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wish i was a planeswalker so i could get the flip out of this shite plane


just ate a big bowl of stew with some toast


borrowed The Bosss iphone why is it so confusing to use


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why do i love little girls so much
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where do flappers go


limbo with the aborted babies


all doggys go to heaven


flappers go to heaven


new thread

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here you go
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pope neetblog I


even if i managed to become a norm someday i wouldnt want to bring more beings into this world to suffer and die


does the pope shit in the woods


im gonno accept as many children as the good lord blesses me with


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for you hima matethers
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boost pinch nice teenmin


pie eating contestant pie eating contest nice die boosters


Himalosers are sleeping. This is teenrritory now. pie eating contestants, leave. My discordsteamr9kmlpolincelgnfosnou4chteenmates are getting here in a minute.

Weebs out teens in. The otamin way.


this is a sanctuary you cant do this


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its nice
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whats baste about paul


what about james and andrew


havent gone to daiso in weeks ive just been watching lord of the rings and playing ぷよクエ


paul put the underage ladies in their place


i do the same

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you're gonno need oxygen
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can you please little busters ~refrain~




laugh in hel


use 2 ls please



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Merorin was here, you guys are faguettes
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Raider...return to your dead board


not that anyone cares but mero is dead and hima lives hahaha raider scum actually took my advice and DIED



nice trips


thanks both of you

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Whenever i see girls wearing tank tops, i start to think of muh future wife, nitori.

I want nitori wife NAOOOO


what happened to your asian wife




ugliest nitori art ive ever seen maybe ever

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Greetings from 2ch.net
We are a similar chan with similar values
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you arent similar at all liar


nothing like us raider scum


its just mewch you raider retard



Boogbay Took a turn for the worse


liar scum

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wish a nado would blow me away


not a fan of the sperm system


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