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make it a good one


its like kleenex pvm is just sony's name for their reference monitors with the trinitron aperture grille

the actual thing is just a video monitor or reference monitor or broadcast monitor, they dont have tuners so they arent televisions


i refuse to use the peek thread its like destroying a historic monument


got left behind


flip you nigger you didnt even use a thematic image


i didnt even make this thread im checking scope and checking pvms and watching aquarium videos


would you have used one hypothetically


groan go to hell nigger delete my post i feel sick giving you any kind of information


one what an aquarium or pvm or a loli




File: 1514374612259.mp3 (7.2 MB, 01 âRâhâéé éóéóé¦éßé±!.mp3)

this song reminds me of winter im not sure why


you know why




File: 1514374793807.jpg (170.89 KB, 865x649, 1486670135872.jpg)


why is chen one of those characters that everybody jos to


shes a lolikid


never found her attractive in my life




its just the otalad


doubt anyone will watch this but its really relaxing


im watching this


gonno check it out


didnt know dragonflys grew up underwater


tardlaughing at jibo




nice fried rice


could really go for some fried rice


simply despise the norm that subs yukas vids


mom is going to wake me up wayyy to early but at least it will set me back on track for the rest of the week because ive wanted to get myself on a dawn to dusk sleep schedule for a while now


wayyyyy earlayyyyy


thinking about setting up a bot farm for scape and selling gold for crypto


why would anyone buy a r6 instead of one of these




got left behind


how did you get left behind didnt you think it was odd that everyone stopped posting instantly at the same time


flip you bragger


pasta when you wake up give me your opinion on this >>696287


i thought everyone went to sleep



im norwooding about as hard as the food ranger


the idea of chinese people in india never occurred to me


theres tons of indians in singapore too my mom said they had great street food


they lack higiene mom said that she would never eat street food in india or china after watching the food ranger with me


what do they lack


got my dogs banner hehe


id probably look for ones that seem the cleanest and eat those


those people eat that food every day and dont get sick


its because they eat it so much i thought trevor said he got sick a lot when he first started eating food in china but now he can eat anything and can even eat indian street food


your immune system will not be able to handle it trust me


isnt it good to eat it then since it boosts your immune system


not if you dont survive it


i guess if you eventually stop getting sick


it is like when i get sick from eating mcdonalds after a year of not having it


if little chink women can survive it then so can i


dont know why im impressed each time i see him speaking chinese


thats not how it works


hehe the wontons are boiled and then covered in lard


flip you doubters im moving to india


bought some lard but it smells like bacon


i remember reading a while back that lard isnt nearly as bad for you as people think it is


mom used to always tell me to never throw away the bacon grease after i made bacon and she would put it into a small jar and for the next few days instead of oil she would use that


thats how we do it in the south


the indian chinks seem so much more friendly than the chinese ones


wouldnt mind some country fried steak right about now


cleaned my ears


the country steak meme is finished


still dont even know what country fried steak is


like this


thats called a chicken fried steak imbecile


cant watch the video can someone explain what it is to me


a thin steak breaded and fried with gravy on top of it


its the same thing dumbass


what does chicken have to do with it


looking back on it forums survived off of drama amongst its users and the reason why a lot of them die is becsuse the oldfags leave who are usually the most problematic and there isnt enough drama to keep the forum interesting


its just the name


but theres no chicken in it i thought it would be steak wrapped in chicken and deep fried or something


its because southerners are retarded and associate breading and frying things with thicken


southerners are good people



wouldnt mind some chicken fried steak with biscuits and gravy and some sweet tea right about now and then later sitting on the porch with my banjo shotgun and dip


wish i was a southern boy


File: 1514379655802.jpg (285.11 KB, 2100x1400, MTUxNDEyMjgwMg==.jpg)


saturated fat raises your test levels through the roof no wonder this article has a whole section on how kitty northerners want everyone to stop eating it entirely




they call me jimmy cam tron and i dont take kindly to northerners around here


fat is actually very good for you overall the no fat meme must end


pretty sure it ended like 30 years ago


nah its still alive


americans btfo


post some wranglerstar flip varg


dont enjoy wranglevids too much


me neither hes a really unpleasant guy


File: 1514381073289.jpg (831.02 KB, 1200x1600, 7320b0e8d41d73d3ee042ef2a9955553.jpg)


how many people have jod to non i wonder


probably millions by now




flip off sc2


gettin hungry again hima


eat som,e food


File: 1514384749167.jpg (48 KB, 375x600, z9bknz9aib601.jpg)


black caesar


very deadhours


space sperm


File: 1514396010934.jpg (26.36 KB, 480x773, ffx12viera-final-fantasy-14713905-480-773.jpg)

sorry for low quality image but why the hell did they add such a sexy subspecies to a spinoff final fantasy game such a shame





bored of shadowverse im stuck on A1


gonno make some coffee hehe


gettin sleepy


nice slurpslave
phew nice abdomen and overly detailed pelvis
i dont know but it makes me incredibly sad too the viera are beyond sexy


baste wageseki


mom made me paint the wall for her
kind of fun im really good at painting non artistically just mechanically


linus used to be a painter


why cant mom paint


its not a job for women


men should do the manual labor and upkeep the houses infrastructure


painting isnt manual labor its the perfect girl job


File: 1514400246182-0.mp3 (5.25 MB, 08 - Katamari Onzauingusu.mp3)

File: 1514400246182-1.png (18.25 KB, 500x500, shii.png)

have a listen


i love this soundtrack


File: 1514400611880.mp4 (52.11 MB, 20171224_140626.mp4)

this was so cool to look at



i wonder how many people have tried to jump in


i was watching the tv in the background


i think the problem i had installing and playing games on windows 7 was driver related


forgot to post about it but i saw my old chess coach last week at the grocery store almost approached him to say hi
not sc2 by the way


nice chessnorm


you should have cornered him against a wall and said checkmate


iq went down from being on hima for so long




that niceeye


grrr its like i have this inspiration inside of me but i cant seem to let it out uughhh i need to draw to make music its like about to explode s i g h im going to take a shower and fold my laundry maybe thatll help


make some nice origami with the clothes



it came to me while i was in the shower
going to start working on it after i fold all these clothes


dont post that guy hes actually a vegan shill


File: 1514404420849.jpg (94.58 KB, 869x960, 132.jpg)

onseki no......


cant stand the ted talk people theyre all like the result of taking a hundred people from reddit and distilling them into the most arrogant pretentious and conceited yet empty person to ever live


die smartnorm


im tard


File: 1514405332314.webm (Spoiler Image, 2.1 MB, 853x480, 1514395881618.webm)




scared me


50mb for a 20 second mp4 seriously


hima im too tired so im gonno snooze now see you in eight


momgf doesnt give a flip



you can delete it if you want


trendseki what fashion are you rocking this year


File: 1514410946554.png (298.11 KB, 1228x2900, hima子.png)

phew its been a while since i drew something im happy with going to color and add more to her later


File: 1514411035740.png (183.7 KB, 480x355, Milk_Chan.png)


time to reward myself with some final fantasy


File: 1514411132184.jpg (72.08 KB, 768x768, splatoon.jpg)


im bored as all hell hima


gonno shower and shave i guess what do you know about that probably nothing


die shavenorm


just "woke up"


my jury summons is fast approaching if it comes to it what shall i tell the judge to secure my dismissal


anyone want to play pong




tell him youre prejudice against nonpeds


thats out of the question


which state are you from im from new jersey


ew i saw that thumbnail yesterday stop stalking me flip mowtendo




did you just said


fugg mewtendoo :33333333333333333333333333333


tfw no himasugi


gonno have a wank


why does that matter


getting a bone from the legs of the op girl


theyre just legs you see them all the time outside


not sexy legs




未来が眩しくて見えない make a sandwich


未来が眩しくて見えない shower


File: 1514416727320.jpg (96.05 KB, 736x1040, c4fd45f2907bf912172ba5a7afce52ee771393701b5cb8….jpg)





low test


guess im jerking it today sigh you've forced my hand


tell the whole world why doncha


im the lowtestblob


File: 1514418280215.jpg (50.25 KB, 480x853, 1514401549532.jpg)


sooo jealous that the super famicom classic edition gets fire emblem but we get earthbound so i guess it balances out






really wish that the snes classic came with a proper beat em up though also total bs that the super famicom classic got tetris too but neither consoles got puyo puyo what the hell i wish they would have made the systems feature cartridges with the whole games on them rather than just loaded them all into one tiny bite sized console i would have bought expansions




also if snk were smart they would release a neo geo classic edition people would go bonkers


who cares chink


all i know is that if they release ever release a n64 classic edition they better include megaman 64 better known as megaman legends


who gives a shit


File: 1514419071434.jpg (Spoiler Image, 39.04 KB, 300x300, 058886adffe673a3e0a17a80783ff5a6.jpg)

image attached enough said


chinkspam is bringing my piss to a boil


didnt mind at first now he doesnt ever shut the flip up and it kills hima


the museum one wasnt him btw


think i have fleas



i dont click non embeds


he shouldnt defend violence


dont click it its varg gains


eagerly awaiting the onseki drug dealer arc


raged a bit reading last thread those oni cosplayers were horrid why do girls have to try and corrupt everything for pointless attention


yeah those nameless oni cosplayers were absolutely horrid right this place is weird im going back to sc2 you should too


fool you are playing into their hands this is what they want




cosplayers in general look dumb as flip you cant translate 2d into 3d without it looking wonky


i thought he would never go back to canada even to visit yet here it is


hey hima just woke up not that many posts when i was sleeping my headphones are hear




i cant here


Oh right; I forgot


hehe thats pretty funny


been wigging out since noon the floating hehes really mess with me


he does the same routine no matter where he goes apparently hes asking what kind of stuff went in the food even though he was right there cooking it


die wigger


i think hes doing it as a joke


just noticed on the index theyre still snow but in this thread theyre hehe


god look at that house flip the bourgeois


wow this video is like the epitome of everything i want to destroy


yeah he makes me sick as a person but i like seeing the food he eats


its just a normal canadian house theyre all pretty big


you can do cosplay adequately without making it horrid if you put a lot of time effort and passion into it sure it wont look as good but at least youre not an embarrassment like milk but girls a free pass whereas a guy would be treated like an attention seeking pmb even if he strongly wanted to honor a beloved character

the only way around it for men is you have to cosplayers as some sort of mech and have a partially functional suit


wish i had some pagan brothers to share folklore with





id rather see the shittiest cow do cosplay than another ironic beardo normalshit dressed up as cirno


dont even try to pretend you didnt want to use the numale word right there


sometimes they dress up as cheeeeeeeeen


File: 1514421943129.jpg (158.38 KB, 900x1200, wk.jpg)

i couldnt fit it in with the other adjectives


ironic cosplay is obviously a step below shitty cosplay because it tries to be inaccurate to receive attention rather than simply failing to be accurate


cheeeeeeeeen is turts favorite did you see the shirt he had it was one of the epic honk honk shirts hes sooo baste


that is honk cat not chen


wow im mistaken i guess im not an true otaku time to hit up kym thanks bro^^


i hope trevor didnt get sick from eating all the canadian food


hate canadians


File: 1514422327933.mp4 (5.08 MB, canadian male awkward laugh 46.mp4)


kind of mindboggling the intelligence difference between canadians and americans


they are the brains of north america


theyre arrogant as hell


yeah canadians are dumb as flip


youve just reminded me of how norms love their awoo girl gonno take an angry shower


these headphones are really comfortable thats good my old ones hurt to wear


i am glad to hear that


what ones are they


hoooo boy if you like cheese pizza this ones for you


File: 1514422721572.jpeg (200.74 KB, 750x1334, D19CB6B2-1EF0-4758-8ADC-DAB0B252AECD.jpeg)

the good stuff my favorite is shirakiku that white brand


the audio technica meme ones


are they the ones with the pads on the top that are supposed to automatically adjust to your head because if so you will soon grow to hate that system as it forces your hair into a weird wedge mohawk shape if you use them for any extended amount of time


sigh those bastards literally stocked everything but hojicha


i dont care about my hair




can never go wrong with sony mdrs


how come trevor james never did a street food tour in new york it seems like it would be a good place

excited to see him in mexico though i wonder if he will be stopping in arizona


hope the cartel cuts his head off with a chainsaw


i have secured tonights dinner its going to be another burrito


no poo is going great hair is shiny but not as greasy anymore much more manageable too


File: 1514423340429.jpeg (178.31 KB, 750x1334, CC95E44D-D32A-4133-AEC5-3B278DCC8F7B.jpeg)

hehe all ready for new years


why not poo and use conditioner


post some sexy lolis


wheres the gyoza


new years isnt for another few days


why do more work for the same result


how else will you get the bugs out


water and once every week an apple cider vinegar wash


File: 1514423508477.jpg (270.82 KB, 754x962, 1345366213760.jpg)


apple cider does not belong in your hair


File: 1514423562173.jpg (337.67 KB, 1112x1584, 1335680061413.jpg)


nah its great if i was a girl id do a weekly conditioning with some honey and banana infused paste


File: 1514423725322.jpg (2.08 MB, 1400x2000, d553db043cf330a0d45df6a00e069597.jpg)

really like this artist except for his anal fascination


dont put bananas in your hair either


tried to do the jo with a banana thing once


mom puts olive oil in her hair sometimes and its really nice




minna atsumare


varg didnt reply to my email again


downloading 200 torrents at once hell yeah


im downloading mahoujin guruguru


bored gonno lay down


same flip this


youre bored because youre boring


you just think that sounds clever


File: 1514424761425-0.png (1.76 MB, 1275x719, chinkeye.png)

File: 1514424761425-1.png (2.3 MB, 1272x720, chinkeye2.png)

File: 1514424761425-2.png (1.2 MB, 1273x720, chinkeye3.png)

does this guy have a fake eye


trying to jo but mom is lurking


jo in the tub


he has a normal eye and a chink eye


cant stop joing to shiwasu no okina


dead hours what happened


espresso time hima


everyones joing


hope nobody is joing to the legs in the op i already did that so shes mine


bastard you better not have


cant jo when other people are


its too late just look at those legs and that hair


this is such a nice theme


dont order me around im neetblog the ginga bishounen




File: 1514427098804.jpg (115.54 KB, 724x1024, 147961812329.jpg)


leave that child alone


still watching clips from japanese shows poor girls walking around with shirts that say fugly


asses dont work like that the biggest ruiner of pornographs is an inaccurate or poorly drawn asshole it ruins like half or more images that i see where its visible


are there any artists who do accurate assholes




usually the phrase less is more is appropriate for drawing them correctly


File: 1514427250680.png (732.59 KB, 800x960, 0fa87a64677f233d41014b51b66fa39a.png)


maybe it's just really stretched out



have you ever looked at your own asshole


yes i have i bent over and looked at it in the bathroom mirror it was alright


File: 1514427306746.jpg (85.48 KB, 1280x720, 1514427123946.jpg)


the girl wearing the naked shirt earlier in that video seems like the kind of girl onseki would like she gives off an older sister aura


havent seen an onseki post in a while is he okay


he was posting yesterday


sigh kyriakos...


just watched last episode of shuumatsu disappointed it wasnt a crier


stomach is rumbling i think im gonno get my burrito now its gotta be pinto beans with rice and steak with cheese and salsa and NO lettuce


still need to watch the last 3 episodes im waiting for the right mood


just got bloatmogged


where did the banner of the cat sniffing a flower come from


japan why


the ehome banner is my favorite one


hey hima ive been cleaning my neetsty




want to jo but moms around sigh


go for it she already knows youre a disgusting wankpig


i dont wank you flipping fool


i wank


shove your head down into the muck and wank with the other squealing little piggies


havent jod today




had a 3am jo


never stayed up until 3am before




i dont believe that


cant wait until i can ddl ps3 isos with no hassle like every other pre 7th gen console


stop playing video games


back from getting my burrito the girl gave me free chips




im trying to get into them


got 5 wins in take two


wish i didnt get hot sauce on this




what program should i use to play music because right if not itunes


whoops flipped that post up


use foobaar fool


2018 is going to be scary




do not post 201*


shut up turt


because its going to be the quickening i can already tell not everyone is going to survive good luck


shut up turt




year of the ynaj


i can feel it already mom is going to tell me to man up next year


its going to be stormy as hell i wish i could tell you to get ready but im afraid its too late for that youll only be able to cross your fingers now


shut up turt


i might be basted


File: 1514431149879.webm (4.13 MB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Two Car - 12 [720p].webm)



eating some toast hima


File: 1514431171208.jpg (131.49 KB, 950x712, 2018.jpg)

you better hope youre basted if you had any trouble with 2017 you are not prepared for what comes next


is it rye toast aand shut the flip up turt


2017 was the best year of my life


reflect on it and tell us why


it was pretty good i got a gf


2018 is the make or break year boys i am ready to meet it head on


got along with mom well had the house to myself more than ever before and was able to take it easy more than any time in the past had good times with my himabros and watched good anime and played fun games


the calm before the storm


why do numales like turt try so hard to be edgy


no its white bread


how is anything being posted right now edgy



why are your eyes not automatically filtering out all of wk's posts you should know by now he has nothing of value to say


i installed foobar how do you play a track by couple clicking its not working i have to right click and hit play


its in the settings doofus


well first you click it and then it plays


you arent ready are you


dont understand how these kinds of people use a computer for 14 hours a day for years and dont know how their computer works and dont bother to open the settings when they install software


the only thing i hope for in 2018 is that if turt keeps being annoying that he will be banned


are you willing to be banned for being annoying as well


unlikely because im not incel or numale


there is literally no tab for settings


14 hours a day clicking around a web browser and winamp isnt really the same as formal training


did you think of anything to do with your sisters friend otalad


yeah foobar blows ass just gonno download itunes


file>preferences or ctrl+p


only onseki could be this incompetent


onseki can configure a linux server this is neetblog or instigator theyre the only ones dumb enough


keep in mind lolis get weird during certain holidays and new years eve is one of them


there is literally no benefit to using foobar


uh it has the same benefit as any music player


its literally the best music player available


its low memory and incredibly configurable most of all it doesnt install any sort of process to run in the background even when its not running


you mean he can spend 3 hours following the directions of others


i dont think configurable is what this guy is looking for since hes braindead


also it can play nearly all audio formats good luck playing flac in itunes you FLIPPING nerd


man cannot even tell the difference between flac and no flac


i dont download anything in flac


i download all my music off youtube


you can tell if you dont have shitty headphones some of the details that go into songs are really interesting in some songs youll hear random noises that you would usually never hear perfume songs are especially good for this


i only listen to the vocals


give me some tips on how to better listen to the instruments as well


dont understand why double click doesnt equal play by default its the most intuitive system


double clicking does play by default are you holding down ctrl or alt or shift or something


it does that in mine and i only ever changed the theme


im pretty sure it does but even if it doesnt its right there in the settings dumbass


no im just clicking on songs and they wont play


is your mouse plugged in




i havent heard anything from her ever since i told my sister to tell her that i dont want to see jumanji i hope she isnt mad


check em


wish to flip a loli


is the otalad part of the wk faction


basted pednormal


he seems clueless in general


i came here to avoid the incel spam on ota now im here because im bored


well theres your answer we've got ourselves a wk on our hands boys


what does that mean


File: 1514432537773.jpg (101.38 KB, 1024x768, 1514420480227.jpg)


wish we could have got sean instead


me and nb in the back


why does turt have so many pictures of norms saved


his hobby is studying norms


because he browses r9k and pol


imagine taking a leisurely stroll through the city with neetblog talking about the perfect sandwich


imagine staring at the wall with him


once he stares a hole clean through the wall he will know that his training is complete


i think hes gone


mm mm nothing like some scrambled eggs that have been sitting on my desk for 8 hours


sounds heavenly


put some ketchup in there


itunes finished downloading


enjoy your bonjour.exe and ituneshelper.exe and ipodservice.exe


if they were harmful they wouldnt be in there


feel pity for itunes tard


hes a troll guys


they are useless


are you not


shut up turt


thanks i will ill enjoy them as i easily navigate my music collection and double click on everything i want to hear


my sister wants a macbook or imac even after ive told her how shitty they are at being repairable


start her early with gamers nexus


cant believe hima has a col banner


we always support col


yeah we love col


File: 1514433185307.jpg (437.45 KB, 850x1161, 148050323932.jpg)


does anyone want to buy me an r6


do you even know how to ride one


why in the world would you want to ride a computer


its turt making a joke relax


kyle was late but finally his review out he got shocked the same way that paul did


kind of dumb to make a big deal over a computer case thats supposed to be the easy part just get some sheet metal and rivets and make your own


why do they review all these things when they all do the same things


yeah... "rivets"


it puts on a good show for the brainlet consumerists


nb is a brainlet and he hates that technorm stuff


flip this heading back to the kig thread


dont make fun of him


i dont mind tech stuff but cases really arent that important


how is he a brainlet he seems like one of the most introspective people here


not making fun of him


he calls himself the brainletblob


if youre looking for a plain looking sound dampened case your options were either shitty or 5+ years old until the r6 came out


he clearly isnt a brainlet if he doesnt consume 3 hours of technorm consumerist youtube videos a day like a certain nigger


staring at a wall is unironically more intellectual of a pursuit than binge watching technorm bugboys buzz over the latest gamer mouse with built in tweezers


whats a bugboy


if you have to ask...


its another word for numale turt doesnt like using that word anymore


i asked him that earlier and he gave me a meme reply like its a new name for yuppies but i dont think thats right


i said that not turt and every single time ive seen it used its in the same context as yuppie


its just another meme like soyboy


whats a soyboy


someone like pnig or wk or onseki


you mean baste


uhh no sweetie


feeling befuddled


File: 1514434287530.jpg (811.27 KB, 1280x1827, burgerking.jpg)

this is what happens when a nopersona enters the hima mansion


is that the feels good man artist




he killed feels good frog


File: 1514434353358.jpg (73.98 KB, 600x771, 466px-Feels_good_man_full_comic.jpg)


what the fuck is this


dont let the wks push you around


thanks dad


can herkz use his power to get me a ticket to a con


should i ask him i used to know him


wait you used to know herkz


who was the original herkz friend anyway


hima meetup at ichibancon 2018


who wants to pay for my plane ticket


i turtletron will


ok thanks


my dvi to vga connector should be here on friday im excited


thinking about paying for usenet this private tracker shite is draining


is otalad an exclusive ped or is he also a ped i need to know


my manjiru got all over my chair


hes a memeped like the rest


why would you assume he wants to snap his sister


im guessing memeped too basteon the for a kid post


did the you from 15 years ago imagine you turning out like you did


15 years ago i was 10 years old


i dont remember


think i wanted to be a vet or a chef then


未来が眩しくて見えない blaze this fatty bros


turt have you read nick land



neetb did you get my snap




File: 1514437364779.jpg (45.24 KB, 300x300, reok-103.jpg)


gonno watch twitch city


the jew is right flip that trumpetnorm


File: 1514437906221-0.jpg (639.17 KB, 1075x1518, natsuyasumi002.jpg)

File: 1514437906221-1.jpg (523.73 KB, 1075x1518, natsuyasumi003.jpg)

File: 1514437906221-2.jpg (474.66 KB, 1075x1518, natsuyasumi004.jpg)

does this really happen




got stuck on the index page what the flip


is it ok if i start posting on hima using voice to text


how does that work


i dont know


id like to formally announce the hima vrchat guild stated for q2 2018


do lolis use vrchat




then count me out


its the next best thing grown men with anime avatars acting like lolis


im morose


you mean the guy in karazan


no i mean despondent


i think neetblog abandoned hima once and for all


where else does he have to go




hi hima woke up toko a nice shower hows it going


should have let toko-chan sleep


did you have a nice sexy dream


feeling really tired after that burrito this isnt good


gonno have a cig


taking mom out for dinner tonight as her christmas present


sperged out hard as hell in front of mom again sigh i think ill make that my resolution for 2018 no more spergouts


what got you in a twist


me too lets light our cigs off one flame and stare into eachother's eyes


what did you sperg about


barely sperg out anymore in real life ive got a handle on it now i think


not going to say and also not going to describe what i did all you need to know is that it was extremely embarrassing and i wish i could take back both what led to it and the spergout itself more than anything


please describe it were all bros here


could you be any more vague


is that weedseki


is onsekis sis cute


shes fat


i no longer have the right to sperg out because that would imply others care what i do or say


nah i cant describe it it was pathetic it was like one of the stunts turt would pull


just post it you baby


if i posted it that would cause another one its just too embarrassing to talk about in-depth sorry


i dont remember it


please im begging you


doubt this guy even had a spergout to begin with


ok done reading hima phew that took a while
feeling pity for the itunestard but i think he was just pretending to be dumb


gonno eat my mini pizza now


who the flip are the ehome chinks again


Idol Time PriPara Winter LIVE 2017/ NEW "Pretty All Friends"


hey hima do you want to see a picture of me




File: 1514442137500.jpg (Spoiler Image, 28.72 KB, 500x655, beholdaghost.jpg)



okay now im scared


im attacking stormwind again and


i cant watch this


why not


and what


and researching non and lala and fumi


i know only one commandment: thou shalt kill


think ill turn in early tonight bros


im watchin vids


finding it hard to love my neighbours when they hate me


is that you neetblog




already sick of the song


File: 1514443650647.jpg (Spoiler Image, 50.43 KB, 630x561, 1427879915117.jpg)

forgot why i saved this


File: 1514443774945.gif (1.69 MB, 500x281, tumblr_n8od75CyP51s4qvrdo1_500.gif)


love when lolis wear camisoles


theyre okay


must find a fumi gf to eat crepes with and tard out with and


i completely understand




and flip hard obviously


that reminds me i wonder if there was a christmas yokai watch episode


onseki is getting hella good at freestyling you should have heard him on discord he was going in


no thank you




they always make fumi act like a tard


File: 1514445548697.mp4 (3.78 MB, 2017-12-28 00-17-54.mp4)


File: 1514445563762.jpg (215.72 KB, 1024x779, janitard.jpg)


File: 1514445764797.mp4 (6.42 MB, 2017-12-28 00-20-50.mp4)

like every 3 episodes keita always does something with the zipper of his pants


do you guys want to see a picture i took near my house


is it cool


only if its sunny


File: 1514446020046.jpg (86.28 KB, 1543x960, DSCN0461.jpg)

im posting it anyway because i think it looks neat


is that a murderers home


could be


you live by the highway like that are you poor


thats like a mile away from my home i took the picture on a walk


some rural areas are just like that its kind of nice




wish there was




did the elpt and i got level 5 how did things turn out like this


the what


i didnt know what he was talking about either but i didnt care enough to ask


the english language proficiency test


nice maltaguy


alright im gonno take mom to dinner now wish me luck hima


what the hell asshole


good luck



i guess its time


how can you stand to watch that clickbait pablum


how else will i be able to jerk it


jerk it with some self respect to girls on periscope like the rest of us


to pornography


disregard the title and jerk it to the english teacher with a weird accent


i wish there was more to life than rubbing my pole to pictures of girls


isnt blue raspberry somewhat unique to the us i thought it was popularized because the us banned imports of black currant a while back


love blue raspberry


stopped drinking sugar liquid a long time ago


what about jolly ranchers


Blackcurrants were once popular in the United States as well, but became less common in the 20th century after currant farming was banned in the early 1900s, when blackcurrants, as a vector of white pine blister rust, were considered a threat to the U.S. logging industry.[25] The federal ban on growing currants was shifted to jurisdiction of individual states in 1966, and was lifted in New York State in 2003 through the efforts of horticulturist Greg Quinn.

didnt realize growing them was still banned until 2003 in new york it seems really odd that this all happened just because it was a threat to some industry


if you think thats bad you should see what the sugarcane folks in florida have done


florida sugar probably pinches all the best sugar comes from california and hawaii


that girl is really sexy when she speaks english


blue raspberry really is a perfect flavor


nah it is stupid raspberries are red


File: 1514448175745.jpg (445.32 KB, 5184x3456, Rubusleucodermis2.jpg)

theyre like a purple the color is just for appeal


arent there yellow and black raspberries too


the best berry is the blueberry


nb here i prefer boysenberries


maybe in the summer i can find a farm that lets you pick blueberries i dont think i ever had a fresh blueberry or a ripe blueberry


they are in our garden i like them frozen


mulberry is the best berry fools


what the hell is mulberry


Mulberry is a luxury fashion company founded in the United Kingdom in 1971, known internationally for its leather goods.


are you telling me that youve never had mulberry jam on toast


File: 1514449337987.jpg (77.98 KB, 1129x768, MulWhi75_thumbnail.jpg)

i have never seen these in my entire life


thought those were maggots


mulberries are purple


there are black and redish and white mulberries too


the only jam i have is gsnap jam


if you like blackberries and raspberries youre gonno like mulberries too mulberry jam is exquisite i highly recommend it


fresh gsnaps


i dont eat jam


i wonder if frys has it i need to go there in a few days


chinese people still play wc3 professionally theres a tournament on right now


reminded of that guy that drinks gsnap piss


watch some viet aoe streams instead


my sister will only eat jelly she wont eat jam or anything else


last night i had a revelation that the most logical choice isnt always the right choice should i start smoking


i hope you get cancer


hehe if you go to frys website with opera they ask you to upgrade it to either internet explorer chrome safari or firefox


nice english teacher telling the guy hes creepy


i dont know why they do that it tells me to update with firefox too


makin coffee hima pourover


File: 1514450253075.jpg (730.24 KB, 880x2054, page_13632.jpg)

the mexican markets usually have good deals for like one thing
a couple of weeks ago it was like 3lbs of jalapenos for $99 now its chicken legs $.69 per pound the hima mansion could always be stocked up on drumsticks with this


hope you prewetted the filter


i didnt i went in dry


the hima mansion shall be situated in san miguel de allende


only if you smoke a cool brand


whats the coolest brand


how much for a pound of feerange tidepoolers




start with american spirits orange or yellow theyre the mild kind then go from there to dark blue then to black once youve mastered periques you can move onto other cool brands and just try and see which ones you like


i smoke marlboro you smoke dick


die smokers



hate that australian twat i hope nobody actually watches him


why did he start uploading in the middle of the night now


sponsored by intel because intel defiantly got a lot of shit about ryzen being better for streaming


how do i smoke without mom noticing


who is the patron saint of neets




just take a walk around the neighborhood when you smoke


my eyesight has degraded and my sense of smell refined to a superhuman levels i can tell if someone smoked outside a few hours ago unless they showered with soap to remove the smell


bank on your parents not having daredevil powers


years of neetism has also made me sensitive to smells and sounds at the cost of my eyesight


die smellnorms


mom is already smellraging


woke up today and i could tell right away that mom had washed her clothes a few hours prior even though the vent to my room is taped shut and my window is open with the fan blowing air in


rest in peace nekotennnnnnnnnn


lost all of my sense of smell by abusing nasal decongestants for years


are those the nose spray things


ya but the strong over the counter ones that flip your nose up and get you addicted


word to the wise hima dont use chapstick it makes you dependent on it and you will have to have some on hand at all times or your lips dry out super bad


drink more water stupid


i use vaseline for my lips when theyre dry


use burts bees fool


File: 1514451701423.jpg (225.17 KB, 1920x800, It.2017.1080p.BluRay.x264-[YTS.AG].mp4_snapsho….jpg)



File: 1514451766178.jpg (13.64 KB, 500x329, 31+ktdmZAVL.jpg)

tried chapstick brand before and burts the flavor of burts i got was what i thought was original but it has some kind of mint in there and its horrible

coincidentally eos seems to work the best and it tastes good


is the yify out


norm movie


File: 1514451973047.jpg (306.66 KB, 692x1174, kuronekii.jpg)

horror movies are really boring when youre scarier than the monsters in the film


shut up turt




File: 1514452070249.jpg (682.95 KB, 1098x1098, 1510879562182.jpg)

miss him


did you know that in the book it the boys take turns flipping that one loli over and over and she loves it i think that stephen king is ped


it was art


everyone knows that pedtard


its natural for lolis to love being flipped it happens all the time


peds are the most powerful race on earth


kings longer books pinch way more than his shorter ones reading it the stand and the dark tower series were a waste of time




when will norms learn that peds run everything they can imagine


oh and under the dome too that book was terrible


File: 1514452294093.webm (6.11 MB, 640x360, 1514407132933.webm)

who is this man and why isnt he already here


hes a modern day version of dostoevskys underground man




wish to have a fun time with tsf san


because incelshit isnt welcome here


yes it is


i dont mind it its pretty funny actually


nonstop larp is not funny im sorry you feel that way


he sounds like 80% of the people that post here


thats where youre mistaken


member the calculatorcel story


scope has gone back to being shitty


ill take any turt incel post over technorm clickbait youtube videos


didnt even realize this was looping it really meshed together well


Michelin Star Soba Noodles!!! 10 Servings


you are in the minority


maybe so but i think the majority doesnt care much about either but turt consistently facilitates more discussion and funny posts than the same daily reposted clickbait youtube channels


i like both


you need to see behind the curtain and see the true workings of hima before you can make a claim like that


whats to see turt drives discussion forward its a good thing even if some of the stuff he posts about is garbage its still fun teasing him about it


this upsets the wk


skipper this was posted weeks ago


whats to see is the actual amount of shit he posts compared to other posters


found out that dylann roof is actually very smart eloquent and articulate


when turt post i see most of hima is engaged even if its incel stuff it generates discussion the clickbait youtube videos just sit there taking up space 90% of the time


where are the turt posts


he posted earlier today like >>696626


that was my post


the post quotes a bunch of turt posts though i thought it was easier to link one post that already linked like 8 turt posts than link 8 turt posts again


how do we get neetblog back


tell onseki to message him on discord


where are these turt posts that engage most of hima


he just linked them


roast btfo


all i see is turt getting upset that someone told him to shut up so he started spamming


uhh spAm haha


ominous posts are part of hima culture newbro


ive been posting here since june 2015


is turt here


shouldnt you be able to tell


i didnt think he was but >>696996 kind of seemed like it could be him


doesnt this make your point fall flat on its face


not really since im talking in generalities and not every specific instance


who could have possibly made this


it does since he is always the one most engaged by his posts


done solo raiding stormwind going to focus on scope now even though it doesnt seem very good lately


gonno skip the last 100 posts looks like a bunch of shit again


everyone stop what you are doing and prepare your worship gowns




i bow to turt


i always get really thrown off that russians learn english with an american accent


hey hima im back from dinner we got tibetan food it was pretty good there was a big table of nerds at the restaurant they were being loud and calling each other senpai and stuff it was 6 fat girls and two nerdy creep guys one of them had a big ginger jewfro and they talked really loudly about games and anime the whole time and made obnoxious jokes but i didnt mind since its rare seeing geeks in the wild like that got two bottles of wine on the way home gonno drink the night away saw some lolis also


what type of food do they have in tibet


curries and stuff its similar to indian food


i got a lamb curry with lots of coriander and garlic and spices


what anime and games did they embarrassingly talk about


used to eat lamb chops as a kid but when i tried lamb a couple of years ago i did not like it


wasnt listening that closely think bnha or something


alright snooze time




without turt here posting im going to snooze too


lamb is great but you must cover it in mint jelly


its very important to cook lamb with a lot of flavor and for it to be tender lamb done well is maybe my favorite meat


we shall eat mutton often in the himamansion


what about turkey legs


kitty extra slimy today


File: 1514457159147.jpg (1.21 MB, 1884x1413, David-with-turkey-leg-Renaissance-Faire.jpg)

havent gone to one of those medieval fairs in a long time they always had good turkey legs there


whats it like living in a place where it snows


the same as everywhere else but it snows


i dont understand


gonno play some slay the spire


never seen snow


its like fluffy ice




drove to las vegas once saw a bunch of white shit outside on the ground nobody wanted to stop and to this day i have never seen snow again


when you clean a vacuum cleaner you become the vacuum cleaner


what was vegas like


freak if youre there could you please explain to me how implicit derivatives work


i like to call it lost wages


wasnt even there for a day it was so my step dad could meet someone and buy something and when we came back


lolis would like thist joke


i hope otalad is taking notes


hes not otalad


wasnt he the one asking for jokes


lolisis isnt otalad hes been posting here for years


i hope lolisis is taking notes then for the new years eve bash


hate when my hair gets long enough to get pulled in different ways when my headphones are on


get some nice speakers


give yourself a neetcut


gonno have to cut my hair soon its gonno be a neetcut


its gotta be a neetcut nothing else will do





i should have been a southern boy


why not be a canadian instead


wouldnt mind some country fried steak right about now


its easy to make you should try making it


i cant


you mean chicken fried steak


i mean what i say and i say what i mean


did you watch my cousin vinny its all about a northerner in the south


gotta love joe pesci


i didnt realize he was in the four seasons until i heard an npr story about him and they mentioned it

i guess hes a multi talented guy


remembered this post and started giggling


well you know what they say


if the glove fits you must acquit


he had solo albums too


who finds this funny


i, sourseki, do


neo discord hipster weebs


wouldnt have found it funny but i watched the rush hour movies a few months ago


the hippy store sells roasted cocoa beans right next to coffee i was considering getting some until i saw this video it reminds me of the alkaline water videos


i love memes.PERIOD


arent those dangerous


kidney beans are dangerous too doesnt mean they shoulldnt be sold


theyre just cocoa beans its the main ingredient in chocolate except in chocolate you eat the whole ground up bean this is just the beans that you brew like coffee or tea


bet it tastes like shite


why not just make hot chocolate instead


lets go pripara


dunno ive been thinking of getting some good hot chocolate its probably better to just get some instead of the new age brewable cocoa


if it wasnt better wed all be drinking brewable cocoa instead


now that i think about it the brewable one is probably worse because hot chocolate is just ground cocoa beans with sugar an this is just whatever comes out of the beans when you put some hot water on it f this tomorrow ill find a nice cocoa to order


grandpas old gf was in the newspaper so we searched for her self-published autobiography we had and it was really bad




is neetblog ever going to write an autobiography


i am neet here me blog


wasnt there an episode of yuru yuri like this with the ping pong and the yukatas


File: 1514462322755.jpg (57.66 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)


yeah and in every other anime where they stay at an inn


sexy yui



it really is a pleasant surprise when youre watching a show or a movie and a super cute loli shows up


like when i was watching leon for the first time and mathilda showed up and i got a big bone


dont mind the tom cruise war of the worlds for that reason


she was already a hag


File: 1514463094291-0.jpg (131.43 KB, 664x1000, MV5BMjMwMDA2MjA2MV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwOTg3Mjg3NA….jpg)

File: 1514463094291-1.jpg (113.36 KB, 682x1000, MV5BMTcxMjAzNzAxOF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNTQxMjYyMw….jpg)

File: 1514463094291-2.jpg (22.38 KB, 720x400, MV5BNDI2MjM5YjUtMjQyMi00ODk5LThiMmUtZDk1ZTRhMG….jpg)

she was in a lot of movies in the early 2000s




whats she like now


File: 1514463185550.jpg (143.88 KB, 1200x648, Dakota-Fanning.jpg)


you dont want to know


hated that screeching bitch ruined the movie


who cares just look at her sexy body and jo


had a fantastic wank now im winding down with this song


that song makes me feel uneasy


File: 1514463366187.png (2.43 MB, 2651x2229, b591103f8fa5cf1aa7bd6a3f94c230b2.png)

sigh mathilda


never watched leon whats it like




its great


can i jo while watching


watch the uncut directors edition they removed a ton of ped scenes to be able to show it in theaters


its not for peds shes a flippin 13 year old HAG no ped can get enjoyment from that


13 is the age that they can withstand a flipping



is that fried turkey


why the hell does it seem like more people are getting nose piercings


was thinking of piercing my frenulum


the one in your mouth or the one in your ass or the one on your penis




are we going to have a karaoke stream during new years eve


what songs would there be


gotta have this one it fits hima perfectly



i miss when shenron was intimidating the first few times he was summoned


how was he intimidating he couldnt even kill someone stronger than him


it comes off that way to me i cant really explain it



why didnt you tell me the site was back up


used to watch bike touring videos on nico was always envious of the different types of bikes in japan compared to the us



was the reason it went down ever found out




I have a project/task that I'm basically at the point where I'm willing to pay someone to do it as I'm about as stuck and stumped as I can get. I don't know where to start. Remember those old vacation videos I have, like my first visit to Florida (and my first trip well outside the ND/MN cage)? Processing them and others from my cameras have been on standby for a long time as I'm very discouraged from the very long-winded process I have to use to get the dynamic range enhancement that I'd like to get.

I've already got the algorithm and a routine that works, but it requires an immense amount of reading and writing, about 3.2 TB of reading and writing for a single hour of video. The heavy reading/writing with the hard drive basically brings my system to a crawl if I need to start up any program. There's about 40 GB of original recordings to go through on average, then about 300 GB in saving the lagarith-encoded base file for VD to use. Right now, to do what I need, I have to extract the audio (about 200 MB writing), extract the image frame sequence (625 GB writing), run my dynamic range enhancement program to read each frame (625 GB reading) then write the output (625 GB writing). Then VD has to read each frame and I need to reapply the audio to put everything together again (625 GB reading, about 300 GB output) in a new base file.

Instead of the extracting of the audio and frame sequence, a single filter in VD would eliminate the need for that 2.8 TB of reading and writing, leaving just that 300 GB in the original base file and makes processing camera videos at least 5 times faster and vastly more motivating.

I don't know how to go about doing it, but I'm at the point where I'm willing to pay someone to get this filter made. The amount is undecided. I'm just stuck and the fact I'm stuck from so many unknowns has delayed this task for so long. It's basically a 6-step process, but only 1 1/2 steps out of it are known to me.

1. Somehow setup Microsoft Visual C++ to compile Virtual Dub filters (DLL?). I have no idea what to do.
2. With that set up, how do I receive the image data from VD itself? There's supposedly some function that gets called.
3. Run my dynamic range enhancement routine on the RGB image data that VD sends to filters. This part is already done, though it involves a ton of reading and writing to the hard drive... on the scale of about 1.2 TB per hour of video. The routine would have to be adapted to load the image data from VD, and writing it only in memory, then sent back to VD in memory only.
4. Somehow send the image data back to VD. There's also bound to be a function that does that.
5. Repeat steps 2 to 4 for each frame. There's no need to change the frame size, aspects, color depth, or anything, it's just the pixel data itself that changes.
6. Somehow get VD to have the filter listed to use it. You supposedly copy a VDF file to the filters directory.

A useful bonus would be having sliders with a textual input for fine-tuning. The one for "dynamic range" would default at 0.6 but have a range from 0.2 to 5 and goes to 3 decimal places. I also have color multiplication included in the routine, which has a range of 0 to 4 with 1 as the default, also to 3 decimal places.

Getting started on this is turning into a major nightmare. I have no clue where to turn and I've lost a lot of interest in both video and photos as it takes so long to do. Having this filter will make processing photos blazing fast as well as I can skip a lot of steps and immediately see the results.

I can provide my source for the dynamic range enhancement routine so it can be adapted to read and write to and from VD memory.


wish i was a smartnorm like uli


maybe freak could help him


shi shi shi shinitai shinitai


this game is actually quite fun desuwa



holy flip


what was it


what game


slay the spire


horny russian lolis showing their lolibellies and dancing seductively


they got banned but its still going


goddamnit i refreshed it


its the thing where one pretends to be doing something and the other one pulls down their pants as a prank


wish i had a sakurako gf


and what a prank it is


no you donjt shes an annoying little bitch


she just needs lots of love


its over gonno snooze seems to happen a lot sigh


File: 1514469628152-0.mp3 (8.42 MB, 03. きらいじゃないもん.mp3)

File: 1514469628152-1.jpg (112.02 KB, 1000x992, 61RIqfkO8NL._SL1000_.jpg)

File: 1514469628152-2.jpg (289.26 KB, 600x600, PCCG-70147.jpg)

have a listen


dumb little cunt


take it back


File: 1514471733490.jpg (5.28 KB, 370x334, 1512169486849.jpg)


gonno snooze now hima goodnight love you guys


good night sleep tight


only one on hima


File: 1514474825165.mp3 (9.71 MB, 02 100%_ナイナイナイ.mp3)



couldnt snooze after all guess ill game for a bunch more hours


cant stop playing slay the spire


looks like a game for numales


itd take a hell of a lot of convincing to get me to pay $16 for that


unsealed the mentsuyu with a satisfying pop


if its just me and momgf im gonno splatter my brains all over the wall


konnichiwa brother



stompers ruin every boot review on the internet i hate it


m,ain problem is you gotta clean the waffle out with a stick


File: 1514477563113.jpeg (167.92 KB, 750x1334, 63A57616-FC5D-4E59-9A5C-2AAA0D619F69.jpeg)

time to feast




feast on my ass chink


im here too but im playing slay the spire


looks good


whats up bros


flip off


what the


it was very yummy im on my last dip now


cant believe its already december 28th of two thousand and seventeen



die blankposter


not yet i was just sleeping


nice snoozeblog



call me captain beefblog




been up for 24 hours now not looking like im gonno be sleeping anytime soon


sync your schedule with mine hehe


ill consider it


File: 1514484203505-0.mp3 (10.3 MB, 01 - Yuki, Muon, Madobe Nite..mp3)

File: 1514484203505-1.jpg (381.23 KB, 1200x1389, Case Cover Back Outer.jpg)


File: 1514484428676.jpg (154.26 KB, 500x501, 1514455496542.jpg)

hell yeah




feeling indifferent


day 20 and my shoes havent arrived yet




i love final fantasy six


reminds me of the old niconico medleys sigh


ya six has great characters gotta love edgan and sabin


sc2 raid


help me totori


hehe ya i chose sabins campaign first after everybody got separated after escaping the returner hideout he truly went on his own little mini adventure running into shadow and Nice Bro cyan the ghost train part was so especially silly and funy hehe but i was a little sad when they finally got off and cyan had to see you know


die spamnorm


File: 1514488310619.png (782.08 KB, 3000x3000, himaKO.png)

hm what a coincidence i added rager to my hima子 picture today


actually never beat ff6 because i lost my save last time i tried to play it i think it was during lockes scenario


momgf do you like the my giant nerd bf webtoon its pretty good


not a fan of fishheads work but it is cute and i am happy for them i actually thought of the idea of drawing comics baste on the fun mom and i have



hehe that was a pretty good one thank you


stop spamming and leave us alone norm


norm here im not leaving


why are you so angry brother


no youre just a butthurt norm mocking us nonnorms


nah go to bed schizo and remember to take your meds next time


rager would make a very interesting character for a story hmm


youre not turt im turt


but turt is a norm


no way big tuna would lose his cool like this


turt is blasé


ive had enough of the norms if youre not with me youre a norm


the norms destroyed hima im rebuilding it


is there literally just one guy spamming


yeah its probably some guy whos butthurt about being called a norm




i heard an advertisement on the how stuff works podcast today advertising a new podcast and its another one of those black people podcasts and one of the guys said verbatim "If you don't support us you're racist!" i was pretty disgusted


File: 1514489484306.jpg (32.8 KB, 1024x576, f4c92e35f9b88da04c993f1511cc57caa93a9708_hq.jpg)


the norms they will flipping pay


huh just checked ota and the same guy is spamming there too


should have given him a good vargpill and explained why low iq people shouldnt be helped


i love sweet tofu its my new favorite dessert


aryanism says that we should treat judge people as individuals not baste on their race


916 posts theres no way i can read more than 700 posts at a time and even thats a lot like 400 is better


where were you to miss 900 posts


you better not skip


define norm


hate how i cant make any good ota threads on account of the mentally ill teens spamming and then people think im the one thats spamming


hehe poor turt


i work alone sorry


looks like youre famous big tuna


turt is a lone wolf


turt is a norm


its either normsuz or the otalad spamming
we will soon learn which one baste on whether himako bans him or not


sigh remember when tru/jp/ posters were fighting back secondaries and crossboarders since when did it become norms


only sexnorms care about otaku crap


nb check this out


let me guess you fell for the neet meme while everyone else was playing pretend


no one operates as individuals except for westerners


nope i was in high school at the time


the truneets dropped out


love laying my head on top of kittys belly so fluffy and soft and warm


was going to argue with that but thinking about it you have a point


i dropped out but only of college


im technically a neet though brother


i dont have any dreams or goals


it makes no difference to me if you are a norm or not as long as you have a good heart and a good soul you are okay in my book


have a watch


do you guys know if reddit has some kind of archive or anything


big difference between a neet and a truneet youre just a lazy norm


what makes you think youre not a norm normchink


different person brother


very nice thank you varg claus


ya thats why ive been searching for a reddit archiver of some sort theres some posts from incels that id like to save like the calcular story and such


i went there but didnt see anything related to incels could you just link me the archive please


that reminds me might take a poop on ota




actually found the archived board here https://archive.org/details/warc_www_reddit_com-r-Incels_20171015 but its over 20 gb flip that




File: 1514491599338.jpg (49.01 KB, 600x905, 337712711561442763e364b8c77fa5e3--skullgirls-v….jpg)

god kinukos art is just damn good


very nice but a tad too western for my personal taste


new freemans mind


but ota is normcentral


i think my favorite styles sit within being neither too western nor too anime and there is just a goldilocks zone of looking damn good and kinuko just hits all the right points for me


File: 1514491755789.jpg (207.52 KB, 715x1217, 1460927650734.jpg)

why is hima so busy right now


nice ojouchama


baste fuh lippin sc2


im so confused everyone is calling each other norms i cant tell who is on which side anymore


had two dreams about girls from high school being attracted to me because i woke up at 11 and then fell back to sleep

the first one was a babe and invited me to smoke these long green cigarettes outside with her while talking during a break and we set up a time to do it again tomorrow


File: 1514491956959.jpg (575.07 KB, 1920x1080, 1408901214689.jpg)

get them on board ill call it in


girls that smoke are a no no


someones having a fun run


keep giggling at the one talking about being touched by norms


wish a norm loli would touch me


she was hot as hell i put the lit end in my mouth first because ive never smoked before and she thought it was charming

the second one was in front of me in line at a mcdonalds with a very confusing order/pickup layout and the metal bars that they corral you into to form a line made no sense so we talked about that and i had put my shirt on backwards so she was touching my chest and neck a lot because the tag was sticking out and because i had been doing pushups in gym class the underarms of the shirt were ripped and along the back to


tardlaughing hard how is that charming




what the flip


im neetblog and this is the one gram dab


nb would never use illegal drugs


File: 1514492425523.jpg (143.11 KB, 708x1000, sample-ba42779f0b6d0660007874351cdde0dc.jpg)

have a taste


File: 1514492472084.png (486.2 KB, 705x1000, 1514353586590.png)

now sniff




yeah that one was a little much compared to my post


gonno make some grilled cheeses hima think im gonno snooze soon


flipping hate norms since day one ive wanted them off hima


never learned how to make a noose


mouth hurts from laughing


this one is the best one so far


especially this now im in tears


im da jokah baybee


stop please its too much


the otanorms are raiding us because turt wont stop incelspamming ota


but hima is already the most pilled spinoff


is this the work of sc2 its flipping hilarious holy shite my sides


no its ota


baste god damn ota


didnt know that people that currently post on ota were aware of hima arent all of them from qa and vg and discord groups


could you post some nice pills then


ota was destroyed a long time ago


himako needs to ban turt and the otanorms


File: 1514493353432.webm (979.01 KB, 480x853, normsreact.webm)



die norm


tardlaughed at the spongebob one too




File: 1514493673982.jpg (Spoiler Image, 42.34 KB, 550x733, 26196095_970152266458815_8552937798710983043_n.jpg)


regret clicking this it stirred something up in me that wont quit


thats momgfs reaction to everything you post he shows his real life buds while waiting in line at the club


momgf can eat my ass


whens himako going to wake up


a tip a joke is a lot less funny if you have to explain it


now is the time to strike boys nobody redpills hima and gets away with it


File: 1514494121853.png (7.72 KB, 877x382, oota.png)

at this point ota was already dead everything post .com was completely shite not that the otalad has ever seen this screen


nice bonwseki




wish ross didnt scream so much in the freemans mind eps




flip that antisemite


flip the hone flip ota flip the norms flip the flipping piss



gonno snooze now bye bye


hate this meme


anyone else see hehes floating around


File: 1514497041392.mp3 (6.09 MB, Oogame Asuka - Os-Uchuujin.mp3)


did you know i was onseki when you posted that


File: 1514497606772.mp3 (7.76 MB, 1512768873959.mp3)


give me an hvdb invite


ugly bitch



scratching my facial pube hairs gives off an audible high pitch tone that i hear even with music playing i need to research this


hi hima just woke up and read like 500 posts of mostly pointless raid trash i had a dream that the apocalypse was at hand and demons were rising out of the earth massacring everyone and i tried to tell my family we needed to make preparations and they didnt believe me sigh


a what


basted baste nice sigh


File: 1514498503302.jpg (Spoiler Image, 136.23 KB, 1587x1049, 6msqdkgvsl601.jpg)


one eye on hima one eye on the norms thats the turtletron way


cant believe hes been doing this for over seven years now


believe it


File: 1514499421412.jpg (Spoiler Image, 51.32 KB, 976x837, 26170248_305490049971231_3592520766622771503_o.jpg)


had a similar dream except mine was about me and some old guy running away from a big organization out to kill us we had to plant our face into the dirt and stay perfectly still in dreamland it felt like an eternity think ive been playing too much mgs


seems like posts are repeating


wasnt really impressed with jinroh


life on earth is just a death sentence


how new are you


time to implement the robot 9000


sigh this is absurd


gonno watch the matrix


gonno cave some norm skulls in


lonely as a cloud


im a dark cloud


planning to play ff7 after i beat ff6

i love that rpg too


this is all turts fault his incelspam has come home to roost


has anyone really been far as decided to use even go want to do look more like


incelspam is baste


are things working again i woke up and couldnt post


i am no longer on turts side i swear allegiance to the wk legion they were right all along


i stand by turt and the redpill


File: 1514502660593.png (Spoiler Image, 211.29 KB, 1390x856, gamemako.png)

flip this banner


you know there are like 3 of those gamer banners right




homo theme


ya whats with the theme bro


i only refresh like once a day i dont have the luxury of purveying every damn banner


im a girl


didnt know hima had an lgbtp+ style


but there are only 10


File: 1514502808698.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.76 MB, 3264x2448, 1507651717208.jpg)

pic attached is who i imagine uses that theme


holy shit that guy has the same keyboard as me


i have to refresh hourly because of the memory leak




love the memory leak meme


love the pretend there is no memory leak meme


is it normal for my stubble to look blue


i dont get the memory leak across 3 devices i dont know what youre doing on your end


leave hima open over night i dare you


he doesnt have the balls


im going to try to get into japanese baseball in 2018


i do leave it open every night when i woke up there were 338 posts in the tab thing


memory leak is real


watch the koushien with me


first i need to learn the schedules


hehe boots arrived theyre nice and mom found a 250 dollar pair of italian sunglasses she said i can sell them


guys is turt awake i need to know so i know if i should anticipate epic posts or skip everything until i know


he was permad im sorry


yeah im here


at least there wont be any more spam like this


im a disgusting goblin i wish i could set fire to myself painlessly


just spend 30 years training as a buddhist monk


sounds like a snorefest


ive been doing that every night for three years


memory leak only affects the newfags


after youve made 10000 posts with the same ip himako starts serving you the non-troll js that doesnt cause leaks


i hope you dont really have js enabled


himako can you put this on hima


im a flipping retard whos unfit to survive in this world
just put me down already


you are special


youre always super special


what do you mean found does your mom have sticky fingers


i cant stop jerking it to kids


i love rpgs sooo much


kid jerking is a meme


is the next anime season winter 2017 or winter 2018


winter 2017 already happened


its always the time that the middle of the anime will be airing in so spring 2018 is next


cant watch anime anymore


yeah im into substance abuse and underground noise shows these days


nice turt


nah turts a philistine he cant appreciate the scene



good idea


kick ass


woke up finished the time talking quest and got a perfect pair of gloves from it with haste and mastery and 20 item levels higher than my old ones


File: 1514505942275.jpg (252.39 KB, 1252x2175, 1514505809718.jpg)


sexy lady little baby


File: 1514506017922.jpg (94.21 KB, 720x540, 1510776333667.jpg)

mindblowing that this is the ideal man in turts eyes


turt simply loves some good old fashioned masculinity


is that barrack hussein obama over his left shoulder


sigh the wiki hasnt been updated in months i dont know whos who anymore


reminds me of my cousin sigh




kimochi warui





sc2 found ota


did turt actually get banned what the hell for


if he were banned you would know because he whines about it everywhere he possibly can


so where is he right now then


getting roadhead from his gf while zipping around that parking lot


going to side with the otalads on this one nothing would have happened if turt were out of the picture


probably at the bar


fighting with his gran


gran is a bitch but you have gotta respect her


File: 1514507450027.png (76.37 KB, 315x188, hima.png)

what about this one


i look exactly like the one in the middle


are you chink


hell yeah


is neetblog here


got a pack of candy bars for christmas one of them is a bounty bar i cant eat that after seeing that one video


no he left hima


what was the reason this time


he said he was sick of the stagnation


someone called him a brainlet


why is it stagnant


yeah im here


can you give me your thoughts on this video


its a boring pointless video


so am i


weird dad talking to the chatters and only showing his daughters


report him




seems about time to start jerking it


i think neetblog is skimming like me i probably make posts about 20 times a night and rarely reply to people anymore


thats probably a good thing


hima would be better off with more skimmers


how many people do you think visit hima


around 30


why do you think im skimming


is onseki here what kind of numbers did gnfos pull off


gonno snooze


if you order hot tea from a chinese place what do they do


get the bubble tea


they dont have bubble tea


yeah just get the bubble tea though


ill get the bubbakush instead


which one is better doordash or grubhub


what is himas opinion on the jewish people


they killed jesus


i dont have an opinion on jewish people


when i listen to beatmania music i get the urge to eat hard candy


not even close hes a manlet with a 5/10 face


where were you all day


he was busy incelspamming


i was here earlier but i put the oem wheels back on the miata because its so cold now it might crack the tires if i drive on them

car sure looks boring with the stock 16s but it is an inch lower now


who gets money for planescape if i buy it through steam


i do


File: 1514509408278.jpg (179.73 KB, 700x1071, 1413726553481.jpg)

turt rate this guy


valve does


soyboy beta male faguette/10


probably valve the developer and the publisher




just gonno pirate it then black isle is no more


didnt know 6/10s could be professional male models


does that guy still get posted on fa


not all models are super hot chads


pretty much all male models are gorgeous 8+/10 its really the only qualification


the only requirements to becoming a hf male model are being skinny and at least 6 foot


File: 1514509670662.png (22.11 KB, 626x259, e70561184bc32c2ed7c0bf3385e8f0e0.png)


you need unique bone structure


spam hours v2


not really as long as youre cute you can do it


most female models are ugly why would it be different with the male ones


File: 1514509786729.jpg (256.77 KB, 980x652, 1413677490354.jpg)

thoughts on his canthal tilt


he looks better there


got a feeling this guy is doing this on purpose if youre here keep an eye on him


doing what


uhh what am i doing haha



what do you think im doing


baiting turt into posting so that whoever spammed will start again


File: 1514510202094.jpg (140.96 KB, 478x667, weedman.jpg)



they spammed us because turt was making a bunch of shitty threads on ota


he hasnt made any incelspam threads there in days


i dont think thats true


he infected ota with r9k culture and ruined it according to them


no one man should have all that power


by them you mean that newbro here


by them i mean the three spammers from ota


this is possibly a thread by him baste on umaru and an md5 filename other than that i cannot easily see any blatant ones


that is not umaru dumbass


this was him as well baste on the same criteria


File: 1514510560943.jpg (266.57 KB, 642x900, 1419183098745.jpg)

self portrait by turtletron


wish the government would send someone over to execute me


wait for the obama death camps



can you give it a rest deputy


flip this gonno watch steven universe


only children and sjws watch that crap


thats true its crap


been eating this same bowl of cold soup for 4 hours


wish i was her


been playing gran turismo for hours
my managers son has a brand new xbox one slim hes trying to get rid of wondering if i can hook it up to the monitor and play forza or something




where is everyone


wish himako would bring back the sexy lady


im doing important things



finished watching steven universe the gems get me hot and bothered


sis watches that show theres two lovely ladies in that show i would love to flip


post them


kougeisha is streaming a drive


tell me when hes streaming a wank


File: 1514513779777.jpg (59.96 KB, 640x800, 1514512012794.jpg)

found nbs spirit animal


lol saw that on reddit



why are there only 3 reviews


really hungry but not hungry enough to call and order something


think i might be coming down with something i feel cold and my throat is scratchy


going to sleep hope the norms wont touch me tonight


you are the norm


i think its time for turt to be given a time out


whats everyone watching next season


nothing how can anyone watch anime in the current climate like some kind of flipping manbaby we are like flipping cattle


theres a lot that looks okay guess ill wait to see what horriblesubs is doing


not going to say since i dont want it posted on hima




holy flip im going to kill myself i cant handle this i look like shit and now mom is trying to advance my life at a rate thats way too fast im still so god damned ugly and gross


going to watch fate apocrypha now that the norms have stopped talking about it


i think the coldest says are behind me already today it was 74 and tomorrow its supposed to be even warmer winter was hard this year glad i didnt get sick



die norm its like 21 degrees here


are you implying 21 degrees is cold


its freezing


File: 1514516415437.png (19.39 KB, 632x465, screencap from google showing weather forecas….png)

perfect loli weather


how is it freezing that is summer weather


21c is like 70f
21f is like -2 c

maybe this guy thinks youre talking about celcius


hey hima woke up and read had a dream where i was getting murdered but for some reason felt peaceful and didnt mind




i think hes talking about 21f things dont get really cold until the temperature with windchill is below 0f


down to just the bounty bars they are a lot smaller than i thought and its making me feel weird


wish to flip a loli


hes retarded then 21 degrees is literally freezing


you slept through the raid and subsequent hima hacking


loving the floating hehes


i set up a date with the girl in my dream to meet her outside again tomorrow i hope im able to keep the appointment


theyve been gone since last night for me


its a succubus


File: 1514516802279.jpg (697.95 KB, 1280x1008, 1411961371907.jpg)



baste bazooka joe comics


might get a hoagie tomorrow to de-stress im really fried out


File: 1514516949712.jpg (68.7 KB, 500x342, Ca9zo16WAAAUY7N.jpg)


thats archie retard


gonno smoke a little and zone out while watching trash anime


sourseki does your mom let you smoke in the house


what happened


saw a video of a girl joing with one of those


didnt she say he has to smoke inside since he was making the backyard reek of weed or something


about 400 posts each of them complaining about the norms saying that turt ruined hima and now it was time for the norms to pay

then for about an hour hima was getting sql errors for too many connections

the guy made a post here >>697755 if you check ota all the posts about the norms are also him


that guy is funny


glad i missed it


otalad fired up the loic


he sounds like /ourlad/


dont understand that logic theres nothing for the smell to stick onto outside but it will seep into everything


inside i mean


not when hima goes down each time he posts
youre probably one of those guys who thinks anyone who causes problems is baste or epic or cool or funny


well his mom is pretty retarded dont forget he has to live in the basement where everyone else sits while she has an entire floor to herself


you are upsetting the neighbors


poor onseki


the basement is more than onseki deserves




being contrarian is baste as hell whats your problem


hima never went down for me is this like the memory leak meme


memory leak isnt a meme


it didnt go down when you tried to post it gave you sql errors


未来が眩しくて見えない puff a fatty with smokeseki in my dank crib


what do you guys think of posts like this


they are funny


sourseki only smokes out of glass


what do you guys think of getting rid of the guy who makes them and the guy who thinks everything is funny


you should try finding things funny


cool your jets rager


i think we should get rid of all otadipes and only keep the basted posters like nb to make the good/shit post ratio on hima more efficient


even neetblog realizes that the people who like him are the same people who are genuinely shitty posters


does anyone want to play chess with me


live and let live brotha


found a girl who reminds me of hannah im going to keep her to myself


File: 1514518293652.jpg (96.6 KB, 720x960, DSG6quVV4AAx4zv.jpg)


hima reminds me of /b/ now



/b/ is epic


it is in the truest sense of the word


makin some big ol burgs hima


User hidden already has more than 'max_user_connections' active connections



gonno jerk it to kids testing testing




File: 1514519441578.jpeg (313.26 KB, 700x948, 8a0ee07b5081d381038e1ab3beadd387.jpeg)


these are kids and i jo to them whats the deal


can't you see it's wrong


File: 1514520065673.jpg (51.71 KB, 459x810, 1513981472524.jpg)

do big girls really do this to smaller ones


i do that to girls and they love it


are you a girl


on fridays


is it okay if i fire up some twitch girl gamer streams


File: 1514520310775.webm (7.42 MB, 640x360, 1514480175365.webm)


as long as you donate


i dont have any money but i send them nice messages in the chat instead


what the fuck is wrong with you




he probably makes their day


yeah empty compliment from creepy orbiter #592 really brightens it up


nothin creepy


really amazing how generic turts posts are


he was funny as hell never laughed as hard being on hima


nice sense of humor


at least i have one


why did it take you so long to respond


im not a js norm so i manually refresh


he was thinking of that sweet comeback


hima im running a fever please utter an ejaculation for me


File: 1514521337386.jpeg (211.06 KB, 980x691, its a gelbooru filename.jpeg)

how about this


jod to some stuff earlier


was it precures




File: 1514521704964.jpg (46.83 KB, 445x488, 1462493822108.jpg)


is the otalad here




hima im tucking


tucking what


my penis


tucking it where


who exactly are you talking about i thought the otalad was the guy who was posting about his sis and her friend but apparently i was wrong


between my legs




that guy has literally been here for years i have no idea why you thought it was him


i wish to be the lady


some posts say sis some posts say sister thats why i thought they were different people


i want to take the otalad under my wind and show him the ropes before he falls into the wrong crowd


meant wing


i want to take the otalad and murder him


we need either the otalad or the sisposter to clear things up this is getting ridiculous


he already did clear it up the other day retard


can you link



defiantly gonno jo tonight


im not convinced


you can take my word for it


can i get a third opinion


flip you retard


otalad is a boogeyman no new poster has been here except for today during the raid


its all so tiresome


what about me i came here from gnfos last year


you need to go back


back where


i will vouch for him


are you flipping retarded you came from gnfos and if someone says go back there then where the flip do you think


dont talk to her that way


made some pizza and fries gonno chow that down with some soda mom bought from whole foods


i dont understand


where is turt right now where is neetblog right now where is pnig right now where is onseki right now where is pasta guy right now


die persona worshiper


i welcome our gnfos bros


its for analytics


iom here


this is the dawn of the nopersona era


in the himamansion nopersonas will have to become pincheslaves for the personas if they want to stay




can otalad bring his sis


nonpersonas are nameless fodder the personas are stage bosses of each level of the mansion


what kind of theme would their stages have


each nopersona is also trying to identify the real nopersona so they can kill him and claim his empty persona for themselves


imaging nopersonas just like the heartless from kingdom hearts now


kh was for girls


always admired riku


you know there are girls on hima right


i refuse to believe that until evidence is presented


the battler banners should be proof enough


theres at least 4 girls here


those nerd girls i saw last night were defiantly fujoshi


im not convinced


do you think a guy would really go out of his way to make fujoshi banners and then have to look at them


we have at least one homo here in turt wouldnt be surprised if there were others


baste wk starting with cool insults tonight