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get in here


in the hima mansion everyone gets a pocket kitty as a stocking stuffer


someone should make a christmas blog


i tried to but thread creation is disabled


himako rectify this situation


gonno watch a movie with mom see you later hima




everybody has a mom



File: 1514178027039.webm (1.66 MB, 252x380, 1514169578644.webm)

it starts pissing when they start beating it


why the flip are we using this thread


what is that creature some kind of badger



its an australian possum they are very soft and cuddly and friendly towards humans actually


did you try making a new thread so youre sure its not just neetblog trying to force his shit again


File: 1514178177052.png (1.13 MB, 1338x826, dee202a539fca27c0a79fb8f18a11663.png)


another christmas without his friend


why do you hate me so much


you literally always do that you look for a thread that is the most "baste" and force people to post in it thats why the sc2 thread was used a few weeks ago


not to mention id rather have an anime thread than a chigger thread


that was instigator not me


we are already posting in the official thread dumbasses


dont like this one


if theres not a christmas themed thread im leaving for 48 hours


no lets post here flip anime its for virgins


it was turt and you flip you both


thats so neetblog


other thread got raided by sc2


someone make a new thread i dont want to use this one

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