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post and your wishes shall be granted
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just because you dont know what tong zi dan is doesnt mean you have to make fun of someone elses culinary culture


i propose this one




im agy


this one

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if you study this blog you will not succeed at anything
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think i will stick with brave its ridiculous how buttery smooth websites are on it compared to nightly and theres no hima memory leak as well


one of the teenage cashier girls boyfriends came in and gave her a hug then walked out and now hes just sitting in his car looking at her what the fuck is going on


kids are freaks


gonna go to the liquor store


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hate onseki
hate turt
hate pnegroid


my new schtick is when i zone into an instance i say przepraszam jesli staje sie zle jego moj pierwszy raz



last post


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wish freakeye would use his genius to fix this shite world i thought that was the whole point of being smart it gives you the power to change things you dont like


strangers downstairs and i need food


he enjoys making himself feel miserable



last post

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you should watch it some time


are there any doujinshi with leona flipping lala


holy fuck tardlaughing hard at this daniels fid




nah im not a ped

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Please no more blogging
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i only saw her once because i have avoided that taco bell ever since


taco loco rolls off the tongue better than loco taco


flip pastor chad anderson


so sick of this flipping world its always either too hot or too cold why cant it just be nice and warm


that means that youre not living where your body was adapted to live in you must go back to the land of your ancestors

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prove it


show me


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you arent sexy at all liar

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if you blog hard enough dreams come true
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is it umeboshi pizza


sausage pizza


thought it was cheese pizza


pnig here just turned on thread creation enjoy


last post

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take 2
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fuck you tester


basted testbro bringing in the epic




im the poleblog

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Bump this thread the second time you visit in one day.
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can they inject with eggs


only 4 posts left i will take the liberty of creating a new thread or two or five


sorry its a bad one im not clever enough to make good ones


hey guys just woke up from that snooze mom got me two bottles of wine hehe


glad i didnt miss the stream

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