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a merry blog
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i was replying to >>696159 not the moot guy


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nb when is your next zine coming out im really looking forward to it


dont joke with nb right now he is feeling down


how can you tell


he never called me an impersonator


File: 1514370585695.jpg (20.07 KB, 240x320, 1446589049607.jpg)

hiro cannot compare to moot


fuwa fuwa fuwa fuwa


gonno listen to platinum disco and jerk it


expect him to just pull the plug on the site out of nowhere one day


wasnt hiro going out with a tranny a couple of years ago


it wouldnt be murder it would be euthanasia


nb is the sotos of our generation


we wuz pharoahz n shieeet


in 100 people I show my *



who is sotos


you know


sis is sleeping in my bed again


is she in a sexy position


enough with your falsehoods


not sure how shes going to do anything if shes in school


who is forcing all of these girls to do this stuff its sickening





reported for clickbait


my usb cable broke i cant take a pic


nice impersonator


File: 1514371033279.jpg (96.57 KB, 500x500, pnig wright iii.jpg)


you should respond faster if you want to retain your rights to the sister character


how many people have sisters is it just one guy or are there multiple


its only one guy thats making up sis stuff but other posters have sisters


it was me onseki


which ones are the fakers i need to know


ill smoke to that brotha
*rips fat bong rip*


who would lie on hima


i tried sending onseki some swisher sweets for christmas but he sent back pictures of him stepping on the packages sourseki only smokes backwoods


theres two onseki and lolisis lolisis even posted proof


you are living in the past


i posted proof back in 2014 fools


someone should ask her if shes ever gone to knight scoop


god is tempting me with periscope streams but i will not click


japgirl scopes are the worst


watch game streams instead of that boring shite


its just some 12 or 13 year old girl in a sweater painting her nails


guess ill watch tv show clips again until i snooze


its too early


god damnit taras


i will not click


wonder how much it would cost to set up a small heavily planted aquarium like this


god kids are so damn sexy


what the fuck creep


if i had something like this i could watch it for hours the vegetation and not the animals is what would make it so enjoyable


File: 1514372731483.jpg (172.07 KB, 1074x710, reply.jpg)




sigh i think its neat because you can see the roots reaching into the soil and everything looks so vibrant and bright


looks pretty but its not entertainment its decoration


isnt the point of decoration to be seen


not to be stared at


it is neither of those plants are not your toys they are living things


i fear i will wake up one day and be 30 year sold and be no further along in life than i was at 20


this guy seems to love satie



still mindblown by the loli that hears four leaf cloves


im mindblown that the school loli was banned and made a new account and is doing the same thing and giving out her number


she wants to be snapped the little angel



how is he puking from 20oz of steel reserve what is wrong with this guy is this typical alcoholic behavior


you have no idea what steel reserve can do to a man


i find it odd that kids in europe and russia dont really seem to be on winter break right now


yeah he kept telling me i know nothing about that like at least 7 times


File: 1514373325561.jpeg (153.81 KB, 750x1334, 9E035DE6-8DC4-4B73-9958-157D930F0D0A.jpeg)

kitty wont let me play snes classic


nice kitty


thats it snooze time shouldnt have stayed awake till 5 am but flip it right


looks just like my cat


turn off the scanlines


File: 1514373522671.jpg (1.29 MB, 4032x3024, ntpfrgt5l5iz.jpg)

still wish for a pvm one day sigh


just get one on ebay theyre $100




are they really that cheap i thought they were far more expensive like 200+


hate the meme where everyone pretends to be third worlders in poverty if $100 is a lot to you just sell something else you own to get the new thing you want thats what i do


File: 1514373709584.jpg (128.11 KB, 1000x1000, 1514322792599.jpg)



a 17-inch one with s-video only was $107 with shipping and it looks great


had grand visions of a gaming room a year ago when i found that trinitron too bad those dreams were smashed when the tv fell over sigh


File: 1514373879489.jpg (212.86 KB, 750x750, 750connector260001.jpg)

if its s video only is it an actual a pvm i thought they used scart connectors



pvm is a sony marketing buzzword anything that isnt made by sony technically isnt a pvm


if you are not using a framemeister then what the hell are you doing


i thought it was a type of display that was the best of the best meant for monitoring in broadcasting stations


love lolis so much


same gotta love em


no you dont you only think you do


i know i do


is it ok if i play 16 bit games on my 44 inch tv













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