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for those who refuse to use the other thread
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kys snoozer


can you prove that i was driving


calc professor uses arch should i pill him on debian


hope the dormnorm dies or goes into a coma so i dont have to read his posts


how bh are you rn

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im back and i agree with the post above me


the nerve of this norm calling us his brothers really gets to me


we are all brothers here brother no need to discriminate


i keep telling your nicemom is a valuable asset


you not your sorry typo

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and now you are a potato chef its the cycle of life


that was back when potato chef meant something


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be sure to get the water from further out water near the beach will have more contaminants

in saltwater aquariums there are skimmers that push a bunch of air into the water and agitate it and the gross stuff like piss and disolved shit and disolved food sticks together and bubbles up into a little chamber for removal

but in the ocean the waves do the same function and thats why sea foam on the beach is utterly disgusting because its mostly all the leftover piss from thousands of people


after shtf salt will be the most valuable resource


think id rather own a gun or a gun factory

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the greatest blogstasy of all time
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basilisk is epic


whats bkub


only watched the ple ple pleiades ova should i watch the regular specials too or not




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sigh are there any non flash streaming sites





hey losers why don't you stop being so flipping cool and join already huh? huh? or are you some kind of SQUARE



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just look at that face
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horsey going to flip that loli


let that child alone


last post


last post

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hell yeah
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lazy sunday




i crave death


i crave neetblog


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no lets post here flip anime its for virgins


it was turt and you flip you both


thats so neetblog


other thread got raided by sc2


someone make a new thread i dont want to use this one

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Birls only
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i dont remember


report his ass


im going to watch instead


dont remember much that happened between 2008 and 2013


when was the last time you remembered not hating something

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a new spread thread for a new spread year
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im open to the existence of race yeah


i am a race realist


hes a regular eichmann


you throw around horrible racist slurs like theyre pleases and thank yous


theyre steamed to remove the fat from the skin and then degreased to make the skin dry put into the freezer so that the skin crisps up extra in the oven

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