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a new spread thread for a new spread year


himako ban the raiderssss


what raiders



wish lera were my lgf


the guy posting hags measuring their thingy depth


shes 15 now


my head hurts and my ears popped


less than 48 hours remain bros we are entering the final act


i plan on living until 2070


no new years plans again


isnt she like 20 now


what are you talking about no new years' plans youve got an invitation to the most exclusive and happening club in town


mom is just gonno order some pizza was thinking about making lentils with cotechino


File: 1514621173127.jpg (66.38 KB, 469x700, 1416660458682.jpg)

wish to flip an androgynous girl


back from lunch with grandma it went f or 9 hours oh god let me read what i missed and ill type up a blog


ill be waiting


how flipping slow does she eat 9 hours what the hell


he said it was 2 hours away so thats 4 hours of travel and old people like to talk and thats only 5 hours of talking



it makes me happy when others are happy around people i would be that way if i knew how to talk


bought some ltc
my goal with crypto is to make just enough to pay off my credit card


only crypto norms know of is btc you flipped up


you absolutely dolt


File: 1514621505429.jpg (112.88 KB, 685x1024, 1495546596633.jpg)

shes 17 now guess my brain is still stuck in 2015


i remember seeing her when she was older and she had a really big butt


no thought put into the threads anymore


well she was a buttchildo


saw my only options were corn dogs then i saw fajita meat and got excited but then i realized were out of tortillas so im stuck with corn dogs again


File: 1514621571787.png (156.63 KB, 1199x898, Flanfly.png)




wish i had no debt like nb


i spent at least 10 minutes looking for a good picture and thought that a spread lera loli bubukka picture was completely fitting


i just make minimum payments every month i will never get rid of it anyway


its fine that guy is bh


you should have chosen a girl wearing a kimono at the new years shrine


i flush the toilet with my toe so i dont have to wash my hands


its time for hima to return to its roots and what else is better than a thread like this


if you stop paying they will keep lowering your debt until you pay it but that flips up your score


File: 1514621776032.jpg (64.15 KB, 629x629, 13908624062364.jpg)

sigh i have thousands of anime girl reaction faces from 2013


okay im done reading there werent many posts today the drive ended up being 3 hours to get there because there was lots of traffic it was torture especially because mom listens to music i dont like but it wasnt that bad the restaurant pinched it only served 'share plates' which i flippin hate the idea of and they didnt order enough food so i barely ate but oh boy saw the sexiest loli ive seen in months even including on the internet one of the best of all time there she was blonde and wearing a red tight dress and was damn near perfect the absolute cutest age and body and dress and mannerisms and behavior so that was a nice bonus there was another one who was pretty cute too she had super platinum blonde hair naturally then we went to grans house after lunch for another 2 hours and then it was a two hour drive home what a torturous day but we stopped at the liquor store on the way home and i got a bottle of whisky and i saw three super cute sister lolis in floral dresses they were all blonde and super beautiful and the youngest one who was probably around 8 walking around rubbing her area through her dress in public hehe they were super cute so theres 5 mega cute hecka lolis stored in the memory banks so i guess it wasnt so bad also i could see lolis kayaking in the bay from the restaurant which was nice gonno drink this whisky hard and make my world famous chilli fries which i havent made in months to make up for it gonno have a drink with mom now also mom went on another rant about how she suspects my dad is secretly cool


used to be antispread but gave in




not reading that and im insulted you think i would


you dont have to read it if you dont want to




turn me into somebody new


its kind of funny also because we were talking about the subject of art thieves around the same time hima was




how do you know her hair was platinum naturally what if she was an angel who dyed it


not liking the color OR shape of this one fellas


you should have expected the traffic its almost new years eve sigh wish i could go loliwatching with himabros itd be the best


schools out but all the lolis are inside because its 20 degrees


read that and i regret it he took what could have been a potentially engaging story and turned it into prattling about his sick perversion


thats warm


sick of pasta arrogance


corn dogs take so long to make im hungry now


pastaposts are the best




flip you nigger


File: 1514622273934.jpg (96.57 KB, 500x500, pnig wright iii.jpg)


uhh nigger haha


nice musicblog


since when has ghost been up


nice ultimate skipper




you mena down


haha why would anyone post on ghost when hima exists how much of a contrarian can you be


hima blows


i just love typing captchas in spite of himako


just you wait ghost will rise again


captchas stop me from making typos




how did you know it was me


die impersonator that was me onseki


it was i, the otalad


actually im musicblog i have the best taste



flip you niggerseki


die impersonator


i hate music because its norm as hell but sometimes its nice to listen to




puhpuhpuhpuh pregnant kitty


music is not norm only most musicians and songs are



dont understand the reggae smoking weed meme it doesnt get me going


sigh thought you were a connoisseur of underground memphis shit i guess you only like the norm stuff


all musicians are norm


nigger babble over shitty electronic beats is not music


damn this shit is killer
how is that memphis its even less related to memphis than suicideboys


what about van vliet



yeah hes a huge norm


nothing else happened my crazy grandma just rambled about nothing all day


also people have been raging at me for not describing the loles lately and now i get raged at for describing them theres no pleasing everybody


damn ive only heard of a few of these groups how many damn rap groups were there in memphis in the 90s
id say there are more consistently good groups from memphis than the east and west coasts combined honestly


once you have the formula its hard to mess up


die nig worshippers


nigs have been creating art since the pyramids it is right to worship them


bring your new smartphone with you and take pics next time


i just cant even listen to nyc groups its kind of grimy but nowhere near as stirring as memphis quality is few and far between you can only listen to biggie mobb deep and wu so much


guess immortal technique is from nyc too but memphis is gravedigger shyt


thats not even me im doing lfr antorus now



got top dps for the hounds hehe affliction seems very overpowered especially for multi target


arrogant as hell


uh oh musicnorm hours are over moving right into mmonorm shite


im fine with both


im joing


gonno be scouring scope after this if you know what i mean


flip you latenig its 4 am


i was calling the people discussing nig music nig worshippers
it had nothing to do with you


its only barely 2 and its like 11 in moscow


die worshiper


who am i worshipping


watched good will hunter and thought this must be how freak experiences life hes will in real life




ok raids over gonno


turt would like this one


we need technorm embeds stat








what the flip




nice art post


is neetblog here


dont ask that unless you seriously care about him as a human being


ok well if you see him can you tell him to comment on this


got excited for super tomorrow then i remembered there was no super but then i got excited for super next week


File: 1514624811958.jpg (1.4 MB, 1333x2000, 135.jpg)


dumb boring roast video


i remember that guy from before



what guy


this one its a guy


File: 1514624972103.webm (1.74 MB, 720x1280, 1514620502703.webm)


that makes it sexy


hope that dogs okay


was going to tell you to go back but


File: 1514625093935.png (403.85 KB, 1600x956, 1514497324803.png)

nb i post a template will you make one of these family charts for us


gonno do a test stream with gdgd fairies to see if its laggy


i got it from 4chan




File: 1514625140269.jpg (50.04 KB, 615x820, pJy7hI9.jpg)

i remember this that norm got owned


a cat wouldnt do that


man ass warning
dont click


it is a cat i remember seeing it on reddit


nice redbro


bet he had to get stitches for that nasty cut


07 so 10


die int


it did its the same guy as in that webm its the aftermath


he cut himself up for upvotes


hope turt will finally admit cats are basted now that one owned a bugman


got that pic from his thought it was funny because the creator had aspergers


his is one of my brothers favorite boards


File: 1514625344388.png (1.32 MB, 1451x914, Bâñøčhkå- -Пообщаемся-)-•--.png)


imageboard bros


nice 4bro


he likes his r9k int and the 420chan star trek board and probably x and vg i would guess from his interests


shes cute too bad shes got russian smoker voice


invite him to hima


glad none of my family browses 4chan but they do use younow and lively and musically


i dont think hed fit in


tried to get my brother into 4chan some of the best times of my life were spent on that website


my brother used to make samurai vs knight threads on /jp/


natural born troll


wish my brother was otaku he just talks to me about berserk and jojos every time i see him


why does he talks about joing


but then again its probably better that he isnt


anyone here a totsean


they call me the beta soycuck bugblob


who does


theres a bunch of pictures of my brother on ed actually since his friend was an editor but i wont link them




wonder what it feels like to be one of those wk numale bug types it would take a lot of bluepills to get like that


stressed as flipping hell bros


it feels okay


never had a facebook but i used myspace


how do you feel when you read factual literature in regards to women and minorities or just society in general that paints an unsavory view of them


makes me feel pity that some people are mislead into adopting harmful antisocial beliefs because of internet echochambers like r9k




cant wait to destress after sunday night its going to be great


gonno jo to again


its not their fault its this sick and twisted world that made them the way they are


to what


poz bareback porn


hope you get pozed irl


i like the part where they zoom in on the gape


i dont


got my dogs banner again hes a good boy


hope youve been taking him out for walks often


how old is he


mom does every day and when she doesnt i do


i cant figure out why this computer lags when streaming i dont think phenom 2s were that much better over bulldozer were they


2 i think


so you just ignore it because it makes you feel sad


File: 1514626737112.jpg (Spoiler Image, 248.3 KB, 1280x720, 1498251459283.jpg)


nah i just dont make my world view revolve around self defeating pessimistic interpretation of abstract data when theres so much good in the real world outside of the computer screen


if thats true why do you spend a vast majority of your time sitting in front of a computer screen


because its a lie


feel sick from eating two brownies


where exactly is the good in life outside of the computer screen




its because of the wks atrophied amygdala


weird it seems the problem is vlc
going to try multiple media players until i find one that works


what is wrong with mpc


never used it the first one i tried was zplayer because thats what i use here and when i exit the remote connection it causes the display to turn black
vlc lags

going to try mpc now


they dont call me the brainletblob for nothin


mpc does the same thing when you exit the remote desktop


how have you never used mpc are you the guy who couldnt use foobar


File: 1514627233255.jpg (72.07 KB, 850x400, poser.jpg)

did lincoln have real depression or was he just faking it for attention


no hes pnig


no ive been using foobar for years i never liked the mpc layout


you can change it


just realized abe looked a lot like freakeye


lincoln was a racist asshole


it looks the same as vlc and every other media player idiot


thats because freak is a servant and lincoln is his True Name


mpc has objectively better playback options than any other player


well with mpc not working and vlc not working and zplayer not working what other options are there


mpc works though


it doesnt it does the same thing as zoomplayer i just said that it also displays black after exiting the remote desktop


File: 1514627486587.jpg (44.53 KB, 600x449, U0rFSmk.jpg)


File: 1514627493931.jpg (71.01 KB, 850x400, quote-our-republican-system-was-meant-for-a-ho….jpg)


windows media player


the problem is probably the remote desktop thing its the windows one i think it locks the computer while youre accessing it im going to try teamview


smart man he was exactly right


i think the mixed breed pose a threat to hima life too


what about the native americans


you should only use mpv


mpv offers objectively worse playback




no he was very wrong


gonno be thinking about that p*ssy touching loli for months she was bold has hell


die pastanorm


not bold she just doesnt know any better


flip off anderson go plan your next sermon


how about you go flip your cousin cleetus


either way it was a rare sight




[7-Eleven] 50 Oden One-Pot!!


wish i had oden but i dont like fish


was that video really almost 7 years ago holy shite


can feel a wax clot in my left ear but cant quite get to it


you know she looks exactly like an english girl i went to school with



you are going to shove it further in and compact it onto your eardrum


if i didnt trim my nails the other day it would be out alread y


reddits dark side



wish i had a lgf that looked just like hikari from digimon 02


that video invokes a bittersweet feeling for me i wish it was 2010 again so i could build a pc and play source for hours while listening to music


thats a man


dont miss 2010 at all


remember /r/jailbait bros


playing hon in 2010 was unlike anything else its the most fun ive ever had in a game before or since what a blast


ok first off hon pinched why would you play that over wc3 dota and second source pinched too why would you play that over 1.6 or basically any other game


truly spoken like a man who never played hon in its beta


i refuse to make yet another steam account or i would buy source for the seventh time right now and play it until my eyes bled


no one mentioned css why did you bring it up


wish i could go back to 2010 and kill myself



why not global offensive


too many norms play that


doubt anyone cares but i found the problem that was causing the black screen


i played source over 1.6 too hehe


oh i finally get it she got a rash from joing too much



no one who says something like that ever played hon before the dota2 release youre outing yourself because almost everyone did and it should have been the real dota2 but they lost by charging for the game and this was before the f2p model took off and the fielding the lead designer quit and they hired diva who tanked the game hard hon could have been the dota2 seriously it was so flipping good then and i played wc3 dota for years everybody swapped who wasnt a pinoy or russian or chink


what was it


i would have a much smaller problem with steam if you could delete your account what if i just want to play games for six months instead of making a permanent gamer account on a social media platform slash marketplace why does everything have to be indefinite


pnig can you teach me to whistle


with windows remote desktop it locks the computer during use and after use so you can either use a different remote desktop software or run a console command to not lock the dession after use

i turned it down a bit its something like 900kbps and its running non laggy and unattended


dunno what your problem with css was it was practically the same game except looked better


mindblowing that most people on hima are too young to have watched gurren lagann when it first aired


remember bruce


are they or are you just projecting


why does it matter


yes indeed i refused to play it because i used to play savage 1 competitively and knew that s2 would flip it up even though i was exchanging emails about it with icefrog himself at the time and was a da and pd regular


source had notoriously bad netcode so the hitboxes would either lag ahead of or behind the character


i probably have 5 steam accounts from over the last 10 years i use one for a year or two then drop it but it still exists just floating out there



icefrog denies it but he was actually one of the lead developers during beta it was actually a really good game for a year til they ruined it


didnt really notice anything terrible when i played it i mostly did gun game and zombie servers anyway


used to play with baste zfreek and kyle in hon and tralf and ppd and bkid and chu and all those guys even have the screenshots ppd was such a free win flipping shitter sigh now look at me


because youre a scrub


im a casual gamer i play casually


going to leave this running all night since now that theres no lag i can finally continue with the original idea


me too i used to play league during closed beta with some of the guys that created clg now theyre millionaires and im a worthless neet


love the jailbreak servers on css being a guard and killing one specific prisoner over and over again for bullshit reasons and making them rage was always funny as hell


i am the law


turt as the prisoner himako as the ruthless guard


ppds worth 2mil now and i used to own him on the reg what a life



at the time you were at your peak and he was just getting started


he pinched then and he pinches now look at his play hell even admit hes the worst player in any given progame its just about putting effort into strategy and making connections which i could never do since im a silent god


gamenorm hours


what the flip is wrong with girls these days


ppd is one of the lowest skill pros ever though his strength was great drafting and picking braindead hard supports to make his carries win the game


i call his picks every game though its not that hard its more about making connections and grinding league games which i cant do because i feed mid 2 out of every 3 games


im one of the lowest intelligence hima posters




i dont know im flipping sick what do you want me to say


its impossible to break into the scene as a captain master drafter anyway the only new players who get noticed are young gun prodigies while the old guys shift positions to make room


im the dumbest fattest retard


File: 1514630133685.jpg (160.3 KB, 849x447, state of affairs.jpg)




probably intimidated because it shows the true hima


whyd you block out your name


theres a reason


neetblog trying to ruin hima heritage again


nb has no gods and no masters


no that would be me


theres ppd getting dumpstered on the bubbles like always step off that core role retard


that wasnt me


its herkz


im known as neetblog but often referred to as the king of pop


he wishes


im the king of poop


no you always try to use shitty threads for no reason you cant hide it from me


you know how flipping good slickz was too he ruined it all betraying kyle and he brought khezu down with him


these girls are too young for the internet


think hes still trying to make it as a pro in dota2 by pinching up to godot hehe


also sorry for the other guy that girl never made another account i looked and looked


im the type that needs 10 hours but sometimes 8 is enough


what clan were you in on hon i was in a bunch of clans on wc3 sigh i just realized i forgot the name of the channel me and my friends used to idle in


never joined any clan because i was old enough to realize that its a cringy and pathetic thing to do unless youre an actual pro joining a real team and that id just be surrounded by delusional teens if i did


i was a solo guy


flip you
you attack me because you know im too retarded to properly defend myself


clans were for the social experience nobody i knew took them very seriously we made clans then disbanded them and made new ones for fun


we must protect nb hes too innocent


maybe thats what held me back from being pro i was never willing to join a team or a clan because i was too asocial and now ppd the autist that everyone disliked has 2 million and im a retarded neet but it probably wasnt possible anyway


pnig fix the stream


no you need to kill me because im a hopeless retard


maybe ill start playing dota again and try to be good never not fed every second game out of anger


spent my entire youth gaming but i was exactly like josh a mute solo player that never interacts with anyone even for a second


dota is dead now its all about hots


at least josh is maxed in scape what have i got to show for it


dont know what your experience with clans was but on wc3 most were very casual hehe i remember spam bots though sometimes clans got into dumb little spats and sent spam bots into each others channel to make it unusable


sigh low priority


ill play some low priorty games with you if you want i think theyre fun


300 ping is too much


i cant handle relationships with other people and nostalgia ruins me for days i just want to sleep forever bros


nice pinoy


im indonesian


selamat sore


i didnt think anyone was watching its fixed now it was repeating the same episode over and over it should play through all of them now and then go back

able to use the fast preset and keep the bitrate lower so i think most people could watch this


selamat malam




i hate being too retarded to put thoughts into words


have you tried



think ill just play hots instead



holy flip bros




just got a bone naturally i needed to tell you


onseki is queer


how old are you




ban the youngfag


File: 1514631612285-0.jpg (218.22 KB, 530x728, be332abbded11ad2ecd92dc823d6c54f.jpg)

File: 1514631612285-1.jpg (122.44 KB, 600x827, d4e38c4586cbf2ec040e140d018a8edf.jpg)


gonno jo


feeling sad bros




back off jaggoff


wish i had a mushroom hat


oh god horrible problem with the stream


any thing i can do to help


i feel a cry coming on theres no way it wont happen before the end of the year


world famous chilli fries are in the oven hima


world famous huh



nice four pixel stream


there he goes he posted it again


himabros from every white continent know of them so yeah


no but thank you for caring or pretending to care either one is fine it means everything to me


who can relate


what do you mean every white continent


america oceania and europe there are people aware


no idea why that happened it happens each time now for some reason


it is funny


why do you say oceania instead of australia we dont have any himabros from tuvalu


there was an nz gnbro so maybe hes here


we have a few indonesians


indonesia isnt white


send some my way


dont forget the new guinean himabros


im american


turt post the 56% thing you love 4norm memes



did you guys see about motherflipper mikes 10 inch penor


shut up trev


shut me up kitty


i got your dude hangin punk


you cant handle me faguette


bite me honey


did you see his explosively offensive and racist comics


yeah they were basted


yeah i thought so too


did you


love the loco bandito


any himabro in need please tell me how i can help


File: 1514632467906.jpg (52.83 KB, 960x720, wind.jpg)

A 40-below wind chill. It happens at least once a year in my area. And it's already happened. And it's only going to get even colder! I wouldn't be surprised to see gusts causing 60 below wind chills. And, of all things, I was out cart pushing for a short bit.


can i get a number 9 large


hehe i think i figured out the problem for some reason i was using game capture

switched to window capture and put in the same crop settings now things seem like they should be working



ive winked at a girl before


i was nervous doing the raid earlier each time people stood still i thought i was about to get kicked sigh


ya ninjad me


any himabros feeling down how can i assist you


hope uli doesnt freeze to death when outside pushing carts


who can relate


gonno test some more stuff sorry


love my himabros so freakin much youre my best friends


stop harassing me


you cant




out of cheese


ATTENTION IMPORTANT To anyone going through a hard time; I want to tell you that it's gonno get better no matter what and we need you here, I NEED YOU HERE,I CARE ABOUT YOU, I WANT YOU TO BE ALIVE! If you ever need someone to talk to you can always message me on kik @wubaluba.dub.dub YOU are IMPORTANT and YOU deserve to LIVE ❤


the chilli fries are extra cheesey sorry


ok fixed that problem things should be good for a while


ojiisan tobiyarooooooo


you dont mean that but i appreciate the sentiment if you ever need bitcoins just say the word


hate these assholes


go away sc2


i would never ask from anything and i mean it wholeheartedly you guys are my whole world


the old man was right


he was


fear we will someday drift away


gonno do some stuff make a post if theres a problem with the stream


i wont let that happen ill keep us together no matter what it takes


just cant overstate how much i love himabros seriously


youre playing the same episode again


wish i were an old man with an undulating voice


sc2 would probably be nicer to me than you are i wish i was one of them


i started it over so that episode 3 can be watched without any interruptions this time and going forward



love you bros even after we have all been seperated by the passage of time ill be with you in spirit


its all playful ribbing


there is not a playful bone in the wk body


himako loves diversity


i wont let us be separated i love you guys too much seriously with all my heart you are my dearest friends and i will keep you near


then why do nonwhites like turt and haysuz get banned


theyre intolerable what a coincidence


turt is 100% irish catholic



gonno make pasta


make some curry noodles instead


wonder what brett is up to


probably playing snes on a shitty emulator instead of the classic


File: 1514633692484.mp4 (4.4 MB, 4tBmy1a.mp4)


wish i had a gnoll lgf


what about a kobold lgf


wouldnt mind that either


what about a memeloc


nice and slippery just the way i like em


murloc lolis arent memes theyre sexy little minxes


flip this the sentimental positivity poster has made me unbearably aware of my own worthlessness im going to snooze


youre not worthless to me


stop snoozing things are just getting started


wonder if moms going to rage if i make pasta rn


flip mom


you are a valuable component of the hima machine



creepy hospitalcakewalk


chilli fries time hima


oh wait nevermind they need some more


how do you make them not soggy


with heat


im not allowed to use heat


love you bros im not joking when i say life is a little easier knowing that when im down you will always be here doing the same things you always do




you are joking
flip you asshole


love my himabros so damn much cant imagine life without you guys but it would be empty


i wonder how much longer hima has


just thought of something hilarious




i wish i was even if im taking a break from hima i still dream about posting here and when i get sad i feel happy knowing that all my bros are still just living every day like they always do


okay fries time


cheese fries


can hear my neighbors taking their morning walks gonno start snoozing



gonno listen to anison and not think about the money ishould have put in antcoin


should have flippin listened to turt when he was talking about antcoin


put everything in bitbean


i will never doubt his words again


goddamn what a flippin meal that was superb


phew the pasta was superb hima now its coffee time



at the hima meetup id be the guy that risked excommunication as the guy that hugged and kissed every single man there out of love


hehe posted >>699467 without reading first



dont see anything wrong with that post sometimes meals are superb


at the hima meatup i shall give everyone a deep bow


ill have mom make bento


love you guys more than you could ever know without you my life would be empty


love you too


why are people getting all sappy right now whats going on


gonno eat a kiwi fruit


i drank a bottle of whisky sorry but the sentiment remains anyway


they are making peace with the world before departing


we must secure the existence of our people and a future for himabros


where are they going


to mocksville


its the rapture


bed mostly


spent 60 dollars on games just now


it is good to support the developers


everytime ive spent that much ive regretted it what did you buy


witcher and divinity


dota cosmetics


gonno watch some gdgd fairies and eat some kiwi


those games are free on


stream gdgd those were the best days of my life



im tard like korochan


didnt watch that 'me cause there was way too much cg


daresay im gonno have to play higurashi again hope thats okay



File: 1514638388071.mp3 (8.77 MB, 01 スーパーウルトラハイパーミラクルロマンチック.mp3)


gotta love gdgd


noone doesnt


okay gonno snooze now hima and think hard about the girls i saw today see you guys tomorrow


good night


shisho koro chan


im flippin losin it hima




you dont wanna know


im goin flippin insane


gonno have some more coffee




sometimes its hard being 159 iq


its a darker roast


wish i was an average iq npc


why are there so many trans and freaks in the speedrun community




File: 1514644381998.jpg (778.33 KB, 2114x3047, 1514644284009.jpg)

is this real



kitty loves eating soba


dont give the kitty soba


File: 1514649200666.webm (311.97 KB, 480x853, soba.webm)



im going to sleep


thats not coffee in fishnet girls cup




shes tipsy especially before the run begins


thats just how she is im sure


File: 1514657379980.jpg (1.4 MB, 1333x2000, 135.jpg)

spread my kitty




had a dream where i was using social media and everyone said basted




File: 1514657827897.jpg (644.41 KB, 3840x2160, 19darjeeling01[cmpfans] .mp4_snapshot_03.38_[2….jpg)

4K sure is nice


do you even have a 4k display smutnorm


i just zoom in on interesting parts


wonder if momgf tosses salad


new tokyo ghoul bnha one piece opm



is everyone ready for nojo 2018 you better get it all out of your system over the next couple of days


i will fail before february


i jod for the last time yesterday
im ready


i actually am im not going to look at smut either because that was my downfall when i tried nojo 2016


does having sex count




File: 1514664764420.jpg (245.66 KB, 600x800, ad67328b473be1d3b1ee6db7eaf4a9e8.jpg)

found all the terra fanart hehe sooo cute


actually nevermind it doesnt


File: 1514664843319.png (70.63 KB, 1016x764, nofap.png)

i remember


i said 2016 not 2017 you pumpkinheaded flip


hehe wonder what that was doing in my 2016 folder


you probably made it in december 16


is it ok if i jo on january first


had a very rough day but im binge eating some pizza right now im eating italian bread as an entree



we are here for you brother


i love you hima


File: 1514665255605.jpeg (115.03 KB, 706x1000, 73de824d6e9dc99abf26d63e80a74894.jpeg)

celes chan kawaii


heres the thing i didnt jo today and i wont be able to jo tomorrow so its not fair


there will be no smut posted for the entirety of 2018 hima will be a sfw board


how are you going to make it a whole year if you cant even go two days without joing


tomorrow is the 31st you still have almost 32 hours left


my resolution is to become a better poster


if you raise the bar too high you will just give up


thats easy just post a bunch of norm youtube videos whenever they upload them


its about the mindset of beginning anew


File: 1514665860027.jpg (712.43 KB, 1250x700, 5091058_p0.jpg)

dont forget the sexy boys


butthurt novid


this opera scene in ff6 is cute


final fantasy is for girls


there are fujoshis posting here


File: 1514666178644.png (32.53 KB, 638x609, 1514663133066.png)

i dont think i could last 6 months


hell yes my Nice Bro sabin


starting to get nervous about not being prepared for 2018 i should have written down the things i wanted to do in 2017 so i could do as many as possible today


File: 1514666821154.jpg (174.11 KB, 1280x960, 0358q4lj3x601.jpg)


wish i could make a list of things i want to do


the only thing that i want to do is post on hima


i just want to die


when i was a kid i thought he said "i wanna die" instead of "oh what a night"


feeling poetic
gonno drop some sick haikus
hima witness me


witness my ass faguette


your insults are dirt
small and insignificant
but my words are gold


love is a powerful thing


File: 1514668111313.png (438.86 KB, 760x720, 1436466816362.png)


that was awful


i think im going to be able to get it all done bros 2018 is looking bright


i challenge you to do better lets make a haiku contest


i challenge you to a blog off give me one chance to blog your socks off


i never wear socks




flip yes


i never wear socks either they irritate the hair on my feet


why didnt i think of simply hacking my snes classic this changes everything




what is even the point of an snes classic if its just an emulator box


its fun


i bet i can find a real snes with games for cheaper


ya but those games add up son now that i can hack my snes classic i can play all i want hehehe


2018 will be good and 2019 will be even better but 2020 might be the end


the last two times japan was supposed to host the olympics something really bad happened
the first time it was the 1929 crash and the second it was ww2
just saying


better start prepping


im prepping my snes classic with all these famicom games hehehe


yatte ne i will finally be able to play puyo mother and fire emblem on my snes classic


die normchink




phew 53 titles on my list of roms to download got a lot of work to do


go to hell gamenorm


gonno snooze now hima


sweet dreams


is pastor anderson the second coming of jesus


no hes the antichrist


File: 1514672240141.gif (2.18 MB, 640x480, QF9irfE.gif)


just woke up gonno


gonno what


its a sni


jerk it to kids


hehe homuha


ah yes 4 30pm a fine time to wake up


File: 1514672526125.jpg (53.81 KB, 404x496, IJNmanila.jpg)

wish i could go back in time



File: 1514672567925.jpg (987.93 KB, 2244x3165, 1514592177831.jpg)


wish i was born with pretty blue eyes like you


didnt skip a single post today


dead hours


reader beware youre in for a scare


if i found a genie lamp i could make my life literal heaven on earth with only three wishes


die skipper


i did not


your post implies that you do skip sometimes


i have been found out


if i had a genie lamp i would wish for happiness but the genie wouldnt be powerful enough to grant that wish


this is for you hima


everything is so flipping draining sigh i wish i had been a child prodigy who was at my current level at like 13


if i was good-looking i would just accept that my only purpose in this world was to spawn a son and then raise him to be everything im not but i cant get a gf


pretty sure im worse off now than i was at 13


having children is wrong


2018 will be the year you get a gf you have nojo on your side


gf2018 here we go


only norms do nojo to get a gf
were doing it to rid ourselves of all traces of sexnormism


go out brothers and nojo to the extreme


go to hell momgf you were gifted a gf just by being born a norm


i agree but i dont really care my life is wasted and ruined so i would rather just give up on everything and put all my energy into molding a copy of myself


sigh wish the idea of a musou was developed during the snes age maybe this is my opportunity to make a new game


if you never had a father figure you are incapable of properly fathering


File: 1514675140455.jpg (50.42 KB, 353x640, 1454466-cover.jpg)

now this is what you call a cover


youre what i call a norm


tardlaughed looking up basted on warosu g but then i realized the posts are mostly mine



turt is this true


yes i slurp off other men to steal their life force not as a cool thing


that reminds me of what my father told me when i asked him why my penis was hard in the morning
apparently a succubus comes into your room at night and pinches your dick and steals your life energy which is why people say you grow the most while you sleep youre actually aging
he also said thats why his hair was so grey



i will learn to summon a succubus in 2018


tulpa gf 2018


mom is a succubus she gives me the good succ


depleted all my chi by chronic jo im chiless


File: 1514676576088.png (219.73 KB, 854x1941, games.png)

phew finally downloaded most of my roms the following i couldnt get because they werent on emuparadise

harvest moon*
kirbys avalanche*
legend of the mystical ninja*
megaman x2*
megaman x3*
final fight*
breath of fire 1 and 2*
fire emblem seisen no keifu *

but after i get those just gotta run the japanese games through a patcher and load them up onto the snes so excited


god just strike me down


quick update brothers mom just called and it looks like the snes will have to wait for now but i assure you on my return home i will get these bad boys onto the snes


flip off retard


File: 1514677287477.jpg (Spoiler Image, 248.46 KB, 2048x1228, Xk8ladG.jpg)

i got ffs
rate me




quite the good wank boys now its time to start the day


very nice eyebrows


turt whats the reason for the huge spike in transgenderism is it the breakdown of traditional culture or is it chemicals in the water


societal decay


its the amount of bluepills in the tap water


real sad day when turt unironically makes posts like that


urgh must mom continue that infernal racket she knows i hate the vacuum


be thankful she doesnt have a roomba


they call me the roomblog


no they dont impersonator


i have called you that


just woke up hungover as hell


die sc2


you cant talk to him like that he is a hima veteran


got stuck on the index again


you are sc2


i was cleaning up my room and i found my old shoeless neet blogson rookie card this thing must be worth a fortune


yeah they do


if you blog it he will come


File: 1514680293517.png (54.4 KB, 239x229, tips.png)


always amazed at just how little time has passed in yotsuba


love the 4chan mascot


gonno shower


shower in hell


yotsuba is sexy i wanna flip her


user was banned for this post


really hungry again why does this keep happening


there are no longer benefits to being male and social decay allows for it

anime didnt help now theres a whole generation of birls


did you guys know that voting used to be a public affair and was generally accompanied with lots of carousing and festivities since lots of people had to travel long distances to the cities to cast their ballot basically it was a massive party where you just shouted out your vote and people would cheer or boo for you depending on if they liked your choice


yeah it was good because niggers and women werent allowed to participate


File: 1514680931523.jpg (35.22 KB, 696x423, 1486969247297.jpg)


lincoln was a wk


i vote for nb as the most baste guy on hima


*thunderous applause*


bored as hell


simply jo






dont feel like joing




nothing norm about it




im genderqueer


gas yourself




gonno have an early dinner tonight and stuff myself full of


brother was trying to tell me his coworker is mtf but has a full beard


I still live in this bubble, but nowadays it is self-enforced. I still haven't made my way entirely through Breath of the Wild, and completely refuse to look up how far I am. I could have 3 shrines left, I could have 100. Same with a recent Steam game I got, Salt and Sanctuary. It's basically 2d Dark Souls, which I've never played. I have no idea what I'm doing; do I need to go this way? What happens if I convert religions? Is taking the skill point in swords worth it or should I stick to daggers? What the hell do I use these boss parts for? All questions I refuse to Google.


why does that matter some girls have beards look at iranian girls


seems like the stream is still going on and not lagging or anything i guess its a success


im chink


we are all one race the hima race


File: 1514682594691.jpg (1.02 MB, 1920x1080, [Doki] Suzumiya Haruhi no Shoushitsu (1920x108….jpg)

never realized how utterly sexy kyons sis is


how did you never realize


think i might go to walmart tonight after i eat i really REALLY want some more speculoos


make some pork belly


im making the rest of the gyoza


make some pork belly gyoza


love a good pot sticker




this room is nice and warm with the 4870 in the computer hehe this thing is a heater


moms going to sri avinashs new years event sigh


tell her all her spiritual needs can be fulfilled by the good book and not some bogan charlatan


hes going to fill your mom with divine love


bogan buddha





miss him so much




mom got back with groceries she got crackers gonno snack on cheese and crackers and summer sausage and mountain dew


die cracker


do you know the origin of that term


added aero fighters arcana axelay and gradius to my snes list


yeah its cause white people used to eat a lot of crackers around the plantations


i read the same thing in thomas carlyles Occasional Discourse on the Negro Question


its because the plantation owners would have whips and crack them it has nothing to do with the food


thats what the uneducated think its actually to do with how much crackers they were eating


literally everybody knows that


not me, neetblog


no i knew that impersonator


is there a name for the type of crackers that ritz are




crackers are called biscuits here



what do you call niggers then


what are biscuits then


there are no biscuits ive never seen one


im here as a representative of the sluggard-and-scoundrel protection society to solicit any charitable donations you might wish to provide as part of our ongoing effort to support neets and other dregs living on the fringes


why would you solicit from the people youre trying to support


what do they sell with fried chicken then


theres some nonneets here like onseki he could chip in


they just sell it by itself or with fries aka chips


also bell peppers are called capsicums


what the fuck you idiot you need biscuits with fried chicken


kitty nearly fell asleep while sitting up waiting for me to feed him some of my shrimp hehe


die shrimpnorm


only darkies eat fried chicken


neetblog here i love fried chicken


imposter but yes i do love it


die impersonators


dont trust a man who doesnt love fried chicken


mindblowing that neetblog likes things


neetblog is a big bundle of joy


the gyoza is frying this is a game changer now that i know they dont need to be defrosted or steamed before frying


pot stickers


gyoza and potstickers are different


yeah pot stickers are what we call em here in the land of the free love it or leave it amen


and the home of the neet


die impersonators


gyoza are smaller than potstickers and have a thinner wrapping and have more garlic in them


hate garlic



you cant ban the neetblob


when is someone gonno stream jersey shore


hooooooooooooooooooooo boooooy


hima just ate my post what the flip


hungry hungry hima


File: 1514686396557.jpg (13.08 KB, 350x280, 1433130678681.jpg)

unga bunga linus muflipa


what happened to that guy who was posting about getting his t levels checked did he ever post the results


he got banned




cant wait til mom leaves so i can shite shower jo and start drinking


youre killing yourself


ill stop tomorrow


hes freeing himself from this shite existence


new years eve is tomorrow glad i started looking for jokes i have the gypsy palm reading joke and the nacho cheese joke are there any other ones


its tonight


its on sunday its still saturday


dont tell the gypsy jokey you fool


do this one

whats the difference between a fish and a piano
you can tune a piano but you cant tuna fish

and make sure to yell the tuna fish part


not me

hell yeah gonno eat and watch


what does a vegetarian zombie eat






why cant melons run away and get married


because they cantaloupe


groan zone


flip you this is my best material


i got lots of jokes from popsicles that i tell lolis they usually groan but some of them laugh

what kind of medicine does a bed take
pill ohs

why did the coach go to the bank
to get his quarter back

what did mr and mrs hamburger name their daughter

dont forget to throw in a few riddles like where does friday come before monday
in a dictionary


how many lolis do you interact with you lucky bastard


not as many as when younow was flooded with lolis


what sayeth turtletron


dont use that obscene joke


my existence is obscene


im thinking theres about a 50-50 chance that she will laugh or not get it or think im weird


thats 33-33-33


i love that tuna fish joke


sigh back when momgf and drawgirl were different personas


whoa nice dubs




how is it creepy


its predatory behavior


someone pill me on pnig
does he really want to flip lolis or is it just some sort of fatherly obsession


pnig would flip them hard if it was legal
hes a creep


he doesnt want to flip lolis he wants to flip developed hag teengirls


pedophilia is a meme


if it was legal it wouldnt be creepy sherlock


no it would still be creepy



people thought it was creepy way before the concept of codified laws existed


depends how old they are and what religion they followed and lots of other things


lit a candle and i think the aroma is making me slseepy


must be cosby brand




snorted what


i thought narutos favorite word was believe it


just for the record i thought that was funny


dub baby


cosby was found innocent asshole its not funny


name another popular celebrity with an easy to say name thats been accused of using ruffies to flip women



i snorted cause it was funny




stop its too much


wouldnt most people here flip lolis if given the chance


just remembered this



thats not funny


whats the reason cat really love spanking please reply


i bet it would feel great better than anything else
but i respect lolis i couldnt destroy their innocence it must not be done


they are not innocent but i still wouldnt do it either




when me and turt take over the world snap is going to be legal


you mean turt and i


the manager was dating the girl for two years which means he started dating her when she was 16 and likely was getting flipped the whole time she was an idol




ya cant imagine having sex with a loli


oh i can imagine it


lolis are far from innocent


not and exaggeration to call that the greatest fan betrayal possible this is like a doujinshi plot down to the periods


nah an h manga doujinshi would be her having sex in front of all her fans


sometimes i squint and look at hima and it looks like futaba


nah im not a sexnorm


delusional pednorm


die weeb


bill cosby innocent


our nigga dead


if you arent in the know then you would think lolis are innocent but if youve been around them for any amount of time you would realize that theyre not innocent at all


tell it to chris hansen predator


mindblowing that neetblog jos


he doesnt hes one of the nojo memes







done eating gonno skip the store and do a raid


does that dota guy in low priority wanna run a few games


i rarely jo and im going to stop completely in 2018


thinking about getting cod ww2 someone talk me out of it


its normshite


yeah but im the normblob


can you use a ps4 with a monitor


no i only wanted to play because i was really drunk i hate dota




yes i do


if it has an hdmi port sure


die consolenorms


die rignorm


pill me on the xbox vs ps4


360 and ps3 still feel like new consoles to me




playstation has nogaems


they pinch


i have a ps4 and it pinches just stick with pc


guys whats your favorite anime


i have ps4 and it has a lot of games


why did you post this
i really feel like smoking


the rugrats


hit the vape instead


name some


please respond


witch and the hundred knight 2


i roll my own


dbz and dbs


elfen lied


i remember when i was a kid i wished anna nicole smith was my mom because i wanted her to smother me with her large muscular body and pinchle on my prepubscent dick


forgot how much of a sexnorm i was from an early age i must had been five or six


what should i set to stream on the stream pc


was only ever attracted to girls my age as a kid but my tastes never changed sigh


no you werent


ive never been attracted to anyone


it was a sad day at 14 when i realized i was ped i still remember it


tell the details


i realized i was a ped and felt sad thats about it


whats a good free mmo


lights hope


i was into older girls pined for a hot highschool babysitter when i was a little teenbro


never had a babysitter because my parents loved me


should daddy get a tall one tonight


i got a tall one for you


get some steel reserve


what do you know about that probably nothing


had a babysitter called lucy saw her a couple years ago


flip you neetblog


that wasnt me


yes it was impersonator


die impersonator



watched a youtube video about that last night


saw that but decided not to post it


link me up





miss the old way of settling gamer disputes


damn thats a lot of blood in no time at all


still cringe when i see this
that is so much damn blood probably 3 liters when the video cuts out
sliced through his carotid artery


thats what he gets for not going b


arrogant skipnorm


moms gone im naked and drinking hima


link the post


File: 1514691668878.jpg (269.48 KB, 1200x632, 246675_v6.jpg)


have a scar on my hand from when i punched through the glass window in an abandoned building for fun it didnt hurt and i thought it was cool


that sounds pretty cool and by cool i mean g@y


nothing cool about some boyish horseplay


raged and smashed a bunch of windows at my school with a baseball bat so mom moved me out to the country sigh


first 5 minutes


love my himabros so damn much i really love you guys


everyone who isnt pnig or the other tech guy skips tech embeds


dont start this again


pnig is not a himabro so i didnt include him


no i love him too


whats a good game i can dedicate my life to playing




starcraft brood war


mario 64 speedruns


miss my scapebros


start what again


the sentimental downpour


you mean everyone who isnt neetblog or incelspammer


flip off otalad


no i love em too


do you like the funny guy


which guy


otalad is funny his posts crack me up


in complete sincerity i dont know how anyone could dislike nb


pilled mom on the dichotomy of gender differences in appearance and why men naturally find an appeal for a uniform dress code


nbs like a misbehaving pet that love all the same


im an annoying moron


hes flipping brilliant


what did you just said


they dont though the myceans for example were famous for their open breasted clothes


yeah and now they are extinct


how come no one plays runescape 3


it stinks


whats wrong with it


it doesnt matter it sinks your retarded argument that dress codes are baste on some universal and innate biological principle


their genes were weeded out through evolution


if those clothes remained the same then it would be considered their uniform


i dont think so i think their civilization just died out because of a natural disaster a volcano eruption i think


you cant talk to turt like that


does anyone know what these guys are talking about


wait i may have mischaracterized your argument i thought you were trying to say that men across all societies dress women a certain way in line propriety or something


with propriety i mean


hate the smartnorm argue hours


flip this i am gonno go work on my thesis


no i meant their own appeal men have dressed a certain way for combat then theres the tribal uniform all of that evolved as a dress code for firemen policemen mailmen businessmen all men of course women love changing their clothes daily but men innately dont like that


ive got a match of chess being livestreamed later


what about onseki
he loves fashion


i wear mostly the same thing every day


i said men


wow btfo me


File: 1514693065344.jpg (54.97 KB, 564x423, beb4986d35ab551ab117e5bc85265fe5--world-cultur….jpg)


always hated changing my pants and shoes felt weird


just woke up i think im going to skip the turt posts for a while someone make an eyecatching post so i know when to stop skipping


File: 1514693167784.jpg (276.14 KB, 850x1133, 1475714897570.jpg)


is that eyecatching enough


i havent even made a post in hours idiot




love you turt


die fag





how many people on hima jerk it to underage girls


File: 1514693483471.png (510.25 KB, 588x646, 1452136102198.png)


neetblog pasta man p nig and whinocel


i dont


what about my main man turt


what about molesterman


nah he doesnt jo at all




he had a hands free orgasm on lsd


oh sorry then i was going off on something totally different


wish to flip a loli


File: 1514693786087.png (188.98 KB, 428x601, 1498527060994.png)




hehe i finally got all the usa games i wanted onto the snes classic and i already have more than doubled the original amount of games on the console now onto the japanese ones


dream team


havent read uli lore lately when is he moving to florida to swim


no i dont


File: 1514694094577.jpg (506.12 KB, 850x1202, 1457384567849.jpg)




File: 1514694143317.png (201.74 KB, 359x529, 1455392592312.png)


sometime before next christmas


i love walmart


forgot we had walmart shoppers here


flip you richnorm theres nothing wrong with walmart


dont like blogmart their groceries pinch


i like walmart because theyre open 24/7 and have free wifi


at what age is it ok to flip a girl




why do people who never leave the house care about walmart being open 24/7


if you have a car and go to walmart to get late night neet snacks youre norm



File: 1514695282140.png (Spoiler Image, 4.51 MB, 15000x14162, 1434769607746(1).png)


resize that


hehe i love my new games i put them in a folder labeled ``expansion pack'' time to work on the japanese expansion hehehehe




are you seein this turt


pretty sure hes seen it


how about you get to work on my expansion


thats normchink


File: 1514695549109.jpg (2.21 MB, 3264x2448, P_20171230_214513.jpg)

sigh tap water is weird again


gross chimp hand


nice 6 finger hand


thats pnigs hand


nice sperm water


those are air bubbles you moron


no its obamas hand


why the flip would there be bubbles in water
youre the moron idiot


"air" bubbles yeah right wake up


im not going to get wwii


no one cares norm


go to hell


steemed x)


die bitch


File: 1514695774556.webm (Spoiler Image, 1.37 MB, 640x640, 1405318925903.webm)


you cant talk to me like that im the normblob


mario kart pinches




die impersonator


im not an impersonator


active shooter


love a good shooting


done showering what should i do now


become a hog farmer




final day of 2017


gonno jo


tomorrows the final day of 2017 for me


2017 pinched ass i cant think of anything positive i did besides lose weight


will the hima mansion have space for a barn and barnyard animals


just neetblog


you got a slender sexy bod during 2017 now its time to show it off in 2018


i lost weight too and all it got me was a visible heartbeat


realized that i will never be more attractive i am at this moment but im doing nothing with it not even taking pictures my whole life was wasted potential


take some real quick and post those bad boys


love watching my heart beat its better than wall staring


File: 1514696792285.jpg (Spoiler Image, 97.32 KB, 400x400, 1508810428548.jpg)


who cares about being sexy or looking good


looking ugly is rude to others


why do you care about others


i dont really care i just hate myself because i cant be norm and fulfilled


become an artist


File: 1514697085643.jpg (Spoiler Image, 119.24 KB, 400x400, 1462986212776.jpg)


havent been able to login into youtube for days now
dont want to clear the cace




gonno jo


File: 1514697241447.jpg (Spoiler Image, 228.65 KB, 720x1280, 1496776734335.jpg)


gonno attempt to use nightly firefox to post on hima to see if its any faster or anything


i remember being on /g/ when quantum launched and everyone was complaining hard about being forced to upgrade thats when i realized /g/ is filled with retards


it seems absolutely better g just whines about their six year old ricing extensions not working


flip quantum im using 52 esr


why dont they have auto updates disabled by default its much better like this


really dislike the fonts on chrome think ill change them away from courier new


File: 1514697499312.jpg (535.71 KB, 1000x667, IMG_7756-20150706.jpg)


stop using claura and upgrade to ashita right now


im use mushroom


thinking about ricing quantum to fit the hima theme i use


patching these roms is an absolute nightmare and the prepatched ones are corrupt what the hell


flip you emulatornorm


File: 1514697737734.jpg (547.9 KB, 1000x667, IMG_7243-20141203.jpg)

wish to make cream pies with ichika one day


made my first pie at age 24 guess what kind it was


was it a creampie


let me guess a creampie ha ha ha


no it was an apple pie


where are all my runebros at


rune i hell you flipping norm



i guess you already know its burg time hima


deep fry that bad boy




suit yourself norm


pinch my ass frynorm



video games take too much effort


glad uli got the get and not the lolinorm


same uli is baste


idiot retard


envy is streaming hes really chatty tonight


you got owned


bh pednorm


started using duck duck go


File: 1514698446626.jpg (125.87 KB, 960x905, c.jpg)


the bangs are nice


yeah theyre really useful



is that turts twitter


finding funny stuff when i google himasugi



what the bloody flip


just started bawling



nice one neetblog


that is our 4chan soccer team


whoever made that needs to be banned


have we won any games


its some sc2 guy




the team music is nice he knows what he is doing


nah its some sc2 retard those names are newbro as hell any real hima could have easily come up with 20 names



you can tell its sc2 by the bitcoin meme




this literally making me feel ill


thinking about snoozing hima should i just leave the okinawan music on all night


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why what the hell


hima is popular


someone has been posting hima in the osrs thread as well flip you lscaper


File: 1514699234674.png (540.77 KB, 927x927, Hima_logo.png)


banner it


no flip you sc2


bet turt feels slighted he didnt make the squad


i dont have anything to do


are you trying to start whine hours


goddamnit why cant the norms just leave us alone why are they so obsessed with us


chill out


when you have someone like turt posting what do you expect


i cant relax im having a panic attack because of this shit


its kind of funny that the whitelist is the goalkeeper ill give them that


gonno jerk it to kids to let some of this hot liquid stress out of my body


hehe found all the prepatched famicom games


feeling tense got a headache


hehe decided to solo man raid stormwind stopped at darkshire and two 110s came out of nowhere

killed them both 2v1


i dont have anything to do



dam son so many famicom games im going to have to separate them into two separate folders on the snes classic



big pone bone



im flippin bored




when are you going to grow out of cool anime shite


i never grew into it


turt why does the government want to turn their entire male population into femboys i dont understand it


prosecco time hima


theyre easier to control


im bored
i dont have anything to do


thats not true women are more cunning and manipulative than men


only when it comes to petty arguments over nothing


women have never accomplished anything ever


they was queens and shit


what about marie curie she has nobel prizes in the hard sciences


wish i was a queen


wish i was a loli


often think about being turned into a loli and then posting proof on hima and streaming for you guys and how you would react


i would refrain from implicating myself in felonious online sex offenses


i wouldnt stream anything sexual idiot just talking to you guys


pnig here you just lost me as a potential viewer


could you do sexual things too


i could




i would show my bubis


what no i was running around in stormwind now im doing stuff


started out life in the valley of trials now we stack gold in big ass piles


need to think of a name for the new channel and also a site that allows anime streams and uses html5


channel awesome




when is connectcast coming back



is that mark or that other guy


love you guys youre my dearest companions


are you a loli




turt whats your take on the new black mirror season


nice invite your friends to hima


File: 1514702174018.png (9.46 KB, 441x77, pnigbtfo.png)


i dont have any friends im home schooled


die facebooknorm


i dont have a facebook account


File: 1514702310150.jpg (197.02 KB, 255x466, Magical_Pop'n_box.jpg)

phew got half the famicom games loaded up i guess i got what i wished for because the other half is all just rpgs also this is what you call a cover


didnt you already post that


im wishing for a pumpkin head curb stomp did you get that yet


flipping stressed as hell i only have until tomorrow to do so much shite ill be forced to skip


looking for alternatives found this with a bunch of furries streaming their drawings


lolis are watching him eat


what do you have to do


gonno make this


some of these less popular streaming sites are depressing


my life is depressing


wish a loli would depress me


how would a loli depress you


im a lazy worthless blob of shit


she physically depress my tongue with her shite



File: 1514703374273.png (54.24 KB, 664x462, nice vapers.png)

vaughn tv seems like a good place it uses html5


gonno start a vape channel


i vape


saw a guy in the guild called i vape and buy bitcoin


i vape but dont buy bitcoin


niggers tongue my anus


your mom is my epic mount


what should the channel name be i made a new one called streamtest is that fine




thats too long and there wont be any tech on the channel its just for streaming anime and music and stuff


if its too long how about kennytechtips


there wont be any tech tips


why not


phew finally got all the games on there about 70+ in total time for some late night gaming


why would there be its just for anime


hey momgf


stream the higurashi anime now that would be an epic watch


might make some custom icons too for the folders to make the menu a little more pretty

hello brother




die you flipping normchink piece of shit


did they many any other one or is it still just the one from like 2006


hi momgf


hello there



flip you asshole


hows it goin big man


File: 1514703898569.jpg (241.43 KB, 853x480, Higurashi_no_Naku_Koro_ni_01_[wind][DVD](h264 ….jpg)

the one i have seems like its really shitty quality


thats fine it adds to the experience


rika is so flipping sexy just look at her seductive face that little minx wants to be flipped hard and fast by an older brother sort of guy


oooog me flip hard


what is up my brother


now that i figured out the problem was the remote desktop locking the computer after use it will be a lot faster to stream something because i just need to move it onto my psuedo nas and play it from there instead of moving it to the psuedo nas and then onto the computer


hangin and banging wbu


hey man not much just hanging out whatcha up to


wheres the higurashi stream hurry up but not above 900KB/s


thats mine never ended up using it


the vaughn site doesnt seem to use flash but still requires flash to play the streams

i guess i wont be using that site what are some others


just make a stream on twitch and use a cipher to obscure the url neetblog will be too dumb to figure it out and report


finish as many of my 2017 goals as possible before the new year


i killed cipher in mgs


just use a streamlink compatible site and no one will require flash


i stopped reporting your streams a long time ago


what are your goals


once bitten twice shy


die pythonorm


just got cyberbullied hoo boy it hurts


who can blame basteblog for it honestly we would have all done the same in that situation


File: 1514704484840.png (1.72 MB, 1080x1920, 1514703276595.png)

whats your excuse


im a retarded lazy neet


File: 1514704513376.webm (491.07 KB, 522x716, 1463004136779.webm)


hes got gyno


disgusting hag think im gonno puke who finds that cute


it is adorbs


whats my excuse for what


wheres the streammmmmmmmmmmmm


its one of turts catchphrases he doesnt plan things out that far ahead


dont mess with the joost


onseki how do you buy weed


is onseki the hag roleplayer


cant find a site that uses html5 so its a mystery


you can either be a birl or a hot guy why the hell did you choose manbaby


he buys it from the brown girl


dont think turt would post a pic of a ftm that looks more masculine than him


just use twitch neetblog said he wont report it


you obviously dont know turt then


why would turt mog himself


clean room
organize hard drive
reinstall windows for mom
go to sleep early enough to wake up before noon
get rid of things im not using
organize all my bookmarks from the last year
do 100 pushups in a row


does he remind you of anyone


twitch mods automatically delete anime streams


flip that shit


they dont delete jav streams


i can do at most 35 push ups without collapsing


how would they even see it if it didnt get reported


i tried a few weeks ago i can only do one


at least he deserves to be a little arrogant unlike someone


wish i could start waking up before noon again those were my most productive neet days


im too masculine to be a birl and too short and bald to be a hot guy


see i knew it was turt he have much variety in his posts


flipign stream already GOD


are you trying to sound like a chink there


File: 1514705009573.jpg (51.88 KB, 500x671, 1453606753207.jpg)


there arent any html5 sites i guess ill use instagib thats what i streamed pripara on and it worked out fine


are you streaming higurashi or what


what should i stream


stream some always sunny


why do you have such a problem finding a streaming site just use fc2 or something


stream higurashi it will be epic please doi t


actually ill stream later gonno shower and do some black guy stuff then ill play something


flipping bastard


just use smashcast


i dunno people said they dont want a flash site so ive been looking for an html5 only site

thats not me its turt let me start transferring higurashi


as long as its streamlink compatible no one will need to use flash


for the people who use stream viewers i think they will watch whether or not its on a flash site


going to start with the first then the other episodes should be finished transferring


and its 900kbps but sometimes it goes over if its a problem i can lower it


its working greath thank you


still dont understand what the fuck hinamizawa syndrome is



for some reason the first 2 are dvd quality and the rest are 704x400 so episode 3 will look much shittier


this is the new year stream of my dreams thank youi pnig im crying




satoko i love youuuuuuuuuu


jod to satoko 3 times this week so far


no youddint


the budget for that water wheel was equal to the budget for everything else in the episode


deen has done it again


tardlaughing at all of the outfits of these characters


File: 1514706076212.png (175.52 KB, 500x557, 1441331157415.png)


thats what things were like in the 80s


ok the others are added to the playlist it should play 1-26 and then repeat


what about season 2


deen animators were having major problems with perspective


is season 2 kai i have it but its a different resolution
i remember doing something with the player to not reset the size of the player so it might be find ill see how things go after episode 2 if theres no need to resize ill start sending those over too




rika must be flipped


i already flipped her sorry


studio deen flipping pinches what the hell


think im gonno have to go to the liquor store soon


take it back


its laughably bad


i hope nobody on hima actually watched the new star wars movie


my dad made me see it


no you dont understand


what did you think


it was awful i was bored out of my mind


whats your dad like


hes really arrogant and passive aggressive not nice to be around


what did he think of the movie


i dont know


when can we meet that dad


didnt you talk about it after the movie was over thats what everyone does while walking out of the theater


good ol early 2000s tl notes


yeah i said it was hot garbage my brother said it was okay and my dad just grunted


File: 1514706770275.jpg (122.98 KB, 1181x1181, DSOfl2GVoAAcq3d.jpg large.jpg)



love this ed


if you like sakugagoukai deen is one of the best studios to watch


missing an h idiot good job


hate when people post the naruto pain fight as an example of sakuga houkai theyre completely wrong


lots of it in precure and super sigh


need to flip rika hard


might have to play higurashi again in the new year


rika is so desensitized she wouldnt even care or feel anything if you snapped her


wish i had a group of sexy girls who i could go to festivals with and flip and do lots of funny things wit




what do you mean h


i posted too fast its meant to go on the end of the last post


oh heh





File: 1514707394928.jpg (65.31 KB, 400x600, 9lao9y.jpg)


my mom got a small cake from the store for new years i cant imagine more than 1 person eating it so im going to eat it tomorrow before anyone gets a chance


ungrateful little pig


its for the greater good of everyone involved


always thought teach was pretty sexy


poor tomitake-san


tardlaughing at the corpse photo


tomitake always made me tardlaugh theres something about him


hehe i know what you mean


why did they draw satoko with such huge boobs


its a travesty


renas favorite soda is usoda


lolis would like that joke


hi hima woke up hows it going
watched overlord 1 2 3 and 4 yesterday before bed its completely shite but at the same time i couldnt stop thinking about it even dreamed about it


miss this kind of fansubbing


get in here


im already here


wish god would onikakushi me away to the land of lolis


in the stream you fool


i post before reading sorry


thats just russia isnt it


oh its higurashi haha


would be nice to have a dad who wants you to flip teenage girls like rena


would be nice to have a dad


every dad is proud of having a slayer son


used to listen to this song while leveling in arathi highlands sigh


say what you will about the animation but the songs were really nice


always skipped both the op and the ed




they set the feeling for the series you cant skip them


the op appealed to my dark and twisted side


whos streaming why isnt it on daisukenodaifan


he made a new account


my dads about to jo


i thought i would change the name this seems easier to type


always read before posting fool


you fool im a slow reader i like to savor the posts and discussions fully i would have ended up missing the entire stream if i read before posting


its an eternal stream going all night long


me and irie sensei are soul brothers


irie is a super ped


my dad is a vile sexnorm


going to the liquor store now ill be back as soon as possible hope i dont miss the end of this arc


i will take good care of satoko chan while youre away


you bastard take it back


File: 1514708726107.png (233.43 KB, 1000x1454, biribiri_AloYoru_003.png)

spermed hard




die sexnorm


learn to love not hate


youll learn to beg for mercy sexnorm


should have the resolution problem fixed ill do season 2 after this tomorrow after i wake up so this one might repeat a few episodes


poor k1


just flippin slaughter me




the first thing i did after cutting up a jalapeno was rub my fingertips all over the inside of my urethra but i didnt feel anything


wish himako would ban the sexnorms


should i read the past 50 posts


ban yourself idiot


nah skip them


i cant ban myself im not himako


sterotypical badger chasing a cheeseburger


if i knew rena i would tell her to walk in front of me too so i could look at her butt




what does that have to do with sex moron


kill me


im going to chop it off


File: 1514709764274.jpg (Spoiler Image, 309.04 KB, 868x1000, 135034126484.jpg)

not a sexnorm post


is speculoos spread any good


File: 1514709848928.jpg (246.83 KB, 705x527, 1505362150033.jpg)


big fan of the tardfrog


File: 1514710022087.jpg (415.69 KB, 1600x1200, cd7c06e3cc162c9d5c46e1e17da38b4d.jpg)

sexnorm post


File: 1514710123354.jpg (682.95 KB, 1098x1098, 1514452070249.jpg)


File: 1514710208192.png (Spoiler Image, 716.39 KB, 1000x1091, 289bffa689a1647f2b6fa9e7f4000eec.png)


File: 1514710264021.png (17.18 KB, 500x250, 1488777033843.png)


herkz made fun of me when i was 13 for forgetting the n at the end of gomen


this is very sexy


posted that pic earlier it makes me crack up


herkz is baste