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kick back and relax in your favorite aloha shirt
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what would you do when she starts spitting the seeds at you


spit em back


thats filthy


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why do you keep doing this

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you just cant see it but its a spreader
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what happened


3 posts left


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pick one


always hair


last post

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if theyre older than 9 then theyre horny


best part about the public pool is drinking the water knowing how many sexy ladies have peed in there


my local pool has a locked gate for members only that costs $150 per year and barbed wire fence to keep the niggers out


sexy ladypiss is disgusting


how do you know

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onou1 aloha oe ♪
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me on the left


whats wrong with that mate on the rights face


have seen some very horny sexy ladies trust me they can get chicken nuggets


2000calories/day * 365 days/year * 18 years = 13,140,000 calories / (2833calories/$) = 4700$ / child NOT that bad
4700$ * 9 kids = 42,000$ think i can foot that over like 40 years

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last post


NOT true


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sigh only 3 more posts


just woke up

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if i wasnt basted would you mates tell me





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here you go hima
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the desktop i built is only used when im gayming which is pretty rare


im a gaymer


boss has a 1080 with a 7700k


i have a 1080 with 8700k


can hear those girls saying ew to each other i hope theyre talking about me

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your humility has no equal




this triggers the turt


i think the weekend waterstore rush is over time to sit for 3 more hours


mindblowing that teenseki bows to the bolhrer and still lets the sb gestapo have power

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basted and redpilled




this one next i think


im baste

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just the way i like it
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stop talking about crude things



wonder how he snuck that slice out of nbs cave


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