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File: 1486113101216.mp3 (419.24 KB, RINGTONE 15.mp3)



miku should be careful with those socks on she could slip and her bare arse could fall right onto my face and or erect penis


i like this one



mom watching redpill videos on youtube


based mom


me neither but i dont have magical eyes


bored again


this image is stolen from ota


is this it


it took me 30 minutes to get an erection


are you the mexidick guy


i prefer this thread


no im the cuban guy


they had haggis flavored chips also but i didnt dare


i love haggis


ive never had it so it sounded scary


that was a lie it looks like shit


File: 1486718653531.mp3 (7.05 MB, †渚の小悪魔ラヴリィ~レイディオ† - ARM remix -.mp3)


so is this the thread blograger




so if i have my xp drive hooked up to my computer and i boot onto the windows 7 drive will i be able to see and access the files on my xp drive




thats how it is for linux but not sure if its for windows too

laughably easy to mess with system files using linux sigh



theyre both ntfs so you should be able to

backwards compatibility is the whole reason microsoft has stuck to ntfs despite it being awful


gimme a hb


i gotta send this to my good friend mac demarco he would love to stea sample it


sigh why are some videos just black


because youre black





hehe thats one of my favorite skits by them


i pray the worst of it is over brothers hoo boy my ass was burning like vesuvius but luckely i didnt shite mesell and the skidmarks are minimal

heed my warning brothers even if it looks tempting dont eat half the jar of jalapenos its not worth it and if you do make sure you fall asleep right away


i hope you die


guys ive just uncovered a huge conspiracy


it was the jews


the global elite are using young blood to rejuvinate themselves thats why blood donation trucks always pull up to elementary schools to take the blood


does this creep anyone out


my blood is poisoned


is this 1999 everyone knows that even my mom is aware that jewish globalists vainly chase after immortality by using their position to get organs and blood from healthy young men all over the world


does anyone have some good loli playlists


i wish i was immortal


die pednorm



the falun gong tried to warn us


i hope she made lotsa spaghetti


does this creep anyone out


i dont get it



it just sounds like eh luigi to me


based flipping chink



sigh i want to go back i hate it here so much


sigh i got vein arm again



upgraded firefox i can watch the videos now they arent black



myspace raid


this isnt far enough back




you dare bring light to my lair?


really surprised at how well classic theme restorer worked to keep things the exact same


should i shower


no let your natural scent linger and attract lolis




i hate lolis



leave hima and never return


where should i go


you cant talk to neetblog like that you bloody bastard


red pill me on neetblog


myspace or duegi


miss the old filters there need to be more


we need to diet pill him


theyre both dead



hes the savior hima needs but doesnt deserve


they get less than 10 posts a day combined



tell it to the guys on warosu who say its the best lmFBO BLOWL TNE flipL OUT


are you okay


i wish i were lok


anyone want to trade lives


i wish i were data



sigh ytmnd


File: 1486721441430.gif (560.39 KB, 320x240, 1176079771796.gif)

dance thread


take me back to those dreamlike days


File: 1486721501950.swf (539.04 KB, miidance.swf)


File: 1486721513955.gif (195.88 KB, 350x263, 1176091100750.gif)

post em


why did it all have to go so wrong


what the hell did 4chan get rid of its flash archive i was going to post something from there


File: 1486721605569.gif (85.54 KB, 199x100, 1175086045121.gif)





sigh that reminds me you should stream hare nochi guu pnig its the perfect streamime


i remember watching the entire series of that on youtube back in the day


love this one


got rug burns on my thighs from rubbing them too aggresively while dancing


it used to be posted about a lot but i never actually watched it

its up there with azumanga and love hina in my memories for some reason


tardlaughing hard at meximoot


die fat


no i mean i was rubbing my hands back and forth on top of my thighs back and forth really fast while rocking to the music


die oldfags


is that an autistic thing


he was stimming


my flash collection is one of the main things i want from my xp drive

my flash collection and music collection


i love you pnig


grandpa calling me a newfag to life


File: 1486722014150.swf (2.63 MB, Azumanag Bday.swf)


recognized it before opening it hehe

azumanga is great


think im gonna rewatch azumanga sigh


i never went to f if it wasnt on newgrounds i didnt see it


you fool


/f/ inspired me to try making flash movies but i very soon gave up


oh yeah pnig did you know the actress who plays tasha yar is bing crosbys granddaughter


ya i read about that its weird cause mom always tells me what an asshole bing crosby was and how even though he left money for his kids they had to be 80 years old or something to get it


stop living in the past


what the HELL lok was in phoenix why didnt anyone tell me


flip off chink worshipper


sigh does that mean you spoiled yourself

shes better as a romulan anyway i want romulan yar to dominate me


File: 1486722542443-0.swf (6.19 MB, Lucky Star Remix 5.swf)

File: 1486722542443-1.swf (7.55 MB, toradorable.swf)


no i was just reading up on her i didnt realize the series started in the 80s so i wondered what she looked like now and with long hair

i think i know some stuff that happens to her but i dont know the whole story


love that first flash so much


you already posted the lucky star one about 8 months ago


File: 1486722776204-0.swf (4.68 MB, ronald.swf)

otaku culture died after 2010


oh okay good disregard what i just said then


otaku culture is as great as it ever was


otaku culture was never good


no its not
in the old days it was creative and funny even if it was low quality

now everything is about social media and sexnorm garbage


youre wrong




i miss all the stupid stuff that would pop up here and there even if it was low quality or dumb it was stuff interesting


oh yeah my xp drive has all of my maps too i have tons since i always joined fun servers and never uninstalled the game for like 8 years


File: 1486723094273.jpg (26.84 KB, 785x239, 1.jpg)


what the HELL is that




feels good to be able to read and understand that image my japanese is going well

especially the 読んでね


moonman is the only good ytmnd meme




nice bragnorm


i started last year because mom made me and i posted about it too you could have made the pledge with me brother its not too late to start


love a classic ytmnd


really hate the brother norms


die momnorm


anybody want to learn farsi with me


forgot to mention that homura shimeji need java 6 or something really old


shes my birth mother not the other kind of 'mom'


File: 1486723397692-0.jpg (472.85 KB, 1280x1861, 16.jpg)

File: 1486723397692-1.jpg (409.87 KB, 1280x1835, img006.jpg)

how much of these can you read


you should stop saying brother it makes you sound like the momnorm


wish there were two sexy ladies doing that stuff to me


told mom im a japanese expert because i was able to read the word balloon in furigana in the first few pages of one piece


my brother bought a copy of this sigh the 'sampler' anyway which i think was all that was released i hate patrick stewart in real life


one piece blows


we have all been brought here by the cosmos together brothers there is no room for anger


he started saying that in order to imitate others though


File: 1486723636591.jpg (72.58 KB, 620x465, 1486722910362.jpg)

rate my new hat


im not that guy but i can read like 1/3 of the kanji here.


hello myspace





filter brothers to ladies


its really surprising how few it seems like the same few kanji get reused in doujinshi


so himako really did bring back that filter i thought that guy was just manually doing it




i can read the kanji but i cant understand most of the vocabulary used by the hiragana even through i can read it


japanese media sucks


hate bragnorms




moderator of /r/chokeabitch and /r/niggerjailbait here


thats not a thirld world country


please use the term developing country
thank you


i suck


updated the himapedia with character bios


link it


File: 1486724196257-0.png (57.46 KB, 400x382, E6J6Sw1.png)

does it have these things


does it matter its not like you leave your room. In australia where theres spiders and 110F heat and 100kb/s internet in your room that sounds pretty third world to me


actually i live in australia and its fine




theres two australians


i hate clubnorm


went to the club with onseki but they didnt let me in and he told me to wait outside and when he came back out 3 hours later he pretended to not recognize me and started making fun of me in front of the girls with him


mom is going to be raging me awake in approximately 4 hours and 30 minutes to shovel the snow on the driveway and all on and around her car


File: 1486724622562-0.jpg (83.76 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Kemono Friends - 01 [720p].mkv_….jpg)

why does she have 4 ears


the freak just lied and said that because i called him a bogan and it struck deep so he made something up sigh


File: 1486724744254.jpg (246.22 KB, 1024x768, 9a5b5955e519dbf063b76fa3a46a1656.jpg)


File: 1486724759547.jpg (246.22 KB, 1024x768, 9a5b5955e519dbf063b76fa3a46a1656.jpg)

why cant i post this


File: 1486724769434.ogg (192.42 KB, Vocaroo_s1Et2koj8L48.ogg)

clubnorm is a tardshamer


i tardshame on a near daily basis


ban this sexnorm spammer


dont do it he give bone


im watching this hey arnold! episode where phoebe farts and everyone makes fun of her

used to fart on my classmates faces as a prank and i wasnt the only one who did stuff like this in my classroom


ooga booga he bring bone me jo


i wasnt tardshaming i was just saying he sounds like a bogan if pnig talked with a thick redneck accent you guys would probably say that too



File: 1486725197243.png (42.35 KB, 500x500, __tachibana_hibiki_senki_zesshou_symphogear_dr….png)


still wish there was a tag for those


for what? facials?


theres probably a pool for them


no for the program they use to draw where it looks like old pc graphics


oh you mean like using pencil tool and bucket in paint

i getcha


File: 1486725502707.png (65.92 KB, 400x500, __drawn_by_oonani__d8515f621c7dd40ea157a6b9afd….png)


looks like it was done using a ds


isnt the tag oekaki



File: 1486725613398.jpg (67.81 KB, 719x659, 42c2814d5c8ddbf62b2327d974365112.jpg)


you can have oekaki that doesnt look like that though


File: 1486725777710.png (43.82 KB, 450x600, __tsukishima_ruriko_shizuku_game_drawn_by_tosh….png)

drawgirl have you ever done these before


stop calling him drawgirl


File: 1486725848377.png (67.91 KB, 669x754, __drawn_by_onija_tarou__900cc253b905be9111b25b….png)

drawxir have you ever done these before




File: 1486726038073-0.png (16.41 KB, 300x300, __drawn_by_shimada_fumikane__1e102a6344fe5590a….png)

File: 1486726038073-1.png (16.69 KB, 350x450, __original_drawn_by_kishida_mel__7e2b97de10306….png)

File: 1486726038073-2.png (52.12 KB, 360x440, __original__2b6fb8f45620a75836216943123ee4b4.png)

sorry for spamming i really like these


ban the spammer


hey turt how do i leave humanity behind


cam i know youre there can i ask you something


itll leave you behind on its own


should i take a shower or go to bed


File: 1486726689321.gif (22.57 KB, 429x431, __frieza_and_fukuzawa_yumi_dragon_ball_dragon_….gif)


based freezer


is the girl in the middle one his sister or girlfriend




the girl on the left is now my gf


too late i already flipped her and made her my gf


sounds like shes a real slut huh


nope i forcefully took her V and made her my slave


File: 1486727918786.jpg (129.61 KB, 1000x715, visitor.jpg)



File: 1486728161641.jpg (Spoiler Image, 15.22 KB, 522x522, 51blpY3oNWL._SX522_.jpg)

sperm THIS


its so pink and natural


File: 1486728298643.jpg (Spoiler Image, 142.54 KB, 1100x825, Virgin-Ears_21.jpg)

hehe this came up when i searched virgin age admission it matches the mascot girl perfectly too



tomorrow i seize the means of production






File: 1486736649721.png (83.68 KB, 1668x1270, v01.png)

i havent used oekaki much but i do draw a lot in ms paint


File: 1486736852249-0.png (42.01 KB, 1014x761, round.png)

File: 1486736852249-1.png (159.22 KB, 1013x760, sjw.png)


File: 1486736864233-0.jpg (89.06 KB, 800x600, ^253B07F32B546FFFBB1C526B71F942EBFDE7CA5D25AB0….jpg)

File: 1486736864233-1.jpg (78.34 KB, 800x600, ^E3DBBC0183A11D8354FA152B49F92E56AECBA2136EF2E….jpg)


mom left a note saying go to college today


himako should implement oekaki and you all can see my drawing process hehe


I'll buy a tablet if he does


simply stream it


sigh even at 4 meals a day these portions are tough to get through




had a two hour snooze and awoke to this satoko banner

i believe thats all the sleep ill be granted today


got a snooze banner


this is a good thread so far


draw girl do you have a name for your original character


d cappu today


9 in the morning and these flipping mexicans are already blowing


watched dinner with andre and this song played at the end


gas gas gas is not a well recorded song

some other songs on the same album like no one sleep in tokyo are much better recorded gas gas gas sounds really muffled and bad


keep your opinion to yourself next time


woke up and skipped


if you dont have anything nice to say dont say anything at all...



flip you wks


hoo boy morning drinking hope mom doesnt rage


bad boy


wonder what trevor has been doing since he closed his dumb site


wonder if he got a job yet... im not sure if hes playing legion or not otherwise just hearthstone


dont get me wrong i hope that norm dies but it entertains me to think about him sitting around steaming


hes pretty funny at least


hate that god invented peds then forced me to be ped


what shall i do today


just buy a gun while you still can so if you get caught you can kill yourself


gunna go balls deep in calculus need to make my white race proud



everyone needs a foolproof exit strategy


flip that


never learned calculus is it good




whats it about


stop talking about scaping its starting to make me want to play and i know that game is shit


calculating the curve under my cock in your ass


its not shit

its more like all these awful game design decisions and terrible implementation came together to accidentally create the best game ever


its like any MOO game except with graphics


it has a unique charm


hehe my luck is great today i got the best banner of them all


which one is that


is it ronald


what is your scape endgame


File: 1486749933427.png (70.48 KB, 300x100, keiichi.png)


i dont know i just play to have fun


i almost have 82 magic then im going to go for scorpia pet i think id like to have at least one


sigh i dont even play games anymore and a game without even a guaranteed goal to achieve makes me not want to play it because i feel thats even less productive


gonna have fun pking you


i wish drawing had levels and achievements and fun mobile phone things to keep my addicted to drawing


ill set a goal for you if you want to start get 200 million xp in all skills


that would be very rude


you know the risks when you step into the wild


theres not even cute costumes or little babies to look at sigh


ex scapers character was kind of cute i thought




File: 1486750287788.jpg (549.13 KB, 1000x1167, df580a0c2390616057119477bd4b2c91.jpg)


league is shit too dont tempt me with the loli whose in game model is ugly


ya but you can see her panties when she dies if you zoom in on her corpse


File: 1486750391286.jpg (114.12 KB, 700x788, 982d70ebfab2d9381acd80c787b4fd82.jpg)


i flipped this little baby


File: 1486750457771.jpeg (155.89 KB, 540x788, 8df263aac1ea1750ed265cf2f76a25ba.jpeg)


how fun would it be if real life had visual levels and numbers and achievements to monitor as you progressed


gunga ginga




what about education level number of sexual partners income and total asset value


do i have autism if ive spent years thinking about how much easier this would make my life


what happened with the bandwidth use from the new auto updater its been on for months


someone should come up with an smv sim like uhhh the sims


i suppose real lifes skill curve is just way too high


you could also measure body fat and muscle levels and stuff like that also iq and number of friends life basically does have that stuff


real life is too grindy




skipper himako said it wasnt the problem when she first turned it back on


a lot of stuff requires timed quests especially during the tutorial and then you have more questing afterwards so youre constantly balancing several quests at once giving you little time left to just focus on your stats sigh


File: 1486750804006.jpg (37.71 KB, 238x279, 1456639714620.jpg)


only rich norms can afford to focus on their skills unless you roll good stats youre going to waste your whole life just completing dumb low reward ratio quests


youre just not playing efficiently most successful players manage to balance work assets social stats and physical training with ease


how do i reroll


File: 1486750949579.jpg (39.19 KB, 600x255, 600px-DD_PrimeMinisterGunMouthA.jpg)


File: 1486750960033.jpg (22.97 KB, 429x375, 1486342248855.jpg)


based frogger


do you guys think i should discontinue the college degree questline for a later time and focus on grinding out my art and perhaps job advancing to a professional artist


dormnorm alert
dormnorm alert
dormnorm alert
dormnorm alert


i commute


the chances of becoming a pro artist are lower than getting a d full helm drop from mith dragons it doesnt matter what your combat level is


ya but moms communication stats are super high and i could just exp leech hehe



i think youre better off making a pornographic flash game and getting a patreon going than going through norm channels at least it might be fun


sigh i dont want to take the easy way out and get big through a game like breeding season


File: 1486751377324.png (456.92 KB, 800x734, 1486375292568.png)


you still have to work hard to create something like that its not as easy as it seems

why wouldnt you want to take the easy way out though


sigh my artist integrity forbids me


stuck at the mall again for 2 hours waiting on my eye exam it must be singles day because I walked right into the theater and started watching rings and nobody said shit about paying but I walked out halfway through because it flipping sucks. now im eating another gyro there sure are a lot more norms around than last time


whats rings


moms cooking something that stinks real bad


we can all rest easy now brothers the dormnorms thread hijack is over nicesuz has returned


hes a fool for not studying online anyway


I'm not hayzus it's turtle


turtle doesnt call himself turtle


OK gymnorm then




shut up




File: 1486752066646.jpg (1.1 MB, 1456x2592, 1486752007023281586281.jpg)




online handles and identities should be changed every 2 years


thats not good for becoming a professional artist


nah at this point im more turtletron than cameron


hey turtle umineko or higurashi


if i was a norm i would have gone the tron route and used the same username for everything for 10 years but the longest ive ever used the same username was for xbox live which was only for 5 years and it was never used for anything else



everytime i have to log into an old account which uses my username from when i was a kid it makes me feel regret for how retarded i was


is turtle the scaper



just realized i never unlinked moms credit card from my xbox live account at least its like 6 years expired at this point

when i made my 360 account i didnt have an email address so i just wrote up a random one that i had no access to and it was a huge pain in the ass trying to change it years later


what were you playing on xbox live so many years later


considering going to a bar or something this sucks


i dont rememberi did not have my own computer then though so i was on it constantly




watch this instead


dota is too hard to follow


should have spent 10 years learning it instead of whatever youve been doing


i love you turtle


make the transition from dota to hots
tard friendly


already got to top .5% rank on hots its too boring



fracture is a misnomer its actually a tissue rupture


drinking an overpriced brewski sigh


gunna prepare the smoothe


okay got 82 magic gonna do a few scorpia runs then maybe ill stream if it goes well


sigh i could never draw a proper heart when i was a kid and i still cant

wonder what it is about this shape that makes it so impossible for me to draw


you cant draw one if you dont have one




I have more names hehe


post em


chad daddy
c wizzy


ore wa babydick


ore wa tabaneri da


7.85 for a beer Jesus how do norms do this


should i make a hima fighting game


fighting games are for niggers and people with friends


gave that bitch exact change guess I'll head to the appointment 15 minutes early


met clubnorm at the club today hes actually a pretty nice guy in person and showed me the ropes since it was my first time and he knows everyone

i acted as his "wingman" this time and together we got him a really cute girl he says next time well switch roles so i get one


stop spreading lies aobut me ive never even seen a club


based clubguy



okay streaming scorpia hopefully this will satisfy the scapem0gger


shuffled to the kitchen real quick after waking and went to eat some cake but i opened the wrong container and got tomato sauce everywhere




i got pked flip this




japan has their own element now


ill do another session just not doing peak hours i might do barrows now


you got owned


okay streams back up sorry i raged


why the flip arent you using ice spells at barrows


huh ill just use the trident spell


sigh need to take another bm


youre supposed to use both you freeze then trident and you dont need prayer or food that way


oh okay ill try that next time


get a swamp trident too


love backseat scaping


okay its expensive though


what if i mess up the freeze and get 1 hit by dharok


dharoks max hit is 36 or something low like that when hes at full hp
if youre so scared just turn on melee prayer until you freeze him then turn it off


i mean if the freeze runs out and he has 1 hp and kills me in one hit


the thrill of that happening is the fun part
and his max hit is 67 at 1hp or something so you can take one hit and react


the metal package is neat


watched that one earlier hehe


okay im going to try your advice


pray on karil even with 99 defense i pray on that brother


File: 1486759124786.jpg (864.14 KB, 1912x2344, __original_drawn_by_tsuchikure_3105mitoko__468….jpg)


you told me i didnt need prayer i got tricked


i meant on the melee ones since you freeze them
you can do a ton of runs with just the base prayer you have when arriving if you just pray on karil and ahrim


dropped a plate of egg pieces and toast crumbs face down on the floor 4 hours ago and i still havent picked it up


thats exactly what i was talking about flip i jinxed myself almost


wish more games had an examine option thats one of the big selling points of scape for me


File: 1486759621188.png (23.21 KB, 875x218, 1486371036055.png)

was this you scape guy


clubnorm in da club


hi woke up sigh 500 new posts i remember looking forward to reading instead of seeing it as a chore


i recommend doing the hard morytania diary because believe it or not most of the money you make from barrows if you do it long enough will be from runes and the 50% bonus is massive


i dont think i have the skills to do it


actually i think i can do all that stuff


get the heck on deugi and reading can be fun again


so here i am


dharok in the tunnels three times in a row what the flip


the memory thing happened again luckily i noticed right away and close the hima tab and it only froze for a second or two on another tab then started dropping down to the 35% range


just use another browser you stubborn fool


File: 1486760476120.png (18.39 KB, 331x375, barrows_safespots.png)


ya im not going to run in and out of the same room so i can safespot him im not that kind of scaper


so there i was...


he will probably appear in one of those rooms anyways


okay theres something i want to watch but ill stream in 12 hours or so and do scorpia when theres less people so i dont get pked thank you for your viewership and advice





ya perma normnigger



dislike recognizing the downside to race mixing while simultaneously wanting to flip many different ethnicities


sigh just realized i havent eaten in 20 hours


you mustve lost a bunch of weight


i havent even gotten out of bed to pee since i woke up 8 hours ago


just pee the bed


mom would be pissed




After years of controversy and political intrigue, archaeologists using genetic testing have proven that Caucasians roamed China's Tarim Basin thousands of years before East Asian people arrived.

whites are the true chinks


yeah but this was tens of thousands of years before chinks even had a distinguishable genetic identity

its just like saying that native americans roamed asia before the chinks its undeniably true but it means nothing


were all out of africa so does that make everyone a nigger

no youre dumb


that africa thing is a jewish lie whites are almost entirely neanderthals without african dna dont fall for the kike propaganda


chink detected get over it we were there first


4000 bc wasnt that long ago



no the same thing applies africans were nowhere near as dark 16000 years ago as they are now we have all evolved separately to varying degrees

that whole horn of africa argument has been dispelled many times over the origins of the homosapian are more complex and considering we were evolving far earlier than the most recent ice age theres no reason to assume we would all congregate in that specific area


ya but i only learned today that whites originated from central asia and chinks are our close brothers we should be nice to each other


only niggers actually get behind the horn of africa theory just because there are some ancient bipedal skeletons doesnt mean there werent any elsewhere its more like that the ice age destroyed the vast majority of remains that were north of the mediterranean


we are all chink on the inside brothers


im chink on the outside


thinking about becoming an archaeologist


the im chink makes more sense now unless youre pnig


im chink


File: 1486763536142.webm (3.83 MB, 1280x694, china march.webm)


im chink.


those guys at 18 seconds all have suppressors woah


im gook







got the freya banner maybe i should stream valkyrie profile


really wish i had a ren chon friend


File: 1486764071600.png (690 KB, 1329x841, 1486763550207.png)




sigh cat was sleeping on one of my slippers so i hopped down 16 stairs on one foot to get a shoe




gran found some old japanese ornamental jugs gonna see if theyre on ebay


love based vivian from based gamergate because shes a gamer like me


vivian is also our friends cat


webm this i need it


sigh gotta do a bunch of quests for the morytania diary i thought i was done with questing


File: 1486764758537.jpg (44.86 KB, 914x284, sighracists.JPG)


thanks for the tip brother gonna post on duegi



me too sigh


that means whoever posted that is an ausnorm or a cananorm both can die



whos the ... norm


based floppin clubwk


no its blocked in canada


its blocked in australia as well hes probably a spic or something


its malta guy


all wrong im from honduras




ban this spic himaok




wheres henri and lolimo


dani here


wheres based flipping porchy when you need him


the last four posts have triggered me


going to forcefeed you the brown pill


normfos raid hours


sigh i have to do like four quests to get hte hard diary plus some minigames ive never done dont wanna temple trek


got heartburn


dont know who any of these people are but i wish fukune posted here


File: 1486766637753-0.jpg (66.61 KB, 468x700, yawn.jpg)

just woke up dont know what to do today


gonna play the psp version of valkyrie profile since its the definitive one


sacpe it up


turt post


dont post that fake neet


shes sexy who cares


doubt it


File: 1486766724333-0.png (1.36 MB, 900x1211, candy.png)


i do this with my little sister every now and then


wonder what my total hima postcount would be


thinking about walking up to the food store last time i was there i made very brief eye contact with someone i know who works there and then immediately turned into an aisle so he probably thought i was avoiding him which i was


thinking about putting the final plan into action


what is it




to jump off the cliff


thats possibly the dumbest way to kill yourself


sick of these arrogant flipping scapers treating hima like its lumbridge


what a shite day


ass hurts from streaming last night


looking for a game to play my list of options currently is scape league dota card games tree of savior


got banned from what for being too gay


File: 1486767352593.jpg (701.28 KB, 1500x1395, 1486766280941.jpg)

feelin it


scape it


go back there


i cant im banned


what should you do when youre level 1 with every skill on 0/100


cut down trees


work towards dragon slayer and money for full rune + rune scim


i have no idea of what you just said
where and should i use the regular axe that i got in the tutorial or are there better axes


got owned by the memory glitch i was taking a shit when it happened



alright hima


do you have a premium account


i dont recommend scape unless you played it before at some point dont know why scaper keeps pushing it



dragon slayer is the hardest free to play quest it lets you wear the rune platebody

id start by getting your combat skills up a little bit and going through all the free to play quests you can a list of them with guides is on the wiki and the requirements to start them do as many as you can

in varrock theres the 'ge' which is a big area in the north west which lets you buy items from other players

its really really hard to explain what to do at the start since there so much stuff you need to know


i just think its funny to see new people playing it and gives a good feeling to see plus if someone gets into it its very rewarding to have sired a new scaper but its pretty unlikely anyone would stick with it also i never played it before i started a few months ago


also given his list its probably faster to learn scape than league or dota card games get boring after a week and tree flipping blows and the other guy tried scape all on his own


the kid from church who introduced me to scape back in the day let me use his premium account and after i got bored of talking to my runescape gf i traded all his items with my character and never mentioned it again he never confronted me either


what the flip you started playing only a few months ago and you never played it before hwo the flip


im impressed now


alright hima the tinhorn dictators at it again i called it months ago runescape simply cannot be stopped because the paradigm shift is upon us and nate iron ore is too obsessed with his numbers based on the old paradigm to see it


even after all that noobshaming


i already know how to play the other ones


thats runescape 3 not osrs two different games


i was under the assumption that you played it before but youre a mindblowingly fast learner i have to hold back on my noobshaming now


once you commit yourself utterly to the scape it is the natural result


wait what the scaper never even played it before until he started mentioning it here holy shit


just remembered i posted a few times about playing oldschool runescape on warosu




august of 2016 was half an year ago



does josh really scape


never scaped in me life





its called a yeller


old yeller...


Shorter people are more prone to heart attacks, high blood pressure and diabetes than taller people are, but the reason has been unclear

shortnorms owned


probably due to the stress of being m0gged everywhere they go


when i worked at my IT job all of the high up guys who flew in on the private jets were always at least 6'2" and my boss was the only manager that could be considered short it was eye opening


im 5'6"


are you a girl


i wish


not yet


ive come to the realization its much easier to be cute than to be masculine and you get more perks as cute anyway
girls simply have it way too easy


must be tough being so short as a guy



its not original that bot is flipping stupid and wrong


why do gooks have such good internet this isnt fair


go easy on ai chan


they invest in infrastructure instead of military


does anyone elses teeth ache when they go too long between masturbation sessions


wheres the connection


ex scaper have you thought about creating a hardcore iron man it could be a refreshing way to get back into the game


teeth grinding


hell no and i have no interest in scaping again


why what killed it for you


i achieved every goal i had theres nothing left for me to do


what were your goals


File: 1486770384588.png (157.81 KB, 765x503, 2015.05.18_13-08-51.png)

things like this, 120 combat, 94 magic, a bunch of things over time i cant remembe rthem all




thats like 5m worth of zulandra teles these days


a woman who is perfectly woman is superior to a man who is imperfectly man just as a farmer who is faithful to his land and performs his work perfectly is superior to a king who cannot do his own work


a woman who is perfectly woman does not exist


the scapers have taken over hima its time to delete the site himako


women have higher social value in almost any situation


simply ignore them while recognizing gamings place in otaku culture


i wonder if japs scape


sigh need a good way to kill time until march 3rd


push them back with warcraft


what happens on the 3rd


die fakeneet


the new zelda game gets released


release the scape


men is responsible for the decadence of women



men allowed for the rise of singlemotherhood which allows for more low value males to be born which will allow for women to have yet more power


die nintendrones


flip off mratron


nintendo owns


the game was rigged from the start


sincerely hope no one on this board is enough of a norm to buy a switch


sis wants one


my last console was a ps3 and its probably going to stay that way


too late


die drone i hope someone steals it while youre playing it at the club


if i had as much money as pnig id probably buy all sorts of dumb shit


should i get a ps4


if i was a nigger i would kill myself


you sure are living up to your potential as a white man right now


being a white male is only a good thing if you come from a well off family



thats simply not true a poor white backpacker is going to be better received anywhere around the world more than a nicely dressed black man


wrong even if you are a penniless bum you should thank god for allowing you the gift of aryanism


not anymore


i wish i was the aryan kind of white instead of the ``exotic'' white


what does that mean


its when people ask what race you are


hes a dago


bullshit though some western nations try to demonize being white youre still going to have a much easier time being accepted by strangers and thats just in the west in openly racist societies its even more apparent


got the house to myself and dont know what to do about it


burn it down


kitchen jo


hehe beat me to it


because guess what white people are in general nicer and more honorable


actually whites have done more harm to me than any other race
oddly enough its the niggers who have been the most hospitable


flipping love white people




that guy only gave you a gamestop card because he thought you were going to shoot up a school or something


its not just that time theyre more likely to be nice than whites are and they only make up like 12% of the US population so it really makes you think
ive never had a nig actively set out to scorn me like whites have

white ``people'' should be eradicated


my cell phone provider got rid of the plan i was on that cost $17 a month but now their new lowest plan is only $10 so hotdog to that


id like to request a change of subject


you misspelled "more likely to murder you than whites are and they only make up 12% of the population"


chances of getting murdered at all are really low


all the blacks at my school were extremely rude


turns out that power can only be attained with a higher level of consciousness and power increases the destructiveness of outcomes exponentially saying that blacks have no impacted the world negatively (or positively for that matter) is a truism


depending on where you live in the states but what about robberies and assaults


i was at a majority nig highschool near a city for my freshman year of highschool and not once did a nig ever bother me

then i go to a hick school with whites and spics and theyre mean

then i come to hima and the whites and spics are still mean and the one nig is a pretty nice guy



pnig is white


turt hates them so its official whites are based


it has more to do with your environment pnig grew up around white people so his mindset is different the man doesnt even listen to hip-hop


cam is your dad a chink or is your mom one this is important


im not a flipping chink


youre half jap dont act like thats better


im like 60% white 40% cherokee supposedly
i should crowdfund a 23andme


you look really native in that old picture


23andme is a scam


youre a scam


File: 1486773183499.jpg (515.88 KB, 850x2125, sample_f0c81c44ad9edca2f6b4b9771fcd5ea3.jpg)


File: 1486773201594.png (389.24 KB, 603x526, 1486769633001.png)

the alliance has formed


File: 1486773213718.jpg (184.31 KB, 807x605, 1486766625487.jpg)


really hope he pulls out of japan


stop posting my cousin


File: 1486773248982.png (62.18 KB, 625x238, Capture.PNG)

duegi is based


i voted for trump


flip my dick off baby


me too


are they really on first name basis or is trump being dumb again


trump is hyper charismatic theyre already lifelong buds


did pnig ever post his cousin


yes he posted a pic of her blocking his view of the tv


lmao weeb


File: 1486773577959.jpg (2.89 MB, 1299x1890, pnigs cousin.jpg)


that girl was too smug i had to drop that manga


est. odds of winning 1 in 2,600,000,000 a man can dream


File: 1486773639599.jpg (1.45 MB, 3264x2448, creepnig.jpg)




never read mangas before are they good


ban this flipper


i want to buy powerball tickets regularly but im too ashamed i dont want the gas station attendant looking at me like im retarded



File: 1486773718196.png (19.84 KB, 432x330, 1460406790789.png)


File: 1486773747132.jpg (59.98 KB, 720x720, 2efd8a43e94013d659fb57b8ac71baa0.jpg)

i bet she looks like brighton sharbino


hate the personality meme


looks correlate with personality
ugly people are almost always pieces of shit




everyone to post a pic here turned out to be nice


except gymnorm


neetblog and freakeye are both dicks


thats bs im totally fair


die cunnynorm


im guessing youre the guy who posts the neegan frog so you can just eat shit


no thats instigator


well how many other people browse /tv/ then


if ids were enabled someones mind would probably explode if they looked at which posts are mine


i havent even browsed tv since september 2015


i would record every id's sleeping pattern


freaks about to get btfo on the w


if himako enabled ids i would just start changing my ip after every few posts


the way the narrator speaks is really annoying


File: 1486774878364.png (48.28 KB, 309x246, format.png)


File: 1486774921517.jpg (22.46 KB, 390x279, chrome.JPG)


i hope himako doesnt enable ids for fun one day and then realize her mistake when every post ever made on hima has ids on them briefly and someone saves them


mom has had the tv on nbc all day and every flipping time i look over its trump this trump that why are these people so butthurt and obsessed why do i need to hear about every time he takes a shit


its the same in canada my local news does that


die chromenorm


trump is based


so pnig does she look like >>383267 or not


ive had literally two problems with chrome in recent memory and it was some page having trouble loading
its the best browser deal w it


flip you googlenorm


the mouse pointer on my pc started to lag wehn i moved it and then it stopped movijng at all and the keyboard stopped responding too and after five or so seconds the screen turned black anyone knows the possible cause


its a botnet retard use iridium its exactly the same but respects your freedoms and its lighter and faster


i use chrome because of the page flipper extension


you can add chrome extensions to iridium


do you honestly use duck duck go or startpage


iridium blows


sigh cant play chinking floor anymore my connection drops after 20 to 30 seconds
the last time i had something like this happen was when my router was dying


i use duckduckgo and bing


missed the chinking floor meme


HATE how the upstairs toilet runs if you dont turn the tap on


duck duck go doesnt respect your freedoms only startpage does


i use satori satori go


2hu nigger


never played a touhou game are they good


i only use duckduckgo for the bangs


no its norm shite


that is not a valid criticism


touhou is hard


should i stream mountain of faith




ya id watch



gonna try using google dns but i doubt it will work
im 100% sure the problem is the game itself making too many request before my router can clean the queue thus crashing

why? because it only happens in this game.


i thought that jp was all about monster girls and jav since 2014


i 1ccd 4 games on norm




bet this guy rages every time an idol picture is posted too


i always pick easy mode if the option is available im not cut out to game



die idolnorm


i rage and delete the video whenever i see a chink with a bigger dick than me in jav


thinking about creating a sexnorm flash game like the breeding one and try to get norms to give me their wageslave money on patreon etc drawgirl are you here


File: 1486775794387.png (277.56 KB, 500x707, __maekawa_miku_idolmaster_and_idolmaster_cinde….png)


File: 1486775802609.png (191.61 KB, 680x742, 1c16c4a26253399dffc47216a3b2f98a_original.png)

they couldnt have gotten anyone uglier for this


its the danbooru norm too big surprise


they arent ugly


uhhhhh /jp/ told me not to like these things so i dont but i also dont like /jp/ haha


theyre disgusting


x4 steam combo



himako instigators causing problems again


teacher anon has a gameboy in his backpack


youre disgusintg


wonder how many girls got that


id look better in that outfit


prove it


back to what


what blows


nothin gay about wanting to dress up in anime cosplay for your bros to jo to


mom made crepes


sigh google dns didnt worked


wish i could have sex with miku (maekawa)


File: 1486776132393.jpg (98.08 KB, 720x540, wk meetup.jpg)

wks out tonight


me on the right


well you got the part of their being multiple "wks" correct at least


File: 1486776236621.jpg (18.39 KB, 529x164, Capture.JPG)

uploaded 10gb at 1 kb/s


based wk guy


File: 1486776287469.jpg (1.35 MB, 3648x2052, wkk.jpg)

wks protesting speaker from himaduegi


are you getting these from /pol/ or /r9k/


me on the left



i dont see them on ota


oops forgot you are a 24/7 ota poster and lurker


kill all commies


why does ota bother you so much and yet your browse /r9k/ /fit/ /pol/ and no-you



i dont browse any of those ota is full of pussy weebs


i think that im going to stream chrono trigger in a few minutes or should i stream something else


hes gearing up for a friday night spam himako watch out


myspace doesnt even exist anymore


nice cameron


ill watch anything


stream operation panties


whats the something else


stream your suicide onseki


live jo sesh


im not onseki retard


i should be rewarded for revealing the norms you were all in the dark before i pulled back the curtains


turt should skewer onseki from behind when he leasts expects it for disrespecting him


i remember saying that ircnorms were raiding over a year ago


you walk among the norms regardless


what did he say


File: 1486776623722.png (40.9 KB, 524x650, __takatsuki_yayoi_idolmaster_drawn_by_takayaki….png)


sickening idolwhore


theyve assimilated


i apologize
but youre still a worthless streamnorm


File: 1486776703945-0.png (1.61 MB, 1800x1800, yayoi donut.png)


since i cant play chinking floor anymore i shall pick another game
insurgency i guess


uh shut up


onseki just called me from the club


die norm


mom just left on another pof date


onseki thinks hes better than turt


hes not wrong really......


hes a much better poster than turtle


go to hell discordnorms


sharp rise in gth/die [something i dont like] norm posts tonight which is friday which is the end of the work week




brain no work you wk


this is himako level logic go let off some steam


left 4 dead 2 or team fortress


which difficulty am i playing on


File: 1486777110295-0.gif (437.15 KB, 162x204, prinny spin.gif)


baby hehe


-goes to japan on business trips regularly
-has flipped so many jap pussies the portion of the japanese population containing his dna could be considered their own race
-dips tobacco like a hardened soldier
-attractive and affable
-sharp dresser
-seasoned streamer
-well connected in the /jp/verse

-37 year old autistic virgin


standard is probably good




can hear mom walking up the stairs i hope she doesnt knock im in the middle of a tense gaming session woman dont disturb me


i thought worknorms went to the club on the weekend
which one is it


-makes good hima posts

-uhhhhh women suck

i dont care what anyone does irl



and yet they are close friends that talk to each other every day on instant messaging and even their phones that puts them in equal footing






File: 1486777268735.png (19.1 KB, 149x69, 1470883860702.png)

hes only 27


holy flip


wk-onseki alliance confirmed
is onseki the final wk


piece of shit norm enabler


no one disrespects a woman on my watch we need more non virgins with jobs posting here






claura is such a pleasant theme


sigh cant appreciate a solid background after getting a taste of invertmas


flip im bad at this game


is there an option to make him stop saying dude




putting voice to 0 does nothing




sadistic programmers


my cat simply wont stop meowing in the living room what the hell



who made this thread using the image i just posted


die otabro


since its about no you it was either onseki or one of his discord bros since no one else would care


everyone needs someone in their lives to feel superior to and for onseki thats turt

turt should realize that and leave because its a toxic relationship and onseki will never view him as an equal


hate when i accidentally stumble on a niggers myspace and most of the retweets have something to do with race jesus why are they so pathetic


uhhhhh i post about niggers everyday on hima but im not obsessed with race


another x4 steam combo


every time i go into the discord i get m0gged hard by onseki i cant help it its my duty as a low value one


today is the first time i mentioned them in months flip off wk


no neets in hell


claura reminds me of my myspace theme


surprised this game works perfectly most psp games ive tried on this emulator are really glitchy


can you make the game have jap voices


no dood


maybe someone made an undub


nothing wrong with saying dude


etna sounds like a granny


File: 1486778108517-0.jpg (365.91 KB, 853x1000, cutscene lean-0.jpg)

need jap voice etna


i could play the japanese version but i cant read japanese


is finalhehe just onsekis new channel after being mocked to hell because of the old one


alright flip this i can no longer handle the dood spam



think there's hidden items at the hub every chapter


freak getting btfo


freak is arrogant as flip


stop reposting images onto ota you bastard


im glad normeye is banned from hima


die otanorm


just need to ban his worshippers now


File: 1486778593967.png (447.87 KB, 500x649, 1468489471319.png)

two can play at that game



why doesnt america have something like pachinko




america has legal gambling and doesnt need stupid little funny money chink ball games


uhh you can worship but only pnig haha


the gambling is only legal in select places
what if i have some money and i want to go blow it on some little balls instead of a quickly fleeting scratch off ticket

i need a way to make it big


sexy flower girl


stupid bug in my room trying to get inside of the light bulb cover


pnig are you here


why is samachan back didnt the admin rage and delete it


head on back there and ask them


the the admin of samachan really a female


ya i flipped her



lets raid samashit


yeah go organize that on dookie


done and done


good idea thanks


forgot if you can get lives back in this game



ip gatherer


simply love losing half an hours worth of progress in a game with no checkpoints


File: 1486779950629.mp3 (2.55 MB, 無くした未来の幽霊.mp3)



File: 1486779963941-0.jpg (270.1 KB, 800x1199, way of the samurai.jpg)


they even got tripnorms lmaoo


sigh holy flip this guy is tough


stun him with a butt pound


i got banned


i only got an hour ban lmaooooooo


File: 1486780205843.jpg (51.28 KB, 556x556, L2324697.JPG)

these are amazing holy shit


thanks for the advice hehe


cool finish




$2.50 at walmart apparently


chinknadians are a scourge on any community


File: 1486780298596.jpg (43.04 KB, 651x720, 1482661753634.jpg)


nah chinks are based as hell


its so good i just cant even



have you seen the new leaked stuff about ryzen


is there more than there was last night ill check





go away


is there anything about the whole lineup i never expected to buy one of the 8 cores anyway


the X in the cpu name means XFR enabled

NameCore CountBoostOverclockingTDPBundled CoolerSKUUPCEAN
R7 170083,7 GHzmanual only65WWraith SpireYD1700BBAEBOX7301433083280730143308328

R7 1700X83,8 GHzXFR (+manual)95WnoneYD170XBCAEWOF7301433083420730143308342

R7 1800X84,0 GHzXFR (+manual)95WnoneYD180XBCAEWOF730143308366

/Average price
R7 1700~359€
R7 1700X~429€
R7 1800X~549€


the flip is XFR? is that how they are calling turbo mode now?



well flip if thats all that it stands for then all of the ryzen chips are going to be very competitive since even the non x ones can be manually overclocked


File: 1486780797370.jpg (139.53 KB, 1280x720, 1486775104801.jpg)


its amds version of it but from what i can tell the boost frequency depends on thermals so the better the cooling the faster it will clock itself


the 1700 is a oc enabled 3,7 ghz 8/16 cores that has a 65w tdp


technorm raid hours


now that i know thats what the x is for im very excited for zen


why would anyone want an adaptive oc based on temperatures specially enthusiast


because it will always be at the optimal clock based on your temps


about to clock these richfag techdweebs across the head


go back to warosu if you dont like it


except if you have a good cooler you can control that by yourself and get maximum performance all the time

this is like nvidia boost but for cpus


wk going mental


maybe theyre the best of the batch and are able to oc higher

or maybe someone is very worried about power consumption or heat output

id prefer not having it


i guess this is aimed at retards who don't know how to oc


ironically the tech board on warosu is the one that gets used


mindblowing how there are people born in 98 posting on hima right now



just dropped $1000 worth of antipsychotics on the floor and i dont remember how many there are supposed to be


im 23


bok choy what the flip


im super excited about ryzen god damn too bad i cant make a ryzen pc first day it releases


chink zombie


why are computer parts exciting


new technology is exciting


why is anything exciting


upgrading your pc is exciting specially when you first turn it on


thoughts of the unknown


they arent exciting at all its a hobby for upper middle class nerds to collect 700 dollar toys to signal their wealth


turning it on after upgrading is scary


i can get more fps and better looking games



not clicking that


richnorm gamers


im not rich


computers are easy you dont know anxiety until youre about to turn the key on a $3000 engine you built over a summer alone with no rebuilding experience


the top of the line amd chip is like 50% of intels top of the line and has about 85% of its performance


thats for the guy saying computers are for richnorms

amd is all about price to performance


computers arent for richnorms buying expensive graphic cards and cpus just to play games is


if i was a girl i would be made fun of for being the girl that carries a parasol everywhere


richnorms are the ones who have entire youtube channels where they rate their favorite 700 graphics card out of 50 others they tried this year


i too hate people with hobbies and more money than me



sorry let me pretend to be angry over thing


jingly jangly jangolin


can we just ban the wk already


a girl in my neighborhood does that

she also wears eccentric clothing


do you flip her


no she was like 15 a few years ago


asian girls LOVE hiding their skin from the sun


what the flip they banned me for just saying flip on sama


File: 1486782204307.jpg (63.93 KB, 595x841, __sono_midoriko_girls_und_panzer_drawn_by_saba….jpg)




tried to avenge you but my ban was changed from 60 minutes to 7 days hehe samashit is samasteamed


these samaturds are dweebs so this is what hima would be like under wk lockdown


whats the point of this place it flipping blows




its a board for wks who cant handle the big dogs on jp spinoffs


its hima without the w


File: 1486782408281.jpg (638.47 KB, 1321x1820, 1485728223878.jpg)


dont its pc


go to hell phew guy


this gives me a bone but this guy draws ntr and i cant in good faith jo to it



ooga booga the bonegiver come but me no jo


find hebe instead of those shitty spin offs


File: 1486782596985.png (703.31 KB, 627x886, 61357015_p0.png)

really cute megumin


good pnig impression


based pednorm


File: 1486782632685.jpeg (1.26 MB, 1713x1240, 66e76c8d3c0f4df1ba4f257bd0ecb55a.jpeg)




based neetb


sick flip


File: 1486782689017.jpg (129.61 KB, 1000x715, 1486727918786.jpg)


im not a sexnorm


you arent anything are you


hes a nobody ignore him



hes one of the worst posters on hima


hes the best poster on hima


thats you wk


phew what a nice breeding sow




basedblog is at least in the top 3 if not number 1



low test


they even deleted the posts of the sama guy responding


i am honored to call neetblog my himabro


whats your opinion on this picture >>383575


cant help but get a bone to this even though i know it should be disgusting


post a new pic neetblog


hima sucks the big one tonight


File: 1486782953213.jpg (Spoiler Image, 148.85 KB, 480x800, new.jpg)



why does this make me laugh


my dad the xfiles is one of my dads favorite shows


hehe flipped up that post


File: 1486783152387.jpeg (845.04 KB, 973x1449, 622db713054aa364a9f2ef5c8b4d2ccd.jpeg)

phew me on the right


ill flip you up dadnorm


wish i had a lgf like this


that girl is in her late teens


what should i post a picture of


what fighting game is that character from again


she looks 11


no she doesnt


im not a sexnorm or anything and it doesnt fit my personality but i like when artists portray conception like that with little hearts


she has a really annoying face


flip you



File: 1486783361613.png (1.42 MB, 1563x1130, a61baa8f8a8f82e2a6563933ae1d3caf.png)



why do you only like fat women


stop posting these disgusting cows and post more girls like >>383575


gonno watch this cheese video someone linked earlier had the tab open for a while


dont testshame he cant help it


File: 1486783445086-0.jpg (340.61 KB, 762x879, 3.jpg)


much better


not good enough


File: 1486783575585.png (2.7 MB, 1540x980, 6ab587f29df19bf9419ba1933b10805f.png)



File: 1486783583845-0.jpg (592.58 KB, 835x1213, pinku.jpg)


an italian place was having a cheese opening ceremony i should have gone to watch


File: 1486783608121.jpeg (1009.2 KB, 1800x2014, 91c5979a893e9f821d90a39777a3866a.jpeg)

phew NICE


ban the phew guy



why do you post this disgusting crap


way too sexual
ugly face


he either thinks its funny wants to annoy people or really has disgusting tastes


could say the same thing for you and sickly little girls with no meat and no curves


his test levels are through the roof


shes not ugly though


always found phew guy to be pretty funny i dont know why some of you are getting upset


just jod to this


what the flip is fun about "phew"


because he spams gross crap


can someone explain why the word phew is associated with those images


gross out pictures dont amuse me


File: 1486783835416.jpeg (775.66 KB, 1180x1600, d028cccb68c8c88e13778c4de904d1aa.jpeg)



also hes in league with instigator and should be banned




neetblog here what do you want me to post a picture of


a screencap of your ban




there are actually quite a few artists who draw with that style its quite popular


what ban


the hima ban you should receive for not liking anime


post a pic of you stuck in a doorway


i like dragon ball


File: 1486784042588.png (2.44 MB, 1540x980, 37de4ae15bc889b77343cc5006cbb8d6.png)




himako has decided to define hima by what youre not allowed to express rather than what you should express so posters who like nothing at all are encouraged because they have no risk of being banned


why is wk so butthurt tonight


loli losers are steaming


whats wrong with not liking anything interest norm


the ragetards are being too bold stay on warosu and duegi


pednorms have low iq they cant help it


File: 1486784287944.jpg (501.14 KB, 1277x716, 2410eafe4013fff4f7182c07976bb94a.jpg)

its true its time to get back on the ball im ordering the plastidip sunday


test levels just went through the roof



drawgirl are you online


File: 1486784606007.png (38.6 KB, 500x550, 5d99c8c134ad8255d507274abd2a5409.png)


its drawboy


I'm a flipping retard I have the rapist and two other cats living in my garage the last 2 days because it's cold out


new way to detect peds record their voice before and after a small child comes in the room and compare


File: 1486784965652.png (59.72 KB, 630x540, dfb8d73aa9e341a06a7f1972c21e87a9.png)

girls are usually cuter than boys


wish i could be a cuteboy again


boipussies are tighter


felt sluggish and depressed and spermed to a tomu drawing and feel better


wish my monitor had 2 hdmi ports


told mom to stop throwing holy water at me and she thought i said that because i was the devil


wish my pussy had 2 penis ports


draw something drawboy


address her correctly



wish someone would do this to me in the next himameeting


*stretches pussy*


why is hima so dead rn


everyone is on warosu


im getting changed


hate when i start tarding out but there arent any snacks


hate when there are lots of snacks but there is a norm active in the house between me and the snacks




hate when im ready to neet it up through the weekend after a long day of work but mom wants to cuddle watching netflix and flip all night


yeah m2


someone post that image with the guy grabbing moms ass for ordering pizza


File: 1486787368911.png (468.58 KB, 504x499, 1482104951509.png)

i will drink from your skull


all that cu c k is going to drink is semen from his bull




yeah ban the varg norm


him and >>383686


post the blacked one and make this vargnorm steam
time to show him pol is not welcomed here


File: 1486787871600.jpg (101.93 KB, 350x350, 1483179217181.jpg)


wk is steaming


ragers ruined hima tonight im hittin the town




thanks for the compliment




have fun shitting posting 4chan memes and shitting your pants in your room


oh man it feels like a sauna in here


maybe ill take some pics while im out diaper boy


whats with all this sweat this isnt a basketball manga



hehe forgot how amusing yahoo answers is


sorry norm dont leave all steamed i didnt mean to ruin your night haha


File: 1486788708261.jpg (40.89 KB, 746x248, IMG_0091.jpg)


going to make some ovaltine i hope thers food


love the maid dragon ending


i was at the asian market i got a sangaria ramen bottle and in order to not disappoint myself i stopped in a parking lot with wifi to drink it


go to hell nigger


finna get some fried chicken


all in favor of banning instigator say yay




what is wrong my son


im bored


simply snack


he really shouldn't even be back so based on that ill agree to a ban for him


already did


all he does is post r9k memes
he has warosu and duegi
when hes here everyone stops posting
most of the users have no other place to go




but you have ota


case in point, theres his response
ban his ass, please
hima was very enjoyable for the past few weeks then this guy shows up and ruins it again


going to agree with alternatives theres no reason to keep him around didnt you say that yourself


im not a huge fan of instigator but i like how butthurt he makes pnig and his worshippers


File: 1486790375322.gif (2.81 MB, 431x480, ddac12c8cce13da994c274e6199bc3a8.gif)


is she tard


does this work





bored submitted a question on yahoo answers


how can you be so sure




Men are benevolent beings of light, women are evil demons of darkness. Every time a woman is destroyed I cheer because another demon has been condemned to the hell it deserves. The world is made better nicer and fairer for all by this creature's destruction.


i tried it on myself


saw a really cute loli in some sort of ball gown at the store she was in high heels too and was with an older guy who was in a dress shirt


why do they call it ovaltine
the mug is round
the jar is round
they should call it roundtine


flip my life into pieces


sigh is pasta guy here or did instigator force him away again


uh big bad instigator haha


dont you do the same for wk


any nice younows RIGHT NOW


File: 1486791798019.png (9.53 KB, 897x110, Capture.PNG)

based idiotmako


what the hell




are you really going to keep that guy banned


yeah im here


If this is how he chooses to act even after I decided to give him a second chance, I for the life of me cannot think of one single reason to not block his new range/ISP.


who is "he"


dont assume their gender


The guy whose only apparent use for this site is to start arguments at every chance possible. He's been blocked for a while already so it's not like this is another person being banned. It's the same guy doing the same thing.


can you give an example of his posts


File: 1486792631203.png (15.05 KB, 898x120, Capture.PNG)


post his history he wants you to do it so lets see it then



I was about to bathe so I can post a more thorough post history later. Right now, he's not range banned.


good i was about to ask for the screenshot of the post history page



strong second hand embarrassment from seeing trump shake hands with abe


trump is based


watch it


showered and atered


what did you ate


i apologize for calling you an idiot himako
you owned vargnigger good


gonno stream in a bit


strean what


eggs and beans gonna make some peanut butter & jelly sandwiches in a few


maybe chrono trigger idk


would quests going for morytania hard be interesting stream content


i dont know what the heck is that so i dont know


so are you getting a ryzen or not


its doing stuff not just grinding or whatever


never seen that one before


hey instigator im back home i went to pizza hut the crust is real crisp and buttery hows your night and dipe doing


just hurry up and kill yourself instigator


this isnt instigator


I'm about to spam


gonna go make some food hopefully this spam is over by the time im finished


So for the post history, how much of it do you want? Or rather, how much does he want me to post?


stream it up lets leave instigator to stew in his dipe


how much of someones history can you even see is it just the last 1000 posts


It can be any amount, it's a variable in the config. Right now it's the last 1000 posts made.


just post something


File: 1486796231452.png (174.52 KB, 295x366, niggy.png)

>feelio when gaved mesell choco shite fingeys n sneaked up behind himaman and sheved 2 fingeys up his nose LMFAO and he got mad as HELL then i had a kekkin fit and couldnt stop laugh and then pnigs's mum walked in and i gaved her the double choccos right in the ass n pussy n nigflip was steamed as HELL cus she was lovin it LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOO

she'll get the choco DICK next time as well you gaylord lmfaooooooo


sigh niggy


i miss the w


sigh have a shit ton of warosu posts to go through now


File: 1486796630916.png (883.08 KB, 1897x21028, IP- 68.118.x.x.png)

Alright then, let me try this.




Yeah, be careful opening that.


browser crashed flip you himako


only partway through and already hes the disgusting phew guy and tech hater


oh wow he is like nobody


where did he start an arguement


what are the blank images


File: 1486796802930.png (174.52 KB, 295x366, niggy.png)

>feelio when HELLd in me shit fer round 9 days til it got all soldified like in me anus n then came time to purge me bowles so had to strain hard as HELL til the turd blew oot me nighole n tore me knickeys in half like assteroid @ million km/hr left a cr8er b/w me bumcheeks so had to call in an army of wks to rim me out for ol time sake

das ist feelin good as HELL


heritage or not hes posting these too i bet


what a worthless poster


File: 1486796891389.jpg (502.31 KB, 1700x446, image.jpg)

They don't show up for some reason. Here's a screencap of the folder.


i have probably 90% of those hidden


honestly his history isnt as bad as i was expecting


post my post history too i want to review it hehe


I already don't like doing that so I refuse.


who are you kidding


sigh ok


yeah his post history isnt that bad

unban le rude guy




nah he can post on duegi


nah flip him he just starts arguments and sockpuppets with different ips and then spams


He always gets around every other ban, why not this one?


its definitely not good but a rangeban seems a bit crazy to me i was expecting a lot worse if youre considering a rangeban


the thing is you can even tell when hes on hima just because the atmosphere is hyper aggressive its no fun posting when hes here


youre forgetting the months of constant arguments

he probably posts with other ips too and keeps that one tolerable so he can beg himako to post his history



I was considering it because it's what his other ban is.


bit my fingernails too low


never like posting during himako hours


sigh ok you can do whatever you want i lost interest this is boring


either way it doesnt matter if his behavior has been better lately it was bad enough to warrant a perma range ban before and hes just evading that now


is there a point to banning someone when you know theyll evade
either make bans as permanent as possible or dont give them at all

i can see new spam as i type this he deserves no mercy


yeah lets just ignore his post history and make decisions based on our feels


that post history is barely passable and hes spamming as we speak


you have 0 proof hes the one spamming


flip off instigator you constantly start fights make the board unpleasant and then sockpuppet and spam you can go suck a dick in hell if you want to post epic frogs and shit go do it on another site


It's a chance to post and not cause problems, to show me that I'm wrong. That's why I didn't do anything until tonight when I could see things would be no different than before.


right its one big conspiracy and hes always the victim yet when rangebans are handed out hima is peaceful until he finds a way around them or theyre removed
all just a coincidence of course


His are still in place, he found his way onto an IP on another state from his previous ISP.


maybe hes the guy that just moved to arizona


gook fefemz got owned in that konami ddr tournament

just like in 2016 gook crumbles under peer pressure


please break my ass PLEASE


so are you going to explain why the secret board still exists or are you going to disappear again himako


him and his worshippers need a place to hide from le rude guy


I don't really know. It only gets about three posts per week so it's not like there's a ton of activity happening.


i dont care
delete it, it shouldnt exist


yeah lets take offense to a secret board but not all this spam or the guy who does it


himako already deletes spam why should i bother talking about that


you should be talking about the guy who does it


what is there to say and why are you trying to stop me from getting the secret board taken down


is it over should is stream something or post some younows hehe



simply kick back and enjoy some chrono trigger


would rather chat with sexy lolis


sigh theyre so nice this one is opening her mouth with her tongue out and putting the camera close so everyone can see down her throat





some younow girl


oh yeah after i saw the walmart loli when i went to the checkout the cashier girl wouldnt even look at me or face my direction at all it was quite the experience


she could sense something from your aura


sometimes when i touch my face the dye in the gloves rubs off but i dont think that was it

it was probably the crazy person hair from wearing a hat and helmet all day


what the hell are you talking about




what the hell is this tropical music as you fight a boss its not fitting at all


i love love LOVE tropical music


but during a boss battle it just lacks a certain je ne sais quoi


wish there was a french guy


i can be french


it had been a long time since i had pizza hut the crust really is noticeably buttery and crisp


normeye is french


that was the first sangaria ramune i had i got to say i was wrong about the flavor of sangaria ramune even though i prefer kimura i think sangaria isnt that bad
shirakiku can eat shit


File: 1486800204282.jpg (133.54 KB, 1125x420, 1486799640942.jpg)


File: 1486800237893.jpg (56.63 KB, 541x720, 1486743605261.jpg)

sexy boy


went to do scorpia again and instantly got pked never doing a wilderness boss again





just go back


File: 1486800435692.jpg (318.07 KB, 900x900, c5e05190cb24d5336168e119e7fb959b.jpg)

this is a sexy boy



streaming mory hard diary progress


File: 1486800486452.jpg (Spoiler Image, 93.98 KB, 800x772, __shermie_the_king_of_fighters_drawn_by_shinon….jpg)

holy FLIP this is some bad perspective


tardlaughing hard



was going to cut my hair today but my cousin said he had to leave because he had an appointment to get his hair cut


he should have got you to cut it in return


File: 1486800862387-0.jpg (1.03 MB, 2247x1600, 5.jpg)


not a fan of that image




second from the rights head looks weird


that needs to be cropped into a banner


thems some sexy girls


File: 1486801059238-0.png (1.72 MB, 1343x751, lolihimo-0.png)


i would flip everyone in that picture


i feel nothing looking at this


thats because youre not a pedonorm


File: 1486801267557.jpg (19.53 KB, 455x383, C21820.jpg)


im fast ped


wear the rager band



not liking the sound of "shubby"


what the f­uck


is he okay




i dont have flash installed


why cant this be me


provide a clear picture of yourself and maybe drawgirl can make it happen


do you save pics from imageboards with original filenames if you can


only if i want to find the source later




only hima oc



crepes and hima streams tonight is good


i wish i were a crepe



File: 1486802455580.jpg (286.97 KB, 1550x1097, 37b62149c532f919e1cfb3c9bdc6d115.jpg)

shave time


love my flip extension



i posted about this before i browse hima and other websites sideways


flip extension or f uck extension


flip it flips pages



wonder if sangaria or kimura have anything like maeda en for ordering directly from them

would really like to start stockpiling ramune for the summer


do you guys use smooth scrolling


no i cant stand it




ho boy finally learned a triple tecnique



flip the ramune listing on amazon is the official one from sangaria those flippers want $35 for 16 bottles


i use smooth scrolling



his stomach is great


drunk 12 year old on younow but shes not cute what the flip is the point sigh


i wish i was that guy


perfect video to fall asleep to


i wish i was one of the girls


could i get a lgf if i dressed like that guy and wore a suit with one of those shirts




what do you call the kind of shirt he has on under the jacket


File: 1486804364695-0.jpg (79.29 KB, 715x1000, butt-5.jpg)




want to enjoy this but i get annoyed at the chocolate not being tempered


my dick is going to temper your ass if you arent careful


cant understand this little chink


all she did was change the shape of the chocolate how the flip is that cooking


File: 1486805091496.mp4 (62.34 MB, rusqox.mp4)


what a waste of space


lia is such a nice girl shes still pure not like kaelyn who gets flipped constantly when shes not recording videos


goldfish blow


i know you feel uncomfortable there but try asking someone at an asian store theyll have the cheapest price for bulk orders because it will ship with their stuff and you wont have to pay shipping


is lia catholic she has a rosary at 2:57 that must be why shes so cute


whats with all the sevensomethinggirls channels didnt someone post about this before


i fear that may be the only path if i am to truly stockpile ramune so enjoy during the dog days


ya that was me but then i realized its probably just a way to make money because everybody likes young girls


File: 1486805568577.jpg (287.03 KB, 800x600, 032716_08.jpg)

i know its corean but i tell ya this is one of the BEST ready made coffees ive ever had it even comes with an extendo straw


why does she talk like that is she retarded


i will keep an eye out for that i usually tunnel vision the japanese stuff


i think she may be partially deaf or something i think its part of her appeal


kaelyn is seriously lacking compared to lia i dont think i can ever go back


File: 1486806163243.jpg (500.59 KB, 1280x720, mp4.jpg)

this seems about right hehe


what film are they watching


File: 1486806238776.jpg (312.08 KB, 1200x703, hohberg_IMG_5563_B_1200.jpg)


File: 1486806269458.jpg (436.59 KB, 1280x720, tardtv.jpg)


is that cannibal holocaust


the bright red one in the middle looks good


gonna lie down jo and snooze methinks


dont ever jo


is it ok if i got a bone


cant stop watching this the guy is amazing


sigh there was a super bright full moon tonight but its all clouds now this happened last month too


ya the full moon was nice tonight


skipped 1100 posts


all snoozed up time to jo


wonder if anyone blamed me for anything when i was gone


hes in india again


no we love you turtle


im not turtle


wish i could live in india and flip indian lolis when i pleased like a prince of old


india is a shithole but they have really good food


wish i could be like siddartha and serve as a slave boy to a sexy older lady that teaches men how to make love then later renounce my earthly ways and find enlightenment


that is my fetish


wish battler-kun would rape me




only at first


wonder what india smells like probably awful


you mean you wish you could rape maria


if i was indian or chink or not white i would probably have killed myself years ago whats the point of living a life that isnt white


finished brushing my hair time for a snooze


you already said that earlier instigator we saw it in the screenshot


why would i want to do that thats gross


that first thing looks kind of gross the bread filled with milk




id probably try it but i cant think of any food thats similar


that third thing reminds me of a pot pie too really craving one now


shes cute and small, perfect to shove your dick into


i dont have a dick


i hope trevor goes to iran one day




this food doesnt seem that different

with the chinese stuff he was always eating intestines or feet or stuff like that this seems like stuff i would eat


im a picky eater


im a picky raper


yeah i dont know why indian food gets made fun of online so much they use a lot of spices and its really good


yeah shove a ton of spices into your shitty food and it wont taste rotten


indian food made with good ingredients in western kitchens tastes pretty good


lots of vegetarian stuff too because of all the buddhists


hehe you can see the surprise on his face after he eats the brain


pastor anderson said that buddhists are worshipers of the devil


wish a loli would eat my brain




installed irc




are you gonna download books


no im gonna download a bunch of exiled destiny dvd rips



that site looks cute


its sexnorm


exiled destiny sucks


do you speak jap


exiled destiny are region 1 rips and most of them include english dub and japanese


you helped me remember the show i just watched by them sigh kare kano showing the english vas at the end


what does that mean


that seems like a cruel joke


it was flipping sickening


always find it satisfying watching them chop things with those cleavers


File: 1486810004012.jpg (64.79 KB, 640x480, [Exiled-Destiny]_His_And_Her_Circumstances_Ep1….jpg)

sigh karekano the english vas were annoying


they were con girls for sure


i desire to flip a con girl


10:11 hehe


sigh wish that was a loli


would you protect her virtue by censoring it


no its natural


how its made has its own youtube channel how nice


wait a second this might be a fake channel


liking this guys channel hes the complete opposite of the food ranger doesnt say a word


as it should be