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its time


i refuse



like this one


ya this is it


ugly bitch


miatas are small as hell theres one always parked close to my house with protruding wheels the top goes up to my stomach and im a manlet


wow vega 56 can undervolt for so much


what are you brewing thinking about brewing a nice ipa soon myself


mom found the duel disk


how much omg you holding turt


mOM found the slurpslave what do 9i do


where is blood spermer


women take goo from other people and store it inside their bodies theyre flipping disgusting


File: 1503437253022.png (Spoiler Image, 782.32 KB, 477x587, aIKhYTL.png)

just lift bro it helps


classic gymcel


humans need social bonds


wish i had a really cute loli to bond with


its abnormal to think about killing yourself regularly


why not


like what


no its not


yes it is you might want to listen to what pastor anderson has to say about having those thoughts


finished the first ep of the new monogatari and im bawling hard send help hima


cant remember the last time i went 48 hours without suicidal thoughts some people are more predisposed to it than others because theyre less connected to the matrix




trim them


ass hurts


nice kira


File: 1503440985507.jpg (365.19 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Aho Girl - 08 [720p].mkv - 00:0….jpg)


every roastie was once a perfect lolikiddo its mindblowing


gonna jo and snooze later hima love you guys


mindblowing how we are born with skin creases in areas where our joints move a lot


you arent born with the crease look at babies they have tube legs and arms


say what


mindblowing how we are born with natural foreskin only for kikes to brainwash our parents into cutting it off at birth


File: 1503441345058.jpeg (555.17 KB, 2950x2094, babby.jpeg)


im uncut


File: 1503441403104.jpg (406.92 KB, 2592x1936, XuHmgDp.jpg)


File: 1503441453126.jpg (Spoiler Image, 18.87 KB, 385x383, babby.jpg)


File: 1503441476039.jpg (515.83 KB, 2560x1440, finger3.jpg)

this man cant move the last joint of his ring finger so he has no folds there


told you right at the start but you didnt listen i knew youd end up here


so then why do they exist in every place your skin stretches or compresses the most


wrong guy


because babies move around before theyre born


nothing i just wanted to say i told you so it feels great to be right


flip you smartnorm


flip you fast replier


未来が眩しくて見えない shower


wired an aux port into the factory stereo on the miata so i can listen to my eurobeat flacs wish i did this a lot sooner because on the way to deals gap theres a big dead zone where there are no radio stations to pick up at all


dont use flac


use wav


use ogg


and the Drive soundtrack


wav is for tf2 micspam! hehe mwa


die sc2heal


File: 1503441891522.jpg (67.55 KB, 1280x720, 1474844844345.jpg)


ban this guy


himako its your duty


youre a duty bitch


himako got sperged on and left last night


File: 1503442074859.jpg (209.03 KB, 1024x731, 1495396857631.jpg)


youre supposed to use absolitite


classic numale


mega absol is a great offensive poke


dont underestimate pelippers def its really high with evs


yeah mega absols sucker punch should deal about 35% on a pelipper while pelippers scald would deal about 75 to 91% on mega absol chan


a kabutops or terrakion will ko it with stone edge the good thing about them switching to a defensive poke us that you can set up a free stat up


i posted this thread on accident



weak looking hands
i can tell youve never done anything hard in your entire life you pussy manbaby


those are the hands of a person who is unable to bend their fingers at all


turt you holding omg


just finished my first blogweiser gonna crack a second one soon


is your little girl getting them for you


nah i dont have a tulpa you deranged freak


alolan ninetails


ninetales sorry


File: 1503444027899.png (1.12 MB, 1280x1280, 1457402199127.png)

pokemon are hella faggy yall niggas need to jo to lolis


that guy wasnt me but yes


kiss me chu chu chu chu lip


uh oh friend is selling some choice armor for a good price gonna go to the bank and take out a small loan


really liked the way it fit it has five titanium plates over kevlar and weighs about 35 pounds but its historical at this point


why do blogweisers always fizz up


die kirbyflipper


each blogweiser lowers your test that much more


why dont you drink something good budweiser is chink shit


i have more test than everyone on hima i have test to spare


time to watch alex jones


i was playing kirby the other day iwtht totori na dhaving alot of fun ilike the music in it alot




im keeping the memories alive


dont get this reference


third blogweiser down the hatch



File: 1503446227560.webm (3.96 MB, 478x270, streaming_anime.webm)



is this the new vaporwave


inaccurate title


no point im only drinking three so this is the last one


its about enjoying a cold one you yeenbro


brings back memories of when i used to buy bootleg betamax tapes of anime back in the 70s from a guy who knew a guy who knew a jap


never had a betamax just vhs


hes 240lbs heavy your chugging is his casual sipping


do you feel like an adult


daddys little girl is out and he misses her


how do you know hes 240lbs



its called not being a flipping sc2sp teenbro RAIDER


but im neetblog


dont drink alone go to the pub


i said that i was only going to drink three blogweisers but im considering the fourth rn


hed be getting PUSSY


neetblog here
just to be clear the guy drinking blogweisers right now isnt me



wish i had a big ol pussy in my mouth rn


im feeling good definitely cracking open that fourth blogweiser


wanna scape


sis got a job she jobmogged me


durr mog uh chad haha


wish i was chad


File: 1503447849003.png (1.83 MB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] New Game!! - 07 [720p].mkv_snap….png)



sis is closer to being a chad than me and thats not even a joke


phew shaymin are cute


why do you even care


sheeeeit really feeling good need that fourth blogweiser



it impacts everything just look at how pnig gets treated by clergy


youre too old to care about sibling competition


its not a competition i never had a ghost of a chance in this world


sounds like a norm problem


failed norm heh


yeah the norms are my problem


never had a chance but you constantly obsessing over everything that the norms do if you never had a chance why dont you shut the fuck up


i will reforge this twisted world


forge me a twisted bow instead


really like norm music



nah most norms just kind of float along they dont get bothered by the flaws of this world at all
maybe its because they are an integral part of that flawed system


that sounds like me


>why dont you shut the fuck up


gonna start doing raids until i get one


we got a greener


hate wiggers


nice green norm


whatever you do dont post clips from a tv show


obsessed worshiper


sigh wish i was a syrian refugee


theyre only going to rape the locals


you dont seriously think they wont be chasing around the local women do you


love /pol/


ooga boonga yellow womens


wish turt would stop dragging in norm memes


not me


i dont think that anyone cares




File: 1503451792937.jpg (365.36 KB, 1054x1142, 1464418040173.jpg)


File: 1503451984663.png (326.76 KB, 557x563, go to hell nigger.png)

get him outta here




undervolted 56 is faster than a stock 64


who cares


i care


1070 power draw and more performance than a 1080 and amd is getting bashed for vega sigh why dont they send the cards undervolted why


imagine what its like to be black


cant be worse than being a foreigner in japan


blasting some mosaic.wav rn


imagine being black in japan


one two wave wave
anime o mi tetara heart ga yureta yo~


flip you weeb bitch




fell asleep from the xanax


out of whey again i wish i had sponsors


simply become the new zyzz


File: 1503455218678.png (11.64 KB, 637x143, efbd4502eb7768a0326049396f3f7171.png)

josh kicked shoopra out of the crew for being slow


i should vargpill turt about cars


how about you go turtpill varg instead


its too late hes already successful with a beautiful family and holds no grudge against women


when Driving you must become one with the soul of the car its not about speed


what made turt turn gay in the first place


not all cards can undervolt but they will all function with high voltage


nothing gay about seeing vapid whores for what they are wake up and smell the shite sexnorm


obsession over male lookism


are computer components too norm to post about


simply test it before buying it


the male figure is simply much more aesthetically pleasing


its not at all


its hard to not look at rival males and compare yourself to them but when it comes to women who cares theyre just mindless prizeholes


prize my hole


File: 1503456718270.mp3 (7.78 MB, 10 LOCAL JESUS.mp3)


i agree he was slow and i dont even Drive too much hesitation those corner attacks were pedestrian for someone with an e36


wish i was a 10/10 chad just for the halo effect i dont even care about roasties


whats the point of hima its just r9k shit all day now


nuh uh


just woke up poor shoop


josh is flipping ruthless


sigh not everybody can be good at everything you cant magically make yourself a great Driver it doesnt mean he loves to Drive any less


File: 1503457600807.jpg (97.21 KB, 480x640, neetblog.jpg)

its tough love josh knows that its better to nip their hopes in the bud he can tell if someone has potential to be a Driver or not from their gait alone


crying thinking about this


why did you attach a picture of me to that post


wtf i didnt i dont even have that image saved i think im being hacked


you have what it takes to take shoopras place and become the next acolyte of Drive




no i dont


yes you do youre burning with raw pototential


whoops meant potential


i still think chad stacy roastie and other various memes should be filtered




im really sorry for raging yesterday pnig i hope you can forgive me i didnt mean it something about that show just makes my blood boil


File: 1503457999060.mp3 (8.69 MB, 13 時空間超越 √ ライブラリィ.mp3)


File: 1503458024821.png (Spoiler Image, 174.49 KB, 295x366, niggy.png)




i love how much better penises look than vaginas and i love the male form and i hate women and girls but im not gay


mini roasties


if you havent lost your virg by 20 youre very likely gay


not true for us incels who were pilled at a young age and grew to see the world as it is


lmaoing @virgs on hima like what u doin nigga lmao


im gay


im not a virg i got a handjob from a sexy massage chink


r9k hours


amazing how difficult it is to find mates and yet everyone acts like its supposed to happen for all organisms automatically




LoL just go out there an get sum PUSSY


were all mates on hima


usually people keep their friends from school and then make some more during college or at work but its rare to find any after that


dont respond to him hes just bitter


i meant mates as in breeding partners most organisms dont make friends


i dont make friends


why not use a normal word like girlfriend or boyfriend or wife or husband


its r9k terminology


animals definitely have friends


wish i had an ak to slay norms with


because those are all petty words that still mean "mate"


most mammals are social and have friends of sorts


stop trying to pretend that theres more to it than mating


this is why you guys are bitter virgins


thought you meant mates as in friends its less confusing if you say breeding partner or something if you really want to use ugly language for it


he wanted to stick to the meme path


wish i had a boywife


its almost like this is why youre incel


been kicked out of the breeding pool by rival males


i exited the breeding pool of my own free will


did you dry off


skipping posts as they appear on the screen


but im not?


i want to have my manhole breeded


homo hours time to sleep


let me back in the pool asshole


pools closed due to aids


daddys little angel came home safe it seems she was running around a lot because her face is really red and shes sweaty and it makes he smell delicious if she didnt have school tomorrow i would tell her to skip the shower and spend the night with me


File: 1503459489054.jpg (Spoiler Image, 79.66 KB, 1333x900, 24535b371606c514f79e7ceafaecc47e7cf16f17ffebbc….jpg)


nice as hell frogger


this is why the r9k stuff should actually be banned


File: 1503459557320.jpg (Spoiler Image, 342.32 KB, 1400x1000, norm pool.jpg)



wonder how the hapa community is reacting to that one


lets all post about tinder now



love baste froggers


mom matched me on tinder


mom want flip


turt how is your tinder account doing


hilarious that theres literally a whole community of hapas who hate themselves and their parents especially their beta dad and their asian half


yeah... real hilarious...


hapas shouldnt exist so its only fitting that they cant mate


i closed it after i got in trouble ages ago


if i were to make a new spinoff how would people like it to be


-no r9k
-no always sunny


add no pokemon kirby or furshit


no lolis


as long as you ban that faguette pastanorm ill come


still lmaoing at pastaguy being unable to use nen


ruling by theme is pointless the only format that works is ruling by who not what is allowed to post/be posted


just ban all the sexnormisms why dont you


turt sure is hung up on sexnorm stuff but his whole life is still spent obsessing over sexnorms


gnfos is the dedicated hima backup site


careful not to talk too much about a new spinoff or honeko will dox you and ban you


i just want to be liked isnt that ok
i wasnt that other guy btw


you see i dont spam in the first place and i dont start trouble for no reason so i have nothing to fear

what should the url be


i like you








nah it would be even more hilarious to spam it with cp


still tardlaughing at how freakeye has that weird god complex yet gets btfo each time he tries to do something on his own


freak is smarter and more accomplished that anyone here


he cant even run a spinoff properly nor can he maintail basic human relationships


sorry i meant maintain



i cant obtain basic human relationships


not everyone is a norm like you with bros and a girlfriend


maybe not in real life but online its easy yet freak cant even do that


himachads picking on freakeye again because his intellect is too high and makes it difficult for him to form and maintain bonds with lesser mortals classic just classic


how do i get an online gf or bros


wouldnt mind an online birlfriend


its easy just ask wk and he will hook you up with his dozens of e-friends that he erps with daily


online bros go in one of the discords or irc channels associated with 4chan or spinoffs and for a gf start a tumblr or deviantart


theyre intimidated by his massive intellect


i dont have any online friends


you can tell the wks definitely are


if hes so smart why cant he explain why his friend hates him lmao


lamo! xd


I am an incomparable homooooooooooooo


people with sub 120 iqs shouldnt be allowed to post


but in all seriousness fuck that bogan retard


File: 1503460741860.jpg (55.06 KB, 584x463, 1487058037614.jpg)

you should be able to solve this to post here


i have a sub 90 iq


theres no solution


explain my 4.0 gpa and award plus one of my students shaking my hand and saying i was a good teaching

plus i know more japanese than you which i did on my own

dont forget that himasugi is an eternal reminder that honeko failed to set up an archive because he's too retarded while i had one up right after my main board


you cant post here anymore


small pond


uh oh freakeyes feeling insecure again


small fish in a small fond cant criticize the medium size fish sorry wk


if youre so smart how come you talk like a retarded bogan


if people want an archive why dont they use your site


wanna play poke


dont project


uhh honeko haha


just think if it was anyone besides wk who started saying this fish pond thing he would be freaking out saying its from r9k and to ban ban ban


everyone was already on hima


accent has nothing to do with intelligence an inbred retard royal would have received pronunciation due to their upbringing but that wouldnt change that they're retarded

it is an entire accent created just to sound distinct from lower classes to seem smarter


imagine how shitty it feels to wake up being freakeye each day and remember that your friend hates your guts


never once seen a smart nigger with a nigger accent how do you explain that one you dumb bogan


i wish i was freak


File: 1503461046836.png (Spoiler Image, 15.74 KB, 741x609, f3b23268ea21d11c4fc0f669d6d9dc9e95b540d3f42e35….png)


not a wk im just explaining your so called 'success' is actually just succeeding in a super mediocre academic setting aimed at literal 100 iq people and rich chinks who cant even speak english to get degrees from


ive seen smart people with southern hick accents


baste fuh lippin frogger


if you disagree with him youre a wk by default his mind is unable to comprehend anything other than that


ebonics and the associated accent is entirely constructed too except by an anti-intellectual culture where if you seem too smart you get peer pressured for acting white

no self respecting intelligent black gentleman would subject himself to it


File: 1503461135701.png (179.68 KB, 680x631, 95936bb36e59cbfab7480becc69be2b37c5d4488b29269….png)

is this true


truly the hallmark of a genius to be so closeminded



feeling a bit insecure about your bogan accent huh


File: 1503461212832.jpg (76.47 KB, 400x600, 1424989584037.jpg)

love some good male privilege


and you don't even have so called success because


baste freak blowing the fuck out of the dumb as shit wks


never seen a smart person who talked like a bogan either


you just jo to underage girls and post on hima all day


like i said quit projecting


and you jo to pokemon which is worse


or was it underage gay boys i forget

someone search warosu to see what he was complaining about a few months ago


wheres your success then why dont you enumerate your accomplishments


File: 1503461332973.jpg (168.42 KB, 1280x720, 5a898d0a4fd2d420901ab66bbf67e9637a46d26a18d63b….jpg)

>he was "raised" by a single mother


ok i graduated with a 5.0 gpa and have jlpt n1 cert what now



for starters i have the success of mental
and emotional security


those are smear campaigns the one posting that stuff is probably the same one accusing me of posting it or just the usual kirby flipping guy

and if its not the same person he should have the decency to point that out when he gets accused of being me but i dont expect much from a pokeflipper


-IQ of 157 confirmed
-Born with the rinnegan in one eye
-4.0 gpa from an accredited university
-Teaches others out of kindness
-Tries to help the /jp/ diaspora
-Has a strong body to match his strong mind, lifts big
-Doesnt shy away from debating aggressive wks

-Fedora collection numbering in the hundreds
-Moderates 3 separate pro feminism subreddits
-Regularly attends antifa protests when he isnt combing his goatee
-Gets upset at fanservice in anime

gotta say my moneys on the freak


i can be around people without truining it for myself unlike you


eternally btfo will they ever recover


is this turts sis the dog looks similar and shes wearing a tokyo ghoul shirt


oh really are you sure because i remember one night you got really mad that pnig was posting old pictures so you started spamming gay boy porn then got really mad when you were banned i dont think anyone else would get that upset over someone else posting old things because most people dont feel the need to prove themselves to people who hate them


did you find a job yet freakeye


wasnt it instigator who spammed the shota stuff


sakura sakiii sakura shiriiiiiiii


no that was freakeye i know because he complained instantly on warosu when he was banned


my sis is a hypernorm dyke i doubt shes ever watched a single anime episode in her life


sounds like the house that burned down behind me is finally being developed sigh im in for weeks of noise


classic wk logic


post sis


no evidence to prove you didnt spam gay child porn and trump stuff that night so its assumed you did


File: 1503461716760.jpg (14.17 KB, 193x255, 3e536d903739961fe19b8118fa8a9620ec34977678a291….jpg)


wish pnig was here to post some always normi and cheer me up


i ended up as the biggest loser of my siblings and they werent even that great


its not a thumbnail


File: 1503461784667.png (54.8 KB, 1201x688, g.png)

here we go read these posts and tell me they arent freakposts


"When the man was described as unattached, 59 percent of the single women were interested in pursuing him. When that same man was described as being in a committed relationship, 90 percent were interested."



why the hell do you even care about what women do just cut them out of your life completely


gross he actually jod to them its amazing that his penis still functions despite all the stretching


i dont treat them one way or another because i literally dont interact with them ever you should do the same


its not me he talks like hes either trolling or a genuine wk considering he uses literal wk terminology


fast hours ive been looking at pics of russian fsb



going to just skip freakposts theyre all retarded bullshit because the author himself is retarded


post em


hey freak are you watching re:creators


can you solve this >>596097


daddy convinced his little girl to skip the shower for tonight and take one tomorrow before she goes to school im in for a special treat tonight i love how she smells


sigh im not the penis stretch guy either im sick of smear campaigns against me


thats gross


only you would care enough to stretch his penis


i care enough to stretch my benis but im too scared to do it


File: 1503462049592.jpg (100.81 KB, 626x626, 18947852_116856128910996_894859846325633024_n.jpg)


how convenient pokemon porn starts being posted right as freakeye stops arguing


the dick stretcher guy was me neetblog


File: 1503462104668.jpg (84.22 KB, 640x455, beslan-children.jpg)

this guy saved a loli what have you done with your life


cant a man enjoy pokeporn without being labelled a freak


File: 1503462125561.mp3 (9.5 MB, 04. 私、主役の赤座あかりです.mp3)

listen to this and take it easy


hope shes okay


careful freakeye hates lolis so he might report hima again for this


im the one who put her there


i have no reason to stretch considering that any woman has already ruled me out as a potential mate long before they get to see my penis



File: 1503462171210.jpg (227.56 KB, 1728x1152, 313.jpg)

shes fine just ptsd


the reason is youre insecure thats why youre trying to do so many things with your "life" like the gpa spam because people call you retarded


gonna swallow a nuclear blackpill


wish mating was like how a lot of other mammals do it and all you had to do was beat another guy senseless then run off with his gf but no humans do this long winded inane social waltz where each step has to be perfectly timed or the female quickly departs


animals dont have gfs so your argument is flawed from the start



you can still do that if you really want


now hes posting pony stuff again himako get this fucker out of here


File: 1503462324596.jpg (47.91 KB, 480x480, 18300184_518269978562253_3577529847137697792_n.jpg)

sigh so close to having a full kit just need a helmet


wow no animal has life long partners you sure know a lot about biology would you mind teaching me


nah if you try that you end up going to jail


a gf is not a lifelong partner


what is a gf


not a wife


a short to medium term partner


partner in what


god hima was awful today


File: 1503462412888.mp3 (9.26 MB, 06. お願い Catch Me.mp3)

try this one instead


yeah it was pretty horrible 未来が眩しくて見えない snooze


why would i stretch my dick


whens the pripara stream pniggggggggg


havent seen a pnig post all day



whats up with all the freakishly creepy posts lately im seriously skeeved out


what creepy posts




its freakeye


phew nihilego chan is just too perfect for this world


shes a jellyfish creep


how are they not they appeared the same time freakeye started toning down his arguments which means he decided to admit defeat and post pokemon porn




sophie is also a jellyfish and shes sexy too


i won the argument what are you talking about

i just dont bother replying when wk runs out of steam and is just pretending he didnt lose


there go your delusions again


my whole room is vibrating from the flippipng machinery and i cant even hear my headphones properly and they cut down a big tree and just let it fall into my yard they better fucking remove it or im gonna be pissed


yui chan is just too cute wish she was my gf


check the scoreboard buddy boy


wheres the scoreboard


its on the sb


in his mind


time to jo


i dont see it


no new posts on the sb in almost a month himako is absent and hima is being overrun with r9k


Many children took off their clothing because of the sweltering heat within the gymnasium, which led to rumours of sexual impropriety, though the hostages later explained it was merely due to the stifling heat and being denied any water.

wow boring not reading this anymore


think himako just gave up


why dont we make neetblog the admin since hes here the most


seems like it


wish i was an ultra beast


wish i lived in the pokeworld so i could flip all my sexy mons




really want to write something about sweaty lolis but dont know if its worth it


loli trainers also travel the country by foot by themselves so itd be easy to beat them in a poke battle and demand a slurp or a nice flip


it would end up like the water store job loli story and be left unfinished forever


File: 1503463481048.mp3 (9.35 MB, 08 - Amusement Park.mp3)


im smarter than a child so my training methods and poke choices would be vastly superior


File: 1503463501641.png (375.78 KB, 710x548, she loves it.png)


or should i say vastly serperior hehe


File: 1503463535573.jpg (613.95 KB, 1280x1863, 01.jpg)



in the mood for some nalvas


love brown


nice brownseki


ya its make baste facesitseki


hey seki when are we moving to az


when i get my license so in 2021


somebody posted danis room on /a/ and like 3 people called him out


sigh ok


whos dani


neetblogs alter ego


younow idol


its actually freakeyes alter ego thats why dani never posted here




dani posted here in 2015 hes been around longer than the blob and momgf


File: 1503463910461.jpg (254.42 KB, 1280x960, 1503246095535.jpg)


thought that was the sperm hand from eva


theres a sushi place in my city that has big tvs playing azumanga daioh on repeat


File: 1503463996292.jpg (60.25 KB, 1280x720, 1503285459222.jpg)



gonna get into bed


File: 1503464315122.jpg (131.25 KB, 750x931, IJwtY7b.jpg)


gonna convince mom to join the northwest front


dont mind me guys i repost things from r/justneckbeardthings on himasugi.org


hi freakeye


no the freak



ive been on hima since the beginning


so has momgf hes from the w


why did you post this`


join now


can i join if i have red hair and blue eyes


i have red hair and blue eyes too


im a brown eyed subhuman end me



gonna watch new game


thats me neetdog


new gayme


nothin gayme



post the megamix



has anyone taught a chimp how to use an onahole yet


post the frog rape one


File: 1503465973159.png (42.34 KB, 777x235, stephenwatercream.png)


what does undipped mean


not sure what that guy is trying to get at


im low jo


release yourself from the shackles of libido the demiurge only wishes to toy with you in this demented game


he means you need a jo crystal


hehe nenechi goes to a womens university


do those even exist



thats fucking stupid



most of them are coed now though


turt is momo onseki is hajime


whered everyone go


doing stuff


what stuff


girl stuff


pnig wheres the west of loathing stream


dont think pnigs back after the asshole bullied him yesterday


sigh rip ken you will be missed


i wish i could take it back sigh


just been watching simply sara for the last two hours


hate that fat bitch


take that back


ok sorry


thank you


exhibitionist russian loli on scope


had another bad day just been sitting around feeling tired tried making dinner but lost my appetite as i was plating it up so i threw it away and got some water then came home and now my internet is going out every 20 seconds even though i restarted both my router and modem and changed ips


sorry to hear that


gonna watch ahogirl




what the heck ahogirl 8 was really funny


stopped at episode 3


i was only watching it because i had nothing to do and only had three episodes to catch up but 08 actually made me smile watching it which hadnt happened since watching KKK in 2013


sigh where is everyone



im watching a presentation about quaternion multiplications


that sounds boring


no its fascinating


im just sitting here dont know what to post about



my internet is still having problems i hope i dont have to call again


the internet doesnt go out in that it doesnt lose connectivity and i get a windows error but rather i get what seems like loss of service for 5-40 seconds at a time randomly


ive been getting that lately but with the wifi you should call a technician


big sigh


thats gay





File: 1503477992717.flac (3.73 MB, 15 斉藤 恒芳 - ステージへ (変身シーンB).flac)


i NEED a saika bf


biased tonsil stone


you get those from sucking penises



gargle with salt water


bet this guy gets a lot of pussy


he has a lot of confidence and a good personality


he has charisma just look at him


daddy has had a memorable night with his little girl and now its time for him to rest


sigh literally had a dream about taking pictures to post on hima later


make that dream a reality



snooze time


An unexpected find a year ago led to some interesting discoveries about the makeup of the very nearest lake to me that is known to allow for swimming, a whole 35 miles away (it's that raw distance that has tempted me to try to find a place where I can swim in a river and I only found out barely 3 weeks ago). This is one of the lakes I'd really love to swim across to the other side. The lake is rather murky though, typically having a visibility of about 2 to 3 feet. But murkiness doesn't bother me as it's what I'm used to.


hima is reclining


im sick of sexy loli turning me on its wrong


mom shouldve beat me


that is NOT a loli


mom preferred psychological beatings


File: 1503503494764.jpg (80.68 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] New Game!! - 07 [720p].mkv_snap….jpg)

so you have to put your picture on your resume in japan if that was a thing here id never get hired


and they say lookism doesnt matter


they all look the same though


File: 1503504724015.png (282.5 KB, 944x546, 1503484348089.png)


File: 1503505019257-0.jpg (526.06 KB, 2465x795, mugabe nigger farmers.jpg)


we already know niggers are dumb you really dont need to post about it here


pnig is the smartest poster on hima


pnig is smart but thats a completely separate thing


File: 1503505541499.png (47.1 KB, 230x95, ca5bf792d0e9c9ecbbc23f89e040f069.png)

second smartest
and the gap between first and second is worlds apart


freakeye is pretty handsome


he has a wife!


finally it all makes sense




bet those boys love dark souls



stop watching this manbaby shite



gonna ask mom to kashikoma for me


flip me instead


watch pri para and find out


she has a vore thing


hehe watching her coat herself in batter and panko is the funniest thing


File: 1503508630701.jpg (143.41 KB, 493x624, 1503506762985.jpg)

dont forget to regularly check your moms facebook posts


whatever happened to that guy whose mom emailed him all the time with all the ellipses


i remember when my mom came into one of my classes once and told everyone what a great guy i was

cant believe she was able to get the information about where it was it was a violation of privacy for her to be given it


amazing how moms have evolved to almost never see their sons as complete losers with bad personalities


its denial nobody wants to know their progeny was a failed effort


it is denial but the source of that denial must be an evolutionary benefit it must be always better for them to pretend their son just needs a little work rather than throw away the investment


mothers only want whats best for their little man


and it really is just a little work a lot of guys dont have the drive or motivation to take the first step to self improvement simple things like personal hygiene and smiling go a long way


cant wait to have my own son and teach him the ways of positivity and self improvement


yeah a long way from 1/10 to 4/10 at which point women will still insta-exclude you from their potential mate set for not being 8/10


he will rebel against you in your teens when he realizes they were nothing but platitudes unless he has chad genes


nah my mom is harsh


mom talks and jokes about giving mother a grandchild all the time and i dont think im the most attractive guy duder


an exception does not prove the general trend besides there must be a point where the payoff of the investment seems like it will never come so it is better to throw it away


chad is just simply having confidence in oneself


glad my sister already had a daughter and my duder is an engaged chad so im not expected to have children


blind confidence only goes so far eventually their confidence gets them in hot water


it doesnt go anywhere if you are ugly your confidence is just obsessive creepiness and slimy deception

if you are short your confidence is just a napoleon complex


yeah its simply called a test of confidence it is then at that point that ``blind confidence'' becomes true confidence depending on how you deal with it


youd be surprise but a lot of pretty girls go for ``ugly'' guys in fact a lot of people set their standards lower than they should because of their lack of confidence or self esteem





it would be a disorder for women to settle for ugly and unsuccessful men who show no signs of ever manifesting success because any woman is able to get dozens of suitors at a moment's notice and they should be exploiting that for maximum evolutionary success

but there are people with bad genes for judging mate fitness so they can make wrong decisions but considering how important it is for a woman to choose the right mate this would be like having a breathing disorder


one thing i dont get is why have males evolved to have sexual preferences wouldnt it be better for genetic success if they were out to bone anything and everything


they literally do bone anything and everything are you blind this is why unattractive females get swamped with attention just for being female


File: 1503510312568.png (92.56 KB, 1418x802, confidence.png)


humans are imperfect and in todays modern age judging success isnt as easy as taking a single look at a person whereas now we must factor in social aptitude the issue here is that you are looking at people as you would a program without flaws looking for its best step in evolutionary interests but in reality very rarely does ``the best'' exist and people have realized that they must balance pros and cons of a person including physique


nobody can agree on what the perfect food is either but that doesnt change that shit isnt a good option

if you ignore evolutionary psychology you are a brainwashed wk


henceforth people must balance the pros and cons of a partner

besides shit isnt food anyway so why even put that into consideration


its pretty easy to tell if someone has high social status just by watching them for a few seconds


of which their behavior is determined by their character and most often a reflection of their confidence


new yuka


confidence comes because theyve been positively reinforced and the positive reinforcement comes because theyre confident

this is why people who were shit on during childhood never really make it


there are no pros when a potential mate has no social status no physical fitness and no sign of ever achieving either food was a bad analogy because there are things that objectively have no nutritional value and things that objectively have high and low even though you could probably derive some nutrition from undigested matter in shit

saying that you must balance pros and cons and then trying to wedge that into everyone having magical pros and cons and being unique and equal in their own way is wk logic

you can speak in dismissive platitudes if you want but this wont change that the vast majority of men are immediately eliminated from a woman's choice of mate even though the opposite doesn't happen it wont change that more women breed than men either


and women will choose ugly men if they have proved themselves successful providers but a better mating strategy is to convince those same ugly men that chad's son is theirs


File: 1503511312275.png (1.24 MB, 1102x594, kxv06zdzjhhz.png)

i cant say that everyone was dealt the same cards but it is an active choice to go and put yourself out there

i believe its more of how well you bode with failure and the idea of failing and clearly those who are fearful of the outcome of their actions are less prone to take risks and thus yes they are less confident

however it is a facet of yourself that you can change if you really put the effort into it stopping yourself short without trying is really a waste


is that richard spencer


wish i was still pre looksmax so i could have hope like that fat neckbeard had


imagine if ulillillia were into lookism


File: 1503511464147.jpg (50.92 KB, 499x750, 6ca84de9e6dc5b6c54a692a496ce2f13--blonde-male-….jpg)




there is nothing more disordered than not even trying to get a mate because unless you are chad or a woman they won't fall into your lap realistically your chances will still rise if you are trying even if you have unfixable physical flaws and have the personality of elliot

that doesnt change reality though being blindly hopeful might be to your advantage evolutionary but it is still divorced from the truth


if one believes that they are disordered beyond repair i cannot help them until they accept those parts of themselves yes people are blessed but those same people are more often they are less prone to receiving failure well a reason why many attractive guys have low self esteem but those on the contrary have the disguised blessing of being able to take a hit and continue

i can speak from experience that having a clear physical disorder doesnt prevent a person from finding people that love them for who they are


also we live in the age of the internet where your personality shines first behind a screen unless youre using dating apps foh and just find a community


if you just b yourself when you are truly undesirable you will just become a known sexual harasser and stalker who is infamous for trying to have sex with absolutely every age appropriate female in a 50 mile radius


why are we talking about this stuff
it isnt relevant to any of us


simply be yourself while being conscious of social norms


it is relevant to every low status male


post a picture of yourself then so we can know how physically disordered you are

include salary and education level too


ive already accepted i have zero chance of finding a mate and have moved on


ive posted several pictures of myself on here duder



so the guy who looks so normal that npc guy is calling him an npc is talking about physical disfigurement


moving on is like mom admitting her son is worthless and hating him instead of still trying to make good on her investment

very unlikely to really happen unless you are gay or a pedophile or in love with pigeons


lets just say i have it worse than freakeye


i dont understand the point of discussing this


i dont understand the point of discussing otaku culture that wont get you a mate


why do i need a mate


asking that question makes you delusional or simply disordered to the point you should accept that you are a rare exception and questioning the majority only makes you appear ignorant

on a long term scale that is like "why do you need food" or "why do you need a stable living environment"


i dont need a mate to survive


long term yes you do


no i dont


if you cant understand why you would need a mate then you are either intentionally obtuse or disordered just accept that you are in the minority and the vast majority of people want one including the people who like the things you do


i cant think of a single reason why i would need a mate


She Had No Idea Why the Crowd Was Cheering


ya best episode yet


it was a dagashi kashi ripoff


and the gal is clearly a stolen tsuredure child




meant same to >>596480


hey hima tadaima gonna go for a quick hike with my pack


die hikenormseki


File: 1503520101826.webm (648.18 KB, 1920x1080, desu2.webm)


File: 1503520203306.webm (672.45 KB, 1920x1080, desu3.webm)


File: 1503520279324.webm (416.89 KB, 1920x1080, desu4.webm)


watch this quick


its been 2 days since i spermed blood and i havent spermed since to see if its still happening


no im scared and i just dont want to think about it im a flipping pussy i will just leave it and see if i develop pain and only then i will go to a doctor


you will jo eventually


the fabled involuntary nojo challenge...



this must be a punishment for the way ive lived my life i remember saying a while back that joing was my only source of happiness and now this happens


love it when they ruin the cute girl by making her cut her hair and turn into a generic slut and make her hate the guy who she should be fucking


you probably just tore something inside


short haired girls are cute


think not of it as a punishment but as a mere push in the right direction duder



you mean vagina girls right


he has a nice deep voice but his lisp ruins it


File: 1503522743346.webm (197.42 KB, 540x960, 1503225685217.webm)

snooze time>>596502


thats a glitch in the matrix


never there isn't a single english pokemon name that is an english word it's either two words combined or the word changed somehow or made backwards

same reason gastly isn't ghastly


cant jo to this she looks like my aunt when she was young


>never there isn't



uh why




wish the pokenorms would fuck off already


never make deals with a chinaman


i love me some latina girls


biased flippin hakuyuu


we dont talk to mi trang




There's no Skype, No Facebook, No Twit-er


which shinku size is the correct one the original anime size or the 2009 size


shes french


how do you know




you can tell by looking at her


I meant 2013 i thought it was 2009 for some reason



uh kinda weird


why does she carry cat ashes around


sigh little girls shouldnt have phones connected to stuff like this


original had the better size but 2013 artstyle was more beautiful


sigh the wkstigator is suceeding with his plan to destroy hima



what plan


she doesnt need that kind of attention at that age especially not from that audience


the plan to destroy hima


ya im real jealous of a bunch of weirdos trying to get me to do hand stands and look at my toes



nobody mentioned you being jealous




daddy needs to stop taking benadryl with his little girl


love how 2013 was so poorly received there will never be a rozen maiden again



hope dies last


the fuck boys


rise and shine hima


moms making me pay rent


my dick pays rent


peanut butter m&ms are delicious




asked the ebay guy to give me some feedback so i could get my money and he did each time he types he does a space before the periods hope he gets some use out of it


i pay rent to mom by being a loving son


File: 1503527946506.png (730.39 KB, 900x616, jncobus.png)

gonna bring these back


guys i finally managed to open a portal to the anime world it was fun while it lasted ill try come back to post here every now and then but i cant promise anything




just ate dinner and polished off two blogweisers gonna snooze rn


wearing my gorka top im flipping freezing


what about lala


im not a deranged freak so i have no interest in tulpas or roleplaying




File: 1503528877617.jpg (2.55 MB, 2340x4160, IMG_20170823_180949.jpg)



thought miltank was supposed to be like 48 inches tall


when did they start selling oreo os again


i think this girl is too young to own a phone


thinking about buying more 0x


once the new exchanges that use it come out i think the price will skyrocket


i like the idea behind it cutting out the exchange middlemen would be great for moving mass quantities of crypto


wouldnt mind a gf like this


need to get jacked enough to be able to pull off a white bosozoku outfit like kuwabaras in the tournament finals


just saw the rude neighborhood loli ride her bike towards her house


fuck lolis



snoozing right now gn hima


snooze in hell


gonna kill myself fuck its over




in doujinshis rude lolis are taught to respect their elders by being flipped hard


ill never amount to anything im just barely even alive no point in keeping it going im worthless


what about living to enjoy life instead of to achieve things


simply enjoyeeeeeeeeeeee


accidentally recorded my face not only do i look like a creepy uggo i look pissed off as hell


why not have some fun


momo is a bitch


momo is turt


who is momo


she got banned


momo is the girl in new game who is replacing hifumi because they decided she wasnt cute enough because shes older than aoba


think im gonna scape


even if you were to flip a loli why would you flip a loli who lives down the street


lower your carbon footprint


fuck you nigger


wish i could enjoy stuff



basted turt


gonna make coffee hima


make it extra black




i dont know


i only use french and italian roasts so its always pretty strong



might get some more cheese and antipasto im thinking either coppa or salami

the only coppa on its own that i saw was black pepper red wine flavored i may have to track down some normal coppa or just go for salami




File: 1503532471579.png (431.71 KB, 567x386, coppa.png)

oh man look at that


it was a cute exchange


i dont know thats a classic right up there with the drain fly


is mortadella any good or is it just bologna with fat in it


my regrets? never learned how to pop a pussy



read this ‎www.italyinsf.com/2009/02/19/mortadella-vs-baloney/
i thought it was the same thing but i guess i never had bologna i wonder if its good


its ok its like sweet hotdog meat


kitty want flip




nice plumber


kind of want to try mortadella now


there are a lot of italian meats that i never knew of are there also a bunch of german and french ones


why does turt say mog when its amog


simply get some


File: 1503533731507.jpg (42.85 KB, 645x430, 20150529__0530lee2.jpg)

craving a viet sando


is that vegan


yeah you just need to take the meat out so its just the coriander and jalapeno



sigh hydrus is so buggy and developed by just one guy who doesnt filter suggestions and just adds them to his eternal backlog and the interface is the typical programmer interface


what is hydrus


isnt this the site elliot used


i wouldnt mind flipping a teen if she were under 15 is that bad


turt openly said he would fuck a 15 year old teengirl


its the successor to puahate which elliot used


have you been to romanellis deli


turt likes girls around his sisters age thats creepy


i bet it would feel rough and uncomfortable and would lead to bleeding and aids because the anus is not meant for that


nothing creepy


how old is his sister


a loli once described her vagina as feeling like soft wet foam


my dad remarried with a girl 2 years older than my sister


never had a dad whats it like


finally started talking to mom today she was surprised how much i made in crypto


too bad youre not going to make any more with the blockchain jews around


i mean blockstream


surprised shes not banned she does a lot of questionable stuff


File: 1503534358291.png (500.1 KB, 683x767, Saika_S206.png)

this is my new gf please be kind to her


she has no nose


not a girl




how does she smell


thats probably a good thing


sakura blossoms


whats that


File: 1503534712388.png (2.2 KB, 348x88, lookism.png)

there you have it lookism isnt what turt promotes he just complains about the unfair lookism that makes him an incel

himako is the lookist for not allowing a safe space for victims of lookism to speak their mind


im a under 8/10 male so theres nothing that i can do


wish i could just get attention from female suitors by laying my bed and talking on the internet


daddys little girl told him that there are special types of beer out there with no alcohol in them because she wants to drink her own bottle instead of getting sips from her daddy


lala want flip


got a bone from the simpsons (season 17 episode 22)



the ramen in new york or narita airport was garbage compared to what they had in that little restaurant


simply create your own ramen


i dont have however many years it takes to dedicate to making the perfect bowl


about 3 minutes


File: 1503536063913.jpg (310.34 KB, 716x1201, bZROIq0.jpg)

dont think this was posted its a supposed leak of gokus new form



biased flippin spoilnig


its been known for months that goku would have a new form


drove on the usual touge with the new tires and alignment and i looked at the old video with the new and it was 4 seconds faster to the halfway point and theres still more potential especially when the tires are warmed up
at the limit the car is very neutral now it doesnt push understeer so much like it was doing unfortunately i didnt even get to record the best run and the top being up is messing with the camera a lot

i took mom for a ride before we left and when i glanced over she was slumped down in her seat with her eyes closed


if there are no mountains its not a touge


its a big rock theres a quarry there


im months behind on super


what if you hit some kid who was playing in the street


wooooah is that real holy flip


then there wouldnt be much kid left because i was doing over 80 through parts of it


thats irresponsible


if by known for months you mean known by spoilnorms who check all the official information and magazines and promotional material in order to make sure they are surprised by nothing that happens in the actual show

he doesnt have a new form in the show and it has never been hinted that he does


its been hinted at in the new op with his smug smile

in the op instead of reverting to base he will probably be shown in the new form just like they did with ops showing ssb after it was introduced


smug smile means new form got it


its like a roller coaster but better dont knock it till you try it
the lateral gs were making my sinuses feel weird


focusing on small details again freak




i dont like roller coasters
theyre scary


not using that word right


hes right


sounds like youre still btfo from the rhetoric thing


File: 1503537204863-0.jpg (694.81 KB, 1920x1080, [HorribleSubs] Dragon Ball Super - 102 [1080p]….jpg)

File: 1503537204863-1.jpg (798.98 KB, 1920x1080, [HorribleSubs] Dragon Ball Super - 102 [1080p]….jpg)

File: 1503537204863-2.jpg (715.25 KB, 1920x1080, [HorribleSubs] Dragon Ball Super - 102 [1080p]….jpg)

how can you see this and think it means anything other than a new form

why would he go from blue back to base to fight the strongest person in the tournament


is it related to his perfect blue form that he used against zamasu in the manga


dbs was a mistake


love seeing freakeye get shut down completely


because hes an arrogant monkey


it was pretty cool in the last ep when he used red instead of blue in the anime he never uses it but in the manga theyre all about red being the most used one and blue an all out form that cant be maintained for too long


me freak me need mate


File: 1503537437060.jpg (305.36 KB, 1280x720, die.jpg)

hand over the mates, mate


dont know if that guy is watching but shes still streaming


yeah i already knew goku had a new form and had seen that image but i like calling pnig spoilnig whenever he says something


so you like to start trouble and then wonder why nobody likes you


i dont wonder


are spoilers possible in dragonball at this point, gonna fight some niggers and change colors


must be pretty dumb if you know why but keep doing it and hate yourself because youre lonely


how old is this girl


i dont think hes interested in befriending pnig


they are possible but dragon ball has always spoiled itself by showing everything in the preview and then making the episode title "Vegeta dies!? A new enemy appears... Fighting Power Ten Million!?"

if you dont want the preview you could theoretically get spoiled


the problem is he cant make friends with anyone


smear mustard on your bumhole



hes buds with budblog


im not friends with neetblog but i dont hate him either but he seems like a meme i cant see why someone who doesnt watch anime or do anything otaku would post here


wonder if vegetas going to use gamma burst flash in the tournament i hope he does



whats your list of favorite and least favorite posters


anime and otaku stuff is rarely discussed here


wkstigator instigating again


no thats freakeye unfortunately he wont understand why the things he says makes people dislike him


wonder if ichika has hair there


of course she does shes 14 theyre ready to go at that age


bastard shes still a child


she has breasts and urges towards older guys and hates her dad


i have breasts


post em


File: 1503538396952.webm (Spoiler Image, 197.42 KB, 540x960, 1503225685217.webm)


anyone who isnt a wk is fine like turt


ichika is daddys girl fool


File: 1503538457392.jpg (280.75 KB, 1280x1280, IMG_204.jpg)

got the cheapest gf i could afford


but everyone is a wk to you


isnt that ticks


that looks like a pretty expensive one


sick of my bros wanting to be girls


someone has to take one for the team
we cant all become penis girls


i hope goku uses zekai against jirei


hakai* sorry


gonna try to snooze
could you guys stop posting for a few hours


File: 1503538731995.jpg (79.82 KB, 525x700, 1369427041033.jpg)

is that ticks or not


no chance of that happening considering he wont even use the blue phew meme


30 year old men unironically discussing a poorly written foreign cartoon about aliens fighting


its not


File: 1503538834082.jpg (72.23 KB, 480x640, tal.jpg)

pastaguy giving the cleaning lady a hand


File: 1503538835886.mp4 (21.3 MB, 2017-08-23 18-37-37.mp4)

ichika HATES her dad


im not 30 yet


File: 1503538936646.mp4 (3.55 MB, 2017-08-23 18-41-34.mp4)

ichika is pretty sexy


why are girls embarrassed by their dads


because their dads have penises


fool ichikas mommy works abroad how do you think that her daddy relieves himself without her


File: 1503539257808.webm (5.03 MB, 1280x720, pasmgt.webm)


File: 1503539276586-0.jpg (562.61 KB, 1280x720, [naisho] PriPara - 20 [436DBA45].mkv - 00002.jpg)

File: 1503539276586-1.jpg (564.3 KB, 1280x720, [naisho] PriPara - 20 [436DBA45].mkv - 00003.jpg)



hey pnig if youre going to post norm clips all the time why not post relatable ones


these dresses remind me of czech dresses






but he doesnt need a haircut


thats the joke


getting orange outside might be a dust storm coming


kiss me me


yo yokattara watashi to kissu shite miru


suki da yo sigh


classic onseki


wonder if scaruffi is ever going to do a comprehensive list and review of the best denpa albums of all time


got a pokebone


mindblowing that norms literally arent capable of comprehending the genius behind this album


what color is the post


the sky and all the light is a deep orange pink color this is neat


File: 1503540907058.jpg (19 KB, 300x100, banner.jpg)

new banner




kocha katate ni goshujinsama to yobu koe


gonna play some poke showdown


point to your penis and grunt


slupuru jobbu onegaishimasu


the sky is grey now


i want fuck me


wish freakeye would fuck off with the pokemon shit


its instigator


very coincidental how the days he posts the pokespammer posts the most


its literally not freak though


very coincidental how it always gets posted then you blame it on me


wheres the proof


because the guy posting pokes is the fur guy which has posted on onsekis discord before youre so unaware its almost funny


fuck off


holy flip btfo


die freakfuck


File: 1503541949744.png (9.83 KB, 223x216, hell yeah.png)



Whole: Light Robust Inspired Tomato Sauce, Cheese, Pepperoni, Light Banana Peppers
Right: Feta Cheese

mouth is watering now to prepare the waiting room


File: 1503542125108.png (1.78 MB, 1034x2143, 563ff563893205a828bac2bba4979756.png)


why not post lolis theyre more pleasing to the eyes


seems like rachael has replaced grant i hope hes alright


File: 1503542431315.jpg (180.17 KB, 872x870, b78870e8ba045fd03248f4b79f3db16e.jpg)


someone should stream on periscope with the title "need a gf" and have a video of turt playing


imagine if you could get a gf just by doing that mindblowing because thats what women can do


dominos white pizza is really good


guys can do it too


yeah if they look like male models


yeah chad maybe but he instantly devalues himself if he needs to do that


only if they dont have deformed faces


File: 1503542681735.jpg (519.29 KB, 603x930, e14b4826d566c0bc5bb0864ef8224a93.jpg)


in your dreams maybe you delusional fuck


happens all the time stop living in your own little bubble


what happens all the time
youre saying that this >>596808 resulting in the male getting a literal girlfriend is a thing that happens all the time





himako can you please log in on mod.php and perma ban runeheal im serious


hate you



this guy >>596817 is also >>596621 >>596358 >>595900 just remove him already


freak is first in the ban queue


hehe love when mom facetimes me while showering


his posts are disgusting and stick like a sore thumb remove that teen already




hima is a lot better these days without wks being able to ban people on demand


hey just woke up


dont kid yourself freak youre still subject to being banned for no reason


gonna make a new UU team


then go ahead and ban me(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)


File: 1503543357467.jpg (146.76 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2060.JPG)

time to feast


classic honeko


stay steamed retard


is that chicken boiled




this girl is about the right age for turt


dont click that if you value your freedom


ichika age girls are weird


amazing honeko is literally hone and yet will accuse me of posting stuff he can see from his admin panel i didnt post


freakeye now if only it would be permanent


a single ban and hes LITERALLY this mad tonights going to be a good one i can tell


didnt realize how slow base lancers were


no freak go away


File: 1503544143107.jpg (100.85 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Urara Meirochou - 06 [720p].mkv….jpg)


wonder if the pokeflip guy literally is hone and he wants to both post his fetish and blame it on me at the same time knowing nobody can disprove him

two birds with one stone


made some burritos hb are they good


mindblowing how mad freak gets when he gets what he asked for


File: 1503544328893.jpg (125.1 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] New Game!! - 07 [720p].mkv_snap….jpg)

why did hifumi absorb hajmies breasts


just making an observation on curious behavior


you made no observations before you were banned


because then it wasn't apparent that honeko was present though i expected it as usual anyway


dont kink shame


aoba is the sexiest


funny how the pokeporn guy gave no indication at all of who he was and everyone just assumed it was the freak read into that how you will


i dont think everyone did it was just specifically hone who was pushing that it was me


duder this obsession is unhealthy i love himago too and all but this is over the top


i thought it was you too


File: 1503544594039.png (277.11 KB, 530x549, million melons.png)


shes going to slay some norms


not in that functionally useless flecktarn


this pizza is goood


nothing wrong with lookin good while you unleash retribution on all the norms whove wronged you


File: 1503544772522.png (338.17 KB, 1366x768, 1503535467931.png)


fuck that norm


freak would know about kannas details


its real she got thin again though


thats the average hima poster using mac talking to his epic oldjp tripbro over steam browsing noyou and posting on ota


what are they talking about




another personabro


high est


uhh you know those images got posted on no you the guy who took them almost certainly doesnt use hima


hes having a bad time right now because of mad


wish shed stayed a plumber then i might have been interested


yeah and why would you say that


any plumber kanna bikini pics


wishful thinking i suppose


I have just discovered a new bug in GFP. Yep, over 2430 hours into it and I still find new stuff.
Step 1: throw a money bag at the shop owner. This will deal damage to it equal to 10% of the amount of GP in the money bag, defense ignoring. This will get the shop owner to start coming after you. (But as overpowered as I am, the shop owner is utterly helpless.)
Step 2: pick up one of the sale items and throw it at one of the guards that spawn to block the exit. That will cause that guard to come after you, in addition to the shop owner.
Step 3: defeat that guard but not the owner.
Step 4: grab all other sale items and put them in the pouch.
Step 5: leave the shop. Oddly, the big guards don't come out like they should.
Step 6: find the gate.
Step 7: Notice your pouch upon finding it. You'll see that the sale items still have a price indicated, which normally goes away once step 5 is completed.
Step 8: Go to the next floor without defeating the shop owner.
Step 9: Check the pouch. Surprise! Those items that you got in step 4 are still there! Normally, if the big guards come out, those items are lost.
Of course, there may be fewer steps needed, but this is what I did to discover this.


dont click neetblog


lol fuck neetblog


File: 1503545360673.mp4 (3.61 MB, hT7lVMXrqf-vhU8B.mp4)






why are jap dicks so gross


the ladies love it


saw a video guide series about an mmo called toontown where you attack with jokes and gags and pranks and he would explain you arent supposed to waste your gag and you need to attack with the right joke or people will kick you from the party i thought it was some kind of parody series and the mmo didnt exist but it actually did


i thought that was a yugioh card


all dicks are gross


toontown was actually kind of fun when i played the trial


better than vaginas


all vaginas are gross too


File: 1503545629453.png (3.17 MB, 1920x1080, 6480dbb4e5f58866909464c190f79b81.png)



shes a cutie


bring on the plumppers


wish i had a genki teen gyaru gf with tanned skin and light hair


turt "im not gay" letron ladies and gentlemen


hes right pussies are gross to look at



the wks wouldnt have anyone to sperg against every single day though


uh oh freaks starting to get agitated thinking about wks again


keep staring at my screen but i dont have any motivation to scape or to do anything else


shall i post periscopes in a bit


set your sights on max and you will be motivated for a while to come


feelin like a freak on a leash


russia hours starting soon


ill never max so why even bother


you will if you believe you will


are we getting a pripara stream tonight


File: 1503546180154.jpg (421.62 KB, 1280x720, 1502266890777.jpg)


File: 1503546320935.webm (13.25 MB, 598x338, d071d2c15aa7b848627f4474dae6e459.webm)



thats foul


you didnt even have the time to watch it


die freak


i saw enough


if you enjoy footage like that you are a cuckold failure youre supposed to be out there fighting for your own mates not watching other mating pairs mate


im not your mate


tardlaughing imagining how utterly retarded the world of the r9k guys would be if their memes were real


stop assuming everything is r9k they have more of a onseki type femworship not as bad as a wk but still bowing to the pussy


yeah cuck meme isnt r9k


why the hell would you ever want an icky girl around you all the time retard



yes cuckolding is a term that far predates 4chan i know thats surprising to you considering youre about the same age as 4chan




File: 1503546640415.jpg (134.65 KB, 1080x1080, 1503344472860.jpg)

she squats 100kg


the teenbros on r9k love putting it everywhere they can stop being dumb


allegory of the cave
our peer reviewed proofs arent enough for you so nothing is and will never be you will live in denial for the rest of your life actually believing that this world of ours is a real life fairy tale


if its not an &underage russian girl i dont care


please dont bring up the allegory of the cave ever again


have to side with wk here because you misused it


File: 1503546849649.jpg (90.59 KB, 1280x720, prad5-5308.jpg)

two tards


File: 1503546878380.jpg (106.24 KB, 736x773, 125eceeab15988d8548131f94b348eeb--prism-siblin….jpg)

nice sisters


it certainly wasnt appropriate for the context you used it in


love freak identifying himself he doesnt realize the other guy who used the wk meme is gone


i dont care if you identify my every post


it makes it so easy to skip your posts


not to mention wk gets said plenty every thread even when im not here


hes never read about it so dont bother you will get the second hand explanation from someone that maybe watched a video about it on youtube a couple of years ago


yeah no im looking through the mod logs its only used by you


brainlets be warned a challenge to the freaks rhetoric is not to be taken lightly


objectively false


nah im looking at it right now


File: 1503547103936.mp3 (11.43 MB, 2-04 Nuclear.mp3)


i have read about it because it is always in philosophy classes but i wasnt the one who complained about it being brought up nor was i the one to use it so why pin it on me


cause nobody likes you


File: 1503547162157.gif (48.57 MB, 720x1270, ZgXQBNf.gif)


i dont like it being brought up because it makes me uncomfortable thinking about how it relates to being a hikki neet


whos your favorite


me, biased neet blogman


i dont know which posts are yours im just talking about that guy


File: 1503547523772.gif (1.57 MB, 580x860, 11.gif)

phew nice gif


what is that liquid




pussy yogurt


yeast infection discharge


gonna get a .3 kuru toga mechanical pencil




stuff like that gives me inspiration for more ways to have fun with mom


nice momgf


hes basted


feeling a bit sad gonna listen to kanae ito for a while


my wife is neglecting me


File: 1503549310776.mp3 (10.46 MB, Oda Nobuna no Yabou ED(Full).mp3)



the must bring back that spark duder


uh oh didnt wash my hands after making and eating those burritos jod and got chilidick bad


File: 1503549620244.mp3 (7.79 MB, 02. COLORS!.mp3)

if i die will i be born again with her as my gf


get high o'clock


time to do some yardwork


guy is here to replace the window blinds hate having my personal space invaded


File: 1503550842713.jpg (91.4 KB, 600x900, de38f7f3da983e7a48ea7d268369f4ac.jpg)


got the stream snack gonna shower then start it


File: 1503551147741.jpg (2.66 MB, 3264x2448, P_20170823_220522.jpg)



so you ended up getting the black pepper and wine one hehe


wish theyd just invent a way to eat all you want without getting fat already


that would be costly


you would still be limited by volume just not calories besides 40% of the food in the US is wasted


you can its called bulimia


just want less


it started raining so i cut the yardwork short hope mom will be understanding


have high metabolism


instead of a way to eat without ever getting fat id want a pill that you can take to stop eating


you should dress up and give the lolis some service


what kind of service


i didnt win the power ball




was going to say without ruining your teeth and everything else in the path of your stomach acid but lets just agree thats not an ideal method


idiots pump your own stomach


File: 1503552395947.mp3 (8.79 MB, 02 hide and seek.mp3)

big sigh


accidentally cut the tip of my left index finger when chopping tomatoes earlier this is going to be irritating


ok out of the shower


did you get tomato juice in your blood


yeah and i got hotsauce in there too


theres lightning outside cant wait to break in a few of these snacks


gonna watch the stream in the living room


that is not a good idea the next episodes are sexual


same its thundering i think theres gonna be a big storm all night


dave is that you






dave isnt real


really bummed out if thats true


why do so many girls jo with brushes i thought it was a meme


because theyre right there and fit the purpose


it started to rain hoo boy


hate how summer storms last less than an hour i wish it would storm all day and night


ya its storming hard here hehe the heaviest rain in a few months i think


sometimes they last a day or two here and thats when everything floods


its the opposite here the rainy season is about to start theres hurricanes and long tropical storms all summer long hehe its gonna be starting soon im looking forward to it


is anyone else seeing that girl on the pscope


not sure who i hate more scopers or scapers


sigh wish id gone to the store today theres nothing like sitting out in the storm and drinking


moms snoozin hehe im ready


whats to hate


hb oh yeah its raining but not heavily


nothing like a good rain or storm while max relaxing


i regret not getting a lgf during the eclipse


my only regret is that i have no regrets


you missed your chance but uli said there will be another one in 2024


god bless uli


bad news did a test and dropped a bunch of frames going to reconnect and start the stream seems like a one time thing


im ddosing you


kittys snoozing on me lap


>>595335 nice flippin dave


kitty slept all over my clean clothes today and now theyre covered in cat fur but i cant hold it against him


dropped about 1 second out of 50 seconds so far might lessen out


seems pretty stable still only dropped those 30 frames aat the beginning


cant watch a stream thats dropped even a single frame sorry


0 dropped frames since i pressed play


no i just saw you drop one


leona is so gay


why does minami have a collection of CANDY shirts


love seeing horny lolis


you could not be more wrong


flip you


i hope leona gets kicked out of the group


think im gonna make a cup of coffee


dont forget to make it extra black


im making it with soymilk and a teaspoon of sugar



soymilk will turn you into a girl


unless the boy is an ikemen like meganii he has no place in pripara


youre the gay one


no matter how you look at it leona is super gay


leona is as much of a girls as the other idols


cant stop laughing at meganii each time he shows up


nice wont skip this ed


he pisses me off


nice pednig


mikan reminds me of miki


File: 1503555842255.webm (12.51 MB, 384x288, cruel_neets_thesis.webm)


aloma slips in below mirei but above sophie


smiling while watching like a tard


its natural


boys be neet


tardlaugh each time i hear kashikoma because lala says it so much




that tenshi loli is tard


File: 1503556374369.png (1.78 MB, 1920x1080, [HorribleSubs] Tenshi no 3P! - 07 [1080p] 00:1….png)



you shouldnt be watching that show its creepy


wish a loli would sit on my dick


that angel loli is becoming increasingly attractive due to being shown eating all the time


really like the bass in the returning eyecatcch sound


nothing attractive about a loli havin a snack


hope my c key isnt breaking


she looks so happy and content exactly how a loli looks when shes being flipped hard



tardlaughing at this whole episode


really liking the transformation silhouettes its the best sort of transformation gimmick


lolis hate being flipped


now youre just being silly


youre wrong the little sluts love it


why does it look like the clothes are much more detailed than their bodies


i hope mikan isnt a plumber in real life and is only slim in pripara


i love this show its funny and you can very easily jo to it and inbetween joing and watching you can listen to the music


cant jo to it


how can you not


ive got swampass time to shower


eating girl gives me a bone


nice garter belt




really liking this ending theme


should i play episode 43 too after this it seems like dorothys recruitment episode will come up next


wish leona was my gf and would wake me up with a kiss every day


sophie is a br


sexy dad


what a bastard i hate that dad


this show makes me happier than any show ever should i cant explain it


lolis that watched this episode stormed to the bathroom to jo to that dad right after it finished you best believe


is prifornia supposed to be in brazil or california


its in honduras


nice flippin hondy


minami wearing a CANDY shirt again


i have insider information pointing towards hondy being himako aka hondyko


how does the hondyko theory tie in or make irrelevant the honeko theory


hehe hondyko i wouldnt mind that


solo sophie is really creepy is super creepy


whats creepy about it


excuse me i think i had a slight stroke (TIA)


she calls her fans cagebirds and teases them like an ikemen would do if he were flirting


honeko remains a theory whereas hondyko is proven fact but i cant reveal my sources yet


i added 43 to the queue


There's no Pripara in the Palps, Akipapara, Persailles, Prifornia and Prazil.


that bun girl needs to be flipped i bet her ass feels like buns


she reminds me of kyupikon


this ending theme reminds me of something i would have found in a flash loop 10 years ago and had on loop for hours at a time


how is there no pripara in akipapara


sigh i thought aloma was going to try to recruit dorothy too otherwise i would have saved this episode

oh well it looks badass already


youd think that akipapara of all places would have one right


the pripara in akipapara was overrun by peds and was forced to be shut down


mireis transformation needs to be more in the spotlight since its the most dramatic


what about leonas


File: 1503560306538.jpg (120.24 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Owarimonogatari S2 - 03 [720p].….jpg)

wish a girl would look at me like this


he just puts on a skirt and gets a tiny hat and wears girl clothes like a creep


really surprised there arent pripara doujinshi with harems of meganee


or with roaming groups of meganiis flipping all the lolis and the lolis loving it


thats the real him


at least mikan isnt a plumber in real life if she has the skills to do flips and stuff


File: 1503560637577.png (164.64 KB, 1652x468, tb.png)

reading up on dota lore


how do you know that mikan isnt a boy like leona


dota lore is literally some of the worst game lore ever written


because she has an ass


no its good


wish to flip pushuu sophie


no it isnt and all the character designs are biased on random warcraft 3 models and the lore is just shoehorned in to fit that with the least amount of effort or consistency possible


lala loves inhaling smoke


why not read up on warcraft lore


read up on runescape lore instead


im already familiar with it


sophie went FDAU


i think they gave up on the idea of making the show to appeal to lolis are started focusing exclusively on peds this season going forward


scape lore is good


this season is much more enjoyable


scape lore sucks one of the gods is gay


what about the mournings end arc its great




having leona on the team is basically cheating


they did it again with sophie eating a red flash and it making the scanning noise


arent those garter belts too low


cant wait for the goat episode


the team should be mirei sophie lala shion and dorothy


the best loli is the one with the pink top and blue shorts


how popular is this show compared to precure


swap shion for leona and ill agree


gotta poop




why not


its bad for you because it stretches you out


File: 1503561875417.mp3 (8.68 MB, 08 - Waltz for Zizi.mp3)



feeling inspired to do something


like what


like deconstructing this broken world


how are you gonna do that


something creative if i knew how to make music i would do that but i cant


daddy feels like cracking open a cold one behind his little girls back


download a sample pack mess around with ableton


why dont you learn


make the hima vn


you can make music just slap on your desk or drum on the wall with pencils



never played sonic cd should i play it


play sonic racing


big sigh


what the fuck is up with the music in non japan versions of sonic cd



hoooooooooooooooooooooooly shit


whats good to watch this season


wonder if leona gets a bone from her penis bouncing around while shes dancing in front of everyone


he tucks and keeps it taped like any good cosplayer


if pripara transforms everything else it sure transforms his penor into a slit


no he still has a penis


daddys going to crack open an orion


nice daddycool




time to feast


imagine how many years total youve spent staring into a computer screen in an empty room


File: 1503563254606.gif (1.46 MB, 438x245, 813cbf93b87e96f333514023df0d9123036bfed9_hq.gif)


ive spent 90 days watching anime


how can the room be empty if im in it







File: 1503563606400.jpg (520.14 KB, 1499x1500, 91WAgVmN7aL._SL1500_.jpg)

i think the girls on the sides of lala are the ones singing the song

kind of sad how they made them look really plain


lala is the sexiest


File: 1503564115184.png (8.45 KB, 212x238, index.png)


sigh cant find any torrents with the idol power lesson song


sigh butt is burning from pooping


fuck you buttburner


thats the feeling of being strethed i tried to warn you


guess ill fire up a vm and check out some questionable sites


dont do it idiot


oh nevermind its on the pripara wikia i guess


but its .oga what the fuck






such as


a download for this pripara ending theme
it was released as a single and in the dvd version of the season 2 music collection


bawling hard at the end of monogatari sigh




why is that good


herkz hates monogatari


thats good because i hate him


sigh analheat still going strong this is how i die


you ate too much chili


File: 1503566216120.jpg (290.85 KB, 426x600, b37eb2f714d4848408ecd5b3ce3f44ee13a89acc_59105….jpg)

i told you guys that christmas colors were like the colors in the theme just compare the two


wish i could go back to when k-on first aired


the complaint was more about the theme being a horrendous affront to the eyes than the colors not being related to christmas


they even followed a very similar design


tension max


File: 1503566857012.mp3 (9.85 MB, アイドルキンリョク(黒ハート)Lesson GO!.mp3)

sigh this might be one of those ones that i wont ever find a full release of

heres all i could find


i could buy it digital for 250 yen but if im going to buy it i want a physical version


gonna read a scanner darkly


File: 1503567389170.png (5.62 KB, 150x150, 1503277035998.png)



lala chan i love you


why was freakeye banned but the lala spoiler was not adopted


File: 1503567731890.png (36.7 KB, 449x243, menma.png)


hondyko works in mysterious ways


hopefully people will give me a break finally when they realize someone else runs hima


wont ever happen



is onseki here he always likes these japanese girl streams


nice try pmako


think im gonna start eating burritos for every meal those ones today were great gonna go up and buy a bunch of tortillas and some shredded lettuce and tomatoes tomorrow


youll get fat


get some cheddar too hell yea


how so


saw some tasty looking mexican cheeses when i got that coppa and havarti


File: 1503568338963.jpg (21.07 KB, 800x533, queso-fresco.jpg)


once you deep fry them they become too dense to eat each day


gonna get some pepper jack cheese for tomorrows snack


simply make some queso fresco you only need vinegar


i dont know how


wow i have zero upper eyelid exposure


listen to gustavo


had a nightmare about waking up with a negative canthal tilt


still asspained sigh


got a jaw ache gonna lie down and jo then snooze i tihnk want to get up early so i can go to the store and get back before the cleaning lady gets here


jaw ache from sucking penises


havent joed since monday


havent jod in 19 hours


already jod 4 times today hehe


flipping vile


havent jod more than twice in one day since my teen years


that is odd


asus and amd hinting about a dual vega


recommended 1600 watt power supply




gonna snooze hima


snooze in HELL


no gonna snooze in my bed


File: 1503572536410.jpg (105.28 KB, 957x1300, antenna-television-van-26777766.jpg)

wonder if these antennas ever get broken from strong wind

also what is Curl says: name lookup timed out



still excited for sonic mania even if it was delayed

i really like how sega picked people from the fangame community to actually make a real sonic game


its out right now


it got delayed for pc



how is part of the fitness test masturbating


its part of the penis inspection


sigh rhett and his wife sleep separately


it lowers test


more slaw


given you a father figure


File: 1503596247923.jpg (329.01 KB, 1157x1200, 1498240184345.jpg)

love this pic


just woke up hi




new yuka


like what


what about anime and video games


mm oishii mm oishii mm oishii desu


never too late to start duder i for one have recently gotten into music production



whats up guys


new gamers! surprisingly im enjoying this a lot more than new game



dont hurt pups


episode 4...


h3h3 owned that jew


of course the kind of dumb norm who likes that guy is also a skipper


watch me skip


also isnt he literally israeli


watch me whip


ive been forced to skip because of the memory leak so ive only read the last 100 posts for almost a year now


now watch me jojojo





you dont have to skip you just choose to because its easier


please dont get him started




youre right but the memory leak is still a problem


it was for me too so i changed browsers to one that doesnt have a leak