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the drooly blog
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must fight for revival of prussia


dont even know where prussia is


near portland




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something seems off


was it worth it hima to give up everything


is this the girl game


gonno post in this thread

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hello friends if your intrested browsing a chan that is still growing we will welcome you to gnfos.com
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we have to go back i cant stand it anymore


talked with mom about the nz incident she said it was a good thing sigh how do i convince her to be more empathetic


show her some pics of hollywood celebrities on twitter saying how bad it is thatll influence her


stupid flipping norms who cares


sis said it was a good thing too whats wrong with these women

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for you hima matethers
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pie eating contestant pie eating contest nice die boosters


Himalosers are sleeping. This is teenrritory now. pie eating contestants, leave. My discordsteamr9kmlpolincelgnfosnou4chteenmates are getting here in a minute.

Weebs out teens in. The otamin way.


this is a sanctuary you cant do this


last post


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Hello friends, I'm new friend, what's this board about?
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eating some of my neet spaghetters


im pasted im boostin pasted


wonder if ill have any teeth left by 40


hopefully i dont reach 40


its time to bathe

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Hello fellow sexy ladycons, neets, hikikomoris, and overall losers. Come over to ota-ch.com/jp/, a board that isn't another shitty copy and paste of wizchan's software.


im hikkineeto


im chink

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me when i shit






Greetings from ota
Come visit us, if you'd like.
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hehe posted that before i read you changed it


this is it




paste tester


You forgot to change pic, stupid fag.

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2006 General

We're not going back are we
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spent my entire life as a member of the poor village folk dont see this changing either


are there any mammalian males which dutifully raise their offspring or is fatherhood just a human invention to trick genetically inferior males




ya had a bird nest on my balcony the mother would sit on her eggs while the male bird flew off and came back once in a while to keep the mother company


other apes dont count theyre basically just primitive humans

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i need to find my brothers amongst the norms


im watching 60minutes australia about some housing crisis and all three guys have curved beaks


is curved beak norman for nose


feasting on some bread sandwiches


hope the freak can survive the housing crisis

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