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im on fire thats all you need to know


why has hima stopped going to the w


last post

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doppel thread


is this what pnig was talking about when he said he was now going to post whatever he wanted



how about this thread its got a nice atmosphere


yeah it really fits the dreariness outside here

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its so bright outside
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no himako hates us evidenced by that fact he wont delete the secret board


himako said on the secret board that she doesnt hate anyone here


Is himako hot


shes homely


shes honely

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smell my feet and give me something good to eat
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breednorms btfo
baste vgains


no thats the woman who vgains is talking about


uhh should we go to a halloween thread next


i dont understand what goes through the mind of someone streaming a jo


stream one and find out

File: 1509669503404.jpeg (192.28 KB, 600x424, 73570d87bfe70930040ee6eb9eef8419[1].jpeg)


The first yaoi post on himasugi!!!!!! Yay!!!!
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yay for yaoi


die sodomite





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trick or treat
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i cant tell if this is haysuz or onseki




shutup manletsuz youre not a nerdy boy


install debian


hima needs some ads to complete the 2ch theme

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it needs to be sealed
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sis already walks around the house naked enough i need to teach her some modesty told mom about it but she doesnt care


lucky you


nothing lucky about that sexnorm


sis used to take off her panties and throw them at me when she was younger


die sisbraggers

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are you scared
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got a $11 check from the zepeda vs paypal suite


just enough for one large pizza


File: 1509206094411.jpg (67.85 KB, 1200x675, KurtAngle_return_111715.transfer.jpg)

damn consider me neckpilled gives me a another thing to feel bad about wish i excelled in a positive attribute of some sort


looks retarded


cope necklet

File: 1508976989230.png (430.38 KB, 974x2696, 1506447561158.png)


i think about this image often


File: 1509058029255.jpg (124.5 KB, 900x1211, 1505355369520.jpg)


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its time
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im chink


tard here


about to tard out


cleaning lady is here


ask her to slurp your boredom away

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