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you're gonno need oxygen
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can you please little busters ~refrain~




laugh in hel


use 2 ls please



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Merorin was here, you guys are faguettes
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Raider...return to your dead board


not that anyone cares but mero is dead and hima lives hahaha raider scum actually took my advice and DIED



nice trips


thanks both of you

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The phone call that saved hima
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hes calling andrew offenberg


the real phone call that saved hima was baste boles calling the cops on himself




sick of this meme and im sick of the pie eating contestants



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Whenever i see girls wearing tank tops, i start to think of muh future wife, nitori.

I want nitori wife NAOOOO


what happened to your asian wife




ugliest nitori art ive ever seen maybe ever

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Greetings from 2ch.net
We are a similar chan with similar values
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is it mewch or mew ch


you arent similar at all liar


nothing like us raider scum


its just mewch you raider retard



Boogbay Took a turn for the worse

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wish a nado would blow me away


not a fan of the sperm system


last post

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get in here tards
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*yawn* mornin!


i jerked off to the opening post image


39 posts left



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sleep tight, sweet prince
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could be because juries are notoriously retarded and have a habit of awarding ridiculous settlements there might be more to the case though since its been 6 years since the incident occured that settlement might be mostly just legal fees


wish the firefox reader mode supported pictures hima looks nice with it


wish i could get paid 850,000 as a lawyer to defend against a suit to avoid paying 750,000 to the guy who flipped my young teacher wife when he was in high school


last post


die you flipper

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Is it possible to live in Japan with barely minimum knowledge of the language and huge knowledge of the English language and no start off money?
Mainly what I am looking for is living in the outskirts of a city in a small village or something where you focus on farmlands and rural grazing/herbage..
Like all my life I've had mainly bad luck and what would be the chance to have a good luck and be able to start there..
I am from Bulgaria and I have some basic farmland knowledge on how to take care of it and legally I can live in Japan for 180 days per year, but I wanna keep out of the government's track or if it is something like in UK with employment agencies it would be quite good to start at first..
If the topic isn't by the rules if himasugi delete it.
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hes looking for express shipping on his order



Then it is pretty hard nearly (if not) impossible


its gonno be said when futari lollies leaves us to continue his ronin journey


I wont leave you, i will be forever lurking here


you dont know what lurking means idiot

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start again with a new spread
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the ferrets starved to death


why am i not surprised


dont get ferrets they smell like shite


ferrets smell like musky honey if they're clean you lazy idiots just would not clean the cage and therefore think they smell but really the smell is your damn indolence


ferret owners need to stop being lazy then
ive never come across a ferret that didnt stink

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