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yes i did mutant they were enabled for several hours or maybe a few days i dont remember they were so extensive and dumb they made the posts unintelligible even with only a fraction of the ones that were suggested


NOThing wrong with unintelligible posts


guess i morphed those exact several hours


so many fireworks dont why know people are celebrating hate being left out

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Is it possible to live in Japan with barely minimum knowledge of the language and huge knowledge of the English language and no start off money?
Mainly what I am looking for is living in the outskirts of a city in a small village or something where you focus on farmlands and rural grazing/herbage..
Like all my life I've had mainly bad luck and what would be the chance to have a good luck and be able to start there..
I am from Bulgaria and I have some basic farmland knowledge on how to take care of it and legally I can live in Japan for 180 days per year, but I wanna keep out of the government's track or if it is something like in UK with employment agencies it would be quite good to start at first..
If the topic isn't by the rules if himasugi delete it.
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I wont leave you, i will be forever lurking here


you dont know what lurking means idiot


miss futari


he was basted


lets use this thread in his honor

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What the actual boost this board even is? It's like furchan/jp gone full reflapper mode.
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The Boss fried up some chicken livers gonno add some gouda to it


very busy at the store today last time i counted there was 1200 in sales


how much of that are you getting


we can take turns flipping the trainee girl thats much more legal


i do believe ill make some coffee got some fresh beans

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4 posts left


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no so we can start the hima scooter gang and flip sexy ladies and go on adventures


shadman is basted like neetblog


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have some aloha spirit
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hit up ross


purging out the scum


is this the thread


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my zulrah kc is now 1

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baste slam jamnig

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somebody make a new thread so onseki can lock this one


new thread >>795115
lock this one onseki


die norm


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girls just wanna have fun
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seki give me some tips for trainee girl


holy flip


yes actually
when i search for slamber on ddg i get all kinds of ped results


what is trainee girl i mutated 400 posts yesterday sorry


you dont want to know

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kick back and relax in your favorite aloha shirt
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what would you do when she starts spitting the seeds at you


spit em back


thats filthy


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why do you keep doing this

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you just cant see it but its a spreader
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what happened


3 posts left


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pick one


always hair


last post

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