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make it a good one
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my dvi to vga adapter came now my 4870 has a new home




napped for a few hours
was worried there was going to be hundreds of posts when i woke up like last night but there was less than 100


dont know why youd worry about that love reading what what himapals have to say


100 posts left what will the new thread be


ok fine i can take a hint you flippers




feel really happy


hi hima woke up hehe


gonno watch some vids


describe happiness to me ive forgotten what its like



antisemite bastard


dead hours


hate when i try to poop and the turd exits one side of my ass at the same time as some air and it sound like tires squealing


my ass has never squealed


why do none of the alt right race realism guys talk about how ashkanzi jews are smarter than whites at the same deviation that whites are smarter than blacks


ashkanazi jews are just slavs


they are gods chosen


i want to try streaming anime from the other computer again now that its been upgraded and should be as good as the computer i used for streaming


evola wrote a lot about spiritual racism


stream kitakubu


whats spiritual racism


stream always sunny please


stream a jo


hate when i try to poop and the turd exits one side of my ass at the same time as some air and it sound like tires squealing




you already posted this


how many sides does your ass have


its a circle so i guess an infinite number of sides


my ass is the ouroboros


wish i had an ouroboros tat like the homunculus


nah its cliche


it is deep


File: 1514618437425.jpg (115.68 KB, 1032x774, fullmetal_alchemist_bloodseal_tattoo_by_reficu….jpg)



random occult symbols look corny if youre just some regular jerk off who got it because it looked cool


File: 1514618517249.jpg (42.77 KB, 720x540, 5y32dtp.jpg)

terrible placement terrible combo


File: 1514618631462.jpg (51.61 KB, 594x595, Cute Marine Corps Tattoos Design and Ideas.JPG)

can i get a marine tattoo if im not a marine


yeh go for it


my dp to hdmi came today


displayport is superior to hdmi


that is stolen valor you shit


its fine i dont think those guys are very serious about that sort of thing


who cares about stolen valor i pay taxes


i dont even know which is better than the other especially with how they do updates to the standards and use the same connectors and just change the speeds or features

hdmi is bad for this there are like 3 different versions of hdmi and they use the same connector and support different refresh rates and colors


hdmi 1.0 is good enough


chicken chan........


dvi is the best


i think dp has better audio capabilities i remember reading something about hdmi capping out at 192k or so


usb is pretty bad with it too but growing up there was only usb and usb 2

then there was usb 3 and it was super fast and now theres usb 3.1 and usb 3.1 gen 1 and usb 3.1 gen 2 and usb 3


who uses hdmi for audio


but anyone using monitor speakers is retarded




kitty is snoozing on my lap and purring lots


the transfer speeds are extremely overrated i notice absolutely no difference between usb 2.0 and usb 3.0


i know display port can do 4k at 60fps and 1080 at 144fps

no idea what hdmi does but the new standard can do 8k at 60fps and 4k at 120fps


is this the new hdmi standard or the new displayport standard


the new hdmi standard


File: 1514619767412.png (257.94 KB, 1703x1899, god damnit.png)

checked the name for the standard and the hdmi team is out of control this is way too many updates


that sounds really good actually but i will never own a 4k or 8k monitor theres no point
"modern" operating systems have too much empty space and inconvenient uis although they shouldnt even be called that consider windows 10 is essentially windows 3.1 with some extra features


10k at 120hz lol


windows 10 is an abomination


i use 8.1 still


i got dp to hdmi because my monitor only has vga and hdmi ports



File: 1514619921364.jpg (51.35 KB, 602x815, 1514587831977.jpg)


thinkin about snoozin


i use 7 because its the last purely desktop operating system 8 and 10 have both been used on tablets and it feels snappier and i can do what i want to do instead of learning


whats she doing there


enjoying the smells


posting on hima


i hate you freak


is freak here




where is he i need to ask him for his opinion on something


im here im queer get used to it


id flip her to be honest with you guys and myself


nice high test


File: 1514620109352.jpg (750.03 KB, 1548x1024, 01-fcc-acrush-2017-billboard-1548.jpg)

would you flip these girls too


why are they dressed like dudes


its part of their gimmick


File: 1514620173051.png (334.15 KB, 556x592, 1450840266143.png)




sis looks like that she appears as a boy


is that you turt or is that lolisis guy please not lolisis guy


wonder if they are contractually obligated to tape down their tits


you cant ban him hes the instigator


File: 1514620265359.png (563.19 KB, 600x1399, r7m694b7td501.png)

pnig check this out


pretty flipin epic


File: 1514620350309.webm (195.02 KB, 576x420, 1456100640966.webm)


want to eat but theres nothing


eat my shorts


what a nice russian kitchen


oh yeah those gyoza came out surprisingly good i was paranoid that they would be cold on the inside but they were all hot so i think im going to do them like that from now on


5 posts left


sick peds


wish i had a gf


nothin sick shes just sitting there or at least she was when i linked it


done reading


last post

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