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Hey look it's! loli kodomokid in a bed!
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wow look at the cute girls in the background


lolis really dont care for memes


lolis dont care about the some females dont care about smv meme


their entire lives are memes


tons of weird looking peds get loli girlfriends its all about personality with lolis

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4 more posts


gonna go to the liquor store wish me luck hima




flipping end it



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uhh yeah
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riggs had multiple world firsts and youre a nobody so i guess that makes sense



i dont even raid so you got me there



gonna snooze it night hima love you

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She could tell by my aura that roasties are not welcome in my world


No but she swung her purse thing around and a chunk of metal hit me and she said sorry that's close enough right


what was her accent like


you should have offered to buy her dinner for inconveniencing her bag with your body


Shes already been flipped by onseki

File: 1495590131903.jpg (387.28 KB, 810x1080, 1465425493245.jpg)

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just flipping post
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f arch farming


doesnt even seem like anyones doing bgs going to just end it


just end it


already ended and watching this


Some anime about shogi is on

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wont be long before this is a common sight
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File: 1495589919465-0.png (3.82 KB, 416x142, runescape.png)




theres only one game in the world that has ever been worth playing
world of warcraft


nah scape owns wow


wheres the hima guild

File: 1495277073232.png (13.96 KB, 400x350, 761e840b0fd905f420afce1e0e601141.png)

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nice leg_lock tag





yeah man english teachers have a lot of status in japan and ryan boundless is definitely not an ugly mentally ill loser who managed to get lucky after years of being in japan and whining about it


Status comes in different flavors I already did a lecture on that

On another note mom says she sent the western union just have to wait 6 hours and see

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never had anchovies whats it like
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File: 1495277934151.jpg (121.27 KB, 675x1200, 1495204236943.jpg)




the bottom could have been drawn a lot better its not jo worthy


I miss my anime reaction pics



File: 1494897031256.png (1.27 MB, 1000x1399, __kirima_sharo_gochuumon_wa_usagi_desu_ka_draw….png)

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why cant a sexy slim loli come by and be slutty towards me


read that as slimy


slim or slimy theyre both good


Oishinbo: Japan-America Rice Wars (Yoroshiku). The most boring anime movie ever, bar none. 90 minutes of policy debate about the pros and cons of liberalizing Japan’s rice import restrictions.

tardlaughing at that plot


id watch that

File: 1494549228109.png (291.74 KB, 444x800, __anchovy_girls_und_panzer_drawn_by_lock_heart….png)

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only if youre very unwell


im losing it im losing it im in a bad place oh god


groan trevorbot


i wish


love you hima love love love you so much love you guys with everything i have youre all ive got cant imagine life without you guys love you guy so much without you id have no thing wanna keep you there hima love you oh god

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