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Go outside
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yawn nice 5th grader insults


i do like boys but i dont think she looks like one


i rest my cae


you dont understand


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set it up pnig


the blogcast has been running for a few episodes now


would you compromise for a birlfriend


back to ota


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okay i brought this back looks like theyre getting spammed

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lets do this
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sickening thread ugh


really hate how dad puts anchovies on his pizza even if you take them off the pizza is ruined


have you ever had an anchovy they would be great on pizza


they are great in the trash


anchovy pizza is great stop being a manbaby and you too will appreciate adult flavors

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nothing like a nice spread to beat the heat
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that would definitely happen you just have to accept it


then sorry but i will never crack a beer with one of you






basted trips

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save the planet
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it is mooning


the incel stuff is just a meme i hope you arent really a virgin


nice its the flipping smartnorm who was 2 grades ahead big surprise that he also had a gf


everyone hated onseki for being a norm before the fact he was a nonvirg was even known so it really doesnt have anything to do with it


have you tried making a circle of salt around your computer chair yet

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me in the middle
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hate when i dont get a thumbnail for webms


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did anyone else watch lilpri or was i the only one sigh


i havent but the girls look nice


i dont watch normime


epic bro!

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get wet
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what about sprays



neetblog here gonna start putting all of my idle time on scape and become the greatest scaper of all time


im super white so i go for the hardcore 85 spf stuff and sprays dont go that far FUCK SKIN CANCER


i stopped playing scape impersonator

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no idont otaku shit sucks


simply pointing out how well he sticks to his convictions
i also remember when he said he wouldnt spam because he loves hima too much


kiss your sis


thought he was self filtering




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come together
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im bug


theres no pattern any of them fit into the empty slot


the answer is b


if you use numbers as in number of sides after the dot the pattern that is missing is a


nah theres a pattern youre just not smart enough to figure it out

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when will it be summer again
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theyre creepy as flip what the fuck


bet they smell really nice


i bet they smell like dust and cigars


nah they smell like strawberry shampoo and milk


why do they have old lady hair

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