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a new spread thread for a new spread year
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die fast reader


sorry could you repeat that i read it too fast


you cannot relish the posts reading that fast


im bored
i dont have anything to do


clean your room


i did that yesterday


93 posts left


download some ebooks from libgen they have everything


had to read almost 1000 posts today skipper


had to read almost 1000 posts today


nice double post what is this the w


sounds like a problem on your end i slept for 10 hours and only had about 150 posts waiting


i snooze during the fast hours


nah flip you readnorm


go flip yourself then


did terry die




pinch my ass booknorm


File: 1514770877081.mp4 (86.84 KB, 4938249be86e8dea1132605360f4cbf3cd375ff3.mp4)


guess the guy that made the last blog of the year couldnt be more wrong


nice snownigger


glad he got owned he always rubbed me the wrong way


File: 1514771160144.jpg (317.14 KB, 732x1024, 80cc53c0d2a6288031fe482aedf4d92a2b40efac.jpg)



awaiting the new year with great anticipation


gonno slowjo and snooze a bit


this is bullying


hell ya lumens just mooned great new years present


ok im back from the store i saw no lolis but saw some girls around ichikas age


hows bitbean doing


frys started carrying bawls got 2 of them gonno start sipping and fire up wow


pinch my bawls pedonig


wish i got to accumulate more







not sure what id put on my resume


gonno eat some cookies and watch vids


the hima mansion shall be located in venice to accommodate those without drivers licenses instead they can use gondolas


only one blogweiser left bros


post the gondola one


turt what do you think of anderson cooper


only city dwelling bugboys cant drive


ive been tellng a joke every now and again and sisters friend is laughing really hard at them but with each successive my sister becomes more and more annoyed so ill think ill stop for a bit because with the last one she told me to shut up

the last one was how do you make a tissue dance you put a little boogey in it


shes getting jealous she wants nii nii all to herself


your sister knows youre a creep trying to woo her friend


i can drive but i dont have a drivers license


im not trying to woo her i feel a bit bad about not going to jumanji with them so i can at least make her laugh a bit


should i perform my yearly windows reinstall tonight or should i bag it for tomorrow


install funtoo


why are you reinstalling


how about you mind your own business and let them hang out


neighbor rented some kind of bouncy i can hear a bunch of lolis playing in it


install debian instead


its sluggish


im sluggish


sluggard and scoundrel


thats what im doing now theres still over 4 hours before new years ill try to think of some more subtle puns to slip in


do that norm meme where you say meow a lot


new bogantech this time hes reviewing the r6


technorm hours wake me up when turt starts posting


join in with some mineral oil






cant find a clean windows 8.1 iso looks like im downgrading to 7


nice botnet os


isnt 8.1 free like 10







guess turts out partying with his friends sigh


how do you suggest i game idiot


wheres the stream



having a few final sperms to ring in the new year nojo 2018 will be the one that works 18 is a good number


i was cooking chicken livers
i dont have any friends because theres no one on the planet i can really identify with now that i dont have halo


nojo was created by an anti masturbation christian group look it up


were talking about nojo not nofap


do you eat the chicken livers or give them to the dog


you can be friends with my cousin


arent we your friends


hate everyone on hima especially you




File: 1514775238517.jpg (2.32 MB, 3264x2448, P_20171231_194548.jpg)

i can understand the appeal of windows in cases because i keep looking over at this


i do theyre great

most people here are mean


my number one resolution for 2018 is not to have to see another normnigger post for as long as i live


took the chicken wings out of the steamer theyre in the freezer now all i need to do is bake them and make the sauce


nojo 2018 lets do it boys




youre the meanest guy here


turt is a kind soul


no hes not just look at the comments on his youtube videos


those guys are crazy


boil them

im the nicest incel you will ever meet but i got sick of being the victim so im willing to defend myself


youre explosively racist


im open to the existence of race yeah


i am a race realist


hes a regular eichmann


you throw around horrible racist slurs like theyre pleases and thank yous


theyre steamed to remove the fat from the skin and then degreased to make the skin dry put into the freezer so that the skin crisps up extra in the oven

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