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where are you mother flipper
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look at their board and their posting mannerisms and then compare it to the op and tell me its not sc2


its not sc2


one sc2 guy looking for his sc2 bros so he made this thread and the epic crowd lapped it up you should all be ashamed of yourselves


last post


LAST post

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lets get this started
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where did i say otherwise


why would a norm be making spread threads


only smutnorms like spread threads




last post

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you might not hate me but you dont like me


i dont like any humans dont feel bad


i like you


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she should report you to the police


flip you kitty



amd is working on gddr6


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which one of you did this

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its a blog thread
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he was posting yesterday


hes always there but only sometimes here


that was an impersonator


only 10 posts left


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yeah im fine dont worry about it

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cant wait for tomorrow for this tea i still havent opened it the bag for the bancha is a nice paper coated foil bag


i love you pnig


you gonno blaze that shit


sigh onseki no


onseki fire up hots lets play

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Me and my best friend
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is that a passive


a passive what


gf getting


no because they have to be rich first white is probably the best all rounder


last post

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its refreshing
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i need a santa hat


gonno watch world of roguecraft

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you bought it assembled nice


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should have posted this one


thats the reddit one


yeah i meant to link the reddit one post sorry


like that even the dog is fat

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November 4 -- NEET uprising in USA -- spread the word!


rather join a pagan uprising


die 2kike


ban teenkike himako


It's November 13th am I too late?


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