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a merry blog


File: 1514178193652.jpg (167.71 KB, 1200x675, DARleEDVwAEOrAx.jpg)

thanks himatard


nice festive blog


File: 1514178267016.png (319.39 KB, 650x1007, 1a17e1e7935fa426bf4162aa02995964.png)

メリー クリスマス


why isnt that censored


this is plainly the right thread but im drawn to the nb thread its much more lively


i endorse this thread flip the normrap thread


is wk a jew why is he being a dick on christmas




its almost christmas


someone kindle a discussion



normranger guess ill have myself a cig


wish i could smoke a cig with you


File: 1514179110866.png (94.68 KB, 1347x425, 1514164862917.png)


thatd make too much sense


merry christmas hima


can i post some lolis


no you cannot


its not christmas yet


really tired


mom doesnt let me smoke


File: 1514179391813.png (486.28 KB, 800x800, f10e51397836a47592e545ace64098c8.png)


merry yiffmas



gonno jerk it to kids


im a nice guy


File: 1514179701746.png (736.71 KB, 1864x1220, 1514177598937.png)




dont know who that anime girl is


its you


australian possums arent cuddly and fiendly they just look cute but they have sharp claws and can hurt you really bad they normally just run away and you dont see them during the day though


possum freak


i see them almost every night


never seen possum in real life


File: 1514179976964.jpg (38.35 KB, 700x467, 5340224-3x2-700x467.jpg)

they have big claws the reason that girl was running around like that was probably because they dug into her leg to hold on i bet it hurt


listening to r-a-dio




havent bathed in a few days i think its time


only ever listened to the jp radio


flip jp radio


flip you norm


mom bought bacon might make a blt with c and no l and lots of hotsauce


jp radio had some rare tracks like i havent been able to track down wonder if there is a backup of the music somewhere


so glad to see anti incelspam measures being taken


you have to go back


saw a picture of my friend for the first time since we were in high school and got mogged into the stratosphere holy flip why was i cursed to be a pmb


die crossies





elliot had so much character wish these new slayers werent so bland


laugh every time i see footage of elliot what a flipin loser ahaha


dont talk about the patron saint of incels that way


at least when i didnt know what he looked like now i could pretend we were on close to equal footing and that i would be able to talk to him again someday but theres no chance of that happening now i look comically bad


born to life the cel life


File: 1514181035431.jpg (67.75 KB, 768x1024, sEN4SrJ.jpg)



File: 1514181072347.jpg (30.53 KB, 480x320, 1514108470968.jpg)



ended up substituting the baby s for the l and adding m and a its a bbstchsma instead of a blt


theres nowhere to go back to




flip that and flip you


anime and videogame music is the absolute peak that one guy was right


bluntseki check this out


thank you


pnig give us a christmas sonic stream


how about a dark souls stream instead


flip you niggerlover


no thanks




phew those were some good sandwiches


pnig stream tm


is pnig even here


hes giving his cousin her ``christmas present''


yeah hes right here >>693828


love the lingering sting that superhots give you


never had a superhot


got your superhot right here hanging


they call me the superhotblog


why would they call you that impersonator


because i blog about superhots


because ive got a superhot neetbod




the jury survey i have to fill out is asking for my race what do i put




african-american or as i like to call em NIGGERS


love that song


hehe under occupation i put neet


wish i had the sack to just end it my continued existence is a joke


im a household defense officer


nb i want you to know if im ever asked by the authorities to give any known alias i will steal your name and tell them they call me neetblog


File: 1514182995748.jpg (165.08 KB, 480x459, 1433729350854.jpg)


i flipping hate neetblog


i love him enough to counteract your hate tenfold


tardlaughing thinking of nb being asked by the police to give all known alias and rattling off a bunch of answers like neetblob scumblog scumblimp blimpblob shiteblog blobneet


himako can you move the posts from that thread to this one so neetblog doesnt try to force us to use his shit again


  (  ・ω・)
  _| ⊃/(___
/ └-(____/
 ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄

  ( ・ω・ )
  _| ⊃/(___
/ └-(____/
 ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄



im the shitblob


holy flip flipping kill me already


for any of my himabros that are having bad thoughts on christmas


hate that meme


File: 1514183822810.jpg (311.47 KB, 1594x1200, 1388753868890.jpg)


Keep your head up Just believe There is always a way :)


phew new lolifox board is top notch


hope molester man is having a safe and happy christmas


he is currently sleeping like a baby


wish i could see that sleeping face




nothin creepy about loving your bro and wanting him to be safe and happy


oh god hima new game dungeon is out get the HELL in here


okay im in there


wish i could stop by turts house and show him my latest incel spreadsheets


why what did i do


same but so we could go for a Drive then crack open some cold ones and shoot the shit


hey nb wanna play some hots




flip that norm


nothin norm


hes hella norm


i hope turt gets sick of onsekis shit one day and beats him into submission


aww come on




unironically wish turt would die


turt may act tough but he would get his ass beat by basteseki


havent jerked it to kids at all today can someone link me up


fire a round off through me flipping frontal lobe



what did the nips celebrate before they were introduced to christmas




love chiakis granny voice


link it


flipping die annoying otalad


is otalad even here i havent seen any sisposts except for this morning


flip off otanig


what else am i supposed to do its not like theres anyon else posting about lolis



File: 1514186270699.webm (2.17 MB, 850x464, 1514183447638.webm)


thought for sure he would be dead


maybe ill die in my sleep





nice new coma cinema album


post some mindblowing loli facts


File: 1514187675168.webm (1.21 MB, 1920x1080, 1514177719690.webm)

hes got that classic ped shuffle


kitty is tarding out


like what


i dont know youre the professional ped


hope this is my last christmas around others


what will be different next year


feeling bad


File: 1514189968197.png (75.15 KB, 1000x600, 1509315954829.png)

take the nojo pill


that convinced me


File: 1514190354011.jpg (Spoiler Image, 148.41 KB, 800x1135, DI9Kg8dVAAAJBtP.jpg)



vile fake neet whore


never thought id see the day that the neet culture would be appropriated for norms


love country fried steak


yeah same its great cream gravy is a must


whats cream gravy


cant believe you have country fried steak without cream gravy its sacrilege


its not the same person


thurdays are going to be country fried steak day at the himamansion


why not biscuits and gravy


oh its basically just grease fat mixed with creamer, flour and spices like black pepper cooked on a stove until it becomes a thick creamy gravy it tastes really good


how about both


File: 1514191138035.jpg (59.24 KB, 960x638, biscuits-and-gravy-129622418-572734bb5f9b589e3….jpg)

this looks flipping gross


good cream gravy is way thicker than that


thats some traditional two fisted red blooded all american dinner right there my boy


if you dont live in the country youve never had proper country fried steak


flip you countrynig


thers a stockyard on the outskirts of my city thats became famous for its country fried stake its really something else


country fried norms


thats stockyard city steak its totally different


laughing at the yankee who doesnt know what cream gravy is


File: 1514191415959.jpg (777.26 KB, 4000x3000, Fried-Dove-Breats-in-Cream-Gravy.jpg)

it looks flipping disgusting




die carpetbagger


File: 1514191583370.png (93.88 KB, 866x900, 1513449550311.png)



who the flip eats dove


probably cletus and his gravy


me the gourmetblob


this guy makes some good sausage gravy in this video worth the watch


nice culture you have there southerners


thought about starting a cooking channel a while back


why its not like its hard to make


you wouldnt understand citynorm the pollution has already killed your braincells


mocksville state of mind


bored booooooooored


File: 1514191980152.jpg (109.41 KB, 1600x1067, img_69701.jpg)

dinners served


tardlaughing hard for some reason


for some reason or "for some reason"


you know


pollution only makes us stronger


File: 1514192175844.jpg (89.51 KB, 555x416, pic5Yjd23.jpg)

how do you make it brown


tellem turt


File: 1514192658807.png (225.72 KB, 434x457, 1514190926109.png)


fell asleep for 2 hours got woken up by a wicked as hell storm raging outside the dog is terrified


poor dog


whisper in its ear that its going to be all right and then screetch


when i opened my door he sprinted into my room and jumped on the bed and looked at me hehe


die screetcher


took a nap at a weird time and now i cant remember what i did today or what day it is


its christmas day


then its not too late


grand jans terminal bh getting in the way of conversation yet again now everyone starts blurting out random topics until one sticks


have i told you guys about how i cannot nap


File: 1514193070327.jpg (229.72 KB, 1440x1080, snapshot_00.39.56_[2017.12.10_20.53.02].jpg)


die macrophile


sexy giant loli


what conversation you were talking about biscuits when i woke up it looks like


【Merry Christmas!!】 Received These Precious Cookie Time Gifts


was it for this it seems completely justified to me


cat got scared too he ran in and jumped on me now hes furiously licking my hand while im typing this


how bad could it be


yeah everyone was having a good time talking about their favorite fried steak recipes then himakos bipolar went off and he raged


if you know youll be banned why do it


we need to do something about honemako


steak is the most norm food


whats the most neet food


why do what
because this place has the highest concentration of warosubro diaspora


cup ramen


chips or pizza


tuna and milk


uhh cant make a post without memes haha oh shit i got banned gonno rage


not country fried steak


moms home cooking


cola and alternating takenoko and potato


i get banned for reddit screenshots i didnt even take too dont bother trying to contort your way around it


i dont know what country fried steak even is


turts raging over nothing again what else is new


pnig school this guy on what it is


wish i lived in the american south god i wish it so bad


love sitting on the porch drinking sweet tea and listening to the cicadas


porch monkey


isnt it a cube steak thats breaded and fried and served with sawmill gravy

or it could be a tenderized tenderloin or something its only steak in the sense that its a cut of meat either way the texture of it is between ground meat and steak


never drank sweet tea is it good


depends on how well its made but yeah its delicious


thats where the himamasion is going to be


File: 1514193693885.jpg (68.57 KB, 640x853, f1l37ij45t501.jpg)

turts other ride


turt what are property prices like in mocksville


you wouldnt want to build it here theres an annual pedhunt the whole town takes part in


americans are so uncouth


i thought the mansion was going to be in apache junction




the mansions going up in ukraine its already settled


wheres ukraine


between russia and poland


would rather live in ukraine over honduras


would rather live anywhere than honduras


you wont survive in ukraine for long the loligangs that roams the streets are merciless


what about the democratic republic of the congo


pnigs family would be visiting too often


pnig stream some dark soulsssssssssssssssssssssss


nah stream sonic


flip sonic


stream a jo


normally i dont care about money because i live the neet life but looking at stuff to buy with christmas money is making me sigh hard wish i was rich


computer wont start now ive tried swapping everything its most likely a plug issue but im shoving everything in and it wont boot


put that money into some solid crypto and youll be rich by the end of 2018


it is too late


put it all into bitbean


im going all in on dogecoin my life hangs on the outcome


File: 1514194755067.png (956.69 KB, 1018x658, mansion.png)

hima mansion


wow thats pretty cheap


of course its cheap just look at it


nothin a bit of wd40 a couple hours of hard work cant fix


it looks alright to me


it would be better if it was an empty lot since anyone who buys that will probably end up having to pay to demolish the derelict building and starting from the ground up


why would you demolish it


if we were 55+ there are even cheaper ones


turt buy that house


because its probably so rotten inside that youd have to demolish the foundation and start from scratch to make it livable


wish i had bought one for a dollar back in 2008


you can get a nicer house in detroit


it looks ok to me id live in it


but youd have to live in detroit


in the middle of the desert nobody would be able to hear and tardyells


youd owe thousands of dollars in property taxes if you did a big reasons those houses are price to go is because they havent been reappraised by the government in decades so theyre taxing the property like it was still worth 50,000 dollars in 1990


youd be better off buying a chunk of land and parking a bunch of rvs on it building some greenhouses and living as a hima commune


File: 1514195296753.png (730.11 KB, 1018x657, lot.png)


right across from school


i actually laughed when i read "right across from school"


nice right across from school the perfect hima location


snatch it up lets put our rvs and tents on there and start the hima mansion


wonder how much it costs to build a house


dibs on sharing an rv with turt


turts the kind of guy that would want one just for himself


non personalities must all share the same trailer call it the persona tax


well too bad cause hes bunkin with me


File: 1514195624564.png (884.94 KB, 1015x762, douglas.png)

looking at these is interesting



we need power and internet


any good lots in nc arizona is too hot


non personalities run on treadmills to power pnigs rig


only southern az is hot northern az is pine forests and it gets snow


being nopersona is suffering


we will be sharing internet so we need at least 50mb down and 10 up


queue popped gonno keep looking at these after its over


mindblowing how cheap land is


think ive got mange




damn i told my parents id be up to eat breakfast at 9 but i didnt think id stay up till 4am shit


youre boned


oh well gn hima merry christmas


ggood night


whats land like in washington and oregon


lets buy a couple of wagons and bisons and travel from missouri to oregon


more importantly what are the lolis like


the scale is zero to russian


russians arent even the best lolis theyre just the angeltiest on the internet because theyre basically left to their own devices


whats the loli capital of the world



they seem to be angeltiest but they are also by far incredibly cute and sexy


sc2 here
why do you hate us
we're like a retarded younger brother to you and you gotta care for your retarded younger brothers


i see sexier lolis almost every time i leave the house


that is simply impossible


americans on the other hand are ugly and dont ever do anything i wonder why it works out like that


its true feel bad for americans and their ugly lolis


flip off


this run is neverending we keep wiping sigh


the best lolis are eastern european fool like uliana laurab and valensiya


uliana is pretty cute laurab and valensiya are okay but they only stand out because theyre doing angelic stuff on camera


how dare you theyre perfect in every way


think whatever you want im just being impartial


how are they doing angelic things on camera


maybe erotic is a better word


them existing is erotic


File: 1514199329002.jpg (130.7 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)


theyre wearing makeup and have been photoshopped and are also too old


leras voice was much deeper than i expected


laurab is a meme


eastern european lolis often dont have very nice voices not all of them but ive noticed it a bit uliana was perfectly cute though


all the listings except 2 in oregon were foreclosed thats not a good sign


hope uliana had a good christmas


her dad gave her a pack of smokes and half a bottle of vodka her clients got her new underwear and some piercings


sounds like she got a lot of good presents


wish i could snap her


what the fuck too far


its just gods honest truth


gonno watch some bogan tech


im dreaming of a bogan christmas


cant stand bogan tech his vids are just bad


his tech hunt videos and cheap builds are top notch his regular reviews and stuff arent that good


i dont like him because i dont like australian people




hate how expensive electronics are in australia it isnt fair


File: 1514200935355.mp4 (72.03 KB, jo.mp4)




why is it expensive if its closer to malaysia and taiwan and china than america


i think the import taxes are higher and companies have less competition so they feel like they can get away with it i dont know it just is


do like brian and fly over to taiwan each time you want good deals


that sounds great ill just fire up the private jet


australian prices are always bad i remember reading somewhere a while back that it was cheaper to fly yo the us and buy photoshop than it was to simply buy it in australia


yeah the software markup is really bad for everything even steam games tack on like 20 or 30 dollars if you buy them with an australian ip buying games in a store new aaa ones are usually around $110


wish i was cute


me too but im just a big gross guy


would you rather be a cute girl or a cute boy


why the hell would you want to be a cute boy


it might be fun


wish i was a sexy boli


youll end up like in that tsukusun boli doujinshi


part 2 is out gonno watch and snooze


greymane is baste as hell


hes boring




File: 1514203078902.jpg (62.9 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

godfrey gives me the creepy


its raining hima


hes a serial snappist




its the change that will revitalize hima


schierke chan is so sexy


she ruined it for me it was supposed to be manga


nah she makes it all bearable


i dont understand the italics meme




wish guts would bend me over and snap my kitty and ass




flip you norm


its not snap if you want it to happen


nice uliscaper


you'll all be happy to know sis liked the succulent


succulent sis...


lolis defiantly love succulents its a universal fact


File: 1514206621748.jpg (84.1 KB, 736x736, bbc2146faa4ae6ce5286ae4b385ffdfd--succulent-se….jpg)

succulents are some of the least earthlike looking plants on the earth


ya i find them really interesting might have to get one of my own


they dont even need much attention or care theyre the neets of the plant world


neets need a lot of care and nurturing


arent they closely related to cacti i thought a lot of people kept a desk cactus on jp


succulents are cooler but cacti are pretty cool too


between the two i would rather keep a succulent they look way cooler


why does that word irk me so much


maybe youre just an irkable guy


thats santas actual sack


hehe are you doing the christmas event


ya hehe


its epic


merry christmas hima


mom got me a succulent but it got moldy and died sorry mom


you should be sorry


wonder if i could get a job as a mall santa


youre too young for that


you can be an elf


no thank you


elves are the real christmas workers santas just takes all the credit you should be thankful to be an elf


elves are just wageslaves santa is the real mastermind behind it all


elves dont get paid theyre philanthropists


this quest is HELLa long flip


you thought saving christmas would be that easy


actually it usually is


dont trust the wise old man


dont believe his lies


File: 1514208926605.png (41.1 KB, 507x138, mm.png)

nice starscape


i heard jagex love memes


hehe theres a bunch of f2p players safespotting the ogress warriors


ogresses are sexy


sexy plumbers


bet mod wolf is the memer


love mod wolf hes baste as hell


nah hes a faguette




watching varg


everyones opening presents


not me


File: 1514213710553.png (824.73 KB, 588x636, rhett.png)

merry christmas


basted rhett


File: 1514216699889.jpeg (136.45 KB, 750x1334, E0CF1797-F310-4F03-A3D9-094B0BE29A68.jpeg)

time to feast


phew nice


is that at a restaraunt


they say just be yourself but i dont like who myself is


woke up and my keyboard was bricked sigh


christmas hours only one on hima


mom begging me to open presents but i refuse to unlock my door


mommies little special boy


hate the dead hours because i know someone is awake and looking at my posts appearing on their screen but theyre either too lazy to post or my posts arent worth replying to


hehe sorry



i feel like such a chad today mom got me a car and some ll bean shirts


a whole flipping car what the flip what model


how the flip do i use github


what are you trying to do



im on the on screen keyboard rn mine is bricked


never mind chad mode is gone im back to pmb holy flip im going to kill myself i cant handle this i look like shit and now mom is trying to advance my life at a rate thats way too fast im still so god damned ugly and gross i cant be a car guy


die norm


mope about it in your garage with your car alone


why couldnt she have waited until i was in shape and not a disgusting blob im not ready to leave the house


keyboard is acting super weird\


dead hours again


File: 1514227282058.png (921.36 KB, 1920x1200, pudding girl.png)



most car guys are kind of ugly because they spend all of their time money and effort on their cars just accept the Drivebro lifestyle


dont buy foreign plants get some nice foxgloves instead


i dont have a license or know how to Drive but at least she didnt spend too much on it


File: 1514228953191.mp3 (5.93 MB, 2 - 歓びのキャロル.mp3)


had a fight with mom on christmas
we were in the car on the way to get chinese food and i was looking up some troubleshooting stuff for my keyboard
she got really uppity that i was on my phone and i calmly told her twice i was doing something important but she couldnt let it go she just get pushing so i just waited until the next stop light and opened the door and walked back home


phew just got back from dim sum dropped off sis and now going to squeeze a little bit of Drive time before i get mom and go visit family on my side with her at my cousins クリスマスパーティー

fool one with false arrogance quickly loses it learn and let not you ego quickly go to your head next time

dont act like a woman be a man and pick your battles instead of running away from your own mother



what car is it


im awake hima i had an inception dream where i was dreaming that i was asleep and dreaming


had a dream a few days ago where i scrubbed my gums with that one scrub tool ave had in his videos then my gums inflated and i looked like a freak


File: 1514230131856.jpg (Spoiler Image, 336.29 KB, 1328x747, christmashaul.jpg)

forgot to include the candies


nice flipping makita impact been wanting to buy a used one off ebay



hugged my mom


always considered buying an electric impact wrench but i hear theyre only good for taking lugnuts off or something id mainly want an impact so i could break loose seized bolts


got your lugnuts right here hanging


die toolnorms



having the worst christmas ever not even one present


did you ask for anything


every year i only get money from mom family has been disconnected for a while now


is nb here


yeah im here


merry christmas nb




impact wrenches are only for carnorms


File: 1514231650550-0.jpg (196.86 KB, 1280x720, ep07a.jpg)

File: 1514231650550-1.jpg (134.92 KB, 1280x720, ep07b.jpg)

File: 1514231650550-2.jpg (104.71 KB, 1280x720, ep07c.jpg)

exciting cliffhanger this episode i got more time so ill go ahead and treat myself to another


just remembered /b/ still exists and some people still post there


tired of chinkmom


if momgf was a true bro hed let the hima crew rail his mom but hes a greedy arsehole


nb do you have any fond memories of browsing /b/ way back


File: 1514232913439.jpg (56.43 KB, 973x608, Volvo_V70_XC.JPG)


tell her she should have went for the R version but at least you can drive across the country



she didnt buy it she just got it repaired when she bought herself a used bmw


is it tobacco itself that causes cancer or all the chemicals that get put in cigarettes


File: 1514233544380-0.jpg (164.96 KB, 1280x720, ep08a.jpg)

File: 1514233544380-1.jpg (141.07 KB, 1280x720, ep08b.jpg)

File: 1514233544380-2.jpg (195.79 KB, 1280x720, ep08c.jpg)

phew another good episode


tobacco itself has carcinogens in it, but the as far as i know its a lot worse with cigarettes due to all of the stuff they put in there




it's the decay from elements used in fertilizer taken up by the tobacco
polonium 210


its the combustion that makes tobacco carcinogenic


chewing tobacco causes cancer


nice antidrug propaganda




life is flashing before my eyes


no one will ever welcome me like this white farmer in zimbabwe


turt coming back after a ban


nigs bow to the white man


whoops didnt meant to post that video


die wigger


File: 1514238584629.jpg (45.09 KB, 640x480, Cs3x5UkVUAAg2Zi.jpg)


is that a torture device or pleasure device


it was a contraption made by deadelus to allow the queen of crete to copulate with a bull after the gods made her fall in love with it all because her husband refused to sacrifice the bull to the gods like he was suppose to thats how the minotaur was born


File: 1514239153636.jpg (672.18 KB, 1280x1898, 1514238871770.jpg)


women would rather flip bovines than me what the hell


File: 1514239224731.jpg (145.73 KB, 1000x594, IMG_3104.jpg)


File: 1514239508432.png (736.71 KB, 1864x1220, 1514179701746.png)

it really is funny how well this describes all of whinos posts


nb never posts about 2d shite


love when norms get upset over people complaining because it reminds them of their privilege and makes them uncomfortable


hes a cookie cutter r9k/teenbro/wokenonsheep what do you expect there are billions of people just like him


File: 1514240181951.jpg (482.92 KB, 750x750, 1510389159537.jpg)


dad let me borrow the kittywagon hoo boy


File: 1514240502882.jpeg (211.06 KB, 980x691, c10cf8552cdde9a73edba34e8c08a7e4.jpeg)


File: 1514240564978.jpeg (286.16 KB, 750x1023, c8f04593aecef4348149e73571e5c6cf.jpeg)


File: 1514240685303.jpeg (313.26 KB, 700x948, 8a0ee07b5081d381038e1ab3beadd387.jpeg)






File: 1514241055054.jpeg (203.1 KB, 750x1334, 41F0E240-E939-41D3-B35A-037467B305F6.jpeg)

im trying to bring all the presents into my car but kitty wont get out of this bag! ugh!! he is going to make me late for the クリスマスパーティーパートつ


File: 1514241295916.jpeg (169.92 KB, 750x1334, 11A5A6D4-7BC2-46B8-85D5-261BE3386AFB.jpeg)

update i finally got him out and now am transporting the presents to my car


nice sc2 ugh


why didnt you open them


turt you got any input on this


theyre for the family


nice kitty


未来が眩しくて見えない watch the extended edition of fellowship tonight in blu ray quality for the first time


File: 1514242547848.png (245.61 KB, 402x574, fixed.png)

big tuna loves cute boys like leona


what is blu ray quality




iq went down from just 3 min of pripara


no it didnt


turt have you ever bought condoms before


maybe thats how he found out he was a dicklet


よしっ got my cheesy sweater on got the presents loaded up just waiting for mom to get ready and going to head over to he クリスマスパーティー maybe ill post pics later if anyone wants to see


livestream it


yeah stream it


too many faces i cant blur them all out


die norm worshippers


not worshiping anymore since he rebuffed my request


REEEEEEEEEEEEE haha us non norms right


woke up gonno do my emissary quest


sigh ya cant please everyone


die sc2


ban him now


im dicklet


pnig is acting all arrogant someone cut this nigger down to size


norms found padoru this year sigh


im not a knuckledragging sexnorm jofreak why would i


what am i doing i woke up made one post and started playing wow


uhh me oog me boog haha


also i found the tower that alliance players attack so i went to it and sat at the top and killed people trying to complete the quest




the quest says to kill npcs or players so i was only helping him get the full experience


File: 1514244978947.jpg (958.98 KB, 972x1400, bk.jpg)

kill the npcs


is that you cam


File: 1514245263698.jpg (54.49 KB, 638x479, mapprojections-4-638.jpg)


whyd mom have to take me to new York for christmas


just woke up had a dream where i was eating literal garbage i can still taste it in my mouth yuck


brush your teeth


i already did


visit shoopra


the earth is flat


wish a himabro would surprise me on christmas


i didnt realize how much power heating elements used

with just the fan the dryer pulls 100w and with the elements the dryer pulls 1500w

thats like two high end computers


gonno snooze


File: 1514246303855.jpg (90.5 KB, 960x720, christmas.jpg)

It's my last Christmas in ND, and boy that tiny little tree is really overflowing! The ones in the rich blue are the things I got for others.

Merry Christmas, friends (for those that it applies to)!


what the fuckis rich blue


robin williams...


the color of the wrapping paper he chose


need to vargpill uli


heard pubg 1.0 supposedly has performance improvements may have to check it out


pathetic tree


yeah its much much better





himasugi btfo yet again


each time theres music neetblog complains


no i dont


have the utmost respect for oatman remaining a mystery


whats the song


File: 1514247845663.mp3 (9.96 MB, nice new years track from ota.mp3)

have this one saved with an apt filename


File: 1514248136286.jpg (97.4 KB, 864x960, 1514247888175.jpg)

baste ota


took a pack from walmart one time to try them out and they didnt fit


might buy a hakko station with the money mom gave


die impostor
ive never bought them and i think having the cashier scan them would give me a mild anxiety attack

after my younger brother stopped coming over i was cleaning out the room and i saw a condom in the drawer im pretty sure mom gave it to him she never gave me any though really made me think i guess being female she can sense things


what would you even use it on



hed use it to flip his boyfriend shoopras man ass


not in the mood today impersonator
the ones i had didnt fit they were probably for niggers


soldering station is a useful tool


might make some toast soon


soldering is too hard


its only useful if you have stuff to solder


time to eat that soup


never soldered anything never needed to




reminded me to check out 420chan for the first time in ages i always remembered their awful christmas music its nostalgic


File: 1514249924056.gif (382.96 KB, 224x208, sexy.gif)


should i stream something


wasnt someone going to stream christmas movies


yeah that was me


operation neetblog gangstalk is a go


then what are you waiting for



browser started using 4000 memory after i opened that


4000 bytes is like 4kb whats the problem


the big ones




was the himako onseki theory ever debunked




they call me homoseki ive got a wicked craving for man ass


onseki has never banned me from discord for hurting his feelings so i doubt theres a connection


when did you hurt himakos feelings


when i made fun of numale wks


im numale


have you ever considered that its r9k shit


r9k boogeyman again i thought we worked past this


name one other group of people other than the r9k incel squad who obsesses over memewords like yourself


nb loves memes


but neetyb has a good personality




r9k isnt even on the first page


i dont think anyone would care if you used a word like numale every now and then when its contextually appropriate but if you bust it out every single day when as an insult for someone on hima that its 100% not applicable to its annoying


turt backpedaling hard


hasnt been used in two days thats the second point youve lost will there be anymore


i think numale is more popular with polbros than r9k


he thinks because hes using it that its in context when in reality turt is just a r9k boy


gonno start posting /mu/ memes and buzzwords here every day and then get defensive and insulting when people say im annoying and its got nothing to do with the board


i havent even used it since the 23 if you dont want to get called numale maybe dont act like a numale


its okay if i constantly talk about dadrock right because people said that outside of /mu/


dont even bother you can see why turt gets banned like once a day


hypocrite wk never stopped when people told him how annoying his meta arguments were


no one here is or acts like a numale except momgf who i wholeheartedly think should be removed


no you dont understand when i call someone a numale it means they are a numale


nb did you have a big christmas dinner


im not wk i hate him a lot more than you and i hated the meta arguments as much as anyone but youre being annoying also


yes deciding to sleep on the floor because the cat is taking your bed or crying over a cartoon or getting mad because someone said women arent infallible arent numale type traits


that was my first post


no one has done any of those things except for the second one which is perfectly acceptable and doesnt make you a numale


isnt caring about your looks by far more of a numale thing than any of those


wearing idol anime shirts ironically is more numale than those things


sigh i guess nb isnt here and i am condemned to endure turtbully hours


sometimes turt gets bullied unfairly but sometimes he brings it on himself


this norm bullying his sachiko shirt is not fair hope he dies


turt assumes because he defines himself as seperate from the masses that none of the catchphrases and memes can possibly apply to him


yeah i really brought it on myself by backing up my baste bro basteseki
its wk hours so anything i say will result in getting nipped at by these kids


i dont care if he wears an anime shirt im just saying pointing out individual behaviors that a numale might also do doesnt make someone a numale otherwise almost everyone would be one


so what youre saying is that turts basically retarded


turt has never lost an argument you are fighting an uphill battle


onsekis a numale because he has a beard and numales have beards so im going to call him one every day


that is true though


File: 1514252467528.png (71.11 KB, 220x268, wk.png)


turt uses reddit and reddit is for numales so im gonno call turt a numale every single day when he makes a post


File: 1514252493094.jpg (162.57 KB, 1280x720, 1507367768278.jpg)

no man who survives a lungbuster can be called a numale


miss when 420man was posted more often


back when hima had soul


did hima have soul before turt started having a persecution complex




guess thats a no


is anyone watching the stream


hi hima woke up took a nice shower mom made milk pudding now im eeating it


what stream i just woke up


i started watching because i thought it was going to be christmas movies but it wasnt so i stopped


miss when turt was just an annoying gymnorm



his ego consumed him


its not working


sorry let me tweak my quadbox


skipper die


File: 1514253171664.jpg (Spoiler Image, 341.58 KB, 1055x720, IMG_20171223_020657.jpg)


hes wearing glasses what a numale


why the flip would you buy a bkub shirt its like buying one of those pomf shirts


why would you not like bkub


why would you


pop team epic is a masterpiece


they only sell newer stuff in stores


its for numales


its ironic


hes numale


there once was a girl named sapphire
she fell to her lovers desire
she said its a sin but now that its in
can you shove it a few inches higher


you know what kind of people wear things ironically right


what kind of people




dont like reading boruto because it reminds me of early naruto which reminds me of the goodtimes of the early 2000s


thats what i was thinking its why they wear lumberjack shirts right because theyre the opposite


boruto is for numales why not read a real manga


numales are also nostalgic for the early 2000s you must be one


no they arent


the wk crew is chimping out again time to blast


in turts case hes nostalgic for the 2000s because its before he starting having cool fantasies


hes only nostalgic because its before the condom incident


but you said people who do things that numales also coincidentally do are numales and should be called such


just had a shave but i didnt notice one of the blades on my razor was ever so slightly bent and it ended up leaving a bunch of tiny cuts in my face sigh


File: 1514253608189.png (12.11 KB, 606x114, sa.png)



you are annoying me too can you stop posting


yeah ill stop i think the points been made


cant take the heat so he decides to leave isnt nonviolence and nonconfrontation a numale trait


milk is ignorant a lot of whites are moving into detroit while the coloreds are in the poor suburbs


hes too much of a brainlet to set up an argument for himself so he decided to hide in shame




invite her to hima


ive never lost an argument on himasugi.org


i know better than you


her name is m i l g


File: 1514253808196.png (356.27 KB, 739x540, [Zurako]_Mawaru_Penguindrum_07_The_Eggchanting….png)



because you decided to ``leave'' whenever you sense youre fighting an uphill battle


hate the faguette quote norm



what battle
it eventually devolves to the point where all they can do is call me cool or cry for himago its just embarrassing when it gets to that


File: 1514253922608.jpg (208.42 KB, 962x590, 1506273181722.jpg)

turt where do you fall on this chart


anyone into japanese media is probably around a 2


nothin wrong with being cool


probably 0.5 but i like birls when theyre in anime form though because theyre a hoot


what if im exclusively attracted to lolis


theyre youre 6


i want to flipping read the posts ive missed but you tards simply wont stop posting so this is it STOP


nb here ill tell you right now im a 6 and proud of it




the posts blew anyway just skip them


nah they were good turt got owned for using shitty logic


nice fanfic wk


sorry but there has never been a non laughable argument on himasugi.org


thought about replying to you with a spoilered kogasa pic but decided not to


your logic was its okay and not obnoxious to call people numales if they do something that numales also do then you got bh and "left" when people started calling you a numale for doing things that numales also do


File: 1514254296328.jpg (473.07 KB, 1250x1120, 663e48119608d319704647e3278456b384aab66e284c3d….jpg)


yeah act like a numale get called a numale whats wrong with that youve never been able to formulate an argument that wasnt just insults anyway


i dont know who you think youre talking to


File: 1514254337866.png (243.17 KB, 513x818, 1506451373520.png)


youre all virtually the same person it doesnt matter


wish i wasnt the most advanced hima in terms of knowledge


hey himako is nico down for you


wk is so damn basted


flip you dont ask me anything right now


ok im done reading you can post now


first you wont reenable threads and now you refuse to answer my question


turt is ruining hima in more ways than meta hours


its been down for like three days already


gonno blame the chinks for this


when i rage just a little bit over the otalad himako literally starts having a 1 to 1 conversation with me when the wks start raging and being obnoxious over nothing nothing happens huh i wonder why


otalad is himako confirmed otalad is also falling to the dark side it makes perfect sense


pretty sure otalad is no older than 13


thats fine with me hes like a little bro


i like him because he makes sisposts and thats much better than a lot of the other shit that gets posted here


god damnit gotta use the headphones because sis is sleeping in my bed again


shit like what




so youre just a horny pedophile and wouldnt think twice before throwing everyone on hima under a bus over the perversions that control your daily life


we are all peds here




gonno vargpill himako


whats wrong with otalad


nothing just one rager thinks hes invading


can you point out himakos posts for me


he has that general air of ignorance that you see in teenage posters


think otalad left a few days ago


didnt he make >>694500




that guys been here for years retard i dont know why you think hes otalad


sure here they are
theres more just read it up skipper
i guess raging over otalad is not ok at all but spamming numale or whatever is completely fine


i guess hes the original sisposter i thought he left


had i known himago would start with the homoposts i would have never posted pics


wish onseki would leave but we are not that lucky


turt should beat his ass


the numale spam was for the greater good to point out how retarded your reasoning for calling people numales was


wish onseki would stop smoking the devils herb and go back to being dipseki


mhmm yep its always ok so long as youre the one doing it haha


huh i thought for a second that himako was the one spamming it but i guess not


didnt this used to happen all the time with people thinking gnfos was raiding when there were no raiders and it was just you guys shitting yourselves over nothin


yeah we make jokes like that all the time so what


just ignore the gnfos frog


oh i didnt realize you were talking about 3 days ago


so whats wrong with being told that there are no actual raiders or even any new posters


homeland security is of uttermost importance


replace your with turts then your post read like one of his so forgive me


i think those were jokes if no one new did come then that guy sure was putting a lot of effort into pretending like he was a raider to annoy people


get over yourself wk i dont care about you or your post at all the only pertinent information there is that youre not himako no one cares about the rest


im not a wk moron


he probably posted once three months ago and was thus declared a hima veteran


guess its impossible to play tricks on hima if people are going to hold grudges like this


i think himako is pointing out that lolisis guy was the one pretending to be the raider


im joing hima



did you watch tv with dad


god damnit lolisis why would you do this



oh god hima code red have you ever heard of presbylaryngis


flip off retard




you are you saying this to




if you dont talk for too long you could actually lose your voice


i talk to myself every day


i dont have hate for myself i have nothing to say to me


give yourself some positive reinforcement


that happened in an episode of zetsubou sensei


nice flipping drama queen hours gonno hit up mgs


never watched that



good thing freak is not here to read that


wonder if freak had a nice christmas he didnt drop by last night


whats wrong with not watching something


was going to stream it but people said that it wouldnt carry well like joshiraku


he was passed out at the work christmas party


stream seitokai yakuindomo


i am not exaggerating when i say i have no respect for people who have not watched the same things i have


remember the zombie girl anime streams sigh it was shite as HELL but i have fond memories of it nonetheless


was going to stream it but people said it was for sexnorms


gdgd streams were my favorite


but you havent watched everything i have either im sure


onseki and turt came here from gnfos


theres some things everybody should have watched by now zetsubou sensei is one of them


zetsubou sensei is by far one of my favorite anime of all time its humor is great and the girls are very sexy


feel bad all the times i jod to fujiyoshi


never watched dagashi kashi either


stopped watching it after 2 episodes it pinched


You have to remember, pregnant mothers have an ingenious system to "prep" their children for the conditions of society. If the mom experiences metabolic stress (starvation, any number of heavy metals and/or plastics causing shit), her body withholds releasing a lot of NO into the baby. Which causes neural changes that are correlated to Asperger's/Autism. Which makes sense. When your society pinches so much that your mom is starving, you have to (help) create a new society or social order baste on examining reality.

If the mom doesn't experience metabolic stress, society is alright. Her baby gets a buffet of NO which causes neural changes correlated with being a normie. AKA focusing on manipulating people and predicting their emotions and actions.
wonder if turt believes something like this


what about kitakubu


shut the flip up turt


kitakubu was good but i forgot it even existed for 2 years until a couple of months ago


hell yea ive been asking for pnig to stream it for at least a year but he refuses


mom blames being really stressed and scared of my dad all the time while she was pregnant with me for my autism


what about all the drinking she did


she didnt do any of that


that makes sense but arent most people with tism white shouldnt they be the ones experiencing starvation and stress the least


asian autism is noticed less since it permeates their entire culture


does nekoten have autism


File: 1514256845947.jpg (9.56 KB, 176x176, photo.jpg)

is this the face of a girl who has autism


gonno make some bacon sandwiches


is that belly bacon or back bacon


hima pinches tonight


kitty bacon




File: 1514257026749.jpg (552.85 KB, 1200x2834, WFii3W2.jpg)




put some lard in that sandwich


cig time


dark iron dwarfs look pretty cool


cool or homo


always thought they looked like jews




File: 1514257383004.jpg (98.75 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Kitakubu Katsudou Kiroku - 01 [….jpg)


good night


wish santa would magdump me


how was your day


great sandwiches hima


gonno make some myself later tonight


find a girl with a chokechain hima they will always be faithful to you


did uliana wear a choker i cant remember


lolis that wear chokers are slurpangels trust me


wish to flip a loli


i hate lolis


lolis cant live with em cant live without em




what the fuck is wrong with you


no cussing




what did i just say


he is gonno take you back to the past


is turt here


yeah whats up


how can i make a thread but have nobody else post in it


tell them its off limits


File: 1514258938930.png (99.01 KB, 552x406, 05.png)

is the boruto writer ped


those are not loli legs


got a couple of benjamins from santa boys


>tfw fell for the meme involving purchasing random access memory modules with a combined storage capacity of 137,438,953,472 mebibits where the number is not adjusted for the mebibits lost from bit rot caused by cosmic rays


get some new headphones thats what i did


already bought new ear covers for mine months ago that is pretty much the same thing


did canachink have a good christmas


still got 400 left over not sure what im gonno do with it


buy bitcoins


i was going to by antcoins back when turt wouldnt shut up about them but i got really anxious and had a panic attack and couldnt buy any crypto when i tried to so thats off the cards


wouldnt mind a hiyoko gf


File: 1514259306544.png (45.63 KB, 338x485, 08.png)

you can almost see it


you mean boxing day


ya his mom made some dog soup for christmas eve


boxing day is tomorrow


moon-sama shining through my window


turt did you listen to american idiot by green day as a teen


flip norm day


File: 1514259540878.png (278.12 KB, 543x556, Hiyoko_Saionji_Halfbody_Sprite_(2).png)

you mena this hiyoko


nah turt was more of a slipknot teen


i liked flock of seagulls as a teen



File: 1514259714044.jpg (175.77 KB, 960x544, 2014-09-16-235604.jpg)




poor stinky angel


i was a burzum teen


like a good stinkgirl


wish i could buy crypto but i dont know how


im too flipping dumb to do anything


im what they call an invalid



im the dumbest flippin moron on hima


no one on hima is dumb




himako is dumb so is turt and pnig and onseki and especially neetblog


just flipping sever my cortex


i have what the germans call worldpain


then why do they call me the dumblog


hate german people theyre freaks


ich liebe dick




uh i meant dich


sure you did homo




whens my life going to get interesting


pnig when are you going to stream unteralterbach


did you try putting yourself out there


put myself out where


pnig said he didnt like unteralterbachs art style


he used to post about it all the time back in the day


you have to find fun and interest in the little things


little things blow


how do i do that


change your mindset


how do i do that


get a cat and your life will be nothing but fun and adventure


smoke the sticky icky


im what you call a nublob


i hope terrys ok


yeah im ok


i didnt know you posted on hima


you learn something new every day


the cia niggers didnt want you to know


isnt unteralterbach a bit too old


theres no point in streaming a vn


why not


theres no point in playing a vn when you can just watch someone stream it


pnig stream chaos head


not true i like to repeat voices and reread text a lot and streamers do not do that


File: 1514262196048.jpg (2.05 MB, 3264x2448, P_20171225_212315.jpg)

nice ive been using rosemary shampoo for years now i can try black pepper shampoo


plus theyre not going to read at the exact speed youre comfortable with its always going to be too fast or too slow


i use strawberry shampoo so i can smell like a loli


mine is coconut


File: 1514262312019.jpeg (914.9 KB, 2400x2400, f552f965-713f-4e5f-98d8-5ba2d954c7aa_1.8eb987….jpeg)

i like using this one but its weird buying so much of it


i dont use shampoo


i think im a numale




i use the internet and so do numales




this stuff smells good but i dont smell much black pepper theres a strong sandalwood smell to them


lolis love sandalwood


soyboy alert




because i exhibit numale characteristics


File: 1514262696336.jpg (49.4 KB, 736x1349, American-Crew-3-In-1-Tea-Tree-Wash.jpg)

i use this because im a man


turt you should get some yuketens itll spice up your game


never mind im not a numale im an omega male


want to tardyell loudly but cant


feel like streaming something fun but i dont have any fun games


darkkkkkkkkk soulsssssssssss


fire up some tetris attack


gone so long without speaking i forgot how to talk




stream life is strange the first episode is free


start talking to yourself


ross said that life is strange flipping blows


thats because he doesnt want to be a teenage girl


why would anyone want to be a teenage girl


ross is one of those lame queers who likes beards and epic stuff


could you mean... a numale


take it back hes not like that


In South Sudan "a girl is called an old lady at 20 because she can not bear many children after that"
pnig must be sudanese




whats turt been doing ever since he decided to bitch out


theyre not wrong


he went to go work out his frustration on the touge


you think about turt a lot dont you faguette


need to see turt in a wool coat


who else is there to talk about


lets talk about onseki


wanted a peacoat after i played persona 3


i get fashion advice from anime


i just wear shorts and a tshirt and sweat pants in winter whatevers comfortable


have not worn shorts since i was a child


tried to post about my pants and shirt on hima when i bought them but got raged at


im reading this article on polygamy and its hilarious the entire south sudan economy revolves around cows which are absolutely necessary as a dowry for a man to get married and since everyone is so poor they get guns instead and steal the cows leading to frequent bloodshed all so guys can get their dick wet


its so hot here that shorts are a neccessity wish it was not so


im still a manchild


i dont like exposing my legs


i jerk it to childs


stretching my legs


post em


i wonder how many cows pnigs dad had to steal to get a white woman


ah theres turt i was worried you finally went through with ``the final plan''


gonno do some yardwork


nice bloody dicks


splitting firewood with my himabros


isnt it rich coming from turt who has native american blood


he goes for pnig because hes a brainlet who cant defend himself


indians are a noble race


im the bushcrafter


if pnigs a brainlet then im brain dead


whats more is that children who are too poor to even obtain guns hang around the fighters and castle rustlers and wait for them to die in firefights so they can run over and take the gun off his dead body so they can become fighters themselves


only turt brings attention to the race of the guy we call pnig


meant cattle


wasnt kenneth the one posting about being in advanced classes or some dumb bullshit


they dont call him the smartnig for nothing


he is the one that posts about how he dropped out every time someone posts about school


i was a grade ahead in math and science


pretty sure ive seen turt lash out about the smart but lazy meme before


it is a meme


new 100% oj update boys


whats that


a sexy loli steam game


welcome to bistro de la hima have some tartiflette and coffee


im smart but lazy


once i get serious i will be somebody


i used to be smart but lazy but now after five and a half years of doing nothing and letting my brain rot im dumb and lazy


drinking a glass of champagne



im drinking some blogweisers




yeah me too hehe im way more dumb than i used to be


im drinking filtered tap water


do you have an infowars filter that filters fluoride


mom got me alpha brain for christmas


i was always dumb and remain so but people in real life think im smart because i carry myself with dignity



im smart but people think im dumb because i dress and carry myself like a retard


someone needs to tell that queer to get a haircut


its a fancy one that mom bought dont know anything about it


people in real life think that im a flipping brainlet kitty manbaby that would starve to death without their mom and theyre right


i dropped out but before that i was in different classes when i took my ged i placed in the 95th percentile but thats not saying much

nowadays im just tard and only put any effort into things that interest me so basically only stuff like


no one below average iq would end up on hima despite how manybabyish people here might be


just figured out my front fans werent spinning at all


hate when people try to say both sides of the field in this case claiming to be a genius when its convenient and then wanting to be the tard whenever someone has expectations gran does similar shite in regards to her health


like what


i may be a retarded manbaby but i never claim to be dumb


apparently ketamine is huge in china they love their special k


otaku culture


mom found the k hole


slay the k


i guess its like the new opium for them


yeah mostly just stuff i do now no use wasting yourself doing anything you dont want to do


the manbaby mantra


no idiot youre supposed to get a job and spend 40 hours a week doing something you hate so you can afford to be in debt


dont you mena numale mantra


no fool numales often get into the tech industry


move aside dummies certified mensa genius coming through the names alblog einneet


why would you know that


numales all have jobs so they can afford the latest steam games and to donate to their favorite girl streamers


can homos be numales


lots of numales are bisexual


hate when i see a numale dad with a cute loli daughter


since the dad is numale he wont react if you make a move on their loli daughters


its turt he knows all about norms and numales its literally his hobby to study them so he can ``beat them at their own game''


pnig stream some dark souls and beat the taurus demon


who are you quoting because its not me


why is faguette quote guy still posting about turt 12 hours later


the guy who was asking why that guy (turt) would know so much about numales


when i was happy


nice monty_on_the_run fits perfectly in the tetris name field


im below average iq


iq is a meme


nice cope brainlet


everything is a meme if you think about it


is drug fueled anonymous cool sex and binge drinking on the weekends numale behavior


was william burroughs a numale


they call me copetron because i love tron and i love to cope


i dont even dip


i miss the old days when multiple people would join a chat in younow and mess with the cute lolis


always hated that


those days are dead and never coming back but i miss em too


i was always overly creepy in the chat


guys whats better ketchup mayo or hotsauce


miss the good old days when killing darkies was legal


ketchu and hotsauce are both lame so mayo wins by default


take it back hotsauce rules


ketchup or hot sauce
mayo pinches


yuka loves mayo but i like hotsauce


i like mayo and hotsauce but dont like ketchup


i always liked asking really dumb questions like why do they put bones in meat if you just take them out

or why do they put bones in food they dont taste good and hurt to chew


sigh i miss kim jong ill that guy was baste cant stand the new guy


flipping mods ruined younow


un is way baster


lying about outrageous injuries from harmless things was my favorite part


tardlaughing remembering those

snapped both femurs broke a collar bone fractured 4 ribs and knocked out 7 teeth from trying to breakdance

or tried to prank my dad by making him sit on my thumb and he sat down and broke my thumb


trevor r......


flipping aunt keeps calling and then hanging up right as i get to the door


right as i get to the phone rather


shes calling to ask about the present you gave your cousin last night


itll be a few months before that present becomes noticeable




hankering for wendys


guys im gonno make two tuna melts and watch vids and anime in the living room


watching anime on a tv is disgusting


wish to be drinking ice coffee



the japs do it


my computer monitor is a tv so i can watch it in bed


started liking wendys after they redid the brand and started making sexy pictures of wendy with big boobs



imagine caring about something


i care about anime girls


you dont know what youre missing


nice kashikoman


league should have a maximum age limit of 15


now that christmas is over can we finally stop the snow and remove the horrible christmas banners





its unbecoming for legal adults to play that trash


whats wrong with it


i have the closed beta skins from lol on my account wonder if i can sell it


its shite tell them nb


turt is that you i thought you had a strict no games for any adults policy


nobody should be playing that trash at all


thats not me i tried playing league and couldnt even beat the tutorial


i would play dota instead but it feels really bad


it really is a piece of hot garbage no idea how it became so popular


classic nb


wish i was smart enough to understand mobas


let me coach you i will increase your apm by 100 guaranteed



the only way to understand is by playing


nb your mistake was not playing through the tutorial and challenges that explain how the game works no one just jumps in and instantly knows what to do


same the ufo one


but i did


thats the open beta one i think the closed beta is bowser rammus


i have that one too


i mean in hots


i played the hots tutorial



File: 1514268187708.jpg (354.39 KB, 800x618, 1506328374107.jpg)

who took this picture


i did


his cousin


holy flip what a numale look at those plaid shorts


do you really make crack with baking soda


those are boxers


never worn boxers in my life



holy shite turt just found out about something game changing when youre squinting to give yourself hunter eyes you gotta also open them at the same time kind of like boggled eyes and it fixes the hooding problem of squinting


i was a big boxer sceptic but one day i tried them and never looked back


can you post a pic as an example of what youre doing


i could draw it on paint


File: 1514268430436.jpg (74.17 KB, 735x703, b4ef5687226dce7babba089156041a46.jpg)



i wore boxers when i was a teen but now i wear boxer briefs


dont think that guy is real


poor guy look at his non hooded eyes


police those brows


turt wears boxers too you can see them in one of his pics


he looks cool


boxer briefs are the best


most men who spend tons of time on their appearance look cool


sounds like prejudice



how do you explain how turt looks then


what about it


seriously try it in front of a mirror open your eyes as much as you can then squint then do both at the same time the result is that it hoods them well and only the bottom eyelids go up the difference is huge


just puked out a bunch of feta cheese


bh wk numale starting meta hours again


how do i do both at the same time



nah i get what hes saying you open the lids of your eyes while squinting the edges theyre two different muscles


dont understand why these kids seek out gangs instead of heading to a library and seeking out knowledge


i must be doing it wrong because it looks retarded



flip niggers


most of the stuff turt talks about is retarded


feel bad for that guy seems like hes not cut out for that stuff


a lot of people might end like that if not for hima


maybe youre squinting too much


uh he should just do what he wants haha





lets post nice things instead


see this guy didnt have to join a gang


thats because he grew up in a white neighborhood


polite black people are always kind of weird


you mean like pnig


hes the rudenig


i like his vids theyre soothing and his content is more performance per dollar oriented instead of the more common overkill builds that arrogant channels tend to make for no reason other than clickbait


been playing gran turismo for hours now
what a shit christmas glad its over cant wait to go back to work tomorrow


how is that promotion coming


pnig have you read any claud mckay his whole schitck is about being a black guy who was too smart to fit in with his fellow blacks but because of his skin he can never fit in with whites either


sigh was just thinking i was getting sickly looking and realized i can actually see my heart beating in my chest


no i dont read anything written after 2005


claude mckay died in like the 1940s



my mistake i meant before 2005


what books have you read that came out after 2005


i dont read anything written after 2005 either



what is wrong with that guy


never read books from the 21st century


sigh umaru was so nice


gonno save umaru for tomorrow when i make pizza and fries


youre in for a treat


im contemptible


pnig stream some chobits


how do i find justice


it doesnt exist


finally back in my room gonno listen to some music


mom was telling me today to get in touch with my dad because he wants to give me some money or something

i wonder whats going on


no you arent


if you take his money youll be in his power dont do it


i could plan out a tour of the us and go loli watching if i had some extra cash




think i might level my demon hunter as a tank even if i dont know what im doing


File: 1514272157826.jpg (35.69 KB, 300x300, runkittyrun.jpg)

ᶦᵛᵉ ᵇᵉᶜᵒᵐᵉ ˢᵒ ᶰᵘᵐᵇ


what the fuck


mom forgot to buy my tuna had to use turkey


is the never eating turkey guy here did he ever eat turkey


isnt that the same guy that never had mustard


i dont know


no not yet but i have eaten mustard i love it


dps demon hunter is fun all you do is chaos strike and auto attack


kitty jumped on me lap and tucked herself in shes snoozing


i can level faster tanking though


Well, I didn't see that ever happening, and it has! My first ever song that's got lyrics in it that I'm highly addicted to. It's very happy, upbeat, cheery, catchy, bouncy, active, and it's also the fastest-paced Christmas song I've ever heard. There's a lot of 8th and 16th notes, even some 32nd notes, but nothing longer than a quarter note. It literally, especially during the last 4 verses, brings tears to my eyes.

It all started when I heard a very fast-paced song on Walmart Radio but couldn't identify it. It got stuck in my head since but couldn't remember the specifics beyond patterns with the notes. Then, a few days later, I happened to be at the GM self check together with another coworker where the song played again. I asked that coworker if they knew what the name of that song was and I was told "I Saw 3 Ships" but the coworker wasn't sure. When I finished that 13-hour shift, I got home, checked Soundcloud, and I immediately knew that it was what I was looking for. I found an instrumental version of it and went with that for a day.

Then, curious for other instrumental versions and trying to figure out the words to the song, I began listening to other variants of it. I then happened to find this variant that was peaceful sounding and had almost no instruments but it gradually built up and I loved it. Surprisingly, the instrumental-only area was lesser liked than the vocals but I was really hooked, especially after that instrumental-only area. So, I deleted that part out and merged the vocal parts so it had all 9 verses being continuous. Making it seamless wasn't hard when I put that song duration formula used with processing PM songs for perfect looping. With that part taken out, the song sounds so much better, to the point I'm now addicted to it, racking up hundreds of plays with no signs of letting up on it. It's the first time I've ever been addicted to any song with lyrics, let alone to the extent I had with Festival of Stars (from Chrono Trigger) or Bouncing to Victory. Yep, this song brings tears to my eyes, especially during the last 4 verses, like Festival of Stars did.

The basic format of the song goes as "[verse text] on Christmas Day on Christmas Day [verse text] on Christmas Day in the morning". As to what the "[verse text]" is, that depends on the verse, and there are 9 in total:

1. I saw 3 ships come sailing in
2. And what was in those ships all three
3. The Virgin Mary and Christ were there
4. And where they sail those ships all three
5. Oh they sailed into Bethlehem
6. And all the bells on Earth shall ring
7. And all the angels in heaven shall sing
8. And all the souls on Earth shall sing
9. So let us all rejoice again

In the original, the instrumental-only part starts after verse 5. After this part, the instruments get really good and verse 9 is my biggest favorite as it's very active, catchy, and bouncy. I have a hard time making out the first 3 or so words of verse 4. I had to try out a few speed changes to see if I can make it out better. My best guess is what I'm using. Next up for this song: logging a few thousand plays. I feel a 98% chance of it dragging on into January, almost inevitable. I feel a 70% chance of it dragging on to my birthday 9 days later.


god damnit uli


wish i was baste like uli


i like nanahira songs because theyre retarded like me


youre not a tard
im the only one on hima whos close to being an actual retard


tired of nb tardmogging me all the time


neetblog when was the last time you cried


i dont remember


i think you could do with a good cry


baste uli


how would crying help me


havent cried in almost a decade and plan on keeping things that way


it will help you know the real you


real men dont cry


we could all use a good crywalk



i remember now i cried in september


wake me up when september ends


gonno snooze a bit see you later hima


snooze in hell


turt when are you going to try dmt its a whole different league to lsd


took a huge shite hima didnt neetclog the toiled this time though



feeling bored do russians have the day off




nb do you harbor a rage against the world






you need to hold someone accountable


accountable for what


im far from reaching nirvana


closer than anyone else here


lot of pressure youll end up bawling out a new ocean one day


nah my body already forgot how to produce tears i dont even remember how it feels to cry anymore


i have a shoulder for you big guy


idk whenever i get around to it


kittys belly is so fluffy




pretty sure i had it before but it was mixed with weed i remember my leg wouldnt stop kicking my desk



haha nothin norm about doin drugs right neetbros


theres a lot of gunk on my mouse should i clean it



convinced kitty belly is the softest substance known to man


im pettin it


File: 1514278641852.jpg (35.27 KB, 500x570, cat7972.jpg)


guess ill start posting about my gf now if smoking weed and doing drugs is accepted on hima


not a fan of drugnorms but having a gf is far more norm than doing drugs


nothin norm about havin a gf




what was it


dont know if i should post details like that


post it


dont post it


maybe post it


disregard the post above


why do things always turn out like this


like what


you know



simply love knight scoop


cant watch this one im cringing


poor hayashisensei


really weird the guy has long hair and the girl has short hair at least the detectives seem happy for them


wish tokyo tv had interviewed turt too


could have given an interview on his fuji solo climb


gotta start working on my looks and physique so that they wont assume im an otaku


File: 1514282123903.jpg (389.64 KB, 1068x606, Untitled-1.jpg)

these two seem to cry a lot


did you know that hayashi sensei is from osaka


is sekai de hataraku otousan a segment from knight scoop or is it its own show

seems like kind of a niche show but if its what i think it is then it seems like it would be decent


The girl who can hear the VOICE of 4 leaf CLOVERS!


isnt it centered in osaka


huh i guess it is i didnt know that


pastaguy would describe this girl as succulent


what the HELL


ive never found a single 4 leaf clover in my life and that girl is tracking them like its nothing


same when i was little id spend hours outside searching for one


wonder if my life would be better if i had ever found one




they bring good luck fool


that girl should become a miko she can hear the gods


keiko is hogging all the good luck leaving us destitute


its not like youd find any if you tried


File: 1514283952920.jpg (261.93 KB, 1920x1080, An234c2.jpg)



forgot that i had another bag of kaki no tane im going to spend the day tomorrow watching knight scoop and other shows like it and snacking and drinking genmaicha that seems nice


Shojo manga accident in real life



dont know what to do without game


stream it


how will i stream it it would be weird id rather just link the videos or something im just going to check them out on youtube and my reactions are probably too creepy


mom made a big mistake when she gave me a snes for christmas in 93


sigh ok then dont


i had a genesis with the sega channel i cant actually remember when i had an snes i remember having a nes then a genesis and then an n64

i remember getting an snes when i was 13 or 14 maybe i never had one when i was a kid


never in my entire life will i experience a reaction from a woman like that sigh


dont give up


simply become mokomichi


only had dads atari 2600 then snes then n64 then ps2 then ps3


that guy doesnt look good at all are men in japan simply way uglier or is he a famous actor or something like that


never had a ps3 but always wanted because i heard they were region free and i wanted to play atelier games


yeah hes some kind of actor or something just googling mokomichi brings him up with an english wikipedia article that i chose to not read


oh ok then thats why


the first girl had a good reaction


and what the hell that guys only 6'1 he looks like a giant compared to those girls


ya me and pastaguy are like two inches taller than him but in the video he looks like a titan wandering the minute land of nihon


he seems lanky that always makes people seem taller like shaggy or waluigi


theres a whole mess of these shoujo situation videos


Biscuitcrazy medic
2 months ago
I cant get girls coz I'm only 5'6''..


this one seems kind of cruel they have a fortune teller tell the girls they will meet someone and then he shows up


dislike those


the 3rd one has the roles switched ill just link this one then stop posting these


thought it would be more than one guy but its not sigh poor guy theyre just making him buy a bunch of food he spent like $60 buying bentos


cant watch those sorry


File: 1514286734212.jpg (754.6 KB, 1024x680, threegreat19kungfusoupdumplings.0.jpg)

wish i could visit a dim sum restaurant and try out some of the things that ive only seen in pictures and videos



what the heck i just had that on my twitter feed


tardlaughed at the vegeta
wish i could have a cool accent like goku


goku has a granny accent


wait whats with nozawas weird costume


we are connected


oh i get it now and now i feel retarded


with christmas over all i have to look forward to now is fighterz


im too tard to play fighting games


those guys sound identical to the actual voice actors its kind of weird


im really bad at fighting games but i enjoy them


japs love frieza for some reason its like everyones favorite character over there


File: 1514287803285.jpg (41.51 KB, 450x600, 26c38c4553b87c5ab3be42e2918866a2_600.jpg)


File: 1514287849965.jpg (167.87 KB, 1200x900, DPsk7MqVoAEn9uf.jpg)

tardlaughing at the buu guy


poor buu


new yuka


little girl next door just screamed because she nearly touched a lizard


mindblowing that yuka is 32 she looks younger


File: 1514288532961.jpg (65.36 KB, 600x330, urosaurus_ornatus.jpg)

sigh lizards


had a blue-tongue lizard wake me up one morning it was rustling around under the bed


did you put it outside


yeah i tried to feed it a raw egg but it didnt want it and crawled off


File: 1514288725459.jpg (88.79 KB, 1024x768, maxresdefault.jpg)

frieza cosplay is serious business


wonder if i could pull off any cosplay at all without looking like a stupid gaijin but my face is too western and rough so i guess only maybe hokuto no ken and jojo style characters


blue-tongue lizards are serious business


File: 1514288972207.jpg (108.87 KB, 1024x768, 1428797855326.jpg)

simply brohou


god damnit


simply epic flan and serno dudes


snooze time




moms car battery was dead she told me to fix it and its 32F outside


thinking about playing a rogue in vanilla instead of a warlock


rogue is boring play mage instead or warrior if you want melee though there will probably be too many warriors

funny how warrior was the only viable hybrid class in vanilla


im mainly going to pvp though


theres no way i could play a rogue in vanilla there are just too many changes that were made that ive grown used to


bet this noob never even used thistle tea




dont get why they gave demon hunters a tank spec instead of making them purely dps


flipping sis laughing at my color blindness



gonno rage


cam on yuka chan


thats a level of skipness never before seen


sigh he has started unplugging all the kitchen appliances now


nice schizobro


going to watch some drive eat natto clean my room play final fantasy on the snes classic for a bit and then do some work


work first leisure later


sigh fine ill at least eat my brunch natto to drive and clean my room and then play final fantasy after work


never mind mom called and i ended up finishing my natto while on face time with her so im going to clean my room then watch Drive afterwards doing work and finally finishing off the day with some final fantasy


is it final fantasy 5




in japan yes


oop its six actually


six is my second favorite with five being my favorite one most due to nostalgia reasons


i like four a little disappointed it didnt make it onto the snes classic but i guess theres so many iterations of it its a little understandable


so the snes classic comes with final fantasy 3 which is actually 6 right


correct it comes with final fantasy three which is actually two and two is my favorite which is actually four
also looking forward to playing earthbound and secret of mana and of course kirb


which is actually six*


never played two which is four


i might download dissidia for my psp i need a good grindge and actually fun unlike runescape



Tezuka devoured Disney comic books and movies, reportedly seeing the movie Bambi 80 times

wonder how anime would look like if disney never existed


File: 1514311700360.jpg (113.2 KB, 710x710, tezuka-comic-strip.jpg)

is that who i think it is


File: 1514312509943.jpg (195.02 KB, 575x524, __futaba_anzu_idolmaster_and_idolmaster_cinder….jpg)




cant clean up the dried sperm globules in the sink



just realized eye makeup is a foreign african beauty regimen


is she doing jav now


just got back from work and caught up with the thread time to play more gran turismo


wish i was her


embrace who you are brother


wish i was baste like drawmom


flipped up my sleep schedule again gonno snooze good night hima



File: 1514319611261.png (294.48 KB, 469x768, poison-capcom-by-renofswagzareth.png)



thats a man



LOOK im really getting sick of you being rude to all these girls



hey hima just woke up read a bunch of posts


read this


what did you think


looking at sweaters for winter


it is a drawing with boobs and a kitty


just woke up but i dont feel like i woke up


my mom got my a giftcard for the coffeeshop but i dont want to use it because then the servers will know my mom bought it for me


simply wait a few months to use it


use it online


i might just go to the other branch thats much farther away where nobody recognizes me to use it


dead hours


im playing wow


File: 1514328987055.jpg (787.63 KB, 1540x2180, 1513832850325.jpg)


poor girl


File: 1514329830939.webm (1.98 MB, 650x500, 1514144617955.webm)

is otalad still here he should keep this joke tucked in his back pocket


i would flip that girl



vile little whore


shes sexy take it back


on npr there was an author talking about her book where during puberty girls develop electric powers that can shock and hurt people making them stronger than men and that it wasnt a dystopia it was only a dystopia for men because they had to suffer like girls suffer in the real world


flip according to this not only am i a wk but im also a bbw lover this cant be right



link doesnt work


does it say that youre numale too


File: 1514331240230.png (44.36 KB, 1599x982, a6b9a952150af41b91329eb166cdce4c.png)

no might as well be i dont get any of the numale perks


its almost as if calling people things doesnt actually reflect how they really are


im tokugawa


wish to bed the emperors daughter


im mokomichi


ive been ignoring women too much i need to rehone my blade of misogyny


turt what do you think of >>695178




finally crafted my legendary shoulders


craft yourself a book instead


whats a good anime movie


there are none


these pranks sure to need a lot of setup



hehehehehe girl fall out of chair hehehe


i just fall of my chair


ugh turts lashing out again for no reason time to put him in time out himako


girl fall chair me laugh ungahaha


yes it does have you ever heard of kotodama


hey turt check this one out you might have skipped it last night


i hate pop music in general and asianpop in particular


hate gook tv and the little faces


love japan


never understood the faces i guess gooks are so soulless they need someone to show them when to laugh


feeling itchy again i need something stronger than my nails


this girl is super sexy does she do gravure or anything so i can jo to her


try a belt sander


take a bath and get a good brillo scrub


my name is cameron mitchell cassady and i swear im going to have my name heard by the whole world believe it