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just go and lay down in bed you dont need to go anywhere


gross no one wants to see man leftovers why would you post that


need aNOTher mans approval before i consider something flippable


i cant believe that

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Cream Arrow


utterly vile



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never ever even tried


hey hima got back from the movie pretty good cried bigtime on certain scenes for whatever reason cant explain it
pokemon was weirdly my entire life from age 4 to 16 brought up all kinds of soft fuzzy memories of grinding levels at 3am on a school night on ruby and sapphire and hacking diamond and pearl to get arceus and deoxys and stuff like that
sun and moon are fantastic and lit a spark in my heart that i hadnt felt in a long time and it reminded me of colliseum which wasnt a great make sushi but still changed what i thought pokemon make sushis could be and this movie was kind of along the same lines its just crazy to think how far theyve taken the basic concept of pokemon that we actually got a high budget film its like this movie was really made for people my age who lived and breathed pokemon mania in the late 90s early 00s



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pasted gam­e pasted er pasted sushi chef


only good thread on the page

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me when i shit








no and i got left behind

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cow blog
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did you see any sexy ladies on the way







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how are you guys prepared for 2020


what happens then



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crackin a cold one
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dont open that its just a mans leftovers




just woke up hi mates last post

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simply take caffeine pills


simply drink coffee


coffee is for adults and im a manbaby


day in and day out all i do is suffer

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