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sigh damn good game


gonno jerk it to this harlot


cant believe maxmoefoe is just a year older than me


heading to bed another blog will be done when i wake up


last post its mine

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im raid
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cant wait to play some ffxiv tonight hima im to tard for raids so ill try out some dungeons first


no i play girls in games that arent shite trannyfest dungeon queue sims


like what


you fell for one to many memes there


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mindblown by all those crazies in the comments


time to read




thats faker than the moon landing



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remember to wear two
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that geezer cant own anyone these days


should i start scaping?


no he doesnt he sucks ass


mom said i have autism because my dad was abusive when she waspregnant and she had a lot of anxiety


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die seednorms


imagine wasting time focusing on strengthening muscles you never use its not like you eat tough meat you eat little chicken tendies like a wuss


my copy of pita ten is blimping out and skipping flip


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merorin was here by the way you faggots
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pasted dr yarni cured my neet with natural homeopathy


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they took our blogs
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food poisoned hima might die


the script is called aalib.js
let me check some stuff


simply ask pnig for help


on the sb


last post

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post all your sexy lady pics here(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

File: 1545117109669.jpg (207.91 KB, 1024x768, seize.jpg)


youre gonna need your meds


gih beauford


File: 1545548683903.jpg (201.62 KB, 892x751, 1545365307998.jpg)

You mind explaining what you meant when you posted the following: wish to flip that sexy lady


got left behind sigh

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use this one
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they dont need to jo they just call their local pizza joint


pizzagate was debunked


god makes mistakes too


mom said she should have swallowed me


just got word from the boles clan

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