oils that make a good cup of coffee


gonno start making coffee like that chink did in that yuka vid
with the hips


how come there are so many different ways to brew coffee there seem to be dozens of different methods and gadgets but for tea its all generally the same


i dont know i wish i did


this guys streaming wrestling girls again


tea is more traditional coffee has only been around for like three hundred years


what did you do when you were younger maybe we can help you rediscover a lost interest


i dont remember


report his ass


im going to watch instead


dont remember much that happened between 2008 and 2013


when was the last time you remembered not hating something

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