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cowboy hours hollered at ma to fetch my hat


yee haw pardner


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i flipped this girl

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no need to hide it
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hate groannorm


its the idolnorm


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am i casual for worshiping pnig should i move onto pastaguy or onseki


worship nb

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kitty is frisky
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himako is jewing


mr calamari is the admin


think of all the troubles caused just because some guy thought pnig was the admin


it doesnt work moron


not this shit again

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I'm hungry, but it's 5:30am and my sister is staying over, sleeping in the living room. I don't want to wake her and am now going to bed hungry.
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i was actually thinking of hostels too even though theyre full of obnoxious norms i only need a place to snooze and bathe real quick

you can go with me it will help you break out of your rut


you dont want to be rude because people are less likely to help you out if you are respectful it will go a long way i realize my norm charisma is arrogant im sorry
you say that and i did too but as soon as you get there youre thinking about how terrible its going to be to sleep in the woods or some shit and you end up caving and buying a capsule trust me just make reservations early you get a good deal if you buy the capsule for more than a week

its defiantly worth it one shinkansen ticket is about 120$


hostels are great i have a few i can recommend actually i liked them you can ignore the people in them and talk to them in common areas if you want


i think my main concern is getting around i want to avoid taxis and such i dont even know which airport to go to


flying into narita is by far the cheapest but its all the way out in chiba so if youre staying in tokyo it takes about 50 minutes to get into the city
flying into haneda is really nice but it costs more and it still takes forever to get into the city because the lines are clogged with commuters who live on the eastern bank
simply take the trains everywhere just like in the anime theyre essential

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